The Devonsville Terror (1983) Movie Script

Who's there?
By the name of Jessica Morley
you are convicted
on this the 7th day of November
1683 in the name
of this commonwealth,
that not having the fear of God
before your eyes
or in your heart,
being seduced by the Devil
and yielding to his instigation
and the wickedness of your own heart,
about the beginning
of last September in Devonsville
in or near your own house
did willfully and most wickedly
murder your own child
and your neighbor's child
by the name of Abigail Parker,
against the word of God
and the whole of this jurisdiction,
long since made and published.
This is you.
This covers the situation.
This crosses the situation.
This is the highest
you can achieve.
This is the lowest
you can achieve.
I foresee much luck
and the inheritance
of a great fortune.
I must be hearing things.
At the beginning of October last,
you, Mary Pratt from Devonsville
have been seen dancing
naked in the moonlight
and consummating your union
with the Incubus.
As a representative of this commonwealth
I therefore ask you Mary Pratt
how were these savage
banquets arranged
and what other persons participated?
What demon did you use to satisfy
your want and lust that night?
What was his name?!
What marks were left by the Devil
on your body and on your soul?
How long have you been practicing
I am no witch!
I have a pure conscience in this matter.
Even... even if there were
a thousand witnesses
- I am not anxious!
- What was the oath?
You were forced to render the Devil.
I am no witch!
I am no witch...
You are a witch!
Will you confess it voluntarily?
On this the 7th day of November
1683 by the name
of Rebecca Parson,
you are convicted
in the name of this commonwealth
that not having the fear of God
before your eyes
nor in your heart
being seduced by the Devil,
and yielding to his
malicious motion
about the end of October last
in Devonsville,
you have familiarity
or consulted with a familiar spirit
making a covenant with him
and have used diverse
devilish practices by witchcraft
through the persons
of Mary Pratt and Jessica Morley.
Against the word of God
and the laws of this jurisdiction
long since made and published.
Damn you all!
Dr. Warley's Journal
Entry number 73
It has been 300 years
since the Devonsville Inquisition.
Pperhaps the long ordeal
of the Warley family
may be nearing its conclusion.
Only Evil will out Evil.
DEVONSVILLE, THE PRESENSatan has walked in our midst.
Not in the guise of the hapless strangers
we turned against,
but in our hearts.
We lost science of our Lord
and his teaching.
We are gathered here
in his temple
to beg his forgiveness.
Oh, good shepherd,
gently gather your flock back
to the pastures of your infinite love.
We have wandered
too long and shallow.
Your beloved presence's
hidden from us by our own
wickedness, willfulness.
Lead us back to the light.
Let our sins
serve as a reminder,
that we must do nothing
without love in our hearts,
nothing without your blessing.
To this end
we implore your help and forgiveness.
Rock of ages cleft for me
Let me hide myself in Thee...
I'd like to pose a toast
to our anniversary.
What do you mean?
On November 3rd it will be exactly
300 years to the day.
That's a pretty grim day
to remember.
You're talking about the witches.
Now, now, please.
Let us pray.
Oh Lord, protect us from all Evil,
and may the souls
of the poor unfortunates
rest in eternal peace,
and may we no longer
be haunted by
memories of our past error.
Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow.
Something wrong, Will?
It just makes me a little uneasy.
Nobody wants to hear what our ancestors
had to go through.
- Everything's all right now.
- All right?
Why doesn't anybody want to talk
about this curse? It exists.
It hasn't come true yet
and it's not going to.
We're very very different from our
great great great grandparents.
Why should we be punished
for something they did?
Yeah, hear no Evil,
see no Evil, do no Evil.
Just a minute Sarah Louise,
I'm working.
I'll be right there.
Would you wait?
Now, now, Sarah Louise.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Just fine.
Need a ride?
No, I'm almost there, thanks.
Where're you heading to?
Devonsville, the school house.
That's another half mile
down the road. Won't you hop in?
All right.
My name's Ralph.
I'm Jenny.
Nice to meet you Jenny.
What a nice lady like you
doing in a place like this?
Out of town, huh?
Way out of town up there.
Have you been here before?
Where are you from?
Princeton, New Jersey.
Visiting friends?
I'm the new teacher.
Oh, I see.
Well, you better get yourself
some new winter clothes.
It's going to be a long winter.
It's all right.
I like the snow.
Wait till you see this one.
Here we are.
Over there that's a school.
Looks more like a church.
Maybe it was a church once.
Where will you be staying?
I have to find out.
- Thanks.
- Good bye.
The winters here are cold and harsh,
The comforts rare and few.
The ice and snows upon the marsh
we long for summer's lease anew.
But legend says we got to pay
- for the wrong...
- Angel,
perhaps they should wait until later.
This is Miss Scanlon. She's going to be
your teacher from now on.
Say welcome Miss Scanlon.
Cat got your tongue?
Hello Miss Scanlon.
Hello everybody.
Now this is Michael over here.
He's in sixth grade,
and that's Anne-Marie over there.
She's in fifth grade.
I'm coming.
I'm coming!
Dr. Worley, remember the, uh,
the death certificate for Sarah Louise?
I need it to claim the insurance
to pay for the funeral.
You need a death certificate, so you
can report that she died cleanly,
and without complications.
Were there any problems?
Suffocation is not
a pleasant way to die.
Are you implying
her death wasn't natural?
Pneumonia causes suffocation.
At least that's what I've written
on this paper here.
Here, take your piece of paper
and get out of here.
On this sad occasion
we are gathered together to
mourn the passing
of Sarah Louise,
beloved wife of Walter Gibbs.
We all know of her dreams and hopes,
yet she suffered in silence,
remaining ever faithful to our Lord.
Our prayers are
with her this day
and with Walter,
but he may find the strength
to overcome his sorrow.
Please turn to page 92
in your hymn books,
'Nearer, my God, to thee'
Nearer, my God, to thee,
nearer to thee!
E'en though it be a cross
that raiseth me,
still all my song shall be,
nearer, my God, to thee;
nearer, my God, to thee,
nearer to thee!
I'm sorry but the chemicals
haven't arrived yet.
Oh, that's too bad.
Do you have any fair chloride
by chance?
I'll have to add it to the order.
Oh, hey look, I need it
right away. Um...
Do you know of any place
I might be able to find it nearby?
You might try Endicott.
It's about 28 miles North of here.
Pretty good. Thanks a lot.
I appreciate it again. Thank you.
- Want a beer?
- Ah, two cans of Copenhagen.
That sure was some grocery list.
She's doing some experiments
down, by the way.
There you go, Aaron.
And you sir, that gun you got
there is not a popgun.
These guys like you get a license
and take their Daniel Boone.
Come on dad, don't be a bully.
Who asked you?
What makes him so friendly?
Can I help you?
Yeah, could I have a box of 20 gauge shelves,
some hot chocolate to go, and...
This one's tastier.
Oh really?
You're here for the hunting season?
Not exactly.
I'm the new school teacher.
Ah, nice to meet you.
I'm Matthew Pendleton.
How do you do.
I'm Jenny Scanlon.
What do you do around here?
Oh I'm a big wheel around here.
All right, Wally?
I care to take some cabins
during the off-season.
- Go ahead.
- Oh no, thanks.
I still have a couple more things.
I just got up here.
That'd be all, Mat?
Yeah 2,50.
Must be pretty lonesome out there
at "Heartbreak Hotel".
Bye-bye, Miss Scanlon.
Bye, Mr. Pendleton.
Hi, Miss Scanlon.
I've heard about you.
- I'm Walter Gibbs.
- Oh, how do you do.
Do you have any herb teas?
I have Twinings and Liptons.
Oh I... I mean real herb teas.
You know,
Bigelow Sweet Dreams?
I'll try to get it for you.
Hello, Matthew.
Hello, doctor.
What are you doing here?
I've found some things you might want
for your collection.
This is quite a find.
My mother... my mother says
she remembers her grandmother
talking about a belt
made of witches' finger bones.
I found this in the attic yesterday.
How much?
How much do you want for this?
Doctor, you know better than that.
It's yours.
Could be priceless.
If I can only trace it back
to the Devonsville Inquisition.
How would you do that?
I... I found these diaries
in this curious tin box.
I found them walled up
in my basement.
I think they belonged to my
great great grandfather.
They contain descriptions of...
of articles used by witches.
They also contain
chronicles of my death.
Your death?
Yes. You see, the executioner
of the Devonsville
Inquisition, who was my ancestor,
he suffered from an ugly affliction.
A few years after
the Inquisition
he contracted a disease.
A year later
he died
an agonizing death.
He was eaten by worms.
Several other members
of my family
have contracted the disease.
Those who have not contributed...
Contributed what?
To help to erase the guilt
of the Inquisition.
Do you believe the diary?
Mr. Gibbs?
Miss Scanlon.
Miss Scanlon.
Mother nature is always building
out of decay.
Like that old house over there.
Beautiful mushrooms are probably
growing from the dead wood.
They're generally consider as plants,
although they're completely different
from green plants.
How are they different?
- They look different?
- That's right.
And one of the reasons is
that they don't have chlorophyll.
Therefore they can't build foodstuffs
from inorganic materials.
They can only change and destroy
compounds that
have already been built.
Now, the mushroom itself
is a fruit
which is produced by the mycelium.
And the mycelium is...
Hi, Jenny.
Today mother nature's a teacher, huh?
Can't you supposed to chop
the wood for Mrs. Randall today?
Mind your own beeswax, Angel,
I'll get to it.
Jenny, what are you doing tonight?
Want to pay the town?
Well, I've got some essays
to grade and
- some letters to write.
- Shot down again.
The mycelium is a mass
of very fine threads
which are not visible
to the naked eye.
Miss Scanlon?
Yes, Angel?
Is God a man or a woman?
Well, in most religions
we know God as a man.
But originally God was considered
to be a woman.
In Babylonia
the supreme deity or god
was the queen of heaven.
It's only in fairly recent history,
since Judaism, that God the Father
has taken over.
Hi, this is your big sister Monica
on fm 94.
Looks like we have a caller.
Hello, you're on with Monica.
What's your name?
- Judy Hansen.
- Hi, Judy.
Where are you calling from?
I'm calling from Devonsville.
What's on your mind, Judy?
I'm alone all day and my boyfriend
won't let me get a job.
Well that's a pretty common problem.
A lot of men still have trouble
with the idea,
that women want to make
their own money
and their own choices.
I know and I always get
so depressed waiting for him.
Well if he can't understand that,
just tell him to take a hike.
There are plenty of other fish
in the sea.
Hi, you're on with Monica.
What's your name?
Hi. Um, Monica,
my name is Patty Barnes,
I'm from Endicott.
Well I... I got a lot of
problems, you know.
I'm married
and I have three kids.
I have a lot of work to do,
and, anyway, my husband,
well, every night he goes out drinking
with his buddies, you know,
and sometimes he doesn't
come home till four or five
...and then he wakes up...
- Good evening, Miss Scanlon.
drove to Endicott
to pick up your tea.
Thank you.
It's good.
Since my wife passed away
I've been confused, lonely.
It might very well be that I don't know
how to relate to a woman anymore.
You come from Princeton?
That's a very sophisticated place.
Things are a lot more basic here.
When I was a boy,
my father told me
there are three things
a man needs to do
in his lifetime.
He needs to plant a tree,
to return something to the earth,
he needs to build a house
with his own hands
and he needs to have a son
to carry on his name.
My wife Sarah Louise
was a good companion,
loving, supportive,
but she was barren,
she couldn't give me a son.
There are only a few things
out here
I value.
One of them is...
is violin.
My grandfather made it.
Do I know you?
My name's Ralph.
I'm from Devonsville.
Hi, Ralph.
I'm sorry but I'm off
for tonight.
You... you'll have to call the station
in the morning.
I think I'm busy tomorrow.
- But I'm here now.
- Fine, but I've got to go.
You know, Monica,
I think you're pretty great.
But there are a lot of people
around here,
who seem to disagree with me.
It's a free country,
but I've got to go.
All right.
Drive careful.
What's the story I hear?
What? I didn't do nothing.
About this new teacher.
What about her?
Well your mother tells me
she's filling your head full of nonsense.
I didn't say that, Aaron.
Shut up, Myrtle,
I'm talking to the kid.
What exactly did that woman
tell you about God?
She said
God was a woman.
And what do you think?
I don't know, I never saw him.
How come God
created Adam before Eve?
How come every single president
of the United States has been a man?
I don't know.
Because God is
and always will be a man.
You tell that teacher,
if she don't quit spreading this crap,
I'm going to call a meeting
of the town board.
Doc Warley,
I'm here for my physical.
Don't you knock
at civilized houses?
Or do you believe
that everybody lives in a barn?
Sorry, Doc.
Got you riled, huh?
I don't like these exams
any better than you do.
But the old man says I gotta have one
at least once a year.
Come over here and sit down.
You'll have to strip to the waist.
Or are you too modest?
Me? Hell no.
I just wish you were
a female doctor.
What would you do
if I was a female doctor?
Trying to get you
into the sack.
And if you didn't succeed?
Call you a quack.
I wonder.
Well, since I'm not a female doctor,
I better offer you
something pleasant.
Would you like a candy?
We're going on a journey around.
Do you hear me?
It is a long journey,
back to the days when
the witches of Devonsville
were tortured
and killed.
One of the witches
was called Jessica.
You were present when
she was condemned.
You were beside her
at the execution.
Do you see her?
She's dying.
She's dying.
How do you feel, Ralph?
Good, real good.
She's dying.
Why are you feeling good?
Because she's getting
what she deserves.
Why does she deserve to die?
She... she's a witch.
How do you know?
I saw her confess tonight.
Is that the only reason
she deserves to die?
No, no, no.
Why do you feel so good
that she is dying?
She... she... she wouldn't
she wouldn't let...
let me... let me...
Let you do what?
It's... it's her own fault.
She... she teased me.
She turned me on.
She... she even let me
see her naked once.
I... I was behind a tree.
Her... her skin.
Her skin...
blaze in the sun!
Oh God!
That's enough, Ralph!
You're going back!
It will be a pleasant
journey back,
and you will forget all about
the other journey.
Only the feeling of relief...
that it is end.
Good evening, madam.
I'm Aaron Pendleton.
I own the farm down the road.
Every now and then I check the cottages
for the people here on the lake.
Is here a petcock jam?
It could be.
I don't really know.
Let's see if I can
fix it for you.
You're planning to stay here
for the winter?
Living alone?
So far.
What do you do?
I do environmental studies here.
I got it here, I think.
Oh, thank you.
Anytime, young lady.
You're not scared living out here
by yourself, are you?
Should I be?
Well, if you need any help,
my folks have lived around here
for 300 years.
So, I have quite a lot of influence
out here with the people.
You got some soot here
on your cheek.
And pretty skin.
Um, hey look, I gotta go.
I didn't mean to upset you, ma'am.
Myrtle, this game is really delicious.
Thank you, Reverend.
Pass the ketchup.
Here you are.
What is this about
this nature freak?
Someone new around here?
She lives in a cabin
by the lake.
She's testing the water
for some kind of toxin,
that she says we're flushing
into the lake.
She's full of it.
We've been doing that
for the last 50 years.
Nature will take care of itself.
I saw a few new faces
at the funeral.
They're probably not
tourists though, the...
season's over.
I have a new girl at the radio station.
Right, her name is Monica.
I listen to her every night.
It's so different.
Different? Hell, hogwash.
And the new school teacher.
Miss Scanlon.
Yeah, I heard about her.
Isn't she the one that's been
telling the kids
that God is a woman?
I'm sure she didn't
mean it the way it sounds.
Grade six, your assignments are here
on the left,
and grade five,
you're here on the right.
While you learn that,
grade four will take a spelling test.
How can we study
when you're giving a spelling test?
Just do your best, okay?
Now, I...
It must be hard to study
if you're talking.
She asked me something,
so I answered.
Okay, let's just settle down now
and we'll start
Is something the matter?
Angel just wanted
to borrow my pencil.
Take this pencil.
Now please...
sit down, Angelica.
What's the matter now?
Your hair.
What about it?
It just doesn't look normal.
Now please,
sit down, Angelica.
My dad says you dye your hair.
I mean, who has hair that color?
Well, I guess we'll have to
continue tomorrow.
Miss Scanlon,
are you in good health?
I'm in very good health, Angel.
How about you?
I'm just kind of worried.
Cause daddy says that you might
not make it through the winter.
Miss Scanlon.
We're just about to close.
Well I just like
some apples and milk.
That's all?
Yes, for now.
I'd like to apologize.
For what?
The other night I seemed to
monopolize the conversation.
Oh, that's all right,
I enjoyed it.
You're very kind, Miss Scanlon.
Many women don't know
how to listen.
Sarah Louise couldn't listen.
When she did, she didn't understand
what I was talking about.
Well, what a shame.
A man of your intelligence
deserves an audience.
I'm very flattered.
- Good night, Mr. Gibbs.
- Miss Scanlon,
could I take a little bit
more of your time?
I don't know...
quite how to express myself, but...
I'll be frank with you.
I am a solitary man...
I can see that. Mr. Gibbs.
You can?
Oh yes.
Miss Scanlon,
have you ever met someone
who you...
felt, you were destined to be with?
No, but it sounds romantic.
I believe you're
a very romantic woman.
Yes, I guess so.
From the very first moment we met, I...
I knew we were meant
for each other.
Mr. Gibbs, please.
I know a lady of your standards
can't show her feelings
the way man can.
Oh, I have my feelings, Mr. Gibbs,
and I would show them
the way you say
only a man does,
but my feelings are
slightly different,
and I'd like to go now.
Good night.
Mr. Gibbs!
Mr. Gibbs?
Miss Scanlon.
You're vere sensitive man,
Mr. Gibbs,
and I...
well, I now realize,
that I should have
appreciated your
feelings for me sooner.
A woman...
needs her time.
Could you close
a little early today?
I must talk to you alone.
I'd be delighted, Miss Scanlon.
You know, the State
Highway Commission
is planning to build a new big road
through Devonsville,
and I was thinking
that perhaps I would
develop a shopping mall
where my store is.
Wonderful idea.
To modernize and bring
this place upstay.
How did you take this path?
haven't been here since I was a boy.
woman's intuition.
Oh God, this is quite stupid.
Hey, Jenny, give me a hand,
would you, please?
Sarah Louise didn't just die.
You killed her.
You know?
Why didn't you tell anyone?
Why did you call the police?
Would that help Sarah Louise?
I was waiting
for a better opportunity.
You are a witch!
The legend is true!
It's very cold there
Mr. Gibbs, I know.
But soon you will be
in a very warm place,
and in very good company.
Say, Jenny,
I don't mean to butt in, but
my brother Matthew ain't exactly
the guy to know in town.
Why don't you mind
your own business?
You see, these people here,
especially my father,
are extremely close-minded
and superstitious.
They feel that you,
Chris and Monica are
somehow a threat
to the community.
I don't understand it.
- Just because we're outsiders...
- No, that's not it.
See, they feel that Monica's
radio show is provocative.
Chris is telling them
they're destroying the earth, and you
you definitely made a serious mistake
by telling the kids
that God was a woman.
I didn't say "was"...
I said "could be".
They hear what they want to hear.
You want my advice?
Just leave.
But why?
They hired me. I have just as much right
to be here as anyone else.
I'm not hurting anyone.
You want to know something else?
They're starting to believe
that you, Chris and Monica
are reincarnation
of the three witches.
Come on.
I believe this.
But I love witches.
You are a witch!
Will you confess it voluntarily?
Just render the Devil.
What marks were left
on your body by the Devil,
and on your soul?
I don't remember scheduling
any appointments for today.
Dr. Warley,
I'm the new school teacher,
Jenny Scanlon.
Matthew Pendleton
recommended you.
The other woman
everyone is talking about.
did you cut yourself?
This visit is not to talk
about my ailments.
Come on.
What's wrong with you?
I have trouble sleeping.
You ever have nightmares?
Sort of.
Of course it might just be
my nerves.
You know, moving to a new town
and a new job.
Do you like Devonsville?
Were you here before?
No. Why do you ask?
Do you have a feeling you were
sent here for some reason?
to make a living,
teaching little devils.
Do you believe in witchcraft?
I don't really know
anything about it.
I didn't even know that they'd
practiced it in Devonsville.
You do now.
so I've been told.
Well, your blood pressure
is a little high.
Nothing serious.
My voice is part of the light.
Together we will travel
through your past.
We will see what is hidden
and what is painful.
You stand before the judge
of the Inquisition.
The tense people,
crowd around you.
You can smell their sweat.
It's... it's 1683.
I'm being punished.
I haven't done anything wrong,
I'm... I'm...
I'm going to die.
They're afraid because they think
you are a messenger of Evil.
The judge
bends toward you.
He shouts.
"How long have you been a witch?!"
Answer him.
Jennifer, answer, answer him.
I'm not a witch.
What are you, Jenny?
I'm a messenger from the unknown.
Good. Good, good.
The judge shouts in your face.
"Why did you become a witch?"
Jennifer, answer him.
Answer him truthfully.
I have a mission
and I'm afraid.
For 300 years
there's been peace, until
Walter Gibbs...
Sarah Louise doesn't just die.
He kills her,
and the next day
I arrive in Devonsville.
Soon I...
I begin to feel that
there's something...
more than just teaching,
and I'm scared of it.
I have nightmares and...
You are released.
You have nothing more to fear.
From ignorance you
may go about your mission
without fear.
You are released.
We shall win this time!
We are going to win!
Take two of these
before you retire,
with a glass of milk.
Thank you doctor.
How much?
Let's put it down to,
uh, public relations work.
Oh, thank you.
What's that?
It's an "athame".
It contains a witches' power.
I've seen it before,
in my dreams.
I thought you knew nothing
about witchcraft.
I hope you'll /feel/be better soon.
I felt like a normal human being
when I arrived.
But ever since
I stepped off that bus I...
felt like a different person.
You have exchanged the steel
and concrete of cities
for the glens and bogs
of Devonsville.
Perhaps you are a new person.
How are you going, Jenny?
Feeling better?
Oh yeah, I feel much better.
He's a very special man.
And my good friend.
Let's go.
I don't know, he seems familiar.
His great great great grandfather
was the executioner.
The Devonsville witch hunter.
Why do you say that?
You still look a bit shaky.
Better get some rest.
I'll drive you home.
Look at my poor brother Matthew
with that whore.
She's not a whore, Ralph,
she's a witch.
She tried to seduce me too,
but I didn't fall for it.
It's the same temptation
our ancestors had to go through.
She probably tried to get
doc Worley too.
I'm afraid the doctor's playing a much more
dangerous role in this conspiracy.
- You're just paranoid, Walter.
- No, I'm telling you.
They're back.
The legend is true.
Well Miss Scanlon arrived
the day after I killed
Sarah Louise.
What do you mean
you killed Sarah Louise?
I didn't mean to.
It was an accident.
But it brought back the spirits
of the three witches,
Monica first,
then the girl by the lake,
and finally Miss Scanlon.
I made a terrible mistake, Ralph.
I'm guilty for all of the terrible things
that are happening to us now.
Well nothing's going to happen to us,
believe me.
Besides, your wife
deserved to die anyway.
She never caused you
anything but misery, man.
Sure seems strange as hell,
that none of them three girls
are married.
They're probably queer.
You can't ask them out.
They always seem happy
when they're together alone.
Now perhaps I should
have a word with them.
Wat do you want them to do?
Read a chapter of Isaiah?
Maybe they're just
three single girls
starting out on their own.
What do you know?
You haven't even met them yet.
Well I do.
She even takes those boys
from her class home with her.
I bet I know
what she's teaching them.
It's disgusting.
I want that girl
at the radio station replaced.
And I want that nature freak
out of here.
And also our dear
sweet Miss Scanlon.
I think it might be wise
we call the council meet.
We don't need any
council or state board
telling us how to run things.
We take care of our own.
Aaron, I don't think you know
what you're saying.
Shut up Myrtle.
We certainly don't want a repeat of what
our founding fathers went through, do we?
Hi, this is Monica.
We have time for one more call.
Hello? What's your name?
Hi, Mo... Monica,
this is Maggie Gilbert.
I'm from Merrill. Uh,
I'm having problems with my husband.
We really love each other,
but when I talk to him
about something that...
By the name of Jennifer Scanlon
you are hereby convicted on this,
seventh day of November 1983
in the name of this
that not having the fear of God
before your eyes and in your heart,
and being seduced by the Devil,
and yielding to his malicious motion
about the end of October last
in Devonsville
have used devilish practices by witchcraft
through the persons
of Mary Pratt and Abigail Parker.
Against the word of God
and the laws of this jurisdiction
long since made and published!
What daemon did you choose
to be your lover for that night?
What was his name?
What Devil's marks were left
on your body and on your soul?
What oath were you forced
to render the Devil?
How long have you been
practicing witchcraft?
You are a witch!
- Will you confess it voluntarily?
- No.
How were these savage
banquets arranged
and what other persons participated?
You, you're wicked.
More than all the others
that suffered at our hands.
We won't stand for you
warping our children's minds!
We won't tolerate you
and your friends
conspiring against our community!
Next stop Devonsville.
Wait! Wait!
Dr. Warley's final entry number 96.
I am redeemed. The Warley curse
of the worms is cured.
All who were guilty are gone
or soon to be brought to justice.
The Devonsville Terror is over.
fansubbed by OK