The Divine Order (2017) Movie Script

Student protests.
Black power.
The sexual revolution.
Women's lib.
In 1971, the world was changing.
But here at home,
time stood still.
In our little village,
we missed out
on everything going on
in the outside world.
- Ok, be good at school.
- Yes, mummy.
- Have a good day.
- Have a good day.
Hi, Werner.
That's father-in-law's stuff,
it's been mended.
- Thanks, therese.
- He could do with
buying new things.
He's much too stingy for that.
- How is it going with him?
- You know what he's like.
The women at the club were asking
after you. When are you coming back?
We'll see.
I just don't have the time.
Come on.
You can manage once a week
to get away from the farm for a bit.
We miss you.
Turn the music down!
She is not talking to us.
Not a word. For a week now.
Has something happened?
We have grounded her.
She is constantly
hanging around with some man.
She has a new one again.
Do you know what they
call her in the village?
The village bike.
For god's sake!!
Nora, can you talk to her?
She might listen to you.
You two have always
got along well.
Did mother send you?
She's worried about you.
They've locked me away and banned me
from seeing gioni.
Because he's got long hair.
And he's older than me.
Hanna, listen
as a woman, you shouldn't
just give yourself away.
Once you get a bad reputation,
you'll never find a decent man.
I don't want to stay in this dump
and become a housewife anyway.
You mean like me?
With gioni,
it's serious.
You said that last time too.
I'm fed up of this village
and all the country bumpkins.
Gioni is studying in Zurich
at the art college.
If gioni is the one,
he will wait for you.
Until I'm an adult?
That will be another three years!
I just want to
see him once more.
To say goodbye.
You know what?
I'll talk to therese.
If I come too,
they might let you go.
But you have to promise me
to do what your parents tell you.
You mustn't make it
so hard for them.
The pacific.
It is also called the silent ocean.
Or the great ocean.
The pacific is home to
huge numbers of fish.
And those that live right at the bottom
never see the sunlight.
Can you imagine that?
There are all sorts of amazing creatures
living in absolute darkness
and silence.
Large and small.
Some with spots
and some with stripes.
And see-through ones.
And they have no idea that
there is sunshine and light further up.
I hope your measurements are right.
How is our little pansy?
With his pretty curls
- is that a perm or are they real?
- Kuesi, that's enough.
Who does your hair, darling?
Don't you have any work to do?
As you all know, there will be some more
restructuring this year.
This will affect the staff.
Mr ruckstuhl
I would like to appoint you manager
of the joinery division.
You will start
as soon as you are back
from reserves training.
Now on to something else...
On the 7th of February,
there will be another vote
on women's right to vote.
This is exclusively the result
of propaganda from the left wing.
We at the "anti-politicization of women
action committee" represent the interests
of the vast majority of Swiss women
who do not want the right to vote.
Our committee relies
on all the support it can get.
If you are on our side,
please take a deposit form with you.
We welcome even small donations.
You have leadership qualities, mr
ruckstuhl. The men respect you.
I'm sure you won't disappoint me.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Of course, you will be given a pay rise.
We thought 150 francs
say hello
to your wife.
Travel agency kuoni
Nora, tea!
Employees wanted.
I thought miss wipf
was going to fire me.
You can never tell with
people like her.
Do you get more pay too?
Yes, a few francs.
Food is ready!
Boys, food is ready!
Three. One, two, three.
- To hans' promotion!
- Congratulations.
Department manager
- cheers!
- Cheers!
- Do you want water?
- I'd like some bread.
I heard you want to sell
a piece of the forest
I got a really good offer.
You are destroying the farm.
- Enjoy your meal everyone.
- Enjoy.
That was the first piece of land
our family bought.
You cannot flog it off!
I'm sure Werner has
thought about it carefully.
- Don't meddle.
The farm is none of your business.
- We shouldn't be talking
about this at the table.
- So I'm not allowed to say what I think.
I was driven from my own farm.
leave your son to it.
Be quiet!
You have no idea
how to run a farm.
And your daughter
is out of control too.
What do you look like, girl?
What do you mean, grandfather?
- The hair or the skirt?
- Always talking back!
It wouldn't have happened
in my day.
Mummy, what is a village bike?
It's a woman that all the men
- idiot!
This family should be ashamed.
If you were a real man, Werner,
you would do something about it.
Luckily, we don't have
any girls.
Boys can be tricky too.
But at least they will not
come home pregnant.
Girls don't get pregnant
by themselves either, hans.
That's different.
What would you think if I went
to work again?
Work? Somewhere else?
Just part time.
There was an advert in the paper today
from kuoni.
That's where I did
my training.
Wouldn't it be good
if I could earn
a little extra money too?
We're doing ok, aren't we?
Then maybe we could
afford a holiday.
My little bird, next year
we'll go somewhere.
I'm earning more now too.
I would like
to do something different
cleaning and washing socks
all the time
gets boring after a while.
I have got an idea
I'll get you pregnant again,
then you wouldn't be bored any more.
- Hans, I'm serious.
- Me too.
No, stop!
Good bye!
Shall we meet back here?
In two hours.
- What?
Don't worry.
We're just going for a ride.
No, absolutely not.
You cannot do that!
For god's sake!
Would you like
to join our association?
- What association?
- The herisau womens' association.
- No thank you.
- We are fighting for the liberation of women.
- But I don't need to be liberated.
- Aha!
So you don't feel
you need liberating?
All day, it's the same thing.
I'm fed up of hearing it!
It's because of women like you
that there is no progress.
We need to hold together and fight,
or we will never get
the right to vote!
- Luzi!
That's enough.
She is very passionate.
I'm not actually against it.
But you probably don't say out loud
that you are in favor.
What's the use?
It won't make any difference.
The more we push,
the more the men do
what they want.
Thank you!
- No, no, it does make a difference.
The vote on women's right to vote
in February
is thanks to all the women who have
been fighting tirelessly for 100 years.
Motions, petitions,
applications, demonstrations, letters
they have not let themselves be
Especially here in the countryside,
we need brave women
who dare to express their views
out loud.
Take a couple of brochures with you.
They explain everything better.
And these,
and these,
and that.
They are free.
Thank you.
Good evening.
What? To Zurich?
Yes, and she said
she is not coming home.
She called an hour ago.
My god, there's.
I am so, so sorry.
How could you leave her alone
with that man, Nora?
She said they were just
going for a quick ride.
She was giving you the runaround too,
just like the rest of us.
There will be consequences for her.
No doubt about it.
I'm going to bed.
Nora, it's not your fault.
The way she used me like that
when her bloke realizes
she has no money,
she'll be back home in no time.
About this job advert
I've been thinking about it.
I'd be home in the evenings.
We'd just have to eat
a little later.
And I'm sure I can find a solution
for the boys' lunch.
But we've talked
about this already.
But we didn't finish.
Won't it be too much for you?
The household, my father,
the boys
I don't want my sons having
to eat tinned ravioli.
- But your sons like it.
I also don't want
you being around strange men
all the time.
- Strange men?
- Other employees,
customers, the boss!
- But hans!
- And I'm sure you can imagine
what it would be like at work.
Ruckstuhl's wife has to go to work,
because he doesn't earn enough.
I don't want that, Nora.
We could at least
try it out for a bit.
No, Nora.
You can't do it without my
permission anyway. That is the law.
- The law?
- Yes, Nora. The law.
I have to go.
There is the house-keeping money
for the next two weeks.
Swiss marriage law
Women's suffrage
When is breakfast?
I'll be right there, ok?
Please, do something!
I need your help.
- What happened?
Talk to my father!
This is a sensible educational measure.
We only want the best for your daughter.
We at the guardianship office
have experience with cases like these.
I just need your signature,
mr ruckstuhl. Here.
What's going on?
Administrative detention
in a children's home.
Especially with young women,
this can prevent,
everything going wrong.
Don't you think we could talk
to Hanna again? All of us, nice and calmly.
She had lots of warnings. Now it's enough.
It has to stop somewhere!
She was found in a flat
in Zurich.
The only girl
with lots of young men.
Cannabis had been consumed.
We need to protect her from herself.
Therese, don't do this!
Decisions of this kind
are the responsibility
of the head of the family. The father has
ultimate responsibility for his children.
Don't worry.
We just want the best for Hanna.
We have a special guest
for our group today. Miss Charlotte wipf,
president of the anti-politication of women
action committee.
Thank you. Thanks, magda.
Is it true, that Hanna was
taken into guardianship?
- It is an honor for me
- yes. talk to the women's and mothers' club
today. - How awful for therese and Werner.
How awful for Hanna.
I do not need to
explain to you,
why what they call emancipation
is in reality a curse
for us women.
Ladies, it is a privilege
to be able to dedicate oneself
completely to one's family.
I had to manage the
family company.
That left no space for a
husband and children.
So I know what I'm talking about.
Although Swiss women do not currently
have the right to vote, they can
use their feminine influence
to get what they want.
Equality of the sexes
is a sin against nature.
Ladies, women in politics
are simply against the divine order.
- Bravo.
- I bet she just wants money.
Every franc donated
helps support our mission.
She just doesn't want to lose
her position in the village.
She has these little "jobs" everywhere.
I am only giving two francs.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Many thanks.
Thank you.
I don't wish to donate,
I am in favour of women's right to vote.
Fortunately, your opinion
does not count, mrs ruckstuhl.
I am sure your husband
will vote on our side.
Thank you.
Wow! I didn't think
you had it in you.
Well done! I'm impressed.
I was in favour in 1959. Back then,
I was the only one in the village!
Now we can carry on.
I'm in.
You're in?
Fighting for the right to vote
for us women.
We can't let miss wipf
have it all her way.
She thinks her opinion
is the only one that counts.
Good night.
we would like to reserve
the parish hall.
On 23 January.
Let me have a look.
The date
is still free.
Who is the reservation for?
I need to write it down
for the local action committee
for women's right to vote.
Yes, exactly.
- For?
- Yes, for women's right to vote, fredy.
Are you deaf?
You were dead against it
in 1959.
Nonsense, I've always been in favour.
We are organizing
an information event.
An information event?
"Women must remain quiet in society."
That's what it says in the Bible.
Find yourselves somewhere else.
"Thou shalt not commit adultery."
That's in the Bible too, fredy.
We need to advertise.
Posters, flyers
and we could offer
coffee and cakes.
And we need a speaker.
The best thing would be
to ask someone from the association
for women's equality.
- Vroni, what are you doing?
- For god's sake, not again!
You cannot take your eye off
mother for a second.
- Hello.
- Hello.
An Italian took over my restaurant.
A dirty, stinking garlic-eater.
You can't just charge in here.
I spent 40 years of my life here.
I worked, day and night.
Look over there,
it's your father.
We were so young,
when we started out here.
He wasted all the money on women and booze.
There was nothing
left for me. Not a penny.
I am living off benefits..
The miserable bastard!
My pub!
- Mother, as far as I am concerned,
father can rot in hell.
But you still can't come in here.
You risk getting
for trespassing.
- And who will pay the fine?
- The Italian, should make a report.
Let them arrest me. Then I'll go
to prison and serve my time.
Then at least I wouldn't have to live
in that miserable little room at yours.
We did her up a lovely room.
You should be grateful that we took you in.
Without us, you'd probably be
living in the almshouse.
- No doubt I'd be better off there.
- The pizzeria
is not open yet.
Excuse us.
But she is the bear-vroni.
The former owner.
Can I offer you a coffee?
No, thank you. That is very kind.
yes please.
That would be lovely.
When are you opening?
- Hopefully in February.
Is your husband doing
the renovation himself?
There is no husband.
- No husband?
- Yes,
no husband, any more.
I'm sorry.
No, no, he didn't die.
We just got divorced.
I'm doing the renovation myself.
There is
not that much.
- How come you speak such good German?
Most Italians
only know a few words.
When I was young, I came
to Switzerland. For work.
But then I went back again.
For love. And now
I'm here again.
I want to make a new start.
It can't be easy
without a husband.
It's not easy with a husband either.
- True!
You can say that again.
You are always welcome here,
signora vreni.
And you
if you ever need anything
help or anything, then
a good haircut, soon.
Shall we go together?
Women's demo in Zurich
and now, let's go shopping.
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I would like
to apply for the job as secretary...
Trousers. And tight ones at that.
You don't need to stare at my bottom
all the time, father-in-law.
Enjoy your meal, everyone.
Can I have some milk, mummy?
You know where it is.
And from now on,
you clear away your dirty dishes.
Everyone can do their own.
And you can take turns
drying up.
But.. We're boys!
You know how to put together
a model railway.
You will be able to
dry up dishes.
Thank you!
Hanna ran away from reform school.
Now they have chucked her into a
women's prison.
It's a disgrace!
Is it true that Hanna is
now in a women's prison?
That is what happens
to wanton women like her.
But she is just a little wild.
And in love. For crying out loud,
that is not a crime!
It is for us, Nora.
- Especially for women.
- But that's not fair.
You can't just lock Hanna away
with dangerous criminals.
What would you have done
if you were her mother?
You've seen how she is.
Can she have visitors?
Werner doesn't want to.
And you?
You at least should visit her.
She is your child!
we shouldn't get involved.
He'd definitely listen to you.
He has even banned therese
from visiting Hanna.
I know Werner.
The more you push him,
the more stubborn he gets.
- You just don't want to fight with him.
- Listen, Nora
when I'm back,
I can give it a go.
But on the telephone forget it.
Are you still there?
Tell me, how are you going to vote?
- On what?
- Women's right to vote.
That's for me to know.
Can't you even tell your wife?
Since when have you been
interested in how I vote?
I'm interested now.
I am in favour.
But I still think that
mothers should be in the home.
A yes from men
for the love of women.
Where did you get this picture?
From the album
of the women's and mothers' club.
No, that's not on.
That's not on at all.
And what about
"hosted by"?
- You're speaking.
No, ok I'll welcome everybody,
but I'm not speaking.
- You have to.
We said we'd ask someone
from the association.
It makes a much
better impression,
when one of us speaks, instead of some
intellectual woman from the city.
I think so too.
Then you do it.
But the whole thing was your idea!
Sorry, love vreni
is too old.
You are the voice
of the new generation, Nora.
You can do it.
Good. Now all we need
is to get together the money
for the printing.
Ladies, mrs affolter
has tried the new omo.
What did you think,
mrs affolter?
See for yourself.
The washing smells lovely,
and the stains have all gone
and it's whiter than all the washing
I have ever washed before.
Omo washes whites
visibly whiter.
Hans didn't leave me
enough house-keeping money.
Does hans actually
know what you're doing?
- What?
- You know exactly what I mean.
Fredy from the council
is telling everyone in the village.
Hans will be pleased when I call and tell
him what his wife is doing behind his back.
At the same time, you can tell
him all about your sex magazines.
So, about the house-keeping money?
A male yes for women!
- Don't you think that's enough now?
- But we still have so many posters!
Go home
to your children!
Come on look, over there.
We need a couple more posters over there.
Is it true about
this action committee?
But you've never been
interested in politics before.
I am now.
You know
I'd love to
go out to work again.
And hans can just stop me.
That can't be right!
We could do with some help.
I don't want to talk to you.
- Hanna!
- You are
such a coward, mother.
Hopefully I will never
be like you.
You and father are dead to me.
I want to go back to my room.
Please, Hanna!
We need to talk
Come on, therese.
We can try again in a week.
It's all my fault, Nora.
I just sat there
and said nothing.
Because I thought,
now it's taking its toll.
I was a bad mother
to my daughter
I have failed, Nora.
- No.
- I have ruined my child's life.
What should I do?
Fight, therese!
We went to see Hanna today.
You need to reverse
the custody order.
I don't need to do anything.
Do you want
it on your conscience?
We made a mistake, Werner.
She is still just a child.
I don't want to hear any more!
Things are hard enough for us
with our business.
And now you are making everything worse
with yours.
The whole village
is laughing about those posters.
Dear Swiss citizens...
Where is Max?
Tell him to come
and have breakfast.
He is ill.
What's wrong?
Max, you are not ill.
Come on, stand up.
You need
to tidy the room up again tonight.
- Go on, tell her.
Tell me what?
He doesn't want to go to school.
- Why not?
- Because of you! Everyone's laughing at us.
They say you're a kipper.
A libber, stupid, a women's libber.
A woman who wants to be a man.
Bert doesn't want to sit
next to me anymore.
And he doesn't want
to be my friend either.
And there are a couple of others too.
Are you coming now or not?
I think we should go to hear
what the young people are saying.
I've never been
to a demo
vreni, we need to cancel
our event.
No! But why?
Has hans talked you around?
No, he doesn't know about it.
My boys are getting teased at school.
- All the more reason
to fight back!
I need to think of my family.
And everybody will know why.
Because we got scared.
You should have thought about
that earlier.
We will make ourselves a laughing stock.
It's exactly what everyone expected.
Didn't you say,
you could do with some help?
There's, what has happened'?
Nothing. I just bumped
into the kitchen cupboard.
If I can't help my Hanna,
then at least her mother shouldn't be
an embarrassment to her any more.
Yes, we could do with help.
You see.
Are we going to the demo in Zurich
or not?
Women's rights are human rights!
Women's rights are human rights!
Women's rights are human rights!
Women's rights are human rights!
Women's rights are human rights!
Women's rights are human rights!
I'm starting to feel
a bit old here.
We can get the next train home.
Come on.
Let's join in!
Let's go.
We don't want to be branded
as maids,
cleaners and objects of lust
any more.
Our men should clean
their own shoes.
And wash their own socks.
Feminism is
the greatest social revolution
of this century!
It's about the right to abortion
and equal pay.
It's about marital law.
You lot need
a proper seeing-to.
It is about complete social,
political and economical equality
for women!
Women's rights are human rights!
Women's rights are human rights!
Down with the patriarchy!
Glad you came to the workshop.
There's a party afterwards.
Oh, really? - Yes.
I am indra.
I come from Sweden.
Welcome to my workshop
"weibliche kraft".
Female power.
Yoni power.
We all have it.
We all have it!
The fight against
the suppression of women
goes hand in hand
with the fight against
sexual oppression.
In other words:
Sexual norms
are political instruments
of oppression.
The personal is political.
The private is political.
And this is why we need
to get to know our vaginas better.
The eye of god!
- What did she say?
- Nothing. Something blasphemous.
- Ah, ok.
- Outer labia.
Inner labia.
And clitoris.
All of you...
Say clitoris.
Again, louder.
Every vulva is unique,
and wonderful.
Like a snowflake.
Oh, god!
Bunny, butterfly...
and wolf.
Knowing your pussy
is the key to your lust.
And the first step
towards freedom.
So now
let's have a look.
- No.
- We're not doing that.
- I'm not doing that.
- We should go.
- Won't we look silly
if we just go now?
Ok, good. If it does no good,
it does no harm either.
I am 45 and have never
looked at myself down there.
So why not?
And now...
Take your clothes off.
Take a good, loving look!
Take a loving look!
With love
A butterfly.
A silver fox.
A tiger.
I am sure
that in this room,
there are lots of women who have never
had an orgasm.
Love your vaginas
...and the orgasm will come.
We would have been better
taking the last train home.
I feel really sick.
No, thanks.
I wish I could just
sleep like that.
Mr ruckstuhl, I hope
you will bring your wife to her senses
You said
you wouldn't be home until this afternoon.
What's this all about?
We are telling people
about women's right to vote.
Come on, Nora, we're going.
I can't do that, hans.
Of course you can.
You're coming now. No arguments.
When is it starting?
We need to start.
to our
is it over already?
Dear women, dear men,
dear citizens.
Welcome to our information event
on women's right to vote.
On women's right to vote.
We organised this event
because we think
that it is important...
a little discipline, please!
- Sorry.
With this event,
we want to show,
that there are people here in the village
who are more than willing
to stand up for women's rights to vote.
Exactly three people!
Unfortunately, there are still
some false impressions on the subject
in some people's heads.
In New Zealand and in Sweden,
Iran, Afghanistan, Finland,
Italy, yugoslavia,
Bulgaria, Mongolia, Mexico,
Germany, etc.
What the opposition predicted,
has not come true.
On the contrary!
Today, many women
go out to work.
They have careers
and they pay taxes.
So they must be allowed to vote too.
Objection, mrs ruckstuhl.
There are also foreigners
who pay taxes.
Should people
who have no idea
about Switzerland
be able to influence
our federal politics?
There are 1.9 million women
living in Switzerland.
And they are ruled by
1,6 million men.
The men make the laws.
But these laws affect us too.
In general, things are good for us women
in Switzerland, aren't they?
So the men aren't
doing a bad job for us.
But we want to be a part
of the law-making process
and not be reliant
on the goodwill of men.
But we don't want a "five-to-twelve" woman
who just opens a tin at lunchtime.
And besides,
I don't want to discuss
politics with my wife.
We would end up with arguments
in the family
- and most women
don't want to vote anyway.
But that's not true!
How many of you men here
have actually asked your wives
about it?
we should take this opportunity
to vote and see.
With the women. All together.
Yes, er
good idea.
Who in this room is in favour?
In favour of the right to vote for women.
who is against?
Are you completely mad?
How can you betray me like that
in front of all those people?
Me betray you? You made me
a laughing stock. In front of my workmates,
and my boss,
and all those people.
On the telephone, you said
you were in favour.
But I don't need
to tell the whole village!
You'd rather betray your wife.
What on earth is up
with you, Nora?
You want to forbid me
from going to work.
Hanna is in prison.
And vreni has nothing
that belongs to her any more.
And none of that is fair.
Do you know what?
There are lots of things
I think are not fair.
But I don't make such
a fuss about it!
They threw things at me, and you
did nothing. You didn't say a word.
What did you expect?
Be grateful
it was only paper.
And now, I'd like to know
where you were last night.
At a demonstration.
In Zurich.
And afterwards
we went to a party.
Ah, at a demonstration.
And afterwards you went to a party.
And who with, if you don't
mind me asking, Nora?
And all night?
How dare you talk to me like that!
I want an answer,
There is a tiger
between my legs, hans.
A tiger.
And I have never had an orgasm.
So there.
What is an orgasm, daddy?
- That was terrible.
- Cheeky and disrespectful.
I didn't speak a word to my husband
for the whole of lunch.
But none of you opened your mouths
and said something.
I was the only one back in 1959.
You can't blame us for anything.
Everyone knows you were against back then.
Like all of us.
- And what do you want to do now?
- Nothing.
The vote
showed that not even
the women are in favour.
But that's not true.
I am in favour
lots of women in the club
share your views, Nora.
But it is difficult
to say them out loud.
That's exactly why they think
they can treat us like this.
Because we all sit quietly
and never
say anything
- actually,
we are stupid
if we let them get away with it.
In Italy, people go on strike
when they want something.
Just imagine what it would be like.
All the women in the village on strike.
None of you would dare anyway.
Women demand
completely equal rights
down with the patriarchy
what is it like
to be married
to a women's libber?
Do you do the housework now?
Does your wife send you
to the laundry room,
when you come home from work?
Or something like that?
Hans folds up his pants
or he hoovers the living room!
Careful, or you'll end up gay,
with all this woman's work.
if my old woman was like that,
I'd make sure I gave her a
good seeing-to.
Dear hans, we women
have decided to go on strike.
And I am not coming home.
There is leftover casserole
in the fridge for dinner.
If you need to do the washing,
please separate the lights and the darks.
Not too hot for the darks.
Different washing powder.
Max needs to clean his teeth.
Watch him!
mustn't forget his pills.
Women on strike
I never thought
so many people would come.
So we are not alone.
No, we are not.
That wasn't the
kitchen cupboard, was it?
We haven't been happy
for a long time.
Since Werner had to
take over the farm,
he has been sinking deeper
and deeper into a black hole.
I hoped it would get better, when
father-in-law wasn't living with us anymore.
The two of them fought
tooth and nail.
Every day-
but I think
Werner is deeply unhappy
as a farmer.
Did I ever tell you we used
to dream about emigrating to Canada?
Back then, we had even
made plans.
Really, he could do
with some help.
But nobody is
allowed to say that.
You have no idea
how much strength it gives me
to be involved in this thing.
What's wrong?
Daddy, can you
only cook eggs?
Don't be so cheeky, boy.
When I was a child,
we had nothing but potatoes every day.
I want mummy to come home.
Don't start crying.
You're not a girl.
I would never have let
my wife get away with this.
You'll see, as soon as they
start missing their children,
they'll come running home.
You didn't have to come
for that.
I don't take them anyway.
Why didn't you say
that you weren't coming home again?
Why? I only get in the way.
You just cannot do right by her.
- Have a glass of wine with us, magda?
- No thanks.
what you are doing
cannot be good for business.
We women need
to stick together, basta!
How long will
the strike last?
- Until the Sunday of the vote.
- We are taking a stand.
- Oh, a stand
- my daughter
believes she hit the jackpot
with her husband.
Did you know that magda
studied law?
Really? Law?
But then she met a doctor
and gave it all up for him.
A woman who studied
was too much for the ego
of the esteemed medic.
You can't talk, mother.
You never said anything
to father either.
You put up with everything.
And now you start with all the big talk.
Unlike you, I never studied. And you are
still making the same mistakes as me.
At least I'm not standing around
in a stinky bar
with nothing to show for it in the end.
You don't know what
will happen in the end.
Try some
it's my grandma's recipe.
- Lots of garlic good.
- Garlic?
No, no garlic.
- No?
- No.
Ok, I'm going now.
Why don't you join us?
And sleep with these women
in the attic? No, thanks!
I have
a spare room too.
If the doctor's wife went on strike,
it would make a big impression.
No, absolutely not!
- Cheers, girls!
- Cheers!
My god, that is almost as good as
you know what I mean.
- Mother!
- Although ruedi was
a scumbag, that side of things
always worked wonderfully for us.
- I don't want to know!
- There are different rules
in the bedroom and in business.
What do you mean?
A woman can be the boss by day
and a gentle bunny by night.
The two things have nothing
to do with one another.
I wouldn't mind being
a bunny again.
Werner has not
touched me for a long time.
Not even a cuddle.
But you have
two hands and a pussycat
to love.
And you, Nora?
Have you always been good,
since you got married?
- Yes.
Hans is the love of my life.
sadly, he doesn't really know
so.. I've never
I've never had a
it just doesn't work for me.
Never at all?
That's what I just said.
But you don't just
leave it to the man.
You don't just lie back
and it happens.
You need to do something
yourself too.
What about by yourself
I mean, when you do it yourself
does it work then?
Yes, so I haven't really done it
very often
you see, that's the problem!
She needs more practice.
Maybe she's not doing it right.
Nora do you even know now
where everything is?
- Yes.
- So, practise,
practise, practise.
And don't give up too soon.
What did we learn in Zurich?
Love your vagina.
Luki, can you open the door?
- You need to speak to your wife.
- They need to stop the strike.
Speak to your own wives.
But yours started it.
I'm not happy with everything either,
but I'm not just going to leave
her with the children because of it.
Mine has never complained,
and suddenly nothing is right.
As I said, you need
to sort it out with your own wives.
If this doesn't stop,
we will have to take action.
Women on strike
I'd like to talk to my wife.
She doesn't want to talk to you.
Leave it, vreni.
We'll be fine.
Can we talk alone?
Nora, you're not getting
anywhere with the strike.
On the contrary
the men need to notice
that something has to change.
But it won't work as a full-on
knee-jerk reaction.
But it won't work
peacefully and patiently either.
Who helped you
discover your tiger?
I did!
And you've really
never ...?
We need to practice.
I want you to come home.
There is something brewing
and I'm worried.
We are striking until
the day of the vote.
But I asked so nicely
then stay with
your stupid women.
- Hey!
- What's going on?
- You're coming back home.
- Home. Now. Come on!
- Are you nuts?
- Come on now!
Let go of her!
- What is this?
- Let's go. Pack your stuff up.
No, leave her alone!
- No!
- What's going on?
Miserable scumbags!
Miserable bloody
- Vreni?
- Vreni! Vreni, what's wrong?
Quick, call an ambulance!
Can you hear me?
- Please get magda.
- Put a pillow under her head.
Vreni? Can you hear us?
I'm not going back to the farm.
I have to get Hanna
out of prison.
Maybe magda can help me.
And where will you go?
To start with, to St. gallen
to stay with my cousin.
And you?
I'm going home.
Graziella here?
I am
suo marito. Her husband.
- In the kitchen.
- Thank you.
Invitation to interview
That the significance
of the differences between the sexes
is great
and that women should
therefore not be given
the right to vote.
Irrespective of the fact
that we are convinced
that the majority of women
in our country
simply do not want
the right to vote.
- Goodnight.
Words spoken
by the president of the Swiss campaign
against the white paper on women voting
at a gathering
against the proposal.
The propaganda from
opponents to women's rights to vote
It's what you wanted.
A holiday.
You and me.
Like before we got married.
Thank you.
I got that job.
But I told you
I didn't want you to.
And what
if it is what I want?
I'm really trying.
We're even going to the cote d'azur.
I don't want to go to the cote d'azur.
I want to work.
And what does that mean?
Is that more important to you
than our family?
And are you not
thinking about our children?
I am!
But what good is it to the boys
if their mother is unhappy?
Then let's get divorced.
Have you really thought this through?
Nora, darling!
Can I stay here?
Of course.
My husband and I
he wants a separation.
Maybe he just needs
a little time.
You are not divorced.
I wanted to
but it is
He says he can't
live without me.
And you?
I don't want to
grow old alone, Nora.
And how can I
find a man here?
Come on, get up.
Shove off.
Leave me alone.
Come on. Get up.
Calm down!
I can't go on!
Calm down.
And? How are things on the farm?
He can manage on his own.
There was never much help anyway.
The idiot couldn't even find himself
a decent wife. Nor could you!
Shut up, father!
Or I'll send you to
an old people's home.
So, in
my day
- your day is gone.
And that's good!
And, in future, you can
get your own beer out of the fridge.
Dearly beloved,
family of the deceased.
We are gathered here today,
to bid farewell
to the bear-vreni.
We all knew her
as the good soul of the village.
She was hardworking and
And, above all, she was modest.
She never complained.
From morning to night,
she helped her husband
keep all the pub-goers
she knew what it meant to "serve"
and when her beloved husband died
and the bear closed,
she too could take
a well-earned
Finally, she had the time
to devote to her family
and especially her grandchildren.
Vreni was a happy,
content person
because throughout her life
she knew exactly
where she belonged.
Where her place was
in god's plan.
Fellow mourners
We all know
that the bear was her home.
And that she was really
passionate about running the pub.
We all also know, that bear
didn't simply have to close.
It closed because
her husband ran it badly
and squandered all the money.
And vreni could not
do anything about it,
because money is men's business.
Vreni lost the bear, her home,
because she was a woman,
not a man.
Why should that
be whitewashed here today?
Because it's so crystal clear
how blatantly unfair that is!
I believe god's plan
sees us all as people.
All different
but still the same.
None better and none worse.
Men and women.
Yes, I believe that.
And in her last few weeks,
vreni fought for exactly that.
Freedom and justice.
And we should
remember that today.
That is all.
In the 224th
Swiss referendum,
the people and state agreed to the
introduction of women's right to vote.
A minor miracle!
Women's right to vote was
even agreed in our village.
It was very close.
And then, a few months later,
hans and I a few months later,
for the very first time.
For you, vreni.
Therese did not go
back to Werner.
With magda's help,
she managed to get Hanna
out of prison.
Werner sold the farm.
For him, it was the first step
towards being happier again.
And graziella noticed
that sometimes
being in a couple can be lonelier
than when you are alone.
And between me and hans,
a little bit of the sexual revolution
arrived at last.
You see?
A tiger.
In 1981, the principle of
between men and women
was included in the constitution.
It was 1990 before appenzell lnnerrhoden
became the last canton
to introduce voting rights for women.