The Disappeared (2008) Movie Script

(slow, ominous music)
(door slams)
[Jake] Are you sure it's
time for him to leave?
Like I said, I understand your concern.
He has been through a lot.
We've done what we can for him here.
He now needs to get home
and get on with the rest of his life,
but make sure he keeps up
his outpatient appointments
and there'll be regular visits
from the social worker.
Just keep an eye on him.
He'll be fine.
Let's hope you're right.
(door clicking open)
So what do you fancy
for your tea tonight?
I'll pick it up on the way home.
Don't know.
Well, I'll make it special then.
Fish chips and mushy peas it is.
Here are your keys, son.
(heavy beat rap)
(party chatter)
Yeah, I've got a... I've got a light.
I've got a birthday light.
(party chatter)
I'm bored.
Yes, Tommy, come here brother.
Tommy, yes, yes, yes.
Look, look, you've got to stay
here in Dad's bedroom, yeah?
You've got your chocolate
and your crisps, eh?
You've got your stuff.
Don't mention that to Ricky
about the munchies.
But you can't stay in your bedroom,
because then daddy will never
let us have a party again.
Fine. I'm going to the playground.
I'll pick you up later.
You know what I mean?
I'll pick you up later.
(slow music)
The missing boy.
This is the playground
from which young Tom Ryan
went missing nearly two weeks ago.
So if anybody remembers
anything at all from that night,
no matter how small,
please call the number on your screen.
Police are...
Whoever you are, just please...
I just want Tom back.
Please don't hurt him.
We just want him back home.
Safe... and...
We really need him.
Please don't hurt him,
and let us know that he's safe.
The disappearances of children in...
(ominous music)
The police still haven't
found a single clue,
so the nightmare continues
for his father, Jake,
and his brother, Matthew.
For his father, Jake,
and his brother, Matthew.
(silverware jingles)
Thanks, son.
Dad, I was...
I was listening
to those tapes of Tom's...
I heard something.
Let me show you.
Please don't hurt him.
We just want him back home.
And we really need him.
Please don't hurt him,
and let us know that he's safe.
The police still haven't
found a single clue.
(report continues under
louder ominous music)
(glass shattering)
Police are refusing
to comment on similarities
between this case
and other disappearances
of children in the area.
Hi, I was just passing by.
I had a home visit in the block.
How is everything?
What happened to your hand?
Uh, no, just an accident.
Everything all right with you, Matthew?
Yeah, I'm all right.
Well, welcome back.
If you need to talk, just drop by.
Good night, Mr. Ballan.
(heavy breathing)
Of course, I understand it, doctor.
He's my son.
I just don't think I can handle it
if he tips over again.
Remember what happened the last time.
All right, okay,
we'll just wait and see then.
It's always the easiest bloody thing.
(phone slams)
(trash rustling)
(slow music)
(crow squawks)
For fuck's sake.
Please don't hurt him.
We just want him back home.
And we really need him.
Please don't hurt him.
(thuds and distant cries)
You must've moved in when I was away.
I'm Matt, by the way.
Hi, I'm Amy.
Hi, Amy.
are you all right?
These... the walls, man, they're thin.
I wasn't listening in, but...
I know. I can hear TV.
Listen, I'm really sorry
about you brother.
(slow, sad music)
(ominous music building)
(lighter clicks)
Still got it, then?
Yeah, man.
I met this girl.
Jesus Christ, that was quick.
She fit.
It's not like that.
You fucking loser.
What about you anyway?
What's going on?
I ain't got no time for a hoe, bro.
Cousin got me a job down in a car yard.
Money's crap, but I love it.
I've even started to fix up me
a Merly down there.
Have you passed your test then?
Not exactly. Yeah, not like that.
Put in a good word for you
if you want, man.
That's cool, man.
I'm a bit undecided, you know.
They're trying to push me
into some college course
or something, or if it's not that,
it's get a job, and I'm like...
I just... I need some time, you know.
Yeah, give it a fortnight.
Bloody mad, bein' in that flat all day.
I know, man.
I'll give it some thought.
You're right, though, yeah.
How's it going with your old man?
Fucked, mate.
He thinks I've lost my mind again.
Why's that?
I was looking at some of the old
news reports of Tom's disappearance.
That from the night?
And I thought that I heard
his voice on one of the tapes.
And I told him, and that was a mistake.
Some spooky shit, man.
What was he saying?
Just calling. Just calling to me.
I've seen sort of this.
You know, used to brag
about it the other day.
Some sort of phenomenon where you get
dead people's voices on tapes.
People go around
recording them and that.
I see it, I see it on TV, man.
We don't know that's Tom dead, do we?
Look, Matt, while you were away, man,
there was some shit
wrote about your family,
about that poor Saks.
Nothing, man, just dragging up
the past and all that.
What that?
Some shit about your dad
breaking your brother's arm
in a fit of rage,
or something like that.
I had to tell you, man.
(ominous music)
Testing, testing, one, two, three...
I don't know why I'm doing this, mate.
Someone said to do it.
Someone fucking said...
So I'm fucking sat here,
in the middle of
a fucking playground, yeah,
talking to you on a fucking recorder.
Is this where you went from?
If you're out there.
You know, fucking say, dude.
Let's just know, yeah.
Let's not this in between.
You shouldn't have gone.
That wasn't fair.
What is it happened, eh?
It's quiet and quiet and quiet in there.
You've been in our playground
talking to yourself.
What are you fucking doing
in our playground, you prick.
First sign of madness.
Wait! Wait, where you going?
Hold this fucking thing, huh?
What are you listening to?
Some fucking girl band?
You're that kid whose brother
went missing, yeah?
I saw you on TV the other day.
Your dad was fucking
crying and everything.
Everybody says your dad did it.
Your mom went missing as well, did she?
I'd be fucking worried if I was you.
(cries and thuds)
Matt, you all right?
(water running)
So take it down, yeah.
Like, there's one thing I know about.
It's cleaning up cuts and bruises.
Do you miss your mum?
Not really, she left so long ago,
I don't think about her
that much, you know.
Tom was so young.
He never even knew her.
They're the freaks.
Beating you up after everything
that your family has been through.
Yeah, it's not much of family, really.
Dad hates me.
He blames me for what happened to Tom.
Dad was out.
We were having a party,
and Tom wanted to go to the playground.
And it was my birthday, so you know,
I'm drinking and I'm smoking and...
And by the time I come to collect him,
he was gone.
He'll be home soon.
What's with your dad, Amy?
Okay, listen, thanks. Yeah.
I'll track you there.
(door slams)
How'd your appointment go today?
Been taking the pills?
What happened to your face?
Fell over.
(door slams)
Let's just know.
Let's not just this in between.
You shouldn't have gone.
It wasn't fair.
[Tom] Help me, Matthew.
It's dark in here.
I'm really scared.
What's that you're listening to?
Are you sure you're all right?
(door slams)
I was just on my way out, actually.
Matthew, you know how
important our meetings are.
No one said you were coming.
I just have to check that
you're settling back all right.
Fuckin' A.
As your care worker,
I just have to tick a few boxes.
Why did you miss
your outpatient appointment?
I was sick.
Try not to miss the next one.
So how's it been,
coming back to this state,
living with your father?
All right.
Really? What happened to your face?
Had an accident.
So how've you been?
I'm all right, I said.
Look, Matthew, this is going
to sound really boring,
but it's important that you don't miss
your hospital appointments.
You thought anymore about
the courses I told you about?
I run a few of them
down at the church hall.
It's not too late to come along.
(continues talking under ominous music)
What's the matter, Matthew?
Hear the words of comfort.
Our Saviour, Christ, says
to all who truly turn to him.
Come to me, all who labor
and our heavy-laden,
and I will give you rest.
God so loved the world,
that he gave his only son,
that whoever believes in him,
should not perish,
but have eternal life,
and when our mortal flesh is laid aside,
an everlasting dwelling place
is made for us in heaven.
It'd be good to see Matthew
at the next meeting.
How's your hand, by the way?
It's better.
When is the next meeting?
Yes, Matthew.
You got a ciggy?
Yeah, man.
How was the God squad?
Hey, Matt.
How you doing?
I've not seen you for ages.
How's the looney bin?
Lay off.
I said go. I'll see you at home.
Think she fancies you, bro.
Shut up.
She's your sister, mate.
That's too disgusting.
She's twelve years old.
Hey, you know what you were
talking about with the tape?
Recording things, and...
I've done it, and...
Can I play it to you?
Yeah, man.
Want some speed?
All right.
I'm talking to you
on a fucking recorder.
This is where you went from.
If you're out there.
Watch the space here, it's coming up.
You're fucking losing it.
It's fucking on here. I did it.
Well, you're fucking joking.
Nobody's going to take you
seriously, man.
It was your idea.
You said it, and I did it,
and it worked.
Matt, man.
It's on here.
I mean, you hear voices, bro.
You need to spend a bit longer
in the old whack shack,
you know what I mean?
We'll see what happens, eh?
What the fuck, man?
(slow, sad music)
Mom! Mom!
(door slams)
What's wrong?
What is it?
Seriously, you haven't said
a word since I got here.
I think he's still alive.
I heard his voice.
No one else has,
but something's going on.
It's something between me and him.
Like, I believe you.
You know what?
I might have something for you.
No one seems to know
that much about her.
She seem to sort of freak everyone out.
They call her a witch.
I've seen her, just like
wandering around the corridors
a few times.
Seems like she's just misunderstood.
I know where she lives.
It's on the Pie Hawk State,
just around the corner.
You've got nothing to lose
by paying her a visit.
Thanks, Amy.
For what?
For not thinking that I'm some
fuckin' (sighs).
I never said you weren't.
You know, there is help
that you can get, too.
I just wanted to say thanks.
You already did.
I'd better get back.
Where were you, Matthew?
You never came for me, Matthew.
I waited for you.
(ominous sound effects)
You can't help. You can't help me.
You never came for me, Matthew.
I waited for you.
Where were you?
Where were you, Matthew?
(ominous sound effects)
(phone ringing)
Is this your friend?
Just ignore her, Matthew.
She gets a bit ahead of herself.
How'd you know my name?
Shall we begin?
You know, all I need to know,
sort of why he won't...
why he won't leave me alone.
Why can't I get rid of him?
Sounds obvious,
but maybe he's trying to say
something to you.
So you think he's dead then?
I can't answer that, but
maybe he's trying to
warn you about something.
You all right?
Remember he's just a child.
Maybe he's just angry with you
because you weren't there
for him when he needed you.
Ghosts are about the unresolved.
They never rest
until they find an answer.
Matthew, this place is full of them.
It's a ghost area.
Don't worry, sweetie.
Mommy's just telling a story.
Try not to worry too much.
I'm sure you'll find what you need.
Listen, thanks very much.
How much do I owe you?
There's no need.
You sure?
It's fine.
This is for you.
For me?
Thank you very much.
(door slams)
(ominous music)
Dad, where were you?
What is it, Matthew?
I was just saying goodnight.
You all right, Dad?
All right, night, then.
Shut the door?
(door slams)
(slow, gentle music)
Hello, Matthew, I need
to ask you some questions.
What do you think about
the latest abductions?
Do you believe rumors that
it may be the work of a serial killer?
What abduction?
Sophie Pryor.
I believe you may be a friend
of her brother's, Simon.
You got to go now.
Do you think it was a local person
that killed them?
Fuck off.
You're all the same really.
(door slams)
(bell ringing)
Saks was here earlier.
Made mum and dad cry with his questions.
Maybe you think it's Sophie?
Where'd you get it?
It led on from the stuff with the tape.
What happened there?
I met up with this woman, Simon.
She wanted to help.
She's a... she's a medium.
She's not some sort
of crystal gazer, man.
She's good, and her daughter drew that
for me.
A medium?
She lives on the Whitehawk Estate.
Shelley Cartwright.
Shelley Cartwright.
Fucking hell, man.
What's wrong with you?
She died years ago,
and her flat burnt down.
Her daughter was in it.
It was all over the news.
No, you're thinking
of someone else, mate.
I spoke with her, and she...
Sort your head out, bro.
Do you think we need
this shit right now?
Simon, you've got the wrong person.
I think she can help, you know.
I think... when I heard about
Sophie and saw that drawing.
I can't believe you, man.
Don't just fucking stand there
looking at me, you psycho.
Fuck off! Go! Get out!
Get out!
Tom, he's trying to warn us.
(door slams)
(driving drum rhythms)
(ominous singing)
Watch out.
You watch out.
Matt, what's wrong?
Fuck off.
The fucking medium.
What happened?
She doesn't exist, Amy. She's dead.
You think that this is a joke?
You think that this is funny?
You think that this is fucking funny.
I thought you were different.
I thought you understood,
but you're just like everybody else.
I didn't know (cries).
But it was so real.
But then not there.
I'm sorry, Amy, you all right?
So what do you think
she was trying to tell you?
That Tom was trying
to tell me something.
But she's not fucking there.
You know, so...
If you think your brother
is trying to tell you something,
then it doesn't matter
if it's real or not.
You just listen to it.
It doesn't matter.
You just listen. Okay?
I know you're a good man, the family,
they're all looking forward
to seeing you again, so...
Just try and enjoy it, okay?
(doorbell rings)
Your dad's been coming around
whilst you been away.
He keeps blaming himself.
It's no one's fault,
but he really feels guilty.
Maybe he should.
He was at work, too.
You know he left early
to get back to you guys.
It doesn't really matter now,
does it, Matt?
You both really need to help each other.
Just look after yourself.
(ominous music)
Come in.
No, no. That's far too many pills.
No, look, you've only
been out for four weeks.
It's four pills a day.
If you want to change anything,
then you have to come and see me.
Look, I'm here til six.
What is this?
Just, well, look. Come in,
and bring your father.
Will you?
Good, thanks, yeah. Okay.
How are things with you?
Excuse me.
Excuse me, is it all right...
Could I come in?
I um... I've got this...
I was in Dr. Cull's office.
I saw this, which I've seen before.
What do you know about this?
[Matthew] What?
Save them.
What is? This is?
It's happening to you, too.
What are you doing in here?
Do you know Edward?
(mumbles) Before it pulls you under.
No, yeah, no.
I'll show you out.
Come on, please.
You're disturbing the patient.
No, it was my fault.
It was my fault completely.
I went in there. I started, um...
Started asking him stuff, it was stupid.
What happened to him?
[Nurse] He's been in here for years.
He was with a classmate went missing.
[Matthew] Why'd he kill him?
[Nurse] A lot of people
thought he did, but...
They never found a body, so....
This is you.
Just follow this corridor
right to the exit.
(ominous music)
(distant screams)
(distant arguing)
Where's your mommy now, boy?
Where's your fucking mommy now, huh?
Come on, you little fucking pussy.
Fuck with us?
Get out of my fucking face.
Get the fuck out my face.
You don't know who you're
fucking with, boy.
Little pussy, yo. You little pussy, yo.
(glass shattering)
Hey, take that way.
Come with me.
He's around here somewhere.
Really? Look who it is.
You boys, back off, now.
Matthew, come here.
Wrong time, boys.
I'm sorry I couldn't put
any brandy in this.
You okay?
I know I told you to drop by, Matthew,
but it's a bit late, isn't it?
Sorry, Mr. Ballan.
No, it's all right.
I was here getting ready
for tomorrow anyway.
You call me Adrian.
Why you out so late?
Won't your dad be worried about you?
They've probably gone by now,
so I should probably...
They're a nasty bunch.
Looks to me like they're
out for blood tonight.
You're not in any kind
of trouble, are you?
No, nothing like that.
So, how is your father?
More importantly, how are you?
I'm okay.
Thank you for asking.
Look, Matthew, will you
just cut the bullshit.
You might think
I'm just here to do a job,
but I do the job because I want to help.
I can't begin to imagine
how difficult this must be for you.
It's hard to make sense of it all,
but there are ways
of working through it.
Do you think that I had
anything to do with Tom?
I don't know,
but I do know that anything's
possible these days.
When people have lost their beliefs
and their faith,
what/s left?
I should leave them to the police.
(distant screams)
You believe in an afterlife?
Don't you?
I really am sorry about
your brother, Matthew.
Do you think we'll ever find him?
Know what happened to him?
(clock chimes)
Fuck. Sorry, sorry.
I should be going.
Thank you for the tea.
All right.
Take care of yourself,
Matthew, all right?
Always (groans).
You have.
He would have.
(muttering and crying out)
Shush now, come on.
Matthew, you're having a bad dream.
(child crying)
Get off me.
Get off me, get off me.
Get the fuck off me.
(distant child laughing)
(wheels rolling)
(ominous music)
(door slams)
Why do you have Tom's watch?
Police gave it to me,
when they'd finished with it.
They found it in the playground.
You'd already gone into the hospital,
and I didn't think
you should know about it.
I still don't think you're able to...
You're lying.
You left your party early that night.
So where were you?
For Christ's sake, Matthew.
I left with a girl from work.
The real question is,
where the fuck were you?
You were meant to be looking after him.
I told you to look after him,
but instead you were getting pissed
and God knows what else
with your friends.
I think you need some more help.
That would suit you, wouldn't it?
That would suit you, wouldn't it?
Locking me up again?
Because you did it.
I know you did it.
[Amy] Don't do it.
It's not worth it.
I heard all the shouting.
You're not okay.
Come with me.
I want to show you something.
This is just...
Where I like to come,
just when everything gets too much.
Pretend one of them is mine,
and I can just sail away.
Which one do you like?
What you doing?
Come on, there you go. Get in.
Don't be stupid.
Come on.
He had a good job,
and we lived in a nice house,
in a nice neighborhood.
I used to play piano.
He got redundant.
And he started to drink.
Everything changed.
We ended up here.
(slow, sad music)
And that's my story.
Give or take a few bruises.
Try not to think the worst of your dad.
You have to trust him.
It's on both of you.
Where are we going?
Well, I do rather
like the south of France
this time of year.
So why don't you lie back,
and I'll have us back by the morning.
You're the captain.
Dad, I didn't mean what I said,
but I'm sorry about everything.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
I'm sorry, son.
It's for your own, good.
Okay, I'll take it from here.
(cell phone ringing)
Okay. There's no one here.
Coming back.
Is that Took? What's happened?
What's the matter, darling?
Tell me.
All right, shh, shh.
What's the matter?
Tell me.
Sweetie, what happened?
It's okay. It's okay.
Oh my god.
What's happened to us?
Shh, shh, shh.
It's not your day.
Something's happened to Rebecca.
We need some help.
Get out of my house.
Get out of my house, you evil bastard.
Get out.
Oh, Rebecca, Rebecca.
It's all right, hold on.
No! Leave us alone.
Please, leave.
Shh, shh. It's okay, sweet baby.
It's okay. Shh, shh.
Rebecca, under the bed.
Quickly, quickly.
Under the bed.
It's okay.
Shh, shh.
Anything's possible these days,
when people who've lost their beliefs,
and their faith.
(ominous music)
Oy. Oy, Matt.
Matthew, oy!
Wait, Matt.
What's going on, man?
Have you done a few things?
Where were you?
I know who did it, Simon.
It was Mr. Ballan.
He's using the church.
Ballan, why...
You won't believe me, so I don't care.
I don't care.
It's Mr. Ballan.
(ominous music)
Dearly beloved,
we have prayed that
our lord, Jesus Christ,
will receive her,
give her eternal life,
and the Kingdom of Heaven.
Would the godparents
please step forward?
(baby crying)
(ominous music and church bells tolling)
(door slams)
(door clanging)
(ominous music)
(child crying)
(child crying)
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay.
Sophie, it's me. It's Matthew.
It's okay. Don't be afraid, okay?
I'm here to help you.
What have you done?
Forty fucking guns in my brother.
What happened to my little brother?
Hello? Anybody down there?
I can't see anyone.
I think I see light.
Simon, Jake. What are you doing here?
Matthew's run off.
For some reason,
Simon thought he might've come
to the church.
I'm sorry, Jake.
I haven't seen him,
but I'll call the office,
let them know what's happened,
see if they can help.
If you do see him, I'd be grateful
if you could give us a call then,
and if you see him,
don't take any notice of what he says.
What happened to your door?
Vandals, we get a lot
of them around here.
I'm sorry, gents, I must get on,
but I'll be sure to call you, Jake,
if I see Matthew, all right?
Matt looked so convinced.
I told you. That's how
he gets when he's ill.
Look, I'd better get back to the flat,
in case he turns up.
I'm sure he will.
See you later.
All right. Thanks, son.
(distant scream)
(dramatic music)
Don't kill me! Don't kill me!
(crying and screaming)
Go. Go Sophie.
Go Sophie, run!
Run Sophie!
(digging and scraping)
Matthew, wake up.
Wake up now, Matthew, please.
Come on.
Wake up now.
Wake up Matthew.
You have to come out of there.
(ominous sound effects)
He called your name in the end.
(ominous music)
Thank you.
Where's Amy?
Amy? You mean Sophie.
She's fine.
They found her just after she escaped.
She's safe now.
Did you catch him? Did you get him?
No. He escaped.
I killed him.
No, son. The police
are searching for him now.
They don't even know who he is.
They found the real Ballan in there.
He'd been dead for years.
Son, I have to tell you.
They found Tommy in there
with the others.
What about Amy? Where's Amy?
I don't know who Amy is, son,
but you should... you should
get some rest now.
We'll talk some more later, okay.
(sad, sentimental music)
I'll wait there, son.
I'll be a minute.
(ominous music)