The Divine Fury (2019) Movie Script

Dad have eaten
still alright
Since I made breakfast for you
Please let me eat sweet and sour meat after the mass is over
The miso soup is cooked by me The kimchi is marinated by my grandmother
Egg roll is what I made
Eggs are also bought with my money
What is the relationship with this?
I did it
If I didn't buy an egg
can you make an egg roll?
But I am doing very well
Do you know how difficult it is?
Too salty salty and dead
How do you still cry when you are a man?
Will you please eat dont play
Dad said yes
Then you pray for me today
God loves us all
So as long as we do our best to pray
God will hear
Sometimes the things we pray
can't be easily realized
But no matter what the circumstances
Even at the intersection that is difficult and painful
Just don't give up hope
Stick to faith and pray
One day God
Will listen
Two portions of fried noodles small portions of sweet and sour pork
Dad um
Dad are you not praying?
What to pray
Save the mother
I prayed
Do you really try your best?
Do your best
Why didnt the Lord listen?
I have prayed to God to save your mother
But your mother
Praying to God is to let you
be born healthy and healthy
Mom is much more praying than Dad
So God seems to have listened to your mothers wishes
Come on
Dad will come back very late today?
Uh you sleep first
Routine inspection
Please open the window
Cui Patrol Yes
let me do it
I wont open the window again
Blow it
Please blow it
Park Patrol Police Pat Patrol
my son
Are you ok
My father is ill
Is it very ill?
My prayers
God will save Dad right?
what's your name
Park Yonghou
Be brave and pray
God will surely hear
Can we pray together?
stand up
Dad has something to tell you
You have to listen from now on
You have to listen to your grandmothers words
Can't make my grandmother sad
It doesn't matter if you study badly
But be sure to be a good person
Seeing people who are suffering from illnesses want to help them
Seeing hungry people want
to share food with them
Also see people who bully the weak
Have to teach them well
Remember Park Yonghou
Dad you wont be leaving
Will always be with you
Dad dont go
Li Bai
Deceive people hurry out hateful
You give me out
What are you doing here?
My dad is because you died
Deceitful murderer give me out
Uncle let me go
Deceive people to go out and hurry out
You give me out
Go out
Ladies and gentlemen
The judges and the players are ready
Gathering in Los
Angeles California
If you are ready to enjoy the
game please scream out loud
Let's introduce the blue party players first
Free Fighter Height
180cm Weight 77kq
10 wins and 3 losses in 13 games
From Fort Worth Texas USA
Challenger "fighter"
John White
Now introduce the opposite red player
Attacker with a height of 186cm and a weight of 77kg
A record of 17 wins and undefeated in the professional record
Seoul Korea the world's No
1 MFC heavyweight champion
"grim Reaper"
Park Yong thick
Gentlemen please be sure to follow
the rules and protect yourself
Follow my instructions play the game in an upright manner
Please touch the gloves and start the game
Damn will only stand by
Revenge for Dad
Revenge for Dad
Revenge Revenge
Revenge start
are you ready
Son up
Be brave
Dad wait a minute
God killed his father
Revenge for Dad
Be brave let's take revenge
God killed his father
Revenge Revenge
That you are fine
Flight attendant
You can see that the wound is inward
This should be stabbed by something sharp
This is what happened when I was sleeping on the plane
That should be what was stabbed when I was sleeping
Don't worry
Both disinfection and medication
But still can't stop the blood
Then do the precision check first
The concentration of smog in Seoul is now 228mg
About 7 times higher than the average
Big Brother have I told you about my niece?
My niece is 15 years old this year
What she started from a certain
day cant sleep every day
Do some nightmares
Always say someone is standing outside the window
Even started to lose hair one day
The eyes turned to the back
Flowing blood and tears
My sister was scared badly
Although I took my children to dozens of hospitals
But there is no place to find out why
In this way I was introduced by a
sister friend to a fortune teller
When the witch saw the child she said that she was suffering from heart disease
Heart disease?
Say if it is not accepted within 10 days
The gods will be angry and ruin my nieces eyes
No one believes at the beginning
The result is really on the tenth day
The prostitutes eyes are gone
So I rushed to accept the head
down and regained my health
Can the eyes see it?
No you cant see it
But I heard that I can see ghosts
Now in Incheon as a witch
If the big brother you need tell me immediately
I will help you make an appointment
I don't believe that kind of thing
Ah good
If it is infected
the inflammation value should be higher
This is now a completely normal value
To be honest
this is a healthier level than normal
Then why is it bleeding?
I am sorry
We can introduce you to a better hospital here
But the result should be the same
Go see your niece
Ah I know
it's here
I am waiting for you outside
Already waiting for you
sit down
You are finished
You are behind a group of ghosts
Definitely because of malicious
There will be so many fierce and dirty souls to keep up with you
You idiot
Really difficult to understand
I heard the sound
Didn't you hear the sound?
God killed his father
But that is my voice
If the ghost speaks with the voice you heard for the first time in your life
Can you listen to it?
Its all ghosts to lie to you imitating your voice
What is the shiny thing on my chest?
This is the ring my dad left for me
Your dad is dead
How did you die?
Was originally a policeman
Sacrifice when catching a prisoner
If people are doing good deeds when they are alive
Good soul will come to protect people
That ring is full of good charm
But why is this?
Look good
What did you see?
There is a cross on the south side of your house
If you go there at midnight today
Someone will help you
Lord of the sky
Lord of angels
Lord of the Archangel
Lord of the Holy Father
Lord of the martyr
Lord of the priest
I command you in the name of God
Newspaper name
I command you in the name of the Holy Father the Holy Spirit
Show your true face
Your teacher is in hell
Father Cui
Chapter 84
Angels and angels in heaven
Lord's messenger please serve God
Blazing angels and wise angels are also together
Praise me forever
Holy holy holy
God of all mankind
So command you in the name of the Holy Father and the Holy Spirit
Take the sacred cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
Command you to retreat to give way to the Holy Spirit
God please save me
See what
What the hell damn
That one
what is this
When did it start to become like this?
what is this
The scar that was created when Jesus was nailed to the cross
Extremely occasional
Will appear on believers who are deeply believers
We call it the Holy Movement
I dont believe in the
mess why does this happen?
I ask you why this is happening
Just because I went to pray I didnt
even see my fathers last side Right?
The priest is also lying to you
Killed the priest
Killed him killed the priest
He is lying to you killing him
Killed him killed him
Hurry to kill him
Killing the priest is a deception
Killed the priest
Hurry to kill him kill him
Damn killed him
Killed him quickly killed him
Killed him killed him
Kill him kill him holy holy holy
Kill the priest the God of all mankind
Kill him to the Father and the Son
The name of the Holy Spirit commands you
With our Lord Jesus Christ
Sacred cross
Command you to retreat to give way to the Holy Spirit
God is always punishing evil and promoting good
Are you ok
Why can I always hear these sounds?
If your home is not far away
I can help you see it now
Then you will be better
Give me some time to pray
If you hear the sound again
Come find me
Okay? Yes
Father I can't continue to do it
I am sorry
All tests are for a reason
Don't give up dream
Thank you
I ask God
My eyes don't understand the dangers of testing
My soul and body are also
Please give me compassion
you are
Its Park Yonghous player
I am your fan
Can you please sign a name?
it is good
Like a new brushed wall
Its new but its okay
It doesn't matter
Where was the priest here yesterday?
Which priest?
Got old
The eyes are a bit big
That priest is not our church
Is coming from the Vatican
Because the bishop asked
I lent the church to him for a day
I will help you ask where he is
Thank you
Please wait
Although the exorcism succeeded but did not catch the enchanter
The enchanted man has a very evil soul
I am sure
Black Bishop in Seoul
You came to the boss
Have you eaten? Eat it
How long has it been?
thirty minutes
Didnt say anything else?
If the boss doesnt come it will set fire
Go busy Yes
Last Friday because of the drunken
people the police came
If we are to do security
Will be handled before the police come
5year contract
Remittance of 30 million won per month
When a business is very hot there will be a fire
If you catch fire from the entrance
Guests will only escape from the only exit
But the only export is not open
Because a bastard parked the truck at the door
If let us do security
We will stop accidents that dont know why
it is good
Give me a bank account number
Sacred snake
Please come to me here
Dahuan who is in partnership with me
Although the head of the room does not know
But Dahuans gambling debt is more than 2 billion
Are all usury loans and interest can not afford
But Dahuan will meet with the people
of Yongdengpo to sell the company
Get the money and then plan to escape to Thailand
If you don't believe you can make a call
I am meeting with that person now
The call was not made
After the zero point the company will also go to other people's hands
Need to stop now
How do you know about this?
I know people from the usury
If you lie you will die
of course
Its bad to lie
Feeding on the train
Go up Yes
Let me tell you the truth
really not
Feed up
Dedicating the soul of the crime to the Father
Please give me strength
The original angel
Holy snake please come to me
Please give me the enemy's heart
Sacred snake I will believe
Not me not me
not me
Dedicating the soul of the crime to the Father
Please give me eternal life
Is a lot of people in our church
Daughter is a Catholic
Not coming to mass not long ago
Drunken dreams all day long
All night and who is talking and laughing
It was too serious yesterday morning
Mom opens the door and goes in
Said that the daughter is attached to the ceiling
I went to see
But the godfather
Is there a priest that can help me?
Not very simple
The recent priests dont want to do tired and bitter things
At that time Father Cui was the only volunteer
Is there anything I need? No
This is the fall of the Pope
Put it in the bedroom
what is this
Is something blessed by God
Can you use this?
This can only help us trust
The important thing is trust
As long as there is trust there is no terrible
I don't believe in God
When my dad died
God did nothing
Church priest I went to at the time
If you say that you pray all night you will realize
But they are all lies
When the priest who taught me the exorcism died
I feel very confused
Trust God all my life
a person who only does good deeds
Why did you die in a lonely struggle?
Because it was too painful I asked the Pope
The pope said
When we were young we listened to our parents
Not because you fully understand the meaning of your parents
The reason we listened
Because they really love us
I believe they love us
God does not mean to
understand but to believe
God is our father
Will love us
All the pain we have experienced is for a reason
Just believe and follow
Sooner or later I will understand that meaning
So what is the reason for the priests death?
I want to give me the motivation to do this job
I have something to do now
Is this just taken away?
Not very expensive?
I cant buy it with money
What should I do?
Just save me the gift that God has given you
Get on the bus
Who is the person who ran out of the church?
Are you outside?
There are a lot of crows going crazy so I didnt go in
The man went with him after he came out so he went in
Does that person not come now?
Let's do it together
Can also be done by one person
The priest who gave the necklace is a person who died before he died
Everything is the meaning of God
Is suicide also the meaning of God?
Going in its suicidal behavior
So the last time I was beaten I almost died
But now I am still alive
That's because I went in and lived
Everything is the meaning of God
I won't go in this time
This is also the meaning of God
This old man really can't communicate
Turn right here
Thank you
But your name is
Park Yonghou
Don't wear this?
Where is Xiuzhen now?
The devil will read our thoughts and use it
be careful
Wait a minute
what is this
Order made with holy water
The devil can't pass this door
I will call you again
who are you
I command you in the name of God
The devil is showing up
Open your identity
Jesus Christ commands you
What's your name
Jesus commands you
What's your name
Can't listen to my mother's words
Because my mothers depression is very serious
Mental disorder
Always talking to myself at night
Always say to die together
I saw her face blue
Mom always hits her own face
I also took pictures and Jesus statue last night
I am packing up
But why not come out?
Each devil has different characteristics
Occasionally there will be a messy devil
It is possible to fool us
Go deeper into the body of the enchanted
Although can bear the holy water hit the body
But entering the body is unbearable
So what to do
Why is this why?
Lord of the sky
Lord of the earth
Lord of angels
Lord of the Archangel
Lord of the Holy Father
The linguist's God
I am attached to the guy who killed your dad
To die
Be brave calm calm down
Kill him kill him
Kill him kill him
Kill him kill this person right away
Be brave calm down kill him kill him
Kill him more
More a little more
Kill him
Kill him
let me go
What are you looking for?
Is the back still ok?
My life is not bad
How could she become like this?
Some priests will sacrifice to the devil
Black bishop
Confusing humans
Take away the body and soul
Dedicated to the devil as a sacrifice
I have to find a black bishop
This one
Is that what you said right?
as far as I know
The person who has this kindness
Let the sick person recover
Make a miracle of expelling the devil
But brave
No pious prayer
Just exorcism in front of me twice
Doesn't it mean that there are people who believe in God?
I don't believe in God
Brave is not not trusting God
I hate God very much
People dont really like it
There will be no hatred
Be brave enough to hate God now
It shows that the heart is deeply convinced and dependent on God
So the trauma of the soul will be long
Although I am not quite sure
But the priest at the time
Should also do my best
I also know
I really believed in the priest at the time
So I cant forgive it until now
Xiuzhen came out
Does Xiuzhen still remember?
Have you not known before?
People who have recently met
You have been drinking every day recently
Not that person?
Ladies let me ask
Maybe that person told you that
I really like you I hurt you
But that is not true
Because that person has something to be greedy
So its close to you
Where is that person now?
Please give me the sacred cross
Please let the light repel the darkness
Evil snake please come back
Don't convince me meaninglessly
Humility under the omnipotence of God
Lets go away with a trembling
Here we shout sacred Jesus
Praise and sing
Holy sacred
Lord of the heavens
So command you in the name of the Holy Father and the Holy Spirit
In our God Jesus
Exit under the sacred cross
Give the Holy Spirit a place to vacate
God forever
Xiuzhen please contact me when you want to talk
I am sorry
I will teach her
Dont teach her please tolerate her
This is the meaning of God Ok
Its a bit hungry to fight with the devil
Let's go
Oh Park Yonghou
I am a heartfelt powder
Sign it for you No need
Let's go
Ok please use it slowly
There are fans
When did you start exercising?
I practiced boxing from a small age
Then the predecessor in the army is the MNA player
Followed by the brother immigrant
No other appetizers?
Going to the US and not going to buy food yet
But can a priest drink alcohol?
We can smoke and drink
I often drink red wine
Drive the devil back home for a glass of red wine
Will sleep very well
I hardly drink alcohol
How to relieve stress?
Isn't exercise a job that was originally done?
But there is nothing to do
Don't you fall in love?
Because it is too stubborn
This should not be what the priest said
I became a priest so this way
But when you are young you can be angry
Will also accept a lot of confession
Just like it would go straight away
But how come with it?
See your back
I feel that I will be beaten very seriously
Even if I fight myself I can win
You are hanging in the air
At that time I will master each others strategy
I saw how you panicked
Its a bit confusing
I was completely cheated
Thank you for staying with me today
Since you are here just pray and go
I saw you doing well before
Drinking no
Do it No
Why are you so thirsty today?
Give me another bottle
Will you have another bottle?
You seem to be drunk
So can't pray
Ah it hurts
It hurts Dare to tell the nuns to try
Don't you cry? You really don't cry?
come here quickly
Got it
What should we do if we are taught by a nun?
It doesn't matter how can a nun know?
Come soon
who are you
I will help you
Its very painful
How can we hit our kindness?
The bad guys right?
no problem no problem
My brother wont let Haoshuo suffer any more
Believe me right?
From now on close your eyes
I read from my heart with my brother
Holy snake please come to me
Holy snake please come to me
I will believe
That brave
who are you
Do you remember that?
The person who ran out of the church a few days ago was me
There is a wound in your hand
I have it too
Not so big at first
But the more you use it the bigger
The priest knows
But because I want to use you I dont know how to pretend
Maybe I will call you for help tomorrow
Don't be like me
Please do not
Is the devil
Our father in heaven
May everyone respect your name
May your country come
May your will be done on the earth as you walk in the sky
Our daily diet Father
Here is the Matsumao Nursery School in Paju
Now the nuns are praying
Ok act now
This will become the world's largest MNA competition
7 trillion won of Chinese investment
When did the USC sell it in 16 years?
4 billion US dollars
Two companies in the US are rushing to enter our company
Please God bless
May God illuminate us
Wrestling with the devil Don't shut up?
Don't let the power of the devil apply to us
Don't shut up? Mommy please God to punish the devil
God please dont blame
Please don't punish us
God please rescue us
May God illuminate us stop
Don't let the power of the devil apply to us Amen
Angela Sisters ask God to punish the devil
Because you are being beaten very seriously please don't blame
Don't pretend to be kind and disgusting
Whenever I want to kill you
Jesus Christ commands you
what's your name
Say your name
Marion a blessed you are blessed
The Lord is with you you are blessed among women
The child you gave birth Jesus also blessed
Virgin Mary
Pray for the sinner
I command you in the name of the Holy Father the Holy Spirit
Say your name
Expel you in the name of the Holy Father and the Holy Spirit
Get out of there
Compared to your reward with John White
I will let you earn ten times more money
During the live fighting competition
I hope that you can become the main player
Happy cooperation
Ok now rest assured
Sister nun
who are you
We are the army
There are a few devils on your body
666 brethren all gathered
What happened? What happened?
How about adding money?
Hey Father Ann is not there?
Now Ann priest and nun in the basement
Father Pak
Drive you from heaven to hell
Christ commands you
Once commanded the sea the storm
Christ commands you
In order to redeem the human beings who have been deceived by you
Become the true God of eternal philosophy
The Christ commands you
What's your name
I am expelling you in the name of the Holy Father and the Holy Spirit
Get out of there
The nun retreats here is dangerous
How can I leave you alone?
I am not alone
God is with me
I also want to be with you
Everlasting God
Through the true God
Oh God
Oh God
Please save me from my enemy
From the bloodthirsty devil
Help me
Lord please be my shield
You are going out from there
Are you ok?
Old man
Old man
Are you ok?
The face hurts
You are not saying that it is very resistant?
That kid can beat someone
Sorry I am late
Hao Shuo think about it again
Have any strangers talked to you?
I met a priest in my dream
His Roman collar is black
Do you still remember his appearance?
Sincerely thank you for saving our children
You are welcome
Thank you in the past
thanks thanks
I used to be angry when I saw the cross
Always avoid
Today I saw the waiter wearing a cross bracelet on his hand
Its weird its not angry but I remembered you
I thought that I changed too
I believe in you
This opportunity may wish to believe in God
Too radical
Although I cannot fully understand the will of God
But God seems to trust you
Although your temper is hot
But I believe that you can barely help the weak
So I gave you that strength
That's right
How do you talk to yourself?
Your father should be a good and just person
Why do you think so?
Have a father must have a son
a person who struggles to promote good deeds
All are the messengers of God
Your father should be in heaven
I really want to hug him again
So there is no regret in this life
Hao Shuo
Hao Shuo wake up
Give this pure soul to the father
Please give me strength
Sacred snake I trust you
Hao Shuo he Hao Shuo
Hao Shuo is dead
Ann priest the child is inside
Please give us some time I want to pray for him
That's the bastard Uh
Help me Father Ann
Father Ann save me
I feel very depressed
You abandoned me
You didn't save me
Father I am very hurt
The neck is very painful
Very cold very scared
Father Ann help me
Father Ann hug me
Hug me please
He is a dying person do you like him so much?
It really makes me understand
I will not only save the priest but will cure your hand
Raise your right hand
I reject the Father and the Holy Spirit
Otherwise our priest will rise to heaven
Lord Saints
Guardian brave
In the name of the Holy Spirit
How what to do
I what should I do?
Father Cui
Old man
Old man
Third floor go to the third floor
Holy God
Your glory fills the blue sky and the night
You created everything in the world
God sits above the many angels
Why are you indifferent?
Innocent people are dying why are you indifferent?
When my father
You are also indifferent when you die
The old man trusts you with one heart
Why is there nothing? Why?
Forget it
I am doing it
Are you awake?
I will look at it
You rest
Continue to pray for him
This is what the priest gave me
I hope that you can wear it
This is the robe that the Pope blessed and prayed
In the future when fighting the devil
Will play the role of armor
Thank you
God will be with you
I don't believe in God
It is dangerous to save your priest
Tell me where he is
Where is the bastard?
Give me down bastard
I will die if I get a heart
My son has grown up
I want to die Dad
Dad is sorry for you
You have worked hard
I miss you
Dad will always be with you
thank you
As always I am grateful to Father Cui
I arrived safely in Rome
Eating ice cream in Rome
I hope you are here too
I have always believed that you will become a good exorcist
May the Lords blessings and graces be with you forever
Don't lose your courage at all times
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