The Devil's in the Details (2013) Movie Script

Good Morning, Nogales!
Hi, Daddy, it's me! I wanted
to tell you happy birthday.
I love you so much. Bye!
You coming in?
Um, yeah, I'll be in
in a minute.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Okay. So, you know
you're late, right? Mr. uh...
I'm actually not.
Oh, really? Oh, okay.
Yeah, as a matter of fact,
you are.
Oh, I am. Oh, okay, well,
are you gonna fire me?
Um, not if you get in there
right now and sign in.
Oh, hey, happy birthday.
How did you know it's my
I saw it on the company
Ahh. That's good.
I'm impressed you read it.
I'll see you inside.
All right.
Hi, Daddy, it's me! I wanted
to tell you happy birthday.
I love you so much. Bye.
Stop! Ssh!
Mr. Conrad, please wait in here.
Dr. Michaels will see you in a moment.
Stop! Just stop!
You okay?
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Thomas Conrad, right?
Dr, Robert Michaels,
nice to meet you.
You're the doctor?
Yeah, it's part of the job.
He just stopped taking his medication.
All right, all right,
you've got to be a seal.
I'm right, right?
Because I definitely know one
when I see one.
We're here for you,
not for me.
Um, hey, doc, your collar here,
you got a little blood.
Oh, yeah, look at that.
Oh, thanks.
Oh, look at that.
Oh, that's not gonna come out.
So, I read your preliminary files
and the paperwork that you filled out.
So why don't you tell me, Thomas, in a word,
why don't you tell me how you're feeling.
In a word.
Yeah. Simple as that.
All right, I feel lost.
Explain to me why.
Because I feel like
I knew who I was.
But ever since I've been back,
I don't know who I am any more.
How you doing with the
Like lightning I can't control.
And what about the dreams?
This is a safe place. We're not
gonna make any progress...
...unless you're perfectly honest with me.
Yes, sir.
I'm gonna want to see you
five times a week, you understand?
And you must be on time,
without fail. This is paramount.
There's a lot of soldiers out
there who need my help.
Civilian life can be very difficult
to adjust to, so show respect.
Civilian life? You mean like
normal life, right, doc?
Like the white picket fence
and lemonade stands?
For some, yes.
Do I look normal to you?
Actually, you do, Thomas.
Well, I guess we won't make any
progress if you're not honest, right, doc?
How are you doing with the pills?
I'm not taking them any more.
That's what rehab was for, right?
Well, yes it is.
Just remember addiction is a demon
that you have to fight off every day.
I got it. I'm not
taking them any more.
All right, good.
Thomas, your service is admirable,
What you did over there, it means something.
You're gonna have to find
What I did.
What did I do?
You tell me.
How's your relationship
with your wife and daughter?
Is it Selina and Chloe?
How's that?
Um, I'm working on it.
Well, that's promising.
Is it?
And how long have you been
It's been six months.
How do you dealing with that?
Selina, it's me again.
Listen to me,
I need you to really call me
back, all right? Please.
Hey, Selina, it's me,
why aren't you calling me back?
I just really need to talk to you.
I am a mess that needs repair.
How do you plan on fixing it?
Well, I thought that was your job.
Along with your health,
hopefully yes.
Let's just say
I want to rewind everything.
I want to go back to the way it
used to be before it all...
...I want my life back.
That's it.
I don't care if that sounds
clich or...
Not at all, Nothing is even the
slightest out of bounds here.
Okay? You can tell me anything.
There's no judgment.
Remember that.
Hey, it's me.
I need to talk to you.
Oh, god.
Hey, I apologize about that.
I'm sorry, I was distracted on my phone.
I didn't see you, I just...
It's no problem.
Let me grab my insurance,
all right?
I'm Bill... Duffy.
Father was half-Irish.
Well, let me...
Hey, there's no damage,
but you owe me.
I owe you?
What do I owe you?
You owe me a drink.
Meet me at the Tinhorn.
Are you serious?
I'm very serious about my
Okay, Thank you.
We're here to identify your
The moments and the events that
led you here into this room.
Okay, what is that gonna do?
That's what we're gonna find
And what if I'm scared to
remember some of my moments?
Uh, yeah, that's totally
It is gonna be difficult,
but together we'll figure it out.
All right, let me ask you
another question.
Of course.
You remember your moments?
I do.
And what were they?
Let's stay focused.
I think hearing one
of your moments...
...might actually help me understand
what we're trying to get at here.
I remember the moment
I became a man.
It was when my father died.
He died of cancer.
After a long and distinguished
career in the service.
And when I was 18, my mother
gave me a letter that he had written.
It said to be strong,
to take care of my mother.
And that he hoped that I would
someday be a dad.
That he could be proud of.
And I am.
Thank you.
Good evening.
How are you doing?
I'm looking for Bill.
Bill? He says he's friends
with the owner.
Oh, Bill, yeah, yeah.
Of course.
He's not here, he'll be back,
but you can have a drink if you
want and sit.
Um, you know what, I'll just
have a water and wait for him.
See all the bottles
I got back here?
Yeah, I see them.
You want a water in my bar?
Okay, I can get you a water.
Fucking water.
Just why aren't you calling
me back?
All right, you know what?
Just make it a vodka
on the rocks.
Now that sounds a little better.
My name is francisco Bacheco
Paraquaras Acero.
You can call me Frank.
That's a mouthful, Frank.
Thomas, Thomas Conrad.
Thomas Conrad, to you,
Thomas Conrad.
To not drinking water.
Oh, it's good, huh? What
is your business, by the way?
Um, I manage the local
You manage... I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh.
I never met a supermarket manager.
It's very interesting.
What do you do, what is your
height of the day?
When the Brussels sprouts get
lost in Missouri...
...and you have to
ship them back here?
I'm sorry,
I'm messing with you, bro.
I'm just messing with you.
And your childhood?
What was that like?
Just generally speaking.
Generally, it was a childhood
of trying to please my father.
And how'd you go about trying
to accomplish that?
I would scream
at the top of my lungs.
Really, what else?
I would sit in silence
for a day, maybe two.
Did it work?
I don't know, doc, do you get the sense
that me and my dad have had...
I don't know, what do you call it?
A breakthrough?
A man's emotional barriers can
be traced back... his relationship
with his father.
What was your relationship like
with your mother?
Her baby boy.
She'd do anything for me.
And you have a brother and a sister.
What was your relationship
like with them?
Me and Claire are close.
She'd do anything for me.
Kyle, he's my big brother,
you know?
I looked up to him,
he looked after me.
And he was in the service, too,
Yeah, but he can't...
When he came back,
he didn't come back like me.
Well, the experience is
different for everyone.
We gotta wrap this up.
Hey, doc, are you married?
I am.
How long?
12 years.
Do you guys have any kids?
I have two boys.
Do you love them?
With every fiber of my being.
I sure hope you tell them that.
I can't stand to see a man
drinking alone.
Thomas Conrad.
Listen, I have to apologize again.
I just wasn't paying attention.
Thomas Conrad, you know, shit,
I don't know why you keep
bringing it up.
I already forgot about it.
I mean, can you remember
what happened, frank?
I don't know, I only remember you have
to pay the tab this time, Bill.
Details, Frank, minor details.
Besides, my new friend here,
Thomas the killer, he's paying
for everything.
I'm not a cheap date.
Well, look, here's to life
without the ball and chain.
I can drink to that today.
And that makes you feel
like a disappointment?
I am an original.
There's always one, right?
for once, you need to stand up
for yourself.
You just can't fit into the
background forever, you now?
And you tell your sister Claire
to back the fuck off!
Hey, how did you know my
sister's name was Claire?
You told me ten minutes ago.
I did?
We've had too many drinks.
Wait a minute. All we've been
doing is talking about me.
I don't even know what you do,
What do you do?
I'm an exporter.
You're an exporter?
Sometimes I moonlight as...
as a bogey man, Thomas.
As the bogey man? Okay.
Back home we call it the Cucuy.
The Cucuy?
Well, I'm so messed up, I have
no idea what that even means.
But, here's to the Cucuy!
We need some more drinks.
See you later, David!
Take it easy, Bill.
Bill, you know everyone in here.
I've been coming here a long time.
I bet, it looks like it.
I'm gonna need your keys.
You're gonna need my keys?
Please, I don't want you to get
into another accident.
The next guy might not
be so nice.
That's a good point.
But if I give you these,
I need you to call me a cab.
Of course.
All right.
Bring that in.
You got it, Bill.
What is this?
Happy birthday, Thomas,
Thank you, Bill.
It's time to make a wish.
Thank you.
Chloe, Chloe, come to the door.
Daddy's home.
Help! Help me!
Help me, Help me, please?
One hell of a cupcake, Thomas.
Are you going to cooperate,
Are you going to cooperate?
Cooperate with what?
Are you going to cooperate?
That's not cooperating, Thomas.
Where am I?
It doesn't matter where you are.
You're in a place where nobody
cares if you scream, except me.
So, if you scream again.
You're the black sheep
of your family.
Don't you, for once in your life,
want to be the hero?
Look, Bill...
The people I work for, La Sangre,
they're not too happy right now.
Especially my boss.
I don't know your boss.
Don't worry, you will.
You see, a major shipment of ours
didn't quite make it across the border.
It's time to be a hero.
Fuck! Fuck!
Bill, let me the fuck
out of here!
So, what happened in the house?
Robert, can we talk about
something else today, please?
Of course, we can, but it's important
that we dissect the problem.
To get rid of the pain and the guilt,
we need to talk about it
to release it, Thomas.
How do you feel about Lieutenant
I feel like he's right here.
I feel like every time that
I try to dream it away,
I can't.
It just keeps coming back.
But you know all of this already.
We've gone over this.
I still need you
to explain what happened.
Look, post-traumatic stress disorder
can be treated.
There's no shame in it,
but these are the steps.
We need to confront it head on.
Now you're making progress.
Thomas. You're doing great!
I told you!
Tell me again what happened.
Go on.
We were ordered to clear the house.
We entered the house,
the entry way was clear.
The living room was clear.
Larry went...
Lieutenant Hutchens went
to clear the bedroom...
...while I cleared the kitchen.
And then what?
And then I told you,
how many times do we have... go over this?
I heard gunfire.
What did you see?
I ran into the room and
Hutch was on the ground shot.
And then what?
What? I ran into the room,
the room was empty.
I didn't know what else to do.
The room was empty.
Yes! It was empty!
The window was open,
I grabbed Hutch and dragged him out.
I radioed for help, that's it.
Thomas, look at me.
You realize that there's nothing
you could have done.
Do you understand that?
That's what you all keep telling me.
Tell me how you feel
about guns.
In case you've forgotten,
they're not my best friends.
I don't plan on touching one
anytime soon.
And how does that make you feel?
In a word?
See that guy over there?
That's Corbin,
and he loves his job.
All business, no sense of humor.
I think his mother dropped him
on his head until he liked it.
Where am I?
Somewhere you don't want to be.
Is my family all right?
I don't give a shit about your family.
You have to follow the rules.
Rules? What rules?
I'm here to explain to you how
you are to execute these rules...
...and exactly what you need to do.
If you do not comply,
you're dead.
If you do not do them within
the time limits, they are dead.
I don't know what you want from me.
Then maybe you better pay attention.
You paying attention?
Are you?
This is Richard Conrad,
your father.
Richard, in case you didn't know,
is a high-powered judge.
This is Claire, your sister and you
know what else she is?
She's a cop.
That's right, and a good one.
This is Kyle Conrad, your brother and
border patrol officer on the Arizona border.
And this is a stopwatch.
You know what a stopwatch
is used for?
That's right,
and you're almost out of it.
This gives all four of you limited
time to complete the mission.
Mission, what mission?
Two months ago, my boss, ergo,
your new problem...
...had a major shipment of money
coming across the border into Arizona.
Money, money for what?
Money from selling tacos,
of course.
Drugs, shithead!
Meth, cocaine, you name it!
What does that have to do
with me?
Well, it seems like our shipment
never made it across the border...
...because your do-good brother
stopped it from going across.
Seems like he's pretty good
at his job.
So why do this to me?
Because payback's a bitch,
ain't it?
He stopped our shit, well,
we stopped his shit. Fair trade.
He's just doing his job.
And so are we.
Since we can't get the money back,
we're gonna get some drugs back.
From where?
Our boss, has made some enemies
over the years.
I'm sure you can imagine.
Some of those enemies
have drugs of their own.
Your family, is going to work together
to bring those drugs to us.
You want my family to help you
steal from your rival cartel.
Yes, I do.
Well, that's where we use something
we like to call ingenuity.
Okay, pay attention.
You see this house?
It's a drop house
for the Sin Miedo cartel.
There's some mean
motherfuckers in that house.
That house is also filled with drugs.
Drugs we now need.
So, your father, the judge,
is gonna swear out a warrant
on this house,
Your sister, the cop, is gonna serve
the warrant to get inside the house...
...and get the drugs out of there.
Don't you say no to me!
Then, we're gonna send some
drugs across the border...
...and your brother Kyle is just
gonna let them right on through.
She gets you, we get the drugs,
nobody else gets hurt.
Think of it
as a drug mule chess game.
No, no, no.
No, I won't involve them,
all right?
They didn't do anything
to deserve this.
Maybe I didn't make myself
clear enough.
Maybe you need things
a little more crystal.
You sure about that decision?
Are you?
Ow, fuck!
Huh? Huh? No?
Let me see if I can give you
some more incentive.
Help me!
Are you gonna cooperate?
Yes, yes! Yes!
Just don't hurt my girl.
Don't hurt my baby girl.
That's a good boy. The Sin Miedo cartel
does not like waiting around.
How do you work for
the Mexican cartel?
We're the American liaison.
Sometimes the devil gets more
done when his eyes are blue.
Now I need you
to call your father.
You've got exactly five minutes
to convince him to do the right thing.
Dad, listen to me!
I need your help!
Help with what?
Dad, this is really important.
I need you to listen to me.
I'm listening, Tommy.
Listen, I've been kidnapped,
Selina and Chloe are in danger.
By whom?
Dad, just listen to me,
all right?
What are you talking about, Tommy?
Selina and Chloe are being held
If we don't do what they tell us
to do, they're gonna kill them.
Who's going to kill them?
A Mexican cartel.
A Mexican cartel?
Yes, Dad!
You're not on drugs again,
are you, Tommy?
No, no!
We paid for rehab once,
we're not doing it again.
You need to concentrate on
fixing what matters.
It's not drugs, you idiot!
All right? This is for real, okay?
If we don't do what
they tell us to do,
they are going to kill
my family and me.
Do you understand me?
Stop yelling! Let me think.
Put them on the phone.
Let me talk to them.
This isn't something you can
control, councilor! Come on!
This isn't something you can control, Dad.
Just do as you're told!
Thomas, is that you?
Yeah, oh, god, Mom. Mom, Mom,
you need to get off the phone!
Well, that's not very nice of you,
considering I haven't
heard from you in months!
I mean Kyle...
I need to talk to Dad alone.
Did you get the money I sent you?
A nice phone call
would have been appreciated.
What do I know. I just hope
you're not taking those pills again.
Mom, get the fuck off the phone,
all right!
Dad, get her off the phone!
Get her off the phone now!
She shouldn't hear all of this!
She shouldn't hear this.
What is wrong with you?
Barbra, hang up the phone.
All right, have it your way.
Tell them to look for the bright
pink envelope.
Pink what?
The pretty pink envelope.
Hello? Are you there?
A pink envelope?
Say you son of a bitch, I'm talking
to you! The pink envelope!
Okay, okay!
This is the lowest thing you've
ever done to us.
Dad, I need you to look for a
pink envelope. Dad, Dad! Dad!
No! No, no, no, no.
He hung up.
Son of a bitch hung up.
He didn't hang up.
He didn't hang up.
That means your time is up, son.
No, no, no, no, no!
No, Bill, Bill, he didn't hang up!
Bill! He didn't hang up!
Answer the phone! Answer the phone!
Answer it.
That's him, that's him!
Look for the big fucking envelope.
Dad! The pink envelope!
I have it right here.
We got disconnected,
your mother found this.
It said to call this number.
What is this?
What is inside of it, Dad?
What is this, Tommy?
What do you see?
It's some sort of map
with an address.
Okay, okay, that's good,
that's good.
That's good?
Listen to me, the people holding
us hostage, they need drugs.
They need drugs, not you.
You're being held hostage, where?
I don't know where, Dad.
You just have to pay attention,
all right?
The house on that map is where
they stashed the drugs, all right?
Who's hiding a shipment?
The La Sangre cartel,
La Sangre?
Well, it's the Sin Miedo cartel.
I don't know, I don't know.
They're going after them.
Son, do you know how violent
that drug cartel is?
Yeah, Dad! Dad!
What kind of trouble
did you get your family into?
Stop asking so many questions, all right?
Just pay attention.
I need you to write a search and
seizure warrant for that house.
And I need you to do it now!
I need you to do it now.
But there are channels for this.
Yeah, you are the channel, Dad!
Okay? I don't care what you do,
just do it!
Do it now, please!
If you don't, I am dead, Selina is dead
and Chloe, your granddaughter is dead!
Wait a second, how did this
envelope show up?
Dad, this Mexican cartel,
they have a network of people,
they are everywhere, all right?
Okay, son, then what?
Then just call this number back
and tell me it's done, all right?
Just do it now, Dad, please?
As quickly as you can,
please just do it?
Okay, Thomas?
It's gonna be okay.
Just go now, Dad!
That's not bad.
That is not bad at all,
You did good.
Your family will be
very proud of you.
How's Chloe, man?
She's good.
Good, I miss that little girl.
You got a good one, Tom.
Yes, I know.
Too bad she's got an old
derelict for a dad.
I need you to call your sister.
The lovely Claire.
I'll give you four minutes.
Hello? This is the Dawbar home,
I'm Elizabeth.
Who is this?
It's your Uncle Thomas,
Oh, hey, Uncle Thomas,
I haven't seen you in so long.
Why don't you come over any more?
Sweetie, I've been really caught
with work.
You're not sick again like last
time, are you?
No, no, no, no.
I'm all better, I'm all better.
This is really touching, truly,
somewhere in my crotch area,
The clock is ticking.
Elzy, Elzy, I need to talk to your mommy,
could you put her on the phone, please?
She's not home yet. She should be soon.
Do you want to talk to Daddy?
No, no, no!
Uncle Thomas is on the phone.
Claire's not here.
She's not?
What is it you need?
Bryan, I... please!
Bryan, it's important.
So, how's the pill popping?
I know you never liked me,
all right?
But I just really, really don't have
time for you to be a dick right now!
Why would I do that, Thomas?
Look, I hope you're not calling
for money.
That ship sailed
a long time ago.
Get my fucking sister on the phone,
you dick!
now that's the Thomas I know.
Foul-mouthed, drunk,
popping pills like candy.
Oh, my god, I'm not doing that
anymore, Bryan and you know it.
Oh, really?
Yes, really, people change.
Nobody changes. They just get
better at covering it up.
Hey, Uncle Tom is on the phone.
You better not hurt her again.
Thomas, are you there?
It's okay. Whatever it is,
you can tell me.
Claire, Claire, listen to me,
I need your help,
What is it?
Don't fall for his bullshit,
He's my brother. Bryan.
I've been kidnapped,
Are you trying to get my
attention? 'Cause you got it!
You're a cop in Arizona, you know
about these things, all right?
It's a Mexican drug cartel.
The La Sangre.
La Sangre? What?
Wait, are you sure?
Yes! Yes! They have me, They have Chloe
and they have Selina, all right?
Are they listening right now?
Where are you?
I don't know, I'm in some bunker
somewhere, I don't know.
What have they done to you?
Never mind me, all right?
We have to save Selina and Chloe.
Okay, what can I do?
Should I get the squad involved?
No, no, no, no!
Okay, what should I do?
Tell her to look
for the pink envelope.
Hey, Claire,
look for a pink envelope, all right?
Check your mail, check your doorstep,
just find a pink envelope.
Hang on.
The guy is nothing but trouble!
Shut the hell up, Bryan!
He's not a child!
Okay, an envelope!
Do you see a pink envelope?
Yeah.I think I put an envelope
like that on the other table.
He is my brother, Bryan,
and he is in trouble.
He's always...
How did they know my address?
Who knows our address?
Bryan, shut the hell up!
Thomas, how do they know
where I live?
Claire, they're everywhere,
all right!
They're everywhere?
Bryan, get my gun out of
the lock box now! My gun!
What's in the envelope,
It's a map. There's two locations
on here and a phone number.
Okay, okay, the phone number
should be to call this phone back.
A house on the West Side and
a corner on the Southeast Side...
...looks like Camerone and Sutton.
Those are back roads.
How far to that first house?
How far, Claire?
I don't know, maybe ten minutes!
Maybe five! I'm not sure.
Dad's house?
What does Dad have to do with it?
Just pay attention, Claire
and listen to me, all right?
Dad is writing a search and seizure
warrant on that house, all right?
I need you to go get the warrant
and serve it.
But I can't search it alone,
Tommy, I need a team!
Claire, Claire, listen to me.
You're gonna have to.
Jesus, Tommy.
If they see the warrant, they're
less likely to be hostile, right?
I guess, in theory.
You guys still have your truck.
Of course.
I need you to go to the house,
you need to serve the warrant.
find as many drugs as you can,
and then...
...take them to the second
house on the map.
Okay, what's gonna happen
after that?
Do you understand me, Claire?
And what about you? They're
just gonna let you go?
Listen to me, it's not about me,
all right?
You need to do this as fast as possible,
Selina and Chloe are in danger,
Just get to the house quickly.
It's a game to them,
They have a stop watch,
they're timing you,
just go, Claire, please go!
You're getting good at this.
Stop this, Bill, You know
you're gonna get caught.
Well, if I go, you go,
Remember that.
Mommy, Mommy!
Daddy's here!
What did you get
for Christmas?
Oh, god.
No, seriously, what did
you get for Christmas?
I don't know.
You don't know, Thomas? Thomas,
it's a real simple question.
What did you get for Christmas?
A scarf!
A scarf?
It's a terrible gift, Thomas.
Somebody doesn't like you.
You want to know what
I got for Christmas, Thomas?
Thomas, do you want to know
what I got for Christmas?
Just ask me what I got
for Christmas. Okay, Thomas?
fine, Bill, what did you get
for Christmas?
I'm glad you asked.
I got this great,
big shiny gun.
It's really nice, Thomas.
It's the gift that keeps on taking.
So, this is it.
Your moment of truth.
So, what's it gonna be, son?
Are you choosing life
or are you choosing death?
I already agreed
to go to rehab, Dad.
How the hell did you get
to this point?
What did I always teach you?
Lead by example.
Lead by example, just like I did,
and what do you do?
It breaks me to see you
like this.
Is this what I taught you?
Is this what you took
out of all of my life lessons?
You're gonna end up a bum on the street
if you don't stop what's coming.
Jesus Christ, I could use some
support from you right now, Dad.
You don't know where I've been.
I know where you've been,
and it's not with your family.
It's not with my granddaughter.
Your brother came from the
same place and he's fine.
And I swam in the same sea
long before any of you did.
Look, I am not Kyle, all right?
And I am not you!
What are you gonna do when you've
killed all of your angels, Tommy?
You just walk through the halls
of heaven alone.
And you know what that feels like?
So, why bother going at all?
Did you ever care about me?
Don't cry me that river.
I gave you the best of everything.
The best education, the best
support system.
In fact, you should build a statue
in my honor and what do I get?
What do I get?
More debt, more problems,
but that's over now.
This is it!
That's not just a door, Thomas!
That is a life decision!
Show me what you can do,
or I can't help you any more.
Do you understand
what I am saying?
I understand, all right?
You've made a very compelling
closing argument, councilor.
It's time to stop being
a selfish child.
You have more people than just
you to make decisions for.
You do what you need to do,
Thomas, in there.
It's just a scarf.
Don't make a big deal
out of it. Go.
You have three minutes.
Listen, I need your help.
I need you to stop whatever
you're doing.
I'm on my way to work right now, bro.
I can't talk, talk later.
No, no, no, no!
It has to be now, Kyle!
What is it? What's wrong?
I've been kidnapped. I don't have time
to explain everything to you.
But if you don't follow the instructions,
they're going to kill Selina and Chloe.
Do you understand?
Kyle, are you there?
Just give me a minute.
Tommy, I mulled over, talk to me.
What's going on?
Tell him to check the glove
Kyle, I need you to check the
glove compartment.
There's probably
a pink envelope in there.
Tom, when did you mut
this in my car?
I didn't, they did.
Who is they?
Who are you talking about?
The kidnappers, they're watching
you right now.
I don't see anyone watching me.
I've been doing this for a long time.
I see no one.
Just listen to me, Kyle.
These people, the ones who took you,
are they with you now?
Yes! They're gonna hurt Selina
and Chloe if you don't do this.
Jesus Christ, is this real,Tom?
This is not a relapse?
No, goddamn it!
Okay, all right, I'm sorry.
Just, Kyle, tell me
what's in the envelope.
It's a picture of a blue van
and it has a license plate
number and a year.
The van has a white streak
along the side.
Okay, that van is going to be
crossing the border into Nogales.
I need you to make sure
you let it through.
They're bringing
in a shipment of drugs.
What? What the fuck are you
talking about? What drugs?
Ho do I even kn0w that they're
gonna come to my booth?
Tell him to work the booth
on the far east side.
Okay, okay, work the booth
on the far east side.
Do you understand me? I don't
care what you have to do.
This is crazy.
Just let that van get into the
States, all right?
Then what?
Oh, my god!
This will all be over soon,
but you can't tell anyone.
Do you understand me?
They're always listening.
You tell anyone and we are dead.
I promise you I will not sy
anything, Tommy.
Okay, okay, just go to work,
all right?
Act like everything is normal.
Don't call Dad, don't call Claire.
Don't call anyone, all right?
Just go, please now, go, Kyle!
Okay, I'm with you, Tom.
That's good, Thomas.
Thomas, wake up.
Thomas, wake up!
I've gotta ask you something,
Something important.
Thomas! Thomas!
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
What kind of music do you like?
I don't know.
You don't know what kind
of music you listen to?
What kind of music
do you listen to?
Rock! Rock!
Rock! Rock!
You fucking freak!
You see your friend Corbin
over there?
You can't tell by looking at him,
but he's into that gangsta rap shit.
He likes songs that say I want
to smack that ass,
fuck that ass,
I'm gonna shoot that ass.
All at the same time.
I told you, he crazy.
Corbin, why don't you hum a few bars
from that gangsta rap shit, brother.
Break it down, homeboy.
Corbin is being a stuck-up
Please, Bill?
Please, what?
Please, what?
Let my family go, let me go.
Give his daddy two more minutes.
Are you comfortable?
Are you comfortable?
What do you care?
Have you ever heard
of "Caminando Muerto?"
It means Walking Dead.
It's part of a local tradition.
See, if you get the mixture
just right.
Part bleach, part vinegar,
part cactus juice.
Once it gets injected into your
veins, it won't kill you.
Yes, it will.
No, not right away.
Over the course of three days,
it's gonna feel like liquid fire... running right through your
Your organs will slowly
start to shut down.
You'll pray for death, hell,
you'll even beg for it.
But it won't come to greet you.
It's as close as you could possibly
get to being an actual zombie.
If that phone don't ring
in 30 seconds, gravity wins.
Please, just save my little girl,
Save my little girl.
Save my little girl!
Save my little girl!
The phone, the phone,
answer the fucking phone!
I'm here.
The warrant has been written,
Claire is here,
but we have a bigger problem.
No problems, Dad,
no problems.
You never told me Claire
was involved in this.
I can't get my daughter
No, Dad, listen...
What's waiting for her on the
other side of that door?
Without back-up,
she's a sitting duck.
Do you understand what they're
gonna do to my wife?
Do you understand what they're
gonna do to Chloe?
I can't lose both of you, son.
Do you understand the gravity
of the situation, councilor?
This is very hard for me.
More than you could ever comprehend.
Father, don't do this!
Sign the piece of paper.
I can't.
Just sign the warrant!
I love you, son! I do!
But I can't take the chance.
Dad, just sign the fucking
I don't know what you did
to put yourself in this predicament.
But I can't gamble
on what's left of my family.
Oh, god!
You never fucking loved me,
you fucking coward!
I'm so sorry.
I'm praying for you, son.
Dad! Dad!
This has to be the most family
dysfunctional I've ever seen.
Don't do it, don't do it!
Answer the phone!
Answer the goddamn phone!
It's me.
Jesus Christ, Claire.
Oh. Forgive me.
For what?
I just punched the old man in the face,
I think I knocked him out cold.
I handcuffed him to his desk
and I took the phone away.
He'll be fine, I found
the warrant in his pocket.
What about Mom?
Where's Mom?
I'm here.
Oh, Mom, Mom, I'm so sorry.
You bring my granddaughter home.
I will, I will.
Okay. I'll make it to the house
and I'm gonna call you from there.
All right, all right,
just be careful, Claire. Be careful.
I love you.
I love you.
I did not see that coming.
You must be special. I think you
just got the boss' attention.
It was a black night, but you brought
a lot of light to the situation.
As a matter of fact, I'd like
to thank you for cooperating.
Otherwise me and my people here,
Bill, will you tell him to let
my family go, please?
You don't tell him nothing,
Let me ask you something.
You ever heard of something
called the Red Pony?
The Red Pony!
You heard of it?
No, no, no, no.
Well, tonight, I'm gonna
introduce you to some.
See, the Red Pony is when a girl
grows her hair long and beautiful red.
And what happens is, the man
she's with grows a certain respect for her.
But in the pattern of time,
something starts to happen.
That man starts to lose the
respect that he once had.
And what we gotta do is we gotta
find a way to get it back.
So what we do, right?
Oh, it's beautiful what we do.
See, we find a door.
We crack it open a little bit,
we put a body on one side, hair on another.
We get enough hair on the other side,
get a good hold, get a good grasp.
Once we grasp the hair,
we start to pull it.
And as we pull the hair, well see,
her body is on the other side.
Head starts to bleed,
As a matter of fact,
sometimes it's so painful, the woman,
they actually pass out.
Oh, it's a sight,
I think I'm gonna introduce
you to that tonight.
Oh, it's gonna be good.
Selina! Please!
Don't hurt my girls!
Please! Please!
I'll do whatever you want.
I'll do whatever you want,
Please, please!
No, I know.
Oh, I know you'll do
anything we want.
As a matter of fact, you know
this is my town, right?
Tonight's our welcome.
One more thing.
Welcome to Mexico.
Mexico, what?
I can't be in Mexico.
Get me out of here!
What the fuck!
How'd you sleep?
Shitty, how come?
I don't know.
Ever since I moved out, it's like
I'm living in a foreign country.
I have forgotten
what my house looks like.
Last night, I just remembered
the front door.
Is there any significance to that,
the front door?
Some of the time when I used
to get home from work...
...Selina and Chloe would be waiting out
in front of the house.
They'd always stand in front
of the front door.
It was like one of those still
photographs you...
...usually see in doctors' offices.
I used to look forward to it
when I turned the corner home, but...
Not much any more.
How does that make you feel?
It used to make me
feel proud.
I encourage you to relive that memory
every time you need help dealing with stress.
Tell me about the house.
I don't want to talk about this.
Tell me about the house,
We've talked about it.
Tell me about the house.
Robert, give me a break.
Tell me about the house, okay?
I know what house you're talking about.
I've told you everything.
Why are we talking about it every time,
I told you everything.
Have you?
We entered the house,
the house was clear, all right?
The living room was clear.
I checked the kitchen,
the kitchen was clear.
I heard gunfire from the
I went in, Hutch was
on the ground, shot.
I don't know what else
you want me to tell you!
It's me. I'm here at the house.
I don't see anyone, but there's
a light on inside.
Just be careful, Claire.
Just be careful.
Nogales Police! Open up!
We have a search warrant!
Nogales Police Department!
We have a search warrant for the premises!
Come out now! You!
What's your name?
Carlos, I have a warrant
to search this house,
are you the only one in the house?
No one here.
Carlos. don't you lie to me!
Yes, yes, no one here, senora.
Is anyone in the house?
Come out now!
Freeze! Don't you fucking move
or I will blow you away.
Do you understand me?
Stop moving! Stop moving!
What are you doing?
Do not reach for that!
Claire! Claire!
Claire! Claire!
Claire! Claire!
I think he's dead.
What was he doing here?
You get in here!
What was he doing here?
You said the place was empty!
You lied to me, you fucking
son of a bitch!
Why would you do that?
Look at what you made me do!
There is a lot of blood, Tommy.
I can not...
Claire! Claire!
I need you to concentrate, Claire.
I need you to concentrate!
This is taking too long.
Okay, okay, all right.
It's fucking bullshit!
She's trying, Bill!
She's trying, okay?
I don't understand.
Claire, just look around the house.
I need you to find the stuff.
I'm trying.
Look, it's not in the closet.
There are lots of closets, Tommy!
Claire, just...
It's not here!
It's not in the kitchen!
Please tell me you're okay!
There's a TV here, I'll break it.
With what?
Oh, god.
No, Bill, please.
Please hurry, Claire!
It's not breaking!
Fuck this!
There's nothing in the TV,
No, Bill.
I don't even know
where to look.
Thomas, hello? Are you okay?
Wait! Please, don't hurt him!
Wait! Wait! I found it!
I found something.
There's a floomboamd in the
dining room.
She found it.
A lot of drugs down here,
every kind and stacks of cash.
Tommy, this is the most money
I have ever seen.
It's gonna take me a whi1e to load
this much cash and drugs, Tommy.
That was close.
I was giving up hope on you,
Thomas, but you did it.
You did good.
She did.
Yes, she did. She did.
Robert, it's not that simple.
Yes, it is!
What does it represent to you?
What does violence
represent to me?
Something I try to avoid.
Hey, why did they stop?
Why did who stop?
I was reviewing my notes the
other day.
At the door, at your house,
you said that they stopped seeing you.
Because like I told you before,
I am in need of some repair.
tt's me, I'm at work.
I'm here.
All right.
I can't get the last booth.
I'm gonna be at the second
to last one on the east side.
That's not good enough.
follow the rules.
Kyle, don't do anything
until I tell you to.
Bill, you need these drugs.
I want to talk to my wife.
You actually think you have
leverage here?
Yeah, put her on.
Thomas, Thomas,
they have me and Chloe.
Selina, are you okay?
Is Chloe okay?
We'me tied in the living room.
You got to be strong, Chloe.
Don't cry, Mommy's here.
All right, I'll be home soon.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth!
Hello, is anyone there?
Come on.
That's your leverage.
I swear to god, if you hurt my
brother I'll fucking kill you.
Hey, Marty, do you mind swapping
positions with me tonight?
Oh, yeah, bad food.
Don't swallow your tongue, Thomas.
I'm pretty embarrassed to say it,
but the closer I am to the bathroom...
...the better my life will be.
Oh, food poisoning, huh?
I'll owe you big time.
Oh, of course, man,
don't worry about it.
Thanks, Marty.
Okay, I'm in position, Tommy.
He made it. He did it.
He did it.
Yes, he did, Thomas.
Yes, he did.
One big, happy family.
You should have a group hug
when this is over.
If you're not gonna talk to me,
talk to somebody else.
What the hell is this?
It's a lifeline.
I talked to some of my guys.
This guy, Dr. Robert Michaels,
he's the best.
Call him.
I don't need this.
I'm not asking.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You call him, no questions.
Think about your family.
Oh, come on, come on!
Come on!
Hello, hello, hello.
The number you have dialed has
been disconnected or changed.
For English press two.
911, what's your emergency?
Listen, listen.
I need you to get to 1461 Las Vergas
street in Nogales, Arizona, all right?
My wife and my daughter,
they've been kidnapped, all right?
They're being held hostage there.
Did you say your wife
and daughter?
Yes, yes.
Is this your residence, sir?
You're calling from a foreign
country, sir.
No, I know. I'm trapped
somewhere in Mexico.
Where are you, sir?
I don't know where I am.
I've been kidnapped as well.
Where are you, sir?
I don't know,
I don't know where I am.
But listen to me, listen to me.
1461 Las Vergas street, Nogales,
Arizona, all right?
My wife and daughter are there
in danger.
I need you to get there
as quickly as possible.
Please send someone.
Send someone.
Where, sir?
Nogales, Arizona, 1461...
And how are you calling us, sir?
I'm trapped in Mexico somewhere.
Yes, yes, yes, Mexico.
And how are you calling us, sir?
One of the kidnappers, they left
their cell phone behind.
Oh, one of the men just left
a cell phone next to you to call us?
While you're kidnapped?
Where, sir?
Yes, all right?
And you say your wife and daughter?
Yes, yes.
What are their names?
My wife and my daughter,
Selina and Chloe Conrad.
They live at another address
than you? Where are you, sir?
What the hell does that matter?
Stop asking me so many frigging questions!
You must not be married.
What the... we're separated. What the hell
does that have to do with anything?
If you live somewhere else,
I mean...
Why did you separate?
What are you talking about?
Who is this?
Did you drive her away?
Who is this?
You didn't think it was that
simple, did you?
Bill. Bill, listen to me,
you don't need them any more.
Please just let them go.
Let them go.
Now you know there's consequences
for your actions, don't you?
Bill, let them go, please?
I will, Thomas, when I say so.
Help me, help me.
Damn it!
Hey, hey, hey.
Help me, please, help me,
Oh, god.
Who are you?
You're okay?
Who are you?
I'm Trevor, they kidnapped me.
I was in Phoenix and they just
grabbed me off the street.
I think there's four of us.
Okay, please, help me out
of here, all right?
Untie me, we gotta get out of here.
They gotta be coming.
Please, just...
Thank you.
Holy shit.
How long have you been here?
I don't know. I don't know.
Just please, we gotta go.
We gotta get out of here.
Where are you from?
Are you stupid? Just untie me.
They're coming back,
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit, they're coming!
Trevor, Trevor! No!
I think we're gonna be okay.
I found one of these.
What are you doing?
This looks interesting.
Trevor, Trevor, what are you doing?
I've never seen that girl before.
I don't know who that is.
Oh, you don't know who that is?
I've never seen that girl
before in my life.
God, I believe you.
I do, you know
what the problem is?
We think that she knows you.
I mean, it seemed that way after
she left your store...
and she approached your car.
Trevor, please?
You're sure, whoa!
You're sure you don't know her?
She has nothing to do with this,
all right?
Just please, she has nothing
to do with this, just let her go.
Do you have insurance?
We believe in insurance.
Thomas, please?
If I hear the word please or
help again, I'm gonna throw up.
Let her go, she's free! I mean
she wants you to play the hero, buddy.
I want to see my mother.
I think your girl
has completely lost it, Tom.
Everybody, shitty students,
I'm trying to teach you.
Know her only crime is knowing
your stupid ass.
We drove you in our van
all the way down here.
And then we figured, screw it, know what
we needed a little more insurance.
So we decided to snag her.
That's kind of ingenious, right?
Please, Trevor.
It's time for me to cash in one
of our insurance policies.
Give them what they want,
I don't want to die!
Please place your trays
in the upright position.
I don't want to die!
No, please! Please, Trevor!
Place your oxygen masks over
your fat mouth.
Trevor, don't do this!
Place your head between your knees.
Trevor, please, don't hurt her!
Prepare for impact.
Trevor don't do this!
What did you do?
What did you do?
I did what you told me to.
Did I tell you to kill her?
Did I tell you to kill her?
No, I don't know.
I heard it wrong. I get things
mixed up sometimes. I just got...
Caught up in the moment.
I'm getting fed up
with your moments, Trevor.
My instructions were clear.
Give me the gun.
Get out of here!
You'll be cleaning my shoes
in there.
You like movies, Thomas?
I love movies, Bill.
I like that old shit.
Black and white, silver screen.
Hollywood glamour,
when rich men ride.
Came in happy.
Much more simpler time back then.
Right now,
things are much more complicated.
Wouldn't you agree?
Whatever you say, Bill.
For this,
I give you six minutes.
Tommy, are you there?
Claire, Claire.
I'm at the house, there was
a lot of drugs in there...
...and I had to load it
all by myself.
I'm heading to the drop off spot.
Okay, good. Just call me
when you're there, all right?
Stay strong, Tommy.
Kyle, Kyle!
Kyle, what's happening?
I think I see the van.
It's about four cars back.
Okay, all right, stay calm.
Tommy! Thomas.
what's going on?
Goddamn it!
You son of a bitch!
Dad, it's gonna be okay.
You won't be happy until
my whole family is dead!
My own daughter hit me!
I'm calling the police
and ending all of this now.
Dad! No!
Please, please! Listen to me!
Claire is out there by herself,
all right.
She's out there all by herself.
You can call the cops, she's dead!
Selina and Chloe are dead!
I don't understand
what's happening!
Dad, listen to me, all right?
She's a professional,
she can take care of herself.
Just please do this!
What have you done?
Stop it, Barbra. I'm gonna
deal with you later.
Have you all gone completely insane?
Do you know who you're dealing with?
If anything happens to my little girl,
it'll be on your head, Thomas!
You understand me?
Dad, listen.
I know I was never your favorite,
but you have to let
all that go now, all right?
I love you, Dad.
We're gonna be all right.
I'll never forgive you
for this!
Kyle! Kyle!
They're next, Tommy!
Okay, just stay calm.
Let them through.
Hi, can I see your IDs?
And what is your purpose in
visiting the United States?
To visit the family.
Okay, Tommy, they went through.
Okay, good.
Act normal the rest of the night.
Okay, I'll try.
If anything should happen to me,
please make sure that Selina...
I hate all those pleasantries.
Makes me puke on the inside.
Makes me puke on the outside.
Are you hungry?
No, I just want to get home.
I can't do that, Tommy.
Give her time.
So, then what are we
supposed to do now?
Now we forget about everything
outside these windows.
And we focus on you.
No little lost soul
in the world any more.
And you know why?
Because you have me.
And I am awesome.
Of course.
You have us, and we're gonna
look out for you now.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Because I say it will.
We gotta get you a job, something
that you can handle for now.
Oh, I know of the perfect
Italian place that we can go eat.
I love you, thank you.
Come here.
It's okay. It's okay.
Now you just have to prove it.
Let's go get some food.
Tell me a story.
I thought you knew
everything, Bill.
Oh, I know everything, just fill
in the blanks,
if you would, while we wait.
How does a guy like you
get a girl like your wife?
I mean, your ex-wife.
You shouldn't enjoy this
so much, Bill.
Bill, we've got a problem.
If I have a problem,
you've got a problem.
Well, it seems your daddy
called the cops.
Bill, he wouldn't do that.
Oh, he did.
It's okay, because we're ready
for your situation.
No, no, Bill, listen to me,
Listen to me, okay?
I can fix this, all right?
He's just a scared old man,
he didn't know any better.
All right, he's just trying
to protect his family, please.
Thomas, don't sweat the small
stuff. I got it under control.
Is this how you operate,
Thomas? Like a little bitch?
No wonder your ex-wife left you.
Pay attention.
Allow me to educate you.
The devil's in the details,
All those little things you never thought of,
that you never saw coming.
They're the first things
that'll get you killed.
Now if you take care of them all,
everything will run smooth as your wife's ass.
I'm almost at the drop.
It's really dark out here.
All right, just pay attention
to the addresses, Claire.
What do you see?
The dirt road... wait, I think
there's a car up ahead.
Or maybe a van. I can't tell.
I'm not sure.
Stop the car, Claire.
Tommy, something's not right.
Claire, stop the car!
It's just sitting here
in the dark.
I'm not sure what to do,
Tommy. Wait!
The door is opening.
Someone is getting out.
I don't understand you!
I have the stuff.
I have what you need.
The bags are full.
Wait, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
He's got a gun, Tommy.
I'm hit in the leg!
I think I shot him.
I'm not sure.
I'm by the back of the truck.
I'm shot in the leg.
Tommy, are you there?
It was an ambush. I can't see anyone.
He right be down. I don't know.
Okay, I'm gonna try
and get in, open the trunk.
I'm in the car. I'm okay.
I'm gonna get out of here.
I've got to get out of here, Tommy.
Details, Thomas.
You can thank your father for that.
Yes, Dr. Michaels?
Did you try Thomas again?
Yes, I did.
And the family list?
Please hold, sir.
Sir. I got into contact
with his father, Richard.
He's on the phone.
He wants to talk immediately,
Hello, Mr, Conrad?
This is Dr. Michaels.
Dr. Michaels?
Is everything okay?
No, no, it's not okay.
We need to talk, Doctor.
I'm desperate.
I'm not sure what to do.
I don't know who else I can trust.
Richard, don't do this.
Just tell me what's going on.
I love my son,
but what else can I do?
What choices do I have left?
Please tell me what to do.
Wait, Mr. Conrad, you have
to explain yourself, I'm not following.
I'm looking for Henry.
The plumber?
The plumber, I'm looking for the...
Wait, this isn't Henry?
Just let it out
and tell me what happened.
Say it, Thomas.
Everything will change,
I promise you.
Tell me.
You saved my life.
Hold on, Hutch, I'm gonna
get you out of here.
Get up, Thomas.
Get the hell up.
Don't make me repeat myself!
Just leave me here to die.
Oh, we will,
just not right here.
We're done with you now,
fuck head.
Guess when you woke up yesterday
you didn't see all this coming, did you?
Just please stop talking.
Hey! Hey! Class is still
in session, asshole.
Get your ass up!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Freeze! Put your fucking hands up!
Put your hands up!
Get on your knees.
Take off your shirt.
Take off your shirt!
I don't think so, sport.
Where's Bill?
I think he might be
fucking your wife.
Fuck you!
It's not fair.
What is not fair?
Look at you, huh?
Don't move!
Big boy with a little gun.
Shut the fuck up!
What you gonna do,
look at me!
What you gonna kill me,
supermarket manager?
Shut up! Shut up!
Look at me! Look at me!
Shoot me! Come on!
Just relax, Thomas.
Put the gun down.
Make a move, Bill.
What is this?
I did what I had to do,
Wait, where's my wife?
Where's my wife, Bill?
Are they alive?
What wife?
Where is she?
You still don't get it,
do you?
Stop fucking with my head!
I heard them.
You heard a lot of things,
Oh, shit! They're coming!
I think you just got
the boss' attention.
Welcome to Mexico.
Why did you do this to me?
To have you do what you did.
It was greatness.
So there was no cartel.
No Mexico.
We had to convince you...
...and that pain in the ass family
of yours to do the right thing.
I mean, how else was we gonna
get a judge involved?
So this whole thing...
Put it together, Thomas.
This whole thing,
it was just a robbery.
You deserve a prize, Thomas.
You turned out to be a good
contestant after all.
You held my whole family
So you could steal
from a drug dealer?
Oh, he wasn't just another
drug dealer, Thomas.
But, yeah, he was a whale,
we had to go big on this one.
This is not my first rodeo,
You think it was only
your blood on that mask?
Help me!
You planned this whole thing.
Every detail.
Took about six months, actually.
You think you hit my car
by accident?
When I hit your...
What about my sister?
What happened to my sister?
We had a problem there,
A problem? Bill,
what happened to my sister?
Tell me!
Your fucked up daddy called the
cops and that was not good.
Oh, my god.
But look at you now.
You're a new man, Thomas.
I could see it in your eyes,
How does it feel
to be a hero?
You should be thanking me.
I changed your life forever,
This is how you repay me?
This is how you
fucking repay me?
Where are the drugs?
Where's the money?
It's all gone.
It was perfection.
Bill, you planned this out,
My sister, my family, and
there's one detail you forgot.
And what's that, Thomas?
Me, and this needle.
Okay, Thomas,
you don't need to...
Like a zombie?
Will you please put that...
Three days it takes to kill you...
...but you wish you were fucking
dead in three seconds.
Fucking keys.
Bill, I'm gonna be standing
right outside that door.
Come out that door, Bill.
Please, come out that door.