The Elevator: Three Minutes Can Change Your Life (2013) Movie Script

Emily, you're now playing
for one million dollars.
Remember you have three minutes to answer
Three minutes that can change your life
Our subject is: "The death penalty".
Which of these substances is used for the lethal medication mix -
- that will cause death within five to ten minutes ?
A: Ringer's lactate
B: Cefuroxime.
C: Pentothal.
D: Sodium chloride.
Take your time, Emily.
Wow, she really hit the jackpot tonight didnt she?
A million dollars.
I hope it doesnt change her.
Whats wrong?
Well has it changed you?
I do not know, you tell me.
Youre commented out.
Right, Governor Pierce has invited you
to Labour Day common in Hampson.
Im not going anywhere this weekend.
But I booked your flight.
Well send him ten thousand for his campaign
and flowers for his wife.
She likes tulips.
Uh, Jack, hes expecting you as his guest of honour.
Hes not going to miss me
and send him two cases of that Merlot -
- that I have in my cellar, this
Villa Tirrena, okay?
This Amico wine, he loves this wine.
And you, you have a good weekend, Jean.
Hi, this is Dana,
leave a message and -
- I will get back
to you as soon as I can.
Hey, it's me.
Just want to hear your voice.
And I love you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Ive got a delivery for Mr. Trammell.
Oh yes. There he is.
Mister Tramell, Ive got a delivery for you.
Sign here please.
So you are the one who knows all the answers, right?
I bet 100 bucks that you cant guess
The number of passes completed by
Joe Montana in his career.
Well Mister Three Minutes" looks like
you owe me 100 bucks.
In his career, Joe Montana -
had 3409 completions, out of 5391 attempts.
He had 273 touchdowns and 139
interceptions and ah
40,551 yards passes.
plus he had 1,676 yards rushes for 20 touchdowns
Come on, I was kidding.
Ah, I dont play for money.
Hey man, it's Labour Day.
I'm taking my girlfriend out tonight
Well, when you gamble,
Youve got to be willing to lose.
Here Robert,
Take your lady out to dinner tonight. Okay?
Thank you, Mister Tramell.
Oh. Mister, Mister Tramell, sorry.
Youre not paid to sleep on the job George,
Im going to have to report you.
Theres not many here, because
Of Labour Day.
Well if its like that, be alert.
I was meditating.
Meditate with your eyes open then.
Maybe I took a few punches too many.
How many fights did you have George?
Seventy in all.
You had 33 amateur fights and you lost your first
and your last.
Hold on, heres your mail.
You were kidding about reporting me?
Dont fall asleep again George, the shows on tonight.
Its going to be a good one.
I watch it every week, its great show.
Even if a Playboy Girl came,
I push her away
I watch your show.
Thanks Champ. You have a good night.
You too Sir.
You all know the rules, right?
You choose the subject and then we .....
You have three minutes to answer the question.
Three minutes that can change your life
You one of the new owners?
Oh, come on.
You just have to push this...
Jack. Welcome back.
Im having trouble understanding you.
Are you trying to speak like a Human Being?
Its normal.
I'm sorry. But I ah, I need you restrained
It's okay.
Who are you?
Why did you tie me up?
I will fucking kill you!
Well thats not very nice, Jack.
You know, first you yell at a lady.
Please lets not forget our manners?
Now promise me you will be good?
So good.
Who are you?
Why did you tie me up?
No, no, no.
Not allowed to ask questions.
Not tonight. Tonight its my game show.
I know you know the rules. But I've changed them.
Rule number 1:
1. Switch
We are not playing for money,
we are playing for your life.
Two tries.
Thats two attempts to answer the same question.
Rule number 2:
Give me the correct answer and we keep on playing.
Give me the wrong answer
- and I will be forced to remove a part of your body. Yes?
Three wise men.
But you still have two lifelines.
Thats help from three educated members
of our audience.
Ask another question, two tries
two attempts to answer the same question.
And ask the audience.
But, apart from all of that,
You must be brave enough -
- to climb to the top.
Oh, come on, Jack, give us a smile?
This is the opportunity of a lifetime.
The elevator
How does it feel to be the contestant
and not the host?
I guess it isnt as exciting as you thought.
Never mind, lets get on with the show.
Are you ready to climb to the top to the top?
Remember that, ladies and gentlemen only the brave.
Are you feeling brave Jack?
Well, we'll soon find out.
Now, my first question:
What is my occupation?
Am I - A: Unemployed?
B: A sales manager?
C: A teacher?
D: A hooker?
And we are playing for -
- one of your ears.
Well come on, Jack,
its an easy question.
What do you want from me?
That depends how you answer!
Who are you?
Why did you tie me up?
What the Hell is going on here?
May I remind you, that an unanswered question -
- is the same as a wrong answer.
Now answer.
Whats the question again?
Am I - A: Unemployed?
B: A sales manager?
C: A teacher?
D: A hooker?
I dont know.
You dont look unemployed.
And you are well dressed
Ah. Very focused. Come on.
Ah it's Labour Day -
- and if you were a sales manager,
you would be in the store.
And I,
I dont sleep with hookers. So...
I say teacher.
Is that your final answer?
I, I...
stuttering are we, Jack?
Do you know? I'll take that as a "yes".
Ladies and gentlemen, I asked Jack -
"What is my occupation?
And he answered - "teacher".
And the correct answer is:
A teacher.
You know, we should celebrate your first
correct answer, with a bottle of wine.
A bottle of Villa Tirrena, right?
Villa Tirrena, is that your favorite wine? 100% Merlot?
If we ever get out of here alive,
we should have a glass. Right Jack?
A teacher. Absolutely amazing.
You are probably one of those people who think
that teaching isnt a real job.
And you are one of those people who think that
you got to where you are -
- thanks to your own unique talent..
Well that's bullshit, Jack.
You are who you are, thanks to people like me.
We teachers, we raise you , we educate you
From childhood to adolescence
We teach you right from wrong.
But in your case,
it was obviously a waste of time.
Yes. I remember.
Youre crazy.
Do you remember it Jack?
It's really simple.
Your teacher would have been disappointed
if you had forgotten that, hmm
Can you sing it?
Sing it.
Show me that your teacher didnt waste her time on you.
That was very good. Very good.
Lets get on with the game.
Were going to play for your toenail.
Question number 2,
a movie question.
Which is the odd movie out?
A: Misery?
B: Diabolique? 1953 French version of course.
C: Kill Bill.
D: Million Dollar Baby.
Think it over.
You can always ask for help.
I cant hear you, Jack.
Why are you doing this to me?
Its not a request?
No answer is the same as a wrong answer.
Either way you lose a nail.
Those are the rules of the game.
This is not a game.
I have no idea.
Damn shit!
Oh my God! No...
No, no... Oh my God...
Thats what happens. See?
Oh my God.
I hope this will make you consider -
the consequences of the questions.
Now, Im going to ask the question again
- and we are going to play for the nail,
of your other big toe.
Question # 2:
Which is the odd movie out?
Is it A: Misery
B: Diabolique
C: Kill Bill
or D: Million Dollar Baby?
Oh, you are insane, fuck you.
Ah, maybe I am.
Maybe Im, I was the nurse in this operation
Either way,
you should realise.
Come on, Jack.
You certainly know the answer.
I mean, a man with your knowledge of films.
You have the biggest DVD collection I have ever seen.
Youve ever seen?
Yeah sure,
Oh, I will have to give you back "The Big Lebowsky".
You were in my apartment?
All four movies
have female protagonists.
"Misery" is a horror film.
"Diabolique" and "Kill Bill"
are revenge dramas.
"Million Dollar Baby"
is a sports drama.
That's interesting.
But its not, not the genre,
No. No.
No, its the women.
You know they're all crazy. Yes?
Is that so?
Wait. Wait.
"Misery" and "Diabolique"
are too obvious.
"Kill Bill" is a, maybe some sick joke
Directed at me
- but I still,
I still dont know what the fuck you want!
Or what youre fighting for.
But I do know that if you wanted to kill me
You would have done it by now, so...
- maybe its about the money.
Is it the money?
It's "Million Dollar Baby".
Is that your final answer?
Yes, You bitch!
Congratulations, Jack
Youre really good at this.
Because although you got the question right....
- I am not for sale.
What is that? What are gonna do?
Do you think its poison?
You know, it might be,
Thats why ...
- I'm dying to find out .
Morphine kick starts.
Lower it now.
Take it easy.
Soon there will be no more pain.
So, what do we actually know about you Jack?
Apart from your massive DVD collection.
You have a mansion in Malibu.
Oh that mountain has seen some wild parties.
Right, Jack?
You're quite a party animal.
What can you tell me about Anna?
Not who? but what you did.
I didnt do anything.
Anna Sakowsky? A beautiful, young Polish girl.
It happened during one of your wild parties
The night something went wrong.
Yeah. Yeah.
I remember it.
Sure you do.
Blonde, hot and ready for anything and everything.....
- for her 15 minutes of fame.
But that night she went too far.
Had I known she was getting so much coke,
I would have stopped them.
But you didnt.
No, I didnt.
She locked herself in the bathroom
Some guy...
broke the door down.
Too late
I didnt know
She had used so much coke
And you saw her dying?
Was not my fault.
Why didnt you call an ambulance?
It was not my fault.
Why did you dump her outside
as though she was a dying dog?
You could have called a doctor.
You could have saved her life.
Because I was a coward.
I was more worried about my....
- my career.
And between your career and her life,
you chose your career.
Can I have some more morphine?
Its not time to relieve pain,
it's time to suffer.
Why are you doing this to me?
Naloxone, it blocks the opioid receptors
I need you to be alert.
Why are you doing this to me?
Because it's my game and I make the rules.
Tell me how much you want to let me go?
I told you, I'm not for sale.
Everybody has a price.
You do too.
You know, youre right, I do.
Why dont you tell me what it is?
Oh, you tell me.
Maybe I will.
My wallets in my jacket.
Well, I've have a better idea.
What are you doing?
PW-bank, right? You have a bank account number?
Tell me how much you want.
Bank account number please.
Bank account!
Account number.
Four, four, nine, nine,
nine, nine, four.
Okay, nine, four...
J, P, six, five, five, six.
Six, five, five, six.
I cant remember.
Oh Come on Jack, make a little effort.
How can I remember a password
if you have been torturing me?
Then you are not going to help me?
Hmm, where were my forceps pliers?
In my phone.
The password is in my phone.
Oh, and where do I seek?
Find it yourself
Oh my God,
You have a lot of celebrities here.
I love her.
Lets send her a message.
Keep up the good work.
Oh, and no, you do not have a fat ass,
Oops, I pressed send.
Pick, ivy, Northby.
Pick, ivy, Northby.
Oh youre smart. Pick in bank.
Oh baby, you are rich.
Do you believe in the Declaration of Independence?
Because I do.
Especially the bit about the pursuit of happiness.
Whats wrong?
Shouldnt we call the emergency elevator number?
Two million dollars.
Who did you give my money to?
Trust me, to a good cause.
If you get out of here alive then youll find out.
Hello? Anyone in there?
Dont say a word.
No, baby.
I'm serious.
Shut up!
Serves you right!
Jack, who do you think you are, sending me messages like that?
Are you crazy?
Rachel! Rachel! Help me!
What? Are you sending more?
I'm trapped! Rachel!
You creep! I've had it with you!
Stay away from me
If you call me one more time then I will report you.
I will report you for harassment.
Jack! Jack!
And you picked the right answer. Well done!
Now you can go to hell!
Well, well, well!
Damn asshole.
For the next question I will be back in a couple of minutes.
Stay tuned.
I told you, there's someone in there.
How come the alarm turned off?
Somebody must have pushed it.
Hello! Is anyone there? If you are stuck, jump hard.
Oh my God.
Its a cell phone ringing
Somebodys in there.
Hey! Can we get some help in there?
Are you alright? Hello!
I told you, its bad wiring,
it happens all the time.
Ill go downstairs and get George.
Its working.
Hey Sarah. Come back,
Its working. Sarah!
Bad wiring.
There you go, a cell phone.
Its Jack Tramell.
It must be his cell phone.
Jack Tramell? Is that the guy from the quiz show?
Fuck you Tramell.
Knowing the answers doesnt make you a big shot
What are you talking about?
Its a quiz game...
he has to know all the answers.
Besides, hes really good at it.
Yeah. I would be just as good as he is
if they gave me all that money.
You are an idiot.
I'm taking it down to George in Security.
I wouldnt take the elevator. Ill see you downstairs baby
I'll go get a cab.
Which US President was born with the name -
Leslie King Junior?
A: Bill Clinton?
B: Gerald Ford?
Hello George.
I found Jack Tramells phone.
Oh. Hell appreciate this.
- Good night.
- Good Night.
Im never going to get the answer....
Ill go for the switch.
Are you sure?
Okay then. Switch!
Ah, that hurts.
Can I have some more morphine please?
Youre fucked.
Shut up.
Shes got my phone.
Somebodys gonna come.
Well, I'll just have to deal with them.
If you want to kill me,
Get it over with.
I just want to know why you are doing this to me.
Why Im doing this to you?
Ah, well thats the next question Jack....
- welcome back to the elevator,
why am I doing this to you?
Is it A: Justice
B: Insanity
C: Revenge
D: love?
And we are playing for one of your eyes.
Do you want me to repeat the question?
Whatever answer I give you,
Then itll hurt me.
Youre going to use it as a pretence to torture me.
Youre a sadist.
What are all these questions?
Answer my questions and youll find out.
Justice would mean - someone has wronged you.
But I still dont know why I have to pay for it.
Is it about Anna?
Are you doing this.
Are you doing this for Anna?
Anna's your problem, not mine.
You call this justice, but its sheer evil.
And you're not insane,
and in no way is this about love.
Because love would never motivate this kind of torture.
Is that your answer?
So Im left with revenge.
Is that your answer?
What have I done to you?
What are you blaming me for?
I am waiting for you to confirm your answer
My answer is revenge.
Is that your final answer?
Somebody is coming.
Well done Jack. Youve got guts.
Why revenge?
I still, I dont know what theyve done to you
What theyve done?
Yes, they, them, not me.
You're looking for some kind of justice
and youre seeking it for revenge
but there is a difference...
- between the two of them and you cant see it.
No. Actually there is no difference
Youve never read the Bible?
The "Lex Talionis"?
The law of like for like.
When a serious injury is committed,
You are to take a life for life,
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
So now you know, revenge has brought me here.
We get to the next question....
- which is - What have you done to deserve this?
A: Lies
B: Steal
C: Corruption
D: Murder?
I dont know what you're talking about.
I have never done any of those things!
Jack! Answer!
I cant!
I cant answer for something I've never done!
You owe me an answer!
I owe you nothing!
A: Steal
B: Lies
C: Corruption
D: Murder?
Ive never done any of those things.
Steal, lies, corruption or murder?
Answer, answer me!
Lies corruption or murder!
You know what you did!
You know what you did.
You killed my son.
You killed him.
You killed him.
Youre making a terrible mistake.
I didnt kill anyone. Never.
I dont even know your son.
How could I have killed him?
You gave away all my money, and you tortured me.
For nothing.
If I had done the things that you said,
I would have confessed!
Nobody can stand this!
Please, let me go.
You wont regret it.
For the rest of your life.
You dont know how it feels to have a child.
Its an indescribable feeling, Jack.
You feel needed,
and you realise....
what your role in life is
To hold him, to raise him, protect him.
And every step he takes, youre one step behind....
- always behind.
Hes always on your mind.
Then one day you realise something is not right ...
- and its him. Hes missing his father.
And he starts asking why Mommy isnt with Daddy anymore
And you tell him the truth, you tell him...
- that Mommy met Daddy in Brazil
and that you had a love affair, but it was not to be
But he was meant to be. Christopher.
He was meant to be.
But with his curiosity,
he needs to give his father a face.
So, you contact his father
and go to Brazil with him ...
- to meet him.
Its only a short trip you think
though you cant be sure
But you persuade yourself its for the best
And then you come home, but the requests keep coming
The trips, vacations,
and then he is 17 and can travel himself
But he never comes back.
You call his father, the police, the embassy.
But he simply disappears
And then in the middle of the night,
You get that call.
Hes been found.
In a ditch. Kidnapped.
Killed. With his kidneys torn out.
When these things happen to a mother,
All youre left with is pain...
- and tears and photographs
But a mother has a right to know
So I looked for the truth.
And I found it.
Human organ trafficking.
What are you talking about?
What have I got to do with it?
You know what it has to do with you.
You are making a mistake.
You are making a terrible mistake.
I have nothing to do with this.
You must believe me.
You are making a terrible mistake.
I've searched for you.
For the past three years. This is not an error.
This is not a mistake.
What the fuck...
George! George!
George! Wake up!
What the fuck are doin up there?
[Indistinct reply]
I came with your telephone,
I bring it back to you.
George, come here!
What took you so long?
Jesus Christ! Whats going on?
Theres a woman
Shes trying to kill me.
What you do to her?
I didnt do anything.
Listen, she is going to be back in a minute.
Okay, so we got to try and get the Hell out of here.
You got to help me undo the belt
try and get my hands free, okay?
Okay, come here. Come this way.
Yes. Okay. Yes.
You gotta find the belt?
Find it? You got the belt?
Hold still.
Yes, got it.
Good job George. Okay.
Shes coming back.
Jesus Christ.
You still have two minutes left.
Hold on George.
Im gonna go for help.
Dont forget me.
Lady, thats loaded.
You having fun up there Jack?
Come on down, Jack.
If you dont come down,
I will be forced to kill him.
He doesnt look like he would be
too happy to die for you.
Jack, get the fuck down here.
Did you hear that?
Now I count.
One, two, three.
Say good-bye to your friend, Jack.
You wont kill him.
Excuse me?
Its me you want.
And if you want me
youre gonna have to come up here.
I'm not coming down.
I am not guilty.
If you want to kill me,
youre gonna have to come up here and get me!
I am innocent!
All I want is to give me a chance to prove it.
My son wasnt given a chance.
I had nothing to do with your sons death.
You know, it doesnt take this elevator very long
to get to the top.
Any idea whats at the end?
No. You dont think ahead do you Jack?
You dont worry about the consequences.
Well, you looking up?
See the clean shining thing,
Well, thats not a light...
- Its a bumper.
And the elevator only stops when
It hits that bumper
Otherwise known as The end of the road.
So, if that's your final answer...
Just a few seconds.
Stop, I'm coming down!
And the show will be over.
You can come down now.
Itll take me a minute.
Take your time.
Down you come.
I am fed up with you fucking with me!
Now we have two questions left.
Enough of this game.
The question for which we are getting your lying tongue. If...
Which of the following countries
is notorious for human organ trafficking?
Is it A: Italy
B: Brazil
C: Canada
D: Australia?
I have no idea what you are talking about.
Oh, come on Jack, this one should be easy.
Youve been there, right?
You do not want the truth. You want your truth
I cant give it to you.
Dont you get it?
Im giving you the chance to repent.
But first you gotta confess
Hah, why dont we ask our audience for help?
Excuse me sir, Our contestant is having difficulties
answering the question.
Hes in danger of losing his tongue.
Would you like to step up and help him?
I warn you, if you do anything stupid again...
- I will be forced to kill you.
Now I repeat the question.
Which country is notorious
for human organ trafficking?
Forget about it George. Anything you tell her
shes going to kill me.
Youre not allowed to talk to the audience.
Why are you doing this, lady?
She thinks I'm responsible
for her sons death.
Oh no, no, I know Mr Tramell many years.
He wouldnt hurt anybody. Hes a saint really.
This must be a mistake.
You know I am so touched
by your description of Mr Tramell...
- but I am still waiting for
the answer to the question.
Brazil. I saw a documentary....
- about human organ trafficking,
and it mentioned Brazil.
Okay, Brazil.
You know I had a feeling that you
already knew the answer.
But that is correct. Brazil.
Now I warn you, one false move
and I will be forced to shoot you.
Okay? Now get up.
Lets Go.
Well, that was really quick so we wont waste any time
and we will get straight to the answer....
- which is...
Well weve reached the end of the game Jack
guess what we are playing for now?
I dont give a shit.
Just kill me and get it over with.
You know I've set a price.
We are playing for my sons kidney.
I dont have it.
Youre a good actor Ill give you that.
Whats you height?
5 11.
Hundred and sixty pounds.
Blood type?
0 negative.
You allergic to penicillin?
Yes I am and so what?
Then it is you.
What makes you so sure I am responsible
for your sons death?
Believe me, Ive been meticulous
in my research.
Its not me.
When they told me that my son
was found dead lying in a ditch
like a dog...
- I wanted to die.
But your perspective changes
when you are faced with death.
I knew I couldnt die.
until I knew the truth.
So, I started piecing the story together
We went to the embassy.
Do you know what they said?
Things like this happen every day Jack.
Shit happens
every day in Brazil.
There was nothing we could do.
I went to the police every day,
and asked questions.
And then one day, a policewoman
took pity on me. Pilar.
She gave me the name of a suspected
intermediary in the organ trade.
Jorge Curado.
Only a name - but I found him.
I pretended to be a journalist...
- and offered him 5,000 dollars for an interview.
He was proud of what he did.
He saw himself as a benefactor.
Helping the poor sell their kidneys...
to the sick who needed one.
Eighty percent of the worlds organs are illegal...
which makes for a vast, unregulated, illegal trade...
Based on greed.
Greed of the doctors and organ traffickers...
and the needs of the sick.
I asked him about the American teenager
Who had been found dead...
and he played dumb until
I put a gun to his head.
He said he was so sorry...
but an organ was needed fresh and clean...
for some big shot in the States.
It was a lot of money.
And the payment came from the States,
but they didnt know from whom.
And then you killed him.
Why do you care?
Do you miss him?
And you think
That Im the rich American.
I know you are.
It gets better.
I found the surgeon.
A doctor Emhet Erguld - from Istanbul.
Hes an expert in his field.
So I went to Istanbul.
I dont know his name, they never tell me.
I told you..
Please let me go
I beg you.
I remember that he was
American show host on television.
I dont know this man.
He didnt tell you my name.
No, but he gave me the hospital records.
And from the patients profile you
have decided it was me?
I know its you.
Do you have any idea how many people
in the entertainment industry...
fit that profile?
Thirty-nine. I checked.
Youre wrong!
Do you want more evidence?
What about this?
You want to kill me because
Of a scar?
Thats not just any scar.
That scar covers my sons kidney...
and I want it back.
Theres nothing behind that scar.
I never received a kidney,
I donated one.
Dont you dare lie to me!
You say I dont know what its like
to be a mother?
But I know what its like to get that call.
It was just a little lake. Thanksgiving.
Do you know what happens when a
truck hits a car doing 100 mph?
The windows blow out,
and the tires, they actually explode.
Did you know that? And the driver
Gets shot through the windshield ...
like a rock.
My sister was 25.
Yeah, the doctors managed to save her
but her kidneys were destroyed.
And I was a match...
and it was a fucking miracle!
I saved her life.
I'm so sorry about your son...
but I couldnt do it.
I'm not the one.
And I'm so sorry - Jack
My investigation is complete...
you are the one.
I'm not. I can prove it.
You check the Internet.
You check Dana Tramell - Car accident.
I know the truth.
Just check. What difference does it make?
Check Dana Tramell.
Check Car accident.
Fatal car accident.
Theres no mention of a transplant.
I kept it quiet,
I didnt want it to get into the news.
That's a lie.
Call Doctor Hibbert.
You're lying.
He was the surgeon who performed the transplant...
his number is in my phone.
Call him. Ask him.
I have a better idea.
Why dont I call your sister.
She wont answer.
Hi, this is Dana. Leave a message...
and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
I told you...
If you want your brother to live,
call back.
Call Dr. Hibbert
He will explain to you that I had
nothing to do with your son.
She wont call back.
She's dead,
and the scars all Ive got...
Six months after her operation
she got sick. Her body couldnt take it.
She died two years later.
Why does she have an
answering machine if shes dead?
You, of all people, should understand...
what its like to lose somebody you love.
I kept her answering service
because just for a second...
just a second, I can trick myself into believing
shes still alive.
Sometimes I just need to hear her voice.
So here we go.
The million-dollar question.
Emily, you're are now playing
for one million dollars.
Remember -
you have three minutes to answer.
Three minutes that can change your life
But I dont believe a word of it.
I gave you a chance to confess.
Why didnt you take it?
No, no, no, what are you doing?
You had your chance.
You said you wanted the truth. Im giving it you.
Just call Dr. Hibbert...
hell explain it to you. Please!
Our subject is - "The death penalty".
Which of these substances is used for the
lethal medication mix...
that will cause death within
five to ten minutes?
A: Ringer's lactate solution.
B: Cefuroxime.
C: Pentothal.
D: Sodium chloride.
Did you transplant a kidney...
from Jack Tramell
to his sister Dana?
Did you transplant a kidney from
Jack Trammell to his sister Dana?
It doesnt matter who I am,
just answer the question.
This is not a game.
Im deadly serious.
Do you believe him?
- Do you believe him?
- No.
Put the gun down!
Fuck you!
I'm not the one youre looking for!
You killed my son!
I have not done anything!
I never killed anyone.
I never killed anyone.
You have taken my son.
Please let me go. Please.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry about your son.
Please, please tell me
I'm not wrong. Please.
Please tell me youre the one, please.
It's okay.
Its all right.
There's something I must tell you.
That's okay. Im gonna help you.
Im gonna help you.
Please, please, you dont understand,
its important.
Hi, this is Dana.
Leave a message...
and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Its me.
Hey, finally, I was worried
I called Hibbert.
Yeah, I know. He did great.
What happened?
Are you hurt?
Where are you?
What did you tell Dr. Hibbert?
I told him to expect a phone call from a women
Regarding the transplant.
I've heard your voice and I understood
your message.
I explained everything to him.
It was the mother wasnt it?
- Jack.
- It was her.
Where is she now? What happened?
Can I help you? Where are you?
Dont worry, everything...
Are you alright?
gonna be okay.
Answer me!
Is that your final answer?
Yes, it is.