The Diary of a Chambermaid (1946) Movie Script

Excuse me.
- Are you from the Lanlaire's?
- You the new chambermaid?
Let me see you references
Let me see your hands?
You're the scullery maid?
There's a train leaving for Paris
in twenty minutes, take it.
- But, I don't have money
- That's your business
Besides, a girl with your looks,
well, it'll be too much
I'm sorry sir, but it's not my fault
I'll work for less, I'll do anything.
- What else can I do?
- Come on, you!
Just a moment
Are you Mr. Lanlaire?
I run the Lanlaire's establishment.
I know what you are
you are the valet.
I am the valet, among other things.
You are the valet, and that's all
And don't put on airs with me.
And you can just go tell
whoever it is you work for...
that because you didn't like her,
the chambermaid's is quitting too.
That's all, you may go
- You shouldn't have done it for me
- I didn't
My, but you are brave
I wish I was brave like that
I wish I were too. I've never
talked like that in my life.
And stop crying, stupid
we can cry all the way back to Paris
Wait a minute!
I changed my mind
Get in both of you
Oh! Get my things.
- He must be a very important man
- He's a valet
- No, no, no...
- No, no, no...
- What's your name?
- Louise
- And what's yours?
- Joseph
My name's Celestine,
in case anybody's interested.
I see
- Are you sure he's only a valet?
- He's an undertaker
What I know about
valets would fill my diary.
Here's your room.
- For both of us?
- Yes
- There's only one bed
- I'll sleep on the floor
Stop shrugging!
Bring another bed.
I don't ever want to see
you shrug your shoulders again.
- You never do it!
- It's what I've done all my life.
Do this, do that,
bring me this, bring me that...
you eat too much sugar,
are you clean?
- I'm sick of it!
- Yes!
You don't know it, but
you've changed my whole life.
When I saw you at the station
I understood what was wrong with me.
All of a sudden I understood.
Life is life. From now on
I'm going to fight hard...
and I don't care who
gets hurt just so it's not me.
I'm not going to be a
chambermaid any longer. No, I'm not.
I'm going to be a mistress
and have a house of my own.
Oh! Excuse me!
And I'm going to grab the first man
I meet and get where I'm going.
I don't care if he's handsome
or ugly, or young, or old...
just so he's got money,
that's the main thing, money.
They've always hurt me,
so from now on, I'm going to use them.
No more love for Celestine
I'm going to write that down
so I'll never, never forget it.
I hope you like to work.
Hard work keeps you out of mischief.
What kind of mischief
could you get into?
Having 6 or 7 gentlemen friends
after me at the same time...
fighting over me. That's enough
mischief for anybody, isn't it?
Clean the sink,
that'll keep you busy for a while
- New?
- Yes
Are you from the village?
Do you have a good time here?
You'll be seeing us the
first afternoon we have off.
- What's your name?
- His name's Pierre
Run along now, we're busy.
- He's nice
- Where's the other one?
- Celestine? She's coming
- She get into mischief, too?
She's my closest friend
We get into mischief together.
Oh! Mr. Lanlaire!
Did you have a good hunt sir?
I don't like the kill
I never carry cartridges.
Up, up, there's a good dog.
I hunt to walk,
to get away from this house.
I had them hidden for you, Sir.
Ouch! Hot!
Is it good?
Went down the wrong way. Thank you.
Would you like a nice bottle
of cold cider to wash it down?
I'm Celestine, the new maid
I'm starving, would you give some?
What do you do around here?
I know, you're the gardener.
My, they're hot
- What's this place like to work in?
- If I knew another one, I'd go to it.
- They let you wear a beard?
- That's about all.
That Joseph's kind of bossy, isn't he?
He's not going to boss me around.
I've found out
it pays to be very tough
That maybe all right for you
but it doesn't seem to do for me.
Stick with me
and you'll be on the right track...
We'll put the masters in their places
Sit down! Huh?
- Charles, what are you doing here?
- Sorry, my dear...
This is the last time I'll warn
you not feed him between meals
- You're the new scullery maid?
- Yes, Madame.
- Your name?
- Louise, Madame
That's very proper
- And you're the chambermaid
- Yes, Madame
- Your name, please
- Celestine
- That's too complicated
I'll call you Marie
- I prefer to be called by my name
- Interesting. Turn around, please.
- Turn around?
- That's what I said.
Yes, I like your figure.
We'll modify your clothes.
Joseph, they'll help with the dinner
and retire immediately afterward.
They will arise at five o'clock
and being their duties.
Now come to my room,
I want to talk to you.
Stupid! Oh! I'm sorry.
- Who lives in these rooms here?
- That's of no interest to you.
I'll find out. You're not the only
source of information in this house.
I'm the most reliable
- Is it haunted or something?
No, but it will be.
If you want to see something
worthwhile, come with me.
- Now?
- Now.
Aside from Madame, I'm the only one
who has a key to this vault.
Upstairs, it's haunted?
What's this?
The torture chamber?
Oh! My goodness!
It must be worth than a million.
It's worth more than chateau
and the grounds put together.
They are antiques,
symbols aristocracy.
- Do they use these every day?
- Only once a year.
- On midnight of July 14th.
- To celebrate our freedom.
In this family, July 14th
means the day of France doom.
- Don't they like the Republic?
No, neither do I.
Republic was created for weaklings.
I see, I see.
Look at this one,
It's got rubies and diamonds in it.
It's a snuffbox.
Very valuable.
- Do you think they'd miss it?
- Go back to work!
Hello! I'm sorry about yesterday,
I should have known you're the master.
Forgive me, please, and
thank you so much for being nice.
Don't go! You know
you're a very pretty girl.
- I hope you'll like it there
- With you're help, I'll try, sir.
- Course it isn't like Paris, is it?
- It's quite different.
I'll bet you had a gay
time in Paris, didn't you?
Mr. Lanlaire, really?
I'd like to bring a little of Paris
here. I'd like a gay time, myself.
Perhaps we could go to
Paris sometime, couldn't we?
You're just like
all the other gentlemen...
and I so thought
that you would be different.
Celestine, don't be angry
Will you do me the favor...
to buy yourself a little gift,
a token of my esteem?
Will you accept this franc?
You're sweet, sir
I can't take your money.
I'd rather have some
sort of remembrance...
something that belongs to you,
like an old snuffbox, maybe.
- An snuffbox, like the?
- Yes, something yours.
- The one with rubies and diamonds?
- Yes!
- For heaven's sake!
- Mojuet!
Breaking my glass again?
One, two, three!
Mojuet. I'll kill you!
I'll kill you Mojuet!
Come out!
Come out, you coward!
I tell you, come out!
Here, you mosquito!
Where are you?
I'll get my gun.
Excuse me.
Captain Mojuet.
I'm your neighbor.
I'm an old soldier. As ready
to serve a woman as my country.
Captain, if it isn't asking too much,
why are you breaking the glasses?
Tactics, my dear, to get Lanlaire
away, so I could talk to you.
- Couldn't you talk, if he where here?
- No, we're enemies
The Lanlaires are reactionaries
and I'm a liberal
They critized me publicly for
eating at the same table with Rose.
She's my servant. There's nothing
wrong with eating with Rose.
- I should say no!
- Yes, I told them.
Excuse me. This one.
- For heaven's sake!
- Delicious!
- Why do you eat them?
- I eat everything.
I've eaten every kind
of flower in the garden
Some of them are delicious
Some of them, don't amount to much
These are very bad.
Very interesting, but here
comes Mr. Lanlaire with a shotgun.
I'm no a coward
my dossier proves that.
I'm famous over the entire district.
I'm afraid of nothing and anybody.
- Mojuet I'll kill you!
- I eat anything, dead or alive.
- I don't care if I'm hungry
When people find something...
the first thing they do is to bring
it to me and I eat it.
Get off my roses!
No, no!
You go away!
You go out of the way!
Let me be alone!
You great big bully!
- Let my baby alone
- Madame! He attacked my garden!
Ordinarily we never enter
these rooms. However since they...
maybe occupied shortly,
we're going to clean them today.
Joseph, open the door, please.
Louise, shine those shoes.
Celestine, take those clothes...
and brush them carefully. I do hope
the moths haven't got into it.
Joseph come with me. I'll pick out
the curtains you are to hang.
I was thinking of you
last night and today.
I've been thinking of you too, sir.
- You know, that snuffbox...
- You must forget I mentioned it.
Not at all. It takes time,
that's all. Are you getting...
accustomed to the house?
- I'm getting to like it very much.
Good, you must excuse me.
Who do all those things belong to?
What's the mystery?
You'll find out in time,
don't be curious.
I don't know why
I expected you tell me anything.
I'll tell you, the Master has nothing
except his birth certificate.
- Not even a snuffbox.
- You know a lot about me, don't you?
- Yes, you'll learn I'm your friend.
- I doubt that.
- I was saying when we were interrupted.
- I'm sorry, I have to do my work.
I'm making plans
about that snuffbox.
I think Madame works you too hard.
Perhaps you will insist
that Madame give me more time...
so that you and I
can go to Paris together.
- Have I done something wrong?
- Oh! Not at all.
Hello, in there?
Lanlaire, come out!
Come out!
Wherever you are,
Come out and fight.
You let him talk like that?
Don't you accept his challenge?
Accept his challenge?
Certainly, I will!
- Mojuet wait for me!
- That's what fools do!
Well, that settles that!
- Why?
- He hasn't got a cent
Now, what are you going to do?
After all
the Captain's not so bad.
Celestine! Come over to my house!
Come away from that old man!
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
- Yes Captain.
- You take too long.
You never learn to fix that.
I don't want to learn,
It's bad for you.
Just been quiet!
Hurry up!
- Captain!
- Celestine!
- Hi Captain!
- Celestine!
You asked me
to come to visit you.
My, what a distinguished
looking estate you have.
You think so?
Definitely. But then, you're
a distinguished type yourself...
- See the roses
- I thought you have eaten them.
No, wait.
I switched to water lilies.
Such fascinating thing you eat.
That's right.
Do you know that rarely do you
meet a man of the world as you...
in this dull countryside.
No, I'm just and
old village bumpkin.
- Don't you believe him.
- No false modesty.
- He's my baby boy, Celestine.
- Quiet! Quiet!
- Would you have a drink?
- No, thank you.
- I would
- Not too much, Captain.
- You run along and start dinner
- Very well, I will.
I get on my baby's
nerves lately it's my asthma...
But he couldn't get along without
his mommy, could you, Captain?
- You run along I said
- But don't you get in a mischief.
No mischief,
No mischief!
Listen to her, like a locomotive
What are we talking about?
- Your diet
- That's right!
Sit down, let me explain.
Everybody in the world, except me
gets into a root about food.
They have no pioneer instincts.
The first man who ate an oyster,
people call him crazy or sinful.
- That's right!
- Right! The same with me.
I've discovered new food
that nobody ever heard of before.
I'm going to eat absolutely anything.
Keeps me young and vigorous.
If you were in Paris,
they write a book about you.
No, I was in Paris
Nobody wrote a book about me.
You just didn't know
the right authors.
Tell me more,
You eat stones too?
No, stones have no taste.
You don't get the idea.
Let me show you what I do
with stones. Now, see that?
Now listen.
See, what I do with the stones?
You're the cleverest
man I ever saw.
Have a good time anyway!
I'll show you something else.
This is Davey.
General Davey, he's the best
friend I have in the world.
- Darling, he looks like you!
- Thank you
- Does he eat everything too?
- Not as many things as I do.
Nice little play bear Lanlaire's
haven't got anything as nice as you.
All they have is dogs,
anybody could have dogs,
but a tame squirrel,
what do you think of that?
I think you're amazing.
Look miss, is too sad see you
work for those crazy people.
They're maniacs, all of them,
have you seen the son yet?
- No, tell me about him
- He's a monster...
a monster with
two heads and a tail.
I'll get to the point,
like an old soldier.
Come over with me
in a nice sane household.
You can have everything you want
and no work, Rose will do it all.
- Would you give me Davey?
- I'll give him to you
And what else?
Girls like lots of presents.
You come with me,
I'll give you everything
- What do you call everything?
- My house, my gardens, everything.
- People would talk
- You let them. We'll get married
That's an idea, but I'll bet
you're married already
No, you'd be the first one
Let me tell you something else...
In my room I have
hidden away 25.000 francs
- 25.000 francs!
- And nobody about it but you!
- How's that for a present?
- You'd give it to me?
- Yes I would
- Stop it!
Stop it!
You're crushing him!
You did that! I saw you!
Now go back where you belong!
- My Baby
- No!
What are you doing here?
I bet you like
to see things killed.
Not without a purpose.
An orderly woman shouldn't
become involved with the Captain.
- What can he offer you?
- 25.000 francs!
- 25.000 francs
- That's what ha can offer me!
All my life I've waited on
people and now...
- And now?
- I'm going to get what I can.
That's up to you. But there are
safe offers and unsafe ones.
The death of that squirrel
should be warning to you.
Anyway I'm not even interested.
- Someday you will be
- Stop spying on me, you valet!
Telegram for the Lanlaires.
- Is it from the son?
- Never mind, see?
- Good news or bad.
- Depends on how you look at it.
It's from the son, all right.
- Then it's bad news.
- I hope so. Stingy old skinflints.
The goose is delicious,
Mariane. Congratulations!
You have Joseph to thank for that,
It's the way he kills them.
He sticks a long
pin through their heads...
and that way
they die very, very slowly...
and the blood stay inside
It's what makes the gravy so rich.
Oh, my pudding!
A wire for Monseiur
or Madame Lanlaire.
I'll take it.
We didn't see you girls in our village
in the last couple of weeks.
Don't you like us any more?
- Telegram, Madame.
- George!
Funny isn't it
we were talking about him.
Oh! My prayers have been answered!
Celestine, come with me!
- Stop! Stop!
- Put it down!
- Put it down!
- Let me take it
Joseph, take the tray
Mariane, Louise!
Do something, help them!
Get the roses
Put on a decent suit!
- My other suit has a hole in it
- Joseph will have to weave it.
Your figure is excellent
but I'm not satisfied...
with your clothes
we'll do something about it.
- Do something about it?
- Yes, undress please.
- Undress?
- I said undress.
I sent all the
way to Paris for this.
Hurry up. It shouldn't take you
long to get out of that thing.
- It will fit. Very proper.
- Madame...
I'll explain. I told you I was
expecting a very particular guest.
Monsieur Lanlaire and myself
are not as young as we were.
Our friends don't wish
to visit us as they used to.
No, Celestine.
The other way. Yes, that's it.
Perhaps a pair of
fresh faces, yours and Louise.
Louise isn't much help,
heaven knows, will make it
a little more gay.
Let me see. Very proper
We can take it up here.
We'll try
these other dresses later.
- Madame, I...
- I almost forgot! You haven't any...
proper perfume, have you?
- No, well, I...
Cheap perfume is unforgivable.
Now let me see...
Here was what I was looking for.
I want you to keep
yourself scented at all times.
- But a chambermaid...
- I don't like your hair.
- I wear it plain for work
- That's not proper. Sit down.
I want you to copy these exactly
And by the time our guest arrives
I want your hair like this.
My fine boy, you're home.
Everything we have
is for you George.
Father! Hello.
I'll see that he never
leaves me again, never!
Celestine, go in!
Good afternoon, sir.
Sir? Good evening.
Madame would like you to enjoy
a bottle of Boef Piquot'65, Sir.
- Boef Piquot?
- Yes, Sir
- I've had it.
- Yes...
- It's still in the bottle, Sir.
- Go ahead and serve it.
Yes Sir.
Come here against the light.
Your hair is very nice
Where did you come from?
I come from Brittany, Sir.
I was born on Odeire,
where it's windy and foggy...
and rough but I love it.
Why, ever since I was...
- Little girl, I've always...
- Never mind.
- I've had that story.
- You've had it? Pardon.
- Then you don't want the champagne
- Yes I do.
How long have you been around here?
A little over two weeks, Sir.
I'm sorry, Sir!
- Don't worry about the champagne
- Yes, Sir.
- You have a cold, Sir
- For about six years.
- I'm sorry Sir.
- That's all.
- Wait, what's your name.
- My name's Celestine.
- Not actually Celestine, is it?
- Yes it is.
- Pretty fancy uniform you're wearing.
- Thank you. It came from Paris.
- Did you bring it from Paris?
- Me, Sir?
- Or did my mother?
- Your mother?
- Is she your mother?
- She is.
And I'm the scapegoat
of the Lanlaire family.
Haven't you heard about me?
Captain Mojuet said
that you had two heads and...
For heaven sake...
So the Captain gave me
a black mark, did he?
The Captain's talks means
nothing, I've had it.
Listen to him and
you'll wind up eating beetles.
- Anything more, Sir?
- More than beetles?
I mean anything
more for you, Sir?
I like what, for instance?
I could read to you.
I could read aloud very well.
That would be nice, here.
Wait a minute, did they tell
you to entertain me too?
- Why?
- Never mind, I've had it.
Very well, Sir.
- Marianne, do you think I'll do?
- You'll do.
I'm so excited.
Celestine, come here.
I want to talk to you.
- Where are you going?
- To the village, it's my day off.
Why do you ask?
No a good plan
to be seen with Mr. George.
I thought I was
brought here to entertain him.
Yes but not in public. Neither
Madame nor I would approve of that.
Is that all you wanted to tell me?
No, but I have patient
I can wait.
- Hello, Celestine.
- Hello.
- Taking a walk?
- It's my day off.
That's fine.
There's someone following you.
- Pierre!
- Where's Lousie?
- She's working today.
- I was to wait and the tree and...
What's he talking about?
He wants to sit with
her under the wishing tree.
- Wishing tree?
- The story goes that a...
prince sat there with
a shepherdess and she...
made a wish and
he up and married her.
Just like that?
So when young people want
to get married they sit...
there and wish
- Does it work?
Well, it did with me, blast it.
Good day Sir.
- Hello, Celestine
- Hello, Mr. George.
I want you to meet my friends,
the postman and Pierre.
- Pleased to know you.
- Say something.
- I...
- Tell me.
He says he used to see
you go by in a carriage.
I used to see him
playing in the fields.
I remember the day you were born,
Your father let me peek in at you.
I'm glad we've met formally at last.
- Well, goodbye, Celestine
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, and come back often, Sir
- I will.
- Goodbye Celestine.
- Celestine
- Goodbye
- Goodbye
- Goodbye
- Goodbye
I hope you didn't mind
meeting my friend's, Sir
I wanted to meet them before
I never knew how to go about it,
Thanks to you, it was quite simple.
You've been away
so much and of course...
- Do you mean how I was brought up?
- I didn't mean that.
It's so good to see you
walking in the sunshine.
You seem to be
getting better everyday.
I have you to thank for that, too
I'll be going along.
Mr. George...
- You know why I came to the village?
- Yes, it's your day off.
I overheard you
saying you were coming here.
- You eavesdrop. Do you?
- Always
That's practical.
You had something to ask me?
I wondered if I could walking
with you this afternoon as usual
as a matter of fact,
I was just going some place to read.
Let me read to you,
please. Just one sentence
- One sentence?
- Please
Go ahead
I could a tale unfold
who's lightest word...
would barrow up thy soul...
freeze they young blood
make thy two eyes...
I like stars start
from their spheres
- I'll bet you thought I could read
- I did
Why do you read such frightening things?
- Makes me feel better by comparison
- This is not good for you.
I know a more
soothing kind of poetry
- I composed it myself
- Go ahead
Little flower, how I pine
For the secret of your beauty
to keep my hands
as soft as thin,
And still to do my duty.
- Is it so bad?
- Let's sit under the tree.
- That tree?
- Exactly.
Now, tell me what
it means, your poem.
It means it's hard to keep
your hands as soft as flower...
when you work hard
- Give me your hand.
- Are you making a wish?
- You know about it?
I heard tell, that's
why I brought you here.
Are you making a wish?
Celestine will be happy
with someone, someday.
- I'm wishing that you will too.
- No, with me it doesn't matter.
Let's walk back to the Chateau.
- What's that?
- Somebody is killing somebody.
This is a funny house, isn't it?
That's just what
I was writing in my diary.
No for children.
Do you write everything in there?
Even the unhappy things?
I used to because that's all
there ever was to write about.
What do you write now?
Lm writing about Mr. Lanlaire
and the Captain next door.
What about Joseph?
He's got a lot of money hidden away
- He's an undertaker
- Yes, who's he mad at?
I don't know.
This is a place for murder
- Celestine, don't talk like that
- Maybe it'll be me, Louise
- No
- Maybe it'll be you
No, no, no.
There's someone
behind the door, open it.
- No, you open it.
- I'll open it.
It's late.
You can not staying up.
- It wastes the candles.
- I'll burn all the candles I want.
And you stop sneaking
around our door.
Don't be afraid of me,
You and I are alike.
Maybe not in looks, but
down underneath, we are the same.
I'd like to make a speech
Will you listen to it?
- Of course, Sir.
- I'm going away.
- I didn't want to hear that speech.
- I didn't want to make it.
- But I can stay here any longer.
- Wasn't the service satisfactory?
- Did we neglect you?
- No, on the contrary.
I appreciate what
you've done, more than you know.
Then why do you go?
I've never been so happy before.
I don't know, but since I'm going away
will you do me a big favor?
- Sir, of course
- Will you call me George?
What will Madame Lanlaire
say if she hears it?
I'd like to hear her.
Please, go away. I can't bear
people when I feel like this.
I'm not being bold.
I'm Celestine...
and I'm here to serve you.
It's my job, so let me do it.
- Your fingers are so cold
- Are they, George?
I'll tell you something
I thought of just this moment.
Tell me.
I Thought,
if I'd met you earlier...
I could have waited on you
and care for you and served you...
and things would be different.
- Is the saddest thing I ever heard.
Thank you for telling me
I'd like to tell you something...
as a sort of farewell.
I've come home
beaten and disillusioned and ill.
I've come to a house
I've never enjoyed...
to look upon fields
I've never enjoyed...
to breathe air that stifles me...
It's been less of a homecoming,
more of a defeat.
- Why do you tell me this?
- Because your name is Celestine...
and your hair is gold
Because I'm leaving.
Because your bitter
I think that's the same reason.
I can't understand why
You have money, you went to school...
you studied law.
Couldn't that have been excited?
I required both
energy and ambition.
I never found the urge
to live or die on a big scale.
I remember the
first time I saw your hair.
I thought it was the
brightest gold I'd ever seen.
Madame makes me do it
a fancy way. I don't like it.
- How do you like it?
- Just hanging loose on my shoulders.
Now lets let it
fall loose for a moment.
I hadn't mean to.
I only meant good bye.
- How does it feel to be in love?
- It changes all the time.
Now it hurts terribly
because I don't understand...
He almost kissed me and then
ran and locked himself in his room.
I think he's mean to go away.
He's not mean.
He knows what best.
Better than anybody.
I just wish
I could see him once again.
A greenhouse is
no place to say goodbye.
I told you
he knows what's best.
- I knew it.
- Who is it?
- It is I.
- Madame.
Celestine, I saw your light.
I know that you were awake.
- Yes Madame
- I'm very upset.
I've heard my son
pacing up and down in his room.
I' know he's unhappy and ill.
- I want you to help me.
- Of course Madame.
Would you get him
a cup of hot broth?
- I'll put my uniform.
- Put on my wrapper on.
He wants to leave us.
When he's so ill. I won't have it.
- Who is it?
- It's me, Sir, Celestine.
What do you want?
- I've brought you some hot broth, Sir.
- I don't want it.
Wait, put it down.
- Celestine.
- Yes, George?
Why do you come here?
What's the idea behind it?
I was told that you couldn't
sleep Sir, so we decided...
- Who told you?
- Madame told me.
I knew it! Come closer.
Yes, George.
I say good bye to you today,
do you remember that?
Didn't I make myself clear?
You mean you never wanted
to see me again?
I meant a lot of things
which I'll explain.
Come in here.
I want to talk to you
- George!
- Mother,
inside of here are a lot
of secret fears, moods,
not one particle of hope.
I'm finished.
Now what?
What do you want of me?
- I'm trying to get you to stay.
- I know that.
- I'll take care of you.
- You leave me alone.
I'll watch over you
as I've always done...
since you were a fragile little boy.
Haven't I always protected you?
You wanted to posses me as
you posses father and Joseph
- George
- Yes, and everyone else around here.
You're tired, and upset.
Whatever I am
will you leave me alone?
- But George...
- Now that you've won,
will you get out, and take
your fellow conspirator with you?
- You don't mean that.
- Take her out of here!
I've seen all I want of love!
Now, go away!
Then you'll stay?
You've change your mind?
My mind has
nothing to do with it.
I've tried to go but
I can't as much as I want to go.
I haven't strength to crawl
from here to the village.
I'm ill.
Does that satisfy you?
Of course,
you haven't the strength.
Please, get out!
Get out!
My boy is not himself tonight,
But he'll soon be
having you wait on him again.
No, he won't.
What do you think I am,
an animal or something?
That you can send me one
minute and throw me out next?
- Really?
- I hate him...
For pretending to be nice
to me when all the time...
he was just like
you are mean and cruel
Look at you!
I found out you're both the same!
And I hate you too
I don't want to dress like you,
or look like you,
or be like you!
I can't stand it here any more.
I'm through!
I'm through!
- Here you are, Celestine.
- I'm not taking them.
But Madame gave them to you.
You can take them all. I don't want
anything that reminds me this place.
- Celestine they're beautiful
- Louise, stop crying. Here
And close up my bag.
This place frightens me.
I want to get out as fast as I can.
- Louise, help me with this book.
- I'll help you with the book.
Joseph, hitch up the carriage
and take me to the station.
- Have you been dismissed?
- No, I haven't.
- Where do you want to go?
- I'm going back to Paris.
There's no train
until tomorrow morning.
- I'm going to wait in the station.
- Why are you leaving?
- Because I hate everybody here.
- Everybody?
Yes, I hate them,
Get me out of here, please.
Please, get me out.
I'm a patient man,
and I've waited to talk to you.
Just a minute.
I've found
a little cafe in Cherbourg.
A year ago I made the
down payment, and every month...
I've paid more money on it,
Very soon I will own it.
How interesting.
You listened to George,
now listen to me.
Sit down here.
You know Cherbourg?
It's an interesting town,
It's full of
soldiers and sailors.
They like a good time, drink...
look at a beautiful woman.
I could make a fortune.
I need someone
like you to run it for me.
Aside from everything else
it's insulting.
I don't know what you mean.
You sit behind the bar and
count the money you laugh and...
talk with the soldiers.
They won't dare to insult you
because everybody
will know that you are my wife
Yes Celestine,
I'm going to marry you.
I want you, I need you,
more than you can understand.
You're in my brain and my blood.
I've seen your eyes.
They frighten me.
- You like Mr. George better?
- Don't speak about him, ever.
All right. But you an I,
Celestine, we are the same.
I don't want to be
a servant any more than you do.
You're a valet
and you always will.
No, I won't!
I tell you we are alike.
Maybe the worst of me is like you.
I've tried to be good always.
Ever since I was a little girl.
But every time
I'd see a new man's face...
and I'd look into his eyes
to see what was behind them...
and I never knew
until it was too late.
Until I'd been hurt.
I'm not trying to hurt you
I want to free you...
Don't you see?
Think of the cafe,
You're own mistress
You'll rule it like a queen.
Madame is ringing
you'd better answer.
I won't be humiliated again.
A few more days and
we'll be free of this people.
Think of your revenge.
You'll ride back here not as
a servant, but as a mistress,
In a carriage with
two horses, with four horses.
Will Madame humiliate you then?
She will bow to you and
bite her lip's with envy.
- It will never happen.
- Yes, it will. I have a plan.
- Plans can get you into trouble.
- No this one.
I've put too much
time and effort into it.
For ten years I have had
the unpleasant job of working...
my way into Madame's good graces.
Ten years of devotion until...
I had her confidence
and the proper set of keys.
- Why did you this?
- For one purpose: Freedom.
The 14th of July. After
the midnight banquet is over...
the way is clear
- You mean the silver?
- What I mean is my affair
- I can't stay in this house.
- I'll meet you in Paris or Cherbourg.
- I can't let you go now.
- Joseph.
- Don't struggle. I want you.
- Joseph.
- We are alone now.
All right. I'll stay.
I'll give you one more day,
If you're not ready. I'll go alone.
I've been fooled for the last time.
- So much more, Joseph?
- We are about finished.
If I had my way, we'd use
this stuff all the time, or sell it.
Would you, Charles?
You've bent that cruet.
- When are you leaving?
- Tomorrow Madame.
- Alone?
- I think so.
Isn't the silver
beautiful, Joseph?
- I've always thought so.
- Yes I know.
This you hear Madame?
They're beginning the celebration.
They play the same
old tunes every year.
We're about finished
Could we go to the village?
Nobody leaves this house
on the 14th of July.
- We don't approve it
- What do you mean by we?
I've decided that everybody
shall go for one hour.
- You mean all of us?
- No, not you.
- Pick some roses.
- This is boring.
And now, Joseph,
give me the keys to the vault.
- The keys?
- Yes.
After ten years,
I demand an explanation.
It has come over me that perhaps
I've done you an injustice...
by placing temptation in your way.
I shudder to think how easy
it could have been for you...
to enter the vault anytime
you wished, knowing the theft...
would not be discovered
until the following year.
Yes, I've really
done you a great injustice.
Having been your confidential steward...
for so long,
this hurts me very deeply.
I understand, Joseph.
Now give me the keys.
You want all the
keys to all the rooms?
Now carry that silver
to the dining room.
You'll always be a valet Joseph.
What's the matter?
Did she take the keys?
- I doesn't matter
- One more day, and I leave alone.
- Things will work out.
You'll come with me.
All right!
But get the money first.
Celestine, come on!
We've only got an hour!
- Are you coming with us?
- No, run along.
But is no fun alone,
Who'll buy me things?
Hurray for the Republic!
Why not take Captain Mojuet?
- Mojuet? Are you serious?
- He'll buy you things and...
- I will keep him amused for while.
- All right, I will.
- Good bye.
- Good bye.
- You off to the celebration?
- Would you like to be our escort?
- Where are you going?
- I'm all dress up.
Wait for me Captain!
All right. Go on to the village,
I'll meet you in the square.
- Where are you going my little plum?
- To the celebration with you.
In that case,
let's go this way. Go this way.
- Here give me the keys.
- Did you forget something?
Yes, I did,
I forgot my money.
I'll get it and
show you good time.
Come with me!
I'm going to play a little game.
No, no, no!
I capture the enemy.
- You can come out on Saturday.
- You Rascal, is that Celestine?
Yes, you couldn't get better
if you were the enemy himself.
Here you are.
Captain, you didn't pay for that.
How's it go Captain?
Have you tried anything new lately?
Where are you?
- Celestine! Here you are!
- Captain, Captain
Fellows, get me a drink
get me a drink.
A drink!
There's the Captain.
- Here you are!
- Celestine, I've been looking for you.
Me too. Come on
and buy me something.
Hit the bulls eye, Captain.
- Are you a good shot?
- I learned in the army, and you?
- Wait and see.
- Mine's broke!
- Try the other one.
- Come on every body.
Have a free shot,
the Captain will pay for it!
- Certainly will.
- Try the other gun, Captain.
Help yourself!
The generous man in the country!
- Well, pretty good sport!
- I've finished!
Captain has paid for everything.
- See how popular you are?
- I hope my money holds out.
Celestine, ask him to take you
to the other booth. It's more fun.
- Well, let's go?
- Can you get a drink there?
Captain, try your strength.
Hold it. Now?
This is the place, Celestine.
Isn't it fun?
Look at the bride, the groom,
the mother-in-law...
Captain, thanks a million times.
Haven't got much left.
Here you are.
- Let's throw some more.
- Yes we will. Go ahead.
Good! No watch this!
- That means you're gonna get married.
- You the bride, I hit the groom.
- I guess I can't get out of it
- Right! And talk it over.
No, give me a full bottle.
I haven't any more money.
Yes, I have. That's all.
Celestine! This way.
Let's sit there.
- No.
- Why not?
- That's the wishing tree.
- Yes I know.
I wish...
Celestine and me would go
to Paris together and get married...
In the Cathedral.
Don't say that! Only weak
people sit around under trees...
and wish for things.
It's better to do it yourself.
You're right, no wishes.
There's a train in a few hours...
that'll take us.
How's for an idea?
- We'll go to Paris?
- Yes! You wait here.
I'll run home and get some money.
I'm a man of action.
I've got the best girl in the world.
I'm going to
Paris with Celestine.
I'm going to Paris...
Not a bad idea.
I'm gonna go to Paris...
Captain, let me out!
Please let me out!
You old bat!
Be quiet!
Get my money,
Get my money.
You won't go with Celestine!
You know what she'll do?
- She'll take your money
- Celestine!
She'll run away and leave you.
Don't take your
money and go with her!
It is an honor to dedicate
the next song to you...
- 'La Belle Parisienne'
- That's very sweet.
'La Belle Parisienne'
- Celestine!
- Celestine!
Vive Celestine!
Captain! You've got
to come and let me out!
Please! Let me out!
Baby! I'm sorry.
I won't scold you anymore.
Baby, be a good baby.
Yes, mommy loves you.
I'll do anything just let me out!
Vive la Republique!
Vive la Republique! Hurray!
I wonder what
happened to the captain?
That's right! We'd better go
we'll be late at Chateau.
- Don't go!
- I'm afraid we'll have to.
I'm going to do something
I've never done before.
The Lanlaires don't like us.
We don't like him,
But tonight...
we're going to march
and play under their window.
In honor of you Celestine
but don't forget to listen.
Don't forget to come!
- Goodbye, everybody!
- Wait for me.
Captain Mojuet was darling.
He bought us everything.
- It's late
- Have you been digging for treasure?
- Funny, isn't he?
- Like an undertaker
Let's go to the Lanlaire's
and play for Celestine.
Everybody, One!
There's another woman murdered in Paris.
Another woman cut to pieces.
- Charles...
- Yes, dear?
- Here you are, Marianne.
- Our dinner it's ruined.
- Here's the salad.
- Everybody into the dining room.
- What do we do there?
- We drink a toast. We do it every year.
You gave me one more
day to leave for Cherbourg.
- I'm ready to go
- You've got the silver?
- I've got the money.
- How?
That needn't concern you.
My Captain!
Where's my Captain?
- Where is he?
- You're hurting me.
He broke open his locker,
he took his money...
and ran away
- What you're talking about?
- Be quiet! You're hysterical!
- You know!
She led and tricked him!
He did it for you!
- He's drunk in the village
- You hid him somewhere.
She stole my baby!
- Get off the property!
- My baby, Captain.
Where are you baby?
Where is he?
Joseph, wait.
You were in Mojuet's garden.
You killed him!
We killed him!
You were in hurry for the cafe.
- We are in this together.
- No, I...
Be quiet!
Come on!
Open the door.
Get in.
Joseph, serve the wine, please.
The music sounds louder than usual.
George, there's a question
I've been wanting to answer.
- Yes?
- How are we going to end...
the Republic just by closing
the shutter once a year...
and celebrating
with this confounded silver?
This isn't a celebration
It's a funeral for ourselves...
and every one like us
- Well, that's the question.
Here's death to the Republic!
To you, George!
If you should ever leave me
again I couldn't go on living.
- Death to the Republic!
- Madame,
I'm taking this occasion
to make an announcement...
I've served you faithfully...
for 10 years, 3 months
and 3 days to be exact.
But like so many
other people of my class...
I had the ambition that
one day I'd be my own master...
That day has come.
I have saved and
invested my money carefully...
until I was able
to buy a little business.
- I thought you'd be glad to hear it
- You mean you are leaving?
Yes, sir.
That's too bad!
- How soon will you go?
- Right away.
We're leaving tonight.
Perhaps I should also announce
that I'm going to get married.
I found myself a wife.
- Celestine?
- Yes, Celestine.
- You're a liar.
- George...
Get out of this room...
for a moment I took you seriously.
- He's not lying.
- I don't believe you.
- I give you a chance to get out.
- Don't say anymore.
I'm sorry you don't believe me.
She loves me and we are going away.
- Take me away now.
- I congratulate you.
Let's all drink a toast
to Celestine's future.
But first
let me see you kiss him.
We are not used to
kissing in public.
Not in public?
Are you ashamed?
You should be proud
Take him in your arms...
hold him, kiss him
embrace him!
- George, where are you going?
- Flying to the moon.
She cares nothing for you.
It was my orders,
she is a servant
she belongs with a servant.
- Let her go with Joseph.
- That's what I want to listen.
You're a liar, thieves.
That's as it should be...
but she's a servant.
She has no feelings, morals, rights...
- You're my son!
- That's what I'm trying to forget.
Hurray for my son!
- What did you say?
- I said, Hurray for my son.
Let the music come in!
Let's he free!
Open the shutters!
Hurray for my son!
Hurray the revolution!
You miserable fool!
Sit down!
Joseph, close those shutters!
Before you go I want you
to do something for me.
- What is it Madame?
- George is bewitched by her.
When I brought her here.
I didn't bargain for this.
Infatuation is complete.
He'll go away, and never return.
- You can take her with you.
- It will take a certain price.
- A price for me?
- Yes.
- What is it?
- The silverware.
- You're as insane as the rest.
- Very well Madame, goodnight!
You know what
the silver means to me.
- That's why I want it.
- To hurt me.
I must have it as
you had it for my peace of mind.
It represents
to me as it has to you.
My new position in life.
My security.
I'll give you one piece.
- I'll give you this.
- I want all of them.
No, I'll divide it with you.
- I'll give you half.
- All of it.
You'll leave me my
candelabra, and this, and this.
All of it
and you'd better decide quick.
- All of it!
- All right! Take it all!
- Why do you come here?
- I must.
I love you Celestine.
But you told me to get out, that
you never wanted to see me again.
I was wrong.
Will you forgive me?
It's too late.
I have to make you understand.
- You mean about Joseph?
- Please believe me George.
- You mean about Joseph?
- Yes because of Joseph!
- You don't love him.
- I love you George...
But I can't be with you.
I know why.
Because I'm ill?
- Don't say that, it's cruel.
- I knew from the beginning,
That's why I tried to leave you.
I understood you were afraid.
- Afraid?
- Afraid of my lips.
- It's not true,
Come here!
You see it's not true?
I wish there were
no other place but right there...
- No other time, but now.
- My dearest
- Why are you crying?
- Because I love you.
Go away!
- Don't touch him!
- I wouldn't harm Mr. George.
Not if you come with me.
Murderer! Murderer!
Stop it Joseph!
- If you touch him. I'll kill you
- Did I start? Come on!
George, keep away!!
Keep away!
Are you coming with me now?
Or do I have to kill him too?
Your luggage is in the carriage,
Everything is prepared.
The silver it's ours.
All of it.
You'll eat from it
like a queen, and here.
Look, everybody
Celestine is back!
Get out my way
I'm in a hurry
I tell you
I want to get through
Did you hear our music?
We played it for you.
Don't run away
that's you're hurry?
If you don't let me through
I'll use the win.
Make way, I tell you!
Lets see what's inside there!
What do you mean Joseph?
Help me down, somebody!
- I'll kill the next person...
- What do you mean?
I'll kill the next person
who touches these trunks
That's an awful
word to use Joseph.
Did you hear what he said?
My husband to be?
This is my wedding present and
I'm going to share it with you.
Here take it! Take it!
Here take it, take it!
Stay away!
Strange thing about me Joseph.
The more I'm beaten,
the stronger I get.
You'd think
I'd be finished, wouldn't you?
Move back!
Stop it!
Stop it!
I want you to write
something on the last page...
Forsaking all others...
through sickness, and health...
for better or for worse...
...till death do us part.