The Divorce of Lady X (1938) Movie Script

- Goodnight. Squeeze the fog.
- It's thick, like before.
We are going to be in the dark,
It had not been like that for a long time.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Why do you stop?
- To stay here.
- What street is this?
- The last time was Park Lane.
- Can I help you?
- I'm going to Dorset Square.
Impossible, the best thing is that I go
to the Royal Parks Hotel.
- Where are you?
- Here next, follow me.
In agreement.
- You take the suitcase?
- Yes, sir.
- Careful, there are three steps.
- Thank you.
- Here you are, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thanks, agent.
- Goodnight.
An individual with a bathroom,
for one night.
I'm sorry, I only have left
a small suite, with this fog ...
- The fog, I see.
- 317.
Around here, sir.
Do we sit down?
The Mayfair in May is fine,
but tonight ...
Do not be so patriotic, Michael.
The fog is a great attraction.
That's why they come to see us
the Americans.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Committee sends me
announce that, due to the fog,
it is advised to those who foresee
travel to stay at the hotel.
Well, I'm taking you home, Leslie?
No thanks. I think it will make case
of the Committee and I will try to stay here.
I do not know if you'll get a room.
Look at the people who are going to reception.
You give it to me.
Good evening, Michael.
Sorry, we have nothing left.
It was the last room.
I will tell the manager. Sr. Biano!
If you can help them, I will.
Ladies and gentlemen,
there is no room left.
I can offer you accommodation
in the lounge and in the reception.
There are comfortable sofas
and chairs that we invite you to use.
Surely some customer will be
willing to give up his living room.
It could be, I will try.
Are you coming with me? Around here.
- What time, sir?
- At 8 o'clock, with breakfast.
Chinese tea, 2 eggs,
the "Times" and the "Telegraph".
Very good, good night.
Tell me, contracted? Good,
Call me when you have them.
Thank you.
One Moment. Maybe the Lord
from this room help us.
Go ahead!
I'm the hotel manager.
- Charmed.
- Due to the fog,
a lot of the people who have come
At the dance he can not go home.
I'm looking for rooms to
the ladies desperately,
and I hoped he could help me.
- In what sense?
- There is some divin in the living room
and down there are chairs
which are very comfortable.
- He wants the room to give way, will not he?
- If he were so kind ...
I see,
let me explain.
I've been traveling for two days.
The train has been horrendous, I have arrived
Two hours late to Victoria Station.
I'm exhausted and moody,
in fact, angry with fatigue.
I am the legal occupant of the suite
and I intend to defend it swiftly.
If I gave up even the living room,
It could accommodate four ladies.
No no.
I know myself and the women,
They will throw me out in a moment.
I'm very sorry, but I need
rest deeply.
And he will do it even though the Londoners
They believe me inconsiderate and morose.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
By the way,
Is there a "Do not disturb" sign?
- Ah, he has it.
- Do you hang it on the door when you leave?
Very well.
Yes, I'm sorry, dear, it has not been
My fault, I'm really sorry.
It hurts in my soul.
What? Cari o, the train
he has arrived late! Tarde!
Yes, there was fog. N-l-E-B-L-A.
"N" of "natur pata".
No, honey, natur pata.
"O" of "oste pata".
Yes, honey. What?
Why do not you spend it with your husband
and do you change a bit?
No no no.
Come, aqustate.
Can not read?
No, honey, I was not talking to you.
Well, I read them!
Pone "Do not disturb"!
What, sweetie? I do not know.
As if I looked at others,
what a stupidity.
He does not put that, he is more educated.
Put "Please do not disturb."
- Good...
- Well, what?
I would like to know that to me.
To whom I owe the pleasure
of this visit? Why is it?
I was looking for something.
Whatever it is, I do not think that
I found it in my room.
I'm exhausted and I'm looking
a place to sleep.
And this seems the perfect place.
I thought so
to see her enter in surprise.
Of sopet n, no,
but silently.
And when do you plan to leave?
- At 8, after breakfast.
- Ah, yes?
we'll sleep together, will not we?
There is a room for each one.
But the two beds are here.
Ah there's a sof ,
You can sleep in it.
I have not seen a woman more shameless,
and on top he acts like nothing.
If you were more kind,
I would insist on leaving.
He has not heard what
I told the manager?
- Something I've heard by chance.
- Yes,
with so little tact
who takes my bed
knowing that I need to sleep,
that morning
and believing
I would not resist you.
I have a lot of dreams,
Can you go?
I'm sure he does not mean it.
It's too good to kick me out.
Well? You do not know me,
My problem is that I am weak.
A lovely girl like you
would cheat me with nothing,
but I know what my weakness is,
that's why I force myself to be impolite.
- Even nasty.
- He likes to talk about himself, huh?
Yes, men usually do it,
but, at least, we know how we are.
Women, no.
They only know how other women are.
On another occasion we will talk about you.
Now, if you are tired, go to bed.
Good evening!
- What did he say?
- I said good night.
I've already heard it,
but I do not know what he intends.
He can not come and ...
I'm tired, can you go?
- He does not mean it.
- Yes, sir.
I know others like you,
believe what they think
be able to handle men.
Unscrupulous, ruthless,
vain, arrogant ...
- Do not tell me!
- She's married, is not she?
Yes, I know the story. Your unhappy
husband will be at home,
waiting for your fears
they are not justified,
and this time they will not be, because I'm
of those who do not allow themselves to be duped.
I tell you again, can you go?
How does he know so much
about women?
For my work I have to see
what hide those deceiving lips.
- Is it a dentist?
- No!
Lawyer, and the next time you see her
It will be when your husband divorces.
- Divorce? He would never do that.
- He will be a very good person.
- You've had a grueling trip, have not you?
- What I do!
It's a shame that the fog
the night has annoyed him,
but it is the same fog that deprives me
to go with my dear husband.
If you do not mind,
What is it called?
Well, I know that I care.
Well, I see that it is discreet.
You can sleep on the sofa.
- It's a charm!
- No! And aprate or change your mind.
Good evening, Miss X.
Good night my Dear,
kind and generous
- Lord!
- What's the matter?
You can enter a moment,
- Well?
- I've tried it, but I can not sleep.
There is a good carpet, try ah .
- But there are two beds.
- Y?
I would never imagine such a thing.
I could put
One of the beds here, is not it?
Yes, I suppose I do.
Okay, I'll call the waiter.
Do you think there is something to bother you about?
No, maybe we should not.
You stay here and I bring it.
I help you!
- I do not think I need ...
- How are you going to do it alone?
Enough that you have offered me
Your bed...
Okay, pull on there
when I tell you, towards me from you.
Towards me from you
- From you to me.
- From you to me.
Towards me.
Look, it will be better
let me leave this to me.
Come on! This is going to be your bed.
Come, for there!
With this you have enough.
You are lucky to have this.
I'm already starting to sulphide.
Qu dese ah , d jeme a m .
And do not help me, it has been a disaster.
Women are all the same,
They do not help at all.
They do not know how to pull a bed
without bothering everything, or mounting one.
Lovely at home, but useless.
Fastuous? Anyone could ask
a better place to spend the night?
No good night.
And thanks.
What's up?
- I can not sleep with this disguise.
- Well, you better take it off.
- And what do I wear?
- If it were for me, nothing!
You just think about yourself.
- Can you leave me a pajama?
- Take the one in the bed!
What's up?
How can you wear toga and wig
in the courts with this taste?
Do you think I have time to buy?
- Well, cut with it.
- With whom?
The one that buys pajamas like this
It can not be a good woman.
- Cut with her.
- We separated six months ago!
He has not lost everything yet.
- And now, what?
- Have you forgotten about me?
- I wish I could, what do you want?
- The fundamental right to wash myself.
- Here's the bathroom.
- But I have to go through his room.
- But he's wearing my pajamas, is not he?
- That's the problem.
Do you want me to jump out the window?
Or that,
or to turn towards the wall.
I'm facing the wall.
- And do not move.
- Even when?
Until I tell you.
- I'll be dizzy if I keep looking at the paper.
- Close your eyes!
Touch the alarm
if it comes back out!
- Is that the alarm?
- Not yet!
- What does he do?
- I went to bed.
- Did not he say that he slept well?
- Yes.
- Qu dese you. Better for both.
- For both?
Do not see how delicate and agonizing
of my situation?
Ah, I'm a guest
Attempting against his chivalry,
and here, with everything around me,
with that and that ...
I feel less intrusive.
- More the legal occupant of the suite.
- I see.
Do you have a clear conscience?
Think about how well you sleep.
- It's fine. You win.
- No, you win, in self-conviction.
You win!
- I'll see her in her divorce!
- You will never see me in my divorce.
Do not excuse yourself! All will see it,
if that's how it usually behaves!
Is there something wrong with what we do?
Is there anything wrong with what I do?
No good night.
Good night, sleep good.
- What are you looking for?
- My book.
- Give me the book!
- Take another one, this one not.
- I do not have any more books.
- It's just that I'm hooked.
I want to know who kills
to the Chinese banker. Do not tell me!
I also want to know,
I go in the middle. A proposal.
- I do not accept it!
- It's not going to end.
I rarely do it.
I read the beginning and the end.
Who killed Sun Wong So?
Will she be the mysterious woman in the pajamas?
S !
Good morning, sir.
It's 8 o'clock. It's good morning.
Breakfast is served, sir.
- What?
- Breakfast is served, sir.
Oh thanks.
- Can you bring another one?
- What else, sir?
Another breakfast
Sure, sir ... Se ora.
- Who is it?
- Do you have to go to the bathroom right at 8?
Oh, have you slept well?
Fatal, and I have to be
in court at 10:30.
- I'm not at all late.
- I already know that phrase.
What's wrong with my breakfast?
How do I already have two?
The second breakfast, sir.
Say, sir.
- And what does that happen to you?
- Good...
Last night there was a lot of fog
and today is all
a little messy.
Does he tell me?
Put it to the side.
Yes, and that, sir?
- Call him too.
- Yes, sir.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Hello? Berkeley 6347
- Say?
- Hi, are you, Jeffries?
Has His Lord come down yet?
No, do not bother him,
but tell him I've slept in
the Royal Parks and then I go.
You already know how His Se or a is,
Miss Leslie.
It will be angry to see
that last night was partying
Give me the number
of your room, if you want.
Guapet n!
What is the room number?
- 317.
- It's the waiter. What did you say?
- 317.
- 317. Yes, goodbye.
And my breakfast?
- It's there.
- You are in everything.
Breakfast is served, sir ...
Mrs. ... He's ready.
- By the way, what's your name?
- Logan.
- "Log n"?
- No. It's not in Chinese. Logan.
I do not like.
- Is it for me?
- Yes.
- Can I?
- Yes, of course.
- But take care.
- Do not.
Look what you do, leave it
in butter and jam.
- Do you allow me?
- Thank you.
- Salt?
- Thank you.
- He ordered the eggs passed by water.
- Shameful, for a hotel like this.
- Are yours the same?
- No, they are in their point.
- Fr o! As...
- Aguachirri.
Try the jam.
- Surely it tastes like printing ink.
- No thanks.
You have to eat something.
A hard day's work awaits you.
I do not want anything, thank you.
And today, you would care
Tell me what your name is?
- What Leslie?
- How "What Leslie?"
It's my given name.
How strange.
And yours?
- Everard.
- What?
- Incredible.
- You do not like it either?
- I would never get used to it.
- Who asks you? Anything else?
- Yes, are you always like that in the morning?
- Until I smoke the first cigar.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Poor who marries you.
I do not intend to marry,
Unless you get a divorce.
Gods! The time.
- What do you think?
- On what?
- About the divorce.
- I will not need your services.
- Thank you.
- Maybe your unhappy husband, yes.
- Unhappy, why?
- Because you cheated on him.
If I have heard you say
that I was a waiter
Am I a waiter?
What did you do?
Prosecutor, you say?
Attorney, notary, lawyer.
Of a lawyer you learn to judge
the character of the people.
With a lie like that from the stand,
I would know what to think of you.
You will never trust me anymore.
You have a quality
that has no price.
I'm dying to hear it.
You are a sun in the morning.
I am unbearable.
It's a strange quality
for a woman.
As a wife,
You must be adorable.
That is very hasty,
we do not even know each other
Not much less.
We know each other better than many people
after years of marriage.
There are invisible bonds that unite us!
How are we going to separate
How could we see each other
and act like strangers?
How would I say
What is said to a stranger?
No, we have to see each other again.
Where do we stay?
The Savoy, the Embassy,
the Claridges?
To eat,
have a snack, have dinner?
Today, tomorrow, tonight?
Do you do something tonight?
Come on come on. S or not?
Come, acl rate. S or not?
Contact me, woman!
Where are you?
My dear, that is the bug that
has been in a bed all night
while we were circling
on the pool table.
What coffee?
He finished
with the trays, sir?
- Outside.
- Very good, sir.
I suppose this liquid is described
like a brew of coffee beans.
I will tell you what it is:
Aguachirri, it tastes like rays!
I've been asking for you for 40 years
the eggs passed through water.
Are these like this?
Why not!
They are in the same virginal state
than when the hens put them.
You have been fingering the newspaper,
trying to do the crossword
I do not read your newspaper,
I have my own and know it.
On the whole,
I know too many things about you.
I should leave forever.
It's just what I wanted to tell you.
- Good morning, Miss Leslie.
- Good morning. What's up Jeffries?
Your Se or a
He has dismissed me again.
Come on, the cigar is smoking.
- Good morning, grandpa.
- Leslie, where have you been?
Did not Jeffries tell you?
- I know I told you.
- Thank you.
He knows perfectly
that last night there was fog
and that Miss Leslie spent the night
at the Royal Parks Hotel.
His parents are in India
and I take responsibility for it.
- And me.
- T ?
- I am his grandfather.
- And I know her better.
It horrifies me to think that my granddaughter
leave home at 9 o'clock at night
and return at 9 in the morning.
There are girls who can not be trusted
nor if you send them a letter,
but I could send
to Miss Leslie at the North Pole.
It is not my obligation
ask him to account for everything he does?
Of everything?
You are not a meddlesome judge,
but a lovely grandfather.
- Grandpa.
- S , honey?
- Do you know one Logan?
- Logan?
- Logan Everard, lawyer.
- Everard! Wait.
- Logan, yes, today comes to my court.
- Really?
- Cool. What is it, grandpa?
- Logan?
Ask good questions to witnesses
of the opponent, but does not take one.
- Why do you ask?
- I think he'll marry me.
- He has proposed it to you?
- Do not.
He does not know yet.
Well, if he does not know yet,
- What the hell are you wearing?
- It's ugly, huh? It's your pajamas.
- The one of whom?
- Logan's.
How do you wear a man's pajamas
whose existence you did not know yesterday?
- I've slept in your bed.
- What?
I had two beds, one we took
to the living room, and I slept in the other.
- Leslie, this is the last straw.
- Did not I tell you I was fine?
- Does not understand the new generations.
- I do not think the others do it.
- Grandpa.
- Tell me.
- He does not know who I am.
- Who?
It was believed that she was a woman,
and well twisted.
- Woman you're not, but twisted less.
- But I behaved as if it were.
And he saw this nonsense
and it was believed that she was married.
It is a linnet.
It is not!
If a youngster and a ring
they have cheated him,
is that he is a donkey.
Jeffries, when you were young,
the grandpa never
Did he let himself be deceived?
And now you are a great judge,
as it will be - Logan some day.
- Give him time and nobody can cheat him.
- How long?
40 50 years.
- Have you taken it seriously before?
- No, sir.
Good Guy.
- Good morning, Mr. Logan.
- Good morning, Slade. Thanks tom.
- Welcome back to London.
- Thank you. A charming little village.
- Less for time, of course.
- What's wrong?
- It is the best in the world.
- For example, the fog last night.
Right, where else?
Does a phenomenon happen like that?
The most beautiful city submerges
in an impenetrable valley of mystery.
Life is
a fascinating adventure,
the fate guides your steps,
You can find a miracle.
- I see that you found it.
- Leave that.
Although you are always there
miracles, fog or not.
And, if you allow it,
It's not time to stop going
from miracle to miracle?
- I'm an acquaintance of yours, it's from my club.
- How?
Mere, Mere ...
- Oh, yes, Lord Mere, what's up?
- How are you doing? I see that well.
- Do not ask me, it's going to be fatal for me.
- What's the problem?
What problem?
- My wife.
- What's the matter with Lady Mere?
Well, he has been with a man.
Does it seem little?
Divorce motivation?
For any court, but
The correct thing is to go to your solicitor.
I know, but I have been told that you
dissolves marriages like aspirin,
so first of all
I want your advice.
- I'm involved, explain me the basic ...
- I've already done it, it's been ...
Yes, yes, I know.
- But, does he want it?
- What?
- Well, yes.
- And why do you want a divorce?
Give everything, I will not leave
that cheat me, there is a limit.
I understand you, Lord Mere.
He has given his wife his surname,
your money and a faithful love,
and she returns it
with an anguished humiliation.
That is, you have hit the nail on the head.
I've heard the same story
too many times.
The caring husband
and the woman who cheats him.
- What evidence do you have?
- Last night he left before dinner
and has not returned
until 9 in the morning.
Suspect, and then there is your maid,
who went to the hotel and saw her leave.
- What hotel was it?
- The Royal Parks.
- What?
- The Royal Parks. I will have read
that yesterday there was a costume dance
for charitable purposes, now.
Yes, I've heard something.
And there is another important factor,
he was all night with the disguise.
- Can you imagine why I get angry?
- No, I have no idea.
- Tell me, what's your costume?
- I do not think it matters.
Yes, if I had been a diver,
it would not enter one's eyes.
It was not like that. I was beautiful.
From French noble
of the second empire.
The Empress Eugenia,
crinolines and all that.
- Yes, I see.
- Last night the fog was very thick.
- I am aware.
- I could not accompany her.
I went for dinner with friends
from my old regiment.
Yes, yes. Follow, what happened?
- He spent the night there, but not alone.
- How do you know?
- By Sanders.
- Who is it?
- Your maid.
- How do you know?
Because I brought clothes to the hotel.
- He had asked for it?
- No. Call at 9
to say that he was coming right away,
but I sent Sanders
and he heard from the hallway of his room
I was talking to a man.
- And he came in?
- No, it's ready and I listened.
- And what did you hear?
- He saw.
He saw her leave around 8:45
and then he saw a man
that came out later.
- Y?
- And what? Does not it seem enough?
Has the nerve to accuse his wife
of the most serious that can accuse her,
And I hope you call the law
to a great woman,
for some eavesdropping
at 8:45, at a party,
for being with a boy?
- Do you reject my case?
- That's not any case and it makes me angry.
- If I heard Sanders ...
- No, I've had enough.
With what he told me,
I already have an idea of his wife.
A noble, intriguing woman,
delivered, pure of heart,
of the class that would not do anything
that will tarnish the honor of the family.
- And my humiliation, what?
- In the good and the bad, no?
And she promised to love,
honor and obey
Remember the ceremony,
There she was,
an innocent girl about
to spend the worst moment of his life.
Logan, it's rolling,
I was not an innocent girl.
I was already divorced from one
Lauderdale, who trains horses.
- Go.
- Now you will say "go" again.
Before Lauderdale, it had
divorced from Brissac's bar,
who makes brandy
of low graduation.
- Is she French?
- U.S.
To her first husband,
they called him the Wild Kavanagh,
a professional wrestler,
He got rid of him in Reno.
It seems impossible.
Four marriages and so young.
- Who said he was young?
- You, is not it?
Well, it seems and it coaxes you,
but it is a bug,
Logan, a v bora,
that hypnotizes innocent men
and then it stings.
Or I get rid of her
or I will seek ruin.
- Now I begin to understand him.
- Well, then will you take my case?
Well, I'll think about it.
It's all I can tell you.
I already told him that I'm very involved.
Then I call him, I'm very involved.
- Good morning.
- Yes.
Good morning
A horse trainer,
a brandy merchant
and a fighter.
- What's the matter?
- Do you know that man?
Yes, Lord Mere. It is very well known.
- The best there is in the army.
- Really?
- Well, that costume is his wife's.
- What?
Was Lady Mere the miracle?
- Do not whistle.
- He has gotten into a good one.
How will you accuse someone
in a trial for something you do?
Look, Slade, that's the worst of all.
I did not do anything.
And if a defendant accused of adultery
Tell him that?
- But it's true! I swear to you!
- Nothing happened! None of anything!
Yes, swear, but Mr. Logan,
I hope you believe me
What did not happen?
Ms. Johnson,
Do you expect me to believe that nothing happened?
Well, that is...
See ...
Well, nothing relevant,
If you know what I want to say.
Yes, of course, I mean what you want to say.
And surely His Lord also.
I'm afraid
I prefer an explanation.
Any explanation, Ms. Johnson?
Can you explain it to His Lord?
We have had many chances to see
what women want to say,
or what they mean they say,
if what they say wants to say something.
Order in the room.
There is a very simple explanation:
Mrs. Johnson is a woman.
And I will not remind you, Your Lord,
that women have their religion.
The immemorial creed of femininity.
It only contains a dogma of faith,
but all women believe in him.
They believe they are the biggest advance
of the human species,
a being that has evolved to be
above all criticism,
of all reproach
and outside the law.
To men, with their bonhom a,
they have been tricked into accepting them
as a rational being
and have allowed their emancipation.
What is your reward?
Women do not know femininity,
they reject the obligations of man.
She demands freedom,
but he shuns responsibilities.
It says to want time
to develop as a person
and use it deciding which part of the
Body will be the next one to be painted.
For independence,
understands laziness,
for equality, understand not stop
as Catherine the Great.
- Do not stop as who?
- Catherine the Great, Your Lord.
Do not stop
like Catherine the Great, eh?
Thank you.
The union with a man means that
wait for her with open arms!
A current woman does not understand
of loyalty, decency or justice!
It does not oppose, nor does it resist,
nor is it self-controlled!
It is not affective,
loving or compassionate!
In short: unscrupulous, ruthless
and demanding, lazy and tedious,
bland, boring and vain,
vengeful, unworthy and weak.
When the man removes the whip,
will return the progress.
That is the explanation of the lady
and the case. You can leave now.
Saunders, do not fear for Logan.
They just have to
answer you honestly.
Already, but, what to think
from m Lady Mere?
Think what you think,
nothing will happen to you.
Lord Mere is here with his solicitor
and the witness, the maiden.
- You can not see me, I was in the hotel!
- If you have to catch it now.
Logan, I already heard him. Haulfryer,
my solicitor. They know each other, no?
- Good morning.
- And this is Saunders.
- Enchanted, please sit down.
- If you have doubts, they will clarify them.
- Saunders, you saw the man, did not you?
- Yes, sir.
- And I had not seen it before?
- I'm not sure, sir.
- Are not you sure? Did not he see it well?
- He was not wearing his glasses.
- Then, would not you recognize it?
- I have not said that.
I did not say that I would not recognize it,
but I did not recognize it.
She is a very intelligent girl.
Saunders, tell him what you saw.
- Describe the man.
- Lord, I do not know if I could.
- Try it.
- Well, I do not know what to say.
- He was a normal man.
- Describe it with details, woman!
Do not be impatient, give it a
opportunity, do not be afraid
Tell Mr. Logan how he was.
High or low?
It was ... of a normal height.
- Was he brown, blond or red?
- It was something in between.
- Was she young, older?
- It was something ...
- Between.
- Between, that's it.
- Was I shaved?
- Good...
Did he have a beard?
No, sir, I'm sure of that.
But he may have a mustache.
- Ah! I had a mustache.
- No, I did not have it.
- Are you sure you have not seen it?
- Yes, quite sure.
- What's the matter, Slade?
- The lady is here.
- What is it?
- The lady of the case.
The woman in the case ...
Excuse me.
- Why did you come?
- To return this, your pajamas.
Thank you.
Anything else?
What happened to you? You're not
as caring as in that breakfast.
Well, I'll tell you.
Your husband is there.
I understand that you are so confused,
after all your husbands.
This is not even horses,
nor that of brandy,
nor the fighter,
but the last one: Lord Mere.
- Lord Mere?
- Yes.
And who told you
who was my husband?
He told me everything.
And you will be as upset as I am
when you know everything you know.
Know about the hotel
and the disguise.
- But, what do you want from you?
- Divorce, divorce!
Lord Mere wants to divorce,
- Yes, right?
- And you'll help him, I hope.
QueTo divorce you
being the alleged culprit?
I understand that you are
so cruel with all your experience.
But you know
that will ruin me!
Already I imagine it
what Lord Steele will say.
- Lord Steele?
- Yes, he's the worst judge of all.
He will rejoice in my misfortune.
But if Lord Mere gets
what he wants, he will be free.
You and I could,
let's say, get together.
- Would you like it, would not you?
- At the expense of my career?
You have it very cre do.
I'm sorry, I thought
I had started to like you.
I could not stop you from liking me
despite how unpleasant you were.
But I guess
that I only have left
take my medicine
and leave.
I understand clearly
how you caught all those men.
- What men?
- Lauderdale, the bar of Brissac,
The Wild One ...
- They were those?
- Yes, those.
Then, poor Lord Mere.
And now me.
T ?
Yes, I should not admit it.
I love you
Even now that I know
the ruthless truth.
I'm crazy about you.
I want to take you in my arms.
And why do not you do it?
I do not know.
- What am I doing here kissing you?
- And you do it very well!
Your husband is there, and your solicitor
and Saunders, who saw us both.
Think, Saunders, think.
Do not be silly.
- Sir, but if I'm thinking ...
- Sit down, let's see what happens to me.
Where did we go?
Oh, yes, by the man from Royal Parks.
He says he would not recognize his face?
No, sir, but I think
that he would recognize his gait.
Yes, but ...
- Have not you seen it before or after?
- Do not.
But I have met all men
since the first divorce in Reno.
Saunders has been faithful to my wife
since his first marriage, no?
- Yes, sir, five years.
- Five years? A whole record.
Well, after Reno
He married Brissac's bar.
No, after Mr. Kavanagh
It was Mr. Miller.
- Mr. Miller?
- Not official...
Not official.
An innocent friendship?
- It does not take much detail.
- I'm sorry, Mr. Mere.
If you want me to take the case
I have to know all the details.
Only bad things happen if you hide it
things to the doctor or the lawyer.
- Yes. And after Mr. Miller?
- Mr. Vanheuten.
- Not official.
- Not official.
And after Mr. Vanheuten?
- Barissa de Brissac.
- How long before the divorce?
- 14 months
- And after the Baron de Brissac?
- Mr. Miller.
- That was after Mr. Kavanagh.
No. That was Mr. Miller I
and this is Mr. Miller II.
- Is there a Mr. Miller III?
- Only Mr. Mendoza, from Argentina,
then Mr. Lauderdale
and then His Lord.
Little thing, huh?
- Do you have everything you want?
- Yes.
- Are you going to take my case?
- Yes, sir.
My friend Haulfryer will prepare it for me
and I will get you a divorce.
Well, come on, come on.
I will not be worried about not knowing
Who is the man from the Royal Parks?
I know who is
the hotel man.
- What?
- That is, I know how it should be.
After Mr. Miller I,
of Mr. Miller II and Mr. Mendoza,
It seems the fourth fool,
good afternoon.
- Where are you?
- The miracle? It is gone.
He has sprinkled an exquisite perfume
in the pajamas.
- Go!
- Anything else?
- But do not ask me to do one thing.
- What?
- That he thinks nothing happened ...
I have decided to take the case.
- Have you decided to cause a scandal?
- Yes.
- To ruin you?
- Yes.
And so much courage is because Saunders
He is myopic and you think you are safe.
- He's never saved in cases like this.
- And why did you take it?
Because I hope you get married
with me when it's over.
Will you do it?
Will you do it?
Will you do it?
Why do not you answer?
I'm sure you already had it in mind
when you came to my office.
You can, and I did not like it
How did you behave in the office?
- I prefer you in your room.
- In our room.
- In my room.
- There you will judge your future husband.
You're not afraid anymore
the restless years of my past?
I want to talk to you.
Let's Dance.
- You look very young.
- The truth is that I do not feel older.
Sometimes, when you smile at me, I think
that you are innocent as a child.
That's why I smiled at you.
It is incredible that you have married
four times in five years.
Why did you divorce?
of Kavanagh?
From Kavanagh?
He became a heavy one.
- And from Barissa de Brissac?
- He also became a heavy one.
- And from Lauderdale?
- It was the heaviest of all.
I would prefer to get married
with a cafre than with a heavy one.
- I hope I have not become a heavy one.
- No, I find you very interesting.
And very funny.
I adore you.
Do you love me?
I like you.
Only that?
- I like you a lot.
- That's not enough for me.
- Maybe she's interested in you.
- It's not enough for me either.
Please, be honest with me.
I believe that the greatest virtue of women
modern is your total sincerity.
I have not been honest?
I did not tell you everything
about Brissac,
Kavanagh and Lauderdale?
What else do you want?
- What happens now?
- Miller.
- Miller? What's the matter with Miller?
- Yeah, what's wrong with Miller?
- Miller? An adventure.
- And Miller II? Another adventure?
Of course.
4 marriages in 5 years
and two adventures.
It seems you do not appreciate my sincerity,
I go to my home.
No Please,
I know I appreciate it,
and I care so much
I understand how it happened.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, of course, it's very simple.
You were poor before your first
marriage and gave you what you wanted,
How would you know
What was missing, the main thing?
How? Sure, it did not work.
But a woman like you, with ideals,
have to keep looking
until you find your man,
the really,
the man that is made for her.
- T ?
- I hope so.
I am sure. T no?
One can not be sure of anything
with a past like mine.
But when a woman is in love
It has no past.
Renace, is again
an innocent girl
You do not see it, honey, it's very simple.
If only you could ...
What's up?
- Your husband, do not look.
- Where?
There, in the corner.
- Coward.
- No, I do not want to fight in public.
- Well, let's see.
- Hey! Not there!
- A big bottle for two?
- A big bottle for one.
- I'll take you home.
- No, no need, good night.
- Grosvenor Square, please.
- But what number is it?
- I'm not going to tell you.
- But how? When will I see you?
Thursday afternoon
in your office for t !
Hi Grandpa.
Sorry for being late.
The proposals
of marriage take their time.
- How did you know?
- The girls shine their eyes
when they ask you for marriage,
even today.
You are an older and wise man.
- Have you told the truth to that donkey?
- No, and he's not a donkey.
Do you still think you're an easy woman?
Well, it's a donkey.
It is believed that I am the woman
most twisted in the world,
that I had
four husbands and several ...
You told him you've had
four husbands and several?
No, he told me that.
Do you know Lady Mere?
Well, I was also at the party
from the hotel and also wore a dress.
- And had some adventure ...
- Tambi n?
Well Lord Mere is getting divorced
of her and he thinks he is me.
Do you think you're Lady Mere?
Yes, but he is very understanding.
It is very clear that my unfortunate past
It has been the search for my man.
- What is it?
- Yes.
And it says that a woman is chaste
and that he is reborn when he falls in love.
I do not like that, it may take
a shock when he knows the truth.
But, grandpa,
You're not a cynic, too?
I do not think so.
And every day I learn things
of which not even my grandchildren
More smart they know nothing.
You will not say that you prefer
to a bad woman who a?
I would not miss you, and you too.
- I?
- I think so.
Why did you make the paper
of a woman with a past?
Because you thought that
you could wear it
Like a temptress dressed, no?
Yes, and it seems that with success.
The danger is
that when you take off your dress,
you may wonder
what I had seen
in an innocent youngster.
Grandpa, what should I do?
I love that tontorr n so much ...
Heulfryer wants to know
if they are going to prepare the Mere case
knowing that you do not know
with whom he committed adultery.
- I agree.
- But he knows it's not like that.
It would be a catastrophe if in the trial
it was known who you are
I do not care.
I'll get you Lady Mere
the divorce even if it has to close.
I do not need to let you know!
Ah, you are, how are you, big boy?
I hope that very good.
- Yes, I'm fine.
- Me too.
- Very good?
- Yes, requetebi n.
- What happened?
- I've been with her.
- With whom?
- With my wife.
It's splendid, Saunders
She is a p nfila and I am a fool.
The man at the hotel was the manager.
You were right from the beginning.
I am happy thanks to you, big boy
and my wife too.
It's like a new honeymoon
for both of us, thank you.
There is no need
- By the way, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
- No no.
Yes, if I told my wife:
"Logan is a very legal guy."
He had rejected the case to
Do not break our happiness. Adi s.
- And what did she say?
- I know you were legal, yes.
And you are
- Can you tell him something?
- Yes.
Tell him that I think he is
the most clever woman in the world.
You can not open the door
with the umbrella? And your key?
Why do you open the door?
And the butler?
- It is gone.
- And Saunders?
- Also.
- And the cook?
I've fired them, I'm not going to have
Hit enemies in my house.
Cario, forgive me.
My girl Was...
- He was the manager.
- What, where?
In the hotel room,
He was the manager, was not he?
- Do not.
- If it was not him, who was it?
It was John, George, Ingleby,
Thomas, the President,
the Prime Minister and a bar tono.
- You're trying to mess me up.
- Do you want a divorce?
Well, pay it.
Now go!
- Go see your lawyer!
- I already saw it.
Go see him again.
- Cari o ...
- Do not tell me, honey!
- Good evening, Warren.
- Goodnight.
Good evening, Mere.
"She's the smartest woman in the world."
Who is the most clever woman in the world?
Thank you.
- How much do I owe?
- 8 with 9.
8 with 9
for a whiskey with soda?
It has taken five,
four doubles and this one, sir.
- Ah, you have.
- Thank you, sir.
- What do you think of women?
- Well, we already know how they are,
but in dealing with them,
I've only been interested slightly.
Well, do not go any further,
You die a threat, Peters.
- Look at the Ed n.
- In the Foreign Minister?
No, donkey. In the Garden of Eden,
Ad n and Eva, do you know the story?
- Yes, but it's not my time.
- Well, it keeps happening.
Woman leaves man
half way, hung up,
for a snake
from the meadow of the Royal Parks Hotel.
- That part I had not heard.
- Well, it's true.
But I do not do those things to me,
I will not stay where they do not want me.
- You know, Peters?
- Yes, sir.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Demon of pure.
Yes, I'm Logan.
I have to see you.
I have to see you,
It is a question of life or death.
But if it's three!
I know, but ...
I pass by your house and I see you,
It is a matter of life or death.
Why did you say that my wife
Was it the most list in the world?
Mere, it's three o'clock
in the morning ...
Why did you say that my wife
Was it the most list in the world?
My God!
Sometimes you say things to say.
The lawyers did not win that big buck
and do not say things to say.
Why? Why did you say that
My wife was the best list in the world?
Sit down
Your wife
I thought it was very smart
to reconcile with you
after the hotel.
She is very smart
and you're very smart, but so am I.
- I wish it was not.
- What?
Clever, clever, clever.
- I should be happier.
- What's the matter?
- No longer wants me.
- But you had reconciled!
Yes, but I have a sixth sense,
cunning, I know women.
He wants man
of the Royal Parks Hotel.
Just a moment.
I have to tell you
a very important thing.
I am the man
of the Royal Parks Hotel.
You can not be,
You are a lawyer.
Your wife spent the night
in one of my rooms.
But do not think!
- Nothing happened.
- And why are you telling me this?
Because I love her, and if you go
to divorce, I will marry her.
- She's going to marry you?
- I hope so.
- So, you're in love with you?
- I think.
Y Lemmett
Will he stay so hot?
- Who?
- Lemmett.
- Who is that?
- A kid, a rich scoundrel.
- And what?
- He's in love.
- And she of him?
- Of course not.
If it is from you, how will it be?
of Lemmett? She is not like that.
Sit down
Take something.
If I have to divorce,
I prefer you to Lemmett.
You are a gentleman
and Lemmett no.
Lemmett, no.
Lemmett, no.
I already told you and I'll tell you,
do not worry.
I will say: "Logan is a gentleman
and Lemmett does not. "
- Who are you?
- Y t ?
I am from this house,
I am from this house.
- Outside.
- Cari o, I am wise and generous.
- You're drunk.
- No, now you'll see.
I came to tell you that Logan
He is a gentleman and Lemmett is not.
- Who is Logan?
- Lawyer.
If you choose him, it will break me
the heart, but I wish you happiness.
- And why would I have to do it?
- Because you're in love with him.
What am I in love with?
Who has told you that?
He himself is a gentleman.
It will break my heart,
but I wish you happiness.
I see.
Do you want to divorce me?
so that one Logan
marry me Is that it?
It will break my heart,
but I wish you happiness.
Can you go now?
Go to the club and get ready!
I wish you happiness.
Thank you.
Mr. Logan?
Thank you.
Who do you want to see?
- Mr. Logan, please.
- Your name?
- Lady Mere.
- Lady Mere.
Did you say Lady Mere?
- Are you Lady Mere?
- Yes, but who are you?
Lady Mere,
come with me please!
- But what happens?
- Come with me and I'll tell you.
- But, who are you?
Where did he go next?
- To the hairdresser.
- What is it?
- To Chevalier.
- Let's go.
- Where are you?
- They were here.
How were they "doing"?
Where is it?
The girl was two, sir.
Let's see, you have opened the door
and has entered.
They have entered, sir.
- What did you ask?
- Your name?
- And what did he tell you?
- They said "Lady Mere".
- She?
- No, they.
- A woman said "Lady Mere".
- Two, sir.
- Were there two women?
- Two, sir.
- And the two have said "Lady Mere"?
- Both, sir.
And, where are they?
- They've disappeared, sir.
- It's better for you to disappear, too.
Go and tell your father that a linnet
Nice does not help me.
I would swear there were two.
So I went to court
to see how Mr. Logan did it.
- They say he's very smart.
- Ready?
If you understand it as threatening
someone who can not answer, yes.
- He has no idea about women.
- And the others?
On the stand there was one Mrs.
Johnson, Logan defended her husband.
- Do you know what he said about women?
- Anything.
That we are ruthless,
descerebradas and useless.
He is not wrong,
Anything else?
That we only thought about what part
of the body we will paint now.
Oh, dear.
I know that's a lie.
- What do you think?
- It's a little flabby.
- Would Mr. Logan like it?
- I think you need a lesson.
I think so,
and I'm going to give it to her.
He is scared to death
Because of that night at the hotel.
It is believed that he will be quoted
for being Lady Mere's lover.
What grace! When I get home
and tell Warrie,
is going to burst with laughter.
- Slade, did not you call any women?
- I'm sure not.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Say?
- I'm Lady Mere, is Mr. Logan?
- Sr. Logan, it's Lady Mere!
- Where?
To the phone!
- Hello.
- Ask him if they were two.
Are you t ?
- Why did not you come?
- Because I do not like your office.
- Where can I go to see you?
- Where? We'll see...
Why do not you come to Mere Hall
Mere Hall,
in Hampshire, you know.
Yes, I know,
but do you think it's okay?
Are you afraid again?
Adi s.
No! Wait! Wait!
- If you do not want to see me ...
- Of course I want to see you, but ...
Did not Lord Mere tell you?
He has told me everything.
And you think your house
Is it a good place?
The only good place,
but if you do not want to come ...
Clear! I want to see you!
- Saturday.
- Voucher.
- In the afternoon.
- Ok, good night.
Miss Leslie,
List for obstacles?
I think so, if they are not very high.
Nothing is high for that mare.
Do what my wife does.
- It's good, is not it?
- The best I've seen and brave.
Who are you talking to?
It's the Lemmett scoundrel!
- Scoundrel, why?
- It's a dspota.
Kill foxes in summer and ride
about dogs in winter.
- And in your free time?
- Try it with the women of others.
But it is believed that I could with Clare
and this time he has not aimed well.
See you at the Barclay
Thursday at three.
By the way, what time is it coming?
your friend Logan?
I guess at the time of t ,
It comes by car.
Let's go!
- Hello!
- Hello, I was not expecting you so soon!
It's that I came to see you.
It's good to see you, Logan.
Come on, honey. She goes to the head.
You will not have returned
to reconcile, right?
I do not know what you mean, but
He is being very kind to me.
- Well, that's it.
- Is that what?
- I will not.
- How? You said yes.
Yeah, but at home it's not good.
If you do not want to see me.
I want! But,
Are you going to marry me or not?
- This night I tell you!
- But, listen!
Well, I hope you get off Mr. Logan,
It eats me so much suspense.
And to me, it sure feels like a donkey
when you see who is what?
Do not make it worse by laughing at him.
Sit there, and do not talk.
And Clare, you sit down ...
Sit there, okay?
And grandpa ...
You're fine ah
Clare, when I come, you can say
"Do you know Mrs. Leslie Steele?"
And I will get here. Do not.
Better there.
I will get here.
Be quiet.
Mr. Logan.
Mr. Logan, what good
that has gone down so fast.
- Do you know Lord Steele?
- Yes, of course.
And he also knows Warren.
- Yes, I know him.
- And this is Miss Steele.
- Miss ...
- Miss Leslie Steele.
No, I do not know Miss Steele.
I do not want to know her.
I think it's a girl
somewhat unpleasant and dishonest.
- Boy, it was just a joke.
- Well, you continue with the joke.
You go to Lemmett
and you to the hotel manager.
Miss Steele, what do you do?
The next fool to fall in love.
In fact, you are all
a heavy joke Goodnight.
Well, what do you think?
- Go!
- What?
- Grandpa, have you heard?
- Yes, honey. What good! , no?
Ah, brave! 50 years ago,
I would have done the same.
- He's right.
- You will not let it escape, will you?
Well, no. So far he has gone
Behind me, and now I'm going to go.
What a girl!
- You have not left an address?
- Do not.
- Did he say when would he come back?
- Yes, never.
- And the work?
- He has left.
And he had the case of his life
the next week.
- What?
- The divorce of the Strangeways.
Four lovers
Your jump to fame.
- Can not you do anything?
- Unless the train stops ...
- What train?
- The one on the ship, in Victoria.
- What time?
- The one at 11.
Wait! Wait!
No! Go away!
You do not feel bad
for the barbarities you said?
You did not mean it, did you?
Why do not you answer?
Are not you ashamed of it?
Come on, say you're sorry.
Poor little me ...
Nothing happens, honey.
Better then?
Your anguish has passed.
I have chosen a very nice house.
You trusted me a lot, did not you?
- Well, you were in love with me.
- And can not I say anything?
Yes, you can ask me
Let me marry you, if you want.
Well, what will you do?
We'll get married in Par s, and the moon
of honey, 6 weeks to the Riviera.
No, you forgot
the case of the Strangeways?
It's the occasion of your life,
your leap to fame, four lovers.
Now we send a telegram
saying that we are going back
It will be saying
We are on our honeymoon.
- Do not.
- Yes.
- Do not.
- Yes.
Your Lordship, this case
It has a very simple explanation.
My client, Ms. Strangeways,
is a woman,
the greatest advance of the human species,
which is the consolation of man.
A tender and delicate being placed in the
world to give it clarity
and happiness to life
with its beauty and tenderness.
And I say it for its purity.
Your Lordship, that was found
in the bathroom with two of her lovers,
it's a lack of discretion
for its part.
But against it is
his affirmation that nothing happened!
Your Lordship, if we do not accept
such a statement,
we will give a hard blow to the bases
of the most sublime, most idlic
and most charming institution
of our civilization.
In my opinion, Ms. Strangeways
He is guilty of only one thing.
She is guilty of being a woman.
That is the explanation
from Mrs. Logan ... Mrs. Strangeways
and the explanation of the present case,
You can go.