The Directive (2019) Movie Script

- Where's the food and water?
Where is it, before
I fuck you up!
Yeah, I'd be scared
too if I was you.
Now I don't want to use this
on you for target practice...
These are my only pair
of pants, and I tore em'.
Now I know you got a sewing
kit in here somewhere.
You're probably
hiding it somewhere,
but I'm smarter than you.
Pens, no...
End processing paperwork?
Pillows, poncho, no...
Flashlights, no...
- Red Cross services.
- Oh shit!
You got something to
say, motherfucker?
You've been quiet
for three months,
and now you got
something to say?
I'm gonna take what
I want, when I want!
And you can't do shit about it.
Mad Max, bitch!
I'm here, motherfuckas!
Who's ready for school?
You remember that time
Billie Jo came down
to the supermarket
and she asked me
where the cucumbers were?
I got em' right here.
Just come on!
It doesn't go over 60!
Ya piece of...
What's up boo boo?
I hit you up last night, but...
You didn't hit me back.
Nah it's cool, it's cool.
You don't have to explain.
What you been up to
today though, hm?
You do look good though.
Who, me?
Oh, nah, nah...
I've had these pants for months.
Literally, months.
Why did I just say that?
Well anyway, um...
Yeah boo boo, can
I call you boo boo?
You know...
It was really nice
seeing you today,
I don't think I'm
gonna get this Pepsi,
I'm just not that thirsty.
Oh, but I do just live
down the street, so...
Any time you wanna
swing by, let me know.
You see, there's two types
of people in this world, son.
Those with loaded guns,
and those that dig.
So you start diggin'.
You see, there's two types
of people in this world, son.
Those with loaded guns,
and those that start diggin'.
So you better dig.
You see, there's two types
of people in this world, son.
Those with loaded guns,
and those that dig,
so you start diggin'.
You talkin' to me?
I said, are you talkin' to me?
You talkin' to me?
Are you talkin' to me?
Well I'm the only one here,
so who are you talking to?
You can get much further
with a kind word and a gun,
then you can with
just a kind word.
You either get busy living,
or you get busy dying.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- This is Agent 753.
I've tracked down the
Amherst cleaner team.
They seem to have stumbled upon
a Red Cross relief station.
There are no other
survivors here.
With these targets down,
I'm gonna make my way
over to Ludlow County.
I heard a few other
agents have...
Encountered some cleaner
teams down there.
Roger Agent, we copy.
- Central, there's a
broken Amherst robot
in the back of this
cleaning team's vehicle.
Should we bring it back to
operations for examination?
- No
need for that, Agent.
Recent intel is showing that the
Amherst personnel are utilizing
their robotics batteries
to power GPS systems.
- Copy that, Central.
I'll be taking the vehicle back
to make good use
of time and fuel.
Copy that, Agent.
- Agent out.
All right buddy,
you're staying here.
- What the fuck.
- My model
number is BRO3886.
I am a systematic algorithm
maintenance robot.
How may I be of service to you?
- You won't be of any
service to me, buddy.
- Your physical
action is an unnecessary one.
- Relax battery brain.
I'm just asking if you'd rather
spend your night out here,
or in one of those random
buildings out there.
- Do you happen to
have any electronic devices
that you utilize?
- Nice try, asshole.
Yeah, I have electronics.
But I'm not gonna
be sitting around
listening to you yap
every five seconds.
The last robot
that was in there,
he wouldn't shut up for the
first four months I was here.
Luckily, he was just
a systematic droid
and he had to be charged
every six months.
- My body is not at
full operational capability,
but I was designed with an
amalgamation cord powered cell
exclusive to most Amherst
Industries robotics.
With a fusion decay of 22 parts
per trillion per second squared,
my lifespan will most likely
exceed that of 3,400 years.
Any electronic devices
you currently own
can be powered by me for
long after you have perished.
- Well bub, I'm definitely
not gonna be sitting around
listening to you yap.
So you have a choice, all right?
Either out here, or in there.
What's it gonna be?
Guess you made your choice.
Come here ya little bastard.
How do I plug this into
you to charge my laptop?
- You must find the port
on my back power panel.
Once you plug in the cord,
you must have the
female USB plugged into
the male end on the power cord.
- Stupid robot.
- Though the evidence
itself has not been revealed,
US intelligence is
claiming to have...
Fisher, we're getting
close to war.
If Nikoladze kills these
men on live broadcast,
we're sunk.
- Are we worrying
about the broadcast
or the murders?
For now, the broadcast.
It'll buy us time to
stop the killings.
Nikoladze is broadcasting
from an antenna on the roof.
That's your first objective.
You'll find the
rest on your OPSAT.
- Are you
the only survivor
currently living in this town?
- If there was any
other survivors,
I highly doubt I'd
be talking to you.
- I observed the remains
of a Red Cross relief station.
What happened to all
of the survivors?
Was the Red Cross unable
to contain an outbreak?
- My dad ran that
Red Cross station,
and he did a damn good job.
There was no outbreak.
If anything, it was the
safest place you could be.
- Did they
abandon you here?
- No, dude.
I wasn't left here
There were many survivors,
mostly women and children.
But my dad thought
it was a good idea
to take them all
to the Safe Zone.
My dad thought that
it was a good idea
to load them all
in a transport bus
and take as many as he could,
and when they left
I never saw him
or my step-mom again.
- Why did you
not go looking for them?
- You don't know how to mind
your own business, do you?
- I am just
trying to understand
my new environment.
- After about a week and a half,
all the younger men
decided to head out
on foot towards the Safe Zone.
- Have you tried
connecting to the internet?
- How?
This laptop died
seven months ago.
And besides...
It's impossible to connect
without a satellite.
- I am able to
connect to the internet
in almost every
region of the world.
Why don't you check
the internet now?
It appears as though
the closest Safe Zone
to our location is Safe Zone 57.
Statistically, Safe Zone 57
most likely is home to
your friends and family.
- Statistically...
What are you talking about?
- In a vehicle
it would not have taken
long for them to
travel there safely.
Also, if the Safe Zone
was not currently active,
the government
would be showing you
a different route to safety.
The positives could
outweigh the negatives
for making a trip there on foot.
The trip could reunite
you with your family.
- How do you even know
that they're there?
I mean, just cause it's not far
doesn't mean that they
made it out alive.
- Statistically,
my algorithms show
out of all the possible endings
for your friends and family,
my software indicates
an 88.7 percent chance
they currently reside
at Safe Zone 57.
- Well I'm not gonna trust
a statistical observation
from a broken ass robot.
Don't you work for the company
that started the
outbreak anyway?
- I am a systematic
algorithm maintenance robot.
I was used for maintenance
on the computers
and appliances used in one of
Amherst Industries warehouses.
My connection to Amherst
was maintenance based,
I had no connection to
the company's economic
or social interests.
- Why would I want
to leave here anyway?
I mean...
I've got everything here.
Food, water, shelter,
And best of all...
I know how to hide here.
- From witnessing
your protective behavior
over your supplies
earlier today,
my statistics indicate
that your ration supply
may be running low.
Without food and water,
you will have to resort
to hunting and gathering.
Traveling to the Safe Zone
outweighs the consequences
of waiting for your
rations to run out.
- You have no idea how
much food and water I have,
so you can go fuck yourself!
- I am
unable to procreate,
therefore masturbation
is useless for a robot.
The calendar drawn on
your wall indicates
that you are keeping
track of your rations.
- I'm actually a very organized
and methodical person,
and that's why
I'm keeping track.
- The unkempt nature
of your living quarters
shows your lack of
organization skills.
- Just shut the fuck up already.
I knew I didn't want
to bring you in here.
God, you're just
gonna bother me.
- You would only
have to deal with me
for seven days if you
decided to travel on foot
to Safe Zone 57.
- I highly doubt that you and I
will be spending much
more time together.
First thing tomorrow morning,
I'm taking your ass
back down out there.
So you know what?
Shut the hell down
or whatever you do,
I'm going to bed, good night.
Dang girl.
We keep meeting up like this,
that's gotta be a sign, right?
Well, anyway...
I would invite you
over some time soon,
but I just got this
annoying new roommate and...
He just talks and
talks and talks.
I can't even enjoy
playing video games.
Nah, but I'm evicting
his ass today, so...
Maybe we can try something
on later this week?
Like um...
Friday night possibly?
I am going to find you
dad, wherever you are.
- Does your
packing indicate
that we will be traveling
to the Safe Zone?
- No.
I just packed a whole
week's worth of food
for absolutely no
fucking reason.
We're gonna have to figure out
something to call you man.
I'm not gonna remember
your model number,
it's way too long.
- You can refer to me
as a systematic algorithm
maintenance robot.
- That's not a name, dude.
That's a job title.
I'm tempted to bring this laptop
cause I know I can play
Splinter Cell now, so...
- I am most
certain that you are
making the miscalculation
on the proper weight
a man your size
should be carrying.
- What the fuck are
you trying to say, huh?
I can carry this shit.
And besides, Splinter Cell
is like the last thing
that I have to
hold on to the life
that was before this shit.
- I am
merely pointing out
that the weight you are packing
will slow down your speed
of travel significantly.
- Don't care bro.
Sam Fisher, can't pass that up.
Not leavin' it.
Sam Fisher is so cool.
Sam Fisher, stealth as fuck.
Hey man, what was
your job title again?
- I am a systematic
algorithm maintenance robot.
- Holy shit!
Systematic algorithmic
maintenance robot.
SAM, like the homie Sam Fisher.
That's what I'm
gonna call you, man.
- I do believe SAM
is a fitting acronym.
- Then it's settled.
SAM, that's your new name.
Oh, and by the way...
I'm gonna be carrying
all of this shit,
so I don't wanna be hearing you
call me a bitch anymore.
- I was not insulting you,
only laying out the
mathematical statistics
for your rate of speed.
- Just shut the fuck up, SAM.
- Are you sure
you don't want to
reconsider the
weight in your load?
- What?
This pack is super light.
Lighten my load...
What a guy.
How far do you think we'll
make it by nightfall?
- At your
current rate of speed,
we may make it at
least 15 miles.
- At my current rate of speed?
No, no, no, no.
I was just making a stop
at this building here.
We'll get going much faster
when we leave here, all right?
No worries.
- I will keep my
current estimated distance
of travel for today.
If you begin to exceed my
average statistical speed,
I will alert you immediately.
- Just shut the fuck up, SAM.
I'm still a little winded
from this new workout
I've been trying.
Anyway, so look boo boo.
It's not working out, you know?
Yeah, I invited you
over and you never came
despite all of
those obvious hints
that I dropped to you, so...
I just don't think
this is gonna work.
Oh, I mean it is what it is.
I just, I can't be the man
that you want me to be, so...
And besides, I'm
actually leaving town.
So, best of luck to you.
Stay sexy.
You know what?
I am gonna drink
this Pepsi today.
I don't have any money,
so I'm not gonna
fucking pay for it.
Man, I don't even
understand women.
Oh, what the...
Oh my God.
No wonder it fucking sprayed.
Never drink a bottle of soda
that's been sitting
for over a year.
- I am not too sure
what you are talking about.
Are you feeling unwell?
- I'm fine, SAM.
You know what, just forget
I said anything, okay?
Let's see if I can beat that
statistical speed of
yours, little buddy.
Which way, SAM?
- Move left.
Please move left.
Continue left.
More to your left.
You are too far off course.
Please take a step
clockwise to your right.
You are now on course.
Please travel in this direction.
- Very helpful, SAM.
- Your current water
intake is unnecessary.
- Here we go again.
Always bitchin' at me.
- You should
consider eating
smaller portions
of your rations.
- Fuck you, SAM.
We've been traveling all day.
I eat when I want to, all right?
- Statistically
your water and rations
will run out before we
arrive at Safe Zone 57.
- You told me that we
were gonna be traveling
for a few days.
It's been like a week, man.
Of course I'm gonna
run out of food.
Please, please, please.
God damn it.
Why did I have to eat
all my fuckin' food?
- You should have
listened to my warning.
- Oh shit.
No food or water, but
some alcohol will do.
Now that...
Is some good shit.
- I would
like to point out
that beer will flush
water out of your system
and dehydrate you further.
- SAM, don't ruin
the fucking moment.
All right?
- How many of those
do you plan on drinking?
- I don't know mom,
what are you gonna
call the cops?
- Your safety depends
on your ability to travel.
If you suffer from dehydration,
you'll be in a great
deal of danger.
- Can you not give me
your opinion right now?
I don't need any statistics.
But I do have one question man.
Do you have any songs on that
annoying ass fucking
hard drive of yours?
- I only have one song
saved onto my memory.
It was my creator's
favorite tune.
- Oh shit!
I don't care what it
is, let's hear it!
Every night I hope and pray
A dream lover will come my way
A girl to hold in my arms
And know the
magic of her charms
'Cause I want yeah-yeah, yeah
A girl yeah-yeah, yeah
To call yeah-yeah, yeah
My own, yeah-yeah
I want a dream lover
So I don't have to dream alone
Dream lover, where are you
With a love, oh, so true
And the hand that I can hold
To feel you near as I grow old
'Cause I want yeah-yeah, yeah
A girl yeah-yeah, yeah
To call yeah-yeah, yeah
My own, yeah-yeah
I want a dream lover
So I don't have to dream alone
Someday, I don't know how
I hope she'll hear my plea
Some way, I don't know how
She'll bring her love to me
Dream lover, until then
I'll go to sleep
and dream again
That's the only thing to do
Til' all my lover's
dreams come true
'Cause I want yeah-yeah, yeah
A girl yeah-yeah, yeah
To call yeah-yeah, yeah
My own, yeah-yeah
I want a dream lover
So I don't have to dream alone
Dream lover, until then
I'll go to sleep
and dream again
That's the only thing to do
Til' all my lover's
dreams come true
'Cause I want yeah-yeah, yeah
A girl yeah-yeah, yeah
To call yeah-yeah, yeah
My own, yeah-yeah
I want a dream lover
So I don't have to dream alone
Please don't
make me dream alone
I beg you don't
make me dream alone
Cause I don't
want to dream alone
- Oh, God.
I'm so fuckin' hungry.
Hey SAM...
Do you truly believe
that when we make it
to the Safe Zone my
family will be there?
- There's an
88.7 percent chance
your family--
- Currently resides
in the Safe Zone,
yeah, I get it.
But do you think they'll
actually be there?
- One must
arrive at the Safe Zone
in order to truly discover
if they are there.
- Well no shit, asshole.
There you go, being all
smart and statistical again.
Always doing that shit.
- Precisely, I was
only delivering facts.
- Facts?
You want to talk about facts?
Well the fact is, we wouldn't
even be in this situation
if Amherst didn't
spread the virus
that killed all of humanity.
- Only 98 of the
population perished
due to the virus.
- Only?
98 fucking percent?
That's everyone, you
fucking douchebag.
- Amherst records
indicate they were
attempting to purge
the American population
to below zero
point seven percent
to 319 million.
- 0.7 percent?
What the fuck is
that, like 200 people?
- They wanted
two million selected survivors.
- Oh, heh, great yeah.
Approximately two
million people.
Yeah, that's awesome.
And how the fuck
would you know that?
- I was connected to
their statistical servers
allowing me to access vast
amounts of Amherst records.
- Unbelievable.
You know what?
Good for you SAM.
I'm glad that you feel
okay with the fact
that so many people,
millions of people
lost their lives for
no fucking reason.
A family once lived
happily in this country.
They had dreams, lives, jobs.
They loved one another,
and Amherst took
all of that away.
No American, no
person in general
should be able to decide
who lives and who dies.
It's ridiculous.
- Dr. Amherst had believed
he was doing this
country a great service.
With the rapid
growth of population
and the lack of
natural resources,
this country would
have been destroyed
by something much
worse than the virus.
- So?
I mean, who could've
even predicted
what was gonna happen
to this country?
- In
environmental biology,
there is a much debated topic
revolving around the
population's carrying capacity.
At the rate America was growing,
our environment would
have not been able
to sustain the proper
living for its citizens.
- What do you know about the
proper living for humans?
Robotic fuck.
- These are
not my opinions.
These are the reasons
behind the Amherst virus.
- Jesus, you make it sound
like Amherst was right.
- I am unable to
create opinions or feelings.
Your frustration was sparked
by the moral question of
why did Amherst
spread the virus?
I simply provide the
facts and beliefs
of Amherst Industries.
I was merely attempting
to further your knowledge
and help ease your frustration.
- Well I don't need your
God damn help, okay?
Nothing is going to
ease my frustration.
I had a family, and Amherst
took all of that away,
and nothing is ever going
to help me get over that.
God damn it!
Look SAM, I'm sorry, okay?
I know that you're
not the reason
that Amherst spread
the virus, I just...
I don't want to
be alone anymore,
and I miss my family,
I miss the way that
things used to be.
- I want
you to be reunited
with your friends and family.
- Well I appreciate your help.
If it's all right with you,
I'd like to keep going now.
Soon enough.
- Dylan, what is
your current location?
Alarm, alarm, alarm,
alarm, alarm, alarm.
- Where you going
with that shit?
You won't get too far..
All right, relax.
You could take it.
- Shut the fuck up, SAM.
I don't want all of your food.
I just wanted something to eat.
- Take more if you want.
Take as much as you need.
I don't need it.
- Don't fuckin' follow me,
I'll put a bullet in your head.
- I don't need to follow you.
- Why did you not tell me
about your plan to steal
food from that man?
- Because...
I didn't want to
hear your opinion.
- I have never
given you an opinion.
- Yes you do.
You give me your opinion
all the damn time.
- I give you
statistical possibilities,
and the most probable outcome.
- Well then what were the odds
of that man killing me, huh?
- There was a 50/50 chance
he had more than one weapon.
- Yeah, well...
I didn't really
need to hear that
before I put my
life on the line.
- Computers and
robotics were invented
to help humans survive.
- I was hungry and dehydrated.
I had no choice.
- The
definition of survival
is continuing to live or exist,
especially in spite
of danger or hardship.
- You know, SAM...
I know you're just a computer,
but sometimes it's hard
for me to accept the fact
that you worked
for Amherst, okay?
Like you don't seem to even care
about all the people that
died from that virus.
- I am sorry that my
affiliation with Amherst
makes you feel uncomfortable.
- I mean, do you even feel bad
that your company killed
millions of people?
- I am unable
to add feelings
toward any given subject.
I am programmed to
sympathize with humans
who are in distress or turmoil.
- So you're programmed
to just give me
a generic apology
whenever I'm upset?
- Humans seem
to prefer hearing
a sympathetic response
as opposed to facts,
or in many cases, silence.
- Why the hell
would you be silent?
- Because I
am unable to process
your irritation with
Amherst Industries.
- Well SAM, it only has to do
with this little
thing called morals.
- I understand
you do not like
that the safety of
your fellow humans
was put at risk.
I am in fact a victim
of that human reaction
to the Amherst virus.
- Oh yeah?
And how exactly
are you a victim?
- The large
distribution warehouse
that I was built to maintain
came under attack
once it was known
that Amherst Industries
laboratory spread the virus.
Humans rioted the building,
I and several other robots
were ripped apart,
beaten, destroyed,
and set on fire.
I was found several months later
by an Amherst cleaner team.
They decided to use my
power cord for electronics.
- Well why wouldn't
they repair you?
- There are
no more resources
for advanced
robotics maintenance.
Dr. Amherst is no longer alive.
Nobody currently alive
can repair robots
in my class of sophistication.
- I'm sorry that
happened to you, SAM.
- you should not
apologize to a computer.
- Well, whatever.
I'm gonna go take a piss.
You might wanna get comfortable,
cause we're staying
here for the night.
- We have reached
our destination.
- Hey SAM...
I don't think anybody's here.
I don't think we're
gonna be seeing my family
any time soon.
- I can tell
you what happened
and where everyone is
if you connect me to the
main communications hub.
- Okay.
And where do I find that?
- It will most
likely be located
in the largest tent and surrounded
by processing paperwork.
Please connect me
to your laptop,
and then the laptop
to the modem.
- Do you think
you'll be able to see
if my parents were here?
- I will try.
This may take a while.
- Damn it.
What the fuck?
Oh shit.
In this area,
please come to these
coordinates on your map.
- What?
Latitude 39 degrees north,
and longitude--
- SAM, I don't
think we need to be
calling people here.
It's not safe.
- It is obvious
this place is not safe.
- What?
What is that supposed to mean?
I am a survivor
currently living
at an abandoned--
- SAM, shut that shit off.
- If
there are any survivors in...
- SAM, if you know that
this place isn't safe,
then why the fuck are
you telling people
to come here with my voice?
- That is my
primary directive.
- What's your primary directive?
- My primary directive
is to eradicate humans
until the population decreases
to under two million
in the United States.
- What the fuck are
you talking about, SAM?
You're a systematic
algorithm maintenance robot.
You worked on maintenance!
- Dr. Amherst
gave me a BRO3866
systematic algorithm
maintenance robot body,
but it is my
artificial intelligence
that sets me apart
from other robotics.
- Your artificial intelligence?
What the fuck are you
talking about SAM,
you're just a robot.
- This may be hard
for you to understand,
but I have been lying to you
in order to continue
pursuing my directive.
I was on my way into
an abandoned Safe Zone
when the government agent killed
the cleaner team
transporting me.
The current Amherst operatives
have been using my talents
of creating traps in
contaminated areas
similar to this trap
I have led you into.
- What the fuck are
you talking about?
- This zone is
currently contaminated.
Survivors have become smart
and learned how to contain or
in some cases even
cure the virus.
This zone had an
uncontrollable outbreak,
all of the doctors
and survivors left.
There's a 97 percent chance
that you are now
infected by the virus.
- God, no!
You motherfucker, SAM.
You better tell me that
you're joking right now.
- Unfortunately for
you, this is not a joke.
You most likely
only have between
six and nine hours to live.
The way you choose to
spend those last few hours
are completely up to you.
Fortunately for
me, if you leave,
that heightens the chances
that you will
contaminate someone else
and by the time more
survivors arrive here,
you'll most likely be dead.
- God damn it, SAM.
I thought you were my friend.
- You should
not be offended
that you were fooled by an
artificial intelligence.
My intellectual
quotient is much higher
than an average human's.
- I don't give a fuck
how smart you are.
- Dylan, Dylan, Dylan...
- Not getting up
now, are you bitch?
I'm sorry dad...
I'm not gonna make it.
I just don't want to be
in this world anymore!
- Charleston Hospital,
this is Agent 602.
We just encountered
a infected survivor.
We're administering the
antidote right now but
he's in a bad way,
we might need an
emergency drop off.
How copy?
- Copy,
just give us a moment.
Copy, we will begin preparing
an isolated unit now, Agent.
- Roger that.
- I am a survivor
currently living at an
abandoned Safe Zone.
If there any
survivors in this area
please come to these
coordinates on your map.
Latitude 39 degrees north,
and longitude 105 degrees west
located in Decker County.
I have food and
water at shelter.
I am a survivor
currently living at an
abandoned Safe Zone.
If there are any
survivors in this area,
please come to these
coordinates on your map.
Latitude 39 degrees north,
and longitude 105 degrees west,
located in Decker County.
- Hi, my name is SAM.
I am a Red Cross
mass medical robot.
How may I be of service to you?
- Welcome
back, I'm Rick Fellasi,
and you, you lucky
bastards are listening
to "Wouldn't You Know It".
And if you're listening,
that means you really
are a lucky bastard.
You apparently won
the genetic lottery,
and can't catch the green poison
like 95 percent of
the rest of humanity.
Oh no, you had it good.
You got to sit around
eating bon bons,
watching people you
loved wither and die
and get wrapped in Hefty bags,
and dumped in a mass
grave with no funeral
or gravestone or nothing.
Yeah, we got a golden
ticket didn't we?
It's like the fucking
80s all over again.
But what I want
to know is this...
Where'd it come from?
Some yuppie scum
millennial helicopter mom
refusing to give her kid
the God damn measles shot?
I wish.
I hate those morons.
But this ain't measles,
and that aint the
way the world works.
And it ain't Ebola or Marburg,
it didn't evolve with
bat shit some monkey ate
before some idiot
ate the monkey.
I tell you where it came from.
It came from a lab.