The Disappearance (1977) Movie Script

One day I leave you.
And then you'll understand.
What's the matter?
I shouldn't have to tell you.
I love you.
Loving me is not enough.
You also have to care about me.
Otherwise I will go crazy.
One day I'll leave you.
And then you will understand.
I know why
you bother to come home.
It's no bother.
I like to come home.
I never know
what I'm going to find.
Then look on the pack.
You'll see that Burbank called again.
What did he say?
He wanted to speak to you.
Who is he anyway?
You think I don't know
who Burbank is.
It's a psychiatrist, isn't he?
You're drunk.
Heard of crazy.
That's what you think.
You'll been talking to Burbank about me.
I went to you.
You're trying to get rid of me?
You're paranoid.
Easy to say, isn't it?
You need help.
So I'm right.
But don't lie to me Jay.
I can't bear men who lie to me.
How many men have you got?
I want to help you,
but I would prefer to strike with you.
Go ahead.
Solve my problems,
would solve your problem.
And that is sure guess.
A couple of other
people's problems as well.
Hello. Burbank.
I've been trying to call you on the phone.
Have you been out?
Why didn't you answer?
Why not sitting there please.
What's the matter?
Is it broken?
Do you mind if I...
sit there?
We were very pleased
with the man on the boat.
You're all right?
Something stupid has happened.
My wife has left me.
My wife...
Why haven't you
contacted the office?
You haven't forgotten
about the shy.
Can't take on the shy.
Not now.
A client specifically
requested our best man.
I'm serious.
Get someone else.
If you're that serious,
you can return the advance.
I can't...
spend it.
Well, ten grand in ten days.
In 10 Minutes.
No diamond pin...
for my wife.
And now your wife runs away?
With the pin?
You'd better find her.
I'll call you tomorrow.
I don't want to come here again.
They put her in a sanitarium.
If I were crazy,
will you put me in a sanitarium?
I don't know if she wanted me to.
If I were crazy...
I wouldn't know what I wanted.
But I do know what I want.
I want you right from the first.
That's what I wanted.
There's someone I want you to meet.
You don't mind if I steal him, do you?
You're right, Celandine?
Excuse me.
Tell me the truth, Melanie.
Did Celandine have...
Was there another man?
You're always sort of mangy,
you know that.
Tell me.
I don't know.
I really don't.
After all I'm not my sister's keeper.
No, I can't answer that.
I'll let you know.
No, she hasn't come back yet.
I told you once before.
You picked the wrong girl.
The wrong sister.
I don't think
I'll ever forgive you for that.
Don't put the light out.
I want to see everything.
What do you mean?
Shall I have to tell you.
You're listening to CJAD
800 on your dial.
Do you have a poor memory?
Do you forget facts, figures, faces?
Well, here's your chance
to develop a powerful and accurate memory.
You start by writing in to PRA radio...
and we'll send you absolutely free
the booklet...
Adventures in Memory.
Got that?
Adventures in Memory.
Things up.
Going clockwise.
It's the miniature blue cup,
the doll and the card
with the gun on it.
Dominic's card with the boat,
the boot that is the keyring,
the marble, the elephant,
the $10 note cut in half
of the face, facing up
the postcard with the painting
on which has the lady
bathing on it with the bullet
in her bum.
My lighter, my cufflinks,
your bottle of joy
which is empty. The shell,
the bell, the Hungarian stamp
of the boat on it
with the castle
in the background
and in the centre.
The box with the watch
face on the top with no hands.
This was easy.
try this.
Qu'est-ce que tu penses toi?
That's me yours.
Going to the office today, Mallory.
Go away, Burbank.
I'd like to.
I'd like to go away forever.
But they're getting anxious.
I really wanted to talk
about your wife.
You knew her?
I met her once
when I came to see you.
You knew her?
It was a long time ago.
No, don't misunderstand.
We just talked.
I was very unhappy.
I'm going now.
Please stay,
and talk to your own wife.
I can't talk to my wife.
I hate her.
You see, it all started
with the Cheever.
What has Cheever got to do with my wife.
Poor Cheever.
He was one of the best men
we ever had.
Then he got clever.
He found out who his shy was.
And for another ten grand,
he thought it worth his while to fake it.
He'd shy made deal.
But I found out about it.
Doesn't matter how.
It's my job.
So I made a phone call.
It didn't take long.
You can't fuck about
with the office.
You know that.
You ever meet Cheever?
No, I know his name.
One of the best?
SO you said.
Not as good as you.
What are you talking about Burbank?
You were the last person
to see him alive.
You knew him as James.
I don't believe it.
Cheever. James, different names...
same man, James was Cheever.
Don't believe it.
When I found out about it,
I had to talk to somebody.
Somebody I could trust.
So I came to you.
But you weren't here.
So I talked to your wife.
Just talk, that's all.
Not about Cheever.
About you, mostly.
You know how much
I admire you, don't you?
But I had to make the decision...
and you weren't here.
I made that call.
I made it.
Just a manner Mallory,
just a manner.
You're the best.
You should not have told me about Cheever.
I didn't know
that you were going to be assigned to him.
I didn't know.
They hate you.
You bastard.
Where did you disappear to?
Aren't you here?
When I want you.
Are you with... me
or not with me?
Why should I stay with you
or should I waste my life waiting?
Why don't you ask me who it is?
I want you to be jealous.
Are you kind of being inquisitive?
Is it something to do with your work?
What is it?
Why did you get this?
I've always had it.
I've never seen it before.
It belonged to my mother.
Put it back will you?
I haven't decided yet.
You must make up your mind, Mallory.
We understand that you're...
upset over the disappearance of your wife.
Burbank tell you about my wife.
The shy must take place, Mallory.
You have 24 hours to decide.
Either repay the advance...
or be at boarding gate seven,
Air Canada Flight 102...
to London 12.15 Sunday.
- Then what?
- The car will be waiting for you...
and you'll proceed to Frogs Field...
Suffolk, England.
Where will the shy take place?
Fuck it.
Fuck the office.
This is Mr. Mallory.
Mrs. Jeffries.
Mrs. Jeffries has taken over Mr. Burbank
for the time being.
What happened to Burbank.
Mr. Burbank hasn't been feeling too well.
He's all right, when I saw him.
Have you made up your mind?
Going not through with this
until I know where my wife is.
On, yes.
Your wife run off, hasn't she?
She hasn't run off.
She's disappeared, that's all.
Time's running out.
Why don't you just get
yourself another man?
Because the office wants you.
What's so special
about this assignment?
Why haven't I been told who,
who the shy is?
What's in Frogs Field?
Why England?
Why Sunday?
Something wrong with this assignment,
isn't there?
As far as I'm concerned, Mallory.
The only thing wrong with
this assignment... is you.
What is it?
I told Peter
he can stay with us tonight.
Can, who?
Do you remember Dominick's School friend?
His father just been shot.
Shot, why?
I don't know.
No one seems to know.
What do you want?
What the fuck do you want?
I'm looking for my wife.
I'm leaving.
Leaving? Why?
Without Dominique.
I feel lost.
Don't go.
I won't let you go.
I haven't seen her
for five years.
You saw her
after we were married then.
We had a son.
You took him away from me.
You needn't have done that.
I didn't take Dominique
away from you.
Celandine did.
She was right.
Now she's walked out on you.
Not surprised.
No one man could hold Celandine.
She obsesses us all, doesn't she?
I heard she was seeing someone...
about two years ago.
How did you hear?
Family Connexions...
All about your family connexions?
I had no family,
No connexions.
I still keep in touch.
Two years ago.
Who was it?
I'm not sure, I should tell you.
Who was it?
His name is Deverell...
Got some cuttings.
Newspaper cuttings
about this man and my wife.
Just about Deverell.
So all this.
This is my past.
This is who I used to be.
May I keeping?
No I'd rather you didn't.
I keep them,
I'll see they'll return to you.
We have something in common, though,
don't we?
The eyes, hair, face.
The arms.
It's in the arms.
She must have changed a bit by now.
I was dreaming.
You weren't here.
There was a man
and he had a gun.
Do you mean I wasn't here?
I don't know.
I thought you'd gone...
with a man.
Man was me.
Do you want a drink?
Something's up.
Why don't you tell me
what it is?
Yes. I am sick of my life.
With me. Me?
You know what I want to do?
I could give it up.
I never want to smoke again.
It is bad for you.
You're crazier than I am.
I could never love a man
who did not smoke.
I feel like a snake.
I want to shed something.
Need a second skin.
No, you don't.
You need two things.
You need to be truthful.
And you need...
you need me.
This is Mallory.
You decided to go ahead
with the shy.
That's good to hear, Mallory.
From London.
We'll drive to Frogs Field...
On the way, you'll be met at Boyton...
Gas station.
That's all.
Good morning.
I'm J. Mallory.
Is Roland Deverell here?
Oh, no, I'm afraid not, Sir.
I have hand carried this package,
all the way from Canada for him.
And I've got to take a plane to Paris.
Can you make sure
that he gets that today.
Yes, certainly, Sir.
Can you give me
a telephone number
where I can reach him?
Because I'll phone him from the airport.
Oh, yes.
The number is 4359773.
And the code from London is 03943.
Thank you very much.
Can I help you?
Morning, operator.
I have been given
a telephone number
with a code 03943.
Can you tell me
where it is, please?
Thank you.
Yes, that code is for Buckley
and Frogs Field in Suffolk.
Thank you.
A little late, Mr. Mallory.
Who are you?
Perfectly clean.
It's perfectly clean, sir.
Where is Burbank?
I said, where is Burbank?
Oh, I've been instructed
to tell you...
you won't be seeing Mr. Burbank anymore.
- Why not?
- I believe he's retired.
I think we need some petrol.
Who is the shy?
We'll be instructed.
I'm coming to the conclusion
that either I know the shy
or the shy knows me.
Who replaced Burbank?
Mr. Jefferies.
Who replaced him?
I have, of course.
I believe we have something to discuss.
Got to hell.
He will bleed to death,
don't touch him.
Get an ambulance!
[In French: "Get an ambulance!"]
Listen. Can you help my husband?
There's a child
trapped under the van.
Oh, god.
Oh God.
Come on, Atkinson.
Get into your car.
Can I ask?
How you knew.
Isn't a question of knowing.
One, I never stopped.
Sometimes I slow down,
but I never stop.
Two. It was an obvious setup.
It looked wrong.
And three...
Number Three is personal.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sir.
You're afraid of death, Atkinson...
do you ever think about it?
Well, no, not much.
Whatever you mean.
A man told me once
when I was in my mid twenties
that you never really think
about your own death
until you're 33.
Somewhere around
your 33rd birthday
you start to think about it.
From that point onwards,
not a day goes by
when it doesn't
cross your mind at some point.
Sure enough, when I got to be 33,
I started thinking about it.
And I've thought about it
every day since then.
I don't know whether
what the man said to me was true.
Or whether the fact
that he said it...
like an astrologer is warning.
Stayed in my mind.
I don't know.
Tell me.
Why does the office call it a shy?
You are English?
Ought to know that.
English fairground.
Throw a wooden ball at a coconut.
It is called a coconut...
Knock off the coconut,
you win the doll.
You'll get more than the doll,
when the time comes.
All I want is the doll.
That's all I want.
Just the doll.
You wait here,
on the office telephones.
Call me at this number.
Where is it?
You get word.
You call me.
Excuse me, Sir.
What is it?
May I tell you
something that's been
on my mind?
What is it?
Sorry about your wife.
I can't make up my mind
about you, Atkinson.
Remind me of a young man
I killed on the night
I first met my wife.
Well, get her back, sir.
I know you will.
You shouldn't say that.
You don't know.
Good afternoon.
My name is Mallory.
May I speak with
Mr. Deverell, please?
- Mr. Deverell is not at home, sir.
- Who is it, Adams?
It's a Mr. Mallory, Madame.
Ask Mr. Mallory to come in,
will you?
Would you come this way?
May I take over, Sir?
Yes. please.
I'm Jay Mallory,
Mrs. Deverell.
I've come to see your husband.
I'm Katherine Deverell.
Is it very important, Mr. Mallory?
Is it business?
No, it's personal, Mrs.Deverell.
I'm just having tea.
Will you join me?
Thank you.
Your husband, be long?
I expect him shortly.
It's a very beautiful room.
It used to be a coach house.
There's windows there,
and the ones facing were doors.
Carriages used to drive
right in and stop here.
Of course, that was 500 years ago.
Thank you.
The stone was brought
from France by boat.
In those days,
it was easier by sea...
than by land.
What is that up there?
We've never really discovered.
There is a ghost in this house.
Sometimes a woman's face appears up there.
It's just part of the mystery
of this place.
The past can be very mysterious.
Are you interested in the past?
In a way, yes.
Have you known my husband long?
Be truthful, Mrs. Deverell.
I have never met him.
We have a...
friend in common.
With the man I have lost contact.
And I was hoping,
that he might be able to help.
I see very little of him.
He spent a lot of time in Canada?
I know why you're here, Mr. Mallory.
I imagined you might.
I haven't always been a jealous person.
When I married Roland Deverell...
I inherited the memory of his first wife.
She was drowned, you know?
No, I didn't know.
I didn't think,
I would be jealous of the dead.
But there were other women, you see,
were very much alive.
Even then, I wasn't really jealous.
I was only jealous
when my husband took just...
one woman.
And I admit I was jealous.
When did you find out?
I beg your pardon?
How long have you known?
About a year.
How did you find out?
You must understand,
Mr. Mallory.
My husband,
like so many very rich men...
feel immune from other people's... chats.
He's not exactly blatant.
But neither is he exactly secretive.
Where are they?
I don't know.
Nothing like this has ever happened
to you before, has it, Mr. Mallory?
I can tell from your expression,
from your look of
puzzlement and confusion.
Male grievance.
Rising anger.
I can tell,
this has never happened to you before.
Excuse me.
Just a moment.
Are you expecting a phone,
Mr. Mallory?
Yes. I told my office, I would be here.
I'm sorry.
- Hello?
- Sir.
I've heard from the office.
The name of the shy is Deverell.
Roland Deverell.
Sir, are you there?
Mr. Mallory.
Yes, I've got that.
When and where?
Time 1 AM..
Place: Bartley Abbey.
Telephone number.
What was the number
I wrote down on that paper napkin?
You're very young, Atkinson.
You're probably even younger than my wife.
How old are you?
It would seem to me obvious, that it
is not safe for me to proceed with this.
But you get me clearance from the office.
I'm leaving here now.
I'll call you back.
I have to leave.
My office expects me
on the 730 flight to Paris.
Do you want my husband
to know you've been here?
Thank you for tea, Mrs. Deverell.
Don't come to the door,
I'll let myself out.
What happened to Burbank?
I've been instructed to tell you...
we replaced Burbank.
Poor Cheever.
He was one of the best man,
we ever had.
I'm not going through with this
until I know where my wife is.
Do we have access?
I Know you.
Shouldn't say that.
You don't know.
Did you get in touch with the office?
Yes, Sir. You have full clearance
to go ahead with the shy.
If you had an affair,
would you tell me about it?
No... I might... Why not?
If I took a lover,
I would always tell you.
Once it was over,
I would have to...
but only when it was over.
That sounds awful, doesn't it?
Sounds suspicious.
Don't be silly.
Do you think it is easier leaving together?
I mean, now we're married.
Was it easier before?
I think it's easier now.
I feel more secure.
You're my wife.
I know I'm not going to lose you.
I get the same jealousy I used to.
With my wife.
It makes a difference,
doesn't it?
When the shy knows
he's going to be hit.
You don't know who you've been working for
all this time, Mallory?
Tell me.
How ungrateful.
I was proud of you.
You were my very best man.
I work for you.
Quite a coincidence, isn't it?
Where is she?
I would try to forget about her,
if I were you.
It's funny, isn't it?
All of you went to pieces in the end.
Cheever. Burbank.
I'm not Cheever.
I'm not Burbank.
You really thought
you were going to pull it off,
Didn't you, Mallory?
With my wife,
as the anonymous client.
Oh, she's crazy.
She's crazier than you are.
She not only hires
one of my own men to kill me,
but she hires you,
the jealous husband.
Oh, well,
at least she has a sense of humour.
Which is more.
than I can say for you.
I'm not sure
why it's accomplished, Mr. Deverell.
The office would have tell you
from the beginning
I didn't want
to take this assignment.
But you did, Mallory.
Yes, Sir. But as soon as I
discovered the shy was yourself...
I asked Atkinson to get me clearance...
from the office
because I was in jeopardy...
of my wife's lover.
And I love her, Mallory.
I love her.
You never saw her.
You never really knew her.
She left you two years ago.
She lived with you, yes...
but she had left.
The departure last Week
was a mere formality.
You need two things.
You need to be truthful.
And you need me.
No, I don't need her, Sir.
I just want to do my job.
You haven't got a gun, Mr. Mallory.
So how can you have a job?
It's funny.
I've never shot an intruder.
Or a jealous husband,
for that matter.
Jealous husbands don't use guns,
Mr. Deverell.
Relax the...
Personal touch.
Oh, my God.
What else done?
Want me?
Why did you leave me?
I found out.
About him and about you?
Planed to leave me like that?
You planed to disappear?
When I fount out,
that you were working for him.
I couldn't stand it.
I wanted to kill him.
I stopped loving him.
SO you decided to come
back to me.
I've always loved you.
First and last.
And in between.
In between?
There were others...
Before you say how many,
do you want to get your gun?
I don't have a gun anymore.
Don't have any use for it.
Did you love him?
I did, once.
And then you found out,
that his wife had hired me to kill him.
She didn't hire you?
I did.
You did?
I wanted to kill him,
but I didn't have the courage.
So I hired a professional.
At arm's length.
That's what you call it, isn't it?
I called the office.
Your office?
His office.
I wanted your best man.
That's what your friend Burbank told me.
Get the best man.
I only wanted the best.
And that was it.
Of course.
What do you think I felt,
being married to you?
I think it's hard
to be married to you.
Now, I mean,
- What would have happened?
- If he killed you...
You're the best.
He couldn't kill you.
Protest support.
That was the arrangement,
wasn't it?
What are you talking about?
till death was the part.
I remember.
I remember.
I remember reading somewhere
and you know how seldom I read anything...
except the headlines.
I remember someone wrote
that death is a country without memory.
Dead people cannot remember
a goddamn thing.
We must live.
We must go on living.
You just still want me, don't you?
More than anything.
What do you want for breakfast?