The DVD (2019) Movie Script

I am William Alexander Genovet
and welcome to the DVD for
Artifact of a Love,
um, I hope you enjoy the film
and all of its many bonus features,
the DVD has a lot to offer,
um, I hope you watch through it all,
uh, theres plenty to enjoy.
Hello, Jonathan Winterspeak.
Angela Summering.
You recognize me.
That is a good sign.
What are you doing here?
Dont matter your brain with me
or how Im here,
for that is not for you to worry about.
What matters is what I have to tell you.
What is it you have to tell me?
Do you ever think about my death?
Yes, I try to erase you.
You cannot erase an artifact of the heart.
No, try as I did,
I did try.
Jonathan! Look out!
Gimme all your money, white boy.
You know who I am.
Do me at least the courtesy of admitting that.
You were sent for me.
Yo, yo, pretty smart for a white boy
bout to die.
I dont wanna hurt you.
Just go.
Jonathan, wake up.
I couldnt let you do that.
Are you an angel now?
We dont think of it like that where I am.
That is an earth word.
But yes.
Did it hurt?
When I
killed you?
Because you were full of love.
Im not mad.
Im where Im supposed to be.
I should be where you are.
Not you.
Jonathan, you are.
What are you saying?
Dont you ever wonder
why you cant read that letter?
Do you ever think about why?
I dont understand
what youre saying to me.
You were killed, Jonathan.
Was it by a gangster?
It was by you.
You couldnt live with the remorse
of killing me.
And your love for me.
I knew you loved me.
Thats why it didnt hurt.
I dont remember feeling anything.
Because you love yourself.
You do.
I always believed it,
even if you didnt.
Even when we were on the run.
Avoiding gangs.
Avoiding my father.
Even when you stayed up
all night saying you wanted
to commit suicide for all the
people youve killed.
And youd drink.
And youd hit me.
And Id hit you.
And youd drink some more.
And then youd go out and kill.
Just so we could have money.
Contract killing jobs,
just for me.
Freelance contract killing jobs,
for me.
For us.
Im glad to know I was right.
Even if we cant be alive,
it is good to be right.
Because I loved you.
I loved you.
I love you, I love you.
Open your eyes, Jonathan.
Here we go!
William Alexander Genovet.
- Name's gonna be known.
- That motherfucker.
Yeah, that's me.
Why are you actin' like I'm not in the room?
Yo motherfucker, get some stable hands,
they're just, like,
Okay, we both filmed stuff, okay?
That was you, but!
- Well, not all of it.
- Don't, don't be,
yeah, but that exact shot was you,
don't be putting it on me!
I like the trees in that part.
Artifact of a love.
I, I hate this font.
It's an artsy font. It's, like,
it's a good font.
It's not boring.
What do you want, Times New Roman?
- There she is!
- Oh yeah.
Like, the I in Sai looks like an L.
Yeah, but that's your fault for having
an I at the end of your name.
Motherfucker, that's your fault because you
can't pick a good font!
My name looks awesome. Look at that.
William Alexander Genovet.
It only looks awesome, it's not.
- Yes, it is.
- That's the only awesome part about it.
Okay. Sure.
Yo, how long is this shit?
It's the opening titles.
Like, it's who worked on the film.
Look, I directed this film, so,
keep that in mind.
Did you not know that?
Was that an afterthought you just had?
No, but when you see this wonderful
piece of art,
- Yeah, with the shaky hands at the start of it!
- It should just be, just,
That one shot,
- you had one job in that shot.
- Okay, shut up, here we go.
Look, that's me.
Oh, pathetic acting, here we come.
'Pathetic acting'. I did fine.
I think I did a good job.
That's one of the parts I'm proud of,
of this film.
Yeah. I'll let you think that.
Wait, wait, wait, it's coming.
- There she is.
- Oh.
Look at her run.
We should have got a close up of that.
Her ass, running.
- Motherfucker.
Look at her, there she goes.
Again, we cut out the ass,
- what were we doing?
- Yeah.
Who the fuck was filming that?
You know, you probably did it,
because I probably ran, right, right?
Didn't I run right after her?
You probably filmed that.
Look, now I'm looking for her.
Well, you should have told me
you wanted a close up.
Oh, there she is again.
Now she's like, in darkness.
You can barely see.
Yeah. The lighting sucks.
Yo, she is like,
like she's a good actress, but, like,
just as a girl, like,
I look like a priest.
I know, you do.
With the black and the little white.
Totally against who you actually are, though!
Yo, shut up.
It was really cool shooting in the park,
it was a great
great environment.
She has nice hair, too.
Yeah. Everything about her, man.
It matches the trees.
And her shirt is all, like, the top,
Oh, here you come.
There you are, big tough guy.
Ha ha!
- What was that?
'Ha ha'!
Yo, motherfucker,
just watch the film, okay,
- just watch the film.
- I am.
I'm watching Courtney especially.
- Best part, uh,
- That's the only thing worth watching.
No it's not!
It's a good film.
And she is good lookin'.
What are you zooming into there?
I was zooming in!
I wanted to look!
And that was you, can I,
that was your shot!
You used that cut,
you could've used a different cut!
I bet you, I bet you fucked all of them
up equally.
- No I didn't, okay?
Yes you did!
Oh, those eyes.
Nice big eyes.
Nice lips!
Bet those are good for a lot.
Fuckin' asshole.
Can I not imagine?
Can I not dream?
You can!
Who's stopping you?
Go all wild!
It's not like I give a shit!
Imagine, we got like, a nude scene in there?
That's all you got to say?
Well, I'm imagining it, motherfucker!
I wonder if she'd be down for that, like,
I don't know.
Like, with a body like that, I mean,
I don't know.
- How can you not? Like,
- Yeah.
Don't you wanna show that off?
I would.
If I was her.
I'd be lookin' at myself all day long.
She was really cool.
Well, she IS really cool.
Wish we coulda got a kiss scene
in there somewhere.
- Yeah.
- Woulda been awesome.
Well, we coulda gone further.
I wish we had, but, you know?
Only so much you can do.
Yo, man, but I, I have to say,
this is so much better than like,
what the other people are makin' out there.
- I know, like,
- Yeah.
This is a good, like, we did a good job,
I mean, I'll give you that some,
some of it's, like, shaky, blurry,
there's lighting whatever, but,
it's like, a nice environment, and,
- Yeah.
- I don't know, I like the script
and all that, and,
- Yeah.
- That's one of my favorite parts.
I, just the ending overall, I really love.
- And this quote.
- Yep, Martin Luther King!
With your shaky hands in the background!
It's not supposed to be a tripod shot, okay?
Like, it's, it's a handheld shot.
Like, calm down.
Plus, the focus isn't on the sky,
it's on the font.
- Well, not the font, I'm sorry, the text!
- What!
- What the fuck!
- You know what I mean,
there we go, Artifact of a Love,
- there's the title.
- Still hate the font.
Okay, well,
I still love it.
You know, you cold have voiced your opinion
on the font, like, during editing,
it's not like I didn't show you anything.
You didn't give me a choice for font!
You were so adamant on this one!
Because you wanted boring ones!
- Like, you could have picked a different,
- So, what, what's the problem with simplicity?
Because, a simple, you don't want Times,
that's what everybody else does.
Be different.
Yeah, but different doesn't mean
making Sai 'Sal'.
There's a dot above it, okay?
No L has a dot above it,
it's obvious it says Sai.
Yeah, yeah.
Courtney Tane!
Oh yeah.
There she is.
Yeah, there you are.
That says Sai, shut up.
It says Sal, okay?
Shut up.
Like, I get it has a tail,
but that's just cursive.
That's just dumb, is what it is!
Okay, just cause you cant read, like, a
- you know, fancier font, doesn't mean it's bad.
- Oh, just shut up, okay?
It's not a fancy font, it's a dumb font.
No, cause see all those trees in there?
That was all me.
Director of, uh, Cinematography.
That was all me.
All the fuckin'
Stupid shots and lighting that we had,
that was all you!
I'm proud of it, man.
I mean, I, I don't know, I really like the film,
and the music, yeah, the music was a,
like, I felt like
we actually found some pretty good stuff.
I think it fit the tone, and,
Uh huh.
I don't know.
Overall, I mean, I think we actually did
a really good job
with, um,
I don't know.
I mean, we kept it simple, but,
it was interesting, and,
- Eh.
- Like you said, it's better than
what other people are makin', like,
- this is good.
- Yeah.
Like, it has its flaws, but,
so does every other film.
Yo, when the,
- What?
- What the fuck were you thinking when you
It's, yo, that's like, it's true.
The end.
I'm proud of it.
I am William Alexander Genovet,
this is actress Courtney Tane,
uh, we are here about to start filming
Artifact of a Love.
Theres Courtney.
There she is.
shes signing the release form right now,
just for this, uh, production.
Hows it going?
You uh,
you excited?
We found my dick in the woods
while we were filming.
Had you lost it?
Yeah man, I, uh,
this thing goes all over the place,
you know, sometimes I cant keep track of it.
it's, you know.
Can we shoot?
Were shooting right now,
isnt this,
this counts.
Well get to the film, don't worry.
Weve got plenty of daylight. We're good.
Why, are you not amused?
I think its funny.
This is too long to be
your dick, right?
Nah, mines longer.
So, weve got Courtney here.
Shes uh,
holding my dick on that end.
Smile, smile.
Give a smile.
Youre an actress,
you can do a smile. Smile.
Huh, yeah, there you go,
there you go.
Is it heavy?
Not really.
Yo, dont, dont.
This is plenty heavy,
I mean, how, anyway.
You dont want it too heavy,
or else it cant get in,
you know what Im saying?
Are you, are you going?
Youre recording?
Okay, tell, tell them,
tell, say what you were gonna say,
what, what you were saying before.
I have to pee?
Yeah, but,
the, how, with the what, just,
go in the woods,
if you have to pee, go in the woods.
I dont want to go in the woods!
Well yeah, but the woods are right there
and we, its running out of the daylight,
we, just go in the woods,
its a lot quicker,
the bathroom is, like,
ten minutes that way.
Were in a park, here.
Yeah, just, no ones gonna see you,
I mean, I, I, Ive done it,
its, you know,
go behind a tree, you pee,
and then youre done.
Its a lot quicker, its just,
we have to get moving here,
we dont really have a lot of time.
Just take like two minutes
and then come back.
We wont look, well just,
well be here, just,
you know, hurry up.
Yo, what are you doin?
This is her bag, bruh.
Yo, why are you going through it?
She went to pee.
Look, I found a brush.
We can, you wanna clone her?
We can clone her.
Ooh yeah.
We'll have one for each of us?
Yo, Imma save it for later.
What else is in there?
We got,
ooh, we got money!
Ooh, how much?
We got a rich one!
Uh, lets see.
We got some dimes.
I like the dimes.
The dimes are small.
You want the, I don't want a penny,
- do you want a penny?
- Nah, man.
- You want a penny?
- Who wants a penny?
Dont throw it at me!
Dude, shes taking a while
over there too.
Dude, look at that!
Is that her pee?
Yeah. I think it is.
It goes all the way from here
over to there.
Do girls pee this much, dude?
Dude, I have no idea.
Yeah, I dont pee this much, damn,
- what does she drink?
- I have never seen this, dude.
Get a shot, get a shot of like,
dude, like, its like,
saturated over here though.
Like, thats not just a little bit.
Can we go?
What are you drinking, dude?
You said you were in a rush to film,
why arent we filming?
Well, because, I mean,
we dont really,
were just looking at the pee,
I dont know, I mean, its funny.
Its like, behind the scenes stuff.
I dont want this on camera.
Well, I mean, you did in the woods,
- anybody can see it, I mean.
- Mm.
So, Courtney is
a little bit thirsty, she says, uh,
She wants a drink, um,
and we found this tree here
that she claims she can climb,
so, uh, we made a deal that
if you can climb this tree successfully,
and, well determine whats successful,
uh, then we will buy you a water.
- Yeah.
- Or, you know,
maybe an iced tea or something, but, uh,
Waters good.
Get climbing!
There she goes.
Oh, there, oh!
Skill, it looks like youre gonna have to
buy the water.
Hang on, hang on.
You never know.
- Im not actually buyin this girl a water.
- This high enough?
No, you gotta keep goin.
You have to go the top.
The top?
Definitely the top, keep going.
Its a tall tree.
Yeah, well, thats no excuse,
you dont get the water,
you didnt make it to the top.
- Are you kidding?
- She chickened out.
I told you, you had to get to the top,
does that look like the top,
or does that look like the top?
Yup. No water for you.
Doesnt look like the top to me, dude.
You good?
Can you help me?
You can get down,
you got up, dont.
There she is.
Still thirsty?
Wait, dont scare it, dont scare it.
Leave it alone!
Come here!
Thats not nice!
Wheres it goin? Wheres it goin?
- If youre cold,
- Can we go inside soon?
If youre cold,
the best thing to do is jumping jacks, you know?
Warms you right up.
- Go for it.
- Yep.
Do some jumping jacks.
Come on. Do ten.
Do fifteen. Fifteen.
Or twenty.
Fifty will get you really warm.
Yeah, no, if you wanna be like,
That was fifteen.
If you want to be hot, you know,
- Yeah.
- Hot, you know?
- Yeah.
- Uh,
A hundred.
Just go up to, like,
yeah, a hundred, or,
a hundred seventy five, even.
Just, just keep going until they,
like, just keep going.
Is this what you want?
Yes! Come on, I need to go home!
Come on!
- Take your bag! Take your bag!
- I gotta go!
Dont! Dont!
Oh shit!
Youre leaving?
Yeah, where are you going?
Dont, we, we still have another take.
We have a few more shots to do,
where are you heading off to?
The film isnt done yet!
Well, we'll cast someone else!
You messed a couple scenes,
we gotta actually reshot the whole thing.
Or reshoot.
We gotta reshoot the whole thing.
Yo, so, we found,
we found Courtneys vagina over here.
Yo, look at this.
It looks a little dry.
- Yeah.
- Aint lookin too good.
We got, what is this?
- Yo, what, what, whats it doin?
- Whos dick is that?
Whose is that?
You know, that aint long enough to be mine.
Its not mine either.
- Oh.
Yeah, yup.
Shes one of those.
Yeah, she could use some,
what is it, yogurt?
- Mhm?
- They use yogurt down there?
I, I have no idea dude.
Aint lookin too moist.
Yo, dont be kickin' it my way.
I dont want that.
Im putting it in.
Its already in there, dudes.
Tight as hell.
It can go further.
Hi, I am William,
and I made 'Artifact of a Love'.
So, Sai came to me, uh,
with an idea for this big sort of
massive sci-fi film that, um,
just, budget-wise, uh,
we couldn't really make.
Uh, it was a little bit out of our hands,
so we figured we'll take a piece of it from,
from the end,
and sort of just focus on that and make that
into more of a short film, uh,
which became 'Artfiact of a Love', and um,
yeah, we're, we're, I mean, we're in love with it,
we're, we, it's a really good film, um,
we like it.
Yeah, I've always been interested in making films
and directing, uh, people, and,
um, it's always been a passion of mine,
it's always been a dream of mine,
um, it's still a dream of mine to
eventually be able to make bigger projects,
maybe one day we can make something,
uh, to the scale that Sai, um,
you know, that his original idea was, um,
so, hopefully we get there, but,
I mean, even for right now,
just to be able to make the films
that we're making is,
uh, it's an honor, it's a dream, um,
since I was a kid I've always wanted
to do this, and,
here we are.
I put out a casting call, um,
to obviously cast people for the film,
um, we got submissions from,
you know, all over the country, and,
um, Courtney was in New York City,
and she had the best tape,
um, so,
she was clearly the choice for us,
we knew, uh,
the second that we saw the tape,
and that she was so close,
it would, it would be convenient,
and we'd get a great performance from her
and we did, she uh, knocked it outta the park.
Courtney was, um,
or is, a very talented actress,
and, uh, just, as a person,
she was great to have on set,
and wonderful to work with,
you know, I feel like its important
as a director to, um,
take care of your cast, and,
your crew, and, whoever works
on your films, and,
to make them feel comfortable
and appreciated, and,
uh, Courtney felt very
you know, um, respected, and,
uh, very comfortable on set, um,
that was very important for me, um,
you know, being in control of everybody,
making sure that the environment,
uh, was one that you would like to work in,
um, I think I accomplished that, and um,
yeah, I mean, she did great, and uh,
she is a very talented and great person.
The film, to me,
it deals very heavily with, um,
themes that are important
in my own life, um,
there's, you know, love,
there's, uh, death,
there's, just, several aspects
of this film that,
uh, really came from my heart,
um, they were very meaningful to me,
and, and, I mean, I think that's
what I do as a filmmaker,
that's what all filmmakers do is they
explore themes that
are very personal to them,
this was no exception, um,
and, yeah, uh, it,
it was sort of an opportunity for me
to take moments from my own life
that have been gnawing away at me, or,
or whatever and just take my own experiences
and pour them into a work of art
that I can share with other people, and, um,
that's one of the best parts
of the whole process.
Uh, my influences, um,
the people that I look up to, uh,
Stephen Spielberg, David Lynch,
he's a great one,
hopefully one day, um,
you know, I can, make,
a production to the scale of what they do,
I think they do great work,
um, they're huge inspirations to me,
both, you know, directing, and,
and just the stories that they tell,
I hope to be able to,
to tell one day,
um, to the extent that they do,
and to really be able to dive deep
into, a, um, production like that
without any limitations,
uh, that's really what's best for this story,
and I can't wait for the day that
I'm actually able to accomplish that,
it's gonna,
it's gonna be fun.
Hopefully, uh, in the future, um,
we can make,
uh, that sci-fi film that
Sai brought to me,
uh, it was about, like,
200 pages long,
um, and it's really ambitious,
uh, that's what I hope to be able
to achieve, it was a really great story,
and I hope that,
that we can expand on it, and,
just really kill it,
um, even if it's, I mean,
if, if, you know,
maybe in the form of a comic book even,
um, but, uh,
I mean, first and foremost,
I like telling stories,
and I want to get that story out there,
and I wanna get a bunch of other
stories out there, um, and, so,
that's, that's what I'm looking to do
in the future, and, uh,
I think it's gonna be really great,
uh, I think people are really gonna like
what I do next, what we do next,
and um,
I'm very excited.
I can't wait.
My advice for any aspiring filmmakers,
anyone just starting out,
first of all, you have to know
what you want, that's,
that's key, you have to
have a goal in mind,
and as long as you set your mind
to that goal,
you will be able to accomplish it,
of course, to do that,
you need people, you need a crew,
you need a cast, and, so,
always be respectful
to people, and, and,
be a guy that people would want to work with.
Uh, you have to take your role
seriously, and, if you, if you don't,
then, nobody is gonna wanna
work on your projects and
nothing is going to get made
because you can't do
everything by yourself, so,
um, I say
have a goal in mind,
set a date for yourself,
I wanna have this made
by this date, or,
um, just, just know,
you know, what you want to make,
have a vision, and,
go out and, and make that vision,
and have a group of people
that you can trust, and, and,
that they can trust you
is really important, and,
just make cool things together.
Hi, I'm Sai,
and I made 'Artifact of Love' with William.
I had this, um,
crazy idea to do a
um, like, it was, it was gonna be a whole
three-part franchise and stuff, but,
um, didn't have the money to make it,
I, I pitched the idea to William, and like,
you know, we decided to
just take the last part,
make a whole film out of that,
and that's how 'Artifact of Love' came to be.
So, I've known William since, you know,
we were in elementary school,
we basically grew up watching movies together,
we'd go,
um, almost every weekend
to the cinemas, watch something or the other,
um, and if we couldn't go out,
we'd just be at home, um,
you know on, on TV or whatever,
yeah, so, you know, we, we
have similar taste in movies,
we always wanted to make movies together,
I guess here we are, doing that now.
Um, a little bit about William,
he's, um,
well, what can I say,
he's literally among the best directors I know,
he has such a keen eye for talent,
um, like,
I, I, I don't think anyone else
does casting better than he does,
he knows exactly who to work with,
how to work with them,
and even all the other technical stuff,
you know, like, he, he even does
the costumes himself,
he even
does the cinematography himself,
you know, he's,
he's all in,
and that's just amazing about him,
the eye that he has for perfection
and detail,
um, he, he genuinely knows,
um, the entire craft of filmmaking,
and he's really good at what he does.
So, how we find Courtney,
um, William put out a casting call,
um, for the female lead for this film,
um, and we got, we got a bunch of replies,
um, from all over the country, and,
uh, Courtney was by far, um,
the best, um, audition that we saw,
um, she nailed the character completely,
her understanding of the depth of the character
and like, you know, the layers that she
brought out were just superb,
um, yeah, and like, she was so professional,
timely, um,
always, always, um,
a joy to work with,
and, you know,
I'm, I'm so glad that, you know,
we were able to find her and work with her,
because I don't think anyone else
coulda done the character better than she did.
Um, so, what does film mean to me,
film is, um,
you know, it's, it's,
really touching to me
and I feel very passionate about it,
I think it's a great way to
communicate with people,
to share ideas, to,
um, you know, express yourself
and bring out who you really are,
um, and share things with people that,
you know, um,
they need to know, that, you know, um,
it's, it's a way to
get out to people,
it's also a way to just get entertained,
you know, like,
who doesn't like spending a Friday night
at the cinemas, and just, you know,
seeing a fun film,
and, that's, that's sort of where I come,
um, yeah, where, where I come from,
yeah, I, I just,
you know, film means to,
film means the world to me,
cause I think you can do a lot with it.
The filmmakers,
you know, that I've learned a lot from,
and like, you know, I,
I aspire to be like,
you know, the, the main
content that's really moved me,
and like, you know, I,
I aspire to be like that,
you know, you have,
the Christopher Nolan,
you have Danny Boyle,
you have Martin Scorsese,
you know, these are the kind of filmmakers
I want to be like,
you know, I, I look up to them,
I hope that one day
I can make, um, you know,
the sort of impact on cinema
that they've had,
um, and, you know, just,
sort of,
emulate their style, and, you know,
their stature.
So, I'm, I'm currently working on,
um, a screenplay, it's, it's pretty long,
um, yeah, I've, going, touching the
two or three hour mark,
and yeah, there, there's a few other,
projects in the pipeline,
a few of them, you know,
waiting to be greenlit and stuff, and so,
um, yeah, it's pretty exciting.
Um, so, advice for aspiring filmmakers, um,
well, you know, just, just be truthful,
um, be who you are,
make, um,
films that mean a lot to you,
and, you know, try and see if you can work with
the best people,
um, because they always bring
the best to the table,
and yeah, that, that's about it,
just try and be yourself,
express yourself, and,
um, yeah, you'll get there.
Hi, my name is Rachel Elstein,
and Im reading for the role of Angela Summering.
Because you love yourself. You do.
I always believed it.
Even if you didnt.
Even when we were on the run.
Avoiding the gangs.
Avoiding my father.
Even when you used to stay up all night
saying you wanted to commit suicide
for all the people you kill.
And youd drink. And youd hit me.
And Id hit you.
And youd drink some more.
And youd go out and kill.
Just so we could have money.
Still do contract killing jobs,
just for me.
Freelance contract killing jobs,
for me.
For us.
So, she,
yeah, she wasn't right,
uh, she was
a little bit too fat, um,
skin just wasn't really,
uh, didn't have that actress look,
um, didn't look the part at all,
she's delivering the lines wrong,
got the tone completely off,
it's a dramatic role, a serious role,
and she's just not getting into
that headspace, and, uh,
I could tell that there, there was,
there was nothing you could do
to fix this, uh, this was
a lost cause right here, so,
um, definitely not for this film,
or most films,
um, yeah, the she,
this one missed the mark.
Hi! My name is Gwen Gilbert,
and I will be reading for the part of
Angela Summering.
Because you love yourself. You do.
I always believed it.
Even if you didnt.
Even when we were on the run and
avoiding the gangs.
Avoiding my father.
Even when you used to stay up all night
saying you wanted to commit suicide
for all the people youve killed.
And youd drink, and then youd hit me,
and Id hit you
and then youd drink some more.
And then youd go out and kill.
Just so we could have money.
Still do contract killing jobs,
just for me.
Freelance contract killing jobs,
for me.
For us.
Thank you!
So, uh, this one was great,
um, woulda been awesome to have
her in the film,
problem was she was on the west coast,
and just to get her out here
would've been, um,
it woulda cost money, and it,
it woulda been inconvenient,
and it just wouldn't work out,
uh, which is really unfortunate cause
she was really talented,
and really hot,
uh, it woulda been great to have her, um,
hopefully in the future
we can maybe fly her out,
or figure out something,
get an arrangement going to where
we could work on her,
uh, with her on something,
because, yeah, she is,
she's too hot, too hot to pass on,
she is, uh,
uh, easy on the eyes,
which is what you want in an actress, and,
she was also really talented, so,
it was a shame it didn't work this time,
but, uh, you know, who knows,
hopefully in the future.
Hi. I'm Cara McInnes,
and Im reading for the role
of Angela Summering.
Because you love yourself.
You do!
I always believed it.
Even if you didnt.
Even when we were on the run,
avoiding the gangs,
avoiding my father.
Even when you used to stay up all night
saying that you wanted to commit suicide
for all the people youd killed.
And youd drink.
And, youd hit me.
And Id hit you.
And youd drink some more.
And then youd go out and kill.
Just so we could have some money.
Still do contract killing jobs,
just for me.
Freelance contract killing jobs,
for me.
For us.
So uh,
this one was
okay, um,
she, she was pretty, but not
she didn't have that,
you know, actress look, that,
that I was going for
and that you want in a film,
she, you know, her, her delivery
was a bit off,
she seemed on the unprofessional side,
uh, you know, I'm usually a pretty good
judge of character,
and I can usually tell when somebody,
uh, is going to behave on set,
and be good on set,
and when they're just not,
um, I just didn't have good vibes
about her, she, she was giving off some, uh,
yeah, I just, I didn't, I wasn't a huge fan, um,
you know, she was aight, but, just,
she didn't compete with, uh,
some of the other actresses that applied.
Hi. My name is Jackie Morony,
and Im auditioning for the role
of Angela Summering.
Because you love yourself. You do.
I always believed it.
Even if you didnt.
Even when we were on the run.
Avoiding the gangs.
Avoiding my father.
Even when you used to stay up all night
saying you wanted to commit suicide
for all the people youve killed.
And youd drink. And youd hit me.
And Id hit you.
And youd drink some more.
And youd go out and kill.
Just so we could have money.
Still do contract killing jobs,
just for me.
Freelance contract killing jobs,
for me.
For us!
Uh, yeah, so here we have
someone who is trying to be an actress
even though, uh, she's uh,
well, I, she's a bit over the hill,
I think, uh,
this point in her life,
if she hasn't made it anywhere
she should, uh, probably call it quits,
uh, definitely,
I don't know what she's wearing either,
uh, lookin' like Dorothy,
uh, yeah, just,
too old, um,
too actor-y, I don't,
there's something about her,
it doesn't look like she's a real human even,
it, it's a bit, it's, it's,
almost robotic, it's, it's,
too much of an actor vibe going on,
this, this was not the one,
yeah, just, I would just quit,
if I were you,
I would not keep trying.
Hello, my name is Georgia Byrd
and Im reading for the role of Angela Summering.
Because you love yourself. You do.
I always believed it.
Even if you didnt.
Even when we were on the run.
Avoiding the gangs.
Avoiding my father.
Even when you used to stay up all night
saying you wanted to commit suicide
for all the people you killed.
And youd drink. And youd hit me.
And Id hit you.
And youd drink some more.
And youd go out and kill.
Just so we could have some money.
Still do contract killing jobs,
just for me.
Freelance contract killing jobs,
for me.
For us.
Thank you!
So this one was, uh,
I mean, you can probably hear it, um,
I, her voice was a no-go,
if I had to listen to this
for even one minute,
let alone nine,
I think I would kill myself,
her glasses are dumb,
her outfit is dumb,
uh, yeah, I don't, I, I didn't,
I barely made it ten seconds into this tape
before knowing, this, this was not the girl,
yeah, no sir,
no thank you,
just, just no. No.
My name is Jared While,
and I will be reading for the role
of Angela Summerling.
Because you love yourself.
You do!
I always believed it.
Even if you didnt.
Even when we were on the run.
Avoiding the gangs.
Avoiding my father.
Even when you used to stay up all night
saying you wanted to commit suicide
for all the people youve killed.
And youd drink. And youd hit me.
And Id hit you.
And youd drink some more.
And youd just go out and kill.
Just so we could have money.
Still do contract killing jobs,
just for me.
Freelance contract killing jobs,
and those dont pay that much,
for me.
For us.
Im glad to know that I was right.
Even if we cant be alive,
its good to be right.
End scene.
This guy here, um,
is a bozo, uh,
decided, I, I don't know if he was
trying to fuck with me,
or if he's just
clinically insane,
uh, the casting call
clearly said women only,
actresses only, it is a female role,
the name was female,
the casting call said female,
everything about it's female,
this bozo applied anyway,
again, I don't know why,
if he's trying to just mess with me,
but it's a waste of my time,
uh, a waste of his time too, quite frankly,
this one just pissed me off, he, just,
yeah, ah, did, just,
what a fuckin' bozo,
he's a fuckin' bozo,
this, this was, uh,
this, this here was a shit show,
I don't know what he was even,
who he thought he was, but, he's,
he's not a girl as far as I can tell,
I don't know if I'm missin' somethin',
but uh, yeah, he, he doesn't,
he doesn't appear to, uh, be right in the head,
so, something's goin' on here.
Hi. Im Courtney Tane, and Im reading
for the role of Angela Summering.
Because you love yourself. You do.
I always knew it.
Even when you didnt.
Even when we were on the run.
Avoiding gangs.
Avoiding my dad.
Even when you stayed up all night
saying you wanted to commit suicide
for all the people youve killed.
And then youd drink. And youd hit me.
And Id hit you.
And then youd go out and kill.
Just so we could have money.
Still do contract killing jobs,
just for me.
Freelance contract killing jobs,
for me.
For us.
And here we have the real star of the show,
Courtney Tane,
everything about her is perfect,
she has a perfect face,
she has a perfect body,
uh, she gave perfect delivery,
she is everything that you want
in an actress,
wouldn't mind seein' her naked,
her body is great, and,
and she just looks
perfect, and, um,
it's very rare that you get that
with a great delivery,
sometimes you just can't find that,
and you have to decide
what you want to prioritize, but,
she hit all the marks, um,
definitely far above everybody else,
great voice as well,
I could listen to her for hours,
she is,
uh, she was really great,
she turned out to be really great,
she is really great here,
um, she definitely didn't disappoint,
she, she's amazing.
Hi William!
Thanks so much for casting me,
Im super excited to get started
on this project.
Um, I dont know how many of my
clothes will work for the character,
but, here are some options,
as requested.
Uh, I have this sweater.
This blue romper.
Flannels in different colors.
Uh, some ripped skinny jeans.
Black skinny jeans.
And, for shoes I have these sneakers,
and this pair of heeled boots.
Let me know what you think!
Heres the outfit you chose.
I like these clothes the best too.
Hi William!
Im glad you like the outfit.
Um, about the bra and the underwear,
I dont really think either would actually
show at all underneath
the outfit you chose,
so, I actually dont think we need
to pick them out.
Anyway, Im looking forward to
meeting you,
and I cant wait to get started
on this project!
Hi William,
Im really sorry.
I totally understand what you mean
about being a perfectionist
and wanting to get this character down
one hundred percent,
even to every little thing she wears.
I promise Im not unprofessional
or uptight,
I totally understand that this film
means a lot to you.
Here are some options.
I have a black halter top bra.
This nude bra.
A burgundy one.
And for underwear,
I have
this plaid pair,
a red pair,
and a black pair.
Let me know which ones you'd like me to wear
underneath the outfit, and I will do so.
Looking for to meeting you and working with you!
Hi William!
This is the outfit,
and Im wearing the bra and underwear
you chose underneath.
Im looking forward to meeting
and working with you!
So, this is the space,
um, having a wrap party for
the film, uh,
Sai was not able to be here,
his mom couldn't let him go
or some shit, I don't know, um,
and uh, Courtney, uh,
cancelled a few days ago,
so, um,
she'll, have, I'll have a
special guest coming in,
in place of her,
um, so just, you know,
gonna carry on with things,
got some, uh,
some cool musical equipment here.
yeah, so,
we got some cool artwork on the walls,
um, yeah, it's a shame everybody couldn't come.
No one is here but me.
Um, we'll have,
like I said, um, I'll, I'll have a guest
coming, and,
we'll just sort of, do our thing, but uh,
yeah, everyone else is gone.
No one else is here.
At all.
No one else is here.
So, this is great.
Um, non-refundable, this place,
so I gotta, you know,
do something, I don't have
much of a choice, uh,
that should up there have a DVD player,
somewhere, I'll try to find that.
Uh, so, just, say your name, if you could.
Um, hi, I'm Myia.
- You're,
- Are you, are you William?
- I am, yes, uh, yeah, it's,
- Okay, hi.
it's nice to meet you, um,
I'm here for the wrap party.
Yes, yes, of course, um,
so just, come over here,
you can join me in this little area,
this can be our little home for the day,
uh, it'll be just the two of us, cause,
- nobody else could make it, so,
- Oh, that's fine.
it's uh,
it's just us.
yeah, so, uh,
up there, I, I gotta figure out
how that thing works, but,
we'll probably just get the film going up there,
and just
watch it together, and just
- sort of have a good time.
- Okay.
are you recording?
Mhm. Yeah, I'm recording.
Alright, um,
so, the place said that it had a DVD player,
so we could, you know,
show the film,
um, there's nothing up here,
there's some random cables,
but there's no box or anything,
um, back here there's another TV,
but still no DVD player,
there's about twenty five
fucking keyboards, and
there's not one,
That's really frustrating, I'm sorry.
Yeah, uh, do you,
do you see one,
am I missing it,
or something?
No, I don't think you're missing anything,
I don't see a DVD player either.
Mhm. Yeah, um,
so, the, the, we're basically, um,
screwed in that department,
but whatever, it's fine,
um, we'll just keep going,
uh, I guess we will, um,
try to,
we'll figure something out, I don't know,
I really don't know, um,
maybe watch it on my phone, or something, or,
Yeah, I would love to!
- Just sit on the couch together,
- Mhm.
and just sort of, watch it,
watch it that way,
that might literally be our only choice,
uh, this was supposed to be a wrat,
a wrap party!
Wrap party! It was supposed to be
- a wrap party, but no one's here,
- I'm,
There's no way to even
watch the fuckin' film.
Well, I'm here, and I can
watch the film with you.
This thing is useless now,
cause there's no DVD player,
nobody came to the
wrap party,
do you want to, just,
do, do you have your phone
- or, or something
- Mhm.
Could we just,
could we pull it up or something?
Yeah, why don't we just watch it on my phone.
Yeah, uh, I mean, I guess we have to,
because no one's here and there's
no DVD player and there's
Well, the couch is great.
Is it? Yeah?
- It's a good couch?
- Yeah.
Good, you know,
- I paid for the couch
- I know.
cause I paid for the space,
and then no one came to the space because
they said they were gonna,
and then they didn't.
Why don't you just sit down and relax?
Uh, yeah, I don't, um,
Can I start watching now?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, press, uh,
press play.
So, tell everybody, uh,
what you thought,
what you thought of the film.
I really liked it.
- Yeah? Did you?
- Um,
it was really interesting.
Yeah, I mean, it, it was
- a bit of a twist, right?
- Mhm.
It was, uh, eh, uh,
- Yeah, I was not expecting that.
- Probably, right, right,
- well that's, that's the goal.
- I was not expecting that at all.
What about with, uh, with uh, uh, when, when,
the, there's the gangster who's,
uh, by the trees, and then, uh,
we find out later that that gangster actually
might have been the guy who killed me
right, and then, that's,
Yeah, he might have been the one who killed you.
- Right.
- Right.
Yeah, it really worked for me.
Cool, cool.
Okay, um, so,
uh, there's a little, uh,
secret that I wanna go over, do you,
do you mind, or,
can I, about, can I tell them about you?
- Oh, oh, yeah, whatever.
- Okay, cool, uh,
so Myia over here is actually
an escort that I paid to be here
because, uh, our actress Courtney
said that she wasn't going to be able
to make it here, just a few days ago,
so, uh, fuck Courtney,
um, Myia is a terrific person,
and, um, better than Courtney, so,
uh, thank you for being here,
- Oh, thank you, that's so sweet.
- And,
Sai said that his mom isn't letting him come,
and, uh,
that's probably bullshit,
he's just a pussy,
but, um, Myia's here,
which is super great,
and uh, we just watched the film,
you liked the film, right?
I loved the film.
She loved the film, right, she,
- you even probably saw that, we, we got,
- Mhm
Got her reaction to that.
yeah, so uh,
thank you, thank you for actually
showing up to
something that somebody told you to come to
that you said that you would come to, and,
you actually did, so, thank you for that.
- Oh, you're welcome.
- Not just,
Yeah, thank you for having me.
She's cool.
So, tell me, uh, what it's like
doing, doing your job,
what's it like to be an escort?
That must be,
that must be somethin'.
well, I, I would say it's like, you know,
Just, could you, sit up a little bit more?
Yeah, oh, absolutely.
Just, uncross your arms, just,
yeah, cool.
Yeah, it's like, um,
you know, you clock in, you clock out,
it's like any other job.
So, uh, what,
what, I mean, what's it like, though,
when, I mean, somebody pays you
to basically just
be with them,
what, what, what's the whole,
what, what, what's it feel like
emotionally, I mean, it
feels a little odd, doesn't it?
Or no?
- No?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Uh,
well, it beats waitressing, ha-ha.
That feels emotionally odd, I can tell you that!
Uh, sure,
um, of course, um,
No, I'm having fun, are you not having fun?
Oh, I'm having, I'm having fun,
I, I just, I'm just curious,
I, I don't know much about what you do,
and it, it seems like a really interesting thing,
that's, you know, I'm just, sort of,
just wondering about that.
So, I mean, just,
just, could, could you give, give us anything else
coud you, anything else about,
Yeah, so,
I get to meet a lot of interesting people.
I get to eat some great food.
you know, uh,
send some money back home.
- Mhm.
- Yeah.
Of course, yeah.
Yeah, speaking of food,
- sorry there's no food here, um,
- Oh,
- Sai was supposed to bring that, and,
- It's okay.
Well, we know what, what happened there.
- Yeah, we do.
- Um,
well, uh,
yeah, and, and, so,
it, but, you,
- what, I mean how long have you,
- I enjoy my work.
- How long have you been,
- Um,
What age did you start?
Let's do that.
well, I'm not gonna tell you my age,
- or talk about that, but,
- Okay.
Um, I started, like, around three years ago,
- Okay.
- You know, it's like,
it's like any other sort of,
you start from the ground up,
You build a reputation,
you build a client base.
- Mhm.
- Yup.
Cool, I mean, yeah, it,
Market, you learn how to market,
which I really enjoy doing, so,
Sounds like a good job,
- Yeah.
- You seem good at it,
- Yeah
- You've been great tonight.
Is it, uh, is it ringing?
Hi, is this Sai?
Yeah, this is, this is Myia at the wrap party.
yeah, it's, it's nice to speak to you too.
Tell, tell him you're, tell him you're naked.
So, I would say things are going
pretty well with William, cause,
he's very naked.
No, no, no, you're naked.
- I'm also very naked.
- I could be naked, it's,
We're very naked together.
Yes. Yeah.
Tell, tell him, tell him,
At the same time, together, at the same place,
- uh-huh.
- Yes.
Tell, tell him it's uh,
uh, tell him a bunch of people showed up too.
And, um,
well, we're not the only ones!
There's like,
ten other people here.
so much food.
Yeah, there's, there,
tell him better food than he woulda brought.
Much better food than you woulda brought, Sai.
We have, uh, uh,
uh, steak, tell him we have, like,
steak or something.
We have steak, medium rare.
- Mhm, yeah, perfectly cooked, yes.
- Perfect. Yeah.
With butter. Lots of butter.
Tell him, tell him, uh, uh,
uh, there, there's like, a reviewer here
who saw the film and
- uh, uh,
- There's a reviewer here from some, like,
fancy newspaper who saw the film
who loved it, so,
William is gonna give
an interview in the nude,
very artsy,
how do you like that, Sai?
And he's
cut out completely. From everything.
- And you're cut out completely forever.
- Mhm.
Yeah, he doesn't get any of the, any of the fame,
he gets nothing.
- No fame, no money,
- And tell him there's like,
- um, there's money, a lot of money.
- No women.
- There's a lot of money, no money.
- Yeah.
No money for him, but there's money for me.
- Not for you, Sai!
- Yeah.
And you get money too,
everybody gets money but Sai.
Everybody gets money,
I am making so much money,
so thank you for that, actually, by the way.
Keep, keep going, keep going.
- And um,
- He likes money, talk about money.
I mean, just, like,
we're rolling around naked in the money.
There's money on the floor,
there's money on the ceiling,
there's money, I'm, I'm,
- I'm using money to spread butter on my steak.
- We use the money as napkins for the steak.
- Mhm. That's good.
- That's how much money we have.
Yeah, I, yeah, I'm sorry that you couldn't
be here too.
Does he, does he feel,
does it sound like he's jealous yet?
I, just keep going, just keep going.
- He's crying?
- He's crying.
He's such a pussy! Just keep, just keep going!
- Make him cry more!
- Okay, um, so,
Tell, tell him, tell him, tell him, uh,
tell him that Courtney showed up, and that, uh,
So Courtney did show up, by the way,
And, and, and say that she's also naked.
And she's also naked!
- In fact, the reviewer is naked!
- Cause he liked her.
- Mhm.
- In fact, everybody is naked,
in fact we're taking pictures
in front of a money wall, it's great.
- Mhm.
- So great.
In fact, we're gonna have a bonfire later,
and then roast s'mores
- Mhm.
- Over the money.
There's a line out the door for the,
There's a line at the door to get in!
I mean, William set this up!
It was all me.
- It was all William.
- Mhm.
Looks like, uh,
Myia had a bit too much to drink,
I don't know what to do!
I am a killer of women.
I am a sick man.
I like to take lives.
I will not be caught.