The Division: Agent Origins (2016) Movie Script

How did you folks get here?
Where you from?
Brooklyn Heights.
Where is everybody?
How long has it been?
You come in contact with anyone else
...from Brooklyn Heights?
Yeah, we'll need some assistance.
Stay put.
8 million New Yorkers disseminated in three short weeks.
People will do crazy things when
they're backed into a corner.
Black Friday is when it all began.
The origin of this disease is still unconfirmed.
But, there are many theories speculated that it could
be the result of a well orchestrated terrorist attack.
By the time Washington had the first report
of a small pox outbreak, it was too late.
I tried to get my wife and daughter out of New York.
Too bad, the military had
the city locked up tight.
I tried my best to keep my family safe.
Repeat control of the city...
we have received word now that,
Shanghai, Hong Kong and London...
are just the few of the other locations
where this outbreak has been reported.
We have just got warning that we've lost
comms with the entire New York city.
If it's anything, now is the time, Mr.President.
Sarah thinks that it is an adventure.
She has always been an optimistic kid.
I'm leaving soon.
I haven't told 'em yet.
This is the hardest part.
Dad!? Dad!?
What happened with the TV?
Trisha's first reaction is usually panic.
Still I can count on her when thing's get tough.
I haven't been completely honest with you.
Look! There is a division that is activated
during a catastrophic emergency.
A safety switch, when more of less fails.
I am part of that division.
Our objective is simple:
Restore law and order.
This is Daryl, override! All copy?
Can you hear me?
John here.
Get your stash locations quick.
Then rendezvous on me.
All units be advised, any person in vicinity.
Keep those eyes open. Keep clear!
Unlock the door, I don't bite.
911, what is your emergency?
Some men smashed the windows upstairs.
I can...I can hear them.
Infected money.
Black Friday, there the first supply.
Take out the American public...
but who is responsible?
Three words: Government, Sleeper, Agents.
And who are these sleeper agents?
It could be anyone.
It could be you.
It could be me.
It could even be Mia.
Yes, even.
Well, I'm gonna get you guys pizza.
Love you, babe.
Hey, not too crispy, right?
Look Saj, I think you been inside a little too long,
starting to mess a little with your head, Bro.
Oh yeah? Maybe Mr.Jackson could convince you.
A sample.
A bill infected with the virus.
Woo! What the hell dude?
You gotta infect us all.
It's hygienically sealed.
Hygienically sealed? It's a sandwich bag.
No, no! Two sandwich bags.
Judging by your reaction, you believe me.
I gotta hand it to you, Saj.
I have no idea how you figured this all out.
But it's obvious...
you know way too much now.
Dude! What the hell!?
Ow! Dude that's a costly replica!
Totally costs hundreds!
Did you hear that?
What are you doing? Do not open that.
They can smell the pizza.
I thought I heard the lubbers outside.
It's an apocalypse!
Of course there are lubbers outside!
Hey Saj! You know, we love having you here and
I know it's the apocalypse and everything but...
how long were you planning on staying?
Sorry, the truth capped your ass so hard, Mia.
When a man comes bursting through those doors,
you be glad, Saj is on your side.
Oh God!
Oh my God!
Saj, it''s time.
Um, time for what?
No, no, no!
It's fake! It's fake!
Daryl, override. All copy?
This is Mia.
Everett here.
Hoping to get the call sooner.
No way!
Get your stash locations quick
and rendezvous on me...
Copy that! Copy that!
Copy! I'm on my way.
Hand me the bag.
The other bag.
You comin' back, right babe?
That was hot!
I've lost all contact with JTF checkpoint.
Ah..anyone have confirmation on this?
Where the storm come from?
Can't see anything out here, let's go!
Hey? Hey?
Michael!? What are you doing here?
Was about to ask you the same question.
If anyone wants supplies.
Keeping an eye on people.
Last thing you need to worry about is work.
It could be dangerous around here.
You by yourself?
Will be.
Looking for something in particular?
She's in lotta pain.
I just wanna make it easy on her.
Alright! Let me see what I can find.
Stop, cmon!
Okay! okay!
Stop! Just give me the bag.
Stop! No, no!
Hey! Hey! Stop!
Don't hurt her!
Sorry. Bad kids! Trouble.
Sorry! Your bag, here.
Here! Antibiotics.
This is Daryl, Override. All copy?
This is Mia. Everett here.
Yes, hoped to get the call sooner.
Get you stash quick and rendezvous on me.
Copy that! Copy that!
Next time, just ask!
There are fires popping up all over the place.
Can you see this?
Got two garbage trucks just pulled up outside.
What the hell!?
Matches anyone?
You need water, I need fire.
This is Daryl. All copy?
This is Mia. Everett here.
Hoped to get the call sooner.
Get you stash locations quick...
and rendezvous on me.
Copy that! Copy that!
Copy that.
No guys! Wait!
Please, wait.
Wait! Please, no!
It's John. We are at the rendezvous point.
Where are you?
John here. Hold tight.
I'm five minutes out.
We are pickin' up a lotta chatter,
East of Manhattan.
It's a JTF stronghold supply drop!
Everett! See if you can tap the way for us.
Roger that.
OK! So what's our move?
Everett, on over our watch.
Conserve ammo.
On me...
Three, two ...
Go! Go! Go!
Kill them! Go.
Mia rapid fire.
Keep cover! Keep your heads down!
This cover ain't gonna last.
Alright! I'll make a move.
Go! Go.
Go! Go! Go!
Put the gun down!
Or I put a put a hole in her head!
Alright, okay!
Take it.
You gonna see him again.
Hey, what's your ammo count?
Down to my last mag.
I'm crock on ammo.
I'm getting a lotta comm chatter.
You guys goin' out there?
After all that?
I do not know what's left of the station.
But whatever you find, consider it yours.
Least I can offer.