The Devil's Men (1976) Movie Script

We cover our faces
in sight of our lord.
We cover our faces
in sight of our lord.
We cover our faces
in sight of our lord.
Hello, yes?
Yes, Sergeant Vendris here.
Your letter, yes.
Yes, Father Roche.
I did get your letter.
I saw the photograph.
Yes, I recognise them.
They came through town
a little while back.
I haven't seen them since.
If those children
have disappeared,
it won't be the first time it's
happened in your village, sergeant.
Come on, father.
You can't hold me responsible
for every...
What the hell do you...
Listen, father.
Why don't you just
stick to your own job
and stop telling me
how to do mine?
Morning, father.
Good morning. How are you?
Fine, thanks.
- Karolos.
- Good morning, father.
I forgot to tell you.
You have some mail.
Where do you want to eat tonight?
All right, who is she?
Incredible! How did you guess that
my pen-pal wore a skirt?
Gimme that letter! Oh!
It's just another one
from that potty Irish priest.
Don't put him down.
All right, so maybe
he's gotten carried away,
but he's no crackpot.
He's the best friend ieverhad,
and he's been good to me.
I owe him a lot, so lay off him.
Oh, come on!
These things he keeps writing you
about students disappearing,
being swallowed up by
some ancient magic or something.
It's crazy. It's medieval.
I know it sounds
a little far-fetched, but...
Are you trying to tell me
you believe it?
At least, not enough to
drop my work
and go over there and help him,
as he wants me to.
Besides, if it's true,
he can tell the police.
He did. They don't wanna know.
Well, you can't blame them.
They've got better things to do.
Good morning, father.
- Is there a letter?
- No letter.
Thanks. Thank you.
- Good bye, father.
- Goodbye. Thanks.
Father Roche, we're back!
- It's good to see ya again, father.
- It's good to see ya.
Ian, shut the radio off.
We can't hear anything.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You've grown up a bit
since last year.
Father Roche,
I'd like you to meet
Tom Gifford,
a friend of ours from Boston.
- Good to see ya, Tom.
- And you, father.
I said you've grown up
a bit since last year.
Thank God.
And you're prettier than ever.
Don't encourage her, father.
She's conceited enough as it is.
I didn't expect to see ya
back here this year.
I thought you'd
exhausted the, er...
Archaeological possibilities
of the area.
So did we,
but then Tom showed us
something he dug up
not far from here.
Yeah, we thought it was interesting
enough to come and take a look.
Then I have Tom to thank
for the pleasure of seein' ya again.
Er... what, er...
What is this, er... find?
Dig in.
Roche: But you listen to me now.
Ian, it's no coincidence.
There were two couples
who came to that place.
One French, the other English.
They came here to my village
to show me what they'd found,
and they went back to
that land of evil
to see if they could
find anything else
and they both disappeared,
without a trace.
That's pretty heavy, father.
I think maybe your imagination
is working overtime.
You're outta line, Tom.
We've known Father Roche for years.
He's a world authority
in ancient religions.
I'm sure he knows a lot more
about it than any of us.
Here, dig in!
I'm putting you in separate rooms
till I've pronounced you
man and wife personally.
- Good night, Beth.
- Beth, you're in here.
- Thanks.
- Come on, Tom and Ian.
Ian, you're in this one.
- Tom, you're in there.
- Thanks.
- Good night.
- Night.
- Sleep well.
- Good night.
I certainly will,
now that I've talked you out of
going back to that devil's territory.
Good night, father.
Good night.
Get up. We're leaving
before Father Roche finds out.
What about Tom?
He's waiting in the car.
We can't do this
to Father Roche.
We've got to.
If we leave it till the morning,
he'll try and stop us.
You want to go to
the temple, don't you?
- You know I do.
- Then, be quick!
May God go with you.
"Right now, Laurie,
we're camping near the temple
"and plan to start our search
in the morning.
"As you know, Ian and Beth
are great to be with,
"but I'm finding the nights
awful lonely.
"So, what I want you to do is this.
"Drop what you're doing,
"and take a plane out here
and join me."
Good morning!
If you do that again,
I'll break your arm.
Hey, don't do that!
Who'll do the cookin'?
What a nice place.
We'll look at the sights later.
Food, woman, food!
We haven't got any.
I'll have to go to the village.
Would you mail a letter for me
while you're there?
To Laurie, right?
- I bet you miss her.
- Yeah, and you guys make it worse.
Who can sleep with that
going on all night, huh?
You don't have to listen.
- When's Laurie comin'?
- Next Saturday.
I'm meeting her at the airport.
I'm ready.
Thanks, Beth.
I'll be right back.
- I hope you don't starve to death.
- Nah, we won't.
We can look around
while we're waiting, huh?
- Right.
- Maybe we can find that entrance
that Father Roche was talkin' about.
Ian, come and look at this.
I've found something interesting.
- The secret entrance.
- The double axe!
This must be the tomb
that Father Roche was talking about.
Let's put it over there.
Jeez, it's heavy.
I'm goin' down to have a look.
Hold up, there's somethin'
down there.
- It's one of those couples.
- It's those two in the photograph.
Father Roche was right.
We'd better get outta here.
Those who enter the forbidden
chamber of the minotaur
must die!
- Will there be anything else?
- No, thank you.
What a beautiful baby!
He's quite a character.
Good morning.
What can I do for you?
- I'd like half a dozen eggs...
- Mm-hmm.
Half a pound of bacon,
and a loaf of bread.
Papa... papa... papa...
Allow me.
Thank you.
- Is this yours?
- Mm-hmm.
Will you put these things
in the young lady's car, please?
Are you here on holiday?
Well, sort of a working holiday.
My friends and I are
interested in archaeology.
We've pitched a couple of tents.
Near the temple, by the old castle.
My castle.
I am Baron Corofax.
You are on my land.
- Oh, gee...
- But don't worry.
If you're genuinely interested,
this is one of the oldest
pagan sites in the country.
Are you a real baron?
For my sins.
It's an ancient title in my own land,
which is Carpathia.
Now I live here.
If I can be of any help
to you and your friends,
don't hesitate to call on me.
Thank you.
Good bye.
- Oh, my package!
- Forgive me.
- Good bye.
- Bye.
Where are you?
I found this young lady
wandering in the grounds, sir.
She's looking for her friends.
I know you're worried,
but there's no reason to be.
Your friends can't be far away.
I don't know. I'm afraid.
My little child, they're perfectly safe,
and so are you.
All you need is a good night's rest.
You can stay at the inn.
My chauffeur will drive you there.
Thank you very much,
but I'd rather walk.
It might help to calm me down.
As you wish.
Good night, baron,
and thank you.
Good night.
Are you...
Are you sure that there's
nothing else in the letter?
No. It's just as I told you.
He told me he was
camping at an ancient site,
and that he'd meet me
at the airport.
And he wrote me about you.
That's why I came here.
Just a minute.
It's for you. Long distance.
Hello, father! How are you?
What do you mean?
But I can't just...
Look, father, I do believe you, but...
All right. Calm...
Calm down, calm down.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
That's gratitude.
I break my neck to get over here,
and what do I get?
- Nag, nag, nag!
- Keep your hands on the wheel!
If you crossed the Atlantic ocean
just to get us killed in a car smash,
you might as well have...
Have stayed in New York.
What? And miss all the scenery?
Keep your hands on the wheel!
Just look at the speedometer, Laurie.
I'd have taken the bus if I'd known
he was such a speed demon.
There ya go again.
Demons and devils.
- How are we doing?
- We're nearly there.
You got to remember,
I'm just a simple private detective.
I deal in facts,
and all you're giving me
is demons and devils.
Don't drive so fast!
If you're afraid
to meet your maker,
we're all in a lot of trouble.
I'm not afraid to meet my maker.
I just don't want
to meet him today.
Looks as though
the devil's got another one.
Papa... papa...
Excuse me.
Who is the funeral for?
he had a heart attack.
And that counts as an act of God?
Have some respect, will you?
What a strange child.
I didn't notice.
Let's go to the police now,
and see if they know anything.
Hey, what about me?
Don't worry. We won't be long.
Keep your eyes open
for some more funerals.
Excuse me, who's in charge here?
He's there, but can I speak to you
for a moment, please?
- Sure.
- Vendris: Can I help you?
Oh, er... excuse me, I'm, er...
I'm Father Roche.
We have talked together
on the telephone.
Oh, yes, I remember.
You said some kids have disappeared.
Yes, that's right, sergeant, um...
- Vendris.
- Sergeant Vendris.
This, er... is Mr Kea.
How do you do?
Mr Kea lived here at one time.
Come into my office.
I told you.
How did they disappear?
Who said they disappeared?
I said they were here,
and then they must have left.
This is the third
disappearance in a row.
And, this time,
there were three of them.
What do you want me to do?
Well, maybe you can start
by telling us
where we can
find a place to stay.
Well, I don't know.
Usually, you can stay at the inn,
but the owner has just died.
Why don't you wait here,
and I'll see what I can do.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me.
You see?
He doesn't admit a thing.
Wait a minute.
Our friend Vendris may be
a little shifty-eyed,
but that doesn't make him a demon.
I've got to talk to you.
What's the trouble?
There's something terrible
going on here.
Do you know something about
these kids who've disappeared?
I can't talk now.
Come to my house.
I'll tell you everything then.
Not here.
Hey! Ho... hold on.
Wait a minute.
Well, it's all set.
The widow is in
no state to do anything,
so our grocer, Mr Karapades,
said he'd do what he can
for you at the inn.
Get the maid
to make up the beds.
Mrs Mikaelis told me she wants you to
make yourselves at home here.
Oh, thank you.
My daughter is getting your rooms
ready for you.
Ah, she's here.
Come with me, please.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
Come in!
- Comfortable in here?
- Oh, yes, very.
Everything required for
the well-equipped devil hunter, eh?
Very nice work.
Beth's father made it for me,
years ago.
And holy water, too.
I've never had
such a well-armed assistant.
I'm gonna see that woman.
No, you're not going tonight.
Because I make the decisions.
Please, trust me.
Roche vvhathappened?
Even I can't tell you that
till she comes round.
All right, if you won't believe me,
I guess I might as well just shut up.
That's a good idea.
If I have to listen to both of you
harping on the subject,
I'll go nuts.
- Where did you get this ridiculous car?
- Rented it at the airport.
Well, if it doesn't belong to you,
don't drive it so fast.
Stop! Stop! My hat!
My best hat! Stop! Stop!
Forget it.
I didn't like it, anyway.
Tom said in his letter they were
trying to find the ancient tombs.
I should never have told them
the thing existed.
Hey, father.
Is that it? Over there?
It's over there.
Look out!
But that's not
the devil's work. Look.
The devil has many faces,
and many helpers, too.
Come on, let's get out of here.
It's all right.
There's no-one here now.
There is someone here.
I can feel him all around me.
But I'll come with you.
We must go and see the baron.
- Let's go.
- Or that woman.
I'm sure she knows something.
I'm dirty.
I think I'll take a bath.
- All right.
- We'll wait for you downstairs.
- Father, please come here.
- What is it?
- Hey, it's my friend, the village cop.
- Wait.
Where are you heading?
- To see you.
- Hmm?
We were down at the castle.
We came back to ask you a question.
Oh, never mind
about that right now.
The baron said
he'd like a word with you.
He's not the only one.
He invited you up to the castle.
What happens if we refuse?
Do get in, please.
Get in.
- What about Laurie?
- I think we'd better leave her here.
I hope he's a
better driver than you are.
Have you seen my friends?
The baron's chauffeur came,
and picked them up.
Why didn't they wait for me, then?
Wasn't I invited, too?
They'll be right back. Sit down.
I'll buy you a drink.
No, thanks.
I'd rather take a walk.
As you wish.
This way.
Thank you.
It, er...
It is very kind of you to invite us.
Purely selfish, I'm afraid.
I have little in common
with the local people.
Please, make yourselves comfortable.
If you have nothing in common
with the local people,
why can't you return
to your own country?
Alas, I am an exile.
You, being an American,
will find that hard to understand.
Being an American,
I understand it okay.
Oh, excuse me.
Mrs Mikaelis is staying with me
for a few days.
I was sorry to hear
about your husband.
Please accept my condolences.
- Mine, too.
- Thank you.
Hi, there!
A fine child.
Mrs Mikaelis: Thank you.
- What an odd toy.
- Odd?
It's old, but not odd.
That is the labrys.
I know.
How old is this?
Perhaps four thousand years.
It's, um...
It's the ancient symbol
of the Minoan priesthood.
Drop us off here.
We'll walk rest of the way.
I can't stop thinking about it.
What a strange toy
to give to a child.
I didn't want to say too much,
but it's also a...
A symbol...
A symbol of human sacrifice.
Can't you let up for a minute?
It was only a toy.
Let's go and see that woman.
Maybe then
we can find some facts.
It's Laurie.
Go and get Vendris.
I'll take care of Laurie.
Go on!
Laune! Laune!
- What's the matter?
- They're coming. They're coming.
Quick, quick, they're coming!
They're coming, the demons!
- What demons?
- Didn't you see them?
- Well, there's nothing to see.
- They were... they were there, I tell you.
- I saw them.
- Well, whatever it is, it's gone now.
Probably just a cow
loose in the woods, or something.
Oh, God!
I've never been so scared in my life.
At least you didn't pass out today.
Come on,
let's get back to the inn.
What the devil?
Oh! No lights?
Is there anyone here?
Where is everybody?
Oh! Thank God it's you.
Who did you think it was?
Old Nick?
The whole village is deserted.
What do you mean?
I mean just exactly what I say.
Why don't you turn the lights on?
Because there aren't any lights.
I told you. They've been here.
- They've turned the lights off!
- Laurie, stop it.
- Laune, laune, laune".
- Stop!
- Calm down! Calm down.
- I told you!
Here, hold this.
- Oh, father...
- It's all right, Laurie. It's all right.
You need to rest.
- Come on, Laurie. Come on.
- I told you.
You need to lie down.
When you're finished,
come downstairs.
I'm gonna have a drink.
Are you all right now?
I'm scared, father.
Please, stay with me.
Do you want to come back
downstairs with us?
No. I'm tired of being
treated like a child.
Milo doesn't believe me,
but there was something
chasing me in the woods.
I couldn't see them clearly,
but they were like...
They were like some human fiend.
I believe you.
I'm worried.
What's happened with Tom?
I think he...
I think he's been held...
By Satan,
mephistopheles, Lucifer...
These are just three words
for the same thing.
A phenomenon
that's older than mankind,
a power without a face,
a force that can make people do
whatever it wants them to do.
The devil, yes.
Yes, Laurie, the devil.
I believe the devil has taken
possession of this village.
I don't want to insult you, father.
- I'm not religious, I don't believe...
- You young people are all the same!
You live entirely on the surface.
You don't understand
the frailty of mankind.
Oh, don't get angry with me.
I am telling you the truth.
I am telling you the truth.
Now, do you want to come downstairs
and have a drink with us?
No. I think I'll have a rest.
But, if you hear me calling,
you'll come quickly?
The devil has many faces.
You'd better, er...
You'd better lock your door.
Well, did you spell out your theories
on the new look in old religions?
Did she buy it?
Score one for her.
I guess she's
not so dumb after all.
Well, you're probably right
about one thing.
Those kids are being
held prisoner somewhere.
And where the devil did
the whole village disappear to?
You've answered
your own question.
To the devil.
What do you want?
Why are you torturing us?
Only one thing can save you now.
Father Roche must die.
He has entered my forbidden chamber.
What's the matter?
He wants Father Roche.
He wants me to murder him.
Do you think
she's gone to sleep?
Why don't you leave her alone?
She's engaged.
Why should you care?
Because she kissed you?
How do you know that?
It's written all over your face.
What's the matter?
Come here! Come and look.
What is it this time?
Where are they?
They've gone.
They've gone, eh?
Maybe you just can't
hold your liquor.
There's nothing wrong
with my capacity.
I tell ya,
I saw something out here.
Well, I didn't.
You might be right.
What's the matter?
We're outta gas. That's funny,
I filled the tank this morning.
Never mind, let's get after them.
They're headed towards the woods.
You lousy son of a bitch!
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I, er... I think so, but I...
Did you have to push me so hard?
I should've let him hit ya.
The old customs remain
and the ancient gods live on.
The old customs remain
and the ancient gods live on.
The old customs remain
and the ancient gods live on.
The old customs remain
and the ancient gods live on.
It's their car.
They must be holding them
somewhere near here.
- It's their car!
- Whose car?
The children. Beth and Ian.
The old sacrifice remains.
And the ancient gods live on.
The old customs remain
and the ancient gods live...
Come on, quickly, I tell ya!
Come on, quickly, I tell you!
Come on!
He's still alive.
Yes, he was on
the edge of death, but, er...
It takes more than
the force of an automobile
to destroy them.
Come, we must Bury these two.
Are these really the same people?
Yes. I'm afraid so.
They are the same people.
But everything looks so normal.
- Mrs Mikaelis: Good morning.
- Roche: Good morning.
The power's back.
What do you mean?
Is the young lady awake yet?
Mrs Mikaelis:
You... what young lady?
Her clothes are all gone.
Where the hell is she?
What are you doing in here?
You frightened me.
I'm sorry. It was an accident.
Good morning.
Where is she, Vendris?
Isn't she with you?
What have you done with her?
Don't know what
you're talking about.
Talk! Where is she?
Talk! Talk, damn you!
What's going on?
The girl's missing.
Where is she?
If she is missing,
assaulting the police
is not the best way to find her.
All right, then.
You tell me.
Stay where you are.
I don't think we have
any need of a shotgun, Baron Corofax.
Someone has to
keep law and order.
You realise that
assaulting a police officer
is a very serious of fence?
And I'm going to prefer charges.
Shut up.
I'm not finished with you yet.
Mrs Mikaelis, these gentlemen say
they came here with a girl.
Do you know where she is?
A girl? I don't know.
I didn't see any girl
when I opened up.
Perhaps she decided
to leave on her own.
Where was your car
last night, baron?
- At my house.
- You're a liar.
How dare you
speak to me like that?
I could cut you
in half with this,
and everyone would swear
it was self defence.
Except me.
Baron: You have one minute
to get out of here.
Both of you.
Not without Miss Gordon.
Fifty seconds.
Well, er...
We have to pack.
Come along.
Come on.
This isn't the last time
we'll meet, Baron Corofax.
Why are we stopping?
Do you think you're going to
get anywhere with bullets?
Why not?
The baron didn't look
bulletproof to me.
You still can't face it, can you?
Milo, we are up against a force
that no traditional weapon
has the power to destroy.
So, we're not even gonna
try and fight it, right?
We just forget
about Ian and Beth?
And what about Laurie?
What do we do? Just walk out?
Leave her to those fiends?
Oh no, we're coming back.
Listen to me, Milo.
There is one force that has
the power to stop them,
otherwise they would have ruled
the entire world from the beginning.
Yeah, well...
I could be scared
if I thought about it.
That makes you human,
like the rest of us.
Oh, yes, yes, we'll go back.
We'll go back, with the sort of
weapons we need to fight them.
Those who enter
my forbidden chamber
must die.
Kill the priest.
Baron: I hear you, o Lord.
Your will be done, o Lord.
Roche: Milo, stop.
Stop, there's a church!
Roche: "Iesu christi
domini nostri. Amen.
"May you be purified water,
"empowered to drive afar
all power of the enemy,
"by the living God,
by the true God,
"by the holy God."
That's good. Now, we're ready.
Just in case.
Oh, you're still an unbeliever.
You could say that.
I'm still thinkin' about that.
Can't you go any faster?
We must be there by moonrise.
What's got into you
all of a sudden?
I thought speed scared you.
This time, God is with us.
I hope you're right,
because the way I'm drivin',
we're gonna need him.
No sign of anything
happening up there.
What time does the moon rise?
It won't be long.
How did you know
that there has to be a moon
- for the sacrifice to happen?
- I just know it, that's all.
I just know it.
The exact moment that
the moonlight falls on the minotaur,
the ceremony begins,
and, this time, it's Tom and Laurie
that are to be killed.
Why didn't they kill Tom yesterday?
Because the minotaur commands
that a couple be sacrificed.
We've got to stop them.
I'll turn them back.
You act as if you hadn't
understood a word I said.
"We pray thee, almighty God.
"Confound the haughtiness
of our foe.
"Crush with thine mighty arm
his insolence,
"that you may humble
the enemies of your holy church.
Come on!
We cover our faces
in sight of our lord.
We cover our faces
in sight of our lord.
We cover our faces
in sight of our lord.
We cover our faces
in sight of our lord.
We cover our faces
in sight of our lord.
We cover our faces
in sight of our lord.
We cover our faces
in sight of our lord.
The sacrifice begins
when the moon shines
through that window.
I'm going to climb up there
and block it.
I'll go to the window.
You go down the other way.
Good luck, Milo.
The old customs remain.
The old customs remain,
and the ancient...
In sight of our lord.
We cover our faces
in sight of our lord.
Stop this!
Stop, or I'll shoot!
Go seize the intruder.
Those who enter the forbidden
chamber of the minotaur
must die.
"Exorciso te!
"In nomine patris,
"et filii,
"et spiritus sancti!"
Oh, Tom!
Are you all right, Tom?
"We thank thee, almighty God,
for these thy bountiful mercies.
"In nomine patris, et filii,
et spiritus sancti. Amen."
Aren't you going to
pray for me, father?
I'll pray for you, Milo,
when you need me.
How did the children survive?
They're young.
Their souls are incorruptible.
In their purity and innocence
lies the hope of the future.
But the fight
against the devil goes on.
And, one day, Milo, who knows?
Maybe I'll need your help again
to rid the world of evil.
Devil's men
Father of lies
Spirit of evil
For the sacrifice
Devil power
Lady of lies
Loving prophets of hellcat
For the sacrifice
Demon lady of lies
With your symbols and signs
And your worship of images
lost in the skies
Yes, you idolise
From your evil eye
You're tempting the skies
with your devil's eyes
Devil's men
Father of lies
Spirit of evil
For the sacrifice
Demon lady of lies
With your symbols and signs
And your worship of images
lost in the skies
In your greedy arms
With your demon charms
In your orgy of love
I'll be sacrificed
- Devil
- Demon lady of lies
- Devil
- Demon lady of lies
- Devil
- Demon lady of lies
- Devil...
- Demon lady of lies...