The Doctor's Dilemma (1958) Movie Script

Harley Street, home
of medical science.
Here they are: The good and the bad.
The surgeons are the worst.
They have discovered that the
body is full of useless bits.
You can cut out half of it,
that costs only a little money.
I know that boy. He removed
people's uvula for 50 guinea.
This villain cut almonds
for 200 guinea.
He could count double
for the women.
Cutler Walpole has discovered the
nuciform sac, the last whim.
He cuts it out for 500 guinea.
You might as well
have your hair cut.
Already journalists? Of course.
A famous doctor is knighted:
Sir Colenso Ridgeon.
I am from 'The Globe'. May I...
No that is not allowed.
Are you, sir Patrick?
Come inside.
- May we please...
- No way.
I wanted to congratulate him first.
I am not impressed.
I thought those discoveries
were nonsense...
and that also applies
to its drops and tubes.
It's about science.
I know that too well.
I say you are there.
Do you have your eggs, boy?
What a big guy.
Do you keep it a little tidy today?
People come to congratulate you.
Come in.
And dude, are you proud?
And I owe everything to you.
Larie, but thanks.
I am besieged since I have
drops that help against TB.
Science is extremely fascinating.
Look at your discovery, for
all the great discoveries.
Where do they lead? To the
discoveries of my old father.
And that's been dead for 40 years.
Very interesting.
There is nothing like progress.
So you can cure TBC? I think so.
I have known 30
people who could.
Why are people still dead?
Work of the devil, I think.
Do not move.
Do not move, Jinny.
Just relax. Come down.
I'm sick of it.
I know those jokes.
Look at those bills.
You have bite me more often.
I really want my money now. - You will
get everything tomorrow. Promised.
Did he want to see money?
They no longer deliver before we pay.
Let them fall away. They only
think about that stupid money.
Money, money, money.
Smelting, I hate it.
Do not be unhappy.
I earn easily enough
to pay them all.
Next year I will have
my own exhibition.
You do not believe anything, old boss.
I do not want to go.
Look at my folder.
You're too late again.
I was stopped in the hospital.
I'm more interested in a drink.
Donate yourself. I'll be right.
I want to speak to you privately.
What is opsonin again?
That is the bacteria, so the
white blood cells eat them.
The procedure is important. The
right moment leads to healing.
The wrong moment leads to death.
My discovery.
The biggest one since Harvey
discovered the bloodstream.
I want a drink.
The old Paddy likes to have one.
From whom can you call him that?
You always call him that.
Soon I'll be old Colly Ridgeon.
We already say that.
That's why medical students
are so disgusting.
No respect, no ways.
Do you think Sir Colenso...
I do not think so.
Can I speak to Sir Colenso? I do not
have an appointment and he's busy...
but it is very urgent.
Would it be possible?
I want your advice.
There is something with me.
Everything is fine with my organs.
I feel restless, as if
something is going on.
Tunes play through my head,
beautiful but very commonplace.
Do you hear voices?
That is beautiful. When
patients arrive with
something like that,
I will lock them up.
Do you think I'm crazy?
Do you really have no votes?
Then you hang out the pias.
Pretty normal between 17 and 22 years.
Sometimes people get it at their 40th.
You are single, you just
have to be careful.
With my food? No, your behavior.
You are not going to die, but you
may be insane. So be careful.
A lady wants her husband to heal.
I do not want to see anyone.
I say she has to wait.
No, send her away.
Do you want to see Mr. Walpole?
You only congratulate them.
- Yes, they do.
- Come in.
My warmest congratulations,
you deserve them.
You earn it as a person.
That discovery is, of course, nonsense.
Opsonin is nonsense, that's what
every good surgeon will say.
But we are all happy with
your personal recognition.
How are you, sir Patrick?
I have sent you a message about
my new saw for shoulder blades.
I know him, a good saw.
Very useful and useful.
I knew you would like him.
That saw already existed 65 years ago.
Then they called it a
furniture maker's foot.
My nose. What nonsense, a crowbar.
He is only jealous.
I do not disturb?
I won advice about an inconvenience.
I am overworked, I think.
I know what you save.
I notice it everywhere.
- What then?
- Blood poisoning.
Really, 95 percent of
humanity goes to death.
It is that simple. Your nuciform sac.
What is it?
It is full of decaying material.
Listen well, Ridgeon.
I cut it out.
Then you feel a new person.
Is not he good then?
No, I do not like people
without a healthy circulation.
In a civilized country it would be
forbidden to have a uniform sac.
The operation should
be mandatory.
Has then already been removed from you?
I do not have any.
Watch. I have no symptoms,
I am very healthy.
Five percent of the
population has no sac.
I hear incidentally. I have come
across only one other case.
Mrs Jack Foljambe.
The smart Mrs Foljambe.
I thought she would have a huge sac.
That's what I said.
Hyginic as she was, she
insisted that I operate her.
She had no sac at all.
No trace of it, no rudiment.
I was totally upset...
that I forgot to take
out the sponges.
I closed her up.
One of the nurses...
Sir Ralph Bloomfield Bonington.
Where is he?
He is talking to that woman.
- I have said...
- He is he.
Sir Colenso, welcome
to the knights.
Are you there too, sir Patrick?
How are you?
A cold, a bit stiff?
But still scratch and smart.
Walpole, the absent beggar.
What do you mean?
Did you forget the opera singer?
She had a lump on her vocal cords.
Was it for a throat operation?
The nuciform sac went out.
Force of habit. Does not matter,
she got her voice back.
She finds you the very
best surgeon, and you are.
Blood poisoning.
How is a certain high
family under your wing?
I have successfully tried Ridgeons
opsonin with Prince Henry.
I suspected blood poisoning.
At St Anne's I ordered your exclusive
serum. It was unfortunately on.
Did they have a statement?
I did not need that.
My wife was waiting, I did
not have time for that.
I know everything about antidote...
That's not it.
It can be very dangerous.
Yes, you have to use it properly.
An apple is not always good.
Antidote only knows two rules.
Do not be afraid and inject them
three times a day before eating.
- Oh no.
- Really.
It was a great success
with little Henry.
The gratitude of the
family moved me.
I gave you all the credit,
hence your order of knights.
I am very grateful to you.
I am Dr. Blenkinsop.
Come inside.
That's why I take over
your scientific method.
Can Dr. Blenkinsop come in?
But of course.
I come to offer my congratulations.
How are you dude?
I see all the big names.
What is it, Blenkinsop?
Sir Patrick is there too.
Do you already know Walpole?
No, we are now making the acquaintance.
I do not meet big men. I know
only Stevens from St Anne.
Now you are sir Colenso.
How does that feel?
First a little crazy.
Do not mind.
I do not know what you have discovered,
but I congratulate you anyway.
You were so scientifically oriented.
Earlier, yes. Now look at it.
I have not looked at a book since my
graduation. They are so expensive.
But I have clinical experience, that's
what it's all about, is not it?
Nonsense. Then you see the outside,
there is nothing wrong with that.
You have to look at the inside every day.
That is only possible with the knife.
You have easy talk,
look at my practice.
I only see workers,
clerks and servants.
They can not afford illness.
I am so poor myself that I
get sick from the bad food.
How do I gain self-confidence?
I can not hear it.
There is nothing more
tragic than a sick doctor.
As if a bald head sells wigs.
Fortunately I am a surgeon.
I have never been ill, that is
why I live with my patients.
Never get sick? Interesting.
You may not have a nuciform sac.
Can not I just open
you to have a look?
I'm too busy for that.
I recommend pounding a pound every
day for half an hour before lunch.
They are definitely good
and they are cheap.
Be sensible of being against medication.
They are a delusion.
The newspapers are full of
outrageous advertisements.
All quackery and poison.
And we are responsible.
We let them believe in drinks.
They do not get a doctor anymore.
Nature is the only true remedy.
In the white blood cells...
or phagocytes is a system that
eats and destroys bacteria.
There is only one
scientific remedy...
and that is stimulating
Your car makes the horses of Sir
Ralph scared, so you come quickly.
I have to go.
Pleasant introduction.
- Do you agree with me?
- No.
Only the knife can prevent
rotting and blood poisoning.
He has no intellect,
he is a surgeon.
Operation is manual work.
The brain remains the master.
That nuciform sac does not exist. It
is nice for him to operate in fashion.
Do not worry about your health.
Take a sedative.
And otherwise some
mercury can not hurt.
If you can not sleep: Trional.
- But no medicine, remember.
No, not as a definitive solution.
See you, Blenkinsop.
There is only one solution:
Stimulate the phagocytes.
Who is the patient by the way?
Charming woman with TBC man.
Is it still there?
Your woman is waiting in the carriage.
Tell that woman I will not receive her.
She is not in a hurry, she is waiting.
I must go too. Not working every
half hour costs me 18 pence.
Come and have lunch.
That's too expensive.
Then I do not get my own
food away, but thanks.
Poor guy.
We are not all
geniuses like you.
Bloomfield Bonington may
allow fewer people to die.
He needs to know the difference
between a vaccine and an antidote.
With his phagocytes. With him, the
serum is simply a murder weapon.
Colly has to work again.
What are you doing, old cake?
Do not be cheeky.
Behave yourself.
I have taught you to behave.
Come on now.
Bye. Goodbye, thanks for coming.
You are an ugly old witch.
As if you are so beautiful.
What a ways. Do you let
that poor girl come or not?
For the umpteenth time: No.
Send her away.
Do me a favor. Good, boy.
I got half a crown. She says her
husband is threatened with death.
Is not his life worth more than?
She does not have anymore.
She will please you.
It is a charming thing.
Then let it come.
A patient is coming. Come in after
a while with an emergency message.
Then she knows she has to go.
Mrs Dubedat.
Wait. You must know that I
can not do anything for you.
You did not wish to be sent away.
How could I?
You bribed her.
Anyway, she got me that far.
I am unable to take
another patient.
You must visit my husband.
I explain everything, then you understand.
It is not an ordinary case.
He is unique, I can prove that to you.
The newspaper says
that you can save him.
- What is it?
- His left lung.
You do not have to tell that.
You can heal him. That's right?
Tell me.
You must remain quiet and controlled.
Excuse me, I know.
Please tell me you are healing him.
You have to be elsewhere
for miracle remedies.
I have ten patients that
I can possibly save.
Wait a second.
Imagine that they are on a
raft where no one can anymore.
A drowning man appears, who
begs the captain for salvation.
This is only possible if someone
else is sacrificed for it.
You ask me that now.
Is there another doctor who can?
Only doctors live on this street.
But only a handful has eaten
cheese from the opsonin treatment.
We are completely full.
More I do not have to say to you.
You know about drawings, I saw
that in the waiting room.
- Look.
- That's no use.
That is good work.
That's all right.
This has not been finished yet, h?
He gets tired so quickly,
but you see the genius.
Such a person must be saved.
That's you, hi?
It was his first portrait of me.
A beautiful drawing.
What a fascinating dress.
He liked me so well.
Why is it called 'Gienevra'?
I'm called that. You would say Jennifer.
Is this for sale? I want to buy it.
Take it, grab them all.
If you save him.
The hospital wants you
to come immediately.
A patient is dying,
the coach is waiting.
Go away, do not interrupt me.
Do not you see that I'm busy?
Get out.
A moment...
Sit down, it's nothing.
And that patient?
Probably dead already. Have a seat.
It does not do anything to you.
You see people dying every day.
I told him to come and say that.
Then I was away from you.
Do not worry, nobody will die.
My husband is.
Oh, I forgot that.
You ask me something very serious.
I ask you to save a great man.
At the expense of another person. Another
person will receive the old treatment.
I'm not afraid of that,
I've done that before.
Prove to me that his life is worth
more than that of my least patient.
You have to convince me of that.
He made those drawings.
He is still very young, he has
his whole life ahead of him.
Did you succeed, honey?
Looks like it does. Good, boy.
Hush. Get a carriage.
Come inside.
I have a better idea.
I dine with friends to
celebrate my knighthood.
Maybe you read about it.
Yes, so I came after your name.
It is a doctor's dinner and
a bachelorette dinner.
I am single.
If you take your husband with you, you
will meet me and my eminent colleagues.
We can show them the case.
What do you say? Are you coming as well?
Of course we come, thank you.
You make me so happy.
I knew you would
admire and admire him.
What is it?
The money for the consultation.
We keep it on a portrait
of his favorite model.
For the whole treatment
and healing.
That is very generous of you.
I know you will heal him.
That's for sure.
I have great news, Louis.
For me? How beautiful.
We can not afford that.
I love you.
To behave.
I have great news for you.
What then?
We are going to eat delicious.
This, you mean?
No, I said delicious.
Delicious. I am very modest.
I am satisfied with a crust of bread.
I am forced to consume
as befits a physician.
I understand it perfectly. That
applies to all professions, I think.
Take the art. People think that we are
unreasonable, sloppy and dissolute.
They get angry when we are not.
That's why we do so.
Do not look so serious, Jinny Gwinny.
Are you spoiling your beautiful name?
You do not get that as a bachelor.
I also have two names. In times
of crisis it is just Ralph.
When the sun shines in the house
I am Beedle Deedle Dumkins.
This is marriage life.
Look at how the stars shine.
Do you want to put your name on the menu?
Under the drawing of me.
Can I borrow that?
Can I also have a scribble?
What do you think of Louis?
Or can not I ask?
We are charmed by him.
You leave happy.
He is worth it.
He will be saved.
How can I thank you?
Now I can finally be happy.
You do not know how I feel.
Yes, but just as good.
No, do not cry. Mr. Dubedat may
not know we're talking about him.
The car has arrived.
There is a telephone for Dr. Blenkinsop.
What a shame we have to go.
It is such a beautiful evening.
We enjoyed it so much.
A half an hour can not hurt.
No way. Bring your husband
home and put him in bed.
Yes, for elves to bed.
Too bad you leave.
Come with me.
I grab my jacket and see you for sure.
Good evening.
It was pleasant to meet.
Do not worry.
I help him with coughing.
We stimulate the phagocytes.
And otherwise I'll help you.
What should it be
wonderful to be a doctor.
Think about yourself. Your
lungs are just as vulnerable.
A charming woman and a gifted man.
Ridgeon is lucky.
Sorry, but I was called.
They found a milkman with a
recipe from me in my pocket.
Where is Mrs Dubedat?
That's just gone.
Maybe I'll get them.
Nice people. I feared that this man
would be some sort of proleet.
He is almost as charming as she is.
It's a genius, so I
have to save it.
Is there something wrong with him?
What can be wrong about him?
With every man two things can
be wrong: Money or a woman.
If you do not know how
that is, you know nothing.
With the money it is just a mustache.
He spoke openly about his
money worries before dinner.
He is good and frugal, so
I borrowed him 20 pounds.
Pay if you earn well.
He was very nice and
accepted it as a man.
When was that?
First on the terrace.
Then he had just borrowed
10 pounds from me.
He did not know when
he could pay it back.
I could not refuse. Mrs. Dubedat
seemed quite charmed by me.
You mean me.
Your name did not fall.
Because of his work, she is often alone.
He does not know how busy I am.
He suggested that I
occasionally talk to her.
He said that to me too.
This looks serious.
Did you catch up with them?
No, sorry I ran away like that.
- What is it?
- Nothing, a trifle.
Nothing to do about it.
Does it have to do with Dubedat?
I should not say anything,
but it is so silly.
He borrowed half a crown
from me for a tip.
I would get it back, his
wife had the money.
Of course I gave it to him.
He has forgotten to give back.
I have only two pence
for the return journey.
No, I do not take anything. I have
never borrowed anything, so not now.
If you thought I was borrowing
money, everything would stop me.
I'll walk the last bit.
Just go with the car.
Can I have the address of the
gentleman who came here to eat?
The young man?
Yes, that with that woman.
The lady who dined
here, his wife?
She is not, she can not.
I am his wife.
Girl anyway.
I can get my wedding certificate above.
That is Mr Louis Dubedat?
Believe it or not, but I am
the legitimate Mrs. Dubedat.
We got married three years ago.
Why do not you live with him?
There was no money for that.
My saved thirty pounds was up within
three weeks. He borrowed money.
He went to London and I
never heard from him again.
Our young friend
may be a losbol.
It is a scammer.
A hard judgment. He is so young.
And she is very beautiful.
Where can I find him?
Shall I give the address?
Yes, then we'll see.
- What's your name?
- Minnie.
Just write to this address.
Do not blame me for the brutality.
We have promised
to save him life.
What's the matter with him?
- Can you cure that?
- I think so.
Just cure me.
My right lung was affected.
But I know what you want to say.
If a vacation saves my life, I'm unlucky.
I have no money.
Let's keep silent about it.
Can I have a cigarette?
But of course.
Now I know it again. Dubedat did
not return my cigarette case.
The Golden.
A wonderful evening.
A beautiful environment, a stimulating
conversation and a regal meal.
I am very modest.
I am satisfied with a crust of bread.
I am forced to consume
as befits a physician.
Dubedat is saved.
He paints better than ever.
He will be healthy. He becomes rich
and famous with his exhibition.
I owe everything to you.
What about, lifesaving?
Do you save the decent Blenkinsop
or the scammer of an artist?
Deciding is not easy. Blenkinsop
is decent, but is he useful?
Dubedat is a scammer, but he
makes beautiful and good things.
And what about his wife
when he finds out?
Indeed. Her life becomes a hell.
Yet it is a dilemma.
There is another complicating factor.
What then?
When Blenkinsop dies, they do not
think I want to marry the widow.
If I let Dubedat die, I
will marry his widow.
Maybe she does not want you.
I have a look at that. I know
if a woman is interested.
Sometimes a man knows everything
well, but sometimes he does not.
Otherwise you both save them.
That is impossible, I am full.
One extra case is still
possible, but two are not.
I have to choose.
You have to pretend that it does not exist.
She's confusing me.
You have to choose between a
person and lots of drawings.
A person can be replaced
rather than a good drawing.
It is a dilemma.
Yes, it is a dilemma.
Yes, it is a dilemma.
Johnson, there comes a case.
What is the name?
I'll give his name
and data tomorrow.
Repeat what I say. I promise...
honest and faithful...
never again...
never to borrow more money.
Unless? Unless I ask you first.
Otherwise people will get
the wrong impression.
If only I was strong
enough to work all day.
Then your house became a temple,
a beautiful holiness...
of unprecedented beauty.
Do you finish the drawings for McLean?
That does not matter anymore.
He has already paid almost everything.
That's why. He asked where
they stayed from the week.
What a brutality.
What is it for?
Now I have lost my interest.
I can give him his money back.
We can not afford that.
Finish them off, then it's done.
It is wrong to take an advance.
Is it already so late? The doctors
are coming and I'm not ready yet.
How nice of them to all
come to investigate you.
They are happy to help someone
whose star is rising.
If they did not like
it, they did not come.
How wonderful that you are there.
Do not pay attention to the
mess, it is just a studio.
We'll manage it, thanks to Jennifer.
How nice that you are there, Doctor.
Come in.
I have to go now.
I will hear the results later.
Do you prefer that I stay.
What are you looking seriously?
Nothing bad is going to happen?
She has been looking
forward to your visit.
She loves you.
She has no one to talk to.
I am always painting.
This is for a painting that will be
called 'Death and the girl'. Nice.
What do you think of this? A sketch
that I made of her yesterday.
She showed him two weeks ago.
Really? Dear heaven.
Time flies.
I thought it was just finished.
She sees that the work is accumulating.
Next year I will sell more,
after my exhibition.
As the grass grows,
the seed hungers.
It is terrible that I
can not give her money.
But what should I do?
What are you saying about this?
I do not come for drawings,
but for urgent matters.
You want to look at my lung, but
we mainly have money problems.
I do not care, but
Jennifer does.
She must cut down on food.
You behave like a friend.
Do you want to lend us 150?
- Why not?
- I am not rich.
All my money goes to research.
You want it back, you mean?
That is usually with a loan.
That works, I'll give you a check.
For you there is also something in,
you get a check of 200 pounds.
Then collect yourself.
That is not possible, I am already red.
Then you have to come to the
money in a different way.
- So you refuse?
- Of course, man.
You will not get anything. Your wife can
borrow something, but you ruin everything.
If you like her, you
should do the following...
Your patients can buy my work.
Or you give me some assignments.
I am their doctor, not
their art broker.
But you have authority.
You know a lot about them.
Personal things.
Things they prefer to keep for themselves.
You refuse them nothing.
Well do you ever.
I'm just here and he wants
to lend me 150 pounds.
I have to extort my patients
to have their portraits made.
That was confidential.
This is in all confidentiality.
No worries. We all think
you are a fascinating guy.
Just sit somewhere.
You just sit on the throne.
I think you're nicer there.
I get a pillow.
- Are you enjoying?
- Hell yes.
Can I take your hat?
You sit on this, you
will like that.
Can I return my cigarette case?
The golden one I lent you.
Was that yours?
I'm sorry about that, dude.
I wondered who it was from.
I only have this yet.
Oh no, that's yours.
A ticket from the pawnshop.
This is valid for one year.
I'm so sorry.
That makes you even more fascinating.
First you have to pay me back.
Not only you. I get a seat.
You do not leave before you pay,
if necessary you give an advance.
You do not light up my guests.
I fell for it.
They have money, but
poor Blenkinsop is poor.
He must have that half-crown
back, and that's yours.
That is the least.
Kalm. Of course I pay.
Well done. Butter with the fish.
I did not know he was broke.
I am as shocked as you are.
I give the money.
Unfortunately I now have
nothing in my pocket.
Can I borrow half a
crown to solve this?
Otherwise, Blenkinsop will not
get anything. You can search me.
I believe you.
I am glad that that is out of the world.
I hope you are satisfied.
Not quite.
Do you know a young
woman named Minnie?
Yes, I know that. She knows me too.
A nice girl.
What has become of her?
You do not have to bluff.
We have seen the marriage certificate.
Really? And Jennifer's too?
Do you mean that you
live together unmarried?
Why not?
Yes, so many people do.
Decent people, just like you.
Think before you get excited about
something you do not understand.
I want to draw you.
You look silly.
Especially you, Ridgeon.
- Well, I got you pretty.
- How?
You like Jennifer,
but you hate me.
I despise you.
You think she's bad because
you think I said that.
What did you say?
I asked if you had seen her deed.
You thought she did not.
You do not know what a lady is.
What does that mean?
I am an immoral artist.
If you said she was unmarried, I had
the feeling and the instinct...
that she radiated the
marriage state completely.
You are virtuous. She is only
an artist woman, a model.
You suspect others of
unmarried cohabitation.
Are not you ashamed?
Can you look me straight
in the eye after this?
That is not easy, you
are all brutality.
What about Minnie?
Minnie Tinwell has been
very happy for three weeks.
That is more than most girls
in their entire lives.
Ask her if she would say no now.
She belonged to me.
She is a page in my biography.
Collectors pay very quickly
for my sketches of her.
Not crazy for a chambermaid
of a hotel by the sea.
What did you do for her?
We did not leave her.
You would not dare that. Anyway,
I did not let her down.
We have made our money.
Her money, you mean.
Our money, hers and mine.
Her money was so up.
I immediately had to borrow money for her.
I did not get embittered. When the
money ran out, we were fed up.
We would not have
kept it any longer.
I am an artist. She has no
feeling for that kind of thing.
But I did not let her
down, nothing of it.
I have no gossip for you.
We said: The money is gone.
It had been nice. She became a
maid again and I went to France.
After two years I met Jennifer.
And you did bigamy.
Why do you think moralists
in police terms?
Did she know that you were already married?
Of course not.
Then everything was ruined for her.
I had to think about her self-esteem.
What should we do now?
Do what you want.
Question Minnie, throw me in the cell.
Jennifer is dying of shame.
Then you can feel a whole
boss in the church.
He's got us.
Can he just defy the law?
Minnie has nothing to do with the
law and his wife just suffers.
Put the law out of your head.
Turn your head a bit further.
No, that's too far.
Put your pencil down and
think of your situation.
You can ignore worldly
laws, but one day you die.
All of us.
Not all within half a year.
How do you know that?
I'm done with it.
Death is a tasteless subject
under all circumstances.
You do not deal with doctors like that.
I do not allow this, do you understand me?
I did not start
about it, you did.
So are people with
unarticulate professions.
You only have one trump card
and that is intimidation.
I'm not a coward,
so I'm not with it.
You're a schobbejak.
That does not bother me.
You do not even know what that means.
What is a schobbejak?
That's you.
What is that? It's me.
That is just a circular argument.
Are you a man of science?
I'm really looking forward
to taking a good graze.
Do good. It costs you a
lot to get no burden.
You know how we think about you now.
You are wrong.
I am not a criminal.
I have nothing to moralize, I
do not believe in morality.
Do not go away.
I really did not want to shock you.
I want to stay for a
while, but leave me alone.
I am retired and do not
claim that I can heal you.
Your life is in their hands.
Not in mine.
I do not raise a finger.
And Mr. Walpole?
I like to take him in hand.
He clearly suffers from a
rare form of blood poisoning.
The ptomaids have accumulated
in the nuciform sac.
I will remove it.
Are you operating me? No thanks.
You do not feel anything.
You are of course under anesthesia.
That must be extremely
In that case, it can not hurt.
That is another matter.
How much do you pay me for it?
How much? How so?
I really do not let that happen for free.
Would you paint me for free?
You get that when it is finished. Who
knows, you can sell it for double.
If I have lost my nuciform
sac, I can not sell it.
Have you ever heard anything like that?
Keep your nuciform sac.
I had almost done him a favor.
There is only one doctor
who has not withdrawn.
Only sir Ralph Bloomfield
Bonington is still over.
I would not touch him with a finger.
He does not heal in the hospital,
but he may learn ways.
I can not say no, not even
to ungrateful people.
Our young friend is a bad guy
with a lot of drawing talent.
What are my most patients?
Bad guys without any talent.
If I promise to stimulate
the phagocytes, I will.
He is kind enough to
take care of the matter.
Then I can go now.
I have finished with you.
You have been talking.
What does that result in moralizing?
The production of unhealthy
carbon dioxide. I did this.
Look, that's pretty good.
If only I could give it as a gift,
but I still prefer 5 guinea.
- I give 6.
- And I 10.
It is for Sir Patrick,
he has posed for it.
Can I send it to
you for 12 guinea?
Not yet you were at
the Royal Academy.
I do have that.
Take this from me. I hope you
enjoy it for a long time.
We still agree a price,
which will be higher.
Well do you ever. I consider
that drawing as stolen.
Now you still believe
in morality.
My hat.
You have said hard things,
but that does not matter.
I can take care of myself.
I call in Jennifer.
Remember that it is a lady.
And you should be a gentleman.
Do not let yourself be fooled.
I still have to come across
the person who succeeds.
Thank you very much for coming.
How are we doing?
It has been going well since I know you.
At first I was only afraid.
Come in and tell me the result.
Unfortunately I have an appointment.
I am undoubtedly still needed,
then you know where to find me.
I am always at your service.
I must go too.
There is nothing bad about it?
Has it got worse?
No, not worse. Just the same.
I was shocked for a moment.
If I take care of the patient...
YOU? That would be Dr. Colenso...
I treat your husband.
Not a word anymore, it
will be a pleasure.
He is in his place
in his laboratory.
I'm going to the people. Your husband
will receive a royal treatment.
Do not thank me, I'm embarrassed.
From next Tuesday we will
stimulate the phagocytes.
You still hear from me.
You send that antidote in advance.
Goodbye, trust me.
Eat and sleep well.
Do not give up.
Keep him satisfied.
There is nothing like a beautiful woman.
Cheerfulness is the best. Drive it.
Trust the science.
Where are you?
I do not want to be ungrateful.
What is it?
I wish you would treat Louis.
But Sir Ralph...
I know I should be happy, but
I would have preferred you.
It is unreasonable, but in
my opinion you can heal him.
I do not have that feeling with Sir Ralph.
You promised, why do
not you treat him?
I said I did not accept
any new patients.
That one place has been erased
by my old friend Dr. Blenkinsop.
His lung has been affected.
That strange guy?
The gentleman who dined with us.
That's a great guy,
his life is worth it.
He becomes my patient, your
husband goes to sir Ralph.
I get it.
It is mean and envious.
I thought you were up there.
What do you mean?
Do you think this has
never occurred before?
Why does everyone
turn against him?
Forgive him his superiority anyway.
He is smarter and braver.
He is a great artist.
I can forgive him for that.
What do you have against him then?
I have challenged every enemy
to speak out against him.
They have always admitted that
they did not know one thing.
I challenge you.
What are you accusing him of?
I am like the others.
I can not name one thing
that speaks to him.
You behave differently.
You have broken your promise.
You are unreasonable.
You've had the best medical advice
and he gets the best doctor.
It seems like I'm wrong,
but that is not the case.
I trust you, not in the others.
We have seen many doctors,
it always came down to talk.
This is different for you.
You understand us.
Listen to me.
I know Louis like no
other, I am his wife.
He has his mistakes.
He is sensitive, impatient
and even somewhat selfish.
He does not know about it.
He shocks people when it comes to money.
He is up there.
He does not understand the
value it has for others.
Has he borrowed money from you?
He asked for it.
I'm sorry about that.
He will not do it anymore,
I give you my word.
He promised it, he will
not return to his word.
That was his only real weakness.
That is now a thing of the past.
Was that really his only weakness?
He may be weak when
it comes to women.
They worship him and let
him fall into the trap.
His disbelief in morality
is explained as badness.
You understand how the gossip
about him comes into the world.
Even good friends are
being raised against him.
I understand that.
If you knew him as I know him.
If he were to dishonor,
I would turn away.
- Do not overdo it now.
- I do it.
Do not you understand that? You do not know
me. - I would like to get to know you.
Tell me about yourself.
I used to have a lot of dreams.
Eventually it all
became one dream.
The usual dream.
Is that so common?
I think so.
You have not told him yet.
A genius first has to
go through a struggle.
Poverty and neglect.
I wanted to save one genius
and make me a little happy.
Louis was different from other men.
Imagine, he did not
even want to marry me.
He does not think like other men.
I made a proposal to him.
He said he had no money.
I said I had something.
Then he said yes, like a boy.
So he is still: Unspoilt.
As a philosopher, a man. A
poet and artist in his dreams.
A child in his way of doing things.
I have given him everything so
that he may come to full bloom.
With enough sunshine.
If I lose my confidence in
him, my whole life has failed.
Then I will die.
You must heal him.
Make him healthy again for me.
I know you can only do it.
I beg you not to refuse
what I desire from you.
Take Louis as a patient, sir
Ralph can cure Dr. Blenkinsop.
Do you really believe in my
knowledge and expertise?
Certainly, I do not trust
someone just like that.
I know.
I'm going to put you to the test.
Do you believe me when I say
that I have understood you?
And that I want to serve
you in all friendship?
That your hero must be saved?
Forgive me what I said.
You are going to save him.
Let me finish.
Do you believe me when I say
that Louis can only be saved...
through the care of Sir Ralph?
If you say so, I believe you.
Then I do not doubt anymore.
If you say so, I believe you.
Then I do not doubt anymore.
I am from 'The Globe'. May I...
Everything on his time, young man.
This is the wrong time
and the wrong place.
He has experienced TB for
three months in three days.
BB does not make it.
The young man does not make it.
He is dying today.
It happens quickly, I know it.
Hopefully before she finds out.
She thinks too much of him, a
fate that few people have.
Are you there?
This is a fascinating case.
I know that the phagocytes
are being stimulated...
but it seems like I am
encouraging other things.
What are you saying, Paddy?
Do you think of overstimulation
of the phagocytes, Colly?
Do they touch the lungs or each other?
I am writing a treatise here.
Now you messed it up.
- How so?
- He is going to die.
The blood poisoning is neglected.
Now the narcosis is already deadly.
If you were not so greedy, I
took that remark very seriously.
If you let as many people die
as I do, you become modest.
Just look at him.
Sorry, but it's blood poisoning.
Of course, that's all.
But I will not use that
Ridgeon stuff anymore.
I reacted to something
that is between us.
Ridgeon kills the young man.
What should I do?
That man is a journalist.
The newspaper said that
Louis was seriously ill.
He wants to interview him.
How can people be so cruel?
Leave it to me.
Louis wants to see him.
He almost had to cry.
He can not go to his room anymore.
He says he...
wants to see his studio
for the last time.
According to Sir Patrick,
there is no harm.
What must we do?
Follow up his advice.
It can work out well, very well.
He will refurbish it.
Do you want to say
that he can come in?
But he can not tire
him with his talk.
Do not be angry.
Louis is going to die here. When I
take him to Brittany, he breaks up.
That is a perfect place for him.
I should have thought of that myself.
You are his best doctor.
That is a good place for the lungs.
Brittany is an inspiring place.
That's very kind of you.
Do not give me too much hope,
because then I'm going to cry.
He can not stand that.
We get it.
Brittany is the place to be.
This is his studio, I think.
Here come the models. Doubtless.
Are you family or the doctor?
Neither, I am Mr.
Cutler Walpole.
Mister Butler...
I write it down, otherwise
it will go wrong.
You get that when you practice
an illiterate profession.
With you, the knife is on the table, hi?
Yes, I can make you
a better person.
Mr. Dubedat is like that.
He wants to talk to you because
he does not know how sick he is.
You can hear him for a
while, because he wants to.
If you say something, you'll fly out.
He can die any moment.
Is it so bad? I'm lucky today.
Sit there and keep your mouth shut.
Here you belong. You'll be
painting again in no time.
Here I am happy, in my studio.
Is the journalist there?
Here I am already.
I represent the press.
Would you like to say something about your
illness and your plans for the season?
My plans are very simple.
I'm dying.
Honey, I am very weak and tired.
It only gets worse when I have
to pretend I do not know.
I've listened to the doctors.
I had to laugh at myself.
They know it.
Do not Cry. That makes you
ugly, I can not stand.
Do not talk, my dearest.
You are wasting your power.
I just use that.
Give something that keeps me going
and not that antidote from you.
I have to say something before I die.
It does not hurt, I think.
In milk, he can not go coughing.
You have to promise me something.
Whatever you want.
If I hate something,
it's a widow.
Promise me that you will
never become a widow.
What do you mean?
I want you to look beautiful.
People must see in your eyes that
you have been married to me.
In Italy the people pointed
to Dante and said:
"There goes the man
who went to hell."
They have to point to you and say:
"There goes the woman who
has been in heaven."
It was really heaven, dearest.
Or not then?
- Once in a while.
- Always.
When you walk around in
black and cry, people say:
"What a sad woman. Her husband
has made her unhappy."
No, through you I have
had a blessed life.
I only lived when I met you.
Always wear nice dresses.
And beautiful magic jewelry.
Think of all the beautiful
paintings that I will not make.
You must carry that
beauty with you.
There must be a
tradition of beauty.
A great atmosphere of
wonder and romance.
People always have to think of
that when they think of me.
I long for that immortality.
Promise me that immortality.
Do not create a small hell of
crying, funerals and dry flowers.
That vulgar nonsense all.
I promise.
But that will take a long time.
If you go to Brittany, you'll get better
again. That's what Sir Ralph says.
Poor old BB.
Poor fellow, he loses his mind.
Can you still remember
the burning bush?
Yes, what does it hurt
to think about it?
Oh yeah? I am filled with joy.
Tell them about it.
It did not mean anything.
We were in Brittany. We made
the first fire of winter.
When we looked into the
garden through the window...
the flames danced in the bush.
What a color.
Garnet red, waving like silk.
Liquid delicious flame that went through
the leaves and did not burn them.
I am also becoming a flame.
I'm sorry to disappoint
the little worms...
but the last of me is the
flame in the burning bush.
If you see the flame...
do you see me.
You will remarry.
How can you say that?
People who have been happily
married always remarry.
I'm not jealous.
Just do not talk too much about
me to that other person.
I do not want that.
I will always be your lover.
Let that remain a secret to him.
Poor guy.
You've talked enough.
Try to rest a bit.
I feel very tired.
I will be able to
rest for a long time.
I have something to say to you.
You are all here?
Yes, all of us.
That sounded devils.
Pay attention. My ears hear things
that other people can not hear.
I once thought about it.
I am smarter than you think.
You work on his nerves.
Go out gently.
Then the actor no
longer has an audience.
I heard that.
That was good.
I know how you think about me.
I am not ashamed of anything.
I am threatened...
and extorted...
and insulted...
and starving.
Now that it's all over...
I feel an indescribable peace.
The mystery of color.
Perpetual beauty.
I want my head...
rest on your bosom.
But maybe...
you get tired of it.
How can you say that?
That's nice. That is real.
Do not spare me, darling.
I will not get tired of it.
Support me with your full weight.
I think I'm going to fix up again.
I suddenly want to sleep.
Just sleep.
Just sleep.
Do not disturb him.
Okay, so support me.
Now you are resting.
I put him on his pillow,
that's better for him.
I do not get tired. It will
hurt him if he only wakes up.
He will not wake up again.
Is he dead?
Do you want to wait for me?
I will return.
Is everything okay with her?
Yes, leave her alone.
Poor guy. What a beautiful death.
So the rascals die.
When you are old, you realize
that no matter how someone dies.
It's about how someone lives.
It does not concern us anymore,
he is now in a different world.
He probably already lends a note of 5.
Do not be so hard. Not now.
He had only two weaknesses:
Money and women.
Should we therefore deny
him ordinary services?
I do not care.
I am only saying that it was an egoist.
Do not waste your time.
A scammer is a scammer and an
honest man is an honest man.
But still, nothing but
good about the dead.
According to Shakespeare,
the good lives on...
and evil goes into the bones.
We are all mortal.
That fate affects us all.
Say what you want, the
funeral must be paid.
If it is not today,
it is tomorrow.
And then, after and after.
After life...
I'm sorry I let you wait.
It does not matter.
I want to give his
friends a hand today.
We have shared a great joy
and a great honor together.
Life is always beautiful to us.
And death too.
Let's seal it with a handshake.
Have all correspondence settled
by the lawyer. That's the law.
I did not know that.
I blame myself.
I should have operated on him.
I send the right people,
you will not be bothered.
I was talking about his friends.
The last of me is the flame
in the burning bush.
If you see that, you see me.
This way.
Put down there.
Can I perhaps speak to you?
You look healthy.
I work for the government. I have healed
the chairman of the district council.
With Dr. Colenso's medicine?
No, with a pound of plums.
- I was lucky.
- Indeed.
Your life was saved.
I know how you feel.
I came to tell you I did not know...
I did not know that the choice
was between his life and mine.
And if you had known that?
Your man was a great artist.
It can not be
replaced, but I can.
Do not blame Colenso.
We are old friends.
You do not have to plead
him out of friendship.
I completely forgot that.
There is a collector
looking at his paintings.
How nice that you are there. I have not
been able to prepare any cloths yet.
The catalogs are on.
You can have mine if you want.
There you have him: Louis Dubedat.
You knew him, I assume?
Certainly. Perhaps better than
most people in some ways.
That counts for me too.
Everyone is there.
Smart brute.
Excuse me, I did not see you.
I am happy to see you.
Dr. Blenkinsop is here.
Congratulations on his healing.
Talk to me.
You blame me for
something to do with it.
It is too late for reproach.
I saw you standing and wondered how
you can come and look so cool here.
You gave the answer yourself.
He was a smart brute to you.
I know you did not like him.
I forgive you, but admit
that you made a mistake.
That is not true.
I have made absolutely no mistake.
Have you forgotten that he is dead?
He lives on in his canvases.
But for you ten others.
I just had to go.
I would like to buy that painting.
That is not possible. It's a
birthday present from my husband.
Who do you say?
My man, there he is.
How so? Have you remarried?
Louis still hated widows?
People who were happily
married always remarry.
How nice that you
like the paintings.
Well, I got you pretty.