The Dyatlov Pass Incident (2013) Movie Script

Okay, I'm rolling.
My name is Holly King.
I'm a psychology student
at the University of Oregon.
In 2008, I saw a news report
about 30 elite scientists
that had gotten together
in a remote area of the
Ural Mountains in Russia.
They were trying to solve a mystery
that had baffled the world
for almost 50 years.
It had become known
as the Dyatlov Pass Incident
after a leader of an expedition
there in 1959 named Igor Dyatlov.
They failed,
but I was riveted by the story.
So when my favorite professor,
Dr. Kittles, assigned the class
a project on that very same incident,
I couldn't believe it.
I mentioned it to a buddy of mine,
Jensen, a film student here,
and he said that we should make a film.
So we applied for a grant, and...
we got it.
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
So tell us what happened.
Uh, I first heard about the incident
when a Russian journalist
named Yuri Yarovoi published a
fictionalized account of it in a book.
Of course, they had him killed.
I mean, it didn't matter
that he fictionalized it.
They didn't want anybody
talking about Dyatlov.
And I began using the facts of the incident
as a teaching exercise in psychology
because there's so much that
we know about what happened
at Dyatlov's Pass, so many details,
and yet the whole thing
remains shrouded in mystery.
What are some of the explanations
that you tend to get?
The most common, cold,
scientific explanation I get
is a condition called
hypothermic dementia.
Hypothermic dementia.
Yup, that is literally
what everybody says.
But, um, my favorite is, um,
"paradoxical undressing."
That does actually happen, though,
to people suffering with severe hypothermia.
They get disoriented,
think that they're overheating,
and then start taking off their clothes.
Come on!
Holly, these were nine
experienced backpackers.
You're telling me that
they all got severe hypothermia
at the same time, on the same night?
They'd been out there
for three days already.
Why, then?
An avalanche is another frequent answer.
That is even stupider
than paradoxical undressing.
If they could hear an avalanche, then
why did they stay away from the camp
for three hours with no shoes?
But in truth, there are innumerable
answers to the question.
Most of my students will
project their own fears onto it.
The Russian military.
I really expect my students to do more than
to come up with a believable explanation.
I want them to put themselves
in the place of those people
so that they can try to understand
why the victims did what they did.
That is the answer I'm looking for.
We're gonna find out the truth.
Even though they'll never find it.
What do you mean?
There is no truth.
The first leg of our journey will take us
from Eugene, Oregon, to Chelyabinsk, Russia.
You're not gonna use that stupid dotted red
line thing to show us traveling, right?
Our ultimate destination is the Kholat Syakhl,
literally translated
"the Mountain of the Dead,"
A name the Mansi tribe gave it
due to many accounts
of mysterious deaths and disappearances
throughout history.
So we found ourselves
an audio engineer, Denise Evers.
She was the only
audio person on campus
that could handle the, uh,
physical requirements.
A lot of skinny dudes in audio.
Hey, what's wrong with skinny dudes?
Oh. Uh, sorry, my bad.
And then we found two capable guides.
I'm Andy Thatcher,
president of the
Northwest Trail Association.
I've climbed just about every mountain
worth climbing in the U.S.
I've also hiked the A.T.
- Sorry, the what?
- The Appalachian Trail.
It runs from Maine to Georgia.
It took me all summer.
So you think that you can handle this?
Okay, what makes you want
to do this, Andy?
Well, like I said,
I've climbed pretty much
just about everything
worth climbing in the U.S.
It's time for a new challenge.
Are you scared?
Really? It's just that, you know, we're
re-creating a trip in which nine people died.
Yeah, what, like, 50 years ago?
I mean, come on. Even if it was
the Abominable Snowman...
- Yeti!
- he's dead or moved on by now.
- And you are?
- He's JP Hauser.
- JP.
- Got it.
And you think that you're ready for this?
Man, he spent a year hiking
in the Himalayas. He's ready.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I took a little time off.
- A lot of time off.
- Cool.
Like, Hauser like... Hauser Hall?
Like the building that
we're in front of right now?
- That's the one.
- Cool.
That reminds me, I got to get to
Philosophy. I'll catch you kids later.
Now that we had our crew,
it was time to get busy.
We studied our maps
and secured our gear.
We gathered our rations and supplies.
And then we trained
in the local mountains.
We were all getting excited
and eager to go.
I hate these freakin' snowshoes.
But you look so cool in them, Jensen.
Hey, I think you guys
are getting the hang of it!
Almost as much as I hate him.
And now it's January 25th.
Time to go.
The search continues today
for five Oregon University students
who disappeared last month
in the Ural Mountains.
You may recall that three days ago,
rescue workers uncovered items
that apparently belonged
to the students,
including tents, backpacks,
and other equipment.
Our Russian correspondent,
Ivan Kudryavtsev,
with Russian news channel 24,
has more.
Good afternoon, Ivan Kudryavtsev and
you are watching channel Russia 24.
We continue covering the event that
captures the international media attention
and is the country 's most
talked about news.
The mysterious disappearance of a group
of American documentaries in the Urals
which, as you may know, followed
the steps of Igor Dyatlov,
whose nine members were killed in
mysterious circumstances in 1959.
The experts handle various theories
to explain the disappearances.
The weather here can be dangerous, the temperature
can drop to -50 and winds are brutal.
Wind can change direction in an instant.
At the top, the wind blows towards the
west and a little further down east.
So when someone goes up the mountain and
believes that they are moving in a straight line
they actually go completely in the other direction.
We do not know how prepared they are for
climatic conditions of northern Russia.
I think they made contact with aliens,
a ship or something...
There have been many curious
events in the area in recent years.
The more I study the site,
hearing more storys that are...
...mystical, even sinister.
There are so many unexplained mysteries in that area,
it feeds such theories, even the mystical.
It's understandable, as long as there are
stories, objects that cant be explained,
and to this day they are common,
the stories of the yeti footprints.
Also a native tribe in the area,
Mansi, have their own theory.
Mansi Elders recall that when
Dyatlov group disappeared,
There were loud noises and strange
eunexplained fireballs over the mountains
We believe that in that place...
...two worlds collide.
You can move from one world to another.
That's where you enter the world of spirits.
Russia Channel 24 will continue to report
on recent disappearances north of the Urals
where five U.S. hikers mysteriously vanished
in the same place where, in 1959,
the group Dyatlov met their deaths.
Thank you, Ivan.
The students were re-creating
the ill-fated journey
undertaken by Igor Dyatlov
and eight other Russian hikers
50 years ago for a documentary.
The most promising lead recovered
was the students' recording equipment.
Experts reviewed the footage
without releasing it to the public,
but today a group of hackers
calling themselves ConspiraLeaks
gained access to the footage
and posted it on their website.
I opened the door, and the darkness
swallowed me, just like in my dreams.
Hey, come on. Come on.
Hey, hey, hey.
That was a dream.
I'm sorry.
It was a dream.
Jensen, we're never gonna
get out of here.
I'm sorry.
So we've landed in Russia,
and the next leg of our journey
takes us from Chelyabinsk
into the Ural Mountains
to a town called Ivdel.
Nice tattoo, angel.
Got matching wings or just the one?
Just the one, and it hurt like hell.
Yeah, I bet.
Any others we should know about?
Maybe something you want to
show the camera?
In your dreams, perv.
Now, tell us about that phone.
My phone? Oh, yeah.
It's equipped with a GPS.
Reversal GPS, that is.
And when there's no cell signal,
the GPS on here can navigate
for us anywhere in the world.
I've got oil, I can't
get it off with this, baby.
You know I didn't bring any fluid.
Don't do me like this.
Are you talking to your camera?
I'm talking to Lucille.
You talk to her like she's a girl?
Film guys get very attached
to their cameras.
Don't listen to 'em, baby.
They're just jealous.
Ah, thank you.
Very attached.
- Spasibo.
- Thank you.
So what is it about all of that
that makes you guys think,
"I just want to strap on a backpack
and spend a week out there?"
Well, it's a test, you know?
Man against the elements.
People survived for thousands of years
without any of this kind of stuff.
Still got it in you to do without?
You bet your ass, I do.
You're awfully confident.
Well, you go out into all that
anything less than confident,
you're not coming back.
What about you, JP?
I just figure we only get
one go-around, you know?
I want to try to do and see
as much as possible.
And I've got everything I need
in that pack to survive for months.
- That pack?
- Years, maybe, yeah that pack.
I mean, how many people can say that?
I hope that we don't need
to survive for that long.
Well, you never know.
You never know.
Guys, say hi from Ivdel!
- Hola!
- Hi!
We're spending one night in Ivdel so
we can interview a man named Piotr Karov.
He was actually the tenth member
of the Dyatlov group
but got sick on the first day out
and had to turn back.
Not long after, he had
some kind of breakdown
and has been in a psychiatric
hospital here ever since.
Hey, hey. Don't--hey.
- No!
- Don't touch the camera.
Turn that off! No recording!
I just want to get you
saying that on camera.
You must go now, please!
Come on, Ivan! The Cold War's over.
We're friends now.
Why can't we interview Piotr Karov?
- He's dead.
- What?
- Now go.
- How did he die?
- Sure are friendly, huh?
- Yeah.
Hey, Holly, top window.
Is that him?
I don't understand!
Whoa. Did you see that?
Was that for us?
What did it say?
- You guys... you guys saw that, right?
- Yeah.
What the hell?
I know I'm starting to sound like Jensen,
but I believe that was Piotr Karov
we saw in that window,
and I really want to know
what was on that note he showed us.
But since we can't see him
and trains don't run here,
we're trying to find a ride
to a town called Vizhay,
where we'll begin our hike.
You know, I'm not sure we should have
sent Jensen to be our American emissary.
That guy could restart the Cold War.
Okay, so these guys say
that there is a local bar
just down this way
that we should check out,
because a couple of the locals
might have family in Vizhay,
so we might be able to hitch a ride.
Sound good?
- Cool.
- Let's go.
A bar sounds good to me.
You took us the wrong way, man.
I did not! This is the way
he said we should go!
Oh! That's what I'm talkin' about!
- Oh, yes, a bar.
- Jensen one, Andy zero.
- Oh, look at that.
- You can't take your dogs inside.
Looks like you're going home alone.
- That's hilarious.
- Boomtown!
Hey, Holly, you know why there's
no drunk driving in Russia?
- No.
- Ta-da!
Hey, hey, we should take a picture!
- Come on.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I got a timer on my camera.
Only if we can do "thug life" on three.
If that's so, I insist.
- Let's go.
- Let's do it.
- Okay, one...
- Cheese.
Two, three.
- West Coast, thug life.
- Let's do it.
Do you speak English?
- Of course.
- Ha!
- Something to drink?
- Yes, please.
Jensen, we're looking for a ride here.
We are young, attractive
people in a foreign land,
and we would like a drink.
Where you going?
Now, about that drink...
Vizhay? What for?
We're making a documentary
about the Dyatlov Pass Incident.
Then you must try this.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Oh!
- Whoa, he's got something.
See what you've done now?
- What do we got?
- VIP, gentlemen.
Oh, come at me, shot.
It's 'cause you're with me.
- Oh, it's a shot?
- Oh, God.
You're with me, so you get
special treatment. That's why.
Can I get a cigarette with mine?
Yeah, I think there's plenty around.
What do you think, Holly?
The unmarked bottle of doom.
- Dusty bottle.
- The rape bottle.
- Yo.
- Shh, shh.
- Oh, my God, do you smell that?
- Yeah.
- Oh, God, no.
- It stinks.
- Just... just...
- It stinks.
- Maybe not so full.
- Fill it up.
That is big.
Let's do it.
Okay, should I pass 'em around?
Wait. Wait. Wait.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Hello.
- More?
Oh, God. It's gonna be messy.
- It's college all over again.
- It's about to get messy up in this bitch.
- Can we take?
- Please.
- Gentlemen.
- Thank you.
- Come at me, shot.
- Get on me, shot.
To the success of your trip.
Thank you.
- Um, nostrovia.
- What?
Well, I may not know anything
about the people or the culture
or the history or the women of Russia,
but I did my homework
on good bar etiquette, so...
- Okay.
- All right.
- Cheers.
- Cheers, guys.
- Oh.
- Oh, God.
- Oh, that's some serious shit.
- It's so good.
- What are you guys, pussies?
- Oh, my God, that burns.
What is that?
Uh, samogon.
- Samogon.
- Samogon.
Oh, it's, um--
it's like Russian moonshine.
Yeah. So why serve us samogon?
Uh, they had it right here
before they left.
Who? Who had it here?
Dyatlov... they drank
this before they left.
Dun, dun, dun, dun
Stop it. It's not funny!
- It's not a bad omen at all, right?
- No, come on. It's just a coincidence.
I believe we will take
one more round, my friend.
- Yeah.
- Rack 'em up.
- You're making movie?
- That's right.
And going to Vizhay, yes?
Yeah. Do you know
how we can get there?
I will take you.
- Oh.
- Oh
You will? Okay.
We leave tomorrow.
Yes, that's great.
Can you take all of us?
No problem.
I told you, man, it'd work out.
Okay, can we get, uh,
this guy a drink?
Thank you very much.
No problem. I am Sergei.
See, this isn't so bad.
Who put Jensen in charge
of transportation?
At least we got the ladies, bro.
Keep dreaming.
How far is it to Viz...
Vizhay? About 40 miles.
At least we have enough potato
to choke donkey.
Come on, Denise. Let's go.
My eyelids are frozen shut.
It's not funny! What do I do?
- Here, hold still.
- Go easy on her, Andy.
Here, hold on.
Ow! Shit.
Hold on. One more.
There you go. There you go. Better?
- Yeah, thanks.
- You okay?
Oh, man.
Cold out here?
It kind of feels...
You got a bit of...
your eye...
It feels kind of cold.
All right, let's go!
- Whoa!
- No, man.
- What?
- That's not cool.
I'll give you 1,000 bucks
if you lick that bumper.
I'll give you $1 if you blow JP.
Come on, guys.
Hey, you're gonna love this.
Turns out that Sergei
is here to visit his aunt.
How exciting.
No, she says that she was
part of the first rescue team
at the scene at Dyatlov.
Wait. Really?
Yes, I can ask if she
speak to you if you want.
Yes, yes. I want. I want.
I'll be in movie, right?
You bet. She speak English?
Better than me.
Can you translate something for me?
- Here, take the camera.
- Yeah, sure.
Let's get inside and meet his aunt.
What's her name?
Alya. She was a schoolteacher.
What is it?
The note that Igor held up.
- Like this?
- Yeah, I think so.
What does it mean?
"Stay away."
Tell us what happened.
My brother Vallik, Sergei's father,
found first body.
I still remember how he was screaming
when he turned her over.
Go on.
It didn't take long time
to find the others.
A trail.
A trail of bodies.
We found two.
And the woman led to big tree
where they had built a fire.
There we found two
and four more in the ravine.
We were so sad
but not surprised.
Then we found
nobody had survived.
But this scene was so strange.
I felt the people getting nervous.
I felt it too.
Something was wrong with that place.
I walked away, just wanted
to get away from it.
That's when I found two others
on the north side.
There was something wrong with them,
more wrong than the others,
and something in the snow near them.
A machine.
So strange.
Let's... let's cut a minute.
So you found 11 bodies.
You... you're sure?
I know what I saw, young lady.
I will never forget it.
It's just, the report,
the photos of the scene,
everything says
that there were only nine.
The report?
You believe what everyone
tell you to believe?
Or you believe your own eyes?
I will drop you at trailhead.
We really can't thank you enough, Sergei.
I told you.
- What did you tell me?
- Aliens. What else could this be?
What about the military?
You said yourself they were
conducting experiments back then.
Well, I'm changing my vote to aliens now.
Yeah, that makes way more sense, Jensen.
How about it, Andy? What do you
think of Jensen's alien theory?
Hmm, he's the strong, silent type, huh?
I don't think Andy agrees with your theory.
Do you think you have enough footage of me?
Get some of the mountains.
But you're so much more interesting, JP.
Hey, Andy, Denise cannot
take her eyes off you.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
Oh, Jesus.
You're such an asshole.
So, guys, is it everything that you hoped?
Hell, yeah.
JP, at a loss for words?
Is that it?
Is that what?
The Kholat Syakhl.
The Mountain of the Dead.
As you can see,
the weather changes quickly.
And it has.
My snowshoe again.
Piece of shit.
I would not want to die here.
Weather should get better
over the next hill.
- Get some Beefaroni going.
- Jensen.
- Yo!
- Just one more shot!
Come on.
You guys, this is awesome.
So, Mr. Hauser, tell us
about cooking on the trail.
Well, we like to keep it
as simple and light as possible.
- I give you...
- Dun dun dun.
Dehydrated mountain chili.
It's delicious.
You know I'm a vegetarian, right?
Well, I don't know.
You're lucky I have
macaroni and cheese, huh?
All right.
So all we do is boil some water.
You're using snow, though.
Yeah, well, we need to
conserve our fresh water.
But don't worry, boiling snow will
kill any bacteria that's in there.
That smells amazing.
- JP, sir, you are a king of kings.
- Dude, you might want to wait so you don't...
- burn your mouth.
- Oh, Jensen!
- Ouch.
- Idiot.
Why would you give me that
when you knew how hot it was?
You're so dumb.
- I still can't taste anything.
- Serves you right.
Got a little surprise for everybody.
What's up?
- I was holding out on you.
- Oh, that looks good.
You've had that the whole time?
I sleep fine anywhere.
I got a little surprise
for you too, Denise.
Really? What's that?
Yeah, I made it earlier
when I was chopping up some wood.
Thank you.
Nice. That is not coming in the tent.
What do I do with it?
I can show you later if you want.
I'm sure you can.
How many nights we got with these guys?
Uh, two.
How's everyone's Beefaroni?
- It's good.
- Gourmet.
- Want some?
- No, thanks.
Oh, Jensen.
Show me your beautiful eyes.
That is sexy.
Is it sexy?
How's your, uh...
how's your first experience
on a professional film set working out?
Oh, is this a professional film set?
This is a profess... this is best
as it gets, top of the game.
It's fun, man. How you
holdin' up with the hike?
- Fine.
- Yeah?
- Easy.
- Yeah, really?
- I could do it in my sleep.
- Come at me, hike.
Come at me, hike.
Come at me, mountains.
We were thinking you could
lead the expedition tomorrow.
I think we're gonna stick with A-Thatch.
I think that's probably pretty smart.
It's his confidence that does it for me.
I heard there's a few other
things that do it for you, huh?
- Jesus Christ.
- I didn't even hear that, and I'm glad.
- You didn't want to hear it.
- It was hilarious.
Isn't it beautiful?
The northern lights.
Oh, right.
Yeah, it's very...
How's your tongue?
You know, if you're not interested
in the aurora borealis,
Denise's tent is over there.
Believe it or not,
I'm not actually perving
on Denise right now.
Okay. What are you doing?
In the week leading up to the incident,
there were reports
of orange lights in the sky.
Six totally separate witnesses.
- Aliens!
- That's what most people think.
The official response was
"unusual atmospheric conditions."
So, um, moonlight reflecting
off clouds, things like that.
But you don't believe that.
Hey, you guys should get some sleep!
If we get an early enough start,
we should hit the site tomorrow.
Big day.
Yeah, um, I'm just gonna be a minute.
What was that?
What was what?
That sound.
Never mind.
- Holly, get up!
- What?
- Something was here!
- I'm coming.
- You got to see this.
- It's just Jensen, he's screwing around.
- Holy shit.
- What the hell?
- Okay, we're rolling. Denise?
- I don't like this.
Denise, if anything was gonna happen,
it would have happened last night.
- You don't know that.
- I wouldn't put you in any danger.
I know that it's weird, but that's
why we have to get it on film, okay?
All right, whatever.
Can you guys wait a sec?
You're a dick.
Okay, so we woke up this morning,
and we found something weird
footprints lurking between these
two rocks and around the tents.
The shape is weird.
See how big that one is?
And then the other one, is even bigger.
Two different sets, two different people.
- Whoa! People?
- I'm not talking about yetis, Jensen.
Oh, come on! Look at the size of
these things. What else could do that?
- I don't know. A bear, a snow tiger?
- What the... a snow tiger?
Snow tigers are all extinct, genius.
It gets weirder.
Anyone hiking in this kind of snow
needs specialized boots.
They need to have a lot of grip, so they
either have spikes or very defined grooves.
But these are smooth.
Whoever it was, they were barefoot.
Now, Andy tells us that as low as the
temperature gets at night here,
you'd lose your toes in ten minutes.
- Which would explain a yeti.
- It's not a freaking yeti!
- How do you know?
- 'Cause yetis don't freaking exist!
- You don't exist!
- For God's sake, Jensen!
Okay, we're rolling.
None of the footprints
lead into or out of the camp.
It's like something dropped
out of the sky,
walked around in barefoot while we were
sleeping, and then took off again.
- Do yetis fly too?
- They might.
Hey. Can we pack up now, please?
- Andy, are there really snow tigers here?
- No, there's no freakin' tigers here.
Come on.
We don't have to cross that, do we?
You guys all right?
You've been quiet all morning.
Yeah, we're fine.
You don't seem fine.
We just don't like
being messed with is all.
Do you think that we're messing with you?
No, we think Bigfoot was checking
out our campsite last night.
How could we possibly fake that?
Oh, you're right, Holly. No one's ever
faked footprints in the snow before.
Freakin' amateur, man.
He's right, Holls.
It's cool to cut loose and have
some fun, but look around you.
This is the last place in the world
you want to have everyone freaked out.
You don't know what you're talking about.
So needless to say, we're all
a little on edge this morning.
Holly! Do you hear that?
So we're searching where we think
those strange sounds came from.
We've listened to the tape, and no one
can even begin to explain what it is.
And then we found these...
just like at the campsite.
No tracks in or out.
We're getting a little freaked out.
Holly! Come look at this!
More footprints!
- What is it?
- It's a weather tower.
They put them in remote areas like this.
That propeller at the top
measures wind speed.
Well, not anymore, it doesn't.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing?
Look at the footprints.
Whatever made that sound was here,
and I want to know why.
Hang on. What the...
- Are you okay?
- You all right?
- You sure?
- Uh-huh.
Holly, wait. A tongue?
- This isn't safe, Holly.
- Yeah, that's what it looked like.
It's not nothing. It's a tongue.
We should just leave right now!
Denise, can you just...
- What about the footprints?
- It's probably from an animal.
- Please, can you just give us a minute?
- Hey, hey, hey, come on.
Look, she's just messing around with us
for her stupid movie. Come on.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm just a bit freaked out. That's all.
Well, you know, everyone's
a little rattled, but...
I heard about this mountain pass in China
where birds fly into walls
and people and animals go crazy and die.
And it's all because the wind generates
a four-megahertz sound
that makes people go insane.
- Do you think that...
- That the wind is making us crazy?
No, Jensen, we all saw the tape
and heard whatever it was.
Please, tell me what's wrong.
I've heard them before.
Jesus, Jensen.
I had a, um...
I had a really bad trip
when I was in high school.
Like, on acid?
Okay, I've never done it.
It's, uh... it's fun at first.
It's kind of like, um,
all your brain cells are firing
at the same time
for the first time in your life.
Then it got a little weird,
and I heard them.
And they were chasing me,
and I was just running.
And the next thing I remember, um,
the cops were picking me up
and I was in the middle of the street,
screaming about demons.
now I'm out here with you,
and here they are.
Okay, sweetie. When I was a kid, yeah,
I used to have this dream
about this place.
It was exactly the same,
the mountains, the snow, everything.
And it was like there was this
magnet pulling me toward it.
And, you know, I'd get out here,
and then there's this door.
A door.
And I don't want to open it,
but I have to.
And then, like, on the other side,
there's just this darkness, like blackness,
and it swallows me up.
And I used to wake up, like,
absolutely screaming,
and my parents said that I was
having, um, those night terrors.
And they took me to a shrink,
and he put me on pills,
and nothing worked, okay?
And then I saw that news report
about the scientists,
and I just knew.
I said, "That's it. Oh, my God.
That's the place
that I've been dreaming about."
And this is how I know
that we are all gonna do
what nobody else has been able to do
and we are gonna figure out
what happened to those people, okay?
You were just meant to be here too.
Uh-huh? So how's that for crazy?
You've been hanging out
with me for too long, man.
- You're supposed to be our Velma.
- What's that?
The dog?
Yeah... No, no, Velma.
You know, she's...
In the gang, she's, like,
the smart, the intelligent one,
with short hair and...
Thank you.
- She says, "Jinkies."
- I've never seen it.
Okay, whatever.
Hey, unless you guys want to
camp here, we should get going.
I definitely don't want to camp here, okay?
This mountain really is amazing.
Did I already mention how much
I hate these freakin' snowshoes?
Guys, wait!
Come on, slowpoke.
Guys, wait! This is it! We're here!
A break. Oh, thank God.
Are you sure?
I've seen the pictures a hundred times.
This is it.
This is where it happened.
This is Dyatlov's Pass.
- Can you pass the other one over?
- Yeah.
53 years ago today,
nine people set up camp
on this very ground,
ate dinner, and went to bed.
At some point between 9:00
and 11:00 that night,
something that Russian officials could only
identify as "an unknown compelling force"
caused all nine of them to flee
from their tent in such terror
that they ripped through it
and fled into the night.
It was 17 degrees below zero.
You're gonna love this footage, Andy.
You look like a TV chef.
Oh, yeah? Which one?
The gay one.
- That's harsh.
- That's real cute, Jensen.
Rustem Slobotkin, 23,
the first of them to fall.
Igor Dyatlov, 23,
the group's leader
and the most experienced hiker.
It was probably his idea
to try for the tents.
Zinaida Kolmogorova, 22.
She was just a year older than I am now.
She got the closest to the camp
before succumbing.
The only victim showing
any sign of a struggle,
she was missing her tongue
and a large portion of her oral cavity.
Lyudmila Dublinina, 21.
Nicholas Thibeaux-Brignollel.
Alexander Zolotarev.
Alexander Kolevatov.
The cause of death for all the victims
was determined to be hypothermia.
But Rustem and Nicholas also
had severely crushed skulls,
and Lyudmila and Alexander Zolotarev
had a number of broken ribs.
But none of the bodies
had any defensive injuries,
no external injuries whatsoever.
Somehow something managed
to crush the skulls of two men
and shatter the ribs
of Lyudmila and Alexander
without leaving so much as a bruise.
Also, Alexander's body tested positive
for high levels of radiation.
Where out here did Alexander
encounter so much radiation?
And why only him?
Georgyl Krivonischenko, 24.
Yuri Doroshenko, 21.
While the others ran,
they sat quietly by their dying fire
and calmly froze to death.
- What's up, Andy?
- Nothing.
Doesn't look like nothing.
The GPS is all screwed up. It should
have alerted us when we got to site.
We're lucky you spotted it.
And I supposed you think
that that's my fault too.
- I don't know. Did you screw with it?
- No!
If she did, she managed
to get ahold of my watch too.
My altimeter is toast.
And look at this.
That compass is a Suunto.
It got me through the Himalayas, and it's
always worked perfectly everywhere but here.
I think we should go.
- What? We just got here.
- Look, we don't have to go back yet,
but we're flying blind
without a GPS or a reliable map.
What's wrong with the map?
We shouldn't be here yet.
What do you mean?
According to the map,
we've covered 14 miles today.
There's no way we could have
gotten here before midnight.
So what? So we were fast.
Look, let's just pack up and keep moving
until the compass stops acting up.
There's obviously... some kind of,
I don't know magnetic field
in the rock here or something.
We can start up somewhere new, and
nobody'd be able to tell the difference.
It won't match the footage
that we shot before, though.
Screw the footage, Holly.
Something obviously is wrong.
We should just leave.
If we start packing now,
we can make it.
No, no. No, no, no, no.
I don't want to camp here either,
but by the time we get packed up and get
moving, we're gonna be hiking in the dark.
It's no good.
Guys, it's for one night.
You know, people lived for thousands
of years without, watches and GPS.
I think that we could make one night.
It's what we all came here for.
All right. All right, I'll start dinner.
Thank you.
I'm ruining date night over there.
Starting to feel like a third wheel.
I just don't understand what
she sees in somebody like him.
I mean, he's just such an arrogant...
- Confident.
- Self-important...
- Rugged.
- Douche bag.
- Yeah
- Stud.
You know, there is room
in that tent, I'm sure,
if you want to go and join them.
Aw. Maybe for you too.
I'm sure you'll have a boyfriend
as nice as Andy one day, so...
What are you doing?
Nothing. I'm just gonna...
Oh, shit.
Thank you. Thank you.
This is one of the reasons
that you can't meet anyone.
No, I can't meet anybody because
everybody thinks I'm dating you.
Oh, you wish.
look, I was thinking about...
what Ranger Rick said
about this being a magnetic field.
What if it's not?
Why don't you tell the folks
at home what you got there?
So this is a fairly basic Geiger counter.
Um, without getting too complicated,
it detects levels of radiation.
As you can hear,
there is definitely radiation
in this area.
It could be, uh,
uranium in the rock here.
It's nothing dangerous,
but it's... it's way more
than we should be seeing.
And the source of it
is definitely coming from here.
Let's check it out.
Over this way.
Watch your step.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Lucille does not like this.
I think that we found something.
Hey, Jensen.
See how the ice is thinner there?
- Yeah.
- The snow.
Yeah? What about it?
It looks like someone's been here.
Maybe, like, even in the last few days.
Be careful.
Here, right up here.
- Holly, be careful.
- Okay.
Jensen, I don't think
that this is a rock.
Oh, shit. Are you getting this?
I'm getting it. I'm getting it.
Jensen, this...
- Shit.
- Be careful.
- Can you see this?
- Yes.
Keep going. Keep going.
Come on.
- What is that?
- I don't know. It's...
Oh, my God.
Oh, Jensen. Do you see that?
- Tell the camera what you see.
- Oh, Jensen!
What do you see? Come on!
It's like a cave or something.
Oh, my God, Jensen, it's...
You got to put the camera down
and come help me.
- There's a door.
- What?
Put the camera down.
Got to get this on film.
This is so weird.
Of course it's weird, Jensen. Look.
It's a door in the middle of a mountain.
It locks from the outside.
It's designed to keep something in.
Yeah, but what?
Look, man, come on!
The Russian government has
spent a lot of time and effort
building a big, solid door
in the side of a mountain
to keep whatever's inside in there.
I don't think we should be...
Jensen, what the hell are we here for?
Do you want to know if the
"unknown compelling force"
is a yeti or an alien or a...
Soviet-engineered superman?
I want to know what happened here,
and the answer is behind that door!
So would you just help me
open it, please?
It's moving.
It's already open.
It's... it's frozen shut at the seams.
Well, that's good.
That means that we can...
we can get it open.
- We just need to melt the ice.
- Let me get the guys.
- We'll get some hot water, and we can...
- No, no, no, not them.
Jesus. Uh, no, because...
They're already really jumpy, okay?
And this is just gonna
freak them out, and...
I just...
I don't want to move camp, okay? So...
we'll tell them about it tomorrow.
We'll just leave it now,
and then we'll come back, okay?
Hey, guys. What's up?
- Want to go to bed?
- Yeah, sure.
Good night.
All right.
- Night, Holly.
- Good night.
- You guys have a good one.
- Night, guys.
What are you reading?
"Slaughterhouse Five."
You don't like Vonnegut?
No, I love that book. I was
just thinking about it yesterday.
- It's good.
- Very impressive.
Have a seat, Professor.
Just let me put this down.
You know...
it's impossible to get warm
when you're sitting on snow
all the time.
Yeah, I think my ass has been numb
since we left Vizhay.
So did you guys find anything
with the Geiger counter?
- No, perfectly safe.
- Well, that's good, I guess.
I mean, I know you were hoping
to find something for your movie.
There's still time.
Young love.
I wouldn't be too sure about that.
Um, Thatch is a good dude, but...
I'm not sure he's boyfriend material.
Really? I think they look cute.
It's because he's a master
of the trail hookup.
The trail hookup?
There it is. Oh, man.
Uh, the trail hookup.
You get a girl
out in the middle of nowhere,
especially where it's cold.
She needs someone to snuggle up with...
- How romantic. Oh, God.
- That's not the worst of it.
He has herpes?
No, not that I know of.
Uh, you know that camera on his phone?
Oh, no. He records it?
It's not just
for shooting landscapes, yeah.
It's like a digital notch in the bedpost.
No, Denise!
Oh, she's going down.
So where's your trail game?
I'd like to introduce you,
to my young friend...
Colonel Whiskey.
Hello, Colonel.
Yes, please.
John Patrick Hauser,
are you trying to get me drunk?
Well, it's either that or wait for
a little paradoxical undressing.
- I'll take a little bit of that.
- Nice.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You believe those two?
- Don't worry, it's just a trail hookup.
What's a trail hookup?
You're still in the running, Casanova.
I'm not sure if I want
that guy's sloppy seconds.
Well, you could always
curl up with Lucille, right?
Hey, man, you laugh, but...
if it was legal in the state
of Oregon to marry a camera,
then I would do it.
But unfortunately it's not,
so we're gonna have to keep
our relationship professional.
Well, I am going to...
go to sleep.
Right on.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Sweet dreams.
Look, I'm sorry we accused you
of faking those footprints.
It's all right. If I didn't
know that I didn't do it,
I would have thought
exactly the same thing.
No, we jumped to a conclusion
that we shouldn't have.
I expect that of Slap-Nuts
over there, but I know better.
Well, if you want
to make it up to me,
you could give me something
warm to snuggle up with.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
Um, yes.
It's, uh, 6:00 a.m.
That makes it the third day of the trip.
And it's time to meet Denise.
What are you doing?
- Making a little home movie.
- You're ready again?
Don't look so surprised.
I'm not surprised. I'm impressed.
- Impressed?
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, no, no. Turn that off.
- What?
- Turn it off.
- Come on.
Don't act like you haven't
had sex on camera before.
Well, what better way to remember
the best part of the trip, huh?
Oh, the dinner we had in Ivdel?
- You mean getting fucked in Ivdel?
- Andy.
Shit. Andy, what the hell was that?
- What was that?
- You heard that, right?
Yeah, fuck. Shit.
- Uh, guys?
- Here.
Everybody okay?
What was that?
What the hell is that?
Denise, grab your equipment!
Denise, get out!
Oh, my God!
Come on! Let's go!
Come on, Denise!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
- Andy!
- Go!
- Andy!
- Denise, no!
Get up, Denise!
Oh, God, it's Andy!
Oh, shit.
Let's get him out of here.
Oh, God, get under his head.
Okay. Come on.
- Denise!
- Denise!
She's gone!
Denise! She's gone!
No way, man.
She could still be breathing somewhere.
She's gone!
- Settle down.
- She's gone!
You left her!
- You left her!
- Screw you!
She was just another
trail hookup to you, wasn't she?
I said shut up right now!
He's right!
There's nothing we can do for her!
- They goddamn killed her!
- It was an avalanche!
Oh, wake up, man!
They tried to kill us.
They tried to bury us so it
would look like an accident!
You crazy bastard!
Shit like that doesn't happen
in the real world, okay?
Are you telling me you didn't
see those charges, huh?
Or was that a herd of Ukrainian
exploding mountain goats?
You don't know what happened!
How would anyone find us out here?
- Look around, you joker!
- Okay, stop!
I had to apply for permits
and submit travel plans!
JP, they knew exactly where we were
and when we'd be there.
They waited until we were asleep.
Jensen is right!
Somebody is trying to kill us!
- Jesus, Holly, you too?
- Oh, God.
Okay. Tell me, who is it?
The military, man!
This is serious, grade-A...
Shut up!
Both of you, shut up, okay?
I don't want to believe that Denise
is gone, but she is, okay?
And now we have to pull together
and focus on not losing anybody else.
Andy, what... what do we do? What...
My pack. My pack.
There's a first aid kit.
Okay, okay, okay, what now?
Tell us what to do.
You guys have got to reset my leg.
It's the bone.
Oh, okay. Jensen, take the camera.
I can do this. It's okay.
- Be careful with my leg.
- I'm just gonna...
Sorry! Sorry!
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
Okay, Andy, Andy, I need to...
I need to cut the pant leg,
okay, so you just...
Okay. Cut it. Cut it. Cut it.
- I'm gonna be really quick.
- Okay, okay.
Just don't...
Just... just be brave.
I promise I'm being gentle.
Shit. Shit, okay.
Andy, just stay calm.
It's gonna be okay.
Okay, okay. It's fine. It's fine.
I'm just gonna do it this way.
Okay, JP, in a second,
I'm gonna need you
to get something that we can...
Oh, my God. Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- How is it?
- Okay. It's okay.
- How is it?
- It's okay. It's okay.
I really can't do this, JP.
It's okay. I got it. It's okay.
It's... it's not as bad
as you thought.
- It's...
- Okay.
Jensen, please go get a piece of wood
or something we can make a splint with.
- Let me see it.
- No, no, no, no, no!
It's not as bad as you thought.
You're gonna be okay.
All right, hold on.
It's gonna be okay.
I promise you. I promise you.
I'm just...
I'm just a little squeamish.
This is gonna hurt a little.
This is just gonna hurt a little, okay?
You got to reset it.
You got to reset it now.
All right, brother.
I'm gonna go on three, okay?
Take some deep breaths.
Get ready. Okay.
- Okay.
- Get ready.
- Just do it anyway.
- All right, on three.
Ready? One.
That wasn't so bad.
That wasn't so bad.
- It's done. It's done.
- Not for you.
It's done. It's all over.
Okay. Oh, shit.
Okay, okay, okay. Okay.
It's okay.
Is this thing really on?
- Oh, sh... yeah.
- Turn it off!
I don't want people to see
me like this! Turn it...
I told you that won't work.
I paid for the international plan.
This is so stupid, we need help.
We have to send up the flare.
- If whoever did this sees the flare...
- Nobody did this!
I don't know, JP.
I mean, maybe Jensen's right.
This is why Andy risked his life
to go back and get the pack, okay?
It's late enough in Vizhay
that somebody will be up.
They have to see it.
Do you have to do that?
No matter how this ends,
I want there to be a record
of what happened to us
so we don't end up
another Dyatlov mystery.
If we're gonna do this, can we
at least get some cover first?
I don't think that we can move Andy.
What was that?
That look. What the hell's goin' on?
We found something before when we
were out with the Geiger counter.
What did you find?
A door.
We've been freezing in this freaking snow
all day and there's a freaking bunker here?
We couldn't open it anyway, and
the radiation was... was strong.
How strong?
Not dangerous, but...
You're unbelievable.
Did you plant the footprints?
No, I didn't plant footprints.
I don't believe you.
Fine. Don't believe me.
If somebody did start this avalanche,
the reason why is in there, right?
- Yeah.
- Let's send up the flares.
We'll get some people out here,
and that way,
whoever is doing this has
no option of killing us anymore.
Come on.
Orange lights in the sky.
JP, I'm so sorry.
I should have told you,
but you were just...
you guys were so worked up
about the compass
and... and the map.
And... I didn't mean
for any of this to happen.
You... you followed a step-by-step plan
that killed nine people.
What did you think was gonna happen?
I don't know.
I just...
I've just always been drawn to this place,
and... I don't know why.
I can't explain it.
I didn't mean for this.
Do you think that anybody saw the flare?
I don't know.
But if we have to sit out here much longer,
I'm gonna rip that goddamn door off
its hinges, radiation or not, okay?
Okay, looks like it's blueberry pancakes
or mac and cheese.
You got to go with blueberry for breakfast.
Hey, Jensen.
- Yeah, what's up?
- Hey, man.
Man, I'm sorry about Denise.
I really am. You can think whatever
you want to think, but I'm... I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
Holy shit, somebody's coming. Look.
Help! We need help!
We saw flares!
Are you all right?
Our friend is hurt!
Don't look. He's lying.
- What?
- They don't have any packs.
How'd they get here so fast?
They were following us.
You see? I told you.
They're the ones that set the charges.
- Go.
- Who?
- The military.
- Go.
We're not leaving you, Andy.
Look, just go! I can't go anywhere.
- Help me lift him up.
- We'll get you up. We'll get you up.
- I can't go anywhere!
- One, two, three.
Okay, okay. He's right.
- Shit.
- I can't go. I can't. I can't.
Just go. Go without me! Go now!
Jensen, the door.
- Okay, got it.
- JP, you're gonna follow us, okay?
Wait. Wait. Give me the flare gun
out of the pack. Give me the flare gun.
Hurry up.
- We got to go now.
- Go.
- I'm not gonna leave you here.
- JP we got to go!
We'll send help.
Oh, shit.
Jesus, they're shooting at us.
What the...
Oh, Jesus.
- Go!
- Oh, my God!
- Come on!
- JP!
Get up! Get up!
- Jensen!
- JP, come on!
Come on, Holly.
Get up!
- Open the door.
- Oh, shit, shit, shit. Shit, shit.
Open it!
It's already open.
It's just frozen shut.
Guys, guys!
- Oh, shit!
- Oh, shit!
Open it! Get inside!
Get inside! Come on!
Get in!
Shut the door! Shut the damn door!
Lock it!
It locks from the outside!
Help me hold it closed.
- JP?
- Uh, yeah?
- Are you okay?
- No, I'm bleeding a lot.
Put pressure on it.
- JP, it's all right.
- Just stay still for a second.
I dropped the camera.
I need to find the camera.
Okay, I... I got it.
Oh, my God.
What do you see?
Uh, it's a tunnel.
We... we're in a tunnel.
- Ah!
- Help.
- What do you see?
- Um, um...
Oh, it's a switch, a power switch.
- Flip it!
- Okay, okay. Fine.
- It worked.
- Oh, thank God.
- It worked.
- Come on.
We need to barricade the door.
Because if it locks from the outside,
they can get in whenever they want.
No one's coming in here, man.
They're not gonna waste the bullets.
- Goddamn it, Jensen. Just...
- No, look. Have you looked around?
No one is coming to save us.
We're on our own.
They know that in a few days,
we're gonna dehydrate.
Then they don't have to worry
about any mess.
So that's it, then?
They just lock the door
and come back in a week?
Unless we can find a way out.
- Can you walk?
- Yeah.
Okay, uh, careful. Be careful.
- We go straight.
- Okay.
Jensen, stay close.
Okay. Just go slow. Go slow.
- Turn around! Go!
- Shit! Shit!
- Other tunnel! Other tunnel!
- Other way.
What? What? What? What?
I just felt something.
- Something is here.
- Just follow me.
- Something is here, Jensen, I swear.
- No, it's not. No, there's nobody down here, guys.
Come on.
Which way?
Just take it easy. Go slow. Go slow.
The lights are still on here.
Stay close.
Okay. Oh, shit.
Don't go too far ahead.
Keep going. Keep going.
Oh, Jesus.
What is this place?
It's a... a lab, I think.
At least it was.
What happened in here?
Who knows?
Sit down.
Let me see. Let me see.
Use this.
Yes, okay.
This is gonna hurt.
I'm sorry.
Just rest here for a few minutes.
Uh, I fou...
I found an opening.
- Be careful.
- Yeah, no problem.
Look at this place.
Ho... Holly, come here.
Look at this.
- What is it?
- It's, uh, a logbook, I think.
I know this word.
- You do?
- Yeah.
I saw it lots of times
when I was researching this.
What does it mean?
"Killed in action."
Of course it does.
Can you read anything else?
Just the dates.
the year the hikers were killed.
And then it stops.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What? It's a boat.
It's the Eldridge.
The USS Eldridge from
the Philadelphia Experiment.
What Philadelphia experiment?
Come on, have you been under
a rock or something?
In 1943,
the United States government
commissioned experiments
on that ship.
What kind of experiments?
Oh, my God.
There were rumors that people
wound up fused to the ship,
but no one has ever seen
anything like this.
These pictures are, like,
top, top secret.
Someone could have been killed
for these.
Oh, my God.
Okay. We need to get out of here.
- Uh, yeah.
- JP, can you move?
- No.
- Oh, shit.
I'm not leaving you here okay,
so... think of something.
Just find a way out, okay?
When I do, I am coming back and I am
dragging you out myself, okay?
Let's go.
Jesus Christ.
It's a, uh...
it's a naturally formed cave.
I don't think they tunneled
this one out.
It looks like it's been
widened a little, but that's it.
What are you, a spelunker now?
Look at this.
That's got to be a nuclear power cell.
That's why there's electricity here.
Alexander was here.
This is where he picked up the radiation.
Shit. There has to be a way out.
Be careful.
Oh, my God.
He's dead.
- Oh, no way.
- Still works.
Here. Give me that.
I told you someone
had been here recently.
Who is he?
Why is he down here?
If you were thinking
about killing five Americans
to keep a secret that had been
buried for 50 years,
wouldn't you send somebody to make sure
there was still a secret to keep?
What... what are you doing?
- Checking something.
- Oh, shit.
That thing we found in the weather tower...
That was his tongue?
Wha... How did it get up there?
He must have let something out.
That's why the door was unlocked.
They could have been doing some kind of
experiments on them, maybe?
You said there was a lot
of that going on.
Oh, my God.
Holly, look at the bullet holes.
This wasn't a lab.
It was an execution chamber.
Oh, Christ.
Holly, what... what is that?
It looks like one of the soldiers
from the book out there.
I don't understand.
These things, they...
they don't look right.
Maybe that's what he let out.
What the hell was that?
That door wasn't open before, was it?
What's that noise?
Be careful.
Come up here.
What was that?
Oh, God.
Something's here, Jensen.
Oh, no.
Oh, my God.
Is that blood?
We need to get...
we need to get out of here, okay?
- Wha... What is that?
- I don't know. Some kind of light?
- No, underneath it.
- Let me see that.
That... that's the same as this camera.
There's still battery life.
Check what's on there.
No recording!
I just want to get you
saying that on camera.
- You must go now, leave!
- Come on, Ivan! The Cold War's over.
We're friends now.
- I don't... I don't...
- Can we fast-forward before the battery dies?
He's dead. Now go.
Check what's on there.
No recording!
I just want to get you saying that on cam...
That's... that's impossible.
No, no, maybe not.
Remember the, um... the Eldridge
from the Philadelphia Experiment?
It was supposed to have teleported
from Philadelphia to Norfolk.
So it's supposed to have arrived in Norfolk
ten minutes before it left Philadelphia.
Now you're telling me
there's a goddamn time machine?
No, I'm telling you that no one...
not our top scientists,
not the government, not theirs...
knew... what was going on.
They didn't know
what they were screwing with.
Holly, all of these experiments
were abandoned.
The crew of the Eldridge, the ones
that weren't fused to a bulkhead,
they went insane.
Some of them...
some of them even changed...
People weren't meant to do these things.
- JP.
- Shit.
Jensen, come on!
Come on!
What are you doing? Get over here!
Oh, God!
Where'd they go?
They... they came back for me.
And they're gonna get you if you don't
get your shit together right now.
They're on the ceiling!
They're on the ceiling!
Oh, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ.
Oh, no! Oh, no!
Look out, he's up there!
He's up there!
- Jensen, where'd it go?
- I don't know.
- Where'd he go?
- Get JP!
I'm gonna get her away from that door!
When I do, you run! Got it?
Got it!
Run! Watch out!
Come on! Come on!
- Let's try the tunnel!
- Right behind you!
Go! Go!
Jensen, this way!
Holly. Holly.
Go. Go.
Why'd they let us go?
Why'd they stop?
I don't know. We should be dead.
Why didn't they kill us
when they had the chance?
What the hell is that?
It's like a giant fossil.
What are they doing?
They're waiting for us.
JP...I said that I would go back for him.
No, we can't go back for him.
You saw what they did to him.
If we open that door, they're gonna
do the same thing to us.
We're trapped, and they know it.
We're in here because this
is where they wanted us to be.
Holly, are you seeing that?
Do it again.
- You recorded that, right?
- Yeah.
I knew it. I knew it.
Those creatures, the way
that they just disappear...
become intangible.
They can teleport...
but not through the doors down here.
That's why they all lock from the outside.
There's got to be a connection between
those things and... this place.
They came from here.
They came through this.
That makes sense.
It's kind of like a... giant wormhole,
like, a... a transporter.
But how did it get here?
I don't know.
The Mansi, the natives.
Alya said that they'd been here
for thousands of years.
I don't know how this thing works,
but I bet these drawings are theirs.
So they built a teleporter.
I don't know. Maybe.
Hell, maybe they just
found this thing down in the cave
and put the drawings on it.
It could be some kind of alien technology.
Maybe they were trying to weaponize it.
What if there are more portals
like this around the world?
If those things came out of one of them,
it could explain all kinds
of unsolved mysteries,
the Eldridge,
the Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant.
Who knows what else?
Flashlight's dead.
- Jensen, I can't see.
- It's okay. Just take my hand.
There you go. You got it.
Okay, watch your step. Okay, okay.
We're going up to the door.
Okay, sit...
Reach, reach out in front and sit down.
Okay, you got it.
- Okay.
- All right.
It happened.
I opened the door, and the darkness
swallowed me, just like in my dream.
Hey, come on. Come on.
Hey, hey, hey.
That was a dream.
- I'm sorry.
- It was a dream.
Jensen, we're never gonna get out of here.
I'm sorry.
Is the camera on?
I can see the light.
I have an idea.
Not tic-tac-toe again, Jensen.
We're just killing the battery.
No, no, no.
The gate.
What about ripping holes
in the space-time continuum
and obliterating our puny human brains?
That's my plan.
You see...
it's got no controls.
It has no buttons...
which means that it either goes
to one fixed place...
or anywhere.
That's all I can think of.
But what if you...
you picture somewhere clear in your mind...
and you concentrate on it,
and that is where it takes you?
You can just think,
"There's no place like home," that easy.
That easy.
And we won't wind up fused
to a mountain or something?
I don't know, I hope not.
We're gonna die here, Jensen.
It's this...
or them.
What do we do?
Um, well, um...
I'm doing a lot of guessing here.
But I think it should be someplace that...
that is still fresh in your memory,
someplace nearby...
someplace that you can...
you can picture clearly.
Outside the mountain.
Wait. You mean the other side of the door?
It's certainly the freshest
thing in our minds.
And now that the door's locked it will,
protect us from those things, right?
I'm scared.
"Everything is all right,
and everybody has to do
exactly what he does."
What's that from?
"Slaughterhouse Five."
I never read it.
Don't let go.
Other bodies.
But I found all the tourists!
Who are these?
- Stay away!
- You heard! Get away!
- Wait!
- We did nothing!
- Just want to help...
- Okay.
The Army said, heres a quarantine
to discover what happened.
Return to the city to the other, please.
- Get out!
- OK.
What are they doing?
How can you find out what happened
if you are taking them?
- Come on, Alya!
- Hear...
He knows what is best for you,
the situation now is under military control.
I do not even know who they are!
At ease.
To the left.
At ease.
- What are you doing?
- We are putting them with the others.
No, no. Dr. Miktenko wants to see them.
- Keep them separated.
- Why? They are just like the others.
Do as I say!
Look at those clothes.
I never saw anything like that in my life.
Make them ready. Quick, quick!
Hang them on the hooks!
- Who are they?
- Perhaps Dyatlov group.
- They made a mistake in coming here.
- It does not matter.
Let's get out of here.
I hate this place.
It gives me the chills.
- Unrest in the street
Unrest in your mind
Unrest in the constellations
We were always the restless kind
Unrest this restless heart
With stellar circuitry
There are no accidents
There are no friendly fires
So pull out all the wires
Unrest this restless heart
With stellar circuitry
The nights are getting longer
The days are getting colder
Remember when you told her
The time for growing older
Was not tonight or ever
So hush the signifier
And pull out all the wires
Pull out all the wires
Pull out all the wires
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Disobey the future whispers
Only harm the ones who listen
We can stop the oxidation
Disobey the future whispers
Only harm the ones who listen
We can stop the oxidation
Disobey the future whispers
Only harm the ones who listen
We can stop the oxidation