The Dragon Unleashed (2019) Movie Script

Get them.
BART: Danny!
You borrow money from me,
you're expected to pay it back.
When you pay it back,
the collar stays on.
You don't pay it back,
the collar comes off.
It's a simple set of rules.
Give us your arm. Hold still.
It's nice. We'll be back.
Come on, Danny boy.
BART: Well, I had
a dream last night.
I was sitting under those umbrellas that
they make out of palm leaves, you know?
And these beautiful
golden-skinned girls
dressed in just, like,
little grass skirts
and the skin
that they was born in.
Yeah. And they came over,
one after the other.
And they brought me a drink
in a coconut.
And as they served me the drink, they
brushed their tits across my face.
Cor! Bloody hell!
Hey, boss, I think Georgie's
getting a chubby.
You shut up, Lefty. You're the one
getting a fucking hard-on, not me.
Ah, well, that was
the end of the best bits.
After the girls, the whole
thing turned to shit.
This giant mumpet turned up
with a machine gun.
Started blasting away
until there was
nothing but blood and guts
and bits of body everywhere.
Nice One.
It was a real nightmare.
I bet you've never had a dream
in your life, have you?
Yeah, must be peaceful.
Have a bit of that.
That's it. That's it.
I hate dreams.
Georgie boy.
Yo, Righty, you mad bastard.
Righty, how did you get on?
Hello, guv'nor.
All my people
paid to the penny. 2700.
Perfect. Give the lads a drink.
Cheers, guv'nor.
Yeah? What do you
want done with Danny?
Well, sort him out.
His face is bleeding, look. Sort him out.
Anybody have any trouble?
Put it on there.
Oh, nice.
Come on, Danny,
you heard the guv'nor.
Here's a bonus, all right?
Sort yourself out, okay?
Come on, Danny.
Danny, come on.
Danny, come on!
Here, come on, love.
Give us a pose.
That's it, that's it.
Hold it.
Yeah. It's beautiful.
Beautiful. Oi. Oi.
Get back in the car.
Fucking beast.
Fucking wanker.
I wanna get a close-up,
that's it. Right, that's it.
Let's have a look.
Don't put your hands on it, you'll mark it.
Oh, hello.
Look at him.
No, not here.
Oh, yes.
Yes, you're right.
Let's go somewhere more comfortable.
Oh, you're so rough.
Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!
No, turn the light on.
No light.
Turn on the lights.
I like to see who I'm making love to.
I don't.
What the fuck?
Shit! Fuck!
Jesus! You sick bastard! Hey!
Where you going?
Fuck you.
Much obliged!
Fucking asshole!
No way, boss.
Hey, hey, hey, Nigel!
Okay, Bart, all right,
you want this? Yeah.
Turn it round, keep it running and
keep your eye out for the old bill.
Good luck, son.
Luck? He don't need it, bro.
You know what
I've always found fascinating
about this whole situation
of yours, Bart, buddy?
How you basically turned a man
into a dog.
Well, it's like
my sainted mum used to say,
"Get them young enough and the
possibilities are endless."
Unlike yours at the moment.
So, um...
So let me work this through
one more time.
I don't pay you, you take his collar off.
You take his collar off,
he beats us all to death.
who's the bright penny, hmm?
So it's in my best interest
to keep that collar on.
Danny! Kill him!
Danny! Kill him!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Do something!
When you've finished
with the master, kill the dog.
Danny! Kill him! Kill him!
Good to see you, Mr. Yussef.
Get them.
Find anything you like yet?
Not yet.
Stop him!
Nice puppy.
Good boy!
I don't know what it is
with people.
Maybe I've got
a speech deficiency.
Take what you want.
Oh, no.
My mum didn't bring me up
to be a pig.
Not like some people I know.
I only take what I'm owed.
But this time...
With a little interest.
Because you are
such a fucking asshole.
Come on.
What are you looking at?
Just enjoying the show.
Don't you ever
leave my side again.
You said,
"Stay in the car."
Shut the fuck up.
Get in, bitch.
I don't believe it.
He just stood there and watched
them beat the crap out of me.
Even a dog has got the brains to
come to his master's defense.
Bites them! Claw them! Piss on them!
Anything, for fuck's sake.
you don't look too good.
Another original thinker.
Oh, no. I just meant that
maybe you might wanna go home.
What's next?
Just the antiques place.
No, let's do it.
Are you sure you're up to this?
No, no. You let one of them payments slide
and they'll all turn into original thinkers.
Find a decent pub first,
though. I want a pint.
And you,
you useless piece of shit.
Right. Now, here's the plan.
I'm gonna try and settle this in a
peaceful and professional manner.
(ECHOING) But if that doesn't
work, I'm gonna press this...
Hey! Oi! Oi!
You pay attention.
Now, when I press this button, this red
light is gonna start blinking. Right?
The red light blinks,
you go through that door quicker
than a mouse chasing a bit of...
Keep your hands
off him, will you?
And stop fucking smirking!
The red light blinks...
Look at me, concentrate.
The red light blinks,
you go through the door.
That's all
you've gotta remember. Right?
Light. Door.
Light. Door.
Light. Door. Oi!
Right. And don't
take your eyes off the light
and don't let me down.
Yes, Bart.
Hang that up there.
What, up there?
Come here.
Au right.
The light, Danny. The light.
Red means go. Right?
Sounds like someone in here
could use my help.
Hi. How you doing?
I'm just gonna tune these pianos.
Probably be a couple of hours.
If you don't mind.
You like pianos?
Yeah, me, too. Of course, you know,
this whole place is like a...
It's like
a big treasure chest.
Probably gonna be a whole month getting
all these ladies back into health.
You know, tuning pianos
is really hard work,
and my back
isn't what it used to be.
Are you doing
anything important right now?
'Cause I could really use a hand here.
How about it?
Are you still there?
You are, aren't you?
Good. Good.
Come on.
You know, a lot of people think because
a piano's so big, it is very strong,
and you can just pound on it any way
you want to and nothing will happen.
But that's not so at all.
Pianos are a lot like people.
I mean, you pound on a person,
they get out of tune.
Same with a piano.
You pound on them and...
Oh, Lordy, listen to that.
Huh? Sad as a baby crying.
I'll tell you
what I want you to do now.
When I say press, I want you
to press on these keys.
Starting with this one right
here and going to the right.
One, then two, then three.
Think you can do that?
Okay. Put your hand here,
just like that.
All right?
Oh! Oh!
Oh, my goodness!
Oh. Wait a minute.
Loosen up.
Loosen up. That's it.
Music's got to flow from within, you know.
Can't flow if you're all stiff.
On the key there.
Just relax.
Nothing to be afraid of.
And there we are.
Are you ready?
And press.
A little harder.
Good. Again. Good.
Listen, you show a real talent
for this sort of work.
Okay, press it again. Press.
Oh, wonderful.
And one more time.
Press. Press.
Go ahead. Relax.
Let the energy flow.
Let the magic happen!
Good. Good. Good. Good.
Excellent. Excellent.
Oh, no, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
you want to see what you did?
Check this out.
Is that the sweetest
sound or what?
Want to try it?
Here, go on.
Put your hand here.
Put your fingers right there,
there and there.
Hit it.
Next stop, Carnegie Hall!
You know about Carnegie Hall?
It's this big place
in New York City.
All the great musicians
want to play Carnegie Hail.
I did, too.
When I was growing up,
it was my big ambition.
But I never was
that good a musician.
Are you okay?
Good. What's your name?
Okay, all right, all right.
Mr. No-Name.
My name is Sam.
Pleased to meet you.
Me, too.
Good. That's good.
So, tell me something,
Mr. No-Name.
I've been hearing
this sort of clicking sound.
Do you hear it?
Or is it just...
I'm gonna sell you
is what I'm gonna do!
If you can't do what I've trained you
to do, what fucking use are you?
No fucking use is the answer.
No fucking use at all.
I feed you. I clothe you!
I put a roof over your head.
And all that time I put in!
All the fucking effort
to make you
the man that you are.
And what gratitude
do I get? Look at me!
I look as if I've just been through
the third fucking world war.
Take him downstairs.
Get him out of my sight.
Come on, doggy. Come on.
I'm getting
too old for this shit.
Go on then, Danny. Get in.
Get in!
I'm busy.
I said get in there.
There's a man here to see you.
I just told you I'm busy.
He says he's got
a business proposition for us.
He says it's about
the show you put on today.
Pat him down.
Already did.
All right. Wheel him in.
Fucking visitors, looking like this.
It's a joke.
Shit! Jesus! Fucking he!!!
Leave us.
I'm listening.
That was a very impressive display your
man put on in the jewelry shop today.
I assure you,
it was entirely justified.
I'm sure it was.
That thing with the collar,
And the point
of this conversation is?
The point of this conversation is I'd like
to offer you a lucrative proposition.
How lucrative?
Very lucrative.
Should I continue?
MAN CONTINUES: It's an entertainment I
produce for some friends once a month.
Members only, so to speak.
We're always on
the lookout for new talent.
The first fight is a tryout.
For that you get 15, 000.
For the second,
20 plus the right to bet.
We had one chap who, after
fees and betting on himself
got up to
half a million a fight.
That's only if you win,
of course.
BART: Well, how do you
get to win?
MAN: it's to the death.
So glad you could make it.
Please, follow me.
Where's the money?
Oh, well,
the money comes after.
After what?
After you beat him,
our current champion.
Undefeated in 15 bouts.
Would you care
for a glass of champagne?
We won't be here that long.
Kill him.
Rip his fucking ass off.
That's my boy!
Thanks for the opportunity.
You're most welcome.
Very impressive.
That bit with the collar,
how did you do that?
Like my saint of a mum
used to say,
"Get them young and the
possibilities are endless."
I thought it was
the Jesuits who said that.
Aye. Probably got it
from my mum.
If you want us back,
you do know where to find me.
Oh, we certainly
want you back.
Only, if you could make it a little
more entertaining next time.
I'll see what I can do.
Here, remember I told you
about that dream I had?
What? The one with all
the birds in it? Yeah.
Well, I figured it all out.
Do you know who Freud is?
Well, that don't matter.
Freud was a genius.
And his whole thing was that if you dream
something, it means something else.
Like the girls, the island, the drink.
Yeah, right.
They were just symbols.
What they actually represented
was, like, comfort, relaxation,
no worries.
And then this swell turns up
offering us more money
than we could save
in 20 years.
Well, it all becomes clear,
doesn't it?
The dream, the swell.
It means retirement.
You get it?
No more filthy collections.
No more beatings.
Oh, I tell you,
I feel really good here.
I feel generous.
Danny, what do you want?
A piano.
Excuse me?
I want a piano.
A piano? Oh, yeah.
How about a lobster dinner?
I want a piano.
How about a woman?
You've never had a woman.
I want a piano.
Danny, you're starting
to piss me off.
I want a piano.
That's what
I love about you, Danny.
One thought at a time.
That's what makes us such a good team.
The brains and the brawn.
I'll tell you, this is
gonna be one lovely day.
Let's go.
Good morning, ladies.
How are we all this morning?
Here you are.
You've been very patient
waiting for me, madam,
so I'm going to
devote myself to you all day.
Who's there?
It's you, isn't it?
Well, isn't that something?
You know,
(ECHOING) I went right home and I
told Victoria, my stepdaughter
I told Victoria all about you.
Don't tell me
you're still asleep.
Well, now.
If I was a fellow who woke up
in a strange house
wearing someone else's pajamas,
I would be pretty nervous.
I'd try to find the safest
place I could to hide.
Now, when I was a kid,
the safest place
in the whole wide world was
right where you are.
It does feel safe,
doesn't it?
Well, I figured a man who'd been out for
two days would wake up pretty hungry.
So I hope you like
peanut butter and jelly.
My name is Sam, remember?
Okay, you take your time.
Victoria and I are not big
on asking questions.
Figure when
the person is ready,
they'll give their answers.
He's cute.
I like his haircut.
It's like when I was six
and used to cut my own hair.
Yeah, well...
You and Mom thought it was cute.
He's not six.
More is than not, I bet.
Does he like to read?
Well, I don't know.
Does he like to write?
Does he like to draw?
Sweetie, I don't know
anything about him.
Well, that's not
all together so.
He likes music.
Sam said you like music.
You know how to use it?
Nice, huh? Yeah.
It was my dad's.
He died before I was born
and then my mom gave it to me.
But she died in a car accident.
But not until after she married Sam.
He was my dad's best friend.
Am I talking too much?
You know, 'cause I do that sometimes.
And if you're bored listening and I just keep
going on and on, you just tell me, okay?
I'm gonna go
help Sam with dinner.
And you can join us if you'd
like or you can eat under here.
You know, it's just the food goes
down easier if you eat it sitting up.
You don't burp so much.
My name's Victoria.
Should I go get him?
Let's let him get himself.
Maybe he doesn't know how.
Well, then, let's give him
the opportunity to learn.
There's nothing like self-discovery
for turning a boy into a man.
How do you know?
You never had a boy.
I was speaking from self
experience, if you don't mind.
I was a boy myself once,
you know.
No way.
Yes, way.
Come on.
Thank you for the food
we're about to eat.
Thank you for the peace
this house possesses.
Thank you for another day
of health and happiness.
And, please,
make sure Victoria kicks butt
on her piano recital.
I thought we're not supposed
to ask for things.
Says who?
Says you.
Since I was a little girl you
told me those are the rules.
Oh, you mean I didn't tell you
about the special exemption
for very important
piano recitals?
Oh, yeah, right.
Exemptions. I buy that. Not.
You know, I liked it better when you
just agreed with everything I said.
How about some soup?
There you go.
Well, you're just in time.
This is your place.
Come on, sit down.
Victoria, would you...
Oh, sure.
Sam made this.
It's his world-famous
potato and leek soup.
There's your napkin.
Um, no.
This is a spoon.
And this is your spoon.
Like this.
Oh, my God.
Oh, great. A duet.
My name is Danny.
I think we won't put a bandage back on
and we'll let some air get to this.
You're gonna be just fine.
I've been meaning to ask you.
What is this?
Okay. No problem.
I wasn't gonna take it off.
You know, when I was kid,
I had a cowboy hat.
I slept in it, I ate in it,
I bathed in it.
Anybody tried to take it off,
that same reaction. So...
Anyway, I've been thinking.
You've been cooped up in here
for weeks now.
Wouldn't you like
to get some fresh air?
Stretch your legs?
It's nice outside.
It's nice in here.
You're afraid that if you go out
you won't be able to come back in?
We'll come back.
To tell you the truth, I...
I could use a little help.
With pianos?
Walking Victoria to school.
you got sidewalk.
All right, we'll be back
to get you at 3:00.
I am 18, Sam.
Yeah, for a whole week-and-a-half.
3:00. All right.
Bye. '
You all right?
She kissed me.
Yeah, I know,
she does that. How was it?
But is that all?
Wet. Nice.
Sounds like what a kiss ought to feel like.
Come on, we got a lot to do.
Hello, love.
Oh, good morning, Maddy.
Maddy runs the best supermarket
in all of Glasgow.
Maddy, this is Danny.
Hello, Danny.
He's a little shy.
Oh, I like my men to be shy.
Presents a challenge
for a girl.
I'm just gonna give him some of
the finer points of shopping.
Couldn't have
a better teacher.
Isn't that so?
My mother could take
two stones and a cup of water
and make a three-course meal.
As soon as I was old enough, she
gave me the secret of great cooking.
And now I'm gonna
teach it to you.
So, you ready to learn
the secret to great cooking?
Okay, here it is.
Food talks.
Food talks?
You didn't know that,
did you?
Food talks.
It will tell you
everything you need to know.
All you have to do
is learn the language.
Take this melon here
for instance now.
What do you think
that's saying?
Yeah. But it's also saying,
"I am ripe."
You know what ripe
means, don't you? No.
Ripe means sweet
and sweet means good.
The kiss was ripe.
The kiss was sweet.
The melon is ripe.
But ripe means sweet.
Well, when you're
talking about food.
Kisses are nourishing in their
own way, but kisses are...
Kisses are complicated.
For now,
let's just stick to melons.
Good bread is fresh.
Here, smell it. Fresh.
Good. All right.
Get some bread, Danny.
Okay, now comes
the hard part. Cooking.
Over there in that cabinet,
there's a large, round pot.
Would you get it for me? Okay.
Now, when we
cook the food,
it speaks to us
in another language,
which we listen to with
our tongues, by tasting.
Look at these beauties.
Now, you know you've got good sausage
when they're attached like this.
Found something, didn't you?
Now, let's see...
That's Victoria when
she was a little baby.
And that's Victoria
with her mom.
Her father
was my best friend.
He died before
Victoria was born.
Her mother was
my best friend, also.
after he died,
she and I got married.
Then, there was
a car accident
when Victoria was
seven years old.
Her mother was killed,
and I lost my eyesight.
Victoria was left with me.
Funny how families
get made, isn't it?
You got family?
Don't know.
Well, you must have.
Everybody's got family somewhere.
I don't remember them.
Well, maybe
you will one day.
The pots are in there.
Earth to Danny.
Sam sent me.
All by yourself?
Wow, big day!
We should celebrate.
What's that?
"Celebrate"? It means we
should do something special.
Sam said right home.
Come on.
Here. Thank you. Come on.
This is the cone
and this is the ice cream.
You ever
have ice cream before?
No. Well, this is
vanilla ice cream.
Vanilla's white.
Vanilla is white.
Go on, taste it.
Oh, no.
Just work it around.
Oh, my God!
You know the thing about ice cream is
first it's cold, but then it's sweet.
And if you freeze your mouth out, you're
never gonna be able to taste the sweet part.
So look,
here's how you do it. You...
Sweet is good.
Yeah, right.
So look, you lick
like that.
There you go.
How's that?
You're getting it everywhere.
Shit. Actually,
we should really hurry.
Come on.
You okay?
Finish it quickly.
And remember, if Sam asks where we
were, you let me do the talking.
If he knows we had ice cream before dinner,
he'll be pissed we ruined our appetite.
What's appetite?
Appetite's what you have if you don't
have a belly full of ice cream.
How's my mouth?
No, it's not.
It's full of hardware,
but not for much longer.
Do you miss your mom?
Every day.
You miss your mom?
I don't remember my mom.
Sometimes I think it'd be
easier not to remember.
You're late.
It was so nice out we decided
to walk the long way.
Oh, you...
Didn't I say bring her
straight home?
Sam, it was me, not him.
Oh, it was...
If you wanted to take
the long way home, Victoria,
you could have gone
to that school in Kansas.
Then you could have taken
the long way home for 50 miles
and I wouldn't care!
50 miles of corn.
Corn is safe.
Corn is boring.
And anyway,
this was the better school.
Which is why we're here
and not with the corn, right?
So do me a favor.
Don't make me worry.
Okay, Sam.
Au right.
What is that?
It smells like ice cream.
Vanilla ice cream.
Vanilla is white.
First is cold, then is sweet.
Sweet is good.
Sometimes I worry
about that boy.
It's as if
something or someone
has made him shut down
his feelings so hard,
he can no longer
get in touch with them.
That's what I've been trying
to get him to do.
With vanilla ice cream?
Maybe we should come up with
some different strategies.
Good night.
Come on.
When I was little, I used to
do this with my mom and Sam.
It's kind of how
I fell in love with music.
See these thingies?
They're called notes.
Notes are signals.
Notes are signals.
Notes are signals.
So if you see this note,
it's the signal
to play this key.
And this one this key.
And this one this key.
Right? So you're gonna play,
and you're gonna hop.
I'm gonna go.
Keep going. Don't stop.
It's not ripe.
Hello, Sam.
Hi, Maddy.
How's the lessons going?
On, hes growing by leaps and bounds.
What is this you got here?
Too ripe.
MAN: I'm gonna fuck you,
you fucking tosser.
Where the fuck
do you think you're going?
Alex, go around
the other side. Quick.
There he is! Get him.
Where's Danny?
Yeah, that's ripe.
Let's go, get out.
This one's ripe.
Danny, do you remember
when I said
that Victoria and I were not
big on asking questions?
That we thought when people were ready,
they'd give their own answers?
I remember.
Well, after today
in the supermarket,
I need some answers and I don't
think I'm gonna get them
without asking the questions.
Is that all right?
Okay, so,
in the market, those men,
they were fighting.
You knew that, right?
But that didn't bother you?
You weren't afraid?
Normally, people find themselves
in situations like that,
they get afraid.
They weren't fighting me.
Okay, one more question.
When you first came to us,
you were hurt pretty bad.
How did that happen?
I ask for a piano.
You asked who for a piano?
My uncle.
Oh. Oh, you do have family?
But you just said
you had an uncle.
He's dead.
Is this good?
That's wonderful.
Hey, ready?
You're acting ridiculous.
It's not so bad.
Is anyone thirsty?
I'm kind of thirsty.
Now, that looks
like it belongs there.
Where is it?
It's right there.
Oh, yes. It belongs there.
Hi. Can I come in?
Where'd you learn that?
Learn what?
The piece of music
you just played.
It's what I hear in my head.
Do it again.
It's hard. Someone had
to teach it to you.
You don't remember?
Maybe in your other life,
the one you had before us.
I don't know.
Everything is new
about you now.
Your clothes, your hair,
your whole life.
This is the last thing that...
I think it's time
to put the last thing away.
Don't you?
Everything is new
about you now.
Good night.
Oh, yes.
My boy,
we're going to have fun.
That's good.
That's good. That's good.
Alrighty then.
You know,
Victoria's big recital
is next month, right?
Do you remember me telling you about
where I grew up, in New York City?
Where Carnegie Hall is?
Yeah, well, that's where Victoria
and I are from. That's our home.
This is your home.
No, no, this is just
a temporary home.
We only came here so Victoria
could attend school.
What I'm trying to say,
Danny, is
after Victoria graduates,
we're gonna go back home.
We're gonna
go back to New York.
well, I don't know
how this would work out
but we would really like
for you to come with us
because we've begun
to think of you as family.
And, well, that's,
that's what families do.
They stick together.
Or at least this one does.
So what do you say?
Yes. Yes.
Two, three,
four, five.
This is your pay.
Fifty-fifty. Partners.
You and me.
What do I do with it?
Anything you want.
For fuck's sake, man.
All right, Danny. Look at you.
You look great, man. Look at...
You smell divine, pal, I tell you.
I don't know what you're wearing.
Well, fancy
bumping into you, eh?
Boss sends me out, get
some mangoes and papayas,
and look
what I find instead. A lemon.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa. Whoa.
Your Uncle Bart has been
sick with worry, mate.
Yeah, his little pet
all lost in the world.
It's all he keeps on
talking about, honestly.
"Where's my little Danny?"
He's dead.
Who told you that?
I saw.
Well, you saw wrong, mate, because
he's very, very much alive
and very much looking forward
to you coming home.
Not my home any more.
"Not my home any more.
Not my home any more."
Why? You got a new home,
have you, Danny? Eh?
You got a new family as well?
Well, tell you what.
If you don't come home
like a good little bitch,
Uncle Bart will send a few of the boys
out to pay a visit to your new home.
Would you like that?
Wouldn't be too hard to find,
what with you shopping
here and all.
Look who's come home
to his loving Uncle Bart.
Give me a hug.
How's my boy?
You're looking smart.
Oh, look at her.
Ragner the prat.
We've missed you around here,
haven't we?
Yeah, we've definitely
missed you, Danny.
Must have really scared you, that
accident, all that shooting.
Yeah, me, too.
Well, look at me. Look,eh?
I've been laid up for a month
but I'm back
and I'm ready to roll.
You ready to roll?
I have a question.
You? A question?
Wonders never cease.
It's not about that bleeding
piano again, is it?
Oh, well.
Well, listen, as I'm so
pleased to have you home
I'll answer one question.
Go on, fire away.
Did you know my mom?
Your mum?
Why would I know your mum?
I found you in the street,
laying on the pavement.
You was half dead.
You couldn't even talk.
You was just laying there.
No one wanting you.
No one caring
whether you lived or died.
Except me.
I've told you all this before,
All right, listen,
I'll show you stuff
that'll jog your memory.
That was our first
collaboration, that was.
Danny, what's this sudden
fascination with the past?
Have you been talking
to people?
You want some good advice
from your Uncle Bart, eh?
Don't dwell on the past.
Look to the future.
The past is behind you.
The future is ahead of you
like a bright,
glittering mountain of gold.
Do you wanna know
what your future is, Danny?
MAN: I'm thrilled you're here.
We've been waiting for you.
Has our friend
been practicing on you?
Had an accident.
Right this way.
Show's about to start.
How's our boy?
He's never been better.
I hope so, because he certainly has
his work cut out for him tonight.
I've dressed him
in his Sunday best.
We are expecting
more of a show this time.
Don't worry about it.
We've got it all worked out.
Isn't that right, Danny?
Give these toffs
a bit of a show.
Play him for a bit.
Make it look as if there might
be a chance that you could lose.
To the death.
Down you go. Go on.
What's wrong with you?
I don't want to hurt
people any more.
Excuse me?
Danny, that's what you do.
You hurt people.
Not any more.
What the hell's
happened to you?
Who's been filling your head
with this crap, eh?
Anything wrong, gentlemen?
No, no, no. We're fine.
No, just discussing strategy.
Of course.
Listen to me, you little shit.
You're gonna get down there
and you're gonna do your job,
or I'm gonna
have your balls on a stick.
Now go!
I don't want to hurt
people any more.
I'll make you a deal.
If you go down there tonight,
do your job,
I promise you,
tomorrow I will buy you
the nicest piano
in the whole bleeding city.
How's that?
I don't want to
hurt people any more.
Then you're dead. Now, go!
Go get him, tiger.
Come on.
Come on, Danny. Come on.
What's going on?
Well, you said you wanted it to
be more of an entertainment.
He's not even fighting back.
Pick it up!
ALL; Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight!
Get it! Danny!
I think we have a problem here.
These people came to see a fight.
Not a bloody game of tag.
Do you mind if I get a little
creative with the format?
It's your show.
Danny, you're ruining me here!
It's time to make some money!
you're gonna get killed!
Fight back!
Kill him!
If you don't kill him,
I don't get paid. Jesus!
Kill him for Christ's sake.
Come on.
Before they kill me!
Kill him!
Oh, fuck it.
No more killing!
I decide when there's
no more killing. I. Me.
The master commands
and the dog obeys.
I will kill you.
Put him to bed.
Hurry up.
Why did he leave?
Maybe he had something to do.
But I thought
he was happy here.
Well, sweetie, sometimes
being happy just isn't enough.
Sometimes people
have to go back
and fix the things that made them
unhappy before they were happy.
But I could help him.
I know.
Sometimes people
have to do things themselves.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, sure. That's good.
You lied to me!
You bastard!
What are you doing in my fucking
chair, you little retard?
You lied to me!
This is my mother.
You knew my mother!
She was a whore.
Do you know
what a whore is, Danny?
Money for sex,
like the girls I bring here.
I did everything
I could to help her.
I liked your mum.
She understood me.
If there had been anybody really
special, it would have been her.
And when she died,
I felt I owed it to her
to raise you,
to protect you.
Look, this... Her picture's here.
This one. Look.
I'm sorry I lied to you,
I did it out of love.
let's go and make up some of that money
you lost for me the other night, right?
You know, Danny, sometimes
in families,
you need a little tragedy
just to bring everybody
back together.
LEFTY: Absolutely, boss.
You know, it's like me
and me brother in Blackpool.
We used to go down to...
Excuse me.
Where's the manners? I'm talking.
I was just validating, boss.
Did I ask for a validation?
No, but I thought, you know 'cause...
Will you shut your yap?
Now I've lost
the train of me thought.
What was I saying?
Right. Right. Yeah.
How they should be together.
Families should be together.
No matter what.
No matter what.
Get off! Get him off!
What the hell are you doing?
Slow down! You bastard!
Get him, boss.
My mother. She was a whore.
Look, not that I'm an expert,
but I have to say,
she does not look like,
you know, that kind of woman.
What does that mean?
Well, she's playing the piano.
What else is in the photo?
There's a bunch of students
in uniform.
There's a big
stained-glass window.
It looks like an academy
or something.
And there's two baby grands,
back to back.
What kind of baby grands?
Pleyel, both.
I've got an idea.
Excellent job you made of tuning the
pianos in the concert hall, young man.
Why, thank you, ma'am.
Last fellow we had in was so
drunk he didn't find the hall.
Ended up tuning the plumbing.
Terrible mess.
SAM: Danny?
Thirty-two years of faces
and I've never forgotten one,
especially this one.
Why especially this one?
Brilliant girl.
Absolutely brilliant.
Destined for great things,
we were sure of it.
And then one day
she just disappeared.
We thought she'd gone home.
We thought maybe it was financial.
We knew she had some money problems.
But then,
her family from China wrote to ask why
she hadn't got in touch with them.
Had a little boy
and everything. Very strange.
Sad, really.
Here she is.
You okay?
I'm okay.
You sure?
You were supposed
to pick me up.
I'm sorry.
You got another picture.
The lady said that she was
an excellent piano player.
I'm sure.
You wanna hear
what she played?
H ow?
"Mozart, Sonata Number 11. "
Your mom didn't just play music,
she played beautiful music.
Magical music.
Great music.
I'm sorry
to inconvenience you,
but I really do need to know
where to find him.
No, I've never
seen him before in my life.
Let me rephrase the question.
What is this?
Oh, Sam! Oh, Sam!
He remembered. I was playing the
piano, the music, and he remembered.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Slow down, slow down. Remembered what?
His mother.
Who killed his mother.
You remember who killed your mother?
Sam, we have to go.
Wait, son. Wait now.
Before we go running off anywhere,
let's stop and take a deep breath
and decide what's going on.
Tell me from the top.
Oh, God.
Danny. Wait.
Listen to me. Danny, wait.
Will you just listen?
No time.
Danny. Danny, wait.
Boss, these boys aren't up to it.
He's fucked off.
Get in there.
Oi, I want him alive.
He's not worth shit to me dead.
Go on.
Shit! You'd better
get in there.
You. You. That way.
Yeah, nice.
This'll keep her
out of harm's way.
That's it.
That's it!
That son of a bitch!
It's all going
on the bill, Danny boy.
Do you hear me?
It's going on the bill.
And you're gonna pay.
Believe me,
you're gonna pay. Bastard!
You know,
it was your fault, really.
You were such a scrapper.
I could see the potential.
With the right training,
my own little guided missile.
Listen, Danny.
I know we've had some rough patches,
but what family doesn't, eh?
Listen, you get over this business,
we can have plenty more.
Find him!
I can kill him now!
Shut up!
But he's in there, damn it!
Shut up!
Shut up. Let me listen.
Stop breathing down my fucking ear.
Sorry, boss.
Just move. Just move back.
Clever little bastard.
Wait here.
All of you, wait here.
BART: Danny!
Danny, where are you?
Fucking pajamas?
You ungrateful little bastard!
Where are you?
You gave up
our good life for this?
This is it? This is your refuge?
Your home away from home?
This is your place of...
For what?
Did it make you
a better person?
Look what you made of it.
Nice people took you in.
They give you everything,
and look how you repay them.
You destroyed their lives,
like you'll destroy any life.
That's because you're not meant
for this kind of life, Danny.
You're a dog.
You're my dog.
I fed you, I trained you,
I own you.
And I should kill you,
like any responsible owner would do
to a dog that caused this much pain,
this much suffering.
I can't.
Come home, Danny.
All's forgiven.
You'll be safe.
You'll be back in a world
that you understand.
The only world
you'll ever understand.
What do you say?
Forgive and forget?
I know just how confusing
the world can get.
We'll make it simple again.
You, me.
Our cozy little life.
Come on, Danny. Come on.
Come on. Yes, that's my boy.
Yes. Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Welcome home, Danny.
I am home.
No! Danny, don't!
He's gonna kill him!
Don't, Danny. Danny, don't!
Don't do this, Danny. Don't.
He killed my mother!
It won't bring her back,
and you'll be just like him.
He is me! We're both animals.
Fucking dog!
No, you're not an animal.
If you kill him, Danny, everything you've
done to make yourself happy will be lost.
Don't listen to this crap.
They will lock you in a cage forever.
We are animals.
No, Danny. No.
Kill me!
No, Danny. You know why
he wants you to kill him?
Danny, listen to me. Listen.
Remember your mother?
You remember
what I did to her?
I screwed her every day.
I mounted her
like the bitch she was!
Yeah. You'll never
be anything but a dog.
You'll never escape
what you are.
You'll never escape
what I made you.
A killer, that's what you are.
And that's what
you'll always be.
Now, be a good dog.
Kill me. Get it over with.
Come on! Kill me!
Shut the hell up.
That man could talk
some serious shit.
You all right with that thing
around your neck?
Is it okay?
Well, I'd have to say
it was a decided improvement.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the recipient
of the 200th awarding
of the scholarship for excellence
in piano, Miss Victoria Mills.
My selection tonight is
dedicated to someone wonderful.
That's you. Oh, no, no.
it's not me she's talking about.
Someone whose life was quite
literally saved by music.
That's you, my boy.