The Eagle and the Hawk (1933) Movie Script

Marvelous, terrific.
Bottoms-up, boys.
Did you call that a landing?
- Well, we're down aren't we?
Yeah, we're upside down.
Well, I must have hit a bump.
- No, you didn't.
You just made another
lousy landing. That's all.
How do I get out of this?
Well, you ought to know.
It's your sixth crack-up.
What's that to you?
- Nothing at all. Nothing at all.
Except that as a pilot,
you're an A1 gunner.
Oh yeah .. I can fly alright.
Sure, sure. You make nice landings too.
Well, nobody can fly these
cock-eyed training hacks.
It's a cinch you can't.
What's so funny?
- You are. Look at yourself.
Lay off!
Alright, alright, alright. You don't
need to get up on your ear about it.
I'm just trying to teach you how ..
You'd better see how you can duck those
bullets before telling me what to do.
Hiya Mike.
What are you two guys doing?
Looking for wrangle-worms?
- You're out of season.
Lovely fellow. What was
the argument about?
This. He thinks it's
a pretty good landing.
What's the matter with it?
You can walk out of it, can't you.
Yeah, if we can walk.
The Colonel wants you immediately, sir.
The Colonel, eh?
- Yes, sir.
My compliments to the Colonel,
and tell him to keep his shirt on.
It would be a lovely war Mike,
if it weren't for Colonels.
Yeah, and the Army.
Hold everything! Hold everything! I've
some terrible news for you gentlemen.
We're going to France.
- No!
Nobody told me, I peeked
through the Colonel's keyhole.
Listen, the Colonel's giving Jerry all
the dope. He's on his way down here.
Boys, this time tomorrow we'll be
up there taking a crack at them.
Yeah, and vice-versa.
I say Gerry, when are we going?
- Where are we going? Who's going?
What's this all about anyhow?
Who told you?
- A little bird.
- Cheep-cheep ..
[ Whistling ]
Here's the dope.
We go at 7 in the morning.
What's the Colonel
think I got? Insomnia?
That's no time to crawl out
of a warm bed. Make it noon.
The Colonel said to give you the list.
- Yes.
- Yes sir.
- Halfway to France.
- Here.
- Rather.
"Smythe" if you don't mind.
But I'm here.
- Present.
- Who, me?
Boy I won't have to go
to the dentist tomorrow.
That's the list gentlemen .. let's go.
I tell you what we'll do.
We go to Princes for dinner and
we go on to Marie's afterwards.
Haven't you forgotten something?
I don't get you.
Well, my name is not on that list.
What did you have to do with it?
Well uh .. the Colonel asked
me if I thought you could fly.
Sure, I know. And you
told him I couldn't.
Now listen ..
You're the best gunner in the bunch.
But you're going to kill yourself
if you keep on trying to fly.
Well, It's my life ain't it?
You couldn't mind your own business.
You had to queer the
one thing I wanted to do.
You got me grounded.
No, no. You're going to be an Observer.
An Observer, huh?
That will be fun.
I'm going to stay here in England and ..
You're going to France.
Well, take this with you.
- Hello.
Here's your replacements.
- Up there.
Here we are.
Oui, oui. It's my day in France.
Oh .. boy!
Oh boy, I wonder how
far we are from Paris.
Did you see those shells
bursting up there?
Listen. It reminds me of the
4th of July at Patooka.
I hope they send us over today.
Yeah, well if they do, I want
to get back in time for supper.
Is this the uh ..?
- Let me handle it.
Comment a va?
Nous sommes les deux aviators.
From Le Squadrone over in ..
Voulez-vous annoncez deux?
A la Commandante. Trs vite ..
You didn't know I spoke French, did you?
- No, do you?
Are you two gentlemen
the new replacements?
Yeah, I guess we are.
- I'll get your kit sent over right now.
- Sir?
Take these gentlemen to their quarters.
- I thought this was planned ..
Mr Kingsford? This is Mr Young.
Your new pilot, sir.
Glad to see you.
- I'm glad to be here.
Well, dump your stuff and
make yourself at home.
Just arrived?
- Yes, just.
Do you mind if I wash up a bit?
- Why, go ahead.
I'll get some hot water sir.
- Fine.
Here's a clean towel.
Thank you.
Have a good trip over?
- Yes, fine thanks.
I say, you're American, aren't you?
- Yeah. How did you guess?
"Young", sir?
- Right here.
Major Dunham would like
to see you at once, sir.
You take off in 10 minutes Mr Kingsford.
- Thanks.
Ten minutes, eh?
Hey, better take your flying gear,
we're going to do a show.
Are we? Right away?
- Yes.
Don't waste any time, do they.
Hey Mike.
- What?
Did they send for you too?
You don't think I calling
the Major for fun do you?
Come on, let's be in there.
Major Dunham?
- Yes, that's right.
We're Young and Richards, sir.
Oh yes. Oh, the two Americans.
How are you? Glad to have you with us.
How was your trip across? Tiresome?
Not at all.
In fact, I could go back
again right away.
How's everything in London?
Last we saw of Piccadilly Circus, sir.
Things seemed to be
going around and around.
And around.
Well, things go round and
round out here too sometimes.
You've only got one job here,
and that's to take photographs.
And to bring them back.
Now that means flying
close to the ground.
Where the enemy can shoot at
you with everything he's got.
Come in Kingsford.
The ship is ready, sir.
There's a new .. a new enemy battery.
Reported G.4 .. H.3.
Now, GHQ wants photographs at once.
Kingsford here is an old hand. You
do the flying, and he'll do the rest.
We'll get them for you, sir.
- That's the stuff.
Off you go. Good luck to you.
Well, good day sir.
- Oh one moment ..
I'll give you your instructions
in a few minutes.
I can hardly wait.
This is swell. I didn't have any
idea I'd get to go up so soon.
All of a sudden?
- Yeah.
Well, that lets me out.
Look Mike. Do you want
to go up in my place?
Oh, no thanks. I'm tired.
Seven months of training for
this first minute of action.
Yeah, seven months?
I need seven years.
Oh, you know, just a little.
If his heart wasn't in his mouth,
you could hear his teeth chatter.
This is an easy one. Jump over
the line and keep your eyes open.
And if you see anything you think I
haven't seen, hit me. I'll do the same.
Oh, we'll be alright.
I know I'll be alright,
because I'm staying here.
If you come back,
I'll be waiting for you.
Major Dunham's orders, sir.
You take off immediately.
Who, me?
- Yes, sir.
What? Sir ..
Hey Mike! I got one, I got two!
Tell me about it. You got two?
Oh that's terrific. How did
you do it? Tell me ..
Did, did you get back alright?
- Well, look at me. Here I am.
Two arms, two legs, two of everything.
- See anything?
The last time I opened my eyes, one of
them black things up there went "boom".
Oh you got two. Listen if you
get two a day you get ..
Okay, okay. Oh boy what a kill.
First time over the line too. Why didn't
someone tell me about this line of work?
Now then, lower him ..
Alright men. Come on, stand back.
- He's got it proper, he has.
Did you get your photographs, Young?
He's dead.
- Yes, I know.
But did you get your photographs?
Oh ..
Yeah ..
Was it my fault, sir?
Nobody's fault.
But he's dead.
I'm afraid you'll have
to get used to that.
You don't waste any time, do you.
No sir .. that's the third
officer I've lost today.
Too bad about Mr Kingsford, sir.
He was a nice chap, Mr Kingsford.
That's his wife and child, sir.
Alan is dead.
- Yes, I know.
That's the fifth observer
I've lost in two months.
Yes, but this is war, and death
is what we've got to expect.
Yes, I know sir. But five?
Stop thinking about it.
I can't.
You volunteered for this war. Now what
was in your mind when you came into it?
Well, I wanted to fly. I thought
there would be some sport in it.
I thought I'd be fighting alone ..
I didn't expect to be a chauffeur
for a graveyard ..
Driving men to their
death day-after-day.
Yet that's just exactly what it is.
Day after day ..
- Yes.
And maybe tomorrow you won't come back.
Have you thought about that?
- Oh, that don't matter.
Oh that's where you're wrong. It does.
What do you suppose they
gave you that Cross for?
Some absurd idea about bravery.
- Nothing of the sort.
Oh, of course that was part of it.
But whether you like it or not ..
You're becoming a sort of ..
Shining example to these youngsters
who are coming out to us.
You don't know it.
But we're telling them: "Be like Young".
Get yourselves a Cross. Cover
yourselves with decorations.
Oh, I see.
Sort of a "shining-example" then?
- That's it.
Gee, it's a swell job for a guy.
Yes, but it's your job and
you've got to finish it.
Yeah .. I know.
That's alright.
Too bad about Mr Alan, sir.
He was a nice young chap, Mr Alan.
Oh well .. they come and they go.
Let me see now. There was Mr Alan ..
Mister Caruthers.
Mister Howard. Mister Warner.
Mister ..?
You know sir, that nice gentleman
with the wife and child, sir.
Kingsford. That's right sir, yes.
That's the name.
Good night, sir.
Are you my new Observer?
Well, well.
I hear you lost five men in two months.
Whose fault was that? Yours or theirs?
I wish I knew.
- Yeah, that would be nice.
Funny you being assigned to me, Crocker.
No it isn't.
I asked for it.
I thought you didn't like me.
- I don't.
Then, what the ..?
- Curiosity, fellah.
I heard about you and your medal.
I wanted to see how you did it.
And how long you could keep on doing it.
How can you tell?
I'm likely to get mine any minute.
- I didn't mean that.
I just wondered how long you'd go on
before your nerves would go to pieces.
You think I'm yellow, eh?
- Sure.
I know you are.
Remember the day when I laid one on your
jaw and you went down and stayed there?
Remember that?
Yeah .. yeah, I remember.
Supposing it was me you'd socked on the
jaw. What do you think I'd have done?
I don't know.
Well, what would you do?
Now wait a minute!
You just got out here and you
don't know what it's all about yet.
But as long as you're here,
you and I have a job to do.
Together unfortunately.
You stick in the back of
the bus. I'll stick in the front.
I'll take you anywhere you want to go.
Just see that you don't miss anything.
Want a drink?
Well, well, it's him in short pants.
If it ain't old stick-in-the-mud.
Why, you're still the funny-fellah, huh?
None of that back-seat
driving there, sunshine.
Oh lay off.
Hiya Slug.
- What do you say Jerry?
They tell me if you keep flying this guy
right, they'll give you another ribbon.
Don't you worry about us. You worry
about your own decorations, pal.
The way I'm missing those enemy planes,
they ought to give me the Iron Cross.
Hey, you sap.
Not me.
Listen, when there's dangerous work to
be done, who does the Major page for?
Me? Never.
He always asks for Lieutenant Young,
that guy with the ribbons on his chest.
Can I help it?
- Not now, you can't. You are marked.
You see any ribbons on my chest though?
No, you never will.
Never will an officer look at me
and say "there's a brave man".
"Let's get him to do the dirty work."
What did you join this
army for, you sap?
What are you trying to do? Kill me?
And who's flying this ship, anyway?
You made me miss. I had him cold.
That's what I tried to do.
Yeah, well not next time you ..
A little higher .. a little higher.
What was that you were saying up there?
What's the matter? Did your guns jam?
Yeah, they jammed.
Next time you pull one like that, I'll
jam them down the back of your skull.
Next time you take a pop at a fellah in
a parachute, you won't get a chance to.
What do you want me to do, kiss him?
You alright Jerry?
- Yeah, by the skin of my teeth.
I nearly caught in on that last dive.
Sweet Christopher, can
that Green-Tail fly!
You should have seen him ride me
down in a spin. I tried everything.
He was on my tail all the way.
- Yeah, well how about the ..?
Oh, he's a great gunner. He shot down
a defenceless observer at 600 yards.
"They are over us, one little
game for the rest of us."
I'm poison, huh?
Well, not that it makes any
difference, but what is it?
Well it's simply this, old boy.
We don't shoot down observers when
they get in your way in parachutes.
I don't get it.
That fellah was in an
observation balloon.
Maybe he observed something that would
help the enemy wipe out a whole sector.
I kept him from landing
with that information.
And for that, I'm a dirty-deuce?
Well, maybe you can tell me why?
It's like shooting a man in the back.
Nobody does it. That's all.
Sort of a gentleman's
agreement, old chap.
Say listen, why don't you get wise ..
- Why don't you get wise.
This is a war.
I'm hired to kill the enemy.
And there ain't no book
of rules about that.
Every one I've put away
means one less to kill me.
That's my job, and I'm doing it.
You're doing it darn well but get this.
You're not popping off guys in
parachutes from any ship I'm flying.
That settles that, as my grandma said
as she laid the egg in the coffee pot.
Who's going to buy the next drink here?
What's your pleasure, gentlemen?
[ Singing: ]
"We were bombed last night
and bombed the night before."
"We're going to get bombed tonight,
as we've never been bombed before."
[ Door knocks ]
Come in.
Hello, Crocker.
- Hello, sir.
Where's Young?
I don't know.
He and Richards are around
somewhere I guess.
I suppose I'll have to turn
out the guard to find him.
Anything wrong?
What? No, no.
Only GHQ has just telephoned.
But some French General.
Will be here in about half an hour to
decorate him with the Croix De Guerre.
Oh, another medal, huh?
Well, I suppose he deserves it.
You're getting one too, Crocker.
I'll go and get him.
I think he's over at Madame's.
Oh no, never mind. I'll send an orderly.
I uh ..
I suppose he's getting blotto again?
Well, what if he is?
- Oh, he's drinking too much lately.
Look, Major.
Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea if other
fellahs tried the same brand of whiskey.
Well, I just wanted to know
how you felt about him.
Don't get me wrong about him, Major.
I don't like that sort of talk.
- No?
Then, why are going out
in this rain to find him?
Well, I'm darned if I know.
Oh, come on Jerry.
Snap out of it will you.
I wish I could get it out
of my mind you know.
When you see a guy like that, falling
and burning, you know he has no chance.
You can't snap a picture
like that out of your mind.
You don't drink enough.
I can't drink enough.
Hey Fanny.
- Richards?
Comment l'omelette?
That meaning in English
"How's the omelette?"
Coming up, handsome.
You get that? I've been
teaching her English.
- Night school.
He don't believe me, Fanny. Put that
omelette down there and show him.
Yes, so ..
Did mike give you that?
- Uhuh.
He has learned me good.
The "Big Stiff".
That's what I told you to
call the Major, not me.
Okay baby!
You no eat? Not you?
You old "son-of-a-gun".
He told me your father
was of much importance.
He was a "big-gun".
So, you are "son-of-a-gun".
Hiya. Hello, you son-of-a ..
Not while I'm here. Shush.
Good morning.
What was that?
Oh, Mike has just been
kidding along with Madame.
Hey, I've been looking for
you. The Major wants you.
Me? What for? What does he want?
He's going to hang another medal on you.
Tell him I've got a medal.
From what I saw he's going to have two.
Come on.
Bonsoir, mes amis.
- Bonsoir, Madame.
Wait a bit, I'm going too.
Well, Fanny.
You don't know how much we enjoyed
that meal. The omelette was terrific.
Sorry I can't stay and finish it.
Here you are honey.
Kiss me, Fanny.
Go on Fanny, give it to him.
He's getting it.
Oh, just too rich for the blood.
Well, goodbye Fanny.
How many times must I
tell you: my name is "Fifi".
- Yeah.
Why you may be "Fifi" to the rest of the
world, but you're just "Fanny" to me.
Goodbye honey.
Happy days.
Hey, what's the big idea?
Cool your head off. You can't fall on
your face when you're getting a medal.
Listen, I'm alright.
[ French language ]
Jerry Young.
Royal Flying Corps.
You with the Wright brothers, Jerry?
He's going to get your telephone
number again. Here he comes, look.
[ French language ]
[ French language ]
What did he say?
He says you're drinking lousy Cognac.
He's going to send you some real stuff.
[ French language ]
Michael Richards.
Royal Flying Corps.
Now he's going to get your
telephone number, Mike.
Au revoir, messieurs.
Well, rather pretty old boy, eh what?
I got this ribbon for being
the best dog in the show.
I say, is it really yours?
Well, I had to kiss the
General's alfalfa to get it.
But, what's that to a hero?
Yes, I guess there's
only a few of us left.
Boys, I want to tell you, unaccustomed
as I am to public drinking.
I just want to say, don't
get discouraged, see.
Because as long as they keep giving the
medals out, I'll keep the war going.
When there's work to be done,
who will the Major page now?
Come on there, Hogan,
give us that champagne.
It was a great day Hogan,
I want to tell you.
Are you Mr Richards?
One of you gentlemen,
tell this boy who I am.
The worst impostor in France.
- The worst pilot in France.
In the whole world.
- The teacher's pet.
My pals ..
What's on your mind, son?
- I'm Johnny Stevens, your new observer.
Observer? Hey Jerry!
Finish what you're doing and come out
a little, will you. Look, I'm a father.
Observer? Step up to the bar, son.
Would you like to have a drink?
- Sure, thanks.
Hogan .. give my son a
bowl of milk, will you.
Could I have a little whiskey?
- Whiskey? Whiskey?
Give him a little whiskey
and a bowl of milk.
You know, look out for this whiskey.
It's kinda strong, son. Knock you down.
Weaned in a distillery.
This is our mess, gentlemen.
You know, we're not
long on formality here.
Now, if you'll come along, you
shall meet some of our men.
We'll give you the
drug-store and 800 dollars.
If you want them to get on
with the war, you want to ..
Congratulations, Jerry.
- Oh, thank you sir.
I'm proud of you, looks great.
Hope you get a lot more of them.
There's a new batch of
youngsters just come up.
Just babies, huh?
- Yes, I know.
I want you to say a few words to them.
- Oh no, no.
Yes, yes. Great for their morale.
Buck them up no end.
A "shining-example" huh?
Yes, that's it .. now come along.
Gentlemen. Gentlemen.
You've probably all
heard of Jerry Young.
And I dare say that some of you know
the sort of things that he does.
Well, I want you to meet him.
My pleasure.
How do you do, sir.
- How do you do.
I hope we'll all get to
know each other better.
Well, go on.
I've asked him to say
a few words to you.
I .. I don't know what to tell you.
Well Jerry, they're all interested
in your latest victory.
Wasn't much of a victory.
Single combat.
Crocker and I were lucky, that's all.
There are a thousand more chaps
like the one we got this afternoon.
We need you.
And I might tell you.
The first time you shoot down a man.
Don't let it get to you.
Just try to remember that ..
The cause you're fighting
for .. is right and just.
They are your enemies.
You are fighting for humanity.
And for the ..
Preservation of civilization.
I guess that's all.
- Thank you.
Is that what you wanted?
Yes, that's just exactly what we want.
Get down you fools! Get down!
Alright Major?
Hey Mike, those kids ..
Yet .. I didn't even get to the front.
Not a chance to do anything.
Did I.
Only die.
Somebody will get a nice,
shiny medal for this.
Come on fellahs, can't do any good here.
Not now .. come on boys.
There you are .. there you are.
There you are.
There you are, you got him.
Shoot .. shoot!
You got him.
You got him.
He's burning.
There you are.
There you are, you got him.
You got him.
You got him .. you got him!
Is that him?
He's burning, he's burning.
There you are.
There you are. Now you got him.
Now you got him.
Don't shoot, shoot, shoot it. Shoot.
I've lost five .. I've lost five.
I've lost five.
I've lost five, sir.
I know sir, but five.
Five in two months, sir.
Five .. five, sir.
Kingsford, Howard,
Warner, Caruthers, Alan.
You're fighting a great fight.
Fighting for humanity.
For the preservation of civilization.
Kids .. kids .. little boys.
Little boy .. look Mike.
Look Mike, they're burning.
Look Mike, they're burning!
Oh blood .. blood.
Stinky blood, Mike.
Mike, I can't stand it.
I can't stand it, Mike.
I can't stand it, I'm going to
stop it. I'm going to stop it.
I'm going to stop the whole,
rotten mess. Now listen ..
Look out Mike .. look out Mike!
He's right on your tail.
Look out, Mike!
[ Door knocks ]
Come in.
Anything wrong?
What do you mean?
I heard an awful racket and I
thought somebody else was hurt.
No, just me having a bit of a nightmare.
Oh I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to disturb you. I'm ..
Oh, that's alright.
Gee ..
It must be great to be
able to wear those.
Look at him.
After all he's been through, and ..
Sleeping like that.
Yeah .. wonderful.
Pretty awful, wasn't it ..
It seems a pity.
All those boys.
Well, I guess if they hadn't got it that
way, they'd have got it some other way.
Well, what's on your mind?
I want to be assigned to another pilot.
What for?
I'm afraid I ..
- But you're not afraid of anything.
I'm afraid to ride with him anymore.
He's cracking.
Oh .. so that's it, is it?
Well, if you think I'm going to break
up the only team I can rely on ..
You are badly mistaken.
I'll give him ten days leave.
That ought to put him straight.
It might.
And when he comes back,
you will fly with him.
That's all.
Thank you, sir.
Probably wondered what it's all about.
The one in red hasn't got
crosses or circles on its wings.
I hope it ain't a bomber.
You know ..
- Here she goes, sir.
Hogan, Hogan, Hogan!
That's hot!
It was so hot I couldn't hold it, sir.
Hogan, go away from me.
You're bothering me.
I wonder if he's on our side.
Say Mike.
- What?
Look after yourself, will you.
- What do you mean?
Oh, I had a dream last night, and you
got all mixed up with Green-Tail.
Hmm. I told you,
I'm getting a long, white beard.
Morning, Major.
- Morning.
I've got good news for you, Jerry.
- Is that so, sir?
You're going on ten days leave.
I didn't ask for leave, Major.
- No, I know you didn't.
But I thought it would do you good.
You know .. change of
scene and change of talk.
When do I go?
- Immediately.
In time to catch the
afternoon leave-boat.
Boy, London and clean sheets, huh?
- Yeah, and a private bathtub.
Yes .. and it means double work
for you while he's away.
Makes no difference to me. Just so I get
Thursdays off, and every other Sunday.
Say, Major.
If Richards has to fly the toughest jobs
he ought to have Crocker as his gunner.
Yes, well we'll do that.
- Good.
Come on, what's the idea?
You know I don't like that guy Crocker.
Don't be a sap, he's the
best gunner in the outfit.
If you're together, you'll both
be here when I get back.
Listen, Mike.
What do you want me to bring you
back from London? Anything you say.
Yeah. Well, anything
I can bring back here.
Well my second choice is ..
You know the little place on Jermyn
Street that sells Gorgonzola cheese?
Listen, bring me back a piece that will
come to me when I whistle it, will you.
Hot-diggety boy.
- Come on boy, I gotta pack.
He's got me!
Listen, when you get to
that place that sells the ..
Then my dear chap, when the
barrage lifted we counter-attacked.
Drove them from the woods.
And in my position, they followed it
with machine guns on our left flank.
By Jove, we drove them back.
What do you think of that?
The most wonderful thing was that he was
shot down in flames from 12,000 feet.
And like a torch he was, at night.
Ever see anything like that, Jerry?
I'm afraid gentlemen, if you will
excuse me, I've got to be going.
Jerry, it's been wonderful to have you
here. I hope you've had a good time.
It was charming.
I thought it would be a relief
after all you've been through.
Yes, thanks.
But before you go, there is one member
of the household that you haven't seen.
And he's terribly anxious to meet you.
My youngest.
Tommy .. this is Jerry Young.
How do you do Tommy?
- I'm fine sir.
Is it true that you shot down 18 planes?
I guess it is.
I'm planning to be a flyer just like
you, just as soon as I get time.
Do you think I would make a good flyer?
- Oh wonderful. You're perfect for it.
It must be fun, isn't it?
Well not exactly, Tommy.
Don't you like to kill the enemy?
- Oh yes, yes. Of course.
Tell me about it.
Tell me about all of it ..
Well, I ..
I'm afraid I wouldn't
have time for that, son.
What do they look like
when they fall, sir?
Are they on fire?
Sometimes, yes.
Do they look like a Roman-candle?
Yes .. yes, like a Roman-candle.
Do they explode with a great, big bang?
Yes .. a great big bang.
Good night, son.
You go up to bed, son.
- Alright.
Can I drop you somewhere?
- I don't want to be dropped.
I want a cigarette.
And now what?
- Where are you going?
I hadn't thought.
Perhaps around the park?
Tell him that then.
Through the park.
Right-oh, Guvnor.
Pretty bad wasn't it?
Well, it was alright until
the kid came down.
You can't get away from it, can you.
How did you know that?
I've been watching you all evening.
But you didn't see me, did you.
I'm sorry .. but I'm afraid I didn't.
Do you like this
driving round and round?
Not that much.
Perhaps you'd like to go somewhere?
I think you need a glass of champagne.
Oh, I couldn't stand to go to a
nightclub or anything like that.
Let's have it here in the park.
In the moonlight.
Stop the driver and send him for some.
Stop here.
Rush off somewhere and get me a bottle
of champagne and bring it back here.
Right-oh, Guvnor.
You are ill, aren't you?
No, no I'm alright, I'm perfectly fine.
Come over here and sit down.
Why are you doing this?
Don't you like it?
I like it very much.
Only, I ..
I don't seem to know what to talk about.
Why talk?
Oh, here he is.
Here you are, Guvnor.
- Thank you.
That's fine.
Just .. wait for us, will you.
Right-oh, sir.
Moonlight .. quiet.
- Uhuh.
Thank you.
That's what I want to know.
Tell me about it.
No, there's nothing to tell.
It's the same old thing, over
and over and over again.
Day after day.
Well you see.
I thought it was like a game.
Pool .. or something like that.
And on the first time I went up, I
brought down a plane. That started it.
That started everything.
A treadmill.
Somebody slapped me on the back and
told me I was great, and I had to go on.
More planes.
More dead men ..
More medals.
There isn't any end.
Then what do you think happened to me?
I was what they called
a "shining-example".
Could there be anything
more terrible than that?
A "shining-example".
The only way I can go
on is to kill somebody.
When I get up in the morning,
the first thing I say to myself is ..
"Well, you've got to do it again today."
"Because if you don't do it .."
Do you know what I'm talking about?
They bring young boys ..
Only kids, just away from their
mothers, who don't know anything.
And then they point to me and
they say: "Be like him. Be like him".
That's what I've got to do.
You don't think I'm afraid, do you?
I know you are not afraid.
Every time I knock some poor devil
down, burning, they buy me drinks.
Oh, my dear.
Oh, my dear.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have bothered you.
You didn't bother me.
You've been awfully kind.
I want to be kind.
Hello, Jerry!
Hello boys!
Hi Jerry!
- Hello. Jerry ..
Have a good trip?
- Yeah, swell.
Look, he's back sober! Welcome
back from the battle of Piccadilly!
Where's Mike?
He and Crocker are out on a show.
- He'll be back pretty soon.
What is it, Scotch?
- No, I bought it for Mike. Smell it.
Ooh! Hang some black crepe on it.
Is he's going to eat it?
- Sure he is ..
That looks like Mike now.
- Yeah, that looks like him.
Hey Mike! Mike ..
Ah, bonjour mon ami.
Mon ami.
Oh you must have mixed with somebody.
La fromage! Pour votre Marie.
There you are, my lad.
The most thoroughly disreputable
cheese in the entire British Empire.
Oh, what a lovely stink ..
What a dogfight you must
have been through.
Hello, Crocker.
- Hello, Jerry.
What happened?
- Green-Tail.
I got Mike to turn back so I
could take a crack at him.
I did.
But he took forty-nine at us.
Well, I guess we're lucky to be here.
I'll say you are.
Mike, did you ..
Hey Mike.
Mike, you can't do that.
I'm alright .. a little gas ..
I guess it must be the cheese.
Mike .. Mike ..
Do something! Get an ambulance, Ronnie.
Hurry up.
Major, you're wanted.
Richards is wounded.
Careful, watch his head now ..
Gently .. gently.
Come on Mike .. easy, easy.
You got him?
- Yeah.
He's dead.
Well, you got your crack
at Green-Tail, Crocker.
You got Richards to go back
and tangle with him, eh?
Couldn't be satisfied to get your
pictures and come on home.
You had to fight and kill somebody.
- Wait a minute, Jerry.
Well you did it! You killed somebody ..
You killed the best guy
that ever flew in France.
You and I are washed up, Crocker.
On the ground and in the air.
Transfer Mr Crocker's gear.
Mr Stevens is flying with me.
They bombed 86th Squadron last night.
Killed eleven men, and
destroyed the hangars.
I heard about it .. a rotten show.
We want photographs of their aerodrome.
We're going to make a counter-raid.
Where is it?
Well GHQ thinks it's uh ..
Thinks it's about .. here ..
Well, get back as soon as you can.
You know that's a tough
section .. well patrolled.
You're liable to be attacked.
I wouldn't give you odds.
Wouldn't you rather have Crocker
with you, than that youngster?
No thanks. I'll take Stevens.
I see.
Well, happy landing.
Thank you sir.
All set, Johnny?
- Right-oh.
Keep an eye on the sun.
Don't let anybody sneak
up under your tail.
Oh lummy, what a crack-up that was, eh.
Have we got him?
The bloke put up a good
fight, just the same.
Here he comes.
- Here's the bloke what got him!
Well done, Flying Corps.
A jolly fine show I calls it ..
Why that's the stuff to give them.
He never had no hope, he never.
Where's your pal?
He fell out.
He fell all the way.
His first flight.
You bleeding well
finished the other kid.
Did you kill him?
- Great work.
Do you know who it is?
- No.
It's "Voss".
- The great ace?
He was a holy terror.
He was the greatest flyer they had.
Just a kid.
You'll get a citation for this.
Hello Jerry. See you're back again.
Good show, old boy.
We'll give you a celebration for this.
Hello, Jerry. How'd you doing?
What's the matter with him?
See the way he's acting ..
An ace!
You got a combat-report blank?
Too bad about Stevens.
Too bad.
"And he breathed his last few
breaths, before he passed away."
"I'll tell you how it
happened, on another day .."
What do you want?
They're waiting for you in there.
Major Dunham sent me.
Well, I'm not going.
Well, that's alright with me, but they
are giving this binge in your honour.
A binge to celebrate the killing
of a twenty-year old kid.
Gee .. that's great.
I wouldn't miss it for anything.
Sure, I'll go.
There's Jerry now. Come on Jerry.
Mr Crocker, come here.
We've been waiting for you, Jerry.
Come along Jerry. We've
imported some real food.
And the General has sent
up a case of '98 Clicquot.
I think we ought to start this affair ..
With a toast to Jerry.
Gentlemen .. Jerry Young.
Well done, Jerry ..
Everybody up.
I'm drinking to the man I killed.
Thanks for the binge, boys.
It's an honour.
Too bad Stevens can't be here.
It would have meant a lot to him.
He fell out.
3,000 feet.
I wouldn't have got Voss if he
hadn't come at me head-on.
I went to the field hospital to see him.
I thought I'd find a man.
I found a blond kid.
Like a lot of you.
Two bullet-holes in him.
They congratulated me for it.
Congratulated me all day.
Told me I'd done a great thing.
They set me up a shiny, tin God.
A hero .. an ace!
They expect me to act like a hero.
So you can all play at being heroes.
So you can go out and shoot other
kids down, and get killed yourselves.
They'll decorate you for it.
They'll give you medals.
Just like they did me!
I got these for killing kids!
They are all chunks of torn flesh ..
And broken bones .. and blood.
And .. for .. WHAT?
I give you .. WAR!
Drunk as an owl.
Ha, I'll say he is.
- And who has a better right?
Another bottle of wine, Hogan ..
[ Gunshot! ]
[ Door knocks ]
Come in.
Hello, Crocker.
Hello sir.
I got him to bed alright, sir.
- Oh, good.
I see .. he got drunk
quickly, didn't he.
Yes sir.
Yes .. well, he'll be
alright in the morning.
I hope so sir.
He's got an easy show tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
He ..
He asked me to fly with him, sir.
0h .. oh, I'm glad of that.
Yes, sir.
You are sure there is nothing I can do?
No, sir.
Goodnight, Crocker.
Goodnight, sir.