The Devil's Machine (2019) Movie Script

What the hell are you doing?
Do you want to get
us all killed?
She wants to be let out.
Don't let it inside
your head, do you hear me?
Get moving, you miserable scum.
Your men always tire so easily.
We haven't stopped, Minister,
not for two days and nights.
And we won't, not until
this thing's been dealt with.
Can't we destroy it now, here?
We take it across the
border as planned.
You there, what business
do you have here?
Get down here now.
But my dear fellow,
the view from up here
is so much better.
If we cannot be of assistance
to our dear British ally,
then I politely ask
you be on your way.
She knows what you are planning.
What are you talking about?
She won't let it happen.
Let me show you!
Forward, men!
Stay down, there's too many!
Peter, lower further.
Peter, what are you doing?
Brendan, it's for you.
I'm in a meeting.
How was your imaginary meeting?
Terrible, too
many interruptions.
Is that one of your mother's?
Just deciding what to keep.
Keep that one,
looks good on you.
So, the reason I
summoned you here,
oh, Stepfather of
mine, is that the man
who just called sounded
very eager to talk to you.
Strange, I don't think
I owe anyone money.
You should call him back.
Did you get his number?
Ooh, very professional.
Get what you pay for.
Hello, this is Dr.
Brendan Cole, you called?
Yeah, and what would the
purpose of the meeting be?
Well, if you're not gonna tell
me what it's in relation to
or even who I'm to meet,
then I can hardly...
What are you working on?
Oh, go on.
Look, I know you think
it's a load of rubbish,
but you have to admit,
it's a good story.
Ah, yes, the terrible tale
of The Inferno Princess.
Famous round campfires
the world over.
As long as you
don't buy into it,
you can draw it all you like.
Don't worry, I've red your book.
She's just a myth, I get it.
Am I correct in saying
that you are the
foremost authority
on the work of
Alexander Maclntosh?
Yes, as a matter of fact,
I've just published my
third book on the man.
I hope it will help to
debunk this obsession with...
The Inferno Princess, yes,
I know, I've read your book.
It's how I came upon you.
Fact or fiction, Dr. Cole?
And tell me, my dear,
do you know the story?
A little, I mean, I
know it's just a story,
but I think it's really cool.
It's one of my favorites, may I?
The legend started in
1763 with a general
renown for his victories
in service of my family.
The general had a daughter
whose beauty was known
throughout the kingdom,
her name was Talia.
But the general called her
Princess, his princess.
So terrified was he by
the thought of losing her
that he commissioned
a clockwork doll
to be made in her image.
She was to be the most marvelous
automaton ever imagined.
Through this perfect creation,
his daughter would
become immortal.
Forever young, forever
beautiful, forever his.
At first, the doll
drew great acclaim
and brought untold joy
to the doting father.
But there soon followed
a great tragedy.
Talia went missing,
never to be found.
The general in his
profound grief
could not be separated
from the doll.
For days he remained by its side
until one morning
he was found dead.
But that was just the beginning.
One by one, all who had
come to love the princess
fell victim to her curse.
Those noble courtiers who
had so cheerfully marveled
at it only weeks
before now perished.
Whole families succumbed
to suicide, madness,
and murderous debaucheries
so unspeakable
that my ancestors
buried all records.
Only when it was ordered
that this Inferno
Princess be destroyed
that the cursed creation unveil
its greatest act of wonder,
vanishing out of sight,
never to be seen again.
Until now.
would you give us
a moment alone?
And Dr. Cole,
I need your help.
And for years I believed
that the Inferno Princess
had somehow found its
way back to its creator.
Alexander Maclntosh had
hidden it in the same place
he had forced to hide
his Catholic faith,
in an underground chapel,
found at last under the
ruins of a mansion
built and rebuilt over the ages.
All those years, the
basement chapel survived,
undisturbed and undiscovered,
until now.
Yes, but where?
Dr. Cole, we are standing on it.
What, you can't
be talking about...
Is this some kind of a joke?
This is exactly why I chose you.
I want you to authenticate her.
You have the wrong
man, I'm sorry.
But there is just no
way the thing is real.
One week, one million pounds.
Perhaps you'd like to meet her
before you make up your mind.
Sorry, I heard music.
I present to you the
Inferno Princess.
Let's say for a moment she's
not what I believe she is.
Then what is she?
You're not intrigued
to find out?
But it can't be.
I have
assembled some documents
from my family records,
for your eyes only.
They describe the
unveiling of the doll
and the five incredible
deeds she performed.
Get her to repeat
these functions
and you will get your money.
You haven't been able to do it?
We tried of course, but
she would not perform for us.
Perhaps she will for you.
Still think it's a fake?
Still, easily forged.
Till tomorrow, Princess.
It began shortly
after the passing
of our beloved comrade,
General Ernest Von Haugwitz
when his aid to camp, Officer
Wurzel was found dead,
Someone, something...
Had ripped his tongue
from his head.
No such suspicion was
yet placed upon the doll.
It was superstitious
times, Rose.
We have to take these
reports with a pinch of salt.
What does yours say?
Let's find out, shall we?
As personal doctor to His
Highness, Frederick II,
I have pleaded that the
Inferno Princess be removed
from the palace to spare our
king from the evil scourge
that has so affected
the nobles of our court
since the unveiling
of this doll.
Those attending have been
plagued by a strange malady,
a sickness of the mind that
has caused untold misery.
All of them claimed
to be haunted
by a voice urging
them to do harm,
that they are being watched in
the night by an unseen devil.
I did it for you, my princess.
Here's another one
from the doctor.
I don't want you
to get nightmares.
Lady Sophie was found drowned
this morning in a lake
in the palace grounds.
She was discovered by a guard
who now stands accused
of her murder,
weighing to a
reason of judgment,
or perhaps our cowardice,
we prefer to believe this
over his terrifying testimony.
The Military Court
has found you guilty
of the charge of murder,
and I sentence you to
death by firing squad.
Do you have any last
words, you filthy dog?
I have told you,
sir, I am innocent.
I would never have
hurt The Lady Sophie.
It was the devil
by the lake, sir!
Devil by the lake!
Even now, before God himself,
you perpetuate this, this lie!
I did not do it!
The only devil you
need fear now...
Is me.
What are you doing?
He claims that as he brought
the poor girl out of the water,
he saw another watching
silently, stoic.
A woman who moved
like clockwork.
Shit, that's creepy.
The first action exhibited
by the General's creation
was hardly remarkable,
but was nevertheless
with a level of dramatic flair.
Maclntosh, a rose
between his teeth,
first knelt before the doll.
She did not respond to this.
But, hitherto?
Hitherto, he placed a
hand upon the doll's arm,
in some way priming the thing
to raise her hand for a kiss.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Your Highness,
today shall be unveiled
a true beauty,
the most advanced
automaton ever conceived,
a symbol of the enlightened
minds of its creator,
and patron.
And on this momentous occasion,
she will perform for you
a variety of talents...
As might befit a lady...
Of polite society.
I present to you,
the Immortal Princess.
But how may we rouse
the sleeping beauty?
Perhaps with a rose?
Which I just so
happen to possess.
Or is perhaps a little
manipulation required?
Let's see.
You have to do it properly.
Still got it.
Don't forget about me.
How did you know to
touch her right arm?
Alexander was left handed.
Like you.
You're drawing me.
Do you mind?
Show me.
It's not finished.
You'll see it when it's done.
Supposing for a
moment that this story is true,
why did he take her,
why bring her here?
You mean Alexander?
The doll disappears,
and ended up back
with its creator, but in secret.
And after that, neither
of them are seen again.
Alexander disappeared
right before the fire.
Maybe he died in
the fire, all alone.
the dark with her.
I'm not convinced.
Of what?
Any of it.
But the documents.
Easily forged, and
as for the doll...
She's amazing.
She's something.
You are keeping secrets from me.
My love, come, my love.
That does not belong to you!
Thank you...
Why did I get...
Finally decided to join us?
I found you like
that this morning.
Seems you're sleepwalking again.
I made you coffee.
I hope I didn't do
anything embarrassing.
Not that I'm aware of.
Although, I'm sure I caught
the princess blushing.
You should have woken me.
No, thanks, you know
how grumpy you get.
Anyway, I'm off to
get some fresh air.
Have fun with our dear Talia.
Not only does the Princess
possess a devastating beauty,
she also boasts a
brilliant mind.
To display for you
her keen interest
in literature and the arts,
she will now transcribe
for you a poem.
"Art hid with art, so
well perform'd the cheat,"
"caught the carver
with his own deceit."
"He knows 'tis madness,
he must adore,"
"and still the more he
knows it, loves the more."
"The flesh,"
"or what so seems,"
"he touches oft,"
"which feels so smooth"
"that he believes it soft."
"Fired with this thought that
once he's strained the breast"
"and on the lips a
burning kiss impressed."
Ovid, isn't it?
Is it?
How do you know that?
Yeah, Pygmalion and the Statue.
Must've studied it at
school or something.
Not just a pretty
face, you know.
The thing is,
that's not the piece
she was supposed to write.
According to the report,
it's a poem by
Friedrich Schiller.
Maybe she knows a few.
It's not unheard of.
Jaquet-Droz's automaton
could be programmed
to write any piece
up to 40 characters.
There you go, what's next?
she speaks.
I wonder what she'll say.
If she does speak,
it'll have to be pretty crude.
mean like, fuck me, Brendan.
That's crude.
You know that's
not what I meant.
Do I?
Goodnight, Rose.
What's wrong, my prince?
I'm scared.
Think I heard something.
What did you hear?
A scream, I think.
Think that's what I heard.
But no, don't go.
Let me stay here?
With you, can I?
My prince.
Dear Alexander,
I trust that by now you
have received word
from King Frederick
regarding your commission.
It is of great importance
that our communications
remain secret.
So fundamental is
this stipulation
that I must insist you
carry out all work
at my home here in Prussia.
This work is, as you can
imagine, deeply personal to me.
Although you are to be
the engineer of the piece,
it is I who will guide
your skilled hand
at all times towards perfection.
My specifications are
exact and my standards high
as they have always been in
matters regarding my dear,
sweet Talia.
I thank you in advance for
bestowing upon my princess a
of immortality of
immutable virtue
that so soothes
a doting father's heart.
My Dear General,
rest assure that we will
recreate her vital essence
employing the finest methods
and materials known to man.
Together, we will astound
the peoples of the world
with the wonder of our creation.
I am in love already
with the very idea
of our Immortal Princess
and I dare say we shall
find ourselves entranced
as she comes to life through us.
Sorry, I thought you
might have heard me coming.
Well, I didn't.
And what were you drawing
before I snuck up
you so cruelly?
I thought we were past this.
I said nothing.
What are you looking at?
Stay here, I'll be
back in a minute.
What is it?
Just stay put, okay?
What's wrong?
What do you mean?
I heard you scream.
It was nothing.
Are you sure?
What's for lunch?
So, have you solved it yet?
Solved what exactly?
The great riddle
of the amazing doll
that should have never
Yes what?
The lines the doll wrote,
they came from separate poems.
That's why I couldn't
place them at first.
A mashup.
no, it can't be.
Both the poems were written
long after the doll was created.
You think that
proves it's a fraud?
Suppose that poets could
have borrowed the lines
from earlier books.
You're starting to
fall for her, aren't you?
Still so much that
doesn't add up.
So far I've seen effects
but no workings.
Whatever machinery drives
her is very well hidden.
Surely it's actions and
not motivations that count.
I'm still skeptical,
but I have to be
fair and thorough.
Fair and thorough.
Good man.
Then you'll do the washing up.
Now, Your Highness,
I have a particular
demonstration in mind,
especially for you.
Why would you tremble?
Just more hearsay?
It's fine,
just a stupid accident.
You're bleeding.
Calm down.
It's not so bad.
Needs cleaning though.
That's what you get
for playing with dolls.
I'm, I'm just gonna go do
some more reading, I think.
Can I help?
No, get some rest.
Sorry, I just, I
need to concentrate.
Daddy loves you, Princess.
Daddy loves you.
Thank you, Daddy.
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Do you love
I know,
Really want to.
No, no, no.
You're so beautiful,
I just thought I'd...
Is everything all right?
Were you talking...
To myself, and you can
hardly blame me for that.
You know, if anything's
the matter, you can tell me.
There's just no way.
You could hardly have
stood up on your own.
And you would hardly
have done it yourself.
The Princess wishes to
perform a dance for you,
if you would allow it.
It's just not possible.
She must be a fake.
You insult me, sir.
What are you waiting for?
Dance, I haven't got all day!
I'm so sorry.
My prince.
What are you?
I've been looking for you.
Well, you found me.
Rose, we have to talk
about a few things.
We do?
Look at me when
I'm talking to you.
All these plants
are dead.
the dance, the one you
did in the garden,
where did you learn it?
I made it up.
We both know that's not true.
Calling me a liar?
The doll did her dance today
and it was exactly
the same as yours.
I mean, exactly.
You've been messing
with her, haven't you?
Don't you know what they say
about people in glass houses?
This is serious, Rose.
I need you to answer me,
have you been messing
with the doll?
You've obviously
already made up your mind.
I haven't done anything.
The other poem,
you wrote it, didn't you?
What is this?
What is this?
Are you trying to,
trying to trick me?
Trying to mess me up?
You looked at my sketchpad.
My private drawings!
I don't know who
you are anymore.
What's gotten into you?
You're not yourself.
And you're exactly yourself.
Same old same old.
Grow up, Brendan.
I have.
Admit it.
You want me.
Thank you, Daddy.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be.
It was perfect.
Let go.
Don't you love me?
Don't go, please!
We're leaving.
No, we're not.
- Rose...
- Please, just listen.
I'm so sorry about how
I've been lately.
It's all right.
It's not all right.
Don't know what came over
me the past few days,
but I feel better now.
I swear.
And it would kill me to
think we left because of me.
It's not because of you.
It's this place.
It's no good for
us, either of us.
But you're so close.
Think of what that
money could do for us.
It's only money.
It's only a shitload of money.
I read about the dance
in some documents.
That's how I know about it.
Can we stay?
You're so close.
All right.
But if we do stay, you
have to be honest with me.
No more secrets, okay?
Just the...
Final life now, final test.
The last supper.
So ignonymous.
We should make a meal of it.
What have I told you
about using puns?
To make lots of them
because they're hilarious?
Come on, I'll cook.
And we could get
dressed up all fancy.
May as well enjoy our last night
as Lord and Lady of the Manor.
Let's go out on a high.
You're scared of
how close you are
to proving it's
real, aren't you?
Time for you to start
revealing your secrets.
Is that what he built you for?
I am Alexander Maclntosh,
and this is my confession.
The Immortal Princess is
not a mechanical marvel
but abomination for which
I bear full responsibility.
Not long into the
commission it became clear
that what The General
was demanding
was an impossibility.
Such an automaton
could not be built.
Fearing the consequences
of failing The King,
I entered into a devil's pact,
suggested by The
General himself.
The doll could not operate
of its own volition,
an actress hidden inside.
The General embarked
on a crazed plot
to fake his daughter's
and force her into performing
as the doll in secret.
A dark plan
that I found myself
accomplice to.
But Talia and I had
a secret also.
We were in love.
But our affair was
soon discovered.
Only then did I learn
just how jealous
how monstrously deranged.
The General was.
He took his own daughter
and mutilated her...
- No!
- Body and mind.
In my cowardice, I
acquiesced to his
depraved plan to imprison...
No, please!
- Please!
- The breath
that she had become.
Get away!
A hostage made silent
encased within the doll.
But since the night
of the unveiling,
over the applause and the music,
I can still hear
her lasting scream
no louder than a whisper,
unheard by all but me.
The General swore to me
he would release her to me
after the performance.
he sealed poor Talia
inside the doll
to preserve within it
her innocence forever.
Preserve his furious lust.
By then, I knew not
whether she was even alive
until that night.
Forgive me.
Oh, God, forgive me.
The thing that I found
behind the mask was a devil,
a wild bird who had
come to love her cage.
My God!
Thing that was once Talia
knocked me unconscious.
Then took up a torch
from the basement
and ran about the house
setting it alight.
I have awoken to smoke and fire
and yet she had returned to me
to prevent my escape.
Here I shall remain with her
as my final breath draws near.
I only hope that she will
find peace in the darkness.
I fear that I will not.
You performed for me.
How is that possible?
Inquisitive runt.
Like the curious boy,
fumbling for lust.
It takes but the
slightest of secrets
to unlock an eruption!
You, the little maggot,
in spoiled undergarments,
sobbing in the dark.
But you are no longer alone
for I shall take your
devilish attributes
and make of them
a real man.
And then,
we shall share in delight...
Of a freshly..
You're not real.
You're just in my head.
So full, your sweet
Rose, so ripe,
and when the fruit
hangs heavy on the tree,
it must be plucked!
Do you not see
that every little girl
desires attention
craves discipline?
I have much to teach you.
bud, rose bud, rose bud red,
there grows it ever,
there blooms it yet.
Rose bud, rose
bud, rose bud red,
there grows it ever,
there blooms it yet.
Rose bud,
rose bud,
rose bud red,
there grows it ever...
And blooms it yet!
Since when do you smoke a pipe?
Suits me, don't you think?
You've been up all night?
Sleep is for the weak.
Make any revelations?
All these questions,
questions, questions.
Doesn't your little mind
ever rest, Rose Bud?
I'm just interested, Jesus.
I don't like your
tone, young lady.
I don't like yours.
Seem to be under the illusion
that insolence will be
tolerated under my roof!
Well, let me assure
you it will not.
Why are you being like this?
You are just like your mother.
Willful, arrogant, wanton!
And beautiful.
You think so?
Oh, yes,
so very beautiful.
Thank you,
Wear the red dress to dinner.
All right.
I think I need to lie down.
yearns for you, Brendan.
Take her and you will find me.
She dreams of you.
I know because her dreams
are mine now, and mine hers.
We are one in spirit,
in flesh, our flesh,
so pure, so eager to be touched.
You're awake.
If you want me to be.
Close your eyes.
Oh, God.
What, what have I done?
What's wrong?
I'm sorry.
You don't want me!
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no Rose, no!
I don't understand.
Where's Rose?
Everything is all right now.
Do it.
Thank you, Daddy.
No, no!
She's a wild one
but I know just how
to break her in.
Oh, little man, in
your little boots,
which bed will you
hide under now?
Or shall I find you hidden
under your mother's skirt?
But wherever you are,
I shall sniff you out,
my pretty little quim.
Fly, cherub, fly!
As fast as you can!
Or it's the hounds of
hell that you chase
and their flame is
hot, as hot as fire!
Oh, you
shan't escape my hounds!
Faster, cherub, faster, faster!
You shan't escape my hounds!
Boo, peekaboo!
Oh, there, there.
I know, I know, your
suffering has been great.
And I know that because
we have tortured you
so magnificently.
But alas, while The General,
he may well be content
with your body,
The Princess, she wants
something more special.
Wait, oh, God, no!
Oh, he doesn't come
round here very often.
She's upset because you
tried to run away.
Well, if she can't have you,
maybe she will have your
little whore instead.
Ah, here they come,
the sweet angels of death,
sent to take you back
to her sweet embrace.
No, please, no, no!
Stop it, no, no!
No, you can't, no!
I won't run.
Please, please, no, let her go.
Let her go!
Let her go, I'll do whatever
you want, just let her go.
What happened to you, it
was wrong and I'm sorry.
But you could stop it,
you could stop it now.
Shh, shh, shut up, shut up!
Please, Talia,
please, I'll be yours, forever.
I swear.
Go outside and wait in the car.
Go on.
It's all right.
Don't be long.
Rose, Rose!
No, no, no!
You have to get
out of here, now.
And never come back.
Brendan, run!
Brendan, run!
I have to stay here, Rose.
But you can go, now.
Be happy, Rose.