The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him (2013) Movie Script

Would you still love me if
I couldn't pay for dinner?
What do we do?
I'm thinking.
We, we could
have a big row.
And... and throw some shit.
They might kick us out.
Uh, been done, and it would
draw too much attention.
Wh... What are you doing?
I'm taking my shoes off.
I'm going to leave first,
and then when the time is right,
like when the maTtre d's not,
um, looking...
you meet me down the street.
Uh, excuse me, sir?
Hey, run! Run, run, run!
" Baby!
Are you OK?
Oh, I'm dying.
That was so epic!
Well, did we lose him?
I don't know.
Really, did they even chase us?
- Hey.
' What?
Hey, hey, hey, look, look, look.
Look at them.
This is pretty good, isn't it?
Yeah, it is.
There's only one heart in this body.
Have mercy on me.
Shut up.
What the fuck are we listening to?
The soundtrack of my life.
That's nice.
Can we change it
before I dive off a bridge?
Oh, there's something
you would rather listen to?
I don't care, just something that
doesn't make me want to kill myself?
- It's just a song, Conor.
- Come on, change it.
- Coffee?
- Eh, I'm good with that.
- Thank you.
- Gmm.
You know, you're developing
a real talent for being an asshole.
Well, when you grow up, you can too.
What are you all pissy about?
There is the compassion
I've been looking for.
That's what I'm here for.
Seriously, Alexis?
- It's not funny. It's not funny.
- It's kind of funny.
Change it?
Change it.
That was yours, just so you know.
Oh, pull your head out of your ass, man.
Blow me.
I'm gonna go take a stroll.
All right. Hey, be careful.
It's a dangerous world out there.
Love you.
Hey, Ralph.
What time is it?
You get outside today?
You eat something, or...?
You OK?
I swear, I forgot
how to fall asleep last night.
Don't, Conor.
I had a dream you were
having an affair.
How'd you find out?
It's the fourth one
I've had this month.
Who am I having the affair with?
Some vague girl with dark hair.
- Maybe it's you in a wig.
- It's not.
Yeah, well, I wouldn't worry
about it, all right?
You want to order some food or something
before I have to go back?
Maybe you should.
Yeah, I, I'm gonna.
You should have an affair.
I... don't know what
you're talking about.
What are you talking about?
Things haven't been
very chipper around here.
Come on.
Come on, we're getting by.
How long are you gonna
keep pretending?
Seriously, I don't know
how we got from food to this, but...
OK, just listen to me for one second.
I don't... no, I don't want
to listen to you for a second.
It might be a good thing.
It would clear the air.
It would definitely
shake things up between us.
I don't know what planet you're on,
but on this planet,
fucking around is fucking around,
and it's not usually the best way
to smooth things over.
Are you gonna get that?
- You get it if you want.
- I don't want to get it.
Well, it's probably your dad again.
Is that what you want?
To go fuck around...
is that what you want?
I don't know what I want.
Is it what you want?
Are we really doing this badly?
Conor, it's been
an impossible fucking year,
so please don't ask
a stupid question like that.
- HGY-
- HGY-
So, uh...
what's the paper saying today?
Oh, apparently, we're all
gonna die of something.
9h, yeah?
Yeah, I heard about that.
I can't keep up with all this shit.
You know, the ice caps keep melting,
something else exploded in Afghanistan,
Democrats are bunch of pussies,
flu pandemics,
de Kooning's at the MoMA,
supposedly lime green
is the hot color for summer,
and the stupid Yankees lost again.
I feel like my head's gonna burst.
Well, you should try reading
without the music on, or the TV.
Or both.
Can't stand the silence.
I got you a latte.
Thank you.
I think my memory
may be evaporating.
Yeah. They were all out of bran muffins,
so I got you blueberry.
I hate blueberries.
You're in good spirits.
I'm all I can offer.
What are you doing here, anyway?
Well, you called, like, ten times, so...
I don't know, you said you
wanted to talk about something.
See? Told you. It's evaporating.
Time's rubbing me out.
Where's Fernanda?
The obnoxious Spanish woman you married.
She wanted a change of scenery.
I don't like to get emotional
about these things.
It helps me stay objective.
I do better on my own, anyway.
Why am I here, then?
Oh. Yeah.
I need... I need a manager
to run the place.
No! No!
Aw, come on, now,
let, let me finish.
- I like my place. We do just fine.
- You're better than that.
I don't really want to have
this conversation right now.
I didn't furnish you with
a six-figure education
just so you could run some pop stand.
This is a real restaurant, Conor.
I don't want your help.
Just trying to give you a hand up,
you Wozzeck.
W... Well...
since you put it that way...
Fuck off.
Hey, El. I got Chinese food.
Excuse me? I'm looking for my wife.
Her name is Eleanor Ludlow.
Room 2012, second floor.
Elevator's around the corner.
- This way?
- Uh-huh.
- The stairs are faster.
- Thank you.
What the hell were you doing, El?
I can't stand this silence anymore,
...if you would just say something?
I can't do this anymore.
Can't do what?
I'm not going back
to that apartment ever.
Some days everything seems fine,
but then I hit the afternoon,
and it all goes to shit.
I know.
I mean, I don't know, but...
We can get out of here.
We can go wherever you want.
I think we should take a break.
I'm so sorry, but no fuckin' way.
- Conor. Conor.
- No fuckin' way.
Please, El? Please?
Do not pick up and bail on me?
You're the star
of my life story.
Please be cool about this.
Be cool?
How do you expect me to react?
"Gee, El, that sounds dandy. "
"Yeah, yeah, let's call it quits.
That, that sounds... reasonable,
in terms of the last seven years
of my life. "
I need to start from scratch.
Alone. Just try some
other version of myself.
There's no "scratch," Eleanor.
Maybe, but that's what I want.
What if what you want is wrong?
Where have you been, Conor,
for the last six months?
Why does it feel like I've had
to go through all this on my own?
I don't know.
I don't know,
'cause I've been here with you.
Please, just let me go.
You don't understand.
Just let me
disappear for a while.
just tell me what to do.
You'll figure it out.
Hey. I'm looking
for Conor and Eleanor Ludlow.
Yeah. Conor.
You think if I fall to my knees,
everything will be all right?
Well, no.
I mean, losing a child's
not an easy thing to explain.
What the fuck do I have to explain?
Nothing. You...
Nothing. You don't have
to explain anything.
I... I just, I wanted you
to have this.
Do you know how many of you
assholes we've had to deal with
in the last couple of months?
Um... no, I don't.
I'd appreciate it if you'd
get away from my door now.
That's brutal.
Yeah, that is, uh...
that is brutal, man.
Maybe she wants you to go after her.
No. She doesn't.
Maybe wait a couple of days,
then go after her?
Stu, don't.
Well, I guess...
it was gonna happen...
sooner or later.
- Shut the fuck up.
- OK, I'm sorry,
I don't know what to say.
What am I supposed to say?
You don't have to say anything.
Just... just shut up,
drink and... talk
about the weather.
Hey, uh, the dude at table two
says he's gonna kick your ass
if he doesn't get
his chicken satay soon.
Well, he can suck my balls.
Well, maybe you
should tell him that yourself.
- Table two?
- Mm-hmm.
I'll deal With it.
Hey, we're out of beer.
What? How can we be out of beer?
We got two boxes back there.
Go and check...
You don't throw shit in my place, man.
- What's your problem?
- Where's our fucking food, man?
- Listen, don't threaten my chef.
- OK, calm down.
Don't tell me to fucking calm down.
If you threaten my chef again, I will
dropkick you out of the fucking door.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Hey, come on!
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
You are gonna pay.
- Conor, Conor, buddy, you all right?
- Get the fuck out!
- Fuck you!
- Yeah, fuck you, man!
Nice comeback. Very nice.
Get out of here. You, too.
Get out.
You forget your stupid sunglasses, too?
Maybe we should consider
hiring a bouncer.
Can't afford a bouncer.
It's all right.
Cops were good publicity.
Yeah, and there were, like,
40 bystanders out there.
Well, I appreciate the optimism, guys.
Sometimes the worst actions
produce the, uh, best results.
Sometimes they don't, Stu.
Oh, my God, you guys sound
like my grandparents.
Wait, do you want a Advil or something?
No, no, I'm good, thank you.
And you know, you don't have to
keep up the bogus compassion.
- It's all right.
- That's a bit aggressive.
Well, did you not just
see what went down?
- Yeah.
- I'm kind of in a shitty mood.
Oh, well, we're adapting.
You know what,
you guys should go home.
- I got this.
- Sure?
Yeah, you should go.
- You got your stuff?
- Uh, yeah.
- My bag's back there.
- Your bag...
Uh... yep.
- You sure? I'm going...
- All right, let's go.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Have a good night.
- Good night.
- You sure you're all right?
I'm good.
Thanks for being a tough guy.
You have reached a
number that is no longer in service.
- Please check the number...
- Shit.
...and try your call again.
Thank you.
' Mary?
' Yes?
It's Conor.
Is El there?
Hello... Hello?
I thought I could, um...
I thought I could stay here
for a little bit.
Hi, Ralph.
You know where the guest bedroom is.
There's towels in the closet
in the hallway.
Not much in the fridge.
Got some Cheerios.
That's fine with me... I can...
I can go get some stuff.
That's easy.
Well, I got to get to the restaurant.
- OK.
- Good night.
I have no clue where she's going.
She turns off her cell phone,
and like that, she's vanished.
And... does that make sense to you?
- No comment.
- Come on, knock it off.
No, no, you know, whatever...
what do you call it,
I plead the Fifth.
Like, I tried to be helpful,
I pretended,
but it didn't work out,
so I'm not gonna do that.
All right, look, I realize
that I've been a little...
off-balance lately,
but I think with hindsight,
I'm learning to deal
with it better.
A couple of weeks counts
as hindsight?
Fuckin' A, Stu.
I got nothing for you.
Come on, come on.
Look, I, I'm just asking you
a simple question.
You don't have to candy-coat it
like you're gonna hurt my feelings,
but... did you see this coming?
Look, with the exception of my dog,
I haven't slept next to the same person
for more than two or three days in a
row, so I don't know what I'm gonna say
that's gonna be relevant
to your situation.
I opened a restaurant for you, asshole.
No, you opened a restaurant for you,
And according to the Village Voice,
it's "a bar with uninspired food. "
Whatever. I fight for its life for you.
And by the way, I'm incurring the cost
of an extra waitress because, I quote,
"She looked at me the right way. "
And I thank you for that.
- Has it happened yet?
- It's...
- It's gonna, yeah.
- Whatever.
Look, I'm not looking
for some psychoanalytical,
New-Agey bull.
I... I'm simply asking for
my best friend's opinion,
even it is an uninformed piece of crap.
"We are young. "
"Heartache to heartache, we stand.
No promises, no demands.
Love is a battlefield. "
Pat Benatar.
You're a fucking idiot.
Look, I feel like I walk
on eggshells around you.
You know? Uh...
I tried to talk to you
about this for months...
I'm not talking about that.
This is what I'm talking about, man.
I don't know how to be
your friend anymore.
You know, you're no fucking picnic.
So I'm just gonna...
I'm just gonna sit.
I'm just gonna sit here.
I'm just gonna be here.
And I'm not gonna say a thing.
I'm sorry.
But I'm asking you now.
You guys not making it
makes sense to me.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
When someone flirts
with extinction...
...I think they got to do
whatever they got to do
in order to...
get their life in order.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Look, I saw her the other day.
- You what?
- I saw her.
- Where?
- Astor Place.
- Did you... did you talk to her?
- No.
- You didn't talk to her?
- No. No.
She, she was, uh, she was far away.
She was walking away.
She was going to class or something.
Yeah. She had her book bags
with her or something.
- She was going to class.
- What school?
Like NYU or Cooper Union or...
- I don't know!
- The New School?
I don't know.
It's not hard to find out.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I just did.
What are you guys talking about?
- You.
- Oh...
I'm not here to approve...
or disapprove... just so you know.
Your mother always gave me crap
for never stepping up to the plate.
Uh... OK. What?
She said I never stepped up.
Uh, I'm sorry, what does that
have to do with anything?
Well... you're a bit like me.
No, I'm not.
No, I'm fucking not.
I stepped UP-
OK. So what else?
Nothing. We don't have to keep talking.
Yeah, but you're the one
who came into the room.
Yeah, to turn down your stupid music.
Oh. Every day...
I do one thing that makes me happy.
All right? One thing...
and that is I...
listen to my stupid music
while reading the stupid paper.
And that's the best way
I've found to deal with myself.
SO just
back to the... guest room
and count the fuckin' raindrops.
"Count the fuckin' raindrops"?
I was never very good
at this kind of thing.
It isn't your job to investigate
the expansive memory
that's called "the past"
and judge what is right
and what is...
Seriously, what the fuck
are you talking about?
You shouldn't be interested
in regretting things.
I'm not.
Hey, Stu, what's up?
I'm looking at her right now.
Wait, wait, wait,
I can't hear you, man.
I'm looking at her right now.
Stu, I can't understand
a word you're saying.
I'm looking at your wife.
She's ordering food.
Where are you?
The Smile.
Conor? Conor?
Hey, hey. Where is she?
She left.
What do you mean, she left?
Why didn't you follow her?
I'm not a creep.
I'm not gonna follow her.
Let's do this.
Most people
could probably provide
an intuitive answer
to this question.
At the bottom,
the sense of self corresponds
to that experience
of ownership and impenetrability
of one's thoughts,
of... one's internal dialogues,
of one's affective states...
that many, but not all,
- of us have from infancy.
- Hey.
Can I borrow a piece
of paper and a pen?
is held as constituting...
...our sense
of personal uniqueness...
...of identification,
- Thanks.
- Of demarcation from others.
- And... the pen?
And it's
perhaps that very same...
I'll give it back.
...solitude that...
Descartes had in mind
when he redefined
the concepts
of subject and subjectivity.
You know, ultimately,
being oneself means
that the faculty of knowing...
the faculty of knowing lies
within the subject...
in his head, and...
the subject has such a status
by dint of being enclosed
within himself,
separate and...
Hi again.
Would you mind passing this
to the girl with the red hair?
Come on, please?
...we say,
"What's got into you?"
to express surprise...
Thanks a lot.
Don't forget your pen.
...disapproval of
unexpected and bizarre behavior.
And again...
doesn't common sense...
- Red hair. Thank you.
- ... tell us that strange behavior
is signaled by tapping
one's forehead
with one's forefinger.
Boy, I'm learning something.
So, "Why the Mind Is in the Head"
is the title
of one of the lectures
delivered at the 1951,
um, symposium.
But, um...
Hey. of the most authoritative voices
in this chorus is Ken Bergens,
who asked the question:
Can we compellingly rein scribe
what it is to be...
...the individualist premise
and toward the relational...
- Hey, Rigby.
- What the fuck are you doing?
What? Come on, I...
I barely got a chance to
respond before you went AWOL.
- What did I ask you, Conor?
- Just give me a second to talk.
- What the fuck did I ask you!
- Just give me a goddamn second!
I gave you plenty of seconds!
Do me a favor, leave me the fuck alone!
Fine, you do what you got to do.
You just keep fuckin' walking...
Oh, shit!
- Conor?
- Is he all right?
Well, that was exciting.
Yeah, it was awesome.
So you're back in school?
I'm taking some classes.
I almost didn't recognize you.
What do you mean?
Just your hair.
It's really pretty.
Where are you living?
None of your business.
So, is that what you so desperately
needed to talk to me about?
What is it, then?
I was gonna say
something really good.
It would've solved all our problems
and made everything all better.
I just forgot what it was.
That's too bad.
I know.
I'm gonna go.
Well, hey...
I just want...
I just want some time
to talk it out, El.
Then you can disappear off to
wherever it is you disappear to.
You ready, sir?
Yeah, I was born ready.
All right. Nice and easy.
There you go.
Watch your step.
See you around.
- All right, watch your head coming up.
- You got him?
I got him.
Now, take it easy.
Strap in for me.
May I keep stalking you?
Good-bye, Conor.
Look, just tell me how long...
All right. Look, I'll
call you tomorrow, and we'll...
talk through the... logistics.
Yeah. No. No, that's it.
All right, thank you.
- You have fun? Shall we...?
- Yeah.
- Say good night.
- Good night.
Well, it's been real, everybody.
- No, it hasn't.
- Hey. Goddamn it.
Slow night?
Couple of people came in
to use the bathroom.
- How we doing?
- Well, aside from being
an endangered species, not so good.
Can you translate that for me, please?
Friday night, it's the only night
we're making any money.
I... I have missed some bills,
and... we can't cover the overhead.
I see.
You got a plan B?
Burger King?
Seriously. Come on,
I want to show you something.
- This is the spreadsheet from...
- No, no, I can't.
Oh. You got protection?
- Shh...
- Viagra?
- Please be quiet.
- You want me to hold your hand?
- Shut your mouth. Shut up.
- Want me to watch?
Dude, I'm being serious. Shut up.
- Don't...
- You got it. Anytime.
You're ruining it.
Can you just shut up?
- It's cool.
- I believe.
- In what?
- A higher power.
Can you hear it?
Not right now.
- Later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- You guys have fun.
You know, I got a plan B.
9h, yeah?
You know what, you can...
you can get out of here.
I was thinking about getting
my real estate license.
- What?
- Mm-hmm.
Why would, uh...
Why would you do something like that?
Uh, 'cause it seems more
impressive than pouring drinks.
Does it? All right.
What happened to your life in the arts?
Oh, that'll probably phase in to a...
the Sunday afternoon hobby
kind of thing.
Plus, I think it's kind of indecent
to have things so worked out
that they wind up exactly
like you thought they would.
Are you gonna be OK?
We live in a world full of probablys.
I'm a decent listener...
if you ever want to talk
about, you know...
Talking about whatever's overrated.
I prefer just to, you know,
let things stew inside of me,
then have a violent out...
What'd you do that for?
It just seemed like the next
interesting thing to do.
I'm, I'm kind of married.
Yeah? I don't mind.
I kind of do.
Uh, there's nobody looking.
You know, in... in another life, I...
Mm. We shouldn't do this.
When's the last time that
you got laid properly?
Oh, fuck, I can already
taste the regret.
Well, stop thinking,
because it's not healthy for you.
- Alexis?
- Yes?
Tomorrow's gonna be awkward.
What are you doing in here?
I was just checking on things.
I was about to feed him.
Oh, fuck.
You're not supposed
to give up on me this easily.
Got him for Cody.
Yeah, I know that. Thanks.
What was a two-month-old baby supposed
to do with a fuckin' fish anyway?
You look like shit.
So... what do you want
to do with him?
Is there something wrong with you?
Most likely. Why do you ask?
Just... all the reflective
talk the other night,
it was, uh, just a tad weird.
I suppose I hit the sauce
a little too hard.
You're not dying
or something, are you?
Not that I know of.
Although I did forget
my name the other day.
I was at Starbucks ordering a coffee,
and the guy behind the counter...
said, "What's your name, sir?"
and... I just got... stuck in a blank.
No idea who I was for a good minute,
until, uh, in the end,
I just had to walk out.
I'm sure that happens
to a lot of people.
On the road to senior citizenship.
Yeah. Yeah, you are.
On a clear day, I can see the end
of my life staring me in the face.
You know, it's fucking bizarre,
one day, you turn the corner
of your street
and everything's changed,
but you never saw it happening.
It's like it's all been
sucked up into some kind of...
cosmic vacuum cleaner.
You're the same age now
as I was when you were born.
Now, that's freakin' absurd.
Where are you going with this?
I'm not going anywhere with it.
My slut of a wife left me
gathering dust on the couch,
and now the only thing
left to do is nothing.
Well, that's what you get for
marrying a woman half your age.
Aw, fuck you.
Fuck you, man. Fuck you.
Seriously, don't lay this "owner of
a lonely heart" bullshit on me.
I watched this happen.
She was just one in a long line
of arm candy I watched you
fuckin' plow through
in the last, what, 17 years?
17 years since you got tired
of my mother, so, please...
It was, uh, it was pretty inevitable
you were gonna age out of it.
Do you think I enjoy
feeling like an asshole?
Yeah, it kind of seems like it.
You know, I was warming up
to try and tell you something nice.
Go ahead.
We all know a little
something about sadness.
Or whatever you want to call it.
Yeah, well, I want to know
a little less about it.
Anyway, how's that supposed to be nice?
Have you talked to her at all?
- Shall we do this?
- Yeah.
Want to say a couple of
words for closure's sake?
Does that ever really close anything?
Bye, Ralph.
What the...?
I'm sorry.
I wasn't expecting you.
No, no, no.
No, I wasn't... wasn't expecting me,
either, so...
- Hi.
- Hey.
Is she here?
Is, is she living here?
Do you want to come in for a second?
Would that be all right?
Yeah. Come in.
Thanks, Mary.
Are you sure you don't want
a glass of wine?
- No?
- No.
I probably shouldn't get started.
I started already.
Can I ask how she's doing?
I don't know,
to be completely honest.
As good as she can be.
Do I seem like
a different person to you?
Do you feel like a different person?
Yeah, kind of.
You look the same to me.
You know I didn't like you
when Eleanor first brought
you out here for dinner.
However long ago it was.
How long ago was it?
Seven years.
Seven years?
You sat there in the exact
same spot seven years ago,
with a glass of water because you were
afraid to have a drink in front of me.
This obnoxiously perfect kid who walked
off with my daughter's attention.
You grew on me, though.
Oh, well.
It's true.
I don't want to interfere
with your life,
or whatever she has to do,
but I can't...
I can't just chalk this up to destiny.
I walked on with my life because...
moving forward was,
was the only way to go.
I guess people grieve differently.
I wish there was some appropriate,
articulate thing to say, but...
I just wanted the mundane
daily bullshit back.
I think Eleanor wanted something else.
And I think that, um...
...there was nothing appropriate
about any of this.
- I don't get it, man.
- What don't you get?
Well, your... your dad is, like,
the, like, a culinary maverick.
He's, like, the Mick Jagger
of the restaurant game.
All you got to do is make one phone call
and it saves our asses, but instead,
you want us to drown, like 90 percent
of the other restaurants in the city.
- I don't get it.
- Stu, Stu...
- Well, I... What did he do?
- What do you mean, "What did he do?"
Your dad, what did he do? I mean, at
least take a page out of his book.
- What did he do?
- He married my mom.
- What does that mean?
- That means he married my mom.
She gave him all the money her family
left her, and he opened the restaurant,
it was a big success, and then
he dropped her like a bad habit.
So, you know what?
Why don't you go and find yourself
some lonely, loaded old lady
- and then we can take it from there.
- Well...
You know what,
I'd rather fail catastrophically
than, you know,
give him the satisfaction
of thinking he handed me my life
on a platter.
That is the stupidest
thing in the history
- of stupid things to say.
- Whoa.
Why is that stupid? Why is that stupid?
You know what's stupid?
You think I'm gonna call my dad, and
he's gonna go, like, "Hey, son, yeah.
Why don't you come and bring your
friends, and they can work here, too. "
- Yeah.
- It's not a fuckin' slumber party.
No, it's not a slumber... It's a job.
- Stu, as decent a cook as you are...
- I'm a chef.
All right, chef, you don't exactly
cut it in those kitchens.
Oh, relax. You don't want
to have this conversation.
- Let's talk about it.
- You don't want this conversation.
When's the last time
you julienned a carrot?
- You really want to have
- Seriously.
- This conversation? You really
- When's the last time
- want to have this conversation?
- you cooked an egg
- You really want to have
- and you didn't blanch the yolk?
You know, in those kinds
of kitchens, in that world...
...this conversation?
I've been pulling my weight fine.
- ... you would be a busboy.
- You're the one...
- You fuckhead. Fucking failure.
- Yeah, no. I'm telling you, man.
You know what,
those stupid glasses out there
- need picking up.
- Fuck you.
You like that?
- Fucking asshole.
- Wait, whoa!
You hit me with fucking kale?
That all you got?
Come on.
Oh, God! Jesus. Ow!
Ow, ow!
OK, OK, yeah, yeah.
This is what you want?
Is that a joke?
No, I think they're really going at it.
We're not quite open yet.
Are you all right?
I was third in my class.
The New York Academy of
Culinary Arts, you fuckhead.
I know that, asshole.
Call me "chef. "
I love our little set-up here.
I do.
Just, the lease has gotten
prohibitively expensive,
and unless you want
to camp out in the kitchen...
OK. I'll... I'll bring
the sleeping bags.
It's just... time to let go.
Time to grow up.
I am grown up.
When do we call it quits?
End of next week.
Can we have one last banger
before we... close shop?
Can we abuse some heavy narcotics?
Whatever tickles your thing.
I'm sorry.
Blow me.
Yeah, it's amazing.
So you're well?
I'm OK.
- Good.
- Yeah.
I'm just painting, and...
here, and... you know,
- that same stuff.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Holy Shatner.
Nice to see you, too, Stuart.
Well, this is nice.
Like old times,
reconnecting and all.
- I'm gonna go to the kitchen.
- Yeah.
I will join you.
- Shirley Temple?
- Please.
What do I owe you?
Your money's no good here.
You know that.
Business is good?
It's great.
We're closing.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
Yeah, me, too.
So, what's next?
I don't know.
I, I thought I might...
develop some interests in things
that people actually take
an interest in.
You gonna work with your dad?
You know, before you,
I had no idea who I was.
Then when we were together,
I thought I had it all figured out.
Now I'm just back to wondering again.
Well, when you figure it out,
tell me how, OK?
Let's get out of here.
- What?
- Let's go.
- Right now?
- Yeah. That's the idea.
I don't believe in wasting time.
Yeah, uh...
Don't forget to fill it up
before you drop it off.
You got it.
moving in this evening.
Heavy rain expected
across the tristate...
- What are you doing?
- Do you... want to listen to that?
Yeah. Suck it up, Ludlow.
Is it gonna rain?
Fuck me!
Of course we get the car
with the retarded wipers.
We could just wait it out.
What are we doing here?
You tell me.
You're the one who said
that we needed to talk.
You stalked me,
you went to my parents' house.
What are we doing here?
Just recently, like an hour ago,
you walked into my bar
and you suggested we drive aimlessly
into the perfect fucking storm here.
This is funny.
it's fuckin' hilarious.
You know, for a while there,
I thought we'd actually pieced together
a pretty decent life.
I have to move everything out
of the apartment next week.
Do you want me to keep anything for you?
Where will you move to?
I don't know.
I could stay with my dad for a little
while, till I get things figured out.
How is he?
I'm pretty certain he's losing his mind.
Fernanda left him.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
He's getting all talkative.
Waxing philosophical.
Same shit he pulls every time
he's between significant others.
I think it's probably more than that.
Yeah, maybe.
At least you guys are talking.
What'd you tell your parents about us?
What would I say?
That we're fabulous.
I feel like we're living
some dreadful disaster clich?.
We are.
You're sopping wet!
Oh, you noticed? Thank you.
- No, no, no, no.
- No, wait, wait.
- Shh, shh, shh.
- Just a second, wait.
Uh, shit.
I slept with someone else.
I'm sorry.
It doesn't matter.
What do you mean, it doesn't matter?
Get off me.
- Don't... El, come on.
- Get off.
What do you mean, it doesn't matter?
Get over yourself, Conor.
- You don't care?
- No.
That's bullshit. I know you care.
El, you're supposed to say, "What the
fuck are you thinking, Conor?"
You're supposed to say,
"You're a selfish piece of shit. "
We're past that.
And you just said it for me.
Come on, let's go back to the city.
I'm gonna get out of here.
Hey, Phoebe.
- Hey, how are you?
- Hey, how are you?
Good. Your hair got long.
- Not really.
- Yeah.
He's in his spot.
You could make this place your own,
if you want.
Do what you like with it.
Seriously, I...
I'm done.
Used to be pretty cool,
once upon a time.
Some of the same faces still show up,
except more wrinkled.
Some of them less so.
The Stones were in last week,
after playing the Garden, but...
mostly people are just fading away.
I've been doing this way too long.
I think you done pretty good.
Yeah, well, complacency
scares the shit out of me.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Then how's this?
I, uh, forfeited the loan
the bank gave me,
I'm losing the lease on my bar...
Eleanor's gone...
with the fucking wind.
I'm 33 years old,
and my life's a fucking boat wreck.
I'm in my 60s.
I lost a grandson this year that I'm
basically forbidden to talk about,
my third wife just walked out on me,
and I come here every afternoon
to this restaurant
named after your mother.
It's time to shoot the crow.
Where are you gonna go?
You gonna fly off
to Never-Never Land?
Become a Buddhist?
Tell you what, you can return
and enlighten us all.
Oh, fuck enlightenment.
I'm hoping to figure out some
way of dealing with reality.
What are you doing here, anyway?
I was... I was just
in the neighborhood.
"Just in the neighborhood. "
What is it?
Do you ever wonder why we fall in love
with a specific person?
Not really.
I think to myself,
"Something's wrong here,
but I can't quite put my finger
on what it is. "
There's always one that haunts us.
So give her time.
It's the right thing to do,
given the circumstances.
Circumstances suck.
I really forbid you
from talking about him?
What the fuck are you gonna say to me?
Ever since he...
Ever since what happened happened,
any thought or,
or memory of him
has been something
just to run my mind
as far as fuck away from
as I can get, and...
A shooting star only lasts a second,
but... aren't you glad
to at least have seen it?
That's nice.
It's a little Hallmark,
but it's nice.
I mean it, it's nice.
You have a delicate soul, Dad.
Oh, nobody ever said that to me before.
You know, we're in imminent
danger of sappiness.
Oh, we can't have that, can we?
- You hungry?
- Yeah.
I'll fix you something up.
Hey, you got my drinks?
Yeah. Does anyone else work here?
- Not right now.
- Guess what?
- What?
- No more beer.
Ah, shocker. All right.
Hey, this is the last
of the beer, so drink it slowly.
However, there's plenty more liquor.
Table four, right?
Yeah. Thank you.
Hey, guys.
Get you a beverage?
- Uh... uh...
- Baby?
Uh... just a beer, please?
Uh, actually, we're
all out of beer right now.
Oh, um, then just a glass
of red wine would be good.
You got it. And for you, sir?
- Same.
- OK.
Something wrong?
Uh... no, no.
I'll- I'll get you your drinks.
" Sia?
- Two reds, table four.
- Got it.
Hey, Stu, where's Alexis?
- Hey.
- What? Oh, I'm not taking a shit.
- We're smoking it.
- I don't even want to know.
Can I interrupt you two
for just a second?
- Mm-hmm.
- I have something very important
to ask you, for probably the last time.
Shouldn't you be cooking
some fucking food?
Come on.
- All right. You're right.
- Me, me, me.
Mm, are you guys fucking?
Hey, get the fuck out of here.
Come on, go make some mediocre bar food.
Come here. Come here, come here.
- I love you.
- I lov... Ooh, yeah, I love you.
Go. Go.
Wash your hands, OK?
Should we get back in there?
- Here we are in the bathroom.
- Here we are.
- Alexis, about the other...
- So, you two
gallop off into the sunset
the other day?
Oh, yeah.
Didn't you hear?
Happy ending and everything.
You know, I could fall
madly in love with you.
I'm not sure that would be
the smartest thing.
Why is that?
You know, it's funny how a person,
just by living,
can damage another person beyond repair.
How's that funny?
I don't know.
This is why I'm not a bartender.
Don't wipe your shirt...
- Ready?
- This kitchen is closed forever!
Did you throw that glass?
This is his place.
Don't worry about it.
He's the only one who can throw them.
- No, not...
- Oh, give me a kiss, give me a kiss.
- Give me a kiss, lady.
- Aw...
- Ah.
- Ah.
How much do I owe you?
How much do I owe you?
I don't remember.
Hey, baby.
no, I'm, I'm lying on the sidewalk.
No, I'm good.
It's good.
Yeah, I don't know, on, uh...
I don't know what street this is.
Clinton... it's just...
just below Houston.
Uh, Clinton just below Houston.
Yeah. Yeah, I'll see you in a minute.
How much do you want?
Forget about it.
What the fuck is your problem, man?
When did we get all this stuff?
I don't know. I...
I guess it kind of accumulated.
You can... store some of it at my
parents' house if you want.
I was thinking I could get a storage
unit, till we figure things out.
I'm sorry.
What are you thinking?
That memory's so fucking weird.
How's that?
I forgot what he looks like.
Sometimes I'll get a...
quick glimpse of his eyes...
a small smile he used to
give me from the crib.
But then he vanishes.
I can't picture his face.
I can't picture his face anymore.
He was pale.
He had tiny ears.
He had your nose.
Your mouth.
Your chin.
He had your...
But he had my eyes.
And I loved that.
And he was the most beautiful
thing I've ever seen.
I wasn't ready
for what this feels like.
Neither of us were.
I just want him back.
I know.
I love you.
I know.
Hey, guys...
I'm gonna go take a stroll
before the rush, OK?
- OK.
- OK.
Aren't you worried about
these 15 people in that section?
What are we gonna do with them?
Um, you know what we do is
we open up this back room here.