The Dog Lover (2016) Movie Script

[baby giggles]
[woman] Happy birthday,
blow out the candles.
- Happy birthday, Aidan.
- [man] Did you make a wish?
- [indistinct singing]
- [dog howling]
[woman] Max was
diagnosed with autism
at the age of 32 months.
Chester joined our
family six weeks ago.
We don't get outbursts in the
middle of the night any more.
And I don't really worry
about Max, because I know
that Chester's in there.
He very much is a healing
balm for our family.
[man] We arrived at Ground Zero and
we immediately began to search.
And then sometime on the
morning of September 12th
Tracker got a hit.
These rescue workers
later pulled a woman,
the last survivor,
from the pile.
And I'm extremely proud
of Tracker's involvement
in the rescue.
[woman] Get him! Who is it?
Hey, it's Crazy!
Crazy, you remember Daddy?
Do you remember Daddy?
I missed you so bad, honey.
I'm so sorry I went away.
[woman] Oh, my gosh!
I missed you so bad.
[woman] Hi, we're
the ones that called
about the puppies for sale.
[man] Wow, you got a lot of 'em.
[Jack] Yeah, about a 100 or so.
[man] Must be hard
taking care of them all.
- [dogs whining]
- [Jack] You're tellin' me.
All right, you can
pick any one you like.
But I think she's
the best of 'em.
[man] What do you think, honey?
[woman] I think she's so cute.
Hi. Hey, what's
wrong with her eye?
[man] It looks infected.
[Jack] Look, you can
look at any you want.
I got four of 'em.
[man] I only see three.
[Jack] The other one's
around here somewhere.
They sneak out of
the cage, you know?
[man] Let's see this guy.
Come here, bud.
- [man] How about him?
- [Jack] Good dog.
[man] Yeah, hey, buddy.
They all have their
shots and all that?
[Jack] Yeah, whatever you need.
Hey, what you doin'?
What is that?
[woman] Nothing, I just...
She's got a damn camera!
[Jack] Hey, what are you doing?
[woman] No, hey,
we're going, we're leaving!
Gimme that,
this is private property.
Gimme that bag!
[woman] Come on,
we're going, we're going.
Go, go.
Jack, get the shotgun!
[man] Keep running,
get to the car.
[woman] Go, go, go.
[Jack] Stop or I'll shoot.
[panting] Are you okay?
Yeah, you?
[woman] Yeah, I'm fine.
Tell me you got all that.
Yeah, yeah, I got it.
Fantastic, really.
It's because of this
type of heroic work
by people like Sara and Trevor
that I am proud to report
that Yates County
now has one less puppy
mill to worry about.
This organization does not work
without your passion and your
commitment, and your dedication.
We're truly grateful.
This morning I'm flying
to Los Angeles
to be a guest on Good Day USA,
where I will share
footage of the rescue we
conducted at this location.
It's the first stop on
our summer media tour
to raise funding and
awareness for UAPA.
- [all] Yes.
- [cheering]
Hey, Sara, Cassie
wants to see you
in her office
as soon as possible.
Okay, did she say why?
No, but I'm sure it's
nothing but good news.
You're really
making a difference.
[woman] Hey, me
and the girls are going
out for drinks later,
you want to go?
[woman 2] Yeah, I'd love to.
Thank you, Hannah.
Here's the latest press release.
Get it distributed, please.
- There's the girl of the hour.
- [Sara] Hi.
Hello. You know, Brad thinks
that you're our rising star,
- and I couldn't agree more.
- Thank you.
We're expanding. We're hitting
all the state capitals.
Rubbing elbows with
all the big donors.
That's what I heard.
It's so exciting.
And you, what do we
have you working on?
Well, you know, I've been
doing a lot of research
on our breeding reform strategy
and it seems to be
really paying off.
Oh, yeah, we're shutting down
breeders from here to San Diego.
Austin. Albuquerque,
Sioux Falls,
there's half dozen state
legislatures passing bills right now
keeping dogs out of pet stores.
Two years ago,
this was our dream.
Now it's a reality.
So, what do you
know about Prop 12?
Breeders hate it,
I mean, it causes them
to actually take care
of their animals.
It eliminates that bottom line.
We're gonna need
some more directors
of operations on
our rescue missions.
Won't get you rich, but it's a
big calling card here in DC.
His name is Daniel Holloway.
He breeds hunting dogs.
He's basically a good, old boy,
and he's a very vocal
opponent to Prop 12,
pretty much everything
that we stand for.
Today is the day that we,
as responsible dog breeders,
cast our votes against Proposition
12, and stop the bureaucrats
from trying to take
away our livelihood.
- You ready to vote?
- [people] Yeah.
[Daniel] Let's go.
Occasionally Daniel Holloway
takes in interns
from Greenville University.
Brad and I think
you'd be a perfect fit.
Okay, what about Trevor?
You know, to be honest,
I trust you more on this.
Trevor can be your
support from here.
I've been asking for an
assignment like that for months.
I'm sorry, Trevor,
I don't make these decisions.
[Cassie] Sara, we think that
Holloway operates
through two separate websites.
There's Holloway Farms
for his regular dogs,
as well as Heavenly Farms
where he sells any dogs
that get sick, so that he
doesn't lose any profit margin.
At 500 bucks a pop,
that is huge business.
We have a local contact for you
in Marshfield, Jackie McConnell,
Head of Animal Control.
You'll report directly to her.
Posing as a vet
student is no small deal.
You're gonna have to study, so that you
actually know what you're talking about.
What we really need are photos,
video, proof of negligence.
Based on our intelligence
there was a bad case
of Parvo Virus there recently.
If we get Holloway,
I think that Prop 12 is done.
And I think whoever
delivers that
is up for a very big promotion.
[woman] Relax.
My only daughter wants to
go undercover like the CIA
and she tells me to relax?
It's an important assignment.
It means they have faith in me.
But can they keep you safe?
Honey, it's a non-profit.
Who goes undercover
for a non-profit, really?
Okay, what is it, Dad?
Nothing, honey.
No, come on, just say it.
Well, I just thought that
this whole puppy-saving thing
was something you were
doing on the side.
I mean, is there a reason
we spent a hundred grand
on a marketing degree?
Dad, the UAPA is one of the most
respected organizations
in the country.
Then why don't they pay you?
What is with all
this sneaking around?
Because it's something
that I believe in.
Dog breeding is wrong.
What about Mark
Stephens over at Unitel?
- Oh, wow.
- Seriously, in six months, you could become
a marketing manager.
Okay, but did you not hear
anything that I just said?
So how long are you
gonna be out there?
As long as it takes for me to find
something on these low-lifes.
You can't go into this thing
with an attitude like that.
As a journalist,
I would never begin a story
with a presumption of guilt.
These people may be
responsible breeders.
There's no such thing.
These people keep dogs
in horrible conditions
and then they contribute
to overpopulation.
Every time somebody
buys a designer puppy
instead of adopting from a shelter,
a homeless animal loses its chance
at finding a home
and then it's euthanized.
It's a horrible cycle,
and nobody wants to face it,
but it's the truth.
And we stop that,
that is what we do.
Nothing's that black
and white, honey.
Well, here goes nothing.
Sara, right?
I'm Will Holloway.
Hi, guess I was pretty
easy to spot, huh?
You, um, you might
want to reconsider.
Reconsider what?
What you're wearing.
It's just my dad's conservative.
- Give you a hand?
- I'm good, I got it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You just gotta jump in.
- You got it.
- Yup, we're good, yup, good.
Thank you.
So, my mom tells me you're
going to Greenville, huh?
- Vet tech program?
- Yeah, I love it.
My professors are
really, really great.
Your family, they've been
breeding dogs for a long time?
Hah, yeah.
Nice, is it something you're
looking to carry on or...
Yeah, it looks that way now.
You enjoy doing it, or...
It's okay.
[switches radio on]
[country music plays]
[girl] You're in trouble!
You didn't fix the fence
like Dad asked you to,
and Roger got out again.
- I can take these.
- I got 'em.
You must be Sara, I'm Abigail.
I am, nice to meet you.
Can you tell the difference
between neuter and spay?
I can, neutering
is done to a male,
and spaying is done to a female.
When should you start weaning
a puppy from its mother?
Abby, just give her a break.
No, it's okay, at
three to four weeks.
What does heterozygous mean?
Okay, we get it.
That... Hi.
Is actually a tough one.
See, I knew I'd get you!
Abi, stop giving
our guest a hard time.
Hi, I'm Liz Holloway,
nice to meet you.
She doesn't know what
heterozygous means.
Of course, she knows it means one
dominant and one recessive gene.
Exactly, I don't
know how I forgot that.
She is all business,
just like her father.
Speaking of which,
we should go meet him.
I know what a zygote is, too.
- That's great.
- Honey, come on!
There's the guest house
where you'll be staying.
And here's a barn, we
converted it to a kennel
a few years ago.
It's beautiful.
He got out, and then
got caught up on the fence
trying to get back in.
I was gonna fix that
as soon as I got back.
Just put him in his cage.
Honey, this is our
new intern, Sara.
Mr. Holloway, very
nice to meet you.
Don't get out in the
field much, do you?
Well, you know,
that's why I'm here.
I'd like to get my hands dirty.
These ladies know there's
more to animals than carryin'
'em around in
expensive handbags.
Well, then I will
follow their lead.
Honey, Sara was the
most qualified applicant.
Must have been slim pickings.
May I?
- She's due soon, right?
- Mm-hm.
Hi, girl, good girl.
I'm just gonna...
She's about three weeks out.
It's gonna be a big litter.
I'll give you a day...
see what you've got.
Thank you.
Honey, show Sara where
she's gonna be staying, okay?
Follow me.
You aren't afraid
of rattlers, are you?
Uh, no.
Honey, she was
the only applicant.
We need help.
Young lady, no cell
phones in my kennels, ever!
- Okay, I'll go put it...
- Come on, hand it over.
Don't worry, I won't
keep it forever.
Forgot to tell you,
he just doesn't want
anybody posting stuff.
[dogs yelping]
Well, welcome to my world.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Little dog, little bowl, got it?
Yes, sir.
Hey, what's back there?
Nothing that concerns you.
Can you just let
me-come here,
can you just let me look?
Let me look.
You're being timid.
They're smart, they
know who's the boss.
No, she just doesn't
want to cooperate.
You're a second year tech
and you haven't
done this before?
No, I never said that.
Stand over here.
Stay. Remember, you're
the master, not the friend.
Okay, get a good
look, open up the gums,
teeth, that's how you
give a good check, okay?
- Okay.
- Good girl, try again. Stay!
Take care of her. Papers.
- Hey, Will, oh!
- Oh, sorry.
- Sorry.
- Sorry, I just gotta keep this locked.
No, I just wanted to see if
you needed help with anything.
No, I'm good.
Let's go see what
what everyone's up to.
You're almost done.
Thanks. Okay, what's next?
[knocking on door]
Long day?
Piece of cake.
You'll get the hang of it.
- Here.
- Oh, thank you.
Supper's almost ready.
Thank you.
Okay, I'm gonna
give you an easy one.
Look up distemper, okay?
You look nice.
What are you reading?
So, I set it up so all
your video clips go into your
home movies file.
Perfect, thank
you for doing that.
There they are.
I'll log in remotely every
night and review the videos.
Sounds good, thanks again.
Yeah, I'll be
right here waiting.
Trevor, come on, don't...
Or hang up on me. Okay.
He's being polite,
we have a guest.
You should try it some time.
I washed the important parts.
Daddy, did you know
that New York City
was the murder capital
of the United States?
Okay, Abi, put your book away.
We're about to eat dinner.
Welcome, have a seat over there.
Thank you, everything
looks delicious.
- Thank you.
- I want the drumsticks.
You can only have one. It might
be Sara's favorite part, honey.
Oh, actually, none
for me, thank you.
I'm a vegetarian, so I'll
just do potatoes and veggies.
- You don't eat meat? Why?
- Hey!
Uh, honey, when I
was in vet school,
I was a vegetarian, too.
And when I graduated,
I couldn't resist, so...
Oh, uh...
Are you an atheist, too?
Uh, no.
Good, grab a hand.
Lord, we thank you for this bounty
which will nourish our bodies...
Oh, man, come on, Jackie.
- Hey!
- Hi!
- Jackie McConnell.
- Sara Gold.
About three weeks ago I found a
Holloway Wirehair running wild.
Not in good
shape, he hadn't eaten.
Yeah, I know, I saw the photos.
Yeah, so I picked him
up, I took him to Daniel,
he looked me straight in the
face and denied it was his.
Then he kicked me
off his property.
So, I need DNA samples,
preferably from every Wirehair
bitch on his property,
so I can prove that dog is his.
Okay, I can do that,
I can do that.
We also need video.
You got it, talk to you soon.
Hey, what's he
got you doing now?
Uh, I was just checking to see
if she was coming into season.
What, with that?
Yeah, just doing a
standard cytology test.
There, uh, there's
an easier way.
All right, um, grab
your nose, right.
- At the base.
- Okay.
Here, do you feel that?
The firmness?
- Yeah.
- That means that she's not ready yet.
Now touch your lower lip.
- Go ahead.
- Okay.
All right, you
feel the softness?
That's how you can
tell that she's...
that she's about to be in heat.
Yeah, it's not very scientific,
but it's the easiest way.
And if we miss a cycle,
it costs us a lot of money.
Right, yeah, no, thanks,
thank you for the tips.
Pete, what's going on,
how's the pup?
The dog had Parvo.
What do you mean
the dog had Parvo?
I don't sell sick animals.
Oh, yeah, just my dog?
Look, just let me give
him the test, all right?
It's too late.
What do you mean it's too late?
- I had Jackie look at him.
- Jackie?
Wait, Pete, why
don't you come inside.
We could have a drink.
[Pete] Look, I'm sorry, Liz,
there's just
not that much
left to talk about.
Why would you have Jackie look
at him, when I sold you the pup?
[Liz] Wait, let me examine him.
[Pete] And Jackie was
right about you.
[Liz] Pete, we can
make this right.
Okay, I promise you.
Good night, Pete.
Damn! Dan, I don't understand.
[Dan] Will? Will!
I have got to tell you
again and again and again
- that you gotta document...
- Dad, it was a mistake.
[Dan] A mistake?
Why do you keep
making these mistakes?
You're a smart guy.
Is your heart not in it?
No, no, no, that mistake can put
me in the witch's crosshairs.
What the hell was that?
[Will] Probably just a raccoon.
Look, fix this with Pete
before he starts telling
the whole county, all right?
Yes, sir.
Will, hold on.
You going into town?
- Yeah.
- Can I come with?
For what?
I just have to get some
stuff from the drug store.
Just, uh, just wait here.
You okay?
So, what was that about?
I'm not...
I'm not sure I
gave the dog we sold him
his last set of shots, and
that's probably why he got sick.
They euthanized him.
Will, you cannot beat
yourself up over this.
It was an honest mistake.
Tell that to my dad.
- You have them all?
- They're all labeled.
- How many?
- Fifteen in total.
Also a guy
stopped by last night...
- Pete Martin.
- Yeah, that's it.
I checked that pup myself.
I warned him about Holloway.
What about the other kennel,
the one in the back?
It's all locked up, but it's
something I'm working on.
Okay, just keep going, we're
gonna bring this thing down.
What are you doing out here?
[distant whistling]
Hey, who owns that
farm on the other side?
Are they breeders?
Back yard breeders.
- Hunting dogs?
- Sometimes.
Okay, well, when I went
for my run this morning
I found this dog
and she came at me.
Looked exactly like one of
yours, the German Wirehair.
She came at you?
Yeah. I mean,
there was a fence
and I got through it luckily
or she definitely
would've bit me.
Hold on a second.
Those two Wirehairs that
went missing last year?
Sara was out running
this morning,
said a Wirehair tried to attack
her on Tanner's property.
[Dan] What was she doing
on their property?
Don't get like that,
I'll deal with this.
No, we gotta have a
conversation with her,
but keep an eye on her.
Tell her not to go on
other people's property.
Shh, shh, shh!
- [dog barking]
- [gasps]
You miss the sign?
I'm sorry, I was
just out for a jog.
You always jog over fences?
Could have shot you, would
have been my right, too.
I'm really sorry, I didn't
think anybody lived here.
What do you think, H,
should we call the police?
Please, I just saw a dog
and I thought maybe
one of ours had gotten out or...
One of yours?
Yeah, yeah, I work
for Daniel Holloway.
And you want to see our dogs?
Go ahead.
[Will] Jace!
Sorry for the bother,
she's new around here.
It won't happen again.
Don't appreciate people
trespassing on our property.
Neither do we.
Some white trash stole
a couple of our dogs last year.
What are you trying to say?
Just that it'd be a shame if
someone got shot for dog poaching.
[Will] What were you
doing over there?
[Sara] I saw the kennel and
I just heard barking, and...
I don't know, okay,
I don't know.
I told you, they're
backyarders, bad news.
Just do us all a
favor and stay away.
Don't you want your dogs back?
Yeah, of course.
But after they've been living
in that kind of filth,
who knows what kind
of diseases they'd bring back.
They're abusing those dogs, Will,
you cannot just do nothing.
So, what do you
expect me to do, huh?
We can barely pay our bills
and maintain our kennel.
[Sara] So why does
your dad do it?
My great, great grandad's
name was Jack Holloway.
He arrived, worked the land,
and around World War I
he had enough money saved up
to buy the entire valley.
Two thousand acres.
Back then, a hunting
dog was a necessity.
He was also your friend and
your only tool to survive,
provide for your family.
Then the dust bowl hit and you
couldn't grow much out here.
People had to turn to hunting.
And Jack Holloway's hunting
dogs were the best around.
That is a tradition
my dad is proud of.
And more important, that's
the only life he's ever known.
- [Sara] Are you proud of it?
- Yeah, of course.
I'm just not sure I want to be
stuck out here like he is.
[dog whimpering]
What are you doing?
Daniel told you not to
come in here, am I right?
Yes, he told me not to,
but I just heard whimpering
and so I thought
that I should come
and make sure
everything was okay.
I didn't know where you were.
This is why I have such
a hard time getting him
to take on interns.
You kids think you know
everything and you don't!
This is a quarantine area.
This pup has distemper,
he got it from some stray
who wandered onto the property
and he gave it to that one.
You coming in here, touching them,
could make the whole kennel sick.
I am so sorry. Oh, God.
Anyone else would
have just put 'em down.
I will go, I am really sorry.
- Wash your hands!
- Okay, I...
- Hi.
- Hi.
You want to see something cool?
Yeah, it used to
be my grandpa's.
It was all rusted out and my
parents wanted to junk it,
but I couldn't let that happen.
It's beautiful.
I did all the work myself.
Took me almost five years.
You want to turn it over?
[engine starts]
[both laughing]
Oh, gosh.
I just... I cannot believe
you did this all by yourself.
Have you ever thought of
making a career of it?
Yeah, I had some plans,
but a couple things happened
and I had to stay here.
What happened?
Uh, my dad had a heart attack
a couple of months
before I was gonna leave.
Oh, I am so sorry.
No, doctor said he'd
make a full recovery,
but my mom and Abi, just they
were so scared, you know?
So I decided to
stay and help out.
Well, your dad seems
pretty healthy to me.
Why don't you go now?
Doing what he does
is a lot of work.
If anything ever
happened to him,
I'd never be able
to forgive myself.
Maybe when Abi gets older.
You want to take it
to town tomorrow?
[country music plays]
What's wrong?
Come on.
No, I just...
I thought this thing was...
you know, fast.
That is more like it.
So I just have to
grab a couple things.
You want to just
meet back at the truck?
Hey, there, Sara.
Jackie, no, no, no, Will is
here if he sees us together
this would be really bad.
Did you get anything new?
Yeah, I got some video, but...
- Great.
- No, the thing is...
- The DNA's a match.
- What?
All I need is one more piece of
evidence and I can get a warrant.
I don't think these
dogs are coming from them.
I think the sick ones are
coming from another farm.
It doesn't matter,
the DNA is a match.
- It's their dog.
- Okay, I understand that,
but they had dogs
stolen from them.
And when their dogs are sick,
they put them in quarantine.
What do you mean?
Okay, I got into the back kennel
and they had two
dogs with distemper.
No, Daniel, he
quarantines them, look.
I need this.
He quarantines them, Jackie,
that's a good thing,
when they are sick.
That's fine, but I need this.
Send it to me now,
Dropbox, whatever.
Okay? I need this.
It's a really nice truck, Will.
If you ever change your mind,
the offer still stands, okay?
I appreciate that, Mr. Grant.
Bye, Will, we'll see you later.
Bye, Mrs. Grant.
Who's that?
Jim Grant, just a guy that
owns a car shop in town.
Could I drive home, actually?
I'll give you three stalls.
I am not gonna stall.
[truck stalls]
[Sara] No, stop, no, no, no,
I'm gonna get it, no.
- [Will] Do you want me to drive?
- No.
Hey, so I've been in touch with Jackie.
She says everything looks great.
What do you mean?
Uh, the evidence.
There isn't any evidence.
No, no, we're very confident.
We're almost there.
Cassie, no, I don't think that
you understand, this isn't...
I have to go,
I'll talk to you later.
Hey, sorry to interrupt.
No, it's okay, I was
just talking to my dad.
I just need your help.
Yeah, sure.
[Sara chuckling]
You did such a good job, Momma.
All the pups accounted for?
Yes, sir, six total.
Weighed and measured?
[Liz] Awesome.
Good job.
Take it, bring it in,
bring it here.
Good boy!
Good boy, good boy.
Good boy! Good boy!
Hold it, off.
Ready, take it.
[knocking on door]
Come in.
Hey... are you up
for a little adventure?
Your family owns this?
Yeah, we used to own more,
but my dad's been selling off
some of it to make ends meet.
It's like a living,
breathing screen saver.
Yeah, this part,
this he will never sell.
Uh, so, I got a call
from my intern professor.
Yeah, uh, I might
have to go early.
They want me to cut it short.
Oh, yeah, that figures.
What are you looking at?
What, are you bored already,
city girl?
No, I just... I thought if
you're gonna make a move,
you should maybe hurry up.
Look, look straight out.
You see that?
They're coming.
No, no, no, no, no.
Will, they're coming.
You can't move, you can't move.
- Don't move, keep your eyes open!
- Are you crazy?
So... What do you think?
I think you're pretty smooth,
Will Holloway.
Where are you going?
Outside to lock up.
I'll do it.
Be careful.
Easy, easy, good boy.
[screaming] Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy!
Baby, baby!
Are you okay, are you okay?
I'm fine.
Don't anybody touch it.
It could be rabid.
Where did it come from?
[Will] It's one
of the Tanners' dogs.
You all right, Dad?
[panting] Yeah.
Daniel! Honey!
What's up?
What the hell is this?
Who are these people?
[man] Daniel!
Sheriff, what is this all about?
Daniel Holloway, we have a
warrant to search your property.
- Go ahead.
- All right, let's go!
Wait, wait, wait, exactly
what am I being accused of?
- Inhumane treatment of animals.
- On what basis?
Did Jackie McConnell
put you up to this?
Bart, whatever she's got you
believing, it's all lies.
You just make sure
he stays out of my way.
- What's going on?
- Move him!
Sir, step aside.
We have a warrant.
Goddammit, Bart,
you gotta stop them.
Daniel, I need you to be calm.
Come on, guys, get in there!
Let's go! Let's go!
What have we done?
According to the paper,
these dogs are unhealthy.
They are not unhealthy!
I am a vet, they are perfect...
Wait, what are they
doing with our dog, sir?
Those are my
personal house dogs.
They're gonna kill them
dragging them out of there.
Will, no, stop!
Warrant says we can take all
the dogs on the premises.
Put those dogs down!
Sir, I need you to
stay out of our way.
Listen, son, you are not a cop.
So don't even try to
tell me what to do.
- Dad, no!
- Christ, Daniel!
- Why'd you go and do that for?
- Get off of me!
Do not move!
[man] Slow down a bit...
Yeah, yeah, that looks great.
Turn it off.
I don't understand.
Why are you guys here?
It's all thanks to
your footage, babe.
What? What are
you talking about?
Your video got us the warrant.
Where's Abigail?
Where are they gonna bring them?
Don't worry, I'll
bring them home soon.
I gotta get you inside, honey.
Let's call our lawyer.
I think they're taking
the dogs to the fairgrounds.
- Well, how do you know?
- I overheard something.
I gotta go with my
mom to the sheriff's...
Can we just go there,
please, Will?
Maybe there's something
that we can do, please?
All right, just...
I gotta talk to my mom, okay?
- Daniel!
- What?
Promise me you're not
gonna do anything stupid.
Does getting my dogs
back qualify as stupid?
They seized your dogs legally.
It's a criminal investigation.
We can't do anything until
they're finished examining them.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
Yeah, we got 'em all.
Yeah, they're safe.
- You son of a bitch!
- What...
- What is wrong with you?
- Are you crazy?
You doctored that
footage, Trevor.
That dog was attacking his daughter
and that's the only reason
he did what he
did and you know it.
Whoa, I don't
care why he did it.
You just took away
a family's livelihood.
A family that sells dogs like
they're product in a store.
No, they are a family that followed the
law and they cared for those dogs.
A family that sells hunting dogs
bred to stalk other animals!
- Whose side are you on?
- They didn't do anything wrong.
My goal is to stop
all animal slavery,
whatever it takes.
Hey, Ma, yeah, it's
just like Sara said,
they're at the fairgrounds.
Honey, it's Will, he says
they're at the fairgrounds.
All right, just tell
him we're on our way.
Okay, stay where you
are, we're on our way.
[Dan] I don't know how Jackie
McConnell ever got put in charge
of an organization
that cares for animals.
She doesn't know anything
about caring for animals.
Not a damn thing.
Don't try to turn
it around on me.
What, do you know
him or something?
No, I was just trying
to get information.
There's my dad. Come on.
They got them in there
in the livestock holding.
Livestock holding?
This is pathetic!
What is wrong with you people?
Hey! Hey, you
can't be in here!
Mr. Holloway, you need
to leave right now, sir.
- [Dan] No!
- Have it your way.
I have right to see what kind of environment
you people brought my dogs into.
They're getting better care
here than you ever gave them.
The hell they are!
You've got a dozen pups in here
without their immunizations
and they're being exposed to other
dogs in a place used for livestock!
That's how disease spreads!
We are being very careful.
But there's another 24 that haven't had
their full round of immunizations yet!
At least look at their records!
We have everything
under control.
- The hell you do!
- You need to leave!
And what kind of crap are
you people feeding them?
- Hey, I brought that myself!
- Well, it's garbage!
You'd be better off
feeding them the bag!
Daniel, stop it!
Just stop it!
- No!
- Mr. Holloway, you need to leave.
- Let go of him!
- Sir! You need to calm down!
McConnell, you don't know
what the hell you're doing!
- Daddy?
- Daniel! Daniel!
- Dad!
- Daniel! Call 9-1-1!
5-KING-28, I need a
paramedic to my location.
I've got an adult male
down, he is unconscious.
We're gonna have to take
him to the hospital,
have the doctor
take a look at him.
Make sure that he's okay.
Wait, wait, wait.
You're in charge.
Please tell me he's okay.
They're gonna take him to the
hospital and run some tests.
My mom just wants
the family there,
so can you get the truck home?
[reporter] Right now,
inside this barn, 86 dogs
are getting check-ups,
food and water
after the United Animal
Protection Agency took them
from what they
called a puppy mill.
This video, provided by the UAPA
shows what officials
from the organization
are calling unsanitary
[Scott] We found these dogs in
absolutely horrible conditions.
Living in dilapidated
buildings, walking around
in their own urine,
their own feces.
A lot of sharp objects, too.
On a scale of one to ten,
this is definitely a nine.
[Jackie] We're giving each
animal a full examination
for signs of abuse, neglect,
or any other physical trauma
they may have received.
We'll continue to provide
care for these animals
as long as the investigation
We're providing volunteers
scheduled on a daily basis.
And that's a schedule
that will remain in place
until the case is resolved.
I'm Michael Ames reporting
for KLO TV News from Marshfield.
I have to tell you something.
What's going on?
Sara, are you happy?
I hope whatever you got
out of all this is worth it.
Ask her, Will...
if she knows the people that came in
here and took away all of our dogs.
Do you know them?
This whole time?
I was sent here to just
look at your operation,
to make sure that everything
was safe and in order.
And was it?
Or should I say, is it now?
My husband, their father,
is lying in there on his back!
Is everything in order?
No, I'm...
I'm so sorry.
Let me be a witness, okay?
Let me go to them.
Let me tell them what I've seen here,
because nothing that you've done
- is in violation of any law.
- I thought you were my friend!
I am.
It was not supposed to
happen like this, I swear!
It was not...
We don't stand for this!
We? Who are we?
I want you to say it.
I want you to be honest with us.
Who do you work for?
I... work for the United
Animal Protection Agency.
I want you to pack up your
things and get out of here!
- Just go.
- No, please.
- Just go.
- Stop, just give me...
Hi, I'm Katie Simpson.
You've seen me sing my heart
out onstage for years,
but my heart really belongs
to these innocent animals.
Every day, helpless animals are
abused, beaten, and neglected,
and they're crying out for help.
Please call the number on your screen with
a monthly gift to the UAPA right now.
You'll help rescue animals
from their abusers
and provide medical care,
food, shelter and love.
Right now there's an animal
that needs you...
and your call says,
"I'm here to help."
I love it. I'm gonna get Hannah
to put it on the air right away.
I bet this is gonna double our
revenue from the last spot.
Hey, superstar!
Wait until you see
our new commercial.
It is gonna go viral!
Oh, and you're never gonna believe
who called me this morning.
The chairman of the Senate
Animal Welfare Committee.
He called me!
It turns out that this is
the largest
puppy mill takedown
in state history!
This is gonna
do huge things for us.
We've really got his attention.
He is pushing for hearings!
I mean, better late than never.
At this point, we can get
anything we want, because of you.
Trevor doctored that video.
Director of operations, your own
office, an expense account.
Did you not hear
what I just said?
Do you want me to give this
promotion to somebody else?
Trevor created a lie.
He destroyed a family, Cassie.
He took away their way of life,
their reputation.
I think they did this
to themselves.
I have spent a lot of time with
that family, Cassie,
and Daniel loves those dogs
the way he loves his children.
He's also the single biggest
opponent to Prop 12,
and the video
wasn't the only evidence!
Trevor and Scott were both at his farm
and said the conditions were deplorable.
Some of the worst
they have ever seen.
That is a lie!
I was there!
I was there for weeks!
- It's a difference of opinion.
- Of fact, Cassie, not opinion!
These "facts" that
you're disputing,
are they in any way influenced by your
relationship with Holloway's son?
Jackie says that the two of you
are quite cozy.
Will and I are just...
I mean...
This is a small victory
for the millions of animals
who don't have a voice.
Think about them.
No matter the collateral damage?
Yeah, because the war goes on.
And I need my soldiers
committed 100 percent.
This is not
what I signed up for.
[man] Trevor, congratulations!
[Trevor] Thank you.
I appreciate this opportunity.
I'm going.
Well, I think we should get
away, right? Go somewhere.
The Ettingers asked us to come
down for the long weekend,
and Margaret's in town.
What about that?
Mom, Margaret and I were friends
in, like, the sixth grade.
[sighing] Well,
it's just an idea.
[father] It's a good idea.
Honey, how did the interview
for Daggett go?
Just fine, or...?
Uh, it went well, very well.
Well, do you think they're gonna
make an offer, or...?
That's fantastic!
That is great news.
Look, we should...
Okay, guys, can we just stop
doing this, please?
Stop pretending like
nothing just happened.
Because I just let
a lot of people down.
[crying softly]
- Baby... it's not your fault.
- No, it was wrong, Mom.
That entire farm, that has been
in their family for generations,
and they could lose
everything, and...
I'm just supposed to sit here
and have dinner
and pretend like nothing happened
and I can't, because it was wrong.
[line ringing]
[recorded] You've reached Will
Holloway, leave a message.
No, Mom, the interview's
at 11:00.
Yes, I have plenty of time.
[news anchor] In California,
charges have been officially filed
in the case of a Marshfield breeder
suspected of running a "puppy mill."
54-year-old Daniel Holloway
has been charged
with 86 counts of inhumane
treatment of animals.
If convicted, he faces life in
prison, one year for each count.
The United Animal Protection Agency
and New Beginnings Animal Shelter
raided his property last month
after an
anonymously-posted video
showed Holloway
beating a dog to death.
The organization had long
suspected Holloway
of selling sick animals.
Because if I do nothing, I won't
be able to live with myself.
Yes, just enough for the plane
ticket, I promise.
Thank you, Dad.
I love you.
And Dr. Reddick, what did you
find upon examining the dogs
that were seized
at the Holloway property?
They were living
in absolute squalor.
They didn't have
adequate food or water.
Many were lying
in their own feces.
Upon further inspection
at the county fairgrounds,
we found 32 of the dogs
were infested with roundworms.
You don't need my expertise.
You just need common sense.
Five people can't provide
adequate care to 100 dogs.
That's the very definition
of negligence.
Thank you. No further
questions, Your Honor.
Doctor Laughton, aren't you,
Doctor Dale and Doctor Reddick
all members of the UAPA's
board of directors?
Yes. But we're also
with 60 years of
combined experience.
Is it the UAPA's stance
on dog breeding,
even though it's
completely legal,
that it just shouldn't exist?
Thank you, nothing further.
[people yelling, jeering]
Please, back off.
Folks, back off.
Look, I know you probably
want nothing to do with me.
Let me help... please!
We're in a "battle of experts."
And judges and juries naturally
tend to side with experts.
These "experts"
are nailing us to the wall.
Okay, so what if we bring in
our own experts?
We have, but they're money, they're
big money and we can't afford that.
We're already having to sell the
back hundred... with the horses.
No choice.
What if I took the stand?
Your involvement with Will
damages your credibility.
Okay, then what do we do to win?
Just one way:
we attack their credibility.
So, it comes down to Prop 12,
the puppy mill reform bill.
Your dad is a target because he's
the opposition's loudest voice.
If they discredit him, they discredit
the opposition and they win.
- Case closed.
- "Puppy mill reform?"
Yeah. Prop 12, it does things
like make it illegal
to keep animals in cages
with wire floors.
It would put the Tanners out
of business, so I don't get why
- your dad wouldn't want that.
- You don't need new laws
to put people like
the Tanners away.
They're in violation of dozens
of existing animal welfare laws.
Proposition 12 puts
breeders like them
and breeders like us
in the same category.
It'll put an end to breeding.
That's what the bill
is designed to do,
and that's why
my father's against it.
Where are we going, by the way?
- To see Jackie.
- Why?
Shelter's out of food.
Can't afford to care
for all the dogs.
What do you mean?
I don't know,
not enough donations.
Donations? I...
All right, you can have these
two and then that's it.
We're closed, you need to go.
No, we still need to see
the Border Collie.
Uh, I don't have time for you
to go back there now.
That's ridiculous, I don't
understand what the big deal is.
Yeah, she's our house dog.
Just let her see her.
[Sara] Jackie,
it'll take a minute.
She's with her foster family.
Wait, what?
You fostered dogs out?
- We had no choice.
- What about her pups?
We're running low on food.
That's impossible,
the UAPA gives you food.
Let me see your inventory list.
You got an inventory list,
don't you?
We're run by part-time volunteers,
people who give us their time.
Vincent and I, we do our best.
Those dogs are evidence
in a trial.
I'm sorry, but you're done here.
- [Sara] What would they have done with them?
- [Will] I don't know.
The shelter, they run these adoption
fairs at local pet stores in town.
Maybe they took them there.
But those dogs are state evidence,
so wouldn't giving them away
be considered obstruction
of justice? Negligence?
We'd, uh...
We'd have to prove it.
Miss McConnell advised us not
to buy a dog from Mr. Holloway.
[prosecutor] Really?
Did she say why?
Mm-hm, said he was
running a puppy mill.
I didn't listen and I bought a dog from Mr.
Holloway anyway.
What then?
Two weeks later the dog
got really sick.
It had loss of appetite,
fatigue, diarrhea,
all symptoms of the Parvo virus.
What happened then?
We took the dog to Miss
McConnell's animal shelter,
where it tested positive
for Parvo.
Were you upset?
Of course. I had just paid
$1,000 for this dog.
It should have
had all of its shots.
Mr. Morton, what happened
to your dog?
We had to euthanize him.
Miss McConnell recommended it.
[prosecutor] Thank you.
When a dog is vaccinated
for the Parvo virus,
it may test positive for the
virus, because of the vaccine.
What about the dog's symptoms?
The dog may have had a type
of common hookworm,
which is treatable and not
life threatening.
That dog should have been tested for
worms before it was euthanized.
Then, why did you
refund Mr. Morton's money?
Because my son wasn't 100
percent certain
that he had finished
the last round of shots.
Without an autopsy, we couldn't be
certain what the dog died from.
Now, of course, we want our
customers to be satisfied.
We take great pride in our work.
Thank you, nothing further.
- Redirect, your Honor?
- Proceed.
So, Mrs. Holloway,
your son admitted
to possible negligence
and took responsibility
for the death of Mr. Morton's
dog? Is that correct?
- Uh, yes, but...
- Mrs. Holloway,
are you a licensed veterinarian?
Due to certain health issues
at home,
I let my certification
lapse, but I...
- Thank you, nothing further.
- Sir, if I may!
We love animals.
I used to work at a shelter.
That's why I became a vet.
Thank you! Thank you, Mrs.
Holloway, nothing further!
Yeah, we gave away 12.
I'm gonna need those addresses.
Where did you get the dog?
I got him at a shelter.
I'm really sorry,
but he's private property
and we're gonna
have to take him back.
I don't understand, why would
somebody give him to me
if he belonged to somebody else?
Did you adopt a German Wirehair
from the shelter recently?
Yeah, I did.
I'm with UAPA, the dog was
given to you by mistake,
and we're going to need
to take him back.
You're with who?
That makes five.
This is footage of the raid
on the Holloway farm,
shot by the UAPA.
Notice the dogs are clean,
well cared for,
well fed, and not in distress.
Mr. Joiner, if you claim
to be an expert in this field,
how can you rate these
dogs as a "nine,"
in a scale of one to ten,
ten being the worst?
The dogs were skittish...
poorly socialized.
I saw skin infections,
eye infections... parasites.
Come on, Mr. Joiner, out of 100
dogs, only six had minor diseases.
Common ailments that
were already being treated.
Two of which had distemper.
The two dogs with distemper
were quarantined properly
and on their way to a full
recovery, before your raid.
- That's it, right?
- Yeah.
Okay, then that makes
29 dogs unaccounted for.
So where'd they go?
I don't know,
but this is negligence.
Yeah, they got rid
of state's evidence.
You can't prove
it was intentional.
Well, why not?
Because this is an organization
run by volunteers.
They could argue that those types
of people will make mistakes.
So what if we tied someone who
is a professional into it?
That could help.
What are you thinking?
Mr. Holloway, have you ever
abused your dogs?
And hookworms, roundworms,
are any of these things
life-threatening to your animals?
No, not so long as proper
de-worming protocols are followed,
- which is what we do.
- Even with your family dog?
Of course.
Where is your family dog,
Mr. Holloway?
My family dog, Delilah, was
taken from my home
by UAPA, along with
her newborn litter.
[attorney] Do you know
where your dogs are now?
No, I don't.
Nothing further, thank you.
[judge] Your witness,
Mr. Landon.
[Landon] Your Honor.
Mr. Holloway...
have you ever killed an animal
in a cruel fashion?
Of course, not.
Ladies and gentlemen, please direct
your attention to the monitor.
Mr. Holloway...
That video is a lie!
It was altered, as we've
explained before!
That isn't the question.
I just want to know,
is that you hitting the dog
with the shovel or not?
- Objection!
- I'll allow it.
Answer the question,
Mr. Holloway.
That dog got
into my yard accidentally,
and was threatening
to attack my daughter.
Who is conveniently off-screen,
or so you claim.
No, that dog, it was
threatening my family.
And yes, I did, and if I
had to do it again, I would!
Well, that sounds like the actions
of a very violent individual!
- Objection!
- Mr. Landon!
No, you'd do the same thing,
I'm sure!
I'm not the one on trial here,
Mr. Holloway!
- Objection!
- Mr. Landon! Order! Order!
I have nothing further.
I am putting us
into a 30-minute recess
and I want to see both of
the counsels in my chambers now!
[people shouting, jeering]
[Sara] Can I talk to you
for a minute?
I just want to go inside.
It won't take long.
No. No way. Can't.
Then can you tell me why
29 of the Holloway dogs
are completely unaccounted for?
I'm not talking to you.
You know what I think?
I think you know
what happened to them,
and I think you're a good
person and you want to help me.
My wife's not well.
I can't afford to lose this job.
So you think it's okay to let
an innocent man sit in jail
for the rest of his life?
Couple weeks ago,
we lost the fairground location.
Had to bring
the Holloway dogs here.
There's usually only
50 dogs in there.
With the Holloway dogs,
there were 150.
They were on top of one another.
Didn't have enough food
to feed them.
So tell me what did you did.
I... I just need you
to understand
that it's tough
for me to find work.
Why's that?
Done time, that's all,
it's just tough.
Oh, my God, what is that smell?
Vincent, where are we?
We're here.
[Vincent] Over here!
Parvo killed a dozen
of them overnight.
Had to put down the rest.
Jackie, she didn't know
what to do.
Some bigwig from UAPA called and
said for me to dump them.
Jackie told me to do
as she said.
I was part of a dog training
program in prison.
[voice breaking] Dogs helped
turn my life around.
I couldn't do it.
I couldn't just toss 'em up
there with all the other trash.
So I gave them a proper
burial... right here.
Vincent, what happened
to the Collie?
Caught kennel cough from
another dog. She's gone.
And her puppies?
I'm not sure.
[crying] I'm sorry.
Hey, Hannah, it's Sara.
You ready to make
a real difference?
[Cassie] So what made you
change your mind?
I am so sorry
about our last conversation,
and I have learned
a lot in all of this.
Hmm. Like what?
Well, I went to Jackie's
animal shelter,
and it hit me that even with all of
the money that UAPA has given her,
she still couldn't
take care of those animals.
That's right.
I just didn't realize
how important
the organization really is.
The organization is the only
thing that matters, Sara.
I know, I know, I guess
what I mean is...
that makes sense to me now.
- She said she'll be here.
- She better be.
[attorney] You have been an animal
control officer for how long?
Five years.
Do you consider yourself
an expert
in the field of animal care?
Yes, I do.
During the raid, you used
a UAPA truck
to transport
Mr. Holloway's dog.
That same truck had been used in previous
rescues to transport diseased animals, correct?
Was the truck properly disinfected
before the raid on the Holloway farm?
I'm sure the UAPA team
took care of that.
Do you have any records
to support this?
And the barn at the county
it's frequently
used to store livestock.
Were proper bio-security
measures taken there?
The Holloway dogs were
in such bad shape
that those measures
weren't necessary.
Upon seizure, how many
of Mr. Holloway's dogs
tested positive
for the Parvo virus?
How many?
Hm... how many died while they
were under your care?
[Landon] Objection! Your Honor, Miss
McConnell is not on trial here.
This question is directly
relevant to the credibility
of the witness's claim that
she's an expert on animal care.
Overruled. Please answer
that question, Miss McConnell.
I will repeat, how many of Mr.
Holloway's dogs died
while in your care?
How many?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
You're under oath,
Miss McConnell!
I'll do the math for you:
29 dogs died, 29!
- Objection!
- Overruled.
Quiet! Order! Order!
We have autopsy reports here
of all 29 dogs,
most of whom contracted and died of the
Parvo virus while under your care.
It's extremely common
and very contagious!
Did you vaccinate the dogs
for Parvo?
No, there wasn't time and we
didn't have the resources.
- Why?
- We were overwhelmed.
Promises are made
and then broken.
- It happens all the time...
- By who?
Who made these promises?
[sighs] The UAPA.
[crowd murmuring]
Do you believe that dog
breeding should be allowed?
Absolutely not!
That's what this
was about, wasn't it?
To shut my client
down by any means possible,
as dictated to you by the UAPA,
even if it meant committing the same
crime that you're accusing him of?
Your Honor, objection!
Your Honor, permission to
approach the bench.
I would like to submit People's
Exhibit D into evidence.
Your Honor, the state has no
knowledge of any new evidence.
Permission granted.
You're gonna love this.
The organization is the only
thing that matters, Sara.
I know, I know and I guess
what I mean is...
that makes sense to me now.
We can't be in the business of
finding a home for every stray.
Yeah, we attack from the top.
At the root cause.
And if animals are destroyed
along the way, then so be it.
Yeah, we are focused
on the bigger picture.
Our job is to raise awareness.
It's a numbers game.
We can't throw away
money on animals
that are never
gonna find a home.
Then let me ask you something.
Why is it that we pretend
to care about actual animals?
I mean, we beg for donations and
then basically trick people
into thinking they're
really saving animals?
I checked with accounting.
You didn't give a single cent to
Jackie to care for the Holloway dogs.
Sara, we spend our resources
changing legislation.
That helps millions of animals.
It's where we can
make the most difference.
We raised a hundred and sixty
million dollars last year.
You have no idea how much
money it costs
to get a bill passed
through the Senate.
[Sara] I also found this.
The Holloway press release...
so what?
It's dated three days
before the raid.
Three days before anybody
set foot on their property.
We write early drafts
all the time.
Yeah, but this draft is almost
identical to what was released.
"Dogs living in their own feces,
looking skittish, underfed."
If any of that were true, I would have
reported it to you and you know it!
But no, you were going
in no matter what.
Oh... you are free
to leave any time.
Oh, I'm not done.
This is the best part.
See, I can prove that
you ordered a shelter employee
to get rid of dogs you didn't
provide care for.
You let the Holloway dogs die
and then made them disappear.
Man, I wonder how that'd go
over at your next fundraiser?
Well played.
There's the real Sara
underneath your cutesy smile.
Okay. Forget everything
you know,
and you'll get your
big promotion, a corner office,
an expense account, you name it.
Make all this disappear.
[Sara] You would love that,
wouldn't you?
But see then that would
make me exactly like you.
I will never be like you.
We are done here.
Brad? I think we have a problem.
Can you take this
to accounting and find out
who has been
talking to Sara Gold?
Of course.
And close the door
on your way out.
- No problem.
- Thank you.
Oh, it's the Holloway case.
She's not letting it go.
We find the defendant,
Daniel Holloway,
- not guilty, on all counts.
- [gasping]
[Liz sobbing]
[Dan] Come here.
Thank you.
It's the least I could do.
I'm so sorry.
Mr. Holloway.
Mr. Holloway, Mike Ames,
How do you feel
about the verdict?
Very grateful that the Holloway
family name has finally been cleared.
And that justice
has been served.
- I'm very tired.
- Let's go home, Daddy.
Let's go home.
Come here, come on.
Good boy, that's a good boy.
[laughing] Good boy.
[laughing] Good boy.
That's a good boy.
Yes, we did it.
- [barking]
- Heel, boy. Come on, heel.