The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer (2009) Movie Script

There was a time,
when the world was made of dreams.
All living creatures of the ocean,
lived happily in peace.
The main purpose of their lives
was to follow the voice of their hearts.
Nobody knows for certain when
everything started to change,
when rules emerged that made
them forget their inner voices.
And one day, without even noticing it,
the creatures of the oceans
stopped dreaming.
They were always busy...
Fishing day and night,
treasuring their material possessions.
Instead of fishing to live,
they now lived to fish.
But among them, there was one
born destined to change it all,
one who had never listened
to the voice of the crowds,
but to the voice of his heart.
One who still had a dream,
and was willing to test his courage.
Even risking his life
to rediscover the true purpose
of his life,
and, without knowing it,
open the world of dreams
for all other creatures.
This is his story.
- Daniel, wake up!
- The wave!
- Dreaming about the wave again?
- Yes.
Well, forget about your wave.
Come on, let's go fish.
We're already late.
I still don't get this stuff
about fishing all day.
We already have enough
fish in the lagoon
to feed ourselves
for the rest of our entire lives.
Ah, don't start with that again.
You know the rules.
Yeah, yeah.
"You can't go surfing because
it's a waste of time."
"You can't leave the lagoon
because it's too dangerous."
Blah, blah, fishing, fishing,
and more fishing.
- I'm sick and tired...
- Hi, Daniel! Hi, Michael! Hi, Daniel!
Guess what I saw today.
You won't believe it.
You won't believe it.
It was a starfish as big as a mountain.
It was so huge.
It was giant!
It was enormous!
It was ginormous!
- A giant starfish?
- Don't be mean.
Yeah. Anyway, it was super-gigantic,
all orange and bright.
It was so incredible.
Can you believe it? Can you believe it?
As big as a mountain!
Ooh. Incredible.
- And guess what.
- What, little guy?
That star is mine, mine and only mine.
Don't touch it.
Don't touch it.
I'm watching you. I'm watching you.
I'm watching you.
Don't worry, Sparky.
The huge starfish is yours
and nobody else's.
Yes! I love it!
And it's mine.
Because when I saw it,
it was super-gigantic!
Yes! I love it. I love it.
And it's mine.
That's good, Sparky. Now go play
and dream with your giant starfish.
Dream? Yeah! Yeah!
Talking about dreams, I feel sleepy.
'Cause I didn't sleep well last night
because of my starfish.
Starfish. That's right.
Sparky's giant starfish.
Yes! Because it's mine and only mine!
Yeah. Yeah, I feel sleepy.
- Hey, we have to put Sparky to bed.
- What about fishing?
Shh. Don't complain.
Come and help me.
That Sparky's such a pest.
- Well, you're so slow.
- Slow?
Bet you can't catch me!
No fair! You got an early start.
- You snooze, you lose.
- I'm right on your tail!
Watch this move!
Hey, I taught you everything you know.
- Who's the master now? Whoa!
- Yeah, not for long.
You're never gonna catch me, man!
Hey! Hey, look out for the rock!
Look out, little fishies!
Daniel, wait.
Ah! See?
You can't catch me.
What happened?
Come on, jump.
- No way I'm doing that.
- Ooh.
You remind me of an animal
that goes buk, buk, buk, buk!
I'm not playing anymore, Daniel.
You're cheating.
You know we're not allowed
to leave the lagoon.
I know.
We're not allowed to leave the lagoon.
Ah. Come on, Michael.
You and I both know
the waves look great today.
Whoa! This is, like,
the best wave I've ever seen.
Oh! She's amazing.
I wish Michael could see this.
Uh, good morning, Leader.
We were chasing each other,
and we were going so fast,
I couldn't stop,
so I had no option but to jump.
Just playing, right?
And you had no option but
to jump... and surf a wave.
Mm-hmm. Exactly.
If not, I would've smashed myself
against the sharp rocks and coral.
And that's no good.
Seems to me that something's wrong
with your sonar system, boy.
Oh. Yes, yes.
I mean... No, no!
Everything's fine.
I guess I just didn't think about it.
Then I think I need to refresh
your memory a little bit.
Follow me.
I really can't understand you.
We're almost finished
with class, but, no,
Daniel has to put
a jellyfish on for a hat.
Daniel has to juggle sea cucumbers.
Daniel. Daniel, come.
- Michael, look!
- What?
- Did you see that?
- Huh?
You can't wait forever, Daniel.
You have a mission to accomplish.
The sun is already moving
into its position.
- A mission?
- Dream... or don't dream.
Come... or don't.
You may wait, but the ocean won't.
- Did you hear that?
- What?
That voice.
There! There, Daniel!
Did you see those markings on its belly?
It got into the lagoon!
- Let's go!
- Yeah!
Listen to me.
You're safe.
It's a manta. It's harmless.
Just don't get too close.
What do we do?
At least, not at the time being.
She's beautiful.
That thing came in from the outside,
from the ocean.
I just know it's dangerous.
I love it!
It's just like my giant starfish!
Yes, it is! It's mine, mine! I saw
it first, and I will call it Jumpy.
Yes! Because it looks like me,
like in my dream.
Hey, Daniel.
Don't get too close.
Hi. I'm Daniel.
I know.
You're Daniel Alexander Dolphin.
- Huh?
- You've got the glow.
The glow? What glow?
You have got the glow of a dreamer.
Was it you who was talking to me
earlier... outside the reef?
No, Daniel. I am just a messenger.
I have come to tell you that
the sun is almost in the right place.
If you want to find the wave
of your dream, you have to leave.
Daniel Alexander Dolphin!
You get back with the others
in the group. Now!
I only want to talk to her.
Are you disobeying me, Daniel Alexander?
But, Leader, she's harmless.
Daniel, go back. Now!
What's happening?
Don't be afraid, Daniel.
- Only you can hear me.
- Why?
Because the rest of your pod
doesn't dream anymore.
However, Daniel, you never stopped
believing in your dreams.
Many made fun of you,
and many will continue doing it.
Sometimes that's the price you have
to pay for not being understood,
for being different from the rest.
But never stop being you.
Never let your fears stand
in the way of your dreams.
Now I must go.
No. Please don't leave yet.
There are so many things
I want to ask you.
Always listen to the voice
of your heart, Daniel,
no matter what others
might think or say.
If you do it,
maybe someday you will find your truth.
If you are strong and brave enough
to follow your dreams.
- Will I ever see you again?
- I'm not sure.
But I have fulfilled my mission.
If you follow your dreams, you will
never feel lonely again, Daniel.
And so Daniel discovered
that as long as he followed
the dictates of his heart.
He would never feel lonely again.
- Everything okay?
- Yes.
Good. I was worried about
what that manta might do.
Don't you worry.
Everything's quiet.
But I don't like creatures
that come from outside of the reef.
Yes, I know.
Actually, I'm a little worried too.
Especially about that manta.
I've heard of that one.
She's the one with
the markings on her belly.
But, Leader, is she dangerous?
Many, many years ago, the elders
said that she's on a mission,
a mission to help others achieve things.
And now she travels around helping.
Helping other creatures
who want something badly,
something very badly.
What's going on, Leader?
There is something,
something that haunts us.
It's... It's something...
A terrible creature from the depths.
It's close to the reef.
What's wrong, Sparky?
Huh? Oh.
There's something haunting us.
Yeah. You know what, you're right.
And I feel the same.
It's getting closer. And even closer.
It's horrible. It's almost here!
- Oh!
- Oh! That's gross!
You farted? Ew!
- What was that?
- Ah! Mmm!
Hmm? Huh?
- Hey.
- Oh, my!
- What's happening?
- You're still farting.
- Oh. Those are my friends.
- What?
My stinky farts.
If I can't hold them, they
escape without my permission.
But they are my friends. Sometimes
when I need to breathe, I use them.
They come in handy when
you have to breathe.
And my star is mine.
Yes, my star is mine and only mine.
I'm sleepy.
Dream... or don't dream.
Come... or don't.
- Leader!
- What is wrong with you?
You know it's bedtime.
- The rest of the pod is already asleep.
- I can't sleep.
That's no reason
to hang out here all alone.
Can I ask you something about the sun?
About the sun?
Yes, the sun.
Does it ever look different?
The sun is always the sun.
It moves through the sky during
the day, if that's what you mean.
No, no. Not that.
Does it ever do anything strange?
Anything that might be
out of the ordinary?
Why are you asking? Oh, just wondering.
I guess I'm just curious.
I'd be happy if you just showed
this much interest when you're fishing.
Sometimes I feel like
I'm not like the rest.
Nonsense. Come on.
It's time we get you back to bed.
Let's go.
Don't eat my sea urchins!
They're mine and only mine!
Maybe the leader really is right.
There comes a time in life, Daniel,
when there's nothing else to do
but to go your own way,
a time to follow your dreams,
a time to raise the sails
of your own beliefs.
Who are you?
You're not the manta.
- Your voice sounds different.
- I am the Voice of the Sea.
The Voice of the Sea?
Yes, Daniel.
The manta that I sent to you in
the lagoon is one of my angels.
She told me about you.
You're ready.
Ready for what?
Ready to take the great leap
into the unknown,
far from the safety of the lagoon.
What should I do?
How will I know
the true purpose of my life?
You will find the true
purpose of your life...
the day you surf the perfect wave,
the one you've been
dreaming of for so long.
Come back!
- Uh...
- Daniel Alexander Dolphin!
Come back immediately, or
you will regret it forever.
Daniel, what are you doing?
Daniel, this is the last time.
Come back, Daniel. Now!
I'm gonna miss you, Michael.
Daniel, no.
Good-bye, Michael.
Good-bye, Daniel.
Now listen to me, everyone.
Today, one of us has broken the law.
It was Daniel.
Daniel chose to leave this pod.
Daniel Alexander Dolphin...
is now an outcast forever.
The dreamer is finally out.
The next morning,
Daniel Alexander Dolphin found himself
in the middle of a huge ocean,
not knowing which way to go,
but willing to follow
the voice of his heart.
How'd I get stuck in the...
I just wanna...
- Ouch!
- Ah!
I gotta get outta here!
Oh, gosh!
How do I get myself
into these sort of things?
You mind helping me out over here?
Sure. I'll try.
Ouch! Ow! Stop!
Stop it!
Ouch! Be careful!
You're ripping my guts out!
Well, thanks a lot.
Let me ask you something. Um, do I look
like I'm made out of chewing gum?
Hey, wait a minute.
Where did you disappear to?
You're not planning
on eating me, are ya?
Are you really, really for sure?
Because I am super-delicious.
- Of course not. I swear.
- Ooh! That's good news.
Hey, hey! Close your mouth. I can
see all the way into your stomach.
Hey. I... How did you do that?
Suddenly I couldn't see you.
Eh, I did it the way I did it.
That's me.
And you, who are you?
I'm Daniel Alexander Dolphin.
Ah. And what are you doing here?
See, well, I wanted to get out of
my lagoon and into the open ocean.
- You ran away without permission?
- Yes. That's right.
And now I'll never be able to go back.
Daniel, I ran away too!
That's right. Not because I was looking
for something, well, like you.
I was just bored.
A guy like me needs adventure,
needs to see the world.
I couldn't stay at home alone
with Ma forever, you know?
It's just, um...
Oh, it's a bit, uh...
What's the word? D'oh!
I got it! Oh, it's...
Wait! I know this!
It's on the tip of my tongue!
Uh, uh... Suffocating!
Yeah, suffocating. Know what I mean?
Yes. I understand.
Carl! Carl, where are you?
Stop hiding and come here right now!
It's my mommy!
Oh, no! No, no, no, no!
Let's get outta here, or I'm gonna
have to eat sea urchin again.
Have you ever had it, Daniel?
I don't like it!
I don't like it! It itches!
I don't like it!
Okay. Let's go.
Carl, you're really fast.
Hey, hurry up!
I'm leaving you behind.
Hey, uh, why don't you
grab on to my tail?
But only because I don't want
to leave you behind.
Gee, thanks a lot, Carl.
- Stop it!
- Uh, uh... Oh!
Carl? Uh...
Right here.
Just making myself comfortable.
I think that we are...
Right? Heh, heh.
I think that you have
to hold on to me tighter.
What about on my back just
in front of my dorsal fin?
Hold on like this?
That feels better.
So, where we going now?
We off to have more fun?
First, I've gotta swim to the surface
so I can get some air.
Wow. Carl, look at that.
Surfing is the reason I live.
Have you ever wanted to surf?
Of course I have, Daniel, but surfing
is too wild for me, you know.
I prefer to be a little more relaxed,
chilled out nice and smooth.
So why'd you run away from your lagoon?
The lagoon where I live is beautiful,
but it felt like a prison.
Heh! Guess I'll come
with you then.
You can be my sidekick, okay?
Carl, that sounds like
a pretty good plan to me.
- Did you hear that?
- Yes.
Oh! Aah!
What do you want?
Mmm, what do we want?
Mmm, it could be your dorsal fin.
Or maybe three delicious tentacles
from your brave friend.
Or maybe just your dreams.
Go away!
There's no reason to be scared.
I'm not scared.
That way, it is easier to devour you.
What? You? And how many more?
Oh. That wasn't
a very smart question.
What are you?
I am your worst nightmare.
Get them!
- Mommy.
- Hmm?
Mommy. Mommy.
No, I don't wanna eat
any more jellyfish.
Oh, no! Jellyfish are terrible.
They're so gross.
They make my belly itch.
I think we lost them.
Huh? What?
Did I miss something?
Well... What, you don't remember?
Oh. Last thing I remember,
I was eating a jellyfish.
Gross. Pfft!
Gross. Yech!
Jellyfish? Are there any
jellyfish that taste good?
Nope. But they are good
for your digestion.
I remember!
I remember I was dreaming that a
thousand barracudas wanted to eat us,
and I was bravely fighting them all!
And I chased them away with their
tails between their legs! Ha!
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
That's exactly what you were doing.
Of course.
Because nobody messes
with the mighty Carl!
We're going fast.
No! It can't be.
There's no way out!
Are you trapped?
I am going to enjoy this so much.
Leave us in peace!
Don't worry, my little friend.
You will rest in peace in no time.
Seal the entrance right now.
Wow. Do you hear that, Carl?
- Yeah.
- It's beautiful.
- Yeah, it sounds very nice.
- I wonder what it could be.
Oh! Daniel, you wanna know everything.
Hey, there are waves here.
I'm going up, okay?
Okay. I'll go up with you.
Are you ready?
I was born ready.
Huh? Whoa-oh!
What a great wave!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Oh! Awesome, isn't it, Carl?
Did you feel it?
There's nothing like it.
That was the squid-killer wave.
You're trying to get
rid of me, aren't you?
That's what you're doing.
You're trying to get rid of me.
I'll teach you how to do it
the right way. You'll see.
Oh, sure, that's a great idea.
I can't wait.
But by then, you'll have to show me
how to grow a tail fin like yours.
We'll figure out a way.
I promise you.
I'm gonna go surf again, okay?
Daniel. Don't forget your dream.
Don't forget why you
abandoned the lagoon.
Pay attention to the sun.
Watch where it sets
in the horizon and follow it.
The sun will tell you many things,
but seek out its darkness
to fulfill your heart's mission.
Don't forget it.
Trust your instincts.
Follow the omens
that you'll find on the way,
and you will reach your destiny.
If you surf the perfect wave,
you will open the world of dreams...
to all creatures of the ocean.
Daniel Dolphin, fly
Turn water into sky
Fly, Daniel Dolphin, fly
And be
Someone true and free
Strong and kind to see
Who always talks to me
As you move through water deep
Cast your cares aside
You show me how to be myself
And ask me not to hide
You try to tell me your best secret
Is right before my eyes
To open up and take my feelings
And make them come alive
And jump
And jump
Jump beyond the blue
Beyond the blue
Into dusks and dawns
Who always talk to you
Oh, fly Oh, fly
Daniel Dolphin, fly
Fly, Daniel Dolphin, fly
Turn water into sky
Hey. Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- Stop a minute!
- Huh?
That! There!
That's exactly how
it's supposed to look.
Haven't you heard the stories
about the purple shell?
It's the entrance to paradise, man.
Even the dumbest
fish in the sea knows that.
The best food,
anything your heart desires.
And we found it!
This is a grandiose discovery.
All dreams come true when
you're inside the purple shell.
I don't know.
We really don't have a
whole lot of time, Carl.
Oh! Oh!
We need to find out about the sun.
And the place where it will appear.
Oh, I see.
Your dream.
Your wave.
Well, what about me?
What I want is no big deal
to you, right?
Of course it is.
Oh, paradise! I found it! I found it!
It's fine, Carl.
But promise we won't
stay too long, okay?
Uh-huh, sure, sure.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Ah!
- Oh!
- Cool.
- Daniel, look!
It's amazing. Ah!
Is anybody home?
Greetings. Please come up.
Master, you have visitors.
Oh! Ah! Ah!
Ahh. Welcome, my friends.
I'm Daniel, and this is my friend Carl.
Hiya. We were just admiring your house.
Ahh. Well, that's nice to hear.
My name is Maitre, and I was
just busy studying the sun,
but I suppose I could do that later.
What a coincidence.
Maybe you can answer a question for me.
Oh, but... but certainly.
Tell me.
Every day the sun rises, and
every afternoon it sets.
But what else can the sun do, Maitre?
I don't understand.
I was told that I would be
ready to fulfill my dream...
when the sun does something different,
something that it doesn't do
any other day.
Oh, a difficult question.
Oh, how I love difficult questions.
Why don't you come
into my study, Daniel?
We must find the answer.
- Oh.
- Good day. Good day. Hello, everyone.
- Good morning, Master.
- Hello.
- You look so nice, Master.
- Oh, good day. Good day. Hello.
Everything in here
is shining wonderfully.
- Is there something wrong?
- No, no.
Well, yes.
I need to get some air.
How can I get out of here?
How impolite.
Our young friend is an air breather.
Quick. Come this way.
Ah! Bravo!
- An amazing jump.
- Thanks.
- Wonderful.
- Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
- You can really fly.
- You are simply acrobats.
Ah! Is it not cool here?
Crazy pool, man.
I'll wait on you guys here for now.
- All right, huh?
- Uh...
I don't know.
It smells kind of like...
Jellyfish poop. Ew.
And why is everybody
calling him "Master"?
- Wow.
- Heh, heh, heh.
Nice, isn't it?
We must study the sun.
What happened?
The sun... it's gone.
- Hey! You!
- Huh?
Yeah, I mean you.
Get off before I have you for dinner.
So much ignorance.
You! Come back here immediately.
We need you.
Look through the lens.
Okay, now watch carefully.
Right? Well, what do you see?
Uh... Oh. A fish.
- No, no, no.
- Hmm?
- An eclipse.
- An eclipse?
What does the sun do that
it doesn't do every day?
An eclipse, my friend.
That is the answer to the question.
- Watch that fish.
- Uh.
You see, the fish is the moon.
It's much smaller than the sun,
but it's also a lot closer to us.
When it moves to an exact
position between us and the sun...
Yeah? It covers the sun completely.
- Oh.
- And that is why we call it an eclipse.
What does that have to do
with my wave, Maitre?
Daniel, that is exactly
what we need to find out here.
Oh, tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning.
It's too late for that today.
Rest for a while, my friend.
Um, okay.
I'll go ahead and have
dinner prepared for us.
And then perhaps later,
we can talk about a way
for you to return the favor.
Never stop dreaming, Daniel.
Manta! Hi!
Hello, Daniel.
What are you doing in there?
I followed your advice.
I left the lagoon to fulfill my dream.
But there inside,
where you are right now.
Are you sure that is the right way?
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Careful! Where
are you going in such a hurry?
Uh... I-I... I...
We can't stay for dinner.
But you want to know where to
find your wave, don't you?
Of course, but I...
I thank you for your help
and hospitality,
but this is something that I
have to figure out for myself.
All alone? Well,
that's just really dumb.
If there's anyone that can do that,
I am certain it is me, young fellow.
I know things that...
That others just don't know.
But even you can't tell me what's
right or wrong to do with my life.
And that's how I defeated,
with my bare tentacles alone,
an entire army of barracudas.
Carl, quick, get up!
We're getting out of here!
Somebody bolt the doors right now!
You freeloaders!
Nothing is free!
You owe me!
You are now my slaves!
Nobody leaves without my permission!
Now get back to work!
He's coming!
He's right behind us!
Go, Daniel! It's closing!
Oh, no! No!
- Carl, are you okay?
- Leave me alone.
We're friends, Carl.
You can tell me anything that you want.
All my life I've heard that wishes
come true inside the purple shell.
And what do we find? A selfish guy
who cares only about himself.
Don't feel sad, Carl.
It's true that things
were not as you were told.
But you've seen the truth
with your own eyes.
Not many achieve that
in their own lives.
The important thing is
that we learned a lesson.
- What lesson?
- That not everything you hear is true.
That some things are not
what they appear to be.
And that you're very lucky to discover
the truth with your own eyes.
Yeah, I guess you're right, Daniel.
Let's continue our adventure!
- That's the spirit.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah! Whoo!
Stop it.
Stop what?
- Hey!
- Huh? Oh!
Seems as if you're carrying
a stowaway, Daniel. Ha!
Where do you come from, little fish?
- Um...
- Can he talk?
- Can you speak?
- Of course I can talk.
I can even count up to eight.
Wanna see?
Sure! Oh, such a tiny thing.
1, 3, 76, 41, 12...
Um, 8!
I can't take it!
Oh, you're so cute!
You're so cute, I could just...
I could eat you!
No, Mr. Squid!
Please don't eat me.
Mr. Big Fish, you won't
let him eat me, will you?
No, little buddy. Nobody's gonna
eat you. It was just a joke.
Oh, yes, little fish,
I could never eat you.
- Joke?
- Uh-huh.
I love funny jokes.
Very funny jokes!
You are adorable!
I wanna keep him.
I always wanted a pet.
Why, you little devil!
That's a bad boy! Don't do
that to your friend Carl!
Oh, no!
Oh, little fishy, don't
look at me with that face!
You can do whatever you want.
Okay? Huh, my little guy?
- Son!
- Mommy? Mommy!
- Mommy!
- My little child.
I've missed you so much.
I missed you too, Mommy.
Thank you for freeing him
from that horrible prison.
I have something to do, Carl.
- Stay here.
- Wh-What are you doing?
But, Daniel...
Get out! Now!
Not only have you left without paying,
but now you want to steal my slaves!
How dare you!
How dare you make slaves out of
all of these innocent creatures?
They're mine!
They're mine!
They're mine!
They were never yours!
You can't realize your dreams
by stealing the dreams of others.
Yes. Yes, right here. I got you.
You get away from me!
Wait till my friend Daniel gets here!
- He's gonna...
- What's wrong, Carl?
How nice! Another visitor!
Your friend here
doesn't wanna talk to me.
He's trying to poke me
with this pointy thing.
Stay back! A sea urchin in
my hands is a deadly weapon!
Hyah! Hi-yah!
What do you want?
First I'd like to find out who I
have the pleasure of meeting here.
I hope you can, uh, stay to eat.
- I... I mean, to talk.
- We're only passing by.
"Passing by."
Well, aren't you scared
of me or something?
I don't fear what I don't know.
Well, y-you should be careful
out here in the open ocean.
A-And where's the rest
of your pod?
They must be fishing
in the island's lagoon.
So what are you doing
out here all alone?
I'm following my dream.
- I'm looking for the perfect wave.
- Blah, blah, blah.
Now just a second here.
What kind of a dream is that?
Isn't there anything you
want with all of your heart?
Me? I... I don't know.
Come on. We all want something.
But most creatures get so busy that
they lose track of their
true purpose in life.
Ya think so?
Of course.
Even my friend Carl here has a wish,
but he doesn't know what it is yet.
- That's why we travel together.
- But...
You know what I'm
talking about, don't you?
Of course.
Yes, I think so. At least
that's what I'd like to think.
You don't happen to know where
I could find the perfect wave.
I bet you get around, don't you?
Well, you know, I myself,
I'm not so interested in waves.
- That's simply not my thing.
- Sure.
Not everybody likes the same thing.
That'd be pretty boring.
Exactly. Exactly!
So, what is it you really wish?
My... M-M-My wish?
Well, I don't, uh...
I don't, uh... Well,
you know what I am, right?
Of course. Naturally.
A shark.
A shark? Ha!
You obviously don't know
who you're dealing with here.
They know me from here to Zanzibar.
I mean, I'm the biggest,
the meanest and, uh...
You know what they say about me,
don't ya?
Yeah, yeah, the usual talk...
That you eat a lot and everyone's
really scared of you, stuff like that.
But you see,
that's the whole problem here.
Everyone's afraid of me
and runs away when they see me,
and it's so impossible
for me to talk to them.
So you want to have friends to talk to?
How can I talk to anybody,
if before they say anything,
I'm already chomping them down?
Well, that is a real problem.
But nothing that can't be solved.
Think. Everybody runs away
because you try and eat them.
So then...
I eat them before they go away.
No! If you don't eat them,
then you can talk to them.
Easy, don't you think?
If I don't eat them, I can talk to them,
and they can talk to me.
Of course!
That's why when I eat them
they don't talk!
Well, some scream.
But screaming's not talking.
Cool, huh?
Well, I have to try it.
- Where are the fish?
- Take it easy, my friend.
- You just called me "friend"?
- Yeah. Why?
Nobody has ever called me his friend.
Sure feels good, right?
Hey, what did you do that for?
Carl's my friend.
Sorry, sorry.
I wanted to not eat you.
I just have to practice this
a little more until I get it right.
I'm really sorry, little guy.
I almost messed up, didn't I?
I've just never done this before,
this whole not-eating thing.
Uh, it's okay.
You'll learn how.
Well, thank you, my friends.
Hey! You there!
Wait a second, fishies!
I'll get you guys anyway,
but I won't eat you.
Do you hear me?
You'd better wait for me!
Ohh! Come on!
It was just a fin!
Don't go away! I won't do it again!
Let's get outta here!
- Did you see that, Carl?
- Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say!
Look, let's just get outta here
before he changes his mind!
That dolphin made the worst mistake...
of his miserable existence.
First, I gave a lesson to a shark
that likes biting his friends,
and before that, I defeated
a monster full of scars...
after defeating his army of barracudas.
Ha! I can't wait
for the next challenge, Daniel.
Lucius, the dream-eater.
Lucius, the dream-eater?
The creature that you described
is Lucius, the dream-eater.
He lives to capture the dreams of
all creatures that inhabit the ocean.
I'm surprised you survived
an encounter with him.
I don't think he'll bother us anymore.
I personally took care of
the dream-eater with my bare tentacles.
Hoo! If that's so, then it's good news.
- Who are you?
- I am a sunfish.
And before you ask me what I'm doing,
I am swimming after the sun.
Hey, I like the sun!
You like the sun?
That's so cool. I've always
fantasized about touching the sun.
If only for an instant.
- You wanna touch it?
- As it gets close to the ocean.
Imagine almost touching it
before it disappears.
It could happen, right?
If you think so.
But try not to burn yourself.
My dream is to touch the sun.
- I also have a dream.
- Really?
I've been searching the sea
to find the perfect wave.
Daniel... Alexander... Dolphin?
- How do you know my name?
- So the story was true.
- What story?
- Yeah, what story?
Many suns ago, I heard
the story of a dolphin...
that would break all the rules of
the society in which he lived...
so that he could discover his destiny...
and open the world of dreams to
all other creatures of the world.
Who, me?
Maybe you still don't know it, Daniel,
but you were born to change the world,
and one day you will return from where
you came after fulfilling your dreams...
and will show them the truth.
You mean, go back to my lagoon?
Back to my pod?
Not a chance. I'll never go back.
They don't understand me.
Don't be so harsh with them, Daniel.
I wish you the best, Daniel.
What you're searching for
is closer than you might think.
Good-bye, Sunfish.
And hopefully someday
you and I'll meet again.
What's the matter, Daniel?
Are you sad?
Forgive me, Carl, for bringing you
on this journey that has no meaning.
I'm beginning to think I'll never
find what I'm searching for.
What am I hearing? The great dreamer
stopped dreaming just like that?
What happened to your wave? I think
you're very close to finding it.
- Huh?
- Sea?
That dream is mine!
Your turn, dreamer.
That dreamer is mine.
Stay behind.
That miserable little fellow is mine.
Here is where your worthless dream ends.
That's impossible!
You'll never be able
to take my dream away.
Maybe I won't be able
to steal your dream,
but I will kill you.
Dream-eater, stop.
Stay away!
I have eaten whales before.
Prepare to destroy them!
While Daniel has friends,
you can't touch him again.
- We're here to help.
- So are we, dude.
Don't mess around with my big
fish friend or my little squid,
or I'll suck your eyes out.
He's adorable!
How am I supposed to harm
something so cute?
Oh, hi. I heard that my friends needed a
hand with some troublemakers over here.
So, uh, I brought a couple
friends just in case.
Who is that?
Lucius, let the dreams that you
have stolen from others run free.
I... I am not scared.
You weren't like this all your life.
I love you so much, Daddy.
Your family was stolen...
by the creature of the depths.
Yes, I was.
I was very happy.
You were once like Daniel... a dreamer.
But your resentment and envy
turned you into what you are now.
You're... You are
the Voice of the Sea.
Now I remember.
You always helped me to move along.
But I failed you.
I don't deserve to live.
Everyone deserves to live.
But we each have to live our own life.
And your family is okay.
My family...
They're okay?
What they told you... was a lie.
How will they forgive me?
Only you can forgive yourself.
He's just like you!
Hey, you're a dolphin.
He looks so small now.
Poor little thing.
Yes, Daniel.
I was like you.
You have given me a new chance.
I will never forget it.
- Thanks to all of you.
- Good-bye, Daniel.
I'll see you around, my friend.
Hey, everybody,
I learned to count to 20!
2, 61, 43,
22, 28, 82, 40, 80...
Um, 50, 22, 8...
That little bite
just came in real handy.
That meat's really tender.
Tender meat!
Little guy!
It's a joke!
Did you see his face?
That was really funny!
This is truly a funny joke!
Mommy! Mommy!
It's just another joke.
Mommy, you make me laugh a lot.
And you too.
Those two are crazy lunatics.
Speaking of crazy, whoa!
My name is Carl.
I'm a dreamer too. I'm looking for
the perfect wave just for me.
Hey, don't tease me.
I think I need some air.
Take this.
- Thank you.
- No sweat.
- So you were the one that sang?
- Yes, Daniel.
The Sea asked me to take care of you.
Daniel, you must continue
with your journey.
In one day's time,
the sun will be in its special place,
and the wave will soon arrive.
The eclipse is about to happen.
There's no time to lose, Daniel.
Follow me.
What is this?
What you see, Daniel,
is the reason why
creatures called humans...
forgot their dreams.
Blah! Yuck! Blah!
That tastes horrible!
Well... Mmm, I'll try another.
Maybe... this one!
- What's it taste like?
- Ecch!
I also want to taste it.
- Ugh!
- Enough.
Ugh! Terrible!
I don't understand how this can harm
someone if it doesn't have any use.
Yeah, it's like licking pebbles.
You know, it's fun to...
Uh, I mean when there are
no sea urchins to eat.
- That's what I meant.
- Let's move on.
Don't worry, Daniel.
Go on and surf your waves.
Thanks, Carl.
Hey, you surf pretty well.
Yeah, that was cool.
But now it's my turn!
Uh, okay.
He's my little brother.
He loves riding waves.
That's cool.
- Me and the wave are one!
- Whoa!
- Uh-oh.
- Well, he does the best he can.
This is my famous tornado style.
Interesting moves.
And this is my fabulous rock style.
Ohh! Ah!
So, have we ever met before?
I don't think so.
I could swear
we've met somewhere before.
- Maybe in your dreams.
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
It's always good to gargle.
It's good for your balance.
Do you know how much water
a dolphin can swallow?
- No.
- A lot!
- Really?
- I already lost consciousness.
- What?
- I mean, from too much.
Oh. Yesterday, I fainted.
- You should be more careful.
- He's right.
Yeah, sure.
I'm going for more waves.
Wait for me!
By the way, what's your name?
Daniel Alexander Dolphin.
- What a nice name.
- Thanks.
- And you? What's your name?
- Leena.
Oh. Hey, let's go surf some waves.
Let's go!
Huh? Oh!
What's going on?
The moment you have waited for
has finally arrived, Daniel.
- Wow.
- Let's go, Daniel.
This is where I leave you, Daniel.
Me too, Daniel.
I'll be thinking about you
out there, Daniel. Good luck.
The time has finally come, Daniel.
Make all of your dreams come true!
Thanks, everybody.
It's impossible to surf.
I'll never make it.
I'm gonna drown.
Calm down, Daniel.
Calm down.
It's the wave of my dreams.
Forget the consequences.
I have to try.
If I don't, I know I'll regret
it for the rest of my life.
My place in the world.
I've found it.
I wish I could stay here forever.
I did it!
Ah! I made it.
Thanks, my beloved Sea.
Thank you.
No, Daniel.
Don't thank me.
You believed in yourself...
against all odds.
You have surfed the perfect wave,
and by doing it...
have found the true purpose
of your life.
To live my own unique life filled
with happiness and purpose,
following my dreams.
Yes, Daniel.
And from today onward,
more than just liking your life,
you will love it.
Spread the world of dreams...
throughout all the oceans and seas,
Daniel Alexander Dolphin.
You did it, Daniel!
You did it!
Mission accomplished, Daniel.
Mission accomplished.
Whoa, it's a little bit
cold out here, but, uh...
Got this rock. Maybe it'll warm me up.
Mi casa es su casa.
Everybody come on in!
Come on, everybody!
Let's shake snappers on that one, eh?
Whoa, nice place! Big screen, eh?
Oh, it's too dark in here!
I'm stuck in here!
How do I get out?
I can't get out either.
Oh, what a wonderful feeling.
I have to go after my dreams.
Carl, I have to leave.
I know.
You're not coming with me, are you?
No, Daniel.
So, did you find
what you were looking for?
Yes, Daniel. I know now that my dream
was to follow you on your magic journey.
So long, my dear friend.
You'll always be in my heart,
wherever my travels take me.
You too, Daniel.
Good-bye, Leena.
I'll never forget you.
But now I have to go back to my lagoon.
I know.
Good-bye, Daniel.
Never stop being yourself.
I hope you'll visit us someday.
- Daniel?
- Yes, Carl?
- Will we ever see each other again?
- Sure, we will.
Maybe here, maybe somewhere else.
- Really?
- Maybe even in our dreams.
I feel better already.
Daniel Alexander Dolphin,
and may your dreams always come true.
As promised by the Voice of the Sea,
Daniel returned to his beloved island.
He told them about his adventures...
and how he managed
to fulfill his dream...
and discover
the true purpose of his life,
overcoming the doubts and fears that
had always existed only in his mind.
Daniel's pod was dazzled
by Daniel's story.
They decided to cross the outer
reef and venture into the open sea.
They were awed by the beautiful world
that existed beyond the lagoon,
and for the first time in
their lives, they felt free.
They now knew, just as Daniel had known,
that their journey to
the world of dreams had begun.
And as for Daniel, well,
he kept travelling
through the oceans of the world,
riding waves and experiencing
a thousand adventures.
But that's another story.
retail by H@w-to-kiLL @subscene.
Daniel Dolphin, fly
Turn water into sky
Fly, Daniel Dolphin, fly
And be
Someone true and free
Strong and kind to see
Who always talks to me
As you tumble far beneath
Mother Earth's deep sea
You touch life that no one else
Ever gets to see
I don't know what it is about you
I see you in my dreams
You travel through the ocean blue
And swim the cosmic streams
And jump
Jump beyond the blue
Into dusks and dawns
Who always talk to you
And hear
Hear them when they say
That if you choose to stay
You'll see a brand-new day
As you move through water deep
And cast your cares aside
You show me how to be myself
And ask me not to hide
You try to tell me your best secret
Is right before my eyes
To open up and take my feelings
And make them come alive
And jump
And jump
Jump beyond the blue
Beyond the blue
Into dusks and dawns
Who always talk to you
And hear
And hear
Hear them when they say
Hear them when they say
That if you choose to stay
You'll see a brand-new day
Oh, fly
Oh, fly
Daniel Dolphin, fly
Oh, fly
Daniel Dolphin, fly
Daniel Dolphin, fly
Turn water into sky