The Dive (2023) Movie Script


-...and fill my heart with
love for only you
Only you
Can make
all this world seem right
-No. I hate this song.
-How can you hate it?
It's not hateable,
it's a classic.
-Classically overplayed.
-And make
the darkness bright
-Only you and you alone
Can thrill me

-So, how is work?
You're still working
for that travel magazine?
-It went bust last year.
-No, it's okay.
Something will come up.
How about you? How is life
in the decompression chamber?
Anything dirty you need to tell
me about those oily oil rig men?
You're still living
with that surf shop guy?
Oh! No. That's...
No, that's in the past.
-So, where do you live?
-Right now with mom actually.
-All right.

-She's doing good.
-Mom? She is doing good.
I thought you might
want to know.

-It's pretty steep.
-It's all right.
-Is that really necessary?
It's not that kind of cave.
-It's an overhead environment,
so we bring a reel.
Oh, my God, fancy!
-Divepath QR4 with intercom.
-"Divepath QR4
with intercom"!
You're such a nerd.
Do you dream
of your equipment at night?
"Oh my God, my new BCD,
it feels so good when it's wet,
oh, I love it."
Yeah, I still get
a bit nervous every time.
-Lucky you.
-Lucky me?
What do you mean?
-Nervous is good.
Excitement is a good thing.
-Whatever you say.
Okay, let's do this.
Let's descend to 50 feet.
-You lead, I follow.

I missed this feeling.

Right, back into the womb.
-I already regret that
I brought the comm system.
It's fucking amazing!
Let's go to 30 feet.
There's got to be an entrance
to this cute little cave
somewhere around here.
-Okay, I'm right behind you.
[Respirator hissing]
-We're at 20 feet.
Perfect dive bell conditions.
There's already air in it but
it's probably a bit toxic.
Let's put some fresh air in it.
-That's enough. It's enough!
-The air is good, right?
We're at 20 feet.
Isn't this great?
You know what's strange?
I don't even know
if you're enjoying this.
I mean...
I can't read you anymore.
Are you enjoying this, like...
I talk you into these trips
every year, but...
Do you actually want to go?
-Of course I do.
-I'm sorry that I'm not
expressing that properly.
-No, I didn't --
I didn't mean it like
a criticism.
Are you okay?
You left a hole when you left.
May, wait.
Come on, wait!


Why aren't you answering me?

What's wrong?

Just talk to me, please!
-Do you hear this?
Move to the wall!
[Rocks splashing]
Fuck! May!
May! Look out! May!
[Panicked breathing]
Oh, God!
[Panicked breathing]
May, can you hear me?
Please! [Whimpers]
Can you hear me?



I'm coming...
I'm going to come down.
[Breath hitches]
Okay... Okay...
[Static crackles]
I'm here at the bottom.
I'll find you, I promise.
You can do this,
you can do this.
May, if can you hear me,
shine your light.
I can't see anything.
[Panicked breathing]
Can you hear me?
-...hear me?!
-May! Are you okay?
-I'm not --
-What? I can't...
I can't hear you,
it's like breaking up.
-Can you go to the surface?
-I'm stuck.
-I'm stuck.
-You're stuck! Are you hurt?
-I don't know.
-I'm on 100 feet.
-I'm gonna turn off my light.
Can you turn on your light?


-God, I can't see anything!
I can't see anything!

Where's the reel?
I-I just had it!
I dropped it!
I can't find it!
-Stay calm.
Where is it?
I can't find it.
-Calm down.
-It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay, I-I got it,
I got it.
-What's your air?
-I'm 100 bar.
-Are you still at the wall?
-Yeah, yeah, it's behind me.
-Okay, then -- [distorted]
-I can hardly hear you, it's...
Just keep talking, okay?
-Keep the wall on your left
and stay parallel to it.
-Okay, I've got it.

-Drew, keep shining
your light around.

-I can see something!
I see you!
-Yes, I see your light.
-Oh, thank God!
Oh, my God, what the fuck...
Oh my God, are you hurt?
-I'm okay.
-Oh, my God, we need to get
this thing off of you.
-Keep it together.
-Calm down.
Wait, look at me.
-What about your legs?
Oh, my God!
We've got to lift the rock!
Push with your back
at the same time.

-It's not moving.
-I'm gonna pull you out.
I'll try to pull you, okay?
Ready? One, two, three.
I can't.
-This is not working!
-We need to get this thing
off you.
-This isn't working.
-We need to get you
out of here!
-We will.
But for now you have
to leave me here.
-What the hell, what do you
mean leave you here?
-You have to go to the surface
and call for help.
I need you to get
your shit together, okay?!
I know you can do it.
Are you with me?
-Okay, what's your air?
-85 bar.
-Okay, I'm at 100.
At this depth, I can make that
last 25 minutes or so.
-No one can make it here
in 25 minutes, May.
-I know, I know -- listen, this
is what you're gonna do.
A direct ascent to the surface.
Your dive computer will go
crazy, telling you
to make a decompression stop,
but just ignore it.
You're within save limits.
Do you understand?
-Yeah, yeah. Okay.
-Our comms will not work
when you're out of the water
so we're not going to be able
to talk, so you have to
remember what I'm
telling you now, okay?
-When you're up, call for help.
Then you need to bring
the extra air.
There are two tanks
at the base.
There are another two tanks
on the back seat of the car.
If there is enough time,
you need to bring them
over to the base.
And there is a car jack.
-Car jack! Yes!
-In the trunk.
-Okay, okay.
-Bring that too,
so we can lift the rock.
When you get out of the water,
you have to set
an alarm for 20 minutes.
You have to be back
with the air by then.
-20 minutes, okay.
-I can do it, I can do it!
-Drew! Wait, wait.
It's all good.
We have plenty of options.
Just stay calm.
Do one thing after the other.
The calmer you are,
the less air you use,
remember that.
-The calmer you are,
the less air you use.
-Yes! Yes. Yes.
The calmer you are,
the less air you use.
The calmer you are,
the less air you use.
The calmer you are...
Don't think.
Don't think.
[Alarm beeping]
[Groans, beeping continues]
[Alarm stops]
[Gasps softly]

No, no, no!

-Don't think.
[Splashing, laughter]
-Lucky me?
What do you mean?
-So, where do you live?
-Right now with mom, actually.


-Are you okay?
Don't think.
-Fuck! Shit.
Twenty...minus four.

Trunk release.
What the fuck?!
No... Fuck!
What are you...?

Hey! Hey!
Help! Help!


Hey! Over here!


Please help!
Hey! Over here!
No! Please! No!

Just breathe.
It's okay.
It's okay. Breathe.
Are you okay?
Listen, I dropped the tank.
I know.
I gotta go find it.
It can't be far.
I saw where I dropped it.
I'm going to leave
my air with you.
Yes. I'll freedive.
Don't worry.
It can't be far.
I gotta go get it.
I gotta get my half-mask.
Be ready with your octopus.
Let me breathe.
My switch.

[Thud, air hissing]

Okay. Let's hook you up
to the new tank.
Lean forward.
Okay, yeah, you do it, yeah.
You do it.
[Air hissing]
Ah, thank God!
Now switch to
your full face mask.
-Why didn't you bring the jack?
-The rock fall buried
everything --
the tanks, the car keys,
I had to break the --
-So you didn't call for help?
Our phones are buried!
-Oh, God help us.
-There's a house on the map
and there's a boat
and it saw me
and I have to go back
and make sure that they know
that we need help.
-What about the jack?
-I can't get into the trunk
without the car keys.
-Okay, how far is the house?
-Maybe a mile.
-That's too far.
Forget the house,
and if there's no boat,
you have to get the jack, Drew.
-I tried, I can't get in there.
-Well try harder,
it's not invincible.
There's got to be a way.
-Okay, okay.
-Drew, you have to make a
decompression stop this time.
-Did you change tanks or are
you still on the old one?
-The old one.
50 bar.
-Listen, your inflator hose
is damaged.
-Your inflator hose is damaged.
It's okay for now,
but if the hole expands,
you'll lose too much air.
You have to try to fix it
at the surface.
-You have to go now.
Get the jack.
-Go, go!

-Even if help is coming,
you're going to have to make
at least one more dive
to bring me
the second spare tank.
You have to make
a decompression stop
this time, okay?
-The boat's gonna leave,
-Your nitrogen level
is already too high,
you have to decompress.
-But we have to get help!
You have to decompress!
-I'm at 20 feet, how long?
May, how long?
-At least five minutes.
The boat is going to leave!
-You have to decompress!
-I've gotta get help!
I can't wait!
-You have to decompress!
-No, the boat is more
-You have to decompress!


Please be a house!

[Air hissing slowly]
-The calmer you are...
The calmer you are,
the less air you use.
Don't think.
Five seconds in.
Five seconds out.
Five seconds in.
-Are you okay?
-Five seconds out.
-I don't even know
if you're enjoying this.
I talk you into these trips
every year, but...
do you actually want to go?

-I really do.
I want to go on -- I want to go
on these trips with you.
-It just... doesn't show.

-Don't think.

-Help! Hello?
[Air hissing slowly]

-You know...
You left a hole
when you left.
-I don't even know
if you're enjoying this, like...
I can't reach you anymore.

Are you enjoying this, like...
I'm not enjoying this.
I'm bored.
And your...
enthusiasm, your greenness
and innocence fucking annoy me,
I can't stand it.
You remind me of something
I've lost,
and I hate myself for that,
so, no, I'm not okay,
not at all.
Fuck you for telling me
I left a hole.
I had -- I had to go!
But you can't see that,
'cause you're a little princess,
you live in a fairytale
and you always will.
Grow the fuck up!

-Car jack, car jack...
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry.

-You know what?
Today is not the day for a dive.

-Are you okay?
-No. No.
I'm not okay, not at all.
You remind me of something
I've lost.
And I fucking hate myself
for that.

I wish I still had that feeling.

-May? I'm here. I'm coming.
I'm coming.
May, are you okay?
-I saw something.
-Something out there
in the blue.
-What did you see?
-There are so many ways
how this could end.
But it's all happening
for a reason.
I belong here.
-What? No, it's not real.
You have nitrogen narcosis,
-I saw something.
-Please, snap out of it, okay?
It's not real.
-Nitrogen narcosis, yeah, okay.
-I'm going to lift the rock
with this pole.
Ready? May?
May, please, snap out of it.
I need your help.
-Yes, the rock,
we're going to lift it. Okay.
-We're going to lift it, okay.
-One, two three!
[Both groaning]
-No! Fuck.
I just switch tanks now
so I don't run out of air.
I'll stay in my full face mask
and I hold my breath.


Stay calm.

What's going on?
Let me try.
It won't work,
it's free-spinning.
Drew, stop it, it won't work.
Switch back to your old tank.
Switch back now!

-I dropped it!
I checked the threading,
but I didn't check
if the valve would open.
Let's try this again.
We can do it!
Push with your back
at the same time. Okay?
-Okay, I'll try.
-One, two, three!
[Both straining]
Yes! It's moving!
I can feel it moving!
-What do I do?
-I don't know.
-What do you mean,
you don't know?
Come on! Tell me...
-I don't know...
-Tell me what to do.
-I can't think.
-I can't...
-You need to help me,
please help me.
You have to --
-I can't, I can't focus.
-What would dad have done?
Come on,
what would dad have done?!
-I don't know!
I don't know.
Please go up.
Go up, Drew.
-I'm going to put my BCD-jacket
under the rock and inflate it.
This is it, okay? It's going
to work like an air cushion.
This is going to work, okay?
Okay, ready?

-Where is the inflator?
It works. It's working!
No, no, no! Fuck, the safety
valve keeps opening.
Fuck! No, no!
Come on!
I'm almost out of air.
I love you.
[Louder] I love you.
It's okay, Drew.
It's okay.
Drew, you did
everything you could.
It's not your fault.
Don't feel guilty.
Drew, you're going to have
a good life, I know.
And now please go up, Drew.
Will you please go up?
Please go up and make
a decompression stop.
Please, would you do it for me?
You have to go up now.
-I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry.
-It's okay, Drew, it's okay.
Let it go.
Just let it go.
I'm not giving up.
Someone could have
seen my message.
There could be a boat.
I'm not going to
let you fucking die!
-There will be no boat.
You have to take my air and
make a decompression stop.
-If I surface now
there's still a chance!
-No. You won't survive it!

[Waves crashing]
[Music blaring]
-Only you
Can make
all this world seem right
-Please not, I hate this song.
-Only you...
-Aah! I hate this song!
-Can make
The darkness bright
Only you and you alone
Can thrill me like you do
And fill my heart with love
For only you
Only you
Can make
all this change in me
For it's true
You are my destiny
[Music distorts]
When you hold my hand
-When you hold my hand...
I understand
The magic that you do
You're my dream come true
My one and only...

Stop it, stop it, stop it!
Stop it!
[Screaming, watch ticking]
Stop it! Stop it!
[Watch ticking]
So sorry.
[Voices overlapping]
I'm sorry. So sorry.
So sorry. I'm so sorry.
[Chime strikes]
[Ticking, chiming]
I belong here.


Why did you come back?

Go up, Drew!
Why did you come back?

[Air hissing]

[Air hissing]
[Rumbling, fabric tearing]
-Yes! It's working! Feel it?
I feel it moving! Push!
[May groaning]
Oh, my God...
I got you. I got you.
Oh, my God.
Come on, let's go!
You have to decompress.
If you go to the surface now,
you'll die.
You have to stay in here
for as long as possible.
It's going to work like
a decompression chamber.
That's all we have.
Okay. I have to go.
I have to go to the surface.
-I can't use up your air.
It's okay, I'm coming back.
Do not give up.
Fucking don't give up now,
Oh, shit!
It's not gonna...
It's not gonna be enough.
It's not enough.
The air in here
is not going to be enough.
You need much more time in here.
Okay, think, think, think.
There's a way!
I saw it down there, I saw it.
I saw it.
We just need more air.
The t-tank.
The tank at the bottom,
it's a full tank.
-The valve won't open.
-I'm gonna bring it up here
and I'm gonna break it
fucking open!
-Yeah, it's possible.
-It's possible.
-No, it's not,
we'll have to relay...
-Shut up, I'm doing it.
I have to breathe up, it's gonna
use up your air in here.
-Do it.
I'm coming back.
[Breathing heavily, shuddering]

[Labored breathing]

[Choked breathing]


[Air hissing]

-Drew! Drew!
Wake up! Wake up!
Wake the fuck up!

Wake the fuck up!
Wake up, Drew!
Wake the fuck up,
you fucking princess!
Please, Drew...

Drew! Wake up, Drew!
Wake up!
[Choked breathing]


We did it.

We're gonna live, Drew.

We're just gonna stay in here
for a while.

-And then I'm gonna
get us out of here.

And, Drew...
Next year I pick the spot.

[Waves crashing]

[Music stops, waves lapping]
[Waves lapping]