The Dwarves of Demrel (2018) Movie Script

Political tensions
between the Demril dwarves
and a race of humans
known as the Capital
are on the rise.
Making a decision to set
the business dealings
have allowed the Capital to
strip the Demril mountains bare.
The mining industry, once
the cultural and economic
bed rock of these proud people,
is now a marred disgrace.
Newfound rumors of
missing dwarves and
the mysterious collapses
have brought tensions
to a boiling point.
None more so than
in mine 347-864.
Anyone there?
Hold the light.
Use your legs.
Just a few more paces.
Turn it slowly.
You should be feeling that.
Take the boot off.
Be sure you don't put
your fingers in the wound.
What color is it?
All sorts of colors.
A little.
Reminds me of my daughter's,
when she broke her foot.
she didn't have a bone
pushing out like that.
Slip it back on.
Who is this?
Calcas, he just
started working nights.
No he didn't.
I would know.
You raise any good, Odryd?
I'd say so, yes.
Then you come with me.
Try again.
It's them.
How deep are they?
Hard to say.
A hundred paces, maybe more.
Let me try.
Wait, wait.
There's a pattern.
Harvish knows it.
Do you?
Never needed to.
Quick, we need some cloth.
Yeah, use this.
hard tap,
hard tap.
It stopped.
Wait, there it is.
Hard tap,
hard tap.
That's all that's here.
It's repeated.
We need to hurry.
The east tunnel is a dead end.
Doesn't matter.
It's our camp.
We rescue them,
we doom ourselves.
If we move any stone,
it should be towards
the west entrance.
I don't have the time.
Neither do we.
We have no food.
All the more reason.
You're good with the machines.
I served as an
apprentice in the Capital.
I've never met a
dwarf from there.
Only humans can
carry citizenship.
But they need us
To maintain their machines.
And keep their books.
Let's not tell Brenn.
He doesn't take well to them.
Or me.
I don't mind where you're from.
A dwarf is a dwarf.
Besides, if it wasn't for
the Capital's expansion,
I wouldn't have this job.
I did their mechanizing.
Why do you think there's only
a handful of us on nights?
Soon they won't need any of us.
Brenn sees this, to his credit.
After all his passion,
he lacks wisdom.
Demril would be a better place
if dwarves weren't so honest.
But that is between us.
We'll need his help if
we're to make it out.
Awfully far in for a human.
It was probably checking...
That's not why she's here.
Can you hear us?
Do you know where
you are, Drusso?
They've done this before.
There was a mine up
in East Wood that
caved in after it went barren.
Dozens killed.
I don't think it's intentional.
Of course it was.
Drusso here was supposed
to be on the other side.
They've been bringing
black powder in here
night, after night, after night.
Hook it.
You can't chain her.
They'll have out heads.
Hook it!
What were you doing in here?
She can't hear you.
What were you doing with
these in the East Tunnel?
Brenn, she'll die.
Why were you this far in?
Put it back.
Why were you in so far?
Stop it!
Stop it, Brenn.
We need her.
We need you.
If you want to leave here,
we need to work together.
I ain't leaving
here without Harvish.
Alright mouse, we
need doubles, so,
give me some help.
I told you, he was
my good luck charm.
You'll need five
to beat me, Calcas.
You can roll for
me, if you'd like.
You sure?
Alright, mouse.
We don't want any of
your help on this,
so just relax here.
It's a three, Calcas.
Odryd, how many
oil cells do we have?
A few.
Maybe half a dozen
nights if we ration.
Less if Drusso wakes.
How many paces we get today?
Not many.
We need Brenn.
After shocks?
Or a rescue.
Getting stronger.
I hear them tapping.
Dozens of them.
You alright, Calc?
I don't remember
this being here.
I think you should see this.
You know about this?
Looks older than the
other generators.
It is.
It wasn't even on the map.
Fetch the oil cells.
There should be two.
I found this near the circuit.
I never knew a dwarf
could be so comfortable
with their machines.
I bet Drusso would
have the key you need.
I don't murder.
You tell that to our
brothers you left to rot.
Flip it, Odryd.
Flip it again.
What do you want, Brenn?
No dwarf should drink alone.
Hurts on an empty stomach.
You ain't got an empty stomach.
I saw you nippin'
at our provisions.
Come on.
Hold this for me.
I don't 'cause
of my little ones.
Boy twins,
and two beautiful girls.
There's nothing I hate
more than a proud parent.
"Oh my little one can talk."
Well my dimwitted
cousin can talk
but you don't see me bragging...
Odryd's trying to work.
Stop bothering him.
There's an old utility tunnel.
It leads to the side
of the mountain.
We can blow our way out.
This mine won't
take another blast.
A second explosion
would kill us all.
She ain't gonna need a drink
'til she comes 'round.
Head lamp, Calcas.
It won't turn on.
Summon the soft light!
Watch it, Brenn.
Got him.
Ah, come back, coward!
Where's the lantern?
It's with Odryd.
Odryd, where is it?
He's out.
It looks like the beast got him.
Is he alive?
Feels like it.
My head feels like
a box of stones.
Where are you going?
That's all the oil we've got.
Get the sacks!
You weak-minded fool.
That oil was vital
to our estate.
Speak for yourself.
I'm trying to save our skins.
How are we to see in the dark?
Go ask our brothers
you left to rot.
They would have
us save ourselves.
How would you know?
You're not even one of us!
You're gonna save us with this?
This is what got us here!
I keep tremors from the outside.
There's a chance we can
hold out for a rescue
if we can just find some food.
I bet that creature
would fry nicely.
Anything would at this point.
I wish my wife was here.
She can make Demril rats
taste like basted pheasants.
Sage butter,
red fennel,
cold turnip collards.
You're the strongest
miner in the company.
And you know this mountain
better than anyone.
There's no beast that Brenn
the Mighty can't slay.
I don't know what
I'm dealing with.
I've not had a good look at it.
You told me you were a
mercenary up in the pines.
You must've fought
much worse then.
Not in these conditions.
Not in the dark,
which I'm sure this
beast can see in.
If you are afraid, I understand.
I'm smarter than you.
You don't manipulate me.
I manipulate you.
I know.
But you're also smarter
than the creature.
I think I struck it around here.
Look for blood.
I, too, like the light.
Your leg.
I got pinned in the collapse.
The mountain's belly folded.
We're too deep in now
to dig ourselves out.
I don't understand.
My last memory is of fangs,
and that dwarf chaining me.
The creature.
We dug too deep.
I feel like
we've been here before.
Maybe it lives underwater,
or back at the hole?
Then we're out of luck.
You hear that?
It might have a way out.
We need to follow it.
Why's it always gotta be me?
I can't fit down there.
Even starved.
Issues with my shoulders.
Too wide.
I got my mother's.
I'd be more worried
about your father's gut.
Drusso is small for a human.
She'd fit.
Just making sure
it's still down there
Mine 347-864.
This is Drusso.
She's alive.
There are others as well.
It was generator one.
The cause is not clear.
Possible sabotage.
It is expected unrest.
You should have tended he
generators more closely.
The fault is yours.
I was attacked by a Sumobet.
When I awoke, I was chained.
Supplies are minimal.
Three dwarves are alive.
They're hostile.
The west tunnel
will be quickest.
The explosion exposed our minds
to the Egous leaders
and now the dwarves
are uprising along the pines.
It is chaos.
There will be no rescue.
Does my uncle know?
He is with the decision.
Our hearts are with you.
For the Capital.
For the Capital.
Take this.
It should be enough
for the three of you.
The tapping.
Odryd hears a rescue...
There is no rescue.
It's an Egous mine on the
other side of the mountain.
Every light burns out
eventually, book keeper.
Now let me die in peace.
You don't suppose she hurt Calc?
Where is she?
Where'd you take her?
You're a fool, Calcas.
We needed her.
She's somewhere
in the west tunnels.
No Drusso.
We need your help.
There's a tunnel.
Grab her arms.
You had to do it, Odryd.
Don't blame yourself.
How long does it
take for things to spoil?
Why do you ask that?
The tremors.
They're getting stronger.
We wouldn't tell anyone.
You wouldn't have
just a little morsel
if it meant getting
out of this mess?
We just need a few bites
before the Capital comes.
That's not the
Capital, you idiot.
That's our brothers
coming for us.
The Capital would
soon see us rot.
Well whatever it is,
they just need to come.
I have to make it out of here.
You're not gonna eat Drusso.
Eat the rat,
if you can't last.
The mouse has been with
me since I first started.
It wouldn't make more
than a mouthful anyway.
Not that I would.
Thank you.
You'll thank me later, Odryd.
Mining can be tough on a dwarf.
It's easy to get
lost in the darkness.
You did the right thing.
He wouldn't be able to live
with himself if we get out.
You know,
you're pretty old to
have just started mining.
My primary trade is in numbers.
After the acquisition,
the Capital kept me on.
There's a heavy tariff
on metals leaving Demril.
And they have an
elaborate export system.
It funnels the wealth out.
Only a fraction
of it stays here.
Let's just say, it
isn't entirely lawful.
When I tried to expose
'em, they found me out.
I was sent away.
I am responsible for
what happened here.
You did your best
by your brothers,
and I only wish others
could have done as much.
I never thought it
would turn out this way.
Life is full of bad luck.
And the Capital
just makes it worse.
You really think our
kin are coming for us?
Well Odryd can hear them.
And even the Capital
can't stop a throng
of angry dwarves.
I will go down in
the creature's tunnel.
It's the least I can do.
I won't hurt you.
Watch it.
How'd you get past it?
I just took them.
I think she's only
interested in metal.
Or machines.
Not flesh.
How many eggs are there?
No exit.
Slow down, Odryd.
The stomach's not used to it.
I'll take that liquor now.
You've earned every drop.
I thought you drank it all.
Even your back up.
That's my other back up.
That was surprisingly delicious.
And you didn't even
leave any for your rat.
There you go, mouse.
What are you doin'?
That's Calc's egg.
No, no, no.
You two, go on ahead.
Why aren't you eatin'?
I'm not hungry.
You've gotten
thinner before my eyes.
And you were thin before.
It would be a waste.
My leg is infected.
It's spreading.
You should have cleaned it.
He wanted to keep
it in the boot.
There's no use
troubling about it now.
I'm not gonna make it.
We can cut through rock.
We can cut through bone.
I can't ask that of you.
You're the only one
who can get the eggs.
I'll get another batch
before I'm too weak.
It should be enough, if
you're right about the rescue.
It's not just about you
getting the eggs for us.
It's tricky, taking a limb.
Eat the egg.
Think about your family.
You are family, Calc.
We can't make you.
All I know is,
when we get out,
I'll have the both of
you over to my home.
I told you about
my wife's cookin'.
And you two can meet the tykes.
The would love to
climb on you, Brenn.
Oh, I'm pretty good with kids.
And my daughter
would adore you, Calc.
I already can't help
her with her schoolin'.
Always writin', she is.
Maybe you could teach her
how to work with figures.
And after dinner I'll
show you my shop.
I wasn't gonna say anything,
but I've got something
big in the works.
I've been lookin' for partners.
I think we'd work well together.
Who's gonna make 'em?
You will.
I am?
Didn't know I could whittle.
Both stone and wood.
I've seen your
skills with an ax.
And Calcas.
Those things you used to do.
What do you call 'em?
Accrued liabilities,
coin appreciation,
coin flow,
That stuff.
You can do all that.
And I'll do all the
sellin' and we'll divide it
evenly between us all.
What do you say?
We don't really
have a business plan.
Furnishings, Calc.
It's a deal.
We can't sell furnishings
unless we have
someone to build them.
I just think it's
a lot of nonsense.
Come on.
Calc is on board.
we could throw some numbers
with a rat for luck.
Get some funds, have a start.
Could be good
not having to deal
with the Capital.
Be my own boss.
Let's get Calc his egg.
I'm not eating yet.
But you just said.
Do you really hear them?
The rescue?
A distinct double tap.
It keeps getting
louder and louder.
I'll eat if I make it through.
Take it off.
As low as you can.
Good thing I'm thin.
Once it's done, pour some more.
I'll singe, to cauterize.
Work fast, Odryd.
Hold my arm, so I know.
Before we start,
I have something
to tell you both.
You have a right to know.
It was I who caused
the collapse.
I was trying to slow
the Capital's progress.
I only meant to
sabotage the machinery.
I never intended to
imprison us, or our kin.
I'm sorry.
Get me my ax.
Never took him for
a revolutionary.
It's about time you woke up.
We've been worried about you.
He was worried.
I knew you wouldn't
let us wither away.
How are you feelin'?
And my neck is stiff.
But I'm alright, I suppose.
This will make you feel better.
Tastes good, doesn't it?
It's unique.
Foot bothering you now?
I mean...
Not so much.
Just the stump throbs a little.
It seems like you two did well.
Brenn did the most.
I was strugglin'.
Thank you.
But I got through
all the fleshy parts.
Thank you.
Good news Calc.
It's getting louder.
I can even feel 'em now.
My hands aren't
what they used to be.
We're going to make it.
Just gotta hold on.
Just in time.
Couldn't let you
wake up in the dark.
I appreciate that.
You'll have to get
the eggs by memory now, Calc.
I have a few matches left.
That won't be enough.
It's so dark.
Could we light just one?
I got two more.
One thing is for certain.
The Capital is not
getting another coin
out of this mountain.
I want for that.
Give me the rat.
He misses me.
There is it again.
Hear it?
I think I might.
I can't hear a thing.
Just listen.
And again.
How about the last match?
For the rescue?