The Dirty South (2023) Movie Script

(intense music)
(film reel clicking)
(rope swishing)
(birds chirping)
(lively tempo music)
(ambient music)
(gentle guitar music)
(flame sizzling)
- [Narrator] Anyone
from a small town
knows about small town bullshit.
Whatever your business,
you bet everybody knows it.
College here makes up
half our population
and the rest of us are
split by the river.
(lively guitar music)
There's that side,
and this side,
this side works for that side.
And it's being the
Bible Belt and all.
Folks around here know
me and mine as sinners.
(smooth guitar beat music)
My name is Sue.
I ain't too big on
what people think.
(firecracker popping)
But every now and then,
that's been known to
get me into trouble.
(radio buzzing)
- [Radio] Q-92, good morning.
It is that magical
time of the year
in North Louisiana, folks.
The 97th annual Natchitoches
Festival of Lights
will be full swing this weekend
down at the
Natchitoches riverfront,
and temperatures are
expected to drop,
so make sure you bundle
all those little ones up.
Grab your friends, grab
your family, grab a beer,
grab some cheer and meet
us down at the riverbank
this Saturday at nine
o'clock for the fireworks.
- Hey.
Yo, that's my wallet, brother.
Hey, man.
Hey asshole, come on!
(riders laughing)
(upbeat guitar music)
Yes, I need to report a robbery.
Over here at Roger's
diner off highway one.
(riders laughing)
- [Passenger] Oh my God,
did that just happen?
- I mean, who carries
this much money?
- Y'all see him
grope that waitress?
Oh why, my friends
I just got to go
You know all my cares
have gone out the window
(exciting music)
- Wait, no, no, no.
- [Dispatch] All unites advised,
211 in progress.
Suspect seen driving
west on Highway One
in a blue Chevrolet Chevelle.
- Jesus, chill out.
- [Dispatch] Copy that.
(tires screeching)
You know all my cares
have gone out the window
Now, now
Chow, chow
- Oh shit.
Gone out the window
(exciting rock music)
(police siren alarming)
- Oh my God, oh my God,
what're you doing?
Out the window
- [Driver] I got this,
hold on, hold on.
- Oh my God.
Can you stop?
Gone out the window
- Pull over!
(exciting rock music)
(police siren alarming)
- I got this.
- He's getting closer.
Gone out the window
Gone out the window
Gone out the window
(passengers laughing)
- Where did you learn that?
- [Driver] Plenty of practice.
(ominous music)
(flame sizzling)
(firecracker popping)
- Damn it, Jacob.
- No.
- Jacob, just come
in and take a shower.
You're gonna be late for school.
Can you please stop
blowing shit up?
You're gonna give
me a heart attack.
- Okay.
My bad.
- Your dad's gonna
take you to school.
- He ain't here.
- What do you mean
he's not here?
- Heard his truck crank up
around three last night.
- Okay, I will
take you to school.
But hurry, please, I've
got the inspector today.
Hey, get up.
No, come on.
- Can I at least
get some breakfast?
- No.
Nobody's got time for
that, come on, go.
(ominous music)
(electronic beeping)
- Let's see there.
Oh, 101.6.
Yeah, you gotta stay in bed.
I've got Gary Parker today.
- I'll take care of Gary.
In fact, I kind of
look forward to it.
- Well, if Sue is there-
- Don't worry, I can handle Sue.
Just, just feel
better, all right,
and I'll be back for lunch.
(gentle guitar music)
(muffled rock music)
- Plan that later
when I do that.
So we just pretend
I'm Sandy Claus
and this is our little
snowbank, uh-oh.
We're in trouble now.
- Do you even know
what today is?
- It's after yesterday,
before tomorrow.
- No, come on, you gotta go.
- Oh, what?
- Hey now, come on, Sue,
knock it off.
- Get your purse.
Come on.
- No.
- [Sue] We've got
the inspector today.
- Just wait a damn--
- Clean that shit up!
- Wait a damn minute, Sue.
- We don't have a minute
and neither do you.
- I need to get paid.
- A hooker, really, Dad?
You were supposed to take
Jacob to school today.
- Oh, shit.
I'm sorry, I just, I
lost track of time.
- Well, there is a
clock right there.
It said three in the morning
when I clocked out last night
and I still got
here on you time-
- You just best watch
that tone in my bar.
- Your bar?
- You're damn right.
Wanna see the papers?
- Then act like it,
you selfish prick.
You can't just disappear
whenever you want to.
You have a young child at home.
(door knocking)
- You know your
back door is open.
- Why is the back door open?
Mr. Roy, I was
expecting your brother.
- Oh, I didn't know Daryl
had business with you too.
- Yeah.
How can I help you?
- Well, Jo Anne's sick today,
so I'm here on her behalf.
Hey, how you doing, Gary?
- I'm all right, Jeb.
What you make of it?
- You're a tough
man to track down.
- Yeah, I'm just chasing
that dollar, you know?
- Yeah.
Imagine that's all
you're chasing.
(prostitute banging)
- I ain't got no car here!
- All right, I'm gonna go.
- Yes, please.
- Probably best.
- Yeah.
You know,
speaking of best, Jeb,
send mine to Jo Anne, would you?
- If you knew what
was good for you-
- [Sue] Remember that
small town bullshit
I mentioned before?
(smooth beat music)
Well, rumor has it, Gary
and Jo Anne shacked up
the one and only night
that she and Mr. Jeb
had their one and only breakup.
But, of course, they got back
together the very next day.
Then Daddy met Mama.
The word around town is
Gary is the only other man
that's had his
way with Mrs. Roy.
And if I'm lying, I'm dying.
Their only son
became my first love,
but small town bullshit
can last decades,
and in some cases, generations.
(Gary groaning)
- Sorry about that.
- You know, your dad
ain't paid the mortgage
on this place in some time.
Bank called, nothing.
- Oh no, wait, no, we've
been paying it every month.
I drop him off at the cash drop.
- [Jeb] Yeah.
- Okay, how much do we owe?
- 30, including penalties.
- Thousand?
By when?
- Yesterday.
- Okay, come on.
You have to believe that I
had no idea about this, okay?
You're just gonna give me a
little bit more time, right?
- Yeah, and I empathize
with your situation.
I think this joint
just needs a new owner.
- This place is all we got.
Without it, I don't know
how I'm gonna feed Jacob.
- And mercy ended
five months ago.
I'll give you 72 hours or
I pick it up at auction.
- Three days?
- Yeah.
Yeah, one more thing.
My boy's back in town.
- I didn't know he was here.
- His mother and I would
like to keep it that way.
- Mark and I dated
in high school,
we are different people now.
- You were always
different people.
- Yeah, I remember.
- Me too.
(eerie music)
- Hey, you know your
back door is open.
- Hello, brother.
- What you doing here?
- I'm done here.
See you soon, Parker.
All right, inspector.
- I tell you,
small town sure enough, huh?
you ready for the inspect?
- Mm-hmm.
- You got two leaks
in the bathroom
and a busted pipe
under the sink.
- Yeah, I can get
those fixed today.
- Should have been
fixed, darling.
These are health violations.
And, ooo wee,
that's a big one.
- Yeah.
My dad was here,
but he didn't even
work last night, I did.
- You know, I could shut
you down for this alone.
- Yeah, I'm hoping you
can just overlook it.
- You got a couple grand
fines here and now this?
- I can give you a
whole case of So Co.
What, you wanna see my tits?
- What, them fried eggs?
I was thinking...
something else.
What you thinking?
(ominous music)
- I'm thinking that you thought
that I would get down
on my knees for this,
but now I'm thinking
that you're just
gonna sign that paper all good
and never make this fucking
mistake again, Mr. Roy.
What do you think?
Is that good to you?
(smooth guitar music)
- How awesome is this?
Yesterday morning we
were in Florida, and now,
I may never go back now.
- Hey,
everything okay under there?
- Yep.
Just pushed her a little
hard earlier today.
(engine rumbling)
(Flo laughing)
- Woo.
(eerie music)
- [Flo] And where's
home for you?
- You're sitting in her.
(gentle guitar music)
- [Donna] Three days,
how you gonna do that?
- I don't know.
(phone chiming)
Who is that?
- Eric?
Wait, who's Eric?
- Some frat guy from last night.
- What happened to
that football player?
- Logan got benched,
so he's been whining.
- Why don't you have a drink
at the end of the night
instead of taking out
all your aggression
on some college boy?
- I wish I could
but someone's gotta be
an adult around here.
- Well, maybe you
could use some help.
- Finding 30 grand?
Yes I could.
- I mean, you can't do
everything by yourself, Sue.
- Not everybody experiences
a happy family, Donna,
so not everyone's
in a rush to make one.
- Well,
maybe history doesn't
have to repeat itself.
It doesn't.
Look, just 'cause
your mom ran out
does not mean-
- Okay.
That you have to-
- Right.
- I'm sorry, it's just,
I don't want you to
sell yourself short.
- And I'm not,
I'm just selling
myself some reality.
- Yeah.
- But, look, you're
not wrong, okay?
Not like this is where
I imagine myself,
but it's not like I've
even have a choice.
Look at the fucking mess
that we're in right now.
- Well, hey, Sue.
- Mark.
- Yeah, I'm sorry to scare
you, the door was open.
- Yeah, no, we just stopped
locking them around here.
- Donna.
Hey, how are you?
- [Donna] Good.
How's Princeton?
- Just finished my grad program.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Yeah, Dad's been talking
about retirement,
so I'm just back here
learning the ropes.
- No one leaves
this place forever.
Okay, I gotta go, so...
call me later.
- [Sue] Maybe.
(gentle music)
- [Donna] Good seeing you, Mark.
- Can't believe
Donna's got a kid now.
- Yeah.
A lot's changed around here,
but, look, not to
be rude or anything,
but we're not really open.
- Yeah, no, I just wanted
to come by and say, hey.
It's been a while, you know?
- Yeah, well, I'm glad you did,
but I kind of got my
hands full at the moment.
- I gotta get back to work.
I just,
I needed to see you, Sue.
- I'm not really sure
that's a good idea.
- Hey, look, I really-
- You know your daddy's
trying to buy this place?
- No?
Wait, hold on, what?
(smooth beat music)
(gas light chiming)
- Everything okay?
- [Dion] Yeah, just
a little on gas.
- I could definitely
use a shower.
- For real, though.
And a drink.
- There's a sign
back there that said
there was a town coming up.
No, I'm good.
- Suit yourself.
I'm free as a bird!
(upbeat electric guitar music)
- Hey, what's going on?
There's a party at the
football house later.
Swing by?
- Ask me in a few hours.
- Hello, gorgeous.
I'll have one beer
and one shot of you.
- I think you've had enough.
- Not even close.
- Get it together
or get the fuck out.
- Yes, ma'am.
(person whistling)
(bar patrons hushing)
- All right.
One drink, get that gas,
and get the hell out of here.
Oh, excuse me,
sir, my apologies.
Hey, ma'am.
The sign up front says
that you sell gas.
- Pump's out back.
Just pull your boat up.
- My boat.
No, no, we don't have a boat.
We have a car.
Do you sell gas cans?
- The store in town does
just four miles that way.
- Yeah, that's great.
Whatever these two ladies want.
- And for you?
- The men's room.
(lively guitar music)
I've been stuck in
this one horse town
- Woo!
As long as I remember
Dreaming of the day
when I move away
Finally get out
of this timber
Boy, quit your running
but the old timers say
You need to sit and
work on your faith
My dream's bigger
than a job at the mill
I wanna see you
sow that next hill
I wanna see you
sow that next hill
I wanna see you
sow that next hill
About time my sentence
till I'm gonna be free
Tired of these same lights
And tired of
these same streets
And I wanna run
and run in the sun
Find some new places
Meet some new faces
I wanna hear the people
scream out my name
I'll get you to listen
about fortune and fame
(crowd cheering)
- Have you seen him lately?
- No, have you?
- No, I think he left.
- Hey.
Can we use your shower later?
Free as a bird.
- Woo!
Out of this town
to make my own way
- That's 170.
Come on, Gary, think,
think, think, think.
(ominous music)
- Still chasing that
dollar, Gary Parker?
- Fuck me, man, I'm trying
to get your money, all right?
- Yeah.
What, slinging drinks
ain't cutting it anymore?
Oh wait, nevermind.
- What do you want, Jeb?
- You know what I
want, I offered it to
you six months ago,
but you're stubborn.
- What'd I say, huh?
I done told you
it ain't for sale.
- Come on, bubba,
everything's for sale.
I thought all good
trailer trash knew that.
- Fucking asshole, man.
Fuck off.
- Oh, hey, by the way,
you're never gonna
guess who I ran into
down the Shreveport last night.
- Yeah, I don't give a shit.
- Oh yeah?
Well, swear to God,
there, sitting across from
me at the poker table,
guess who it was, none other
than your ex-wife, Gary Parker.
- Gina?
- Yeah.
(Jeb laughing)
- You saw Gina?
- Yeah.
- What casino?
- Yeah, you know what, I
thought she killed herself
after she had your offspring.
- What casino?
Hey, you son of a bitch!
What casino?
You cock sucker!
damn it!
(gentle piano music)
- See you found a can.
- Yeah, yeah.
met a guy.
- He help you find
those wallets too?
Or was it those girls?
- Look, I...
- You really took
my room tonight.
Guess you do this for a living.
How much you make?
- You ain't calling
the law, are you?
- [Sue] Not yet.
How much?
- A grand.
And I can split that with
you if you keep quiet.
- It's just petty shit you take?
- I just take what I
need when I need it.
- I don't really believe in
taking things that aren't yours,
but I get desperate times.
(foreboding music)
What if I told you I
knew where you could get
way more than that?
Something bigger.
- Well, are you
tellin' or showin'?
- Maybe both.
But I would need
something in return.
30 grand...
by Monday.
- Oh.
- There's a lot of
money around here.
A lot more than you'd think.
If I showed you where,
you think we could
work something out?
- By Monday?
That's kind of a
steep turnaround.
- If I don't get the money,
my family is gonna
lose this land.
I mean, I could get
another job, but...
I don't really know
where we'd live.
Honestly, I don't really
know how we would survive
without this place.
- These pockets,
how deep are they?
- Enough to get you
where you're going.
- I get you your 30,
I keep the rest.
- Take all you want.
Just need enough to
cover what we owe.
(ominous tempo music)
- Hell.
All right, if I do this,
I don't know this area,
not well, that is...
but there is a buyer I can call.
I'm Dion.
- Sue.
- Well, we best
start tonight, Sue.
(gentle piano music)
- [Radio] Q-92.
We're back, and Natchitoches,
it is officially here.
The Festival of
Lights, now days away.
We're seeing heavy
traffic all hours,
day and night--
- One of my regulars,
he's got a barn filled of
like old cars, the classics.
Cheap asshole never tips.
- No, no, no, you only want
to take cars from the street.
Off someone's property,
you're asking for trouble.
- Okay.
I know a bunch of
construction sites.
We could get some
of the equipment.
- Got a trailer,
something to pull it?
- My truck can.
- Faster than a cop car?
what's this place?
- Just some bar that's
open later than us.
It's filled with rednecks.
- Jackpot.
You thirsty?
- No.
So this really is your
thing, just robbing bars.
- [Dion] Three days
come quick, honey.
- Don't call me honey
and this place is empty.
- Oh, not true.
These boys work offshore.
There's a few welding
trucks outside too.
- So?
- So, what it means
is they got more money
than they know what to do with.
And they haven't seen
a woman in a few weeks.
You shoot pool?
- Of course, I'm a bartender.
- Good, take your jacket off.
- No, it's cold in here.
- You're gonna have to
trust me on this one.
Go win us some money, honey.
(smooth beat music)
- Who's next?
- Excuse me, sir.
Where's your men's room?
Thank you, much.
(upbeat electric guitar music)
I love that woman
Young, wild, and free
Old gypsy lady
Bad as she can be
Oh, Mama, tell 'em
Far as I can see
Devil has an angel and
she right in front of me
Burnin' like a
fire, cold as can be
I love that woman but
that woman don't love me
(smooth electric guitar music)
I love that woman,
shine like a star
Old gypsy lady
Make me wanna go too far
Oh, Mama, tell 'em
Far as I can see
Devil's got an angel and
she's coming after me
Burnin' like a
fire, cold as can be
I love that woman but
that woman don't love me
(smooth electric guitar music)
(people clapping)
- [Player] Pure
- Damn, baby, that's
some good shooting.
What's your name?
- It ain't baby.
- Hey.
- You weren't kidding.
- I told you I wasn't
a rookie at pool.
- We may get this
shit in three days.
- How much did you bank?
- [Eric] Hey, Sue!
Is that you?
Where you been?
- Hey, let's just go.
- I've been trying to call you.
- Yeah.
Sorry, my phone's dead.
(ominous music)
- See, the thing is,
I didn't wanna believe
that football guy at
the bar, but damn,
you kind of a whore, ain't you?
(Eric laughing)
You wanna get tough
with us, big guy?
(Eric groaning)
(punches thudding)
Oh, motherfucker.
(lively tempo music)
- Speak to women like that, huh?
- [Eric] No, sir.
- [Sue] Hey.
Come on.
- Go, go, go.
(engine rumbling)
(tires screeching)
(engine revving)
(lively tempo music)
- 6,440.
I should have probably
bet that game.
- Yep, it's not a bad start.
- Yeah.
- I'd save all that feeling
bad stuff for Tuesday,
we're on a deadline.
- Yeah, I know.
What's next?
- Make a list of all the
spots where the money's at
and I'll pick something
that gets us both paid.
But I can't do this alone.
So just be ready to
go tomorrow night.
- How do I reach you?
- [Dion] I'll find you.
- Okay.
I appreciate you doing this.
- It ain't just
for you, you know?
- Yeah.
- Hey, that river,
what's it run into?
- It's actually a
lake, not a river.
It's just damned at both ends.
- And folks just keep
their boats out there?
- Them people that got money do.
- Goodnight.
(gentle guitar music)
- [Jeb] Where do
you mean, there?
Yeah, exactly.
I'll get that done for you, sir.
- [Mike] All right.
- [Jeb] Thank you, Mike.
- Hey, Dad, you got a sec?
- Yeah, but we gotta hurry up.
Swing by the bank and pick
up your mom for lunch.
Hey, how do you like
that company truck?
- It's great.
Thank you, Dad.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Can I ask you something?
- Yeah, shoot.
- What's this I hear about
you wanting the Parker bar?
- What'd you hear that?
- I mean, is it true?
- Well, yeah, I shot an
offer to Gary a while back,
but tell you what, son,
you can't fix stupid.
That bank's gonna take it
and I'll get it for cheaper.
Drunk bastard.
- So who's gonna run it, you?
- Well, maybe, what's it to you?
- I just never knew you
dreamed of owning a bar.
- There's a lot of shit
you don't know, son.
- Dad, you know they don't
have a pot to piss in.
What's Sue gonna do for money?
- Ah, hold on.
Please don't tell me you're
going after that girl again.
- She's just a friend.
- Yeah, a friend
who'll get knocked up
as fast as you can blink.
Don't be stupid, come on, Mark.
- It's not like that.
I just don't know what you
want with that old dive.
- That's bullshit.
You know what, I made
you, I know how you think.
Don't be sweet on that girl
again, please, she not for you.
- Dad, I'm a grown man, I can-
- I'll show you
a grown man, huh?
You puff up your chest
like that at me again, huh?
(ominous music)
Now you listen to me,
and listen right this time.
Take a long, hard
look at a girl's mama,
that's your future.
All right?
Okay, so if you want
to chase after trash
who's gonna run around on
you, you go ahead, son,
you go ahead but I'm not
paying for no wedding.
You're not taking
this company ever.
- I didn't ask you to
pay for nothing, Dad.
- Yeah.
- It's just a question.
(drumsticks clicking)
(melancholic blues music)
- [Donna] See the hardware
store's under new ownership?
- Yeah, someone
said the YMCA too.
- You taking Jacob to the
Christmas Fest tomorrow?
- Depends on today.
Jacob, can you go
do your homework?
- Figure out what
you're gonna do?
- Got something in the making,
- I wish me and Brad could help.
- I wouldn't even take the
money if you guys offered it.
- Any sign from your dad?
- Excuse me, ma'am, can
I steal her for a second?
- Okay.
- You got those addresses?
See you after work.
- Um, excuse me,
who is the salt and pepper?
- That is something
in the making.
- Well, I hope it's babies
you're making, 'cause, damn,
I'd feed him crackers
in my sheets.
- You don't already
do that with Brad?
- He needs a bib
more than my baby.
(door thudding)
Oh shit, he looks bad.
(footsteps stomping)
I'll take him.
- Hey, buddy, you're
gonna go with Donna, okay?
She's gonna take you home.
- Can I go to Tyler's?
His dad's gonna throw
batting practice.
- Oh, right.
Your game is Saturday, right?
Okay, Donna, do you mind?
- Yeah.
Not at all, it's no problem.
- Okay, thank you.
I will pick you up from
school tomorrow, okay?
(Gary groaning)
- That motherfucker!
Goddamn it!
- You looking for something?
- Where'd you put it?
- [Sue] Put what?
- Don't you fuck with me!
Where's it at?
- What, your
schedule two felony?
- Fucker!
- Okay, you can
stop looking, okay?
I threw it out already.
- You fucking better not have!
- I'm sorry.
- Goddamn it!
I got a big cash
order waiting for me.
Motherfucking goddamn it.
Don't believe you did this.
- Can't believe
this is the example
you're trying to
set for your son.
- Shit!
- Look at yourself,
Gary, this is pathetic.
- You'll learn one
day, little girl,
sometimes you just
do what you gotta do.
I'm doing the best I can,
I'm just trying to save
this goddamn place!
- How are you gonna do that
when you can't
even save yourself?
- What have you done, huh?
- I got 6,500 yesterday.
- Bullshit!
Who'd you screw?
- You watch your fucking mouth!
- Yeah.
You just thinks you
can run this place
so much fucking better than me.
- Been running it
since Mom left you.
- Yeah, and you think you
know everything just like her!
- No, actually, I don't,
because I used to think that
Mom was a cunt for leaving you,
but now.
- That is fucked up!
I tell you what,
I tell you what,
you get the money,
the place is yours.
- Put that in writing.
- You give me a
fucking pen, smartass!
- Keep digging, dipshit.
(somber electric guitar music)
- Okay.
It's unstuck.
- Thank you, gorgeous.
- Last call, everyone.
Shit, what happened
to your face?
- Nothing.
Can I get a drink?
- Yes, still a whiskey?
- Please.
- Oh God, I don't
have change for that.
- Just take it.
- It's too much, I can't.
- Just keep it unless
you want my dad
standing where you are.
- [Sue] Does he know we spoke?
- Hey, yeah, it's stuck again.
- Shit.
Can you just play
darts until then?
- Yeah, no worries.
Oh, I got you.
Oh, snap, yo.
Yo, you're Mark Roy.
- Who's asking?
- Logan?
Logan Thibadeaux.
You played at St. Mary's.
I was a freshman
your senior year.
- Wide receiver from Evangel.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I remember you.
- [Logan] Talk to
me, that's right.
Where you at now?
- I just graduated
from Princeton.
- Princeton.
How are the Ivy League chicks?
(Logan chuckling)
Yeah, well, it's better than
the pick mes around here.
I mean, honestly, the
bartender, she's the...
She's the best
piece you'll find.
- Is that right?
- Oh man, what?
So good.
I hit her once and
now she want me
to take her on a
date or some shit.
- Maybe the first time just
wasn't too good for her.
- Yeah.
Definitely seemed like she
enjoyed herself that night.
Should have heard her lungs.
- Why don't you
watch your mouth?
- What are you gonna do?
(punch thudding)
- Hey!
- Yo, get off!
- Hey, break it up!
- Stop it!
- I'll give you
a hard time, boy!
- Stop!
Get out, both of you!
Bar is closed!
That's enough!
Stop it, now get out!
We are closed!
I will meet you outside.
- See, what I tell you, boy?
- [Mark] Get your ass out!
- Get out, that is enough!
- Keep walking!
Keep walking, bitch!
- Stop it!
Go home or I will call the cops!
Get out!
- Everybody out!
(ominous music)
(Gary groaning)
(phone buzzing)
- Yeah.
- [Operator] This
is a collect call
from Caddo Parish
Corrections Center from-
- [Gina] Gina Parker.
- [Operator] To
except the charges-
- Accept, yeah.
- Gary?
- Hey.
(engine rumbling)
- Please tell me
you got something.
- I checked out those spots,
I think I found what we need.
- Thank you, Jesus.
- How old are you?
- Does that really matter?
- Nevermind.
- Since you wanna ask questions,
what made you pick this
illustrious career?
- Didn't choose it.
- What does that mean?
- It means we should focus.
(eerie music)
Come on.
(ominous music)
- [Sue] This is
Daryl Roy's house.
Of course you'd pick the
most powerful family in town.
- Okay.
Now, look,
when I call you, you
answer this, all right?
Stay low.
If a light comes on,
flash this once.
If the door opens,
then you run to the car and
you break for the bridge.
All right?
- Wait, wait, wait, are you
breaking into the house?
- [Dion] Nope, you
just be ready to run.
- What the fuck?
(paint spray hissing)
(ominous tempo music)
(water sloshing)
Oh, shit.
(phone buzzing)
Hey, I just saw a light come on.
- [Dion] Okay, stay low.
I'll be at the dock.
- Wait, wait, wait, what?
- [Dion] You just
be ready to jump.
- What?
Why did love
Put a gun in my hand
Why did love
Put a gun in my hand
Why did love
Put a gun in my hand
(motor rumbling)
In my bed, in my
head, in my hand
Was it for redemption
Was it for revenge
Was it for the bottle
Was it for the lead
Was it for the thrill of
pushing my hope to the edge
Why did love, why did love
Put a gun in my hand
Why did love, why did love
Put a gun in my hand
- This is insane!
- Woo!
- Wanna feel 30 grand?
Was it for redemption
Was it for revenge
Was it for the bottle
Was it for the lead
(Sue howling)
- Woo!
(Sue and Dion laughing)
To the edge
Why did love, why did love
Put a gun in my hand
Oh, in my hand
- [Dion] Hey, switch me.
Get down, stay low.
Put a gun in my hand
(water splashing)
(metal cranking)
- Who's driving?
(engine rumbling)
- My friend, Jack.
- Who's Jack?
- Don't worry.
It's gonna be okay.
(ominous music)
(dial tone buzzing)
- [Officer] Caddo
Police Department.
- Yeah.
I'm calling about Gina Parker.
Picked her up for DUI.
What's the bail set for?
- [Officer] Mrs. Parker
hasn't seen the judge yet,
but station house bail for
third offenders set at 12,000.
(melancholic music)
- [Dion] Okay.
Let me handle this, all right?
- [Sue] Okay.
- [Dion] Hey.
- It's so good to see you.
- [Dion] So good to see you.
- And you brought company.
- Yeah, Jack, this is Sue.
- You're Jack?
- Jacqueline.
Only friends call me Jack.
- I appreciate you doing this.
- What year is it?
- That's a 2015.
- Motor's in good condition.
I'll give you 15 for it.
- What?
No, it's worth double that.
- Excuse you?
- This is not a Kingfisher,
this is a Mastercraft.
- Sue,
let me handle this.
- You know where
you're at, honey?
You're out in the middle
of nowhere with two people
that do nasty shit for a living.
Me and this one, right
here, have some past sins.
Adding one more to that
list ain't nothing to me.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Take it easy, all right?
She's in a money bind.
- What are you, stupid?
Bringing a date on a job?
- It's not like that.
Okay, gotta be able
to work something out.
You can't go any
higher than that?
- No.
All right, and you're
lucky you're getting that.
Summer's over.
I can't flip a 2015
that fast out of season.
- Okay, all right.
You're right, thank you.
- [Jacqueline] I got
your wheels though.
- You know me.
- Too pretty to go to jail.
- [Dion] Ha, don't
you worry about me.
(eerie music)
- Tractors and bobcats
are always in season.
Y'all be careful now.
(eerie music)
- I'm sorry.
- I told you to keep quiet.
- My bad, I didn't know she
was gonna pull gun on me.
- This isn't the
bar business, Sue.
- Okay, well,
seemed like there was
a little history there.
What'd she mean by past sins?
- What do I need to
make clear to you?
I don't get paid until
you get yours, remember?
Do you think this is fun for me?
- Just be honest.
Do you kill people too?
- Sue, I promise you, I don't.
Just get in the car,
okay, we gotta go.
(gentle guitar music)
Flawless carriage
light across the sky
Comb the the seven
seas for a pearly eye
Tried and true,
tough as nails
My safe haven forever
and it for bail
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Magic change
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
It ain't nothin', we're okay
- My old man was...
He was a drunk fuck.
(eerie music)
He used to beat up on...
me and my mom so bad and we
couldn't even leave the house.
And one day my mama had enough
and she finally called
the cops, he was busted.
And she bought that
Chevelle off some meth head
and we split town.
It took him about
five years to get out,
but when he did, it didn't
take him that long to find us.
When I saw what he
did to my mom...
(tire iron thudding)
Yeah, so I've...
I've been on the
move ever since.
I didn't kill nobody for money.
Just him.
Just that once.
So when I say I didn't
choose this life...
I don't know, wanted men
don't have many options.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry, don't be.
- I know it's not
the same thing but...
I can relate to...
carrying the sins or
mistakes of others.
Gary's the reason why
we're in this mess,
and if it weren't
for Jacob, I...
I don't know where I'd be but
it wouldn't fucking be here.
- Yeah, we don't get to
choose our family, do we?
- No.
(gentle piano music)
(Sue and Dion huffing)
(pleasant instrumental music)
(glass shattering)
(Gary indistinctly grumbling)
(ominous tempo music)
(lively tempo music)
(object thudding)
- Jeb.
Wake up.
Did you hear that?
(Jeb groaning)
- Yeah.
(engine rumbling)
(ominous tempo music)
What the hell's going on?
(engine revving)
(ominous tempo music)
(bottle can clinking)
(Daryl whistling)
(Daryl burping)
- You gotta be shittin' me.
- Where you going?
- I was just going
get us some coffee.
I didn't wanna wake you up.
- We got it back here.
I'll make you some.
- [Dion] Okay.
(ominous music)
- [Sue] What the fuck?
- What?
What is it?
- It's not here.
- Hey, I don't have
it, you can check me.
- I put it in here,
I put it in here
when we were in the
car, I know I did.
- Hey, calm down, maybe
you dropped it in the car.
- I didn't lock the
door last night.
- Yeah, I don't know,
I don't remember.
- We're gonna need that gun.
(somber blues guitar music)
- Boy.
I raised you better than that.
- Yeah, all right, calm down.
We'll find out who.
Yeah, let me call you back.
Somebody stole Daryl's boat
right off his dock last night.
- You're kidding.
You know who did it?
- Well, no,
they spray painted
the cameras first,
but, hell, damn right
we know who did it.
- Who?
- Who do you fucking think?
- Would you watch
your mouth, Jeb Roy?
- You know what, I
don't want to hear it.
He is on camera holding a gun,
standing on my fucking property.
- I have to serve
him the papers today.
- Yeah, well then
maybe it's best
you get to him before I do.
- What the hell
is going on, Mom?
- Gary Parker came by
the house last night.
Stumbling drunk.
Gun in hand.
- Why, because of that bar?
- I don't know, son.
- You don't know or you
just don't want to tell me?
- It's just ancient history.
- What is?
- I know he don't look it now
but Gary and I had a little
thing in high school.
- So that was true.
I thought it was just
small town bullshit.
- Well, we don't talk about it.
- Okay, so that
was 30 years ago,
and now Dad's just gonna buy
the Parker's bar out of spite?
- No, the bar and the
plot they live on.
Son, it is for your own good.
- For my good, what is?
- Your father thinks that
if they don't have a business
to come back to then--
- Then I won't pursue
anything with Sue.
- Your dad and I love
you so much, sweetie.
We just--
- Have y'all said
anything to her?
Since I've been back,
Mom, have either of
you spoken to Sue?
- Mark.
Wait, no, Mark, come
back, let's talk.
Where are you going?
- I quit my fucking job!
- Gary!
Son of a bitch, Gary!
I'm gonna fucking kill him!
- Is it possible
that he found it,
went ahead and paid the debt?
- [Sue] Highly doubt that.
- Are we certain it was him?
- He's the only other
one who has a key.
- You don't need that
if the door is unlocked.
- I, okay, I know
it is my fault.
- I'm not laying blame, Sue.
I just want us to both get paid
so I can get the
hell out of here.
- You wanna go?
There's the fucking door,
I can handle this myself.
- Okay, just stop.
Let's just take breath.
- I don't need to breathe.
I need to figure this the
out, so if you wanna go, go.
We probably can't get that
much money in a day anyway.
- What, are you just giving up?
- I don't fucking give
up, I fucking stay!
You're the one who runs.
You're fucking mistaken
if you think I need you.
- I guess it's that
time, ain't it?
- Yeah, I guess so.
Are you going?
(exciting rock music)
I faded
Going down
Going down
(exciting rock music)
- What the hell?
What the hell's wrong with you?
- Who do you think you are?
- What the hell?
- What did you say to Sue?
- Is that what this is about?
- Just answer me.
- You watch your tongue, son.
- This is my goddamn life, Dad!
I didn't need your
help at Princeton
and I don't need it now.
(punch thudding)
- Yeah.
Yep, 1462.
Yeah, hurry up.
Son of a bitch.
My fucking boat.
(foreboding music)
(car engine)
- Hey, hold on, hold on.
Look who's here.
Huh, look who's home.
Here, I got that, baby.
- Susie.
You're a woman now.
So pretty and...
- Come on, I know you're
starving, baby, come on.
Come on, baby.
Let's go inside.
I got something
for you, come on.
There you go.
That's my girl.
What are you doing?
Come on.
(ominous music)
Hold, hold on, now.
I got you a little something.
It's not a fine wine
but it's a fun one.
- Gary?
- Yeah?
Oh, hey, baby girl.
What, you going
hunting or something?
Hey, check them hog
traps, would you?
- Where's the money?
- Why you being so dramatic?
Here, have some potted meat
on them saltines again.
- Where is it?
- [Gina] What money?
- [Sue] Last chance.
- What, you some
kind of psycho now?
You're just gonna
kill your father?
- You've been killing
yourself for years.
I'm just speeding
up the process.
- [Gina] Sue, baby,
what are you talking--
- Shut up!
- Come on.
- You been dead
to me for years and I will
shoot you both right now.
Where the fuck is it?
- All right.
- That ain't all of it,
where the fuck is the rest?
- Sitting to my right.
I used it to post her bail.
- That's where you've been?
- She's home now.
What else matters?
- You took the money that I
got to save your fucking ass
and you used it to save hers?
- Jesus, calm down, would you?
Come on.
You on your period or something?
- Sue, baby.
(Gary groaning)
- Ow.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Oh, God.
- Get up!
- Take it easy, huh?
- And go outside now.
- Just take it easy.
- We're done with easy.
- Okay, enough,
goddamn it, enough!
Fucking shit.
Goddamn it.
Oh, shit.
- How is your son going to
eat now that we got no bar
and no home?
That money was half of
what we owe by tomorrow
and I fucking broke
the law to get it!
Now Jeb Roy is gonna
take the only home
that we have ever known.
If he doesn't bulldoze
it down first.
- Baby girl,
our family's back together.
That's the only thing that
matters right now, that's it.
(engine rumbling)
What the fuck?
Gina, what are you doing?
- [Gina] I'm really
sorry, Susie.
- Hey!
Hey, where you going, Gina?
What are you doing?
Where you going?
Don't do this to me!
You keep doing this to me, shit!
Goddamn it.
Oh, fucker.
Goddamn it.
Damn it.
(gunshot booming)
- Why are you
acting so surprised?
Why is it always about her?
You really didn't
see this shit coming?
Because it is the same bullshit
you two have been putting
me through for years!
You gave me a father for
five seconds of my life
and the rest of it, I've just
been cleaning up your shit.
What the fuck happened to you?
- Please, just shoot
me, I know you want to.
- No, I said no more easy.
Now get up.
Get up!
Sweat it out.
- Hey!
Goddamn it.
- Fuck!
(Sue heavily breathing)
(water faucet spraying)
(engine rumbling)
- Howdy.
Hey now.
You lost?
No, sir.
Just getting to my car.
This is a national
forest, right?
- Oh, it is.
Just haven't seen you
around here before.
- Well, I'm just
visiting, got family here.
- Well, I know most
folks around these parts.
Who's your kin?
(foreboding music)
- Sorry, sir, I meant to
say I have family in town.
Cousin of mine plays
football for the college
but we're from Texas.
We're just here for the game.
- Oh, that's nice.
What is this?
- '70.
- Damn, hey, boy,
and you're leaving it
out here in the woods.
Well, to tell you the truth,
got a little distracted with
a younger lady friend of mine,
if you know what I mean.
- Shit.
I know what that's like.
- [Dion] Yep.
- So is that her truck
you're leaving here now?
- I'm sorry, sir, I'm kind
of late for something.
Is there anything I
can help you with?
- Actually,
Stupid me.
Ran off this morning
and forgot my glasses.
You think you could
help me read this?
(eerie music)
- Well.
It's a receipt from
a hardware store.
- Well, it was in
your floorboard.
And it looks like you
bought some spray paint.
Where's my fucking boat?
- I could show you.
- Bet your ass you can.
Get out.
(ominous music)
(punch thudding)
(intense music)
(Dion groaning)
(punch thudding)
(intense music)
(gunshot booming)
(Mark knocking)
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
- I'm leaving town, Sue.
But I gotta say something
to you before I go.
Look, I apologize
for the other night.
That guy was saying
something about you.
Doesn't matter, I shouldn't
have been fighting in your bar.
- Soon to be your daddy's bar.
- Look, that's why I'm leaving.
- Okay.
Where are you going?
- An architecture
firm in New York City
offered me a job
before I left school.
- Okay,
that's great.
But what happened
to staying here
and learning the
ropes or whatever?
- Look, I don't
want my dad's life.
And if I'm being honest,
the only reason I came
back here was for you.
We didn't choose to end things,
Sue, it was chosen for us.
And I am sorry that
it's taken me this long
to just start
deciding for myself.
- I hear voices!
(Gary indistinctly grumbling)
- Yeah, sorry.
- [Gary] Let me out!
- Rehab's expensive.
- If I don't do this now,
I may never get the chance.
Come with me.
You can go back to school,
you can do whatever you want.
I'll keep us fed, I'll
keep a roof over our heads.
You won't have anybody
bringing us down
or telling us how
to live our lives.
It'll just be me and you.
- Why are you doing this?
- [Mark] What do you mean?
- I mean, where was this
shit eight years ago?
You just left without
saying goodbye or,
why didn't you ask me then?
I would've hopped in
your truck in a heartbeat
without ever looking back
at this fucking place,
but now I can't leave.
What about Jacob?
What am I supposed to
do, just abandon him?
- If I could change
the past, I would.
But I'm certain about one thing.
After eight years,
I would still marry
you tomorrow, Sue.
It has always been you.
- You would wanna marry this?
(gentle piano music)
(eerie music)
(truck rumbling)
Hey, I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
- No.
Really, it's not.
- They showed up
at school today.
Mom was with him.
She looked bad.
- What do you mean
they showed up?
- Dad was hammered shouting,
"I love you," from the truck.
Security made him leave.
- I am so sorry.
That is so...
You shouldn't have
to go through that.
Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, no, I'm okay, I'm okay.
Just, look, whatever she said
or whatever they promised,
she's already gone, okay?
- Yeah, I figured.
- Yeah.
- I've never seen
Dad smile so big.
- Yeah, well...
(Gary groaning)
- Dad?
- Jacob.
My boy.
- Brought you some dinner.
- Oh.
Thank you, buddy.
Help me out here, would you?
run over to my toolbox.
It's right near the
washer, I think,
and grab that needle nose.
You know them
little needle nose?
Help me, help me snip.
help me snip these.
Right here, okay?
You get me out of here,
we'll do whatever you want.
Seriously, you name it.
- I want you to get better, Dad.
- Listen.
Hey, Jacob, hey!
Hey, Jacob, buddy, hey!
Come on, Jacob.
Buddy, I get better inside too.
I get better inside.
I promise.
Come on, Jake.
(gentle ambient music)
- Hey, I'm gonna go
for a drive, okay?
You're gonna be okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
(ominous music)
All right, just watch after
him for me, all right?
- You coming to
my game tomorrow?
- Of course.
What time is it again?
- [Jacob] Six.
- Okay.
I'll be there, okay?
I love you.
- Hey, are we gonna
lose the house?
I heard Tyler's parents talking.
- Don't worry about it, okay?
I'm on it, you just
think about your game.
I'll see you there
tomorrow, okay?
- I love you too.
(smooth blues music)
(Sue howling)
(gas alarm dinging)
- Oh, shit.
(foreboding music)
Fuck me.
- Hey, buddy, you
still got my wallet?
I don't see you fucking
running now, huh?
I guess you got a
hearing problem too,
'cause I keep asking,
"Where's my fucking wallet?"
(punch thudding)
(thug grunting)
(ominous tempo music)
(Dion groaning)
(eerie music)
(Gary heavily breathing)
(gentle guitar music)
- Fucker.
(Gary grunting)
(Gary retching)
- I don't want, I
don't want any more.
I don't want any more.
That, I don't want any more.
I don't want no more.
I'll be good.
I'll be good.
I'm gonna be good.
(somber guitar music)
(crickets chirping)
- So, I did some digging.
All the businesses going out
are being bought by Jeb Roy.
Like, all of them.
- Man won't ever be rich enough.
- I mean, did the bank
ever reach out to your dad,
like, in writing or anything?
- Not that I ever saw.
I don't think he
even got an email.
- I would check if I were you.
I mean, you could fight this.
- I'm tired of fighting for him.
- I know.
Any word from Dion?
- [Sue] Let's go inside.
- Hey.
- He ain't here and I'm
almost done packing up.
- Yeah, I'm not looking
for that piece of shit.
- Mark contact you?
- I do not wanna get involved.
- It's an easy yes or no answer,
or it's your whole
fucking family this dumb?
Did you hear from him or not?
- You know what, fuck you
and fuck your stuck up wife!
This place is still
ours for 48 hours.
- I do not see what
my boy sees in you.
Ha, trash.
Trash that comes from garbage!
Tell Gary to meet me
out at that auction.
He might wanna bring
that pea shooter too.
(gentle ambient music)
(truck engine rumbling)
(gentle ambient music)
(ominous music)
(ominous tempo music)
- [Sue] Smell like shit.
- Yeah.
That's what happens
when you piss yourself
'cause your hands are tied up.
- Yeah, well, I've
seen you piss yourself
with both of your hands free,
so don't start
making excuses now.
- Yeah.
All right.
Look, you made your point, Sue.
Now, can I please go
inside and take a shower?
- You can not.
The internet says
detoxing takes 72 hours
and that's only if
we settle some things
right here and right now.
- What?
- When I get the bar back,
I want it in writing
that it is mine.
'Cause you can't be trusted.
I've been running
it all by myself
and only getting paid in
tips, so that changes now.
- Is that it?
- And also need to to know
when the bank sent
you any notices.
- Baby girl, come on now,
it's over.
- When?
- I...
I don't remember.
- You know, it's okay
that you lost hope.
- I'm trying really
hard not to either.
Just, please, sign this.
It's the last time I try
not giving up on you either.
Drink that water.
- Hey, no, honey.
Sue, Sue, please, don't go.
Don't go, please.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
And I promise, I promise
that I'll do better.
I'm gonna do it better, okay?
Just don't leave me in here.
Don't leave me like this.
- You know, Jacob was
three when Mom ran out?
He doesn't even know you sober.
But I do.
I remember how we used
to go hog hunting.
We'd stay out there for hours.
That first one we ever caught,
you told me that
hogs were so nasty
that they eat bones and all.
I couldn't even eat
bacon after that.
(eerie music)
So you better start
remembering who that man was
because you got a son
that needs a father
and this shit
ain't gonna cut it.
- [Radio] Q-92, more news
about the Festival of Lights.
The chief of police
announced this morning
in a press conference
they are expecting
record breaking
attendances this year.
(radio muting)
(gentle ambient music)
(dial tone buzzing)
- [Jacqueline] Hello?
- Hello?
- [Jacqueline]
Are you there now?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm here.
They just left.
- [Jacqueline] Are
there any cameras?
- Not that I see,
I've been looking
and I can't really see any.
- [Jacqueline] Okay,
well, it's time.
Smash that phone once you leave.
- Got it.
- [Jacqueline] And this
goes without saying,
but if something happens
and you get caught
and you give them my name,
I won't hesitate taking my
nine mil straight to your head.
- Yeah, I know.
- [Jacqueline] Good girl.
- I know.
- [Jacqueline] So your
boy's sitting this one out?
- Yeah.
It's looking like that.
- [Jacqueline] No
surprise there.
Talk soon.
- Okay.
("Carol of the
Bells" guitar music)
- [Radio] Q-92, Festival
of Lights in full swing.
The crowds are pouring
in from everywhere.
I'm told every hotel is full.
The streets are
looking that way too.
("Carol of the
Bells" guitar music)
(tractor rumbling)
("Carol of the Bells"
electric guitar music)
(fireworks popping)
(fireworks whistling)
(Dion coughing)
- [Jeb] Over here, sweetheart.
(foreboding music)
- You know, the law says I
could shoot you for trespassing.
- Well, you gonna?
You packing?
You don't think I got to where
I am by being a fool, do you?
I got a hundred thousand dollars
parked outside overnight,
you think I don't have
cameras pointed at every inch?
I seen that truck drive away
with one of my tractors.
Got it on tape,
now I'm wondering,
where the fuck's it at now?
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
(punch thudding)
(ominous tempo music)
- You probably don't know much
about my brother's
boat either, huh?
Oh, hey, look.
You look kind of
familiar from that angle.
Little bit like your mama.
Listen, I got no time for
no trailer trash like you,
you understand?
I oughta throw you in jail,
buy your piece of shit bar
and burn it to the ground!
Just to spite you.
Now you got one more chance.
Where is my...
(Jeb yelling)
(Sue groaning)
(ominous tempo music)
(punch thudding)
(engine rumbling)
(punches thudding)
(Jeb groaning)
(knife slicing)
- Fuck.
- Son of a bitch.
(club thudding)
- Oh shit.
- Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, shit.
Is he?
Is he?
Oh, shit.
- Oh my God.
Fuck, okay, okay, come on.
Come on, hey.
- Hey, hey.
- Come on.
Come on.
Let's get in the house.
Go, go.
Okay, come on, come here.
We're gonna stop the bleeding.
Lift your shirt up.
Okay, oh, God.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Is that gonna stay?
- [Dion] Wrap it on tight.
We really need to
bury those bodies.
- Bodies?
(ominous music)
Like, like plural?
- He was there when
I got to the car.
It was him or me,
I had no choice.
- Both Roys can't go missing.
- Well, we gotta make sure
that no one ever
finds them, okay?
You hear me?
Think about your brother, Sue.
We got no choice here.
- We're going to hell.
- Yeah, well, we best start
digging so it'll come quick.
(eerie music)
(shovels clinking)
(Sue groaning)
- Can't, I'm just hitting clay.
I can't get any deeper.
Oh God, are you okay?
Oh God, no.
- Yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
no, no, I'm good.
- Okay.
(Dion groaning)
No, we need to go
to the hospital.
- We don't got time for that.
- No, we're going.
Get up, get up,
put pressure on it.
Come on, take a couple steps.
Can you put pressure on it?
- I'll try.
- Yeah, just walk a few steps.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on, almost there.
(tires screeching)
Are you okay?
Hey, no, hang on, you're
gonna make it, all right?
- [Dion] You gotta drop
me off and leave me there.
- No, no, no, no, I'm
not gonna do that.
I'm gonna stay, okay?
- [Dion] Hospitals have cameras.
- I don't care.
The whole fucking town does.
- If I make it.
- Look, you can
stay at my trailer
until we figure
this out, all right?
You're gonna be fine.
- [Dion] Okay.
- Just hang on.
We got this, okay?
Hey, are you at work?
I need you to meet me out
front with a wheelchair
in like five minutes.
No, just meet me at your
car in like five minutes.
Please, I need you to
me the biggest favor.
Just hang in there, okay?
- [Dion] Okay.
(ominous music)
- Shit.
(tires screeching)
- Okay, come on.
Come here.
- [Donna] What the
hell is going on?
- I'll explain later.
Just say that he staggered
in, like, I don't know.
- Staggered in, he
can barely walk!
- I know, I know, just take him
and please promise me
you will not let him die.
- I won't.
Sue, you're really scaring me.
- I'm scared too, I
will explain everything.
I will call you later just--
- Okay.
- Take care of him.
- [Donna] Okay, okay, okay.
- Please.
Please, promise me!
- Okay, okay!
(ominous music)
(tires screeching)
- Sue.
You okay?
- [Sue] Where, where are they?
Oh, I took care of it.
- No, what do you mean,
where did they go?
- Oh, don't matter, it's done.
Nobody gonna find them either.
Hey, where's your fella?
- He's in the emergency room.
(thunder rumbling)
- Oh, he gonna be okay?
- No.
- No?
- Well you go then,
sweetie, go ahead.
- No, I can, I can't.
Mr. Jeb's truck, he's got me
on tape stealing his tractor.
- I'll take care of it.
I got it.
I got everything
under control, okay?
Go on.
I got it.
Go ahead, go on, go.
- Just please don't do
anything stupid, okay?
We could--
- I got it.
- We could do serious time.
- I don't wanna go to jail.
- Oh, you won't go to jail.
- [Sue] Please.
- See you later, sweetie.
- Fuck!
(gentle guitar music)
(somber music)
- [Sue] Christian folk in
this town got a sayin',
"What you sow is what you reap."
And, sure enough,
karma came running.
- Tuck your shirt in, slob.
- You got it, boss.
- [Sue] I guess God forgave me
'cause I bought the bar back
at auction for cheaper
than what we owed on it.
- Because he hasn't come home!
- [Sue] When Mrs. Roy started
searching for Mr. Roy,
of course the cops
came to Gary first.
Lucky for us, we
had a true friend,
and the perfect witness.
- No, no, it couldn't have
been Mr. Gary that day.
He was tied up in a shed
when I went to see Sue,
he was pinned up
like it was cattle.
Said they didn't
have money for rehab.
- Hey.
Thanks for the ride, Jesse.
I appreciate it, brother.
- No problem.
- Listen, come by now.
Come by, you drink something.
Come here, squirrel!
What you doing?
Come here!
(Gary laughing)
Oh man, I missed you.
Oh, boy.
(Gary groaning)
(dramatic electric guitar music)
- [Sue] When the FBI
joined the search,
they started with phone records,
and when nothing was found,
they looked at the
bank statements
and that's where the
bureau ran across
what the Roys
never wanted known.
On the day Jo Anne
Roy was charged
for embezzling six million
dollars from the bank,
the whole town finally knew
why the Roys owned everything.
Well, at least they used to.
Mark did what he
said he would do
and started his own
life in New York.
That boy will always
have a piece of my heart.
He just wasn't the one for me.
- Hey, baby girl,
show her, show her.
Oh, wait a minute,
we got something.
Look at that.
- We got the big pack.
- We got the big pack!
We got the big one!
- Yes.
- Come blow some shit up.
- No, I gotta shower.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Did you...
check the hog traps?
- Yes, I did.
- Okay.
- They're empty.
- Good.
- All right.
Let's do these next.
Why don't we do these?
Yeah, go ahead and
set those down.
- [Sue] Because the one
for me has killed for me,
and I'd kill for him,
and that's the only
kind of family I want.
(smooth guitar music)
- Uh-oh, here comes trouble.
- Oh, it's looking
so much better.
- Yeah, it's feeling
so much better.
- Well, I got your tires
rotated and your oil changed.
She's ready when you are.
- What?
Wait, you're giving
me the boot already?
- No, I didn't say that.
- Uh-huh.
because I was thinking maybe...
I would stick around
a little longer.
- And then do what?
- Well, for starters...
- Oh!
Watch yourself, old man.
- Hey.
I'll show you old man.
(Sue laughing)
(Sue giggling)
- Fire in the hole!
(Gary laughing)
(fireworks whistling)
(lively guitar music)
(hog grunting)
Down in Louisiana
The place where I was raised
Something in the mud
That reads, renegades
From the land where
the sun don't shine
Hustling to survive
Deep in the prairies
When it rains, it floods
Born into the music
Came to rise above
A holy place where
the angels cry
Hustling, do or die
Blood on the bayou
Take my secrets to my grave
Mother Mary sings a lullaby
Nobody came to save me
My heart is filled with pain
Keep your distant
and watch your mouth
We don't play them
games in the dirty south
Down in these
old muddy swamps
Nature has no rules
Had to learn the hard way
Mama didn't raise no fool
A haunted place,
tales don't lie
Hustling eye for eye
A broken place,
the other side
You better fight
for your lie
Blood on the bayou
Take my secrets to my grave
As the devil
sings his lullaby
There's nobody
left to shame me
And I need someone to blame
Keep your distance,
better watch your mouth
Don't play them games
in the dirty south
(smooth electric
guitar blues music)
Blood on the barrel
Take my secrets
to your grave
And bury you deep
within my mind
There's nobody
left to judge me
And there's nothing
left to gain
So keep your distance
and watch your mouth
We don't play them
games in the dirty south
Dirty south
Dirty south
The dirty south
- [Singer] One.
One, two, three, four.
(pleasant guitar music)
Flawless carriage
light across the sky
Comb the seven seas
for a pearly eye
Tried and true,
tough as nails
My safe haven forever
and it for bail
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Magic change
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Million miles
from where I came
(pleasant guitar music)
Transport from
a town like TNT
She's the source of gold
That turn the flowers green
Out of this world
like a meteorite
Brought me to my knees
with a diamond light