The Edge of Democracy (2019) Movie Script

Careful there.
No one expected such a quick arrest.
It took everyone by surprise.
The deadline set for ex-president Lula
to turn himself in has ended
to serve prison time
for the triplex apartment charges...
He will not leave!
He will not leave!
He will not leave!
He will not leave!
He will not leave!
Where is he?
Oh, my God.
Oh my god, no crying!
Hey, Luiza Erundina!
Look how strong she is.
- Bye.
- Lula, I'm with you.
Lula in prison!
Lula in prison!
Out with PT!
Out with PT!
If that crook Luiz Incio Lula da Silva
stays free,
he'll lead the country into a civil war!
For now, there's no solution yet.
Many patrol cars,
many police vehicles are approaching.
Don't let them jail him!
Circle in, circle in
Don't let them jail him!
Blow it. Blow it!
Don't do it with your finger.
Look, Aninha!
- Blow it! Ana, like this.
- Blow it, Petra.
Put on some fun music! Ana Petra loves it.
Four, five mille!
We want to vote for president of Brazil!
- Direct elections!
- Now!
- Direct elections!
- Now!
I WANT TO VOTE FOR PRESIDEN Our union is under siege.
We're being horribly oppressed!
Our union is surrounded
by military trucks.
Lula! Lula!
We all know
that around the world,
workers never got anything...
without struggle, without perseverance,
and without fighting until the end.
...there's work to be done
in neighborhoods,
there's work to be done at bus stops,
and more importantly,
no one goes to the factory doors!
Lula! Lula!
We're thinking
of creating a political party
to see if the workers,
at least somewhere in the world,
get the chance to be represented
with dignity.
To end inflation,
we'll have to attack it at its roots
and that's the bankers,
the businessmen.
For the low paid worker,
the priority is a pay raise.
It's time for a government
that guarantees economic stability
supporting all who want to plant,
produce and create jobs.
I also want to say to the businessmen,
that Brazil really needs them.
Marlia's giving Petra instructions.
Feminist voting here, huh?
- Her daughter's political education.
- We're choosing a woman for Congress.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Brazil gained wealth from the mills
and sugarcane plantations
in early colonial times.
But it didn't beat hunger.
It declared its independence
and abolished slavery,
but it didn't beat hunger.
It knew wealth from gold mines
in Minas Gerais
and coffee plantations
in the Paraba Valley,
but it didn't beat hunger.
It became industrialized...
While there's a single Brazilian
suffering from hunger,
we have plenty of reason
to feel shame.
We're starting today
a new chapter in Brazil's history.
Not as a submissive nation,
giving up its sovereignty;
not as an unfair nation,
passively watching
the suffering of the poor;
but as a proud, noble nation,
bravely affirming itself in the world,
as a nation of all its people,
with no distinction of class,
ethnic background, sex or creed.
Today's the day
Brazil encounters itself again.
Lula! Lula!
The first thing he did
was put food
on the table of the poor worker,
the small farmer...
I've two daughters in college,
thanks to government programs.
The current government
is prioritizing "racist" quotas
against white people in our country.
We've arrived at the end... of everything.
He was a big letdown.
He was of the working class
and could've made this country way better.
He did a good job at first...
then got lost to the corruption that...
rules this country.
Today I have a home.
My sister got her nursing degree,
my daughter's doing nutrition.
We needed the Bolsa Famlia program,
and thanks to it, we've advanced.
We're off the Bolsa now,
but we got better because of it.
I love this man from my heart.
And now we've the chance to talk
with a special guest.
The economist who started young,
working first as Municipal Secretary,
then as State Secretary,
Minister of Energy, Chief of Staff...
I brought Dilma here
so she can smile for you.
The art of resisting torture
lies in thinking,
"It's just one more minute."
If you think it'll be five
or 20, it's too hard to bear.
So you think, "One more minute, two..."
and keep tricking yourself on and on
trying to overcome
what's inherently human, which is pain.
There's already an 11% difference.
that Dilma was elected president!
Our President.
Wait, our President's here!
Eh, President... you invented this!
Mom, how did you feel
when she was elected
or chosen?
I felt...
like I identified.
More and more as...
she's a woman, from my state,
a militant...
We went to the same schools,
but at different times.
We were both imprisoned in the same jail,
I for a shorter time, of course.
And mostly,
she was there, for me,
bearing the brunt of it all.
It's okay, I managed to turn it on.
- Yes, before.
- I was arrested later.
- Then I went--
- You were arrested...
- Around Ibina.
- You were arrested in '68.
- Because of the Student Congress.
- Was it '68?
- Yes, in October.
- Right.
- I was arrested in January, in 1970.
- January '70.
Certain things for me are very difficult.
What happens is
that one can never...
be completely anonymous...
There's a huge freedom in being anonymous.
Which we had when we were in hiding.
That's the thing.
The immense feeling of freedom,
which I never had again.
- For a short time.
- For a short time.
Yes, but it's immense, isn't it?
When did you realize
Lula was choosing you?
No, I didn't want that!
It's my...
to freedom.
But this was very well known.
And he insisted on it?
He doesn't speak.
He does politics as a fait accompli.
That's Lula.
Today he talks more.
Hey, Mr. President, Mrs. Marisa.
The last time we go out of the elevator.
Saying bye to the Palace
and going home, to my apartment
in S. Bernardo do Campo.
Once a first lady, always a first lady.
I'll take a picture of you.
Take one of yourself.
Dilma! Dilma!
Power to the people
Power to the people
To make a new world!
The people united!
No political parties here!
The people united
No political parties here!
The people united!
No political parties here!
Democracy! Democracy!
It's unacceptable that Brazil,
with one of the most solid,
profitable economic systems,
has one of the highest interest rates
in the world.
The financial sector has no means
of explaining this perverse logic.
But the economy starts to slow down
and the protests have a damaging effect
on the government popularity.
Research polls revealed that Dilma's
popularity dropped by 27 points
in these three weeks of protests
We are in desperate need
of more efficient ways
of fighting corruption.
In each Petrobras contract
with each of its big suppliers,
and we're talking here
of billion-dollar contracts,
there was a fixed bribe
of one to three percent.
And this didn't happen once or twice,
it was systemic.
It's not a turning point
with state-run companies.
It didn't start with Lula.
- It's a tradition.
- So it has always--
It has always happened.
It's like quicksand.
Once in,
it's almost impossible to get out.
Slush funds became something
nobody saw as a crime.
A politician who says he didn't get
slush funds is lying.
We didn't lose the election
to a political party.
We lost it to a criminal organization
that installed itself
in the heart of the nation!
But ready yourselves!
Soon, we won't be the opposition.
We'll be the government!
Let's do it! The PSDB's the future!
Long live Brazil, long live the PSDB,
victory is ours!
This is patriotism!
...locked in a cell, there are people
dressed as the ex-president.
Fuck you, Dilma!
Today I received with indignation
the decision of the President
of the Lower House...
- Fuck you, Dilma, you crook!
- accept the impeachment request
against a mandate
democratically given to me
by the Brazilian people.
The reasons for this request
are unfounded and inconsistent.
I have not committed any illicit acts.
There is no suspicion
of fiscal wrongdoing around me.
I have no offshore accounts.
But one more piece was missing
for the impeachment to take off.
Take it easy! Take it easy!
Lula! Lula!
So let me tell you, dear.
I just met with Dilma
and I'll be the new Chief of Staff.
Well, I'll take office...
I'll take office...
next Tuesday.
My nomination's today,
but I take office on Tuesday.
Today the crisis of Dilma's government
reached its peak.
Confidentiality was lifted
on the 24th phase
of Car Wash investigations
and ex-president Lula's conversations
were made public.
A tapped phone call
between President Dilma and Lula!
Your Honor speaks highly of the USA.
Imagine in the USA,
a Texas state judge
recording a call
between Clinton and Obama,
and releasing it at prime time
a few hours later.
You know the tapping was illegal
as you gave the order
to stop the wiretap at 11:12 a.m.
The recording was at 1:32 p.m.;
by 6 p.m. it was on Globo News.
Can we accept that?
Supreme Justice Minister Teori said,
"The reasons given by Judge Moro
were not enough
to justify those 'special measures'
taken actually for abusive reasons."
My decisions are open to criticism,
there's no problem with that.
It's freedom of speech.
But I can't be accused
of abuse of authority,
as my decisions have been approved
by the higher courts,
unless you're also accusing them.
Lula, it's no use crying!
You're in Moro's hands!
Lula, it's no use crying!
I'm for Srgio Moro, do you know why?
Without Moro,
Lula wouldn't be so close
to going to jail.
IN MORO WE TRUS That's what'll make Brazil change
once and for all.
And when will it change?
First, impeachment. Then prison.
Then Brazil starts again.
Lock Lula up! Lock Lula up!
Moro! Moro!
Moro! Moro!
We demand the immediate ousting
of the government,
through the intervention
of our armed forces.
Fascists and Communists are the same shit!
Ironically, you bunch of deviants,
it's the military police
protecting you, you dumb shit!
Out with PT! Out with PT!
We're pro-freedom, and no one
is taking away our right to say so.
This is absurd!
They're shooting themselves in the foot!
- Why are you applauding?
- 'Cause he's been arrested.
- Who?
- I don't know, someone from PT.
Why was he arrested?
Cause he's fighting
for something we don't want.
There will be no coup!
Fifty-four million votes!
Respect that! There won't be a coup!
Today I can pay
for English classes for my kids.
My mom couldn't afford
to let me go to school!
I can't read or write,
but I can pay for my kids to study!
I don't want Acio voters to like me.
What I want is for us to learn
how to live in a civilized way
with our differences.
Democracy is the only possibility we have
of making a government
where the people participate!
Lula, warrior of the Brazilian people!
Lula, warrior of the Brazilian people!
I was moved, Dilma...
I've been to many events,
but the people were so happy today.
I had to speak from both sides,
first on one side of the truck,
then the other.
We need to do more rallies.
It was wonderful, you can sleep soundly.
Sleep well. The sleep of the just.
You're being the victim
of an unprecedented sabotage.
It's unprecedented.
In a major turnaround today,
the Supreme Court judge
issued an injunction
suspending the nomination
of Lula as Chief of Staff.
The judge sees the intent
by the former president
to obstruct investigations against him
in Operation Car Wash.
The snakes that seized power...
...are taking advantage
of human weaknesses
to perpetuate themselves.
Do we want to serve a snake?
Brazil's not the Snake Republic.
"Janaina, God doesn't give snakes wings."
And I say to him,
"Father, sometimes a snake grows wings.
When that happens,
God sends legions
to cut the snake's wings!"
Lula must be arrested, that dirty crook.
The only one left.
Against fiscal pedaling,
and Dilma's electoral maneuvers.
She ruined Brazil, man!
Nobody proved she stole.
- Dilma was a mother to these guys.
- Not to me.
Dilma was a mother to all here,
and they're trashing her.
Military intervention
is the medicine for this country.
He's a lot older
and recalls that in the time
of the dictatorship,
things were a lot better.
Generals, where are you?
Military intervention is the remedy.
Your relatives weren't killed
during the dictatorship.
- Were yours?
- I know people who lost friends!
They didn't.
That's what they want you to believe.
You've no idea what it was like!
This government that wants to take over
belongs to the elite, Globo TV,
businessmen, bankers,
landowners, Americans,
who want the Amazon and Petrobras oil,
rich Europeans...
Brazilians had some chance.
Dilma and PT left us the crumbs.
Now we won't even have that. isn't about the so-called
creative accounting decrees only.
Unemployment, recession,
cuts in social programs,
inflation, rise in prices,
loss of buying power...
What's wanted is impeachment.
It matters little
if I rip up the Constitution
or violate democracy.
I maintain
that in a country historically marked,
maybe since its discovery,
by structural and systemic corruption,
it's absurd...
that a legitimately elected president
be deposed for an accounting issue
that's been accepted by the courts
without her being accused
in the process
of stealing one cent.
That's why this impeachment process
shouldn't be called impeachment.
If it does happen,
it should be called a coup.
The coup of April 2016.
I don't think impeachment
should be an electoral tool.
This seems to be the case here.
An unfounded impeachment
borders on a coup.
Brazil is not a banana republic
that can remove a president
just because he's not popular.
Those who regret their vote
have to make up for it next time.
That's the logic of politics.
The government doesn't swallow me.
It has a personal hatred of me.
I'll ask in the PMDB assembly
that they break with the government,
that they leave the government
and I, as of now,
am breaking with the government.
Many get disappointed with P after its alliance with PMDB.
Especially after Cunha enters the game.
Do you regret that?
As for the disappointment:
to govern,
you need a majority in Congress.
Those disappointed must ask,
"Why didn't we elect our congressmen?
Leaving it so
that for a two-thirds majority
in Congress,
20 parties were needed."
Our mistake was not realizing
that right-wing supremacy was growing.
The right-wing wasn't so strong
on my re-election in 2014,
when we made the alliance with PMDB.
When does it assert itself? When Cunha...
because he's the boss, not Temer -
when Cunha gets elected president
of the Lower House.
He arranges the whole structure,
he sets up the coup,
he sets up the siege.
I have to tell you,
I didn't govern in 2015.
In your opinion,
what were Dilma's greatest mistakes?
She never bonded.
There are congressmen from PT who claim --
just yesterday, I met
with left-wing congressmen --
they said Dilma never gave them a hug,
never shook their hands.
So Dilma's being removed because
she didn't give enough hugs?
- No, not hugs.
- In a way.
For her coldness, her political ineptness.
I can also say that Dilma was honest.
But a good cook
is not one who cooks to her own taste.
She cooks to please those
who will be eating.
She doesn't treat people well,
but this is secondary.
If the economy was well,
this wouldn't matter.
- So the main reason is the economy?
- Of course.
She fought with Congress, the Judiciary,
the Treasury.
She fought with the market,
she fought with her voters.
When do you think starts
the fall of Dilma's government?
In 2013,
Dilma spoke on Labor Day
saying that the rich,
the bankers
would have to pay for the crisis.
She poked the bear with a short stick.
The elites then started to hammer away
at Dilma's popularity.
The economic indicators began changing.
I haven't spoken to him since,
so I don't know.
We'll release a statement so--
This is Petra,
she's making a documentary...
Would you give us an interview?
We'll make an appointment, okay?
Hello, my man. Yesterday,
I met with congressmen all day long,
things are really bad.
Very bad.
Bad for the Impeachment Commission,
Bad for the Lower House vote. You know.
It's not bad with the enemies.
It's bad with the allies.
Did she or didn't she?
Was she doing budget maneuvers or not?
Is it a crime or isn't it? You know?
So I said, look, our economists
will forever defend
her and theirs will attack her.
Her lawyers defending her
and the prosecutors accusing her.
One senator attacking, and the other...
Why don't they create
an International Commission?
With specialists in public funds?
And ask for an official report?
Because this is like religion.
It's endless; Dilma will die
saying she didn't commit crimes
and Acio will die saying she did.
The pro-impeachment protesters
will be on this side, and the...
Over there.
And the anti-impeachment protesters
on that side.
The right-wing will be on the right side
and the left-wing on the left?
I wouldn't put it that way,
it depends on the point of reference.
Impeachment! Impeachment!
Bye, dear!
The time is coming
The day is starting
And Dilma's leaving
- Impeachment!
- Democracy!
- Impeachment!
- Democracy!
Look after our Brazil.
Look after our Brazil.
Oh Lord,
see us through this bleak moment...
"...the floors shall be full of wheat,
and the vats shall overflow
with new wine and oil.
And I will restore to you the years
that the locust hath eaten,
the canker-worm and the palmer-worm..."
"...the waters shall overflow..."
That's why, Mr. President,
for the people of my state,
for Rio and Brazil,
I vote "yes" for the impeachment.
In the name of my two kids,
along with my wife,
we form the family in Brazil
that these crooks want to destroy
with a proposition
to change children's gender
and learn about sex at six years old...
...I vote "yes"!
For all my family...
...for my family...
...for my family...
I'd like to thank my aunt,
who took care of me when I was little.
For the Evangelical people
from all over the nation!
For God's people,
I vote "yes."
Considering that our President
didn't commit any crimes,
unlike most here under investigation,
who shame this house...
In the name of those
who hunger for justice...
I'm embarrassed to participate
in this hoax,
this indirect election
conducted by a thief,
urged by a traitor and conspirator,
supported by torturers, cowards,
political illiterates and sell-outs.
This sexist hoax.
I vote "no" to the coup,
and sleep on it, you bastards!
Congressman Eduardo Cunha,
how do you vote?
May God have mercy on this nation.
I vote "yes."
A show trial was established!
With an inquisitor at its head,
Eduardo Cunha.
You're a gangster.
I vote "no"!
Congressman Glauber Braga...
Dilma! You're an embarrassment!
Embarrassment! "Yes!"
What an honor Destiny reserved for me
to use my voice
as a cry of hope
for millions of Brazilians.
That's why I say to Brazil:
"Yes" to the future!
Voted "yes": 367 congressmen.
The proceedings against the President
are now authorized
for crimes of responsibility.
Many representatives are leaving in tears.
- Good job, Mr. President.
- Congratulations, Cunha!
Goodbye, PT! Goodbye, PT!
Goodbye, PT! Goodbye, PT!
How did you watch the Lower House vote?
- Calmly.
- Calmly.
- In the Presidential Residence?
- Yes... the Alvorada.
Calm on the outside.
With a great indignation.
How can we appear like this to the world?
What will they think of us?
I felt ashamed.
The worst were the congressmen coming
to the Presidential Residence that morning
saying, "Count on me to turn this around!"
- That's the part of the betrayal--
- It's deplorable.
- It's deplorable.
- Who did this?
Oh, my...
This process is Kafkaesque
in the sense of The Castle.
- The Trial.
- Right, Kafka's The Trial.
It's Josef K.
So you felt like Josef K?
But I'm Josef K. in person!
And I'm Josef K.'s lawyer.
And I'm lucky, because Josef K.
didn't have a lawyer...
He didn't, poor guy, he was alone.
I at least have this luck,
of being Josef K. with a lawyer!
They lost in 1964.
They lost now, in 2016.
Against communism...
In memory of Colonel
Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra,
Dilma Rousseff's greatest terror!
I have plans for 2018.
- I'm taking it seriously. Yes.
- Presidential elections?
I've eight percent in the polls.
If Datafolha gives me eight percent,
I must have 24 percent.
Agribusiness loves me when I say,
"You farm guys will have your rifles."
The welcoming card
for the Landless Movement
is a loaded gun.
If you'd like a gun at home,
you'll have it!
That's how violence is fought!
The language that bums understand
is violence.
They call me rude, homophobic,
fascist, etc...
I'm a hero.
I get stronger every day
in the public opinion.
If you want, come on in.
I'm just changing my clothes.
OK? This is my office.
These are...
our last presidents.
Castelo Branco,
Costa e Silva, Mdici,
who ended the Araguaia guerilla...
or we'd have a FARC
in the center of Brazil. Geisel...
whom the left hates, right?
'Cause criminals then
got what they deserved.
My stuff!
- Get your hands off of him!
- He didn't do anything!
- Leave him alone!
- Well done, you!
Well done, you!
God save the President!
- Hey, braggart!
- There's your spotlight.
You got your screentime.
What we want to do with Brazil
is a religious act.
An act of reconnecting
all of Brazilian society
with the fundamental values
of our country.
Not now.
Mom, how did you feel
when they began to reveal
the corruption schemes
between the government
and construction companies?
Corruption schemes
between the government and companies
is the common rule
in the history of Brazil.
What's new is...
Car Wash, that imprisons
and strikes plea bargains
with politicians and businessmen,
including executives linked to my family.
This was the great novelty.
It never happened before in this country.
I even thought it could be effective.
But it started getting highly partisan.
Above all,
it started looking
like a strategy of the elite
to eliminate the threat of the left.
Take out Lula, overthrow Dilma,
do away with PT.
Even if...
at the cost of sacrificing
a part of the elite:
the contractors.
So, cut off that arm
and preserve the rest.
The Workers' Party, born contesting
all this vertical, bureaucratic,
corrupt form of doing politics,
as it kept growing and dealing with power,
it lost something, Petra,
very important to us.
That is, "One foot out, one foot in."
The foot on the outside keeps connected
to the social struggles,
knowing that in capitalism, you only get
your rights by mobilizing and fighting.
The inside foot
is being inside the institution,
seeking to change it.
But we grew,
and the outside foot was slowly forgotten.
We started depending too much
on governing through Congress.
We thought we'd be friends
with the big fish, effortlessly.
That the campaign financing
was a natural thing.
We didn't make the political reform
necessary to end the curse
of business campaign financing.
There lies the mother of corruption.
The guy's a candidate,
he needs the company,
it hands him money.
Then the company asks for something,
and he thinks,
"If I don't do as they say,
I won't have money
for the next campaign."
The party started doing
what the others did.
Forgetting that the treatment
by these "houses of justice"
would be totally different
for us in relation to them.
They're gonna... Brazil will be doomed.
It's a bomb exploding in the second week
of Temer's government...
The conversations happened
a few weeks before the vote
in which the Lower House opened
an impeachment process
against President Dilma.
- Coup plotter! Coup plotter!
- Crook!
You belong in jail!
If Temer does take office
by the Senate's decision,
his government will better,
not worsen, people's lives.
How was your meeting
with Vice-President Temer this morning?
We had another conversation.
The President spoke
in further detail
of his plans for a state reform,
shutting down ministries...
To what extent do you
and your government
feel sincerely responsible
for this recession,
for the 12 million unemployed,
the 60 million people in debt,
and the five percent loss in income
of the Brazilian workers?
If one of your arguments to justify
the pedaling,
or the fiscal accounting fraud,
is the drop in revenues,
that too is prohibited in our country.
By your own decision,
when hiding data, numbers, facts,
you covered up a terrible reality.
Until the day when truth surfaced.
The budget maneuvering was done
not out of love for the poor,
the assistance programs,
nor love for the Bolsa Famlia program.
It was to cover up the damage
to the national bank.
I apologize for, though I didn't mean to,
I caused her suffering.
And I ask her to...
one day...
that I did this
thinking also of her grandchildren.
I'm here to look directly in the eyes
of Your Excellencies,
and to say with the serenity
of those with nothing to hide,
I haven't committed the crimes
I'm unfairly and arbitrarily accused of.
It's not legitimate,
as my accusers would like,
to remove a chief of government
because they don't agree
with their body of work.
The ones to do so are the people,
and only the people, at the polls.
the Constitution is invoked
so the world of appearances
hypocritically conceals
the world of facts.
We will all be judged by history.
Twice, I saw up close the face of death.
when I was tortured for days...
when I was tortured
for successive days,
subjected to abuse that made us doubt
humanity and the very meaning of life.
And when a serious,
extremely painful illness
could have shortened my life.
I fear only the death of democracy.
Hey! Hold on a second, honey.
These boxes...
Did you expect this to happen?
Well, the way things were going,
yes, we did.
I think there's still a lot more
to come out.
A lot more dirt.
It would be easy if all that's happened
could be cleaned
with a cloth and a bucket of water.
But unfortunately there's no way.
So many filthy things.
These things always happen in politics.
If you ask me...
she must have deserved it
or the whole population wouldn't be
thinking this way.
But I don't think anyone's clean.
The people chose her.
I think new elections
would be the best thing.
I'm not sure
she was taken out by the people.
It wasn't democratic,
or a choice by voters.
Actually, there is no democracy.
I don't think so.
Our right to vote...
I don't think it exists.
Do you have any regrets?
I regret a lot of things, my dear.
But my greatest regret
is not having done more.
Not having presented to Congress
when I was President
the new media regulations.
Nine families run
the entire media in Brazil.
And we have centuries of prejudice,
you know?
Centuries of domination,
from the plantation masters
and slaves being so mistreated.
To change...
all that...
is very tough.
If... And it doesn't always work.
But when there's a revolution,
half die in battle, half run away,
and then you think you can do it all.
In many countries, this was possible.
But to do it the way we did,
with democracy, freedom of the press,
with the right to strike,
the right to protest,
with Congress working freely?
That's much harder,
but it's also more rewarding.
we learn...
what the values of democracy are.
Getting to the top of the hierarchy
of the criminal organization,
today the Prosecutor's Office
accuses Mr. Luis Incio Lula da Silva
of being the mastermind
of the corruption scheme
identified in Car Wash.
We don't have clear proof of Lula's
legal ownership of the apartment.
The fact that he doesn't appear
as the owner
of the Guarujtriplex apartment
is a way of hiding the actual ownership.
Hold to God's unchanging hand and go
Hold to God's unchanging hand and go
Hold to God's unchanging hand
Hold to God's unchanging hand
He shall guide you out of the dark
The former president
has his last chance to defend himself
in the case
of the Guarujtriplex apartment.
Since Car Wash began,
Srgio Moro and Lula will meet
face to face for the first time.
It's improper that the deposition
of a defendant to a federal judge
within legal proceedings
be transformed into this carnival.
"The confrontation of the century."
Did you ever visit
the triplex apartment 164-A
of the Solaris Condominium?
Yes, in 2014.
- How many times did you go there?
- Once.
I saw 500 flaws in it,
and never again did I talk to Leo
about the apartment.
Did you or your wife request
any sort of renovation for this apartment?
- No.
- No?
As I consider this lawsuit illegitimate
and the accusation a farce,
I'm here out of respect for the law
and our Constitution,
but with many reservations regarding
the Car Wash prosecutors.
I see. But this is your opportunity
to defend yourself
and clarify these matters, right?
Some directors of contractors
admitted there was a criminal scheme
within Petrobras
to pay a bribe for large contracts.
You had no knowledge
of any of the crimes committed
- by the directors of Petrobras?
- No.
Mr. Ex-President...
you say you were not responsible
and had no knowledge.
Could there have been any slips?
What do you think happened in this case?
Dr. Moro, do you feel responsible
for the destruction
of Brazil's civil construction industry
by Car Wash?
I'm sure you don't.
Do you find
that what's harmed these companies
is corruption, or the fight against it?
The method of fighting corruption.
I'm being judged
because of a PowerPoint built on lies.
I'd expect that in a hearing such as this,
the Prosecutor's Office
would present...
the property deed.
"Lula says it's not his,
but here's the legal document,
he paid for it, there's thedeed."
What I want is for the innuendos to stop
and that I be told
what crime I've committed!
Prison for the thief!
Two months later, Moro sentences Lula
to nine and a half years in prison.
Robber of Petrobras!
He should die in prison!
Long live Moro!
We've come to the decisive moment
when each of us
will vote before the Brazilian people.
May the voting begin.
An investigation is needed,
but it's not urgent!
Not that this is to be an ode
to criminality.
A country which looks to the future
doesn't change presidents
like it changes clothes.
Putting an interim government
inside a provisional government...
is not good for Brazil at this moment.
It's not good for Brazil
to keep shifting presidents.
I vote "yes" to archive.
Result. For: 263.
Against: 227.
The matter will be archived,
and the decision
not to authorize an investigation
of President Temer
will be communicated to the Supreme Court.
Coupists! Fascists! You shall not pass!
Out with Temer! Out with Temer!
Military police!
We need to stop the repression!
This car needs to move!
Who said it's normal
Americans taking over our oil?
Who said it's normal...
A good Workers' Party person is one
without a mandate, no political office,
is one living in Cuba.
Who guarantees our democracy is the army,
and we always had the army
for democracy and freedom.
You're gonna meet the President.
- Guys, hey!
- You got your picture, let's go.
Could you take my picture?
Many people are arguing
for him not to turn himself in.
It was too quick Marlene, come on!
What about this battery of lawyers?
It shouldn't have been that quick.
Lawyers can't do much about it.
I knew without a doubt...
that the coup wouldn't end
until they'd arrested me.
Because Dilma's impeachment
was a way of getting to me.
It made no sense to impeach Dilma...
and let me come back four years later.
I'm practically under house arrest here,
because I can't leave.
The union is my guarantee
that they won't arrest me. So I'm...
destined to spend the night on the floor.
The deadline established by Moro
for Lula to turn himself in has ended
to serve prison time
for the triplex apartment charges...
It's a little high, Mr. President,
146 over 90.
Funny, I usually don't have
blood pressure above 130.
Lula, warrior of the Brazilian people!
Lula, warrior of the Brazilian people!
Here are the people, not afraid to fight!
Don't turn yourself in!
We now have a delicate job to do.
ordered my arrest.
And let me tell you something:
I'm going to obey this order of theirs.
I'm going to do so because
I want to transfer responsibility.
They think everything
that's going on in this country
is because of me.
If I didn't believe in justice,
I wouldn't have founded a political party.
I would've proposed
a revolution in this country.
But I believe in justice!
A fair justice system,
where verdicts are based
on the evidence presented.
It's no use trying to stop me
from traveling around this country,
because there are millions of Lulas,
Boulos, Manuelas, and Dilma Rousseffs
to do it for me.
There's no use in trying to stop my ideas.
They're already in the air,
and you can't imprison them!
There's no point
in trying to stop my dreams,
because when I stop dreaming,
I'll be dreaming
through your minds and dreams!
There's no point in thinking
everything's going to stop
the day Lula has a heart attack.
That's nonsense!
Because my heart will be beating
through yours,
and there are millions of hearts!
The powerful
can kill one, two, or a hundred roses.
But they'll never stop
the arrival of spring
and our fight is in search of spring!
Circle in, circle in
Don't let them jail him!
Circle in, circle in
Don't let them jail him!
Circle in, circle in
Don't let them jail him!
Circle in, circle in
Don't let them jail him!
Circle in, circle in
Don't let them jail him!
Don't turn yourself in!
...the result of the last 48 hours
of negotiations
between Lula's representatives
and the Federal Police.
When all seemed settled,
his supporters prevented him from leaving.
Protesters have occupied
all possible exits.
Lula left the union,
but instead of getting in the car,
he's coming out walking.
Let's calm down, alright?
Mr. President!
Bye-bye, dear.
We're right behind you
in the motorcade with the guys.
Mr. President, let me give you a kiss.
- Where's Cris?
- Zanin.
Cristiano Zanin will be with him.
The lawyer.
Goodbye, Mr. President.
Careful there.
It's fucking Bolsonaro!
The red criminals
will be banned from our country.
We're the majority.
Together, we'll build a new nation.