The Earthquake (2016) Movie Script

Film contains scenes
of tobacco consumption.
Remember that smoking is bad
for your health.
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Kid, are you alive?
Come on, kid. Hang on.
Konstantin LAVRONENKO.
Daniil IZOTOV.
Hello, brother.
Do you remember the guy
who killed my family?
Your family was
my family too, Robert.
How could I forget?
He's out.
He comes back to Leninakan today.
I will meet him. I want to look
into his eyes.
- You don't even know what he looks like.
- I know where he lives.
Wash up.
- Hello, Lilit.
- Hello, Mr. Akopian.
"Mr. Akopian" is what they
call me at work.
Why are you like that, Lilit?
I told you before,
you can just call me Armen.
Go home. There's a present
for you there.
Let's go.
The chief has disappeared.
This kind of girl would've driven
me crazy as well.
Why did you let him in?
Sister, he's ready to do
anything for you.
Look at this expensive table.
I bet for a cemeteries boss,
it's free.
Do you want me to eat
at this tombstone?
I just want you to be
a little bit politer with him.
- He loves you.
- And I don't love him.
He works at a cemetery.
And I want to live.
Why do you keep trying
to get me married?
Let me graduate first.
I just want you to be happy.
Then take out this gravestone
with legs out of here.
It won't move.
We'll need a crane to do that.
- Here. Take it.
- What is this?
I just want to talk to him.
Just want to talk?
Who do you think this guy is?
How many years was he in for?
You want to look him in the eye?
He will tear you apart.
Good luck to you, Robert.
Nice watch.
Have you seen "Cobra"?
I want a hair cut just like
Sylvester Stallone's.
We must unite in our quest for
the supremacy of the ideas common
to mankind, preserving the life
of our civilization.
Perhaps the only one
in this universe.
Today I can tell you the following:
Soviet Union has decided
to make cuts of the armed forces...
Third mouse this morning.
We either need a cat or a trap.
What did you buy again?
Are you grumpy again?
Is it the end of the world?
- Who is going to eat all this meat?
- Our fridge is empty.
Gayane called. She and Varouj
will stop by.
That prick is not allowed to show
himself on the doorstep of this house.
- Erem. She is your only daughter!
- Exactly!
And he knocked her up out
of wedlock!
Remember. I was going after you
for three years.
When was that? Those were
different times.
The times are always the same!
Maybe you were going
after me wrong?
Roll out the red carpet!
Hello, Gayane!
Hello, my dear!
- Good morning, Varouj.
- Good morning.
I said that they are not welcome
in this house.
Please, Erem. Please...
Let's go, my love.
One day he will understand
and forgive.
He doesn't know how much
I love you.
You need to think about the baby.
It's not good for the baby
if you're nervous.
- Arsen, hey. Catch.
- Thank you.
- Don't lose it.
- Hello.
Good morning. Just go already!
The doctor is waiting. Go.
There, love. Best price in town.
Which piece is the best?
For you - all of them are the best ones.
Do you want this one?
Mom, you've lived in Armenia
for your entire life
and haven't learned how
to pick out meat at the market.
This one.
What a great kid!
Very independent.
- Why not in school?
- We're celebrating.
My dad comes home today.
Dear passengers.
Please put your seats in
the upright position,
buckle your seat belts,
and open the blinds.
Yes, thank you.
Buckle up, please.
Can I have your cup?
- Sure.
- What a beauty.
Your first time in Armenia?
I have my whole life here.
A wife and two kids.
Lilit! Get under the table!
I can't, my leg stuck. Suren!
Hold on, son! Hold on to me!
Careful, go left!
In the arch! In the arch!
Everybody! In the arch!
Come on! It's safe over there!
Come on! Come on!
What the hell are you doing?
What did I tell you?! In the arch!
Everyone! Come on!
Arsen! Son!
- Everything is going to be fine!
- No, Varouj.
- I'll be right back.
- No, Varouj!
- I'll be right back.
- No!
Mom, mom!
Hush, hush. It's OK.
Hush now...
- Vanya... Vanya.
- Mom.
Vanya... You are alive.
- Vanya, are you hurt?
- Is everything OK?
- Are you hurt?
- No. Are you OK, Mom?
My dear.
It's OK, Mommy.
- Hang on...
- Mom, are you OK?
Mommy, are you hurt?
- Come here.
- Mommy...
Mommy, you're bleeding.
It's just a scratch.
Run home. Do you hear me?
Find Katya.
Bring her here. Do you hear me?
Run. Come on.
Run, run...
Everything is OK.
Hey, you!
Do you understand?
I need your help! Let's go!
My father is there.
Underneath a slab.
He's alive.
He's just underneath this slab.
Help me lift this one up.
Do you understand?
Dad! I brought help.
Hang on.
Come on!
Hang on, Dad. Almost there.
Let me try.
Dad, hang on for a second.
Come on.
Grab my hand.
I got it...
What about Yerevan?
Is it still standing?
Are you OK?
Your arms and legs?
Are they OK?
Let's go - we need your help.
Let's go.
Come on, come on.
Come on!
One more time!
I don't know...
Skinny but heavy
as if he is alive.
One more time.
Exactly like he's alive.
I remember
during the school play I dropped
a microphone. Just like that.
With the stand.
Everyone laughed.
And my auntie Narine
wanted me to go to Moscow's
clown school.
But my dad told me:
"Misha, a man must have
an man's occupation".
So I drive now... anything I can.
Are you completely crazy?
Don't you see what's happening?
It was my birthday yesterday.
I had guests over. We had a lamb.
And in the morning we had khash
that had been cooking all night.
We just sat down,
just raised our glasses and... boom.
I now have another birthday.
Death is all around us.
Which guests are you talking about?
Which guests?
My guests, my!
Here they are.
In the back of my car.
And it's not for you to decide
when I can joke around
and when I cannot.
Get your hand off of me.
You'll mess up my shirt.
We have work to do.
Let's go. Let's go.
That way.
Get in.
Do you know where the hospital is?
I'll find it.
I'm here.
I'll be right back. Wait for me.
I'll be right there. I'll get help.
What the hell are you doing?
Jumping under the wheels like that!
- Move!
- No!
- Move now or I'll go over you!
- Do it!
Do you want to die or something?!
Did your parents drop you as
a child very often?
- Are you nuts?!
- I need your help over there!
Everyone needs help around here!
I need to drive these people back!
Get the hell out of the way!
I said, get out of the way!
Hey. What's going on here?
There is a girl; she's alive.
And he refuses to help.
I have a car full of wounded.
They need to get
to the hospital. Now.
Here is what we're going to do.
First, we're going to the hospital
and unload.
Then we're coming back here
and taking the ruins apart.
We'll need your car.
Everyone needs my car.
Who made you the boss?
Do you know what to do?
And you?
Then we're doing it my way.
Let's go.
Hey, hey, hey! My car, my rules.
Khash rides here.
Go on in the back.
That girl - she needs help.
They all need help.
Katya! Mom is calling you!
Brother! Bro!
Do you have a cigarette?
- Where are you from?
- Ashtarak.
Heard about it on the radio.
Loaded the car up with bread
and took off.
- You?
- Me? I'm from Yerevan.
Do you have relatives there?
Thank you, brother.
Where is Katya?
She's not home?
Come here.
I couldnt find our home.
What do you mean?
You know where our street is.
I couldn't find our street.
Don't cry, my dear.
Come here.
Let's go together.
We'll find her together.
Give me your hand.
Let's go, my dear.
Help me up.
- Help me.
- Come on.
Let's go.
Sit down.
Leave it!
Let's go.
You can't help him.
He saved your son.
I won't forget that till the end
of my life.
And your future baby
won't appreciate
his mother sitting on
the cold bricks.
It's getting cold. We need some
firewood to survive the night.
Can you do that? I saw a barrel
out there; I'll roll it over.
You promised to help the girl.
There's a small shovel
on the right.
Pass it to me -
I'll chop some branches.
Your shovel can wait.
Here, tie this end.
Tie this end!
Suren, is that you?
I'm not Suren.
Where is Suren?
What's your name?
Who are you?
I'm the one who will try
to help you, Lilit.
Get in the truck.
Pull the slab and I'll make sure it
won't slide in.
Pure happiness upon me.
Now I have two bosses.
Turn it off. Off!
There's a girl down there.
You have promised to get her out.
I've said we'll come back here
to clear up the ruins.
It's going to be dark soon.
Without electricity
we won't be able to do anything.
We'll freeze to death.
Get firewood.
We'll get her out first!
It's a matter of minutes!
This way you'll kill her.
Look here.
She's buried underneath
something like this.
Whichever slab you pull-
the other two will fall onto her.
We need two cranes to get her out.
She'll freeze before we get
a crane out here.
I'm not killing her
and I'm not letting you either.
We're going to sit around
and play with bricks.
Robert, listen to him.
He knows what he's talking about.
Senior lieutenant, sir.
Eternal lieutenant, sir.
I brought you help.
Follow me.
How's your mother?
Did you find her?
She's alive and well.
Mother is alive. Father is alive.
Sisters are alive.
I'm alive.
It's a miracle.
Where are you, baby?
Come on, Mommy.
We're almost there.
Just like that.
And I'll catch up with you.
Go, go.
Mom, are all these people dead?
They are, son.
Are you going to die too?
What are you saying?
For as long as you love me...
...I will live.
I will live forever. Right here.
In your heart.
Mommy, I will love you very,
very much, just don't die.
This will help you get warm.
Thank you.
I'll get you out.
I need to check in with you
at the station.
You will.
Look around you.
There is no station to check
in into.
When you build a new one,
I'll let you check in there.
Who, me?
I've been building sheds and toilets
at the prison yard for the last 8 years.
Did you find your people?
Do you know how
they were waiting for you?
They counted down the days...
...till your return.
I counted down too.
Took me 8 years.
I will take these ruins apart...
...brick by brick until I find them.
It's time for me to go.
Dinner is served!
It was my birthday yesterday.
Here you go.
We made khash but didn't
even get to try it.
Look at us.
Eating khash at night.
What about you, buddy?
Come on, come on.
I can't.
I lost my brother today.
He was home when it all happened.
Got scared. Ran out.
Then run across the street.
Hid in another house.
And it folded in.
Our house is fine...
...and the other one is gone.
Half of the city has fallen...
And Spitak is all gone.
Sank, here.
Very well.
Are you stupid? Are you going
to carry this boom box around?
Are you joking? Who the hell
will notice? It's dark outside.
It's imported, expensive.
Edik will pay good money for it.
We're taking money and gold.
That's it. Got it?
Let's go.
I said, let's go!
Someone is moaning in there.
To hell with them. Let's get out
of here - it's shaking again.
That's it.
- We're almost out of alcohol.
- Try to get some vodka.
- Georgians are here.
- What Georgians?
Doctors. From Georgia.
They came to help you.
Yes... They brought medicine
and everything necessary.
- Good.
- Get some sleep.
Her water just broke.
Perfect timing.
Although I was born on
New Year's Eve. I didn't ask anyone.
DAY 2...
Don't rush, buddy.
He who rushes will have daughters.
Smoke break.
My daughter had one just like that.
This one is definitely not hers.
Do you see the teeth marks?
This one belonged to a boy.
Do you want more, kid?
- It's for my Mommy...
- He is taking care of his mother.
Let me help you.
Robert, tell me, where is Suren?
I don't know.
This Suren...
Is he your husband?
He is my brother.
Older brother.
Mom died when she had me.
And Dad - when I was 14.
Suren was taking care of me all this time.
We are not so different, you and I.
I also haven't had a childhood.
My parents died in a car crash
when I was 12.
And my brother took care
of me ever since.
Well, he's not my brother.
A second cousin.
Please, I'm begging you.
Talk to me some more.
- Let me help you.
- No, I got it.
You're so independent.
Where is your Mom?
We're here.
Here, Mommy. Have some.
Mom. Mommy, what happened?!
- Shhh. Mommy is asleep!
- Mom! Mommy!
- Don't wake her up. Let's go.
- Mommy! Let me go!
Mommy! Let me go!
Are you Erem?
Who wants to know?
Go there, get warm.
I'm so happy for you, Erem.
Have you gone mad, woman?
What is there to be happy about?
Your daughter is alive.
And you're a grandfather now.
Why are you yelling?
Hurry up, Erem, please.
They are waiting for you
at the hospital.
Don't tell me what to do.
That kid has parents.
Or has his deadbeat dad already fled?
What are you talking about?
I knew it was going to turn out this way.
That's one unlucky kid.
Father is a scallywag.
Mother is a flirt.
Your daughter is amazing.
And her husband is a hero.
He saved my boy, my Arsen.
Lost his life but saved him.
I'll be grateful to you till the end
of my days
for raising such a great daughter
and for her husband.
I'll kiss your hands.
Don't get crazy.
Thank you.
Arsen, let's go, my dear.
Let's go, my love.
We are grandparents now.
Hello, my friend.
Here. This is for you.
It's from my father.
Where did you get such a luxury?
- Eat.
- Thank you.
You're alive!
- How are the folks?
- All good. How are you?
Look, you can get anything, right?
I need a crane here.
Can you help?
Sure thing, brother.
Join us and you will have
anything you want.
No, Senik.
I can't join this.
Good bye.
- He will rat us out, Senik.
- No, he won't.
It's Robert. He's my brother.
- What are you talking about - "brother"?
- He's my cousin.
But when his parents died, my father
took him in.
He won't rat us out.
Is he a dog trainer?
Didier is a rescue ranger.
Him and Gilles came all
the way from France
to look for people
under the ruins.
- Are you a rescue ranger too?
- I'm an interpreter.
Good boy.
Thank you, Didier.
Does this kid have a family?
He was outside with his mother.
She passed.
- Does he know?
- No.
Marina, where is Mom?
Vanya, let's go see more puppies.
Didier will show us.
Can Mom come too?
Of course.
But later.
Lift! Again! go!
- Careful!
- Hold it on that side!
- This way, this way!
- One more time.
That's it.
There are more people.
- Alive?
- Let me check.
What's going on down there?
All my life I thought I was miserable.
And right now I think
that I got lucky.
I'm all alone so I don't have
to bury anybody.
There are more people here!
My baby...
My baby girl.
My baby.
My family.
A wife and two kids.
A daughter and a son - Vanya.
I thought I could.
And I can't.
I can't pull him out of there...
Your son is alive.
He's alive.
And your wife is alive.
Most likely they weren't home.
Otherwise we would've found them
by now.
We need to keep believing.
Keep believing and keep looking.
There's no time for despair.
You're right.
We need to keep looking.
We need to keep looking.
I'm guilty before you, Varouj.
Please, forgive me.
I'll come back.
I promise. I will take this down brick
by brick.
I will dig you out.
I will bury you properly
so your son could visit your grave
and shed his tears.
I understood.
I understood everything.
Dear God...
But why?
Why do your explanations have to be
so painful?
Why so painful?
Please forgive me, daughter.
Let's go home.
What would you do...
...if you were to meet a person...
...who is responsible for
your parent's death?
I don't have anyone to blame
in my father's death.
And my mother's passing is on me,
I guess.
It happens.
You're hurt; you're looking
for someone responsible.
But no one is.
If I'm still alive,
I don't want to die slowly.
- Help me, Robert.
- I'll help you, Lilit.
- Help me die.
- Don't say that!
- You will live!
- Just let me pass.
I will not let you die!
I want to see you alive!
I want to see you too, Robert.
But you don't exist.
You're just a voice.
This is my voice, Lilit!
I will do everything
for you to live.
- You're not there.
- He is here.
You're alive, girl.
You just need to hold on for a bit.
We will not leave you here.
I promise.
Thank you.
Bingo! A jewelry store.
Why the hell are you yelling? The cop
is right around here somewhere.
- No one's there. The timing is perfect.
- I said, later!
We have 5 minutes.
You're on the lookout.
Lieutenant, lieutenant!
I recognized you.
I saw it all!
There is a thief.
He threw a rock in the window and...
- I got this!
- I saw it all!
Hit the floor!
Hands behind your head!
Easy, my friend.
On the ground!
On the ground!
What have you done?
Now we have to skip town!
- We'll get a car and split.
- Checkpoints are everywhere.
They won't let us through
without checking.
It'll depend on the car.
We'll take your brother's truck.
Now we're doing things
my way, got that?
Whoever got anything
to say can join the cop.
DAY 3...
Stop! Stop!
We've been waiting for you!
Where are you from?
Rostov. I heard about
you on the radio and decided to come.
- You are from Rostov?
- Why?
I went straight here. People gave me
free gas along the way
as soon as they knew
I was coming to save people.
Are we going to chatter
or are we going to work?
Follow me! I'll show you the way.
Come on...
Stop, stop! Stop!
- Hey.
- Hey. Listen,
we got a girl under these slabs.
You need to secure
to the ground and on my command
yank the top slab up.
- Are we good with only one crane?
- We also got a truck.
And if we're lucky, the knot on the cable
will hold the other slab.
- And what if it doesn't?
- If it doesn't, she'll die.
- We need a second crane.
- We don't have time for that.
The nights are getting colder.
Are we going to save
some people, or what?
There is a possibility
that everything will fall down.
But we won't get a better chance
than this. Let's go. Let's do it.
I can't understand
what's written on it.
It's an address.
Some Konstantin Berezhnoy
is looking for them.
Thank you, Didier.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Robert, I'm scared.
- I will be here.
When you see the light,
crawl to it, but be swift.
Go, go, easy, easy.
Come on, come on, come on.
Get out.
I said, get out.
- I can't take my foot off the pedal.
- Will a hole to the head help you?
Senik, tell him.
Just give us the truck
and we'll be gone.
There is a girl under the slab.
If I move...
- She will die.
- Enough.
Senik is not in charge here.
Step away from the truck.
So what?
Are you going to shoot me or what?
You took it out.
Now shoot.
- Are you OK?
- I'm fine.
Alright. Carry on! Come on.
Lift it up.
- Lilit, it's time to crawl!
- I can't! My foot!
It's stuck, Robert!
Buddy, it's not polite to stare.
I'm not staring. I'm admiring.
It's good that we took the risk.
I know who you are, kid.
Find my family.
How about some tea?
The night will be cold.
I'm sorry, I'm looking
for Konstantin Berezhnoy.
Would you happen to know
where he could be?
I never knew it could be that scary.
Only war can be as scary as this.
Everything is behind you now.
No, Robert.
Now we have to live
with this nightmare forever.
Are you Vanya Berezhnoy?
And you are?
I'm his relative.
Mr. Akopian! Mr. Akopian!
I wanted to thank you for the gift.
Your table saved my life.
DAY 4...
Get up! Get up!
Careful. Careful.
Just like that.
Last time I danced like that was at
our wedding. Do you remember that?
Oh, dear God!
How are we going to live now?
- Disaster is upon us.
- To be alone is a disaster.
And we are together.
People have come from all over
the world to help us.
- Yes...
- We've lived for 3000 years.
- And we'll live some more.
- Yes.
This is your grandson.
Oh my God...
Lord, what a blessing!
A moment of silence!
During the earthquake the energy
released equaled 1O atomic bombs
dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.
As a result of the earthquake 58
villages as well as the city of Spitak
were erased from the
face of the Earth.
The towns of Leninakan,
Stepanavan, Kirovakan,
and over 300 more
settlements were destroyed.
19,000 people were maimed.
25,000 people were killed.
More than 500,000 people
were left homeless.
Doctors, rangers, and
common people from Georgia
were the first to come to the
rescue to the Armenian Republic.
Later the rescue efforts and
recovery of the desolated areas
were joined by all
the USSR Republics
as well as Israel, Belgium,
Great Britain, Italy, Lebanon,
Norway, France, Germany,
Switzerland, USA, and other countries.
118 world states sent not
only humanitarian supplies
but also specialists to
take part in quake relief.
Despite the terrible
scope of the disaster,
not a single child went
into an orphanage.
All of the children were
adopted and found a new home.
Directed by:
Sarik Andreasyan.
Produced by:
Ruben Dishdishyan.
Producers: Aram Movsesyan
Gevond Andreasyan, Sarik Andreasyan.
Executive Producer:
Galina Nakhimovskaya.
Screenplay by:
Sergey Yudakov Aleksey Gravitskiy,
Arsen Danielyan Hrant Barseghyan
1st AD:
Aleksei Smoliar.
Cinematography by:
Yuriy Korobeynikov.
Music Producer: Vahagn Gevorgyan
Music by: Hayko.
Production Design by:
David Dadunashvili.
Costume Design by:
Gulnara Shakhmilova.
Makeup Artist:
Anna Golubenko.
Casting by:
Lika Leonidze.
Edited by Georgiy lsahakyan with
Elena Denisevich and Olga Grinshpun.
Sound Engineer:
Vasiliy Krachkovskiy.
Konstantin Berezhnoy:
Konstantin LAVRONENKO.
Police Officer:
Vanya Berezhnoy:
Daniil IZOTOV.
Misha Mikael: JANIBEKYAN
Didier Sisak: SEBASTIAN.
Armen Armen: MARGARYAN
Gayane Sabina: AKHMEDOVA
Varouj Sargis: GRIGORYAN.
Woman with a child Marjik: AVETISYAN
Ashkhen Hasmik: ALEKSANYAN.
Marina Arevik: MARTIROSYAN
Paramedic David: DADUNASHVILI.
Flight Attendant Irina: BEZRUKOVA
Crane Driver Artem: BYSTROV.
Suren Mikael: ARAMYAN
Guy from Yerevan Karen: MARTIROSYAN.
Film by: