The Devil's Tail (2021) Movie Script

Excuse me.
I'm wondering when the next
Ipswich train's arriving?
The train's delayed,
Central will be calling us
shortly and we'll let you know.
Unfortunately, these
things take some time.
I'll be announcing the
arrival time for you soon,
it shouldn't be too long.
Oh okay.
That way?
And Jesus said to them,
with men it is not possible,
but with God it is possible.
Because with God, all
things are possible.
What's her name?
That's a nice name for a cow.
My dad had cows when
I was a little boy.
And this, this is a Friesian.
You use girl cows
like this for milking.
Not for meat.
But you can, still
eat Friesians.
Go on boy, get on with it.
Can't hold a bloody
calf. Useless.
Some things only
good for eating.
The train to Ipswich
has been delayed.
We're sorry for
the inconvenience,
the train will be
arriving in forty minutes.
Wouldn't want to lose Daisy.
Be not be conformed
to this world,
but be transformed by the
renewing of your mind.
I will not cause pain, without
something new being born.
His blood.
He entered the.
I don't need a
ride, thanks though.
Yeah not bad, it's been
pretty quiet tonight.
Yeah, how was your
day yesterday?
That's great, there's
a little old man
that's been waiting
so I'll let him know.
Thanks, bye!
Oh my God, oh my God!
It's Claire Duncan
from Borree Station
I need urgent medical
assistance, over!
Hi, good evening.
If you need anything,
just buzz me.
Okay, thanks.
Excuse me, you just, you
forgot this in the room.
The girl from Mr. Moore's room.
No, no, I'm in room 11.
Mr. Moore's not my patient.
It's Mr. Dallas.
Yeah, I know that.
But that Mr. Moore's room.
That how we call it here.
What's your name, dear?
Rose, my name is Rose.
Okay Rose.
Why don't you go
back to your room
and take care of your patient?
I have a call from
room number three.
These girls were assaulted
and now they're
under observation.
So, if you need
anything, just buzz me.
Are you calling me a snob?
Yeah, I guess I am.
Well, I can't help it
if you have dumb taste.
Jo, back me up here.
Sorry, I wasn't listening.
I'm saying that we should
go see Trivium today
instead of Cattle Decapitation
since we just saw
them in the spring.
That's it?
You're a snob, too.
No, here's the thing.
Whether or not you like their
music doesn't really matter.
Do you really wanna deal
with than many teenagers?
You're right.
And so am I.
No, you're still a snob.
Whatever, dummy.
Dammit, I forgot,
the landlord's here.
Do we have to talk to him?
There they are.
They made it.
Hey, I'm Dean.
Sorry, did you girls
find the place okay?
Uh yeah, it was fine.
We had GPS and it crapped
out, but we found it.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Signal can be a little
bit patchy out here.
Sorry about that.
So do you live here?
Yeah, welcome to Chez Dean.
Don't worry, I stay in the
RV when I rent the place out,
so, we can just play
the landlord game.
You can pretend like
I'm your mean landlord
and I'm always in your hair.
I'm just kidding.
I'm really, I'm really nice.
Come on.
At least smile a little bit, or.
So serious.
All right.
Here we are.
So, you girls get settled and
then come on out to the porch.
I got some beers and sodas
for ya if you're thirsty.
Thanks, but we'll probably
be heading to the festival soon.
That's fine.
Here are the keys.
Don't lose 'em.
Sorry we don't wanna hang out
with some ran do on our vacay.
Right, and, no Wi-Fi.
Don't worry, I
printed the lineup.
We'll be fine.
If we start with
Cattle Decapitation,
we'll be at the Murder Stage,
already for Benediction.
I guess that's fine.
I found this in the freezer.
Holy fuck!
Is that real?
Looks real.
We should call the cops.
Yeah, but should we though?
Yeah, this guy's probably
a fucking serial killer.
Here's the thing.
If we do call, I mean,
even if we could,
since none of our
phones work out here,
we'd have to deal with
that whole hassle,
and miss out on the
entire festival.
He could be a med student,
and that's a cadaver thing.
We don't know!
And I mean, there's three of us.
He's not very big.
I guess we could pretend
we didn't see it,
and call the cops at the
end, before we leave.
Yeah, okay.
You're gonna owe us 50 bucks.
You guys, be quiet,
or he'll hear us.
Look, I still don't buy it.
You guys are so full of shit.
Shh, or he's gonna come
in here and murder us.
Holy shit.
Let me hold it.
I bet it's not even real.
That fucker's real.
We weren't shitting you.
Do you think we should go?
Probably, but tomorrow's
line up is so good.
Well, I guess they aren't
gonna make us breakfast.
I can't believe I made out
with a guy in a Slipknot shirt.
At least you didn't
break a girl's nose.
I feel so bad.
Don't, it wasn't your fault.
Plus, we got to meet
Castrator in the med tent.
Okay, good night.
No, no!
It's noon.
I'm so excited to not
see Trivium again.
You are a snob.
Hey girls.
Just planting some new shrubs.
Of course you're probably
not into gardening.
You're into more dark stuff
like burning bushes, right?
I mean, not like in the
Bible burning bushes.
Nah man.
Gardening's cool, you do you.
We're gonna get going.
Sure, don't let me keep you.
We won't.
Okay, have a good one.
You, too.
Oh boy, here we go.
Don't bring up Nate out back.
Maybe we don't need
to include him.
Hey girls.
Uh, this is my buddy Carl.
How was today, did you have fun?
Um, yeah.
Why don't you join us
for a couple of drinks
and tell us the highlights?
Oh thanks, but
we're really tired
from headbanging and all,
so we're just gonna turn in.
Aww, man.
What's wrong with
girls these days?
I feel like we're
being good hosts.
We're getting nothing
but the cold shoulder.
No smiles, nothing?
We don't feel like it.
Oh, you will.
Night, night.
I can't stay here.
Now there's another creepy guy,
and I think we're putting
ourselves in a bad situation.
You didn't just say we were
asking for it, did you?
No, that's not what I mean.
But it'd be really
fucking stupid,
especially after what
we found in the freezer.
No, what?
We're not leaving.
We're not surrendering.
They don't get to
dictate what we do.
Fuck those guys.
I'll go keep an
eye on 'em, go on.
Hey Ash?
We were wrong.
Pack, now.
What the fuck?
Was that always there?
Who puts a reverse
lock on the door?
Break the window.
Hey girls.
Did you find my gifts?
It's what metal girls
are into, right?
Well, I have so much
more I wanna show you.
But first, it's dinner time.
Alright. No need for
grace here, girls, dig in.
I'm a vegetarian.
Me, too.
Yes, that.
Now, now, girls.
That sounds like bullshit to me.
My good friend Dean here spent
three hours smoking that.
So, stop being such
little bitches,
and show some
appreciation to your chef.
I said enjoy it!
Can I get a knife?
You do not need a knife, no.
It's very tender.
You're gonna need a new shirt.
No, it's fine.
It was on the plate.
Come with me.
No, it's fine.
It's clean.
No, I promise I'll eat
everything, it's so good.
I said shut up!
Don't even think about it.
Shit, what'd you do?
Shut up and help me get
her to the fucking studio.
Oh my god!
Excuse me.
May I use the restroom?
Ask me again.
May I use the restroom, please?
Since you asked so nicely.
But don't take too long.
I don't wanna miss that face.
I don't think that's
something I can control.
Go, go.
Where is Ashley?
Ash was tired so I put her in
the studio where it's quiet.
I need to see her and
make sure she's okay.
No, no, no, no, no.
You sit right here and
finish your dinner, okay?
Where's the other one?
Well go keep a
fucking eye on her.
You know, it's really creepy
to have someone watch you eat.
Is that what you were going for?
Stop talking! I will tell
you when I want you to talk.
Do you do this to
all your guests?
Hold them captive and force
feed them your shit barbecue?
Be honest.
Are you fattening us up to
make skin coats out of us?
Do you dance around
naked in front
of your mirror checking
out your mangina?
Like if I go down to
your basement right now,
am I gonna find a
shit ton of moths,
you useless piece of shit.
Carl, I need your help.
I got it.
You get the door.
It's time to come
back to dinner now.
The, yes.
Jesus Christ.
Did that last one try to come
out the window or anything?
I didn't hear any glass
break out front neither.
Alright, great, I'm
just gonna keep looking.
Well I can help.
Stay here in case she
tries to break out.
Carl's securing the other one.
Oh, what the fuck?
Shit, what is it?
It's a pen.
Get it out!
Fuck, it's locked.
Hold on, I'll check the back.
Get us out of here, it's a trap!
We don't have much time.
Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go.
Fuck that.
They're dead.
I want the knife.
I'm gonna kill those bitches.
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
Oh fuck, Nate!
You wanna fuckin' die, bitch?
Ah, fuck!
No, you bitches!
You are not entitled to
the attention of women.
What's going on?
Who are you?
Where's the lady,
the one who was just
here just a minute ago?
Okay, calm down.
Who are you talking about?
I'm talking about the nurse.
The one who was here
just a few minutes ago.
I saw her.
Which room are you?
I'm in room 11 and something
happened next to my patient,
something appeared and
was bleeding, bleeding.
Okay, just breathe,
just breathe.
And bleeding, and bleeding.
Just breath, just breath.
It's okay.
Come here, take a seat.
I'll make you some tea.
I'm Steve, I just
started my shift.
You must have fallen
asleep and had a nightmare.
People tends to freak out
in this place at night.
No, it wasn't a
nightmare, it was real.
I won't deny,
some pretty bizarre things
happen in this place.
In fact, a patient with an
eating disorder went insane.
The police brought her here.
She told them a story,
they couldn't prove.
What's up?
Hey, hey!
Who's that guy?
It's her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend?
- Yes.
- Come on.
You've got a boyfriend
and I didn't know?
I can't believe you've
pulled and not told us.
Come on Piggy, come on.
Your boyfriend's gorgeous, eh.
That bikini looks
great on you, love it.
Are you laughing at me?
I'm talking to you!
Where you going pigster?
Hey, your boyfriend's leaving!
Don't let him get away,
you look great together!
Call him back!
Let's go, come on.
Come on.
Time to clean the
bugs out of the pool.
Maca, you're too much.
Hey, didn't you know pigs
aren't allowed in the pool?
C'mon, Maca, leave it, leave it.
Boyfriend's not around to
help you now, is he pig?
Maca, let it go.
Oh, I'm sorry!
Hold on!
Careful you don't drown.
I helping you, don't drown.
Grab the pole, come on grab it.
Claudia, give me hand,
she weighs a ton.
Look this way, you look amazing.
You're going to be famous now!
Claudia, come on,
come on, come on!
Come on.
Well, well, well!
Where you going?
What's up?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Give me that.
Give me that, give me that.
Hey, lardass!
Too heavy.
Help me Sara!
Please Sara!
Sara, Sara!
Sara, help me, Sara!
Please help me Sara!
Sara, help me!
The nurse mentioned
this Mr. Moore guy,
when I told her I was taking
care of a patient in room 11.
But when I asked her who
he was she didn't answer.
Who was this Mr. Moore guy?
Mr. Moore was a patient
that was admitted
here many years ago.
80 percent of his body was
badly burned in a fire.
I wasn't working here at
the time but they told me
Mr. Moore kept screaming
and moaning in pain.
Medication didn't help.
Nobody wanted to
take care of him,
not because he was
disfigured from the burns.
Every time somebody was near
him, he would try to grab them,
begging them for help for
the excruciating pain.
In the end, they had to
restrain him to the bed.
One night, the buzzer
went off in his room.
When the nurse went
to answer the call,
and went to saw his
bed, it was empty.
They never saw him again.
That's Mr. Moore's story.
But like I said,
sometimes things
are just our imagination.
Sam, what are you doing...
It happened.
Are you sure this time?
Pretty sure.
You should be excited!
It finally happened.
Look, I'm gonna get
you some tampons, okay?
Wait, there's no pads?
What are y'all doin'
in here? Good Lord!
Sam got her period, but
I got it under control.
Welcome to the
club, little girl!
Shut up, Jessica, you're
like three months older.
Yeah, well, I got my
period like two years ago.
I'm just trying to help.
It's not like she's got a mom
to tell her about these things.
Well, your daddy
problems are showing.
Your daddy problems are showing.
Y'all, Trevor and
Jake just got here.
So let's go, come on!
Wait, Sam, are you okay?
Sam, literally, just
stick it in there.
You'll be fine!
Come on, let's go!
Sam, did you plug it in okay?
Girl, you know I'm
just playing around.
I didn't even, like,
know how to skate when
I was this little.
I wish there was
college guys here.
Sam, you know you can't make out
with Jake like you
planned, right?
I didn't plan that.
And why can't she?
You can't just make out
on your period, Carrie,
because, one, it's gross,
and then two, what if
he tries to go further?
Who told you that?
Everybody knows that.
Hey, you know what?
Let's go skating.
I think it'll make
you feel better.
I don't know.
I promise.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
It's DJ Rocket's
favorite time of night
and I know it's yours.
It's couples skate,
Take her by the hand,
treat her nice, or I
will come find you.
I'm getting my money back.
It's the Boogeywoman doin' it.
Oh, shut up, Trevor!
It's an electrical problem.
What's the Boogeywoman?
Every time the power
goes out in Bradley,
it's because the Boogeywoman
took another man's soul.
My mom says the Boogeywoman's
just a made-up
thing about sexism.
She can eat me.
My mom?
The Boogeywoman.
You're disgusting.
One slice.
You sure?
One slice?
- Yeah, just, just the one.
- Okay, you hungry?
I'll have two slices, please?
One's for her.
Oh, my stars, okay,
there's been an accident.
Uh, Betty, Betty, this
young lady needs help.
What's going on?
What's wrong with you?
Oh my God.
All that blood.
I hate blood!
Oh my God.
You're full of blood.
Yeah, but it's inside
my body, Carrie, God.
She must have just run
into someone when
the lights went out.
Oh my God, is it
still happening?
She's not the only one bleeding.
Don't you dare.
Y'all, Sam just got
her first period.
Wait, right now?
Jake's afraid of blood!
I can't believe you!
What, she should be proud!
Now you're fair prey
for the Boogeywoman.
She waits for girls to get it.
Starts wiping out
her competition.
You're sick.
Sam, let's get you outta here.
Come on, let's go.
Carrie told me about your mom.
About how she died
because of you.
Right, that's what
we wanted to see,
the lights are back, people!
We are back in action, okay!
Trevor, we gotta get outta here.
You look like her.
Like who?
Bonjour to you to, madame.
Sorry, who are you?
Human Popsicle
looking for a lift.
That's bad.
Oh yeah?
Now that you mentioned it.
I haven't seen anyone all day.
No one lives here.
Good thing I ran into you, then.
What are you doing
here, anyways?
It's complicated.
But I can tell you about it.
Well I'm going that direction.
Any way's fine with me.
- Okay.
- My name is Oz.
Okay, get in then.
Put your bag in the
back and yeah, let's go.
All right.
Who's this guy?
Don't touch it.
Thank you.
So, complicated?
A bit earlier you just said.
Been walking for 108 days now.
Needed to clear my head.
That's a pretty long
time to clear your head.
Got a big head.
First time driving?
The car is a bit ruddy
and old, that's it.
Forget to get in
there or something?
Gotta keep track time somehow.
And you?
What's your story?
There's got to be a
better way to do it.
I don't know what else to do.
You can, you can stay at
my place if you want to.
It's, you know, it's
cold, it's getting late.
Don't touch anything.
I learned my lesson.
How do you do the eyes?
You don't start with the eyes.
First you have to
remove the skin.
You treat it, preserve it.
And then when that's done
you pin it on the model
and you sew it back up
and when that's done,
then you put the eyes.
But never the real ones.
I'll put on some tea.
Can I help?
No, no, no, no, it's okay.
Are you going to do the deer?
Yeah, he deserves it.
I've never killed
anything before.
Hey, that wasn't your fault.
I mean, it happens all the time.
Yeah, you know that's
what I love about it.
I mean, it's kind of like
giving them a fresh start.
No matter what horrible
things happen to them,
they have a chance to be okay.
It's complicated?
In the car a bit earlier,
you said it's
complicated, but you,
didn't really tell me why so.
It's hard to know
where to start.
Right here?
Okay, I was at a traffic
light on December 29th.
There wasn't anything
special about the light,
other than the fact that it
hadn't changed in 10 minutes.
I thought about just
driving through,
but couldn't see if
any cars were coming.
So I just waited.
It's dangerous waiting, it
gives you time to think.
My doctor gave me a
lot to think about.
Like why breathing
had become a chore,
and not just something
that happened.
And why pretty soon,
I wouldn't be able to.
All at once, I
realized how temporary
my stupid little existence was.
And I became, painfully aware
of every moment I was wasting,
just sitting there at
a broken traffic light.
I look both ways,
worked up the courage
and drove on through.
So yeah.
I don't know what to say.
It's okay.
You ready?
What about you?
What's your story?
I don't.
I don't like it.
I told you mine.
Do you want to dance?
Okay, sure.
You could always stay.
I think I should get some rest.
Yeah, okay.
I'll go.
Your room.
Thank you.
In the morning.
I'll tell my story
in the morning.
Looking forward to it.
Am era looked down.
The red, blue and
green lights glitched.
She watched her boots
flicker until they failed,
and then it was dark.
She was among the
stars, above the world.
She watches night after
night, day after day,
and, and forever she stayed.