The Droving (2020) Movie Script

If I had the power
The storms fall to rise
I would make the wind blow hard
I would darken the sky
I would make the winds blow hard
And the salt seas to rise
Till the day that my darling
Sailed away from the shore
What do you need?
I just need you to drink this.
Oh, and get crackers for
the table, in the garage.
Where are the crackers?
Martin's got it.
I'm on it apparently.
And where are they?
They're in the garage.
No, no, they're behind the sofa.
Why did you...
I don't know why I put them,
that's where I put them.
Did you see the jumper?
Oh, that's perfect like.
Best one in the shop, obviously.
I believe that.
Where do you want these?
Babe, did you want wine?
Yeah, absolutely.
By the fire.
Sure, yeah, makes sense.
- And you have this one.
- Oh, thanks.
I'll just steal that.
Careful mate, she's
hard to keep up with.
Well, I'm learning that.
Shut up and drink.
Megan would have loved this.
Everyone chasing around after her.
God, she had the best smile, didn't she?
Lit up the room.
When Megan first came to the group,
we hiked up to Mondale Town.
It took ages.
And then when we finally got there,
Meg went swimming.
It's freezing cold,
chucking it dow with rain,
she didn't care.
She was always impulsive like that.
It was all about the moment.
We're not exactly the wildest group.
I mean, I'm the youngest, I got sick.
But after she went in,
we all just stripped off
and followed her.
She was...
I can't believe she's not here anymore.
Sorry, sorry.
Come on.
It's okay.
Look, I'm the one who should
have been there for her.
I mean, what's the
point in being a soldier
if you can't protect
your own family?
You can't always be there for them.
You got any family in the area?
No, no.
Out in York.
My brother lives there
with his children.
They're my world, you know?
Love them to pieces.
What are their names?
Tom, he's six, and Pippa.
She's three now.
Good age gap.
I think it's better when
the boy's the older one.
It gives us a headstart.
You guys mature way faster
than we do.
Was it that way with you and Meg?
Oh yeah.
When I were 15, I was
still playing with toys,
but Megan, she was planning
journeys around the world,
what to see, what to do, everything.
Do you want me to go over
what I told the police?
Anything you can remember.
Every little detail helps.
Well, I mentioned that
Megan had just been out
with her boyfriend.
Yeah, I've seen him already.
It's a dead end.
Tell me about your hiking group.
It's many older couples from the town.
Some are retired,
and me.
You don't look retired.
No, I just like the community
spirit of it, you know?
Fair one is aunt better.
Did you hike anywhere else?
You mentioned Mondale.
We also hiked
from Heathleigh to Lerell.
That was via a place
called Lannock's Crag.
Did you two go anywhere else,
like nights out or anything?
Oh yeah, a couple of pubs maybe.
But, mainly it was hiking.
We did plan to go
to the festival together
but Meg was supposed to
meet me there and,
well, she never showed up.
You're gonna be there this year then?
In a fox mask or something?
A vixen, you mean?
No, I don't think so.
It's more fun when you
got someone to go with.
Anyway, some people take
it way too seriously now.
- Do they?
- Yeah.
Yeah, there's always a fight
at some point
and with those animal masks,
they just get away with it.
What do they call themselves again?
Oh, I don't know.
Anyway, this group, they
travel in every year,
same time to the festival.
I think they like the traditions
and rituals of it all.
But I might be
into all sorts of beliefs
but if we see them on our walks,
we just try and avoid 'em.
Do you know where they might be?
You don't think they'd
have something to do with it?
Anyone could.
A friend of mine saw them a
couple of days ago actually.
The ruins at Imot Village.
Imot Village?
Yeah, it'll be on your sat nav.
Come on, won't you write
any of this down?
I will.
Is there anything else I need to know?
No, I think you know everything else.
Martin, are you here for a while
or are you due back on tour?
After five years in the field,
I'm looking forward to
desk work, weirdly.
Well, I mean, look,
I'm here if you need anything.
See you around, Tess.
See ya.
Hi, lads.
Pretty impressive, hey?
You got it all to yourselves.
Until you arrived.
Yeah, sorry.
I got a flat tire.
I managed to park it
just down the road.
Do you know where
the nearest garage is?
I'm not from around here
as you probably guessed.
Neither are we.
Oh really?
Just looks like you made
this place your own.
You're not here
for the festival then?
That's why I came.
You haven't heard about it?
I think it'd be
right up your street.
Parade, fireworks, heard
they might have a hog roast.
I'll bloody miss it, the
way things are going.
Can't have that, sounds
like a great night.
I'll be staying late, mind you.
When the kids go, that's
when the real nutters
with the squirrel masks come out.
I had to take it all
a bit too seriously.
So, if you do go,
keep your wits about ya.
Squirrel masks, eh?
You have to be weary
about people like that.
Anyway, let's be off.
Better call someone out
about that tire.
Stick around.
We'll give you some tips
in defending yourself.
Thanks, but I need to
head off really.
Hey look, like you said,
we need to be careful
of these nutters, right?
Best to have a couple of skills,
just in case the time comes for it.
I'll be staying right out the way.
You done any wrestling before?
Many years ago, but I'm not
in good form at the moment.
Come on, you look all right.
Best to know your stuff
in case you meet the big, bad clan.
Brace yourself for basic position.
Clearly I need to
get some practice in.
We'll go again.
No, thanks.
I think I've got it.
Hey, come on,
you got to hold your own
against the clan, right?
Trust me.
If I bump into them,
they'll never see it coming.
Well, I hope so, for your sake.
Hey, do you not want to get
in touch with the garage?
We've got reception
and it's getting dark.
You know what, I'll
sleep in my car, it's fine.
Cheers again for the tips, lads.
See, there's the clan
I'm looking for.
- Just wait.
- People who scare
and beat up innocent strangers,
oh yeah.
Definitely the right guys.
I bet you palm girls as well,
don't ya?
Lost in the mountains, maybe?
No way, no, fuck that,
that's not us.
You're lying to me.
You're sure you don't go
sniffing around girls, doggy boy?
The mask was just a scare.
Don't tell me that.
I know what you do in those things.
Come on lads, let's dance
naked and fuck some roadkill.
Fuck off, no.
Then maybe you
spot a girl all alone
and snatch her for one
of your sick rituals.
Did you do something to her?
Sorry, can you not see it clearly?
I'll burn your fucking retinas out.
I've never seen her before.
I tell ya,
we don't do shit like that.
We just want respect,
people fear us that way.
We're just a gang, I'd say.
Just your average gang?
Wrestling in front of
some fucking ruins?
It's part of the show
for the festival.
But we don't believe the
fucked up rituals behind it.
Talking to the underworld and
the market of souls, come on!
Market of souls?
You really are nuts.
No, we...
We don't know shit
about these things.
It's only the older
generations that believe in it.
The rest are some right fucking weirdos
who used to be in the clan.
Any of them still around?
Only one.
He's a hermit now in the mountains,
near Lannock's Crag.
Lannock's Crag?
Are you sure?
There's a hut there.
If you're looking for a psycho,
he's fucking serious about that shit.
He's your guy, just leave us alone.
Pick up your furry friends and fuck off.
Sorry, I didn't think
there was anyone in.
Oh, I'm in.
I was looking for a
place to rest my legs.
I hiked from...
There isn't room here.
I thought this was three-person hut.
- Pardon?
- It's a bothy.
And there's another a
couple of miles west.
It's just, the weather's on the turn
and it'll be dark soon.
Well, you best get moving then.
Sorry, I thought this place
was for everyone to stay.
Please, I won't be an inconvenience.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
That's better.
Was killing me.
Bloody hell.
You lost something?
I'm like that.
Always need to know
where everything is.
Do you want a mint?
It's gonna be a cold one tonight, innit?
Do you have many people staying here?
Not really.
That must be nice, having
this place all to yourself.
I've been staying in an inn
for the past couple of nights.
Nice and quiet, but I don't know.
When you're new to an area,
the sweet local stuff can
seem a bit alien at times.
Never too sure what to trust.
I heard about this one place.
It's in Ireland or Wales.
Cozy little B&B,
and the owner used to feed
the scraps of the kitchen
to these stray dogs.
So eventually they just stuck around
and kind of became part of the charm.
I mean, they weren't diseased
or anything.
And the council were
gonna build a new bypass
so people could get around
the town a bit easier.
And this new road was gonna
go straight past the B&B.
So the owner had the idea to expand
and make the most of the situation.
I mean, it was the only
B&B for a good few miles.
He put up signs, adverts,
even did a couple of local radio shows.
He built a new car park
with a water feature.
Eventually added even more rooms
to make an even bigger hotel.
And it worked.
It was getting packed every night
with businessmen and road workers.
After a while, families and
the tourists start coming.
Then he started to get
complaints about the dogs.
Which you can understand
with all the young
children running around.
But the owner, he was
really upset about it.
I mean, these dogs,
they were part of the
charm of the place, right?
So, I guess he stopped feeding them
'cause after a while
they just disappeared.
People stopped complaining
and everything was good.
The owner even managed
to build a new house
up in the hills.
But then, apparently,
one night there was a
stag-do from Sweden, I think.
And this one drunken lad,
wandered down to the kitchen
thinking it was the bathroom,
and pissed in the sink.
Then he saw the massive freezer
and just thought, help yourself.
When he opened the
freezer, guess what he saw.
The dogs.
All chopped up, stored in the ice.
Grim story, isn't it?
Bastard councils with their new roads.
Something works for hundreds of years,
then they come in, drown it in tarmac
and call it modernization.
Now, I come to think of it,
that's part of the reason why I travel.
To escape it all.
You can't.
It's taking over the
country like a disease.
I suppose people around
here must still care
about the history and tradition.
I mean, they still celebrate stuff
like The Droving, don't they?
Cor, even that is corrupted.
All people see is the
tourism, the food vans.
Most of the town, they watch
it through their mobile phones.
Traditions get buried,
and the truth behind those traditions,
practices and rituals, oh well,
that gets lost entirely.
But there must be some
people who still care.
My little sister is the one
who got me into it actually.
Although she did believe in fairies.
What it is to be a child.
Oh no, this is when she was 23.
She always believed that a
fairy was there next to her.
Stopping anything bad from happening.
She came hiking in the area actually.
She sent me a postcard
and I just thought, "Wow!"
"This place is perfect."
So, I just had to come
and see it for myself.
Well, it is impressive.
You ever been to Mondale Town.
She went hiking there
with a group from the area.
Managed to convince
them to swim in the tarn.
She's mad.
Afterward, she came through here.
She didn't stay here, did she?
No, no, she didn't.
But you have seen her before.
Take another look.
I won't blame you,
it was a while ago.
Yeah, I do recognize her now, yes.
But she didn't stay.
It's just, you didn't say anything
the first time
I showed you the picture.
I wasn't certain.
Did you speak to her?
No, not really?
I might have passed her out
on the trails at some point.
Funny thing.
When she came through
here, when you saw her,
that was the last time
she was seen, ever.
She disappeared after that.
This is quite strange.
Even stranger,
that it was the day before
The Droving Festival.
Which would make it
exactly a year ago today.
What were those practices and rituals
you were going on about?
- I don't...
- Because I heard
from the clan, that you
were the guy to talk to
about that stuff.
And you clearly are well
educated in that area.
I respect that.
But you have to respect
that my sister is missing.
Do you know what happened to her?
Come on mate, you can tell me.
I don't know anything.
Do you not?
You can't even look me
in the eye, can ya?
- I don't...
- What's your name again?
We haven't really introduced ourselves.
I'm Martin.
What's your name?
What's your fucking name?
- Brendan.
- Brendan.
Nice to meet you, mate.
There we go.
So, what's the problem?
You're gonna tell me the truth?
I know you know something,
I can see it.
I don't know anything.
Look at ya.
Your legs are shaking,
your hands are sweating.
Your eyes are bouncing
all around the room.
Your lip's quivering.
You're saying nothing but
your body tells me everything.
- I've nothing to say.
- I don't know.
All these coincidences piling up.
The clan, the festival,
dangerous rituals.
I mean, I might be out on a limb here,
but it all seems to point back to you.
I don't care how long it takes.
You will tell me, you fucking freak.
We have all night.
And after you've told me everything,
I don't know what I'll do.
It's pretty exciting.
Come on, come on, get up now.
Come on.
Here we go, here we go, here we go.
Don't worry.
It starts slow.
I'm gonna ease you in.
I don't hike, I don't give
a shit about tradition,
and I fucking love dual carriageways.
What I do,
is I make people talk,
and I'm very good at it.
From the deepest cells in Bahrain,
I've heard the darkest secrets
from the sickest men in the world.
I've made people talk who were
far more committed than you.
True believers who were
bred from the age of five
to fight a holy war.
I made them speak.
I made them speak in fucking verse.
I made them give up their friends,
their families, even their god.
And you think you can stay
silent about my own sister?
What did you do to her?
You believe in the underworld?
I'll fucking take you there.
What did you do to her?
All right, here we go.
What did you do you cultist fuck?
Where is she?
I killed her.
I killed her.
You did?
I did it.
She's dead because of me.
Because I told him.
Told who?
Who did you tell?
What the fuck are you talking about?
Back in the day,
traders were going to town
for The Droving, to bid on cattle
and then auction their sheep.
But a legend tells of one merchant
who traded in something else.
The souls of the dead.
That you could do a deal with him
to return a loved one to
you from the underworld.
But in return, you had to
bring him the soul of another.
Some times two or three, whatever
he deemed the right price.
I've told people that legend for years.
No one ever believed me.
But he did.
He truly believed me.
A hiker.
I met him three years ago.
He needed somewhere
to stay the night.
We started talking and he told
me his wife had just died.
So, I told him all the
stories, the legends.
I told him about the merchant.
A few months later, I saw him again
and he told me
that the merchant was real,
that he'd met him.
That he'd done a deal with
him to get his wife back.
He told me I've been right all along.
I didn't know what to think.
Last year, he even brought a girl.
They met on the mountain
and came here together.
The three of us
ate and talked all night.
She was so kind and open-minded.
Your sister breathed life
into this place.
I heard from some
climbers she was missing.
A few months later, I saw
him for one last time.
And for the first time in years,
he mentioned the merchant.
He told me that the deal
was almost done.
I came back here, I locked the door
and I tried to convince myself
that what I was thinking
couldn't be true.
And I nearly did.
I only ever wanted for people to believe
in the same things I did.
Your sister's dead,
because I made him believe.
I'm so sorry.
There's one thing I don't get.
Megan was impulsive
but she wasn't stupid.
She would never have followed a stranger
to a place like this.
He wasn't a stranger, she knew him.
Part of a hiking group from the town.
They'd been walking together before.
What was his name?
Do you wanna read the joke?
It's a calendar.
It's a mystery calendar.
That is true.
Okay, do you wanna read the joke?
What did Cinderella say
when the chemist lost her photographs?
It's midnight.
I'm looking for my pumpkin.
My aunt sucks.
I need to get home before 12.
Some day my prints will come.
That's bad though, innit?
I get it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Photo prints, prince?
- All right.
- Yeah, it's awful.
I give up on the jokes.
Anyway, terrible jokes aside,
what's your next adventure gonna be?
Oh, you have to tell him.
So, we're gonna go
and jump out of a plane.
What I can tell you,
jumping out of a plane
is anything but peaceful.
Oh, have you done it?
Yeah, I thought I told you.
When was this?
I mean, it was a few years ago now.
It's like just one of the
exercise we had to do,
just in case we ever do
have to jump out of a plane.
They just want you to be ready for it,
so, me and the lads just got in a plane
and then just dived out.
Did you enjoy it?
I mean, I got told to do it
so I don't really, I can't
really say I enjoyed it
but it is, it's exhilarating anyway.
You'll absolutely love
it, you, not so much.
No, I'll die, all the way down.
I'm not coming.
Maybe one day.
What is this?
I need someone
to have a drink with me,
'cause this one's never
gonna share a whisky with ya.
Careful, not after wine.
Oh, come on.
I wouldn't mix it,
but it's your hangover.
Oh, he's a big boy,
he can handle himself.
Yeah, I am a big boy.
Sure I am.
So, how's the writing going?
Still going.
Tough to get into.
Oh, come on, it's better than that.
Tell him about the publisher.
- Publisher?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I got in touch with this guy,
and I'm meeting him in February.
Just making final changes to the book.
Oh, great!
So, I guess it's smooth
sailing from then on.
Fingers crossed.
Still be some time
before it gets released.
All right,
so it could be a while then?
Yeah, well, it takes a long time
to get it done properly, doesn't it?
Of course.
I had a mate who got a book published.
Some kind of horror.
I think from beginning to
end it was about six years.
But obviously you keep going
if you're passionate about it.
Well, as long as you have the support.
Say all goes well, and in two years
you're a fully-fledged author,
what's the next book about?
Depending on Megan,
it might be a romance.
I think I'm pretty drunk.
Let me just go to the toilet.
What's up?
The other day, when I
said, "Every little detail,"
what exactly did you think that meant?
The other day, when I
said, "Every little detail,"
what exactly did you think that meant?
What's wrong?
What's wrong is you didn't
tell me everything, did you?
I did.
Tell you where I live.
I have been back and forth
chasing guys in masks
around this rainy shit hole.
And the guy who killed my
sister is someone you know.
You never knew someone
in your hiking group
could be so fucked in the head
that he could do something like this?
One of the hikers, who?
I thought we were friends.
Do you want us to be friends?
Do you want me to go to York?
Do you want me to visit Tom and Pippa
and dissolve their little bodies
in potassium hydroxide, until
they turn into that stuff
you pour down your kitchen sink?
You need to tell me everything.
Do you understand?
Tell me about Simon,
and why you didn't think
to mention his dead wife.
- Simon.
- Oh!
I know he believes in some
twilight zone bullshit.
Why don't we start
with where he lives?
Now really isn't the time
to get all quiet on me.
Where the fuck is he?
He's in my living room.
He just came by, he was on
his way to the festival,
he asked me to go with him.
All right, all right.
Here's what's gonna happen.
We're gonna go back inside,
you're gonna introduce me.
We're all gonna have
a cup of tea, okay?
- But...
- Sh!
I need to be sure.
So let me do my thing.
Be his friend.
Keep calm,
and follow my lead.
Don't worry.
You'll be fine.
Simon, this Martin.
Oh, hi.
He just
hopped by.
I was just on my way into town.
Huh, me too.
Oh, fan of the festival?
Not really.
I like the buzz, I suppose.
We were gonna go for a bite
to eat, not sure where.
Oh, really?
Sorry I just barged in and
spoiled all your plans.
No, it's not a problem.
I mean, we could go together maybe.
No, no, no, it's fine, don't worry.
I'm meeting the lads on town in a bit.
We have time for a cup of tea.
Probably not for another half an hour.
So, how do you guys know each other?
Martin is a...
Consultant at Parsons and Carr.
I'm based in Manchester,
but I travel up and down all the time.
We catch up whenever I'm in the area.
Tess says manager
is gonna be a real pain.
What assholes.
Just gonna pull for them I suppose.
What do you do again?
I'm an electrician.
Sort of semi-retired.
I'm my own boss.
Wish I could be.
No one breathing down your neck,
happy at life.
It has its ups.
Get a lot of time
for the lakes then I guess?
After 14 years, I'm
finally getting this place.
Hated it when I first moved here.
You did?
My wife was the instigator.
She was the one
that used to frequent here
when she was younger.
I was married for 19 years.
She sounds like a determined woman.
She was.
Nothing to worry about.
At some point, we all
have to move on, don't we?
This cup of tea
is taking a long time.
Have we got to be moving in a bit?
Got time for a quick one.
You really don't wanna
miss that festival?
I'm quite hungry.
Haven't had anything to eat all day.
Big dates can do that to ya.
Me and my wife were the same.
You know, the nervous
thing does work sometimes.
Ladies can like a guy
who's a little bit unsure.
I'm not unsure.
Oh, good then.
Think tonight maybe this
is gonna go your way?
I do.
Two sugars, right?
Thank you.
How do you take it?
Come on, you know.
Of course.
So, your wife's from Manchester?
Yeah, that's right.
Did she like hiking?
She'd obviously
come out with us one day.
No, she's not really
into that sort of thing.
She's a bit of a bookworm
to be honest.
Studies a lot about ancient
history and mythology.
What's that last thing she
was hung up on recently?
It was
mythical figures in English folklore.
Owl people, fairy men,
the merchant.
Some fascinating characters.
I mean, it's all bullshit really,
but makes for a good read.
I think it's about time we
kind of left for our table.
We booked it for half past.
I thought you hadn't decided
where you were gonna eat yet.
No, we hadn't.
Well then, I best be off.
The lads will be brawling by now.
I just wanted to say I've got
a lot of admiration for you.
I know if I ever lost my wife,
I don't think I'd ever be able
to move on.
But now I know that after the
worst has happened to you,
there's still a chance
to power through.
I guess the main thing to overcome
is the fact that no matter what,
that person will always be dead.
Hold it tight, hold it tight.
It's all right.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's gonna be all right.
You're through
to the emergency services.
Are you there?
I did it.
I got the last one.
It's time.
I'm ready.
Where is she?
No one else here, only me.
We did the deal.
Come on.
After all this?
The merchant's supposed to be here.
I did what he asked.
I just only wanted my wife back.
I'm sorry!
Shut up.
Shut the fuck up.
We're not there yet.
We're nowhere near.
Shut the fuck up.
Wake up you piece of shit.
We haven't even started yet.
No, no, come on you prick.
We're not done yet.
We're not done yet.
What was all that about?
What was what about?
You don't even realize
you're doing it, do you?
You know what, it doesn't
matter, forget it.
Hold on.
I came here to forget
what I'm doing over there.
To see you and to have
a laugh with my family.
So just maybe I can take
some of that good stuff
back with me.
Yeah, I know, and it's
not about why you came,
it's the stuff that
you're bringing with you
that worries me.
Right, so how about we play
that game with sticky labels?
So, everyone gets a sticky label
and then you write down the name
of a famous person or a character
and then you stick it on the
person next to you's head,
and then you have to guess
who you are?
Yes or no questions only.
Like Robin Hood or something.
It's not fair.
It's not fair.
Who the fuck are you?
Who are you?
Are you with him?
Another psycho fuck?
You wanna fuck with me?
Fuck with my family?
What the fuck is this?
Who are you?
It's okay.
You've been through a lot.
I understand.
You killed a man.
I did.
But who are you?
Was he your first?
You see?
You're trained for this.
You can handle it.
Hey, look at me, look at me.
You did the right thing.
He killed your sister.
But it's not enough.
All the horrific things I did
to people in those prisons,
for a name, a number.
Some of them didn't even know.
But him, a murderer,
he killed my sister.
He got away easily.
It's not fair.
Why did he get to do what he did
and escape all that pain?
He deserved more
for what he did to her.
You just wanted to see
your baby sister again.
You want to see her again,
don't you?
What if there was something
I could do about that?
What do you want in return?
If I had the power
The storms fall to rise
I would make the wind blow hard
I would darken the sky
I would make the winds blow hard
And the salt seas to roll
Till the day that my darling
Sailed away from the shore