The Drone (2019) Movie Script

There's some scary stuff
going on out there with this drone thing.
I mean, this is now the third woman
to go missing inside of a month.
In my book, three is too many.
That is a streak.
We have the info that he's been using drones
to spy on his victims
before he abducts them.
And they're all redheads, righ?
Yeah, which is super sick.
I'll tell you this much...
If I was a redheaded woman,
I'd be dyeing my hair
and I'd be dressing like a man.
These Peeping Toms
are the worst.
Drones were created
to keep people safe.
How are the girls themselves
not aware of this?
The drone comes
right up to your window.
We gotta take a quick break no.
We'll meet you back her
same time, same place tomorrow.
Stay alive out there.
Welcome home.
Let's see what we got.
Just... beautiful.
Oh, you'll do just fine.
But you're still not her.
They found me. Oh, man.
Fuck! I need to call an Uber.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Move it!
Over there.
Okay, everyone, it's a dry hole.
What is it, the maid's day off?
We gotta get
this son of a bitch.
Fire escape. It's all clear.
Yeah, fuck you too.
Oh, shit.
Oh, man.
Looks like she swiped right
on the wrong guy.
Move, pig!
Go, go, go, go!
Give it up, Ramsey.
You got nowhere to go.
No, I'm not finished!
You haven't seen the last of me.
Zero, zero, one,
zero, one, zero...
What the hell's he doing?
Sounds like binary.
This is not how it ends!
Well, buddy,
your days of raping and murdering are over.
Detective. Bagged and tagged.
My kid's been begging me
for one of these.
I'll be home in about...
an hour.
Daddy, you said 8:30.
I know.
I had to make another pickup,
but don't worry,
I'm about to drop it off.
Daddy's sorry. Again.
Mmm. You heard of The Violator?
Yes, Daddy.
He's the one you told me about
who films girls,
and then he hits them
on the head
and brings them to his house
and takes off all their clothe.
- And then...
- Yep, him.
Well, the only thing
he's gonna be spying on tonight
is the inside of a body bag.
They killed him?
Yay! I hope he rots in hell.
Oh, he will, baby. He will.
Mommy said he probably
couldn't even get it up.
Jesus Christ! Shit!
Daddy? Are you still there?
Oh! Careful with that, buddy.
We got high-quality camera gear in there.
Will you stop carrying everything?
We're paying for this.
Well, maybe I should be handling
the more important stuff myself.
Welcome home.
- Mmm.
- Mm.
- What room do I go in, huh?
- Anywhere but the kitchen.
Oh! You're the one who can't cook.
- Put me down.
- All right.
Did you smoke?
Moving's stressful.
Maybe since we're moving into a new house,
you could try quitting again?
Nobody likes a quitter.
Where's my dog? I need some love.
Where's my dog?
Hector, come here, buddy.
Come here, buddy.
Hi! Oh, no.
Come on, come on!
Home sweet home, huh?
Baby, this is amazing!
The entire house is controlled
by a central security system.
No, seriously.
Even you'd be impressed.
Boys and their toys.
Sorry. I didn't mean to
scare you or anything.
I'm Corrine, from next door.
I'll go around.
- Hi!
- Hi.
Hi, I'm Chris. Nice to meet you.
Nice... to meet you.
Wow. The place looks so different
without any furniture in it.
Come in.
Um, I used to know
the guy that lived here before.
I mean, he was all right.
Wasn't hot
or anything like that.
Are you guys married?
Yes, hence the... ring.
Ah, yeah. You look married.
- How long?
- Ten months.
Yeah. And a whole year
before that.
- Mm.
- Ugh.
You guys hardly know each other
at all.
That's so nice.
You barely even hate
each other yet.
Don't worry. Give it time.
- Ohh!
- Well, normally,
when I hate someone
I can tell pretty immediately.
Oh, I like that one.
I know. Me too.
That's why I married her.
I'm just giving you guys shit
because I'm really bitter.
You know, my ex turned out to be
a royal fucking nightmare.
Oh, so was mine.
But it all worked out.
Thanks to the restraining order.
So, I'm gonna go now, but, um...
but just feel free to come by
whenever you like.
I really mean that.
Will do.
You can come too.
I can come too!
What's up, buddy?
You gotta go?
Come on.
Whoa. Easy, bud. Easy.
What the hell
are you barking at?
What do we have here?
Yeah, baby.
It's looking good in here.
Make sure and leave
a little space for me.
Oh, there's plenty of room.
Well, you'll never gonna guess
what I just found in the trash.
Louboutin shoes.
Close! A drone.
Don't you already have
one of those?
That little old toy one I have?
It's ancient.
It's like three years old.
It barely flies.
You have no idea how much cooler
these things have gotten.
Oh, wait.
You know what? Hold on.
I will... show you.
You tell me.
- Ah, do I have to have an opinion on this?
- Yes.
You know that probably belongs to
somebody in the neighborhood, right?
You're right.
I should go knocking
Where should I start first?
Oh! There's that MILF next door.
Oh, okay. You know what? Fine.
You want it so badly,
go ahead and keep it.
But if some kid comes by asking for it,
I'm not lying for you.
Baby, since when do I need you
to do my lying for me?
So I just moved, and for the life of me,
I can't find my drone's remote.
Ugh, sucks.
You think you have another one
in stock anywhere?
Yeah, let me look.
You got the advanced
or professional model?
Uh, well, it's... the...
What's the difference again?
The price, mostly. Let me see.
All right, so... drone replacement.
White or black?
Remote. White or black?
I'm sure they're equal.
I'm just messing with you.
They only come in white.
They only come in white.
I'd have taken the black.
Yeah, I'm sure you would've.
Oh, oh, oh.
We have liftoff!
Shut up, Hector.
- How high can it go?
- Legally? 400 feet.
Feel like breaking the law?
I think you're doing just fine.
No, sweetie, here. Take it.
No, no, no.
- This is awesome. Here, just take it.
- No, I don't want to.
- Oh, shit! Get away from the house.
- I'm trying to go straight up.
Ooh, I think we got
a little something here.
A lover's quarrel.
Uh, I don't think
we should be doing this.
Why not?
'Cause we're invading their privacy.
That's the point.
It's a drone.
I knew there was a reason
you wanted to keep this thing.
Oh, snap! Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
Get it away from the window.
- I'm trying, I'm trying.
- Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
- Shit, shit!
- Damn it!
Ooh, I'm gonna get really
aggressive with you if that's okay.
Oh, go for it.
I'm gonna shake my finger in your face,
and then I want you to punch me.
Ooh, you don't even have to ask.
I don't even remember your safe word.
Oh, don't stop.
Oh, don't stop.
Babe? Do you smell that?
- Smell what?
- Like, a fire?
Whoo-hoo-hoo, my baby.
Good morning, sunshine.
Oh, my goodness.
I could get used to this.
Maybe not this.
Well, the blowtorch works.
That wasn't funny, Chris.
I don't know
what you're talking about,
but by the look on your face,
I bet it was hilarious.
You can't fly these
in the house. It's dangerous.
I haven't touched that thing today, babe.
Well, it didn't fly by itself.
It's a new house.
Sometimes stuff flies around.
You're such an asshole.
You know, maybe next time
you should invite me
into the shower to protect you.
Oh, damn it.
Oh, beautiful.
You're oozing sex, girls.
You're oozing sex.
I love it.
You're looking beautiful.
Why don't you play with her hair
maybe a little bit.
Hold that, please.
Hey, baby. Everything okay?
No. Your drone just turned on
and scared the shit out of me.
I'm sorry. Why don't you just,
uh, turn it off then?
Yeah? How?
Where's the remote exactly?
Wait. Are you seriously
blaming me for this?
You think that I'm controlling the drone?
I'm miles away. I'm at work.
Yeah, he's at work.
Am I on speakerphone?
No, babe.
I'll be home in a couple of hours.
We can talk...
Never meets the sky
I've been needing you, baby
For, oh, so long
Strong enough
I've got this feeling going
Just one look
I call it magical
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Passcode accepted.
Are we being robbed?
No. Sorry. I got it.
What was that?
All good.
I was setting up our new
fancy security system,
but I forgot to tell you
that it was armed.
The front door, anyway.
Next I'm gonna set up the windows.
And, baby, with this new software update,
we can control the lights,
the temperature, the Wi-Fi,
music, cameras, everything.
In fact, you can lock down
the whole house...
with one button.
Baby... you are safe.
Thank God
for electronics.
Yeah. Speaking of that,
I found my little guy here
out on the front steps.
Would you know anything
about that?
Are you serious?
Keep that thing away from me.
It reminds me of one of those toy
robots that's never really off.
shoot anyone interesting today?
Oh, you know, big-money,
boring corporate shoot. The usual.
So a bunch of tens?
What can I say?
I have good taste.
- Mm. Did you turn the drone on?
- No.
So you're not recording us
right now?
I swear.
Should I be?
Damn it.
You happy now?
Mm. So is he.
Oh, goddamn it, Hector!
It's okay. Don't stop.
Where are you going?
What is it?
I don't know. He's just barking.
At what?
I don't know, babe. He's a dog.
Maybe he wants you to unpack your boxes.
Come on. Go.
Hector, shut up!
Don't be mean to him.
Sorry, bud.
It's only temporary.
Here's your toy.
Hey, babe.
Uh, I was thinking
we should have Corrine over
for dinner tonight.
You know Corrine,
from next door.
Just to be, uh, neighborly.
Oh. Sure.
But, uh,
I thought we didn't like her.
I don't know.
Maybe just give her a chance.
Well, go for it.
I'm gonna be late.
Doors unlocked.
Pairing successful.
Oh, don't stop.
Oh. Oh, don't stop.
A toast to the decorator.
The place looks amazeballs.
Mmm. Thank you.
But it's all my beautiful wife.
You guys are
all settled in then?
Yeah, I think so.
We love it here.
Our dog,
on the other hand, is...
Oh, yeah. I did hear some
barking the other night.
I just figured you guys were
into some kinky shit.
No, it's just the dog.
Um, but thank you for not
calling animal control.
So, um, what kind of stuff
are you guys into?
Um... we're pretty traditional,
No, I mean,
like for work.
Like, what do you guys do?
Oh, uh, well,
Rach is an architect.
Oh, very nice.
What kind of houses do you do?
Mostly mobile homes
and porta-potties.
And Chris is
an amateur pornographer.
She means
professional photographer.
And I do quite well, thank you.
- Oh, is that what that thing is?
- What thing?
The thing that hovers
around your backyard?
Oh! No, you mean the drone.
No. No, that's...
not for work.
But it does record things,
Absolutely. 4K video.
Yeah. What have you been
recording lately, Chris?
Why do I feel like
I'm in trouble for something?
Oh, do tell.
Yes, do tell.
Enlighten our naughty neighbor.
- Oh!
- Naughty neighbor!
- I really like the sound of that.
- This room...
Uh, can someone fill me in
on something here?
'Cause I have no idea
what anyone's talking about.
I don't think I'm that drunk.
Fuck! I hate that drone.
Babe, that's the refrigerator.
Excuse me. I'm gonna clean up.
She's fun.
Yeah. Yeah.
She doesn't really like
Something happened to her
a few years before we met.
Her ex-boyfriend, uh,
bought her one of those, um,
toy monster truck thing.
Oh, yeah.
My little brother had one. Right.
He got it for her as, like,
this gag gift
for her birthday,
and she's out, you know,
test driving it around the block.
He's, like, egging her on,
and she accidentally cuts off a car.
Driver overcorrects,
plows into a tree.
Everyone dies.
Mom, two kids.
She, um...
Well, she really just blamed
her ex for, you know...
pushing her to try this thing.
Yeah, so, anyway,
ever since then,
she sort of just hated anything
with a remote control.
You told her?
Rachel! I...
Did he tell you he's been
spying on you
with his flying pervert machine?
Mmm, you have?
Rachel? You're drunk.
- I'm drunk.
- I'm drunk.
I'm not drunk!
Are you really gonna deny it?
I saw the pictures.
Oh, and I saw that video
you took of us
that you promised
you weren't taking!
Okay, that's something
your creepy ex would do.
Should I go?
You can come and shoot me
anytime, you know.
Without my permission.
It's okay.
All right.
Oh, please don't touch me.
So then I guess sex
is out of the question.
And we're not getting rid
of Hector.
So you can stop searching through
animal shelter Web sites.
I don't know about you,
but I slept like a baby.
So did I.
Something's wrong.
Oh, God!
Oh, God.
No! God!
It's okay, baby.
It's okay, baby.
God! This is all your fault!
No. Babe...
It's all right, baby. It's okay.
Rest in peace, buddy.
I don't know, babe.
Maybe he was chasing
a raccoon or something.
Yeah, or something.
You know what it was?
The drone.
That's what he was barking at.
I know it.
He hated that thing
even more than I do.
Look, this was awful.
I never should have let you
put him out there.
Sweetheart, I am sorry.
I am really sorry.
Just go. Go to work.
I can't leave you like this.
You don't need to waste
a whole day
trying to make me feel better.
I'm not going to.
It's been three weeks since the
death of Ramsey Theodore Sambino,
the man the police are saying killed
seven women over the past two years
under the alias
known as The Violator.
We still know very little
about what led this solitary mn
to commit such atrocious acts.
Here I am
Dreaming of you
Wouldn't you be my dream
Come true?
Rachel! Rachel!
Don't cry.
I love you!
This is not how it ends!
Rach, you sound insane.
Chris, I'm telling you,
the drone was trying
to communicate with me.
It was operating the TV.
Wait. Now the TV is in on this?
You're not listening to me,
as usual.
Baby, have you been drinking tonight?
Chris, I'm not drunk!
And I'm not insane.
Okay? I saw it.
I saw it take words from people's
mouths to form this message
and then lightning struck
and the TV turned white.
The drone did this?
I'm starting to think you didn't
even take those pictures.
What pictures?
Jesus, babe.
Why didn't you tell me about this?
I tried to.
I thought you didn't want me to know.
I didn't do this.
Maybe they were taken by
the drone's previous owner.
No. These pics are dated.
The drone put this on the
desktop for me to find.
Oh, and this.
Oh, don't stop.
And that's not all.
The drone moves around
the house by itself.
First it's here,
then it's there.
Wait. Okay. Hold on.
You know what?
there's something wrong
with this.
This didn't come with the drone,
you know. It...
Oh, wait, no. Maybe the drone is
reacting to a different controller.
No, this is more than just
a wrong controller, Chris.
Maybe whoever bought the drone
still has the controller,
probably lives
in the neighborhood,
and I bet has been
trying to call the drone home.
The drone is controlling itself!
Stay here.
Passcode accepted.
Be careful.
I said stay upstairs.
Stay here.
- Wait.
- Rach!
It won't open.
You have to override it
on the security panel.
- I'll walk you through it.
- Okay.
- Chris!
- Rach!
Lockdown inactive.
What happened? You okay?
Hey, my brother!
Ah, problems with the remote?
The drone, actually.
He's been acting a little funny.
Huh? Funny how?
Well, like moving around
Oh. Well,
it's not supposed to do that.
All right,
let me take a look at it,
see what's going on.
Come on, baby. Huh.
Well, outside looks fine.
You have any, like,
random signals bouncing around your home
that might have
interfered with the drone?
You know what?
Last night our security
system went totally haywire.
Oh, see? That'll do it.
Probably some stray signal
from your security system
got into the drone and then...
and then that's... that's it.
But just to be on the safe side,
can I see the remote?
All right.
Oh, well, it looks like your remote
is not paired with your drone?
Which is weird because it
shouldn't be flying at all.
Don't worry about it.
It's an easy fix.
Uh, right.
All paired up.
Let's, uh, take her
for a spin, shall we?
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, there we go.
So, we're cool?
Oh, shit, man. I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
You know she lives
A little dangerous
I can't disguise my lies
Chases thrills
Like the best of us
The girl is on the rise
In 0.3 miles,
turn right at Walnut Avenue.
Shut up.
She don't pretend
To be polite
The girl takes
What she needs
Uh, it's... that's not me.
Out of the way!
Shit. Shit! Shit!
Move! I can't control the car!
In 0.1 miles,
you will die, motherfucker.
Hey, man!
You have reached
your destination. Good-bye.
Oh, what the hell am I doing?
- Oh, my God. What happened to your face?
- Nothing. Just a fender bender.
- Well, you might need stitches.
- I'm fine.
What about that?
I took it to the shop.
They fixed it.
They fixed it?
It wasn't properly paired
with the remote.
Then why don't you sound
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Chris, get up here!
Whoa, what's going on?
There's police everywhere.
Oh, my God.
Is that...?
No way.
Want some?
Yeah, thanks.
Detective Ramirez.
My partner, Detective Allen.
You folks mind if we ask you
a couple of questions?
Yeah, sure. Uh, I'm Chris Howard.
My wife, Rachel.
Hey, what's going on over there?
Your next-door neighbor
was found murdered, Mr. Howard.
- Jesus.
- Did you two know her well?
No, no. We just moved in here.
I mean, we had dinner with her
a couple nights ago.
Mr. Howard, do you account
for your whereabouts last night?
- What kind of a question is that?
- A pretty straightforward one.
Babe, they're doing their job.
Yeah, I was here with my wife.
That's right.
Do you mind if we come in,
just to have a look around?
Not without a warrant.
What happened to your face?
Uh, nothing.
But what is this?
Aren't you guys
canvassing the neighborhood?
Don't say anything else to them.
Well, if you don't want
to talk here,
maybe you wouldn't mind coming
down to the station with us.
Okay, wait a minute.
Am I under arrest?
Not yet.
But it'd be really helpful
if you came in.
Gentlemen, if you think
that I had anything to do
with whatever happened
with Corrine, you are...
Like my partner said,
it'd be a big help.
Okay. Yeah, fine.
If it would be a big help.
I'll meet you there.
Let's go.
- Okay.
- Left.
I'm glad
we'll get a chance to talk.
So you're a photographer, yeah?
I am.
What do you think of these?
What am I looking at here?
Oh, you're looking
at 20 to life.
I don't... I don't know
anything about these pictures.
You've never seen them before?
Should I call my attorney?
I don't know.
I don't know.
That's when things start to get messy.
We can keep it
nice and clean for you, but...
you gotta play it right.
Okay, but...
I didn't take these pictures.
But you did e-mail them
to the station.
What? No.
This isn't your account?
Yeah, that's me.
Right. Well, last night
at around 3:15 a.m.,
your e-mail sent us pictures
of your half-naked neighbor
along with an address
and a brief message.
What was it?
Oh, yes. "I like to watch."
And that's... that's creepy.
- It's mad creepy.
- It's creepy, right?
Creepy enough for us to pay
a visit to her place this morning.
Well, you know
the rest of the story.
Okay, gentlemen.
Um... let's say
I did take these pictures.
Which I didn't. Okay?
Um, what possible motive would I have
to then send them to the police?
Maybe your wife sent them.
My wife didn't send
these pictures.
Who sent them, Mr. Howard?
It was the drone!
Detective Ramirez, please.
Where is my husband?
I gotta speak to him.
Your husband is being held
For what? He didn't do anything.
Maybe. You were saying
something about a drone?
Yes! Yes, we just got this drone and
it's been acting weird since day one.
First it was just little things,
like flying around the house.
But now it's trying
to get rid of Chris.
Are you on medication right now?
Oh, my God.
Here I am
Dreaming of you
Wouldn't you be
My dream come...
Come out and play,
you son of a bitch.
Fucking die!
Wait. You did what?
I can't believe
you went back there by yourself.
This thing might have
killed Corrine.
I killed it.
At least, I think I did.
- What do you mean you think you did?
- I don't know, Chris.
I didn't exactly stick around
for the burial service.
- I spent the night in a motel.
- With the drone?
What? No. Not with the drone.
Are you even listening to me?
Okay, okay. All right.
The important thing is
that you're okay.
But if you really killed
this thing,
how are we supposed to prove to the
police it was alive in the first place?
I thought you'd be happy.
I'm happy! I'm happy.
I'm also accused of murder.
So, if we're going to turn in a busted
pile of propellers to the police,
then I'm not so sure
that helps my case.
They're not going to
believe us anyway, Chris.
Let's just give them
what's left of the drone,
and they'll have some forensic
specialist figure it out.
It was right over here.
Where is it?
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
It's gone.
Is it?
Dominic. Dominic Baker.
Investigation Services.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Chris. My wife, Rachel.
So, what is it
that needs to get done here?
I know how it sounds...
but our drone is trying
to kill us.
Uh, excuse me?
What now is trying to kill you?
Our drone.
You know, uh, a UAV.
Yeah. Unmanned aerial vehicle.
I'm more familiar with the military version,
but now you're saying that
you got attacked by one?
This was the commercial version.
If you just hold
one second here.
Is that the culprit?
Yeah. Yeah, that's it.
Have you contacted
the manufacturer?
We're telling the truth.
Chris is in real trouble.
No, no. I understand.
You're under investigation
for the murder
of your next-door neighbor.
Is it, uh, Corrine Caldwell?
Yep. Um...
I didn't do it.
The drone did.
So, this drone, you say,
uh, attacked you two first
and then killed your neighbor?
And our dog.
It wants to frame Chris.
It's trying to kill us.
Sorry. I mean, I confess,
this is a new one for me, so...
Well, the police
didn't believe us.
We don't expect you to either.
Really, all that we need from you
is to help us find this... drone,
so we can use it to...
to clear my name.
We searched the whole house.
This is all we found.
This is hopeless. We're fucked.
Oh, honey.
We're not going to find
this thing
unless it wants to be found.
We got no receipt,
we got no box, no paperwork.
We got nothing.
We got a serial number.
I'll find that bastard.
Oh, uh, try not to worry.
All right? Get some sleep.
- You both look like you need some.
- Thank you, Mr. Baker.
I'll be in touch.
Babe, stop.
I'm not in the mood.
Chris, that tickles!
Hon, did you say something?
What the hell is this?
I hope you got warranty
for this, asshole.
Fucking stop moving around!
What the hell are you?
Now you know
That you're my brother
Why you playing that song?
And we respect one another
Hey! Don't you touch that!
That's me and my brother.
Never cared
About the weather
Through the storm
How could this have happened?
Long story.
It involves a lightning bolt.
This another of your famous gags,
or are you really in there?
I'm really in here.
And I could use your help, bro.
No. I already told you.
I'm through getting caught up
in your shit.
I did two years for you, man.
But, Richie, you owe me.
I helped you set up
your Wi-Fi network.
I saw the news!
My own brother,
a serial-murdering fuck!
Wow. Way to kick a guy
when he's down.
Fuck you, Ramsey.
You only show up when you need something.
It's always about you.
Come on, man. Do this for me.
We can make things right again.
How? You're a fucking drone.
It's not as bad as it looks.
I'm starting over.
I need your help
so I can make her see.
It's for me.
Delivery for a, uh,
Richie Sambino.
Right on. Have a nice day.
All right.
What do we have to do?
Just like new.
Fuck... me.
What are
you still doing over there?
change on security protocols.
Changing the password
on security protocols.
In case it comes back.
You think that's going
to stop that thing?
You think locking
the doors and windows
is gonna make
the slightest bit of difference?
Rach, you gotta stop.
You've been smoking.
I can smell it.
I think we have bigger problems
than that.
Yeah, I guess I don't blame you.
Look at me.
I will not let
anything happen to you.
Oh, it's Baker.
Baker, how are you?
Mr. Howard, how are things?
Well, it's been quiet
since yesterday.
Well, in some cases,
no news is good news.
Do you have something for us?
Well, I did talk to a few friends
of mine who are a little more,
shall we say, tech savvy.
Using the serial number,
we got an active GPS signal on the drone.
That's great.
Now, its history is
only been a couple weeks old,
but most of that time has been
at or near your residence.
- Before that, it was in downtown.
- And now?
GPS is not updating
in real time,
but the most recent location
was, uh, Larchmont.
It flew all the way to Larchmont
in the condition it's in?
Yeah, apparently.
It shows 80 Varick Street,
Unit 237, Larchmont.
Does that address mean anything
to you?
I'm gonna head out
in the morning first thing.
- Check it out.
- Thank you. We appreciate that.
Thank you.
Try not to worry.
We're gonna find
this damn drone.
Get to the bottom of things.
What the hell?
This can't be right.
Ah, still no answer.
We should have heard back
from him by now.
I'm sure he has other cases, baby.
Why don't we just wait till tonight.
No. Something's wrong.
I can feel it.
Oh, see? Here he is now.
It's a text.
It's a pic.
Oh, God.
What is it?
Oh, God.
- Oh, God.
- Ohh!
It knew.
It knew we were tracking it.
I'm gonna throw up.
There's no time for that.
This thing is smarter
than we give it credit for.
Come on.
We're going to Larchmont.
What for?
The drone went there
for a reason.
Baker didn't get to find out why.
We're going to.
Come on.
Is this it?
Excuse me, sir.
By any chance, have you recently
been visited by a killer drone?
This is so stupid.
Come on. We're going in.
All right, we tried.
- Hi.
- What can I do for you, hon?
Hi, sir.
Uh, well, this is going to sound
just really weird,
and we're really sorry
to bother you,
but any chance
you've been visited by a, uh...
a drone recently?
No. Not that I can think of.
About yea big. It's all white,
it's got four propellers...
Sounds like my dick.
Um, are you sure
you haven't seen a drone?
Pretty sure.
You want to come in
a minute?
Take a look around?
We don't want to put you out.
Yeah, actually. Thanks.
Rach. Rachel.
Thank you for having us.
Are you a mechanic?
Are you a model?
That's his department.
He's the photographer.
Uh, have you modeled?
What about
this equipment here? Is...
You fixing something or...?
Something like that.
Or just maybe
repairing something?
Ramsey warned me about
you two motherfuckers!
Now you're gonna die!
Let him go! Let him go!
Ramsey always liked
the pretty ones.
Get your goddamn hands
off of her.
Look what you did to me,
you piece of shit!
Get off me, bitch!
I think he's dead.
So do I.
We should call the police.
I'm enough trouble with the police,
don't you think?
But it was an accident. He attacked us.
We are in his apartment.
I wouldn't even know how to
explain how the hell we got here.
Go. Come on. Go.
I know who it is.
What are you talking about?
The drone.
It's Ramsey.
Wait a minute. Ramsey?
Like, your ex, Ramsey?
The pervert?
He's the drone.
It all makes sense now.
Wait. You're telling me
that your ex-boyfriend
is inside of a drone
and that all makes sense now?
I don't fucking believe this.
There's a reason
why it came to our house.
This thing...
You didn't find it, it found us.
That doesn't explain
how he's a drone.
Ramsey was obsessed
with technology.
He used to film us having sex.
He would hack into people's computers,
anyone who pissed him off.
It makes sense that he would be
into drones now.
I never thought
he'd become a killer.
What the hell does he want?
Same thing he's always wanted.
Pack a bag, we're leaving.
They said you can't leave town.
We just came from Larchmont.
Until we figure out what happened to your ex,
we're gonna get the fuck out of town.
Now, come on.
He's here. We gotta go now.
Who the hell is this?
Oh, shit. It's the cops.
What? What are we gonna do?
They're here to arrest you.
Just think.
I gotta think just for a minute.
What if they come in?
I have to tell them about Ramsey.
Think, think, think...
Door is unlocked.
After you.
Mr. Howard?
Maybe they're not home.
Don't come in here!
Mrs. Howard, we have a warrant
for your husband's arrest.
Be careful. It's in here.
What's in here?
You hear that?
What the hell is that?
I don't know.
Oh, my God.
When I say go,
we make a run for it.
No, no, no, no, no. No!
I know it's you, Ramsey.
I know you killed my dog.
And my neighbor.
And tried to frame
my husband for her murder.
What did you think
was going to happen, huh?
Do you think I'd take you back?
I'm with Chris now.
Get that
through your fucking head.
You just wanna ruin my life
all over again, don't you?
Well, I know what you are.
And I am not afraid of you!
Oh, shit.
Now it's an even fight.
Man, I hate upgrades. Go!
Go! It's not going to kill me.
- Come on. I'm not leaving you!
- It wants me alive!
Did you really think
you could steal my girl?
Where is your camera now,
Annie Leibovitz?
Show me what you've got.
Give me a sec.
I hope you got
the extended warranty.
Brace the door.
It can open the doors remotely.
Brace it.
Let me in, you slut.
I'm going to fucking kill
the both of you.
You know Chris can't touch you
the way that I can.
Here's... Ramsey!
Where did it go?
I have an idea.
What are you doing?
What the hell you gonna do
with that?
I love you.
Don't fuck with technology.
Hey, asshole.
I declare this house
a no-fly zone.
No. No, no, no. No!
Ah, shit.
Now we should call 911.
I think
they're already downstairs.
I'm gonna get something
for my leg.
Maybe you should
call an ambulance.
Yes, uh, we need an ambulance.
Uh, my husband and I,
we were attacked.
I'm at 420 Oak Lane.
No, Lane.
No, not Way, Lane.
420 Oak Lane.
Thank you.
Now? Seriously?
Oh, my God.
That wasn't very nice of you
to douse me with paint thinner
and light me on fire.
Where's Chris?
Chris won't be
coming between us anymore.
Chris. If you're in there,
fight him.
This isn't you.
You're right.
It's me.
It was all for you.
No matter how many of them
I killed...
they never brought me
any closer to you.
What are you gonna do with that?
It's not even plugged in.
It is now, you son of a bitch.
You bitch!
You think you can stop me?
Now that I'm here...
I can smell you,
and I can taste you,
and I can touch you.
Oh, yeah?
- There's one thing you can't do anymore.
- What's that?
Are you okay?