The Driver (1978) Movie Script

[Engine Starts]
[Male Caller]
We open now at two draw.
I'm number three buy-in.
[Caller] On the 10
draw, G- V-U, please.
G- V-U.
J- R-C.
[Caller] We open now at two
draw. Two and four draw seen.
Five and 10 draw.
She opens five runs.
[Engine Stops]
Pay for the jukebox
[Caller Continues, Indistinct]
Well, I know
Her life ain't been easy
But the light in her fa...
Give me a 5 draw,
Take the seat
right here, sir.
In the lights of Texas
they saw me
But she won't sit down
at your table
And I know that you can't
hold her hand
[Caller] Starting a new game
now. Playing blind fives and 10s.
The game... five-blind, lowball.
[Continues, Indistinct]
[Engine Starts]
[Engine Revving]
[Tires Screeching]
[Grunts, Groans]
[Tires Screeching]
[Screeching Continues, Faint]
[Woman On Speakers]
You'll look at me
And you will know our love was
Meant to be
One fine day
You're gonna want me for your girl
We got a 211 in progress.
All right.
South side, near Lincoln.
You called it.
[Police Radio Chatter]
[Man] Suspects are described
as two males wearing dark...
Four units on their way.
[Dispatcher] ...male Caucasian,
late 20s, sandy, wavy hair.
That's him.
Same goddamn stunt
he pulled six weeks ago.
You two wanna tell me
who we're talking about?
Shut up.
I want to hear this.
- [Tires Squeal]
- [Siren Blaring]
[Horn Honks]
[Tires Screeching]
[Siren Continues]
[Siren Blaring]
[Sirens Continue]
Look out!
[Horn Honks]
[Horns Honking]
[Sirens Continue]
[Glass Shatters]
Look out!
[Sirens Stop]
[Siren Blaring]
[Sirens Stop]
[Engine Idling]
[Sirens Resume]
[Sirens Grow Louder]
[Tires Squeal]
Look out.
- [Shouting Continues]
- [Gunfire]
God! Turn it! Look out!
[Sirens Stop]
All units in the vicinity,
3849 reports that the police
units pursuing suspects' vehicle...
were involved
in a traffic accident...
at Pruitt and 34th Street.
Poker Palace first.
You call in.
[Clears Throat] 1- Y-10.
Code 6. 813 North Cleveland.
[Engine Starts]
Are you sure none of those
people got a good look at you?
See, we wanna keep you healthy
for next time.
There isn't going to be any next time.
You were late.
Well, well, well.
Lookee here.
No shit.
It kind of looks like him to me.
You sure?
Can't say for sure.
What about you?
You know, I just didn't
get that good a look at him.
She saw him
better than I did.
She did.
What do you mean, "she"?
On the end.
In the black?
Is that him?
You can take your time, because
there's no way he can ever get to you...
absolutely no way.
It wasn't him.
You sure?
You're positive?
It wasn't him.
How about the rest of you?
Guide dogs for everyone,
is that it? Huh?
Planning on looking for work soon?
My line of work
is kinda hard to come by.
Depends on where you look.
Depends on who you are.
I don't know.
Some of the criminal types these days,
they, uh, think that
they're real cowboys.
Think that they can
just, uh, drive around,
do whatever they want to do...
whenever they wanna do it.
I respect a man that's good
at what he does.
I'll tell you
something else.
I'm very good at what I do.
Now, last night...
Oh, I forgot.
His memory's not too good
about last night.
I remember everything.
Alone in your room?
You can do better than that.
I don't have to.
Go ahead throw it!
It'll cost you two years.
Go on.
You wanna throw it?
Go on. Go on.
Go on.
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna catch the cowboy
that's never been caught.
Cowboy desperado.
Now get out of here.
You all set?
How about you?
You sure?
[Engine Idling]
[Alarm Clanging]
Open the door!
Can't you open
the goddamn door?
You asshole!
Can't you even open the door?
Drive, you son of a bitch!
Watch it!
Watch that damn truck!
[Horn Honking]
Watch it! Jesus!
[Horn Honking]
[Alarm Continues]
Well, well, well.
Look what
the old van drug in.
What kind of piece did he have?
Very nice gun.
You know, that supermarket's
gonna cost you 10 years.
I don't know about any supermarket.
Yeah, you do.
Why don'tcha come on inside?
How about a beer?
Rather not, if that's okay by you.
Well, it's fine by me.
Today's your lucky day.
I'm feeling generous.
I'm gonna give you a choice.
You and your bunch are
gonna do one more job...
a bank, nice big one...
for free.
You're gonna hire
a new driver, that's all.
A good one.
I don't work with cops.
Oh, gosh.
I wish you hadn't said that.
Ow! Goddamn you!
Now, about this bank.
Cash on hand: 200,000.
That's bait for the man
you're gonna hire.
He does know banks.
You set it up in a week
or you're...
Yeah, I know all about 10 years.
Well, that's the choice.
Do 10 years
wearing a number...
or trust me...
and walk away... free.
You're getting in pretty deep on this
one, aren't you? That's my business.
Setting up bank jobs? I don't remember
that being part of taking the oath.
We're getting
the money back, jerk-off.
And we're catching somebody
that's never been caught.
That's a public service.
How many banks
in this city...
get hit every month?
Oh, 15, on the average.
How many end up
with a collar?
On the average?
About eight or nine.
See there?
We're raising the average.
Try to sell that downtown.
I sold it to myself.
That's enough.
I want the cowboy.
You wanna play this your way?
Fine. You're the boss.
But I'm telling you something:
I'm in this for the win.
You blow this thing then you
can say good-bye to your badge.
You know something? Maybe I oughta
investigate in your background, huh?
Did you ever think of that?
Some little item there?
Maybe there's something we should
know about. Maybe you're a fruiter.
Yeah. Or maybe you took a bribe.
I wonder how much it was.
Investigate all you want.
You'd just be disappointed. I'm not
gonna take your word for it. How's that?
I got a wife and I got a kid and I
got 12 years' service toward a pension.
Now, if you think I'm gonna let
you blow that for me, you're crazy.
Think about it.
I already have,
[Police Radio Chatter]
[Engine Revving]
I didn't think
you'd be the one to pay me.
Kind of taking a chance,
aren't you?
I'll pay you here
if you want.
Come on up.
[Glass Clinks]
I've been paid to do
a few things before,
but I was never paid
to be an alibi.
You're going to ask me
why I did it?
I have a friend
that pays the rent...
lives out of town,
visits me
once or twice a month.
Lately the checks
haven't been so regular.
[Telephone Ringing]
I need the money.
No, I don't think...
He's on his way up to see me.
[Cradles Receiver]
The cop.
Guess that means
I can come in.
Nice place.
Terrific view. Ah.
You didn't come by
to tell me that.
You saw the man
who was driving the car.
And you saw the man
up against the brick wall.
And you know
it's the same man,
yet you didn't identify him.
Are you afraid of him?
Are you afraid of me?
I just don't like you.
You got a reason?
Must be because
I'm such a good cop.
How old are you?
I did a little checking.
What else did you check?
Well, a young girl like yourself,
you sure have been around
the track a few times, honey.
Led a real active life.
Get out.
We're gonna do
a little business, you and I.
Look at it!
You sure that's not him?
It's not him.
Maybe you oughta
be afraid of me.
I ran a make on you.
You're clean.
No problem.
Of course,
there was that, uh,
one little scrape.
You remember?
The kinda nasty one.
The one that got
swept under the rug.
Now, when your
memory improves, honey,
give me a call.
[Door Opens, Closes]
No guarantees.
Never has been.
He might still be down there.
[Country] [Man]
Knowin' that you're mine
And happiness
is being close to you
And though the rain may fall
Our skies will all be blue
If I look close enough
The sun will come
shinin' through
It's such a pretty world today
Look at the sunshine
Today and every day
Since I met you
How'd the new girl work out?
She did her job.
Who did you have
pay her off?
I did it myself.
That's not like you.
Why am I here?
Some people wanna meet.
They're from downtown.
They've done a few jobs.
I told you I don't like guns.
I know. But they're
looking to move up.
They got their eyes set
on something special.
They know my price?
Everybody knows your price.
Even paid me $300
just to get to you.
You did.
And though the rain may fall
How you been?
I'm okay.
You two know each other?
Couple of years ago,
we worked a two-car job.
You already have a driver.
He don't have the balls
for driving anymore.
You work for a piece, right?
$10,000 up front...
against 15%.
How do we know
you're that good?
Get in.
[Tires Screeching]
All right! Enough, lunatic.
Enough of this shit!
All right, all right,
all right, all right!
We believe you!
We believe you!
Enough! That's enough!
Stop, will you?
I mean,
for Christ's sake!
For Christ's sakes!
[Engine Stops]
Easy, easy.
Better get new plates
if you plan on taking it out again.
People might be looking for you.
You're crazy.
We'll make you a deal.
I don't work
with people like you.
Or him.
This plan of yours
for our friend...
taking a little long to set up, isn't it?
Gotta be patient, pal.
Ah, I see.
Every job has its problems.
Couldn't be you just
figured it wrong?
You know something?
I think I'm gonna have to
help you with your education.
This is the quiet part
of the hunt.
Trap's all set.
Cowboy's out there somewhere.
It wouldn't be any fun if the cowboy
just walked right into it, would it?
That'd be no fun.
You know the best part
of our job is?
It's just a game.
It's either them or us.
Maybe me and you.
Oh, no way, Jose.
You're not even in my league.
I tell you what, though.
I'm a very generous man.
Tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm
gonna help you be a better cop.
You know how?
You know what you do
first thing every morning?
Read the sports page.
You know why?
Best part of the newspaper.
Winners, losers,
how it happened, score.
Now, we've got a better game than
the one they give the players.
They don't retire us
after 10 years.
Just one thing.
You gotta be a player,
a real player,
not just filling out a position.
I guess you figure you're a winner.
That's it.
And you're a loser.
But I think you'd like
to be a winner.
And you're gonna
show me the way, huh?
Unless, of course, you turn into
a complete asshole first.
Let's move.
[Crickets Chirping]
[Dog Barking]
I just wanna talk.
We need you.
You're valuable.
I already gave you guys an answer.
[Gun Cocks]
We don't like that answer.
Be friendly.
Do things our way.
Go ahead and pull the trigger.
You... You do anything else,
I'll come back.
I'll kill you.
I'm just trying to do my job.
So am I.
Go home.
I just wanted to talk.
You did.
[Train Whistle Blows In Distance]
[Speakers: Man Singing Country]
[Telephone Ringing]
Let's talk, okay?
Go ahead.
I'm having a very big
problem with your boy.
He's not too thrilled
in working with us.
I can understand that.
Look, I don't know what to do.
I'm doing the best I can, you know?
You know what to do.
You just did it.
You came in here
and asked me to save your ass.
That's what I'm gonna do...
save your ass.
[Chuckles] Guess I can't
leave you alone, can I?
Guess I'm just
a real friendly guy.
A friend of yours told me where I
could find you in the middle of the day.
I don't have any friends.
That's right.
No friends.
No steady job.
No girlfriend.
You live real cheap.
You don't ask any questions.
Boy, you got it down real tight.
So tight there's no room
for anything else.
That's a real sad song.
Only trouble is,
sad songs ain't selling this year.
Maybe I'm your friend.
I brought it for you.
Found it on the floorboard
of some Ford a cowboy boosted.
Go ahead, take it.
Save you the trouble
of making another one.
I really like chasing you.
Sounds like you got a problem.
Oh, ho.
I'm much better at this game
than you are.
You play against me, pal,
you're gonna lose.
You win, you make some money.
I win, you're gonna do 15 years.
How about it, driver?
[Speakers: Country]
My price has doubled.
Come on. Who do you think you're
dealing with? That's 30% of the take.
That's right. Special price because
I'm working with second-raters.
We'll make your deal.
I want him to say it.
One more thing.
You're not coming.
You don't give many choices,
do you, pal?
That's right.
It's a two-man job inside.
Uh, you'll get your cut later.
I don't like it.
That's the whole idea.
[Sighs] Boy, it's tough to
like that man, I tell you.
We got him.
He's doing the job.
Look, I gotta
tell you something.
It's very important
for you to get this.
Hold up your end of this deal.
'Cause if I should see any cops at all
in front of that bank... any at all...
there's gonna be
a lot of shooting going on.
Now listen to me!
I don't want any shooting.
Got that?
Got it?
Yeah, I got it.
I just need one thing
out of you,
and that's the drop point.
That way, I get my man,
I get the money,
and the money gets back
to the people it belongs to.
Straighten up
your little corduroy jacket.
Now piss off.
I'm sick of lookin' at you.
You really do like to lean, don't
ya? It's part of the job, pal.
Yeah? It doesn't make things
too easy, lemme tell you.
The man's afraid of heights.
[Alarm Ringing]
[Alarm Continues] Goddamn
it! You set the alarm off!
Come on!
Now move!
Move, move, move,
move, move!
Let's go.
[Woman Screams]
[Glass Shatters]
No! You triggered the alarm!
You're starting to
scare the shit out of me!
[Tires Screeching]
[Alarm Continues]
All right, let's move.
I covered him out the back.
He's okay.
Let's move, all right?
[Tires Squealing]
I never thought I'd be standing around,
waiting for this cowboy to make it.
Well, you are,
and he will.
You don't have
any doubts, huh?
About our desperado?
About your badge.
Boy. You are really an
asshole, you know that?
Can't get over
the mistake you made.
You've been set up, you know.
By a cop.
That's right.
He's waiting for you right now
at the wrong place.
Me and my friend
don't want to show up.
You two hotshots have both
been set up, haven't you?
You know what always
amazed me about you?
A guy with your attitude
never carries a gun.
That's stupid.
Very stupid.
[Gun Cocks]
[Engine Starts]
[Tires Squealing]
[Footsteps, Faint]
[Man On P.A., Faint]
[Coins Drop]
[No Audible Dialogue]
I want a room.
One night, maybe two.
Five bucks a night.
I'm expecting someone.
If she shows, send her right up.
Hey, you want a TV?
It's a dollar extra.
[Detective] Get on over and
keep your eye on our little lady.
[Detective #2]
[Detective #3] Forget it. I'll
put an A.P.B. Out on all of them.
No, you won't.
What the hell
are you talking about?
It's tough doing business
with lowlifes.
They're unreliable.
But we got a few moves left.
Just, uh, makes the game
a little more interesting, that's all.
Yeah, well, I've been
watching your moves.
I gotta tell you,
I'm not all that impressed.
No shit?
[Imitates Chuckle]
No shit.
We got a mutiny
with this man here.
Wait a second.
Now you're still on my team,
and I am your manager.
You do exactly
what I tell you to do, got it?
Suit yourself.
Now you're talking.
[Engine Starts]
What about the other two?
I haven't seen them.
You better stay
out of sight for a while.
There's a cop trying
to put this one on me.
The money's hot.
I wanna trade it in.
Exchange rate's four-to-one at best.
I'll take it.
The train station, 9:00.
That sandwich counter
by the lockers.
I don't like it.
I didn't think you would.
I'll set it up,
but they won't do it
if you're there.
Tonight you'll be hotter
than the cash.
I'll get somebody.
Keep your eye out
for those other two.
They'll know
I have their money.
I told you, I'm not gonna
get killed for you.
Room 3004.
[Gun Clicks]
I don't know where he is.
I haven't seen him.
Just tell me what you want.
I just set things up.
It's his business
what happens after that.
If it was jewelry or bonds,
he might come to me.
But with cash,
he doesn't need me.
I won't see him till the next one.
[Ragged Breathing]
In a hotel downtown.
The Doran.
The money's in a locker
at the train station.
9:00 he's trading
for smaller bills.
That's all.
I warned him.
I told him I wouldn't
get killed for him.
You don't have to play.
Everything goes all right, I'll
have your money by tomorrow morning.
I'll see it through.
I think you're crazy.
Put the key in a safe-deposit
box for six months,
then go get the money.
I'm on a streak.
I'm gonna play it out.
I'm gonna get it tonight.
I know all about streaks.
Every player says,
"This time is different."
Maybe we are alike.
When I lose, I just go broke.
You go to jail.
If it wasn't for that cop,
I'd tell you to go ahead.
He's the reason
I've got the rush on.
You don't care about the money.
Might even send it to him.
Sucker's game.
You think... maybe...
you could wait for a while?
[Man On P.A., Faint]
I'll be right back
for my change.
[Coins Drop]
Ah, he's about 27, 28 years old.
He's a punk.
Looks like they just switched keys.
Yeah. He's going back
to the lockers right now.
He's wearing
one of those cowboy suits.
He's got a beard...
a real sleaze-O.
He's exchanging the bag.
Black attach case.
Yeah, dirty money for clean.
Yeah. He's moving...
headed for the platform.
He's coming your way.
Right. I'll stick with him.
[Bell Clanging]
[Train Horn Blowing]
Look at your bag, pal? All right.
There's just some papers in it.
We'll see.
How about you, bub? Yeah.
Go ahead. Take a look.
[Bell Clanging]
[Man] Yeah? Police.
We're checking all the
luggage. Just a minute.
Not just a minute. Now!
[Train Horn Blowing]
Hey. What the hell
are you trying to...
Is that yours?
It's not mine.
Is that yours?
Look, man, I'm cool.
[Shouts] Is it yours? No!
Do you have one?
Yeah. It's up here.
Where is it? Where?
It's gone!
Was it light brown?
Yeah, that's right, man.
[Train Horn Blowing]
You okay, lady?
A man took my purse.
He's got the key.
He ran to the other side
of the station.
[Engine Starts]
All right.
We got trouble. Go!
Go, go!
[Tires Squealing]
[Horn Honking]
[Tires Screeching]
[Horn Honking]
[Horn Honks]
[Horns Honking]
[Horn Honking]
[Honking Continues]
[Steam Whistle Blowing]
[Truck Horn Blowing]
Let's get out of here!
- Look out! Look out!
- Aaah!
Give up.
[Ragged Breathing]
I just did the driving.
I ain't got no part in anything else.
Go home.
You okay?
I'll see you in a couple of minutes.
What happened?
Looks like
we both got swindled.
Looks like we both got ripped off
by the exchange man.
Lot of crooks
around these days.
Sure you don't wanna keep this?
Go on.