The Devil's Nightmare (1971) Movie Script

Call the Baron, Greta.
Calm down, he's coming.
And then?
So, Hans?
I'm afraid the
baroness is worse.
Her heart is very weak.
It's a boy?
I'm sorry, Baron.
Your wife...
Answer my question.
Is it a boy?
No. It's a little girl.
A girl...
What is it, Baron?
Aren't you feeling well?
Is it a girl?
Go to the shelter with Greta,
don't expose yourself to anymore danger.
And you, General?
It's an order.
But the lady...
The dead are out
of danger, Greta.
And your daughter?
I'll take care of her.
Go now, Greta.
I'll come after you.
Would you allow me to take some
pictures of your beautiful castle?
- Out of the question!
- But...
Please do not insist.
I can not allow it.
Do you think we'll get
there before nightfall?
I Hope so.
What are you doing, you fool?
You need to pay more attention
to the steering wheel.
It wasn't my fault.
Don't blame me for every obstacle.
I think the road is closed.
Look there.
There's someone in the field.
Why don't you ask him
where we are?
How do we get to Holentad?
Take the ferry that lies
within the next 50 kilometres.
But it never works after sunset.
I'm afraid you'll
get there too late.
Are there any hotels around here?
You can ask at the castle.
The Baron sometimes agrees to
receive some paying guests.
- Is it far?
- It's in the opposite direction.
Go back through the
village. It's on your left.
Where do you find it?
In the vicinity of the castle
of the Baron Von Ronberg.
You think she was murdered?
No, I think it was
a heart attack.
It looks like she saw
something that terrified her.
Yes, people die of fear.
Of fear?
What about that, doctor?
What is it?
It's the mark of the Devil.
The Succubus has returned to the castle.
What was that?
Nothing but a piece of
the faade that fell.
It's very beautiful.
Yes, it's beautiful.
- But it could have killed you.
Do not be afraid.
It's just an ordinary frog.
Can you help me with the luggage?
- But of course.
Let's go in, it's going to rain.
There is no one in the castle?
How do we know?
Your job is to find out.
So, Mr. Tukard, where
are you taking us now?
Well I...
Come with me.
With rain outside,
the castle gets even scarier.
Anybody up there?
Welcome to the castle Von Ronberg.
Do not be alarmed, please.
The castle is full of traps.
We were told that you could
give us shelter for one night.
I prepared everything after the phone call.
Phone call?
Who called?
I do not know, sir.
It was a female voice and said
there were seven tourists.
She even gave me their names.
Can you come with me, please?
I'll show you your rooms now.
This is your room, Father.
Sorry, I'm not a priest yet.
Study theology in the seminary.
Please do not leave
your bag there.
Why not?
Look at this mark, in
front of the fireplace.
On 8 December 1575, the date
on which Erika Von Ronberg...
disappeared in the night with
the monk who exorcised her.
Erika disappeared, leaving
this mark of the Devil.
Did they exorcise her? what for?
Because of a family curse.
Baron Von Ronberg will
explain later, perhaps.
If he thinks it necessary.
I must go now.
Mr and Mrs Foster,
this is your room.
What is it?
Sometimes pigeons fall through
the chimneys of the castle.
It's nothing unusual.
- Maybe not.
But do admit that finding a dead
bird is a strange welcome.
This room has
other qualities.
In 1436, the Prince and
Princess Von Hart...
Had their throats cut while they slept.
But that was in 1436.
He's strange.
This is your room, Mr. Tukard.
And this is yours, Mr. Mason.
I can not stand stuffy rooms.
Can't you air it?
That is impossible, sir.
- why it is impossible?
The window is sealed.
After the inexplicable
accident that cost the life...
of Urliha Von Ronberg in 1738.
Enough of these gruesome stories.
Get out.
I shan't be able to sleep
alone in this castle.
Shall we we share a room?
I have a perfect room for you.
I showed them to their rooms, Baron.
Fine, serve dinner
at eight o'clock.
If I don't help you,
we'll be late for dinner.
Leave me alone a little.
I am exhausted.
Let me do this.
Let me help you.
Or you will be here forever.
If not,
we'll be late for dinner.
You have beautiful skin.
I know your tastes, Howard.
You have not taken your eyes
off her since we started out.
Enough, Nancy.
That girl means nothing
to me, understand?
Since we arrived, you can't wait to flirt with her.
My money is all
that interests you.
That's the only reason you
haven't left me, isn't it?
I can divorce you.
Why, my dear. How could
I live without you?
Sometimes I wonder, Howard.
I see you collect weapons.
Not only do I collect, but every
morning I train with Hans.
He was my assistant
during the war.
Speaking of Hans, why does he
insist on scaring his guests?
Their all strange in this castle.
Mind if I tell you something?
I have been touring for 12 years and it
is the first time I take a seminarian.
Coincidentally, it's
also my first outing.
Pretty weird tour,too.
You've had bad luck.
Usually everything works out.
And the hospitality of this
castle is not bad at all.
That's just your opinion.
My bedroom window is sealed.
The butler has a face that gives you nightmares.
And the baron is
also very eccentric.
And you tell me this
place is not bad at all?
I hope the ladies are
comfortably settled.
Yes, but I must say that your
castle is somewhat frightening.
Old castles are always
mysterious, my dear.
Mr. Baron, dinner is served.
Let's go down to the dining room.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I think we should start eating.
Excuse me, Baron, would you tell
me about your family curse?
We've heard so much about it.
Since you insist.
But I don't want to spoil your appetites.
Do not worry about me.
When I'm hungry, I can
even eat with the Devil.
I was just about to refer to him.
In the 12th century, my ancestor,
Siegfried Von Ronberg...
made a pact with the Devil.
You mean that your ancestor
sold his soul to the Devil?
In exchange for his services, and
beyond the soul of Siegfried...
Satan demanded that the eldest daughter
of every generation of our family...
be in his service. So that she
would become a Succubus.
And what is a Succubus?
A sort of a vampire, I suppose.
You're mistaken, Mr. Mason.
They give the name of Succubus to a
demon who takes the feminine form...
to seduce men and lead
them to perdition.
It is not necessary to be a Succubus.
Everyone knows that women
can do this naturally.
Personally, I...
I do not believe these things.
Me neither!
Do you deny the existence of the Devil?
I don't believe in
vampires or Succubus.
I am atheist.
Thank God for that.
Unfortunately, I was, too.
But all the girls in our family were Succubus.
All my ancestors were the
victims of a violent death.
Do you have a daughter, Baron?
You again?
What are you doing here?
Why do you ask?
Are not you glad that
I came to see you?
You promised never to
set foot in here again.
The roads are closed.
I can't be out in weather like this.
Did you forget that today is
the anniversary of the pact?
I'm sorry, Miss.
We were obliged to receive
a group of tourists.
All rooms in the castle
are now occupied.
There's one room left, Marta.
The Baron insists on hospitality.
- My name is Hans.
- My name is... Lisa Mller.
- May I use the phone?
- Of course. It's right there.
I think the phone
isn't working.
It worked until a while ago.
I'm not getting a connection.
It must be because of the storm.
No doubt.
We'll fix it soon.
Could you come with me, miss?
I'll show you to your room.
Welcome to the castle.
No doubt you'd like to visit my laboratory.
You may be disappointed.
Alchemy is nothing spectacular.
An oven, a few mortars...
But it's enough to
turn lead into gold.
Well, I try.
Do you have a hobby, too?
Yes. I collect men.
Even the married ones?
What do you think about fidelity, Mr.
I think it's overrated.
And you, Mr. Sorel?
Anything to say about it?
Don't fool yourself.
Faithfulness to God is not easy.
Your housekeeper does not seem
to appreciate our presence.
Forgive Martha.
She is a wonderful woman.
My brother was very fond of her.
You had a brother?
Yes, an older brother, Rudolf.
He was burned alive inside
his tank in Stalingrad.
Do not be alarmed.
The generator sometimes stops
when it is raining.
Light some candles and serve
the coffee in the dining room.
What is your problem?
And when does this coffee arrive?
We hear this music every
time the Succubus appears.
Can't you talk about
anything other than Succubi?
In fact, today is the
anniversary of the covenant.
Enough, Hans.
Please change the subject.
You have too much imagination.
Could the Baron tell me
who's playing the organ?
It is none of your concern.
Check... and mate.
But this is impossible.
You're very lucky, Mr. Sorel.
No, I only play very well.
Your only mistake was not
paying attention to my queen.
Who knows what a lady can
offer a young seminarian?
I hope you have an excellent night.
Hans will remain at your
disposal if you need anything.
You forgot your promise?
Follow me, but I assure you my
laboratory is nothing special.
Can we meet a little later, Corinne?
If only for a couple of minutes.
Just for... a few minutes?
No, of course not.
So where?
And when?
Behind the attic staircase.
At midnight.
- Very well
Till midnight.
I have to out go to the bus, has
anyone forgotten anything?
As a matter of fact, I
forgot my documents.
I bring them to you.
No, Madam. Making gold is not
the main goal of the alchemist.
Have you ever turned
something into gold?
My main pleasure is searching
for philosophical truths.
I'm sorry, it's late.
It's time to take you back.
Don't worry.
I can find the way by myself.
Take this candle.
It will light your way.
- What are you doing here?
- Did I frighten you?
There are very strange things
going on in this castle.
I was going out to investigate,
but I couldn't open the door.
Let's go into the dining room.
Three games and three victories.
You really are a good player.
I am accustomed to more difficult
opponents than Mr. Mason.
Have you got my documents?
- It's impossible to leave the castle.
The key is in the door,
but I can't open it.
What have I done to deserve such idiotic people?
All right, come on. I'll open
the door for you, you'll see.
Come on.
Are you coming with us, Mr. Foster?
Hold this.
Let me see if I can.
Well, what did I tell you?
Why do not you help me instead
of staring at my face?
- It's impossible to open it.
- This is not normal.
Thinking like this only
makes things worse.
- What's it?
How did you get hurt?
There's blood coming from the attic.
No need to panic.
There must be some explanation.
Like the front door?
I'll see what's the matter.
Who's coming with me?
Look at this.
Who would torture
this helpless creature?
This? Is it normal?
After all, it was you
who brought us here.
Look at that over there.
Obviously it's a sarcophagus.
And that's a guillotine.
Do you expect to see anything else?
I will not let this keep me awake.
Will you stay here?
I have to finish cleaning.
It was nothing.
It was just an injured cat
trapped in the attic.
Just for safety, lock the door.
You can't be too cautious.
Did you lock the door, Howard?
This castle is very strange.
Very strange indeed.
In my opinion, the strangest
of all is Baron Von Ronberg...
wanting to make gold.
I'm just going to close the window.
Am I bothering you?
I cannot sleep.
It must be the storm.
What are you reading?
A book about the
Von Ronberg curse.
Listen to this.
Succubi manifest
mainly at night.
They use all their lascivious
charm to seduce men.
By the sight of her
shameless nakedness.
Do you find me lascivious?
What if I were naked
in front of you?
Do you think I could be a...
If you could see face now...
It's good to hear the
sound of laughter.
So rare in this castle.
Why don't you sit down?
Does it not look appetizing?
Would you like some wine?
Are not you coming with me?
Do you want me to go look
for an imaginary treasure?
I saw gold in his lab.
There must be a fortune hidden there.
If it's true, Nancy, the gold
doesn't belong to you.
Let's go up.
Would you like to have
the last glass of wine?
The Devil leaves this mark on everyone
who has made a pact with him.
There is another explanation, which
says that God forced the Devil...
to mark your creatures
with this symbol...
to allow all cursed souls
to recognise themselves.
You frightened me to death.
Are you looking for the treasure?
You too?
There's enough for both of us.
Come with me.
I'm sure the Baron hid the
gold in the cellar.
Let's search.
- Do you like the way I kiss?
- I love your mouth.
Do you love Me?
I want to sleep.
Let's go somewhere else.
Someone here is trying
to make a fool of me.
Are you the one making the noise?
You're not going to get away from me!
I saw you!
Am I bothering you?
Tell me, why are you always here at this hour?
It's very late.
I must have fallen asleep.
I think I will go to bed now.
Do you not like my company?
Not at all.
Why are you so nervous?
I'm not used to being with someone so beautiful.
Do you really think I'm beautiful?
Do you have a cigarette?
And you?
- I never smoke.
No use running away.
You will die like the others.
The others?
- Yes, I killed them all.
I killed them in the
state of mortal sin.
They will be condemned
as victims of depravity.
Why did they have to die?
I am Succubus.
I'll deal with him.
Why did you run away?
I do not want to hurt you.
I'm not afraid of you.
You have no power over men.
Come, then.
Why do you not leave the church?
Why do you not come into the church?
You speak defiantly,
because your body is protected.
But admit your
thoughts are troubled.
You want Lisa.
The nights will be long, Alvin.
I will continue in prayer.
And I will seek penance.
For the moment, I am satisfied
with your companions.
But I'll come back
later for you.
Can I propose an agreement?
An agreement?
Release the poor souls
of those who died...
and I will accept damnation.
How elegant.
Why would I trade souls I already
have for one I will have soon?
But think of the souls I'll save
when I became a priest.
You do not have my soul yet.
Instead of winning souls that
are of no use to you...
would not you like to
have earthly riches?
And... love?
All I want is to recover the
souls of my companions.
Will you not feel remorse?
Will you follow me blindly?
Sign. And those six
souls will be released.
We are waiting.
After these stories of Succubi, I
had the worst nightmare of my life.
Are you not going to tell me about it?
I wouldn't call the
Baron a champion.
And his adjutant.
He looks like a butcher.
The Baron has been wounded.
Please sit.
I would like to...
I'd like to unburden my conscience.
Please don't tire yourself.
The ambulance is coming.
I don't hear you well.
I lied.
I did have a daughter.
I killed her.
In her crib.
You killed your own daughter?
The daughter...
Von Ronberg's oldest.
A family curse.
How is he now?
Not good.
We can only pray.
It was because of Lisa that
the accident happened.
- It was her doing.
You're mistaken. Lisa is not to blame.
But you do not know the truth.
Lisa is a Succubus.
- There's no such thing as a Succubus.
Anyway, Lisa is not
a Von Ronberg.
is my daughter.
His father was Rudolf Von Ronberg.
He died without knowing
that I was pregnant.
And I never had the courage
to tell the Baron.
He would have kill her.
She is the daughter of the Von Ronberg's.
Come on, hurry up or we'll
never get to Holentad.
Has anyone seen Mr. Sorel?
He's at the Baron's bedside.
I feel for the Baron, but we
can't stay here forever.
My mother told you about me.
So now you know everything.
Do you believe that I
could be a Succubus?
Without knowing it?
No, Lisa.
Succubus are just legends.
But do you really know?
You seek to reassure me.
Will I ever see you again?
Fate will decide.
Here comes Mr. Sorel.
Where is your luggage?
I can not leave a dying man.
Go on without me.
I'll come back later.
It's all right.
Good luck then.
Let's go to the balcony to say
goodbye for the last time.