The Elf (2017) Movie Script

(eerie music)
(wind blowing)
(breathing quickly)
(wind blowing)
(eerie music)
(creepy tinkling bell music)
(strange groan)
- If you stop me now,
I won't be able to
do the restore.
(eerie music)
My life's work.
(footsteps thudding)
(unnerving music)
(malevolent laughing)
- Nobody works here you see.
I mean I'm Mr. Brooks,
but nobody works here anymore.
(bell on door ringing)
I don't...
Well okay.
Guy says he works here.
- That's good.
- No that's not good.
- This is so odd.
- Okay I'll bite, what is it?
- Okay so you know
how toy makers
were a specialty profession,
kind of like a butcher,
et cetera, so on
and so forth right?
Well each customer in this
book represents a ledger
like a checklist
of each toy made.
- Maybe he just didn't
get around to it.
It's not that hard
to figure out.
Or maybe it got lost amongst
the rest of the crap over here.
- Yeah, all great theories,
except he wasn't
making different toys.
It's the same toy.
- Monteya, come on.
Come on be careful,
what are you doing?
Come on now didn't I tell you
to be careful with
what you touch?
(electricity buzzing)
Finally something works.
(eerie twinkling music)
(suspenseful music)
Whoever can use that...
Whoever accepts this gift will
be the soul of its contents.
(latch clacking loudly)
(strange distant roaring)
(strange distant roaring)
"You are part of a wild hunt.
Any attempt to
interrupt the nature
of its intent will lead to end."
"Be warned that it
sees all and punishes.
You are granted removal of one
name from this... naughty list."
(radio static buzzing)
(muffled Christmas music)
(eerie garbled music)
(phone vibrating)
- Hey.
- Wait I thought you said
you were at a toy shop
which is kind of pedophile-ish
but I didn't want to judge.
- Sky, why are you calling me?
I told you to wait for my call.
- Wait are you in any trouble?
Because if you need me
there before Christmas
just let me know.
- [Sky] Wait,
where is Nick again?
- Nick is in the back,
and what I really, really need
is for you to not know so
much about the big surprise.
- [Sky] Why not?
- Because you have a big mouth.
- Okay, so that's
how this is gonna go?
Where's Nick?
- He's in the back.
- [Sky] So, he's in the back,
by himself?
- Yeah.
- [Sky] You must really
hate your boyfriend, huh?
- Uh, fianc and what why?
- You're letting him touch
all this old and creepy shit
without a gun or a priest
or a shaman, nothing?
Now you know what,
hey send me the address
where you're gonna
have this little party.
I'm gonna have my
cousin Yelp it.
- Sky the party is on Christmas
and you know how Nick feels
about that time of year.
(eerie music)
- Wait so you invited the
entire neighborhood or?
- [Victoria] Yeah, yeah
I invited a few people.
- Yeah that's some really
crazy shit right there.
Having a bunch of
random people over.
(eerie music)
- [Victoria] Yeah, if you,
if you could see this place
you would know that that's
not gonna be an issue.
- That's racist.
- No, no what I'm saying
is that this place
is literally stuck in the 30's.
- [Sky] You realize
that's still racist right?
- Okay what I mean is
that there's no one here
under the age of 90, I mean,
there's no traffic,
no birds,
there's no kids.
(suspenseful music)
- Hey, wait, what's going on?
- I'm okay.
(suspenseful music)
(shovel scraping)
(shovel clanging)
- [Sky] Hey have you
seen The Village?
- I gotta go.
I'll call you later.
(eerie music)
- Okay whatever.
I'll remember that.
(eerie Christmas music)
- "I accept this
gift from Woo-Don."
(eerie Christmas music)
(radio clicks off)
(suspenseful music)
I guess it was the
last thing he made,
but the whole thing was odd.
I'm not even sure I
saw whatever it was.
I'm just happy for
it to be appraised
and then we can move
on with our lives--
- Do you want to marry me?
(dramatic music)
- [Nick] What?
- You heard what I said.
Do you want to marry me?
- [Nick] Of course.
- Well you know what
this holiday means to me.
- [Nick] Yes, and I'm trying.
- Look, we've spent the
majority of our time
celebrating an old shop.
I mean we hardly even talk.
I feel like I know nothing
about your life here,
the people, the town.
- I've never kept anything
from you, Victoria.
- Why can't we meet your mom?
- She uh...
I've already told you why.
- Well I want to know
again, tell me again.
I'm serious, if we're
gonna get married
then I need to meet at least
one person in your family,
a cousin, an uncle, anyone.
What are you doing,
why are we stopping?
(suspenseful music)
- Sir, hey.
Are you okay?
Sir, you've been in an accident,
is there anyone you
want me to call?
- I'm going to get
into so much trouble.
- Sir, you're gonna be- sir,
who's going to be mad at you?
(goofily vocalizing)
(unnerving music)
(man making weird car sounds)
- Hey.
- Let's get to the house.
- Okay let's just
not talk about it.
(Christmas music playing)
Christmas music.
I better go and
turn that right off.
- Really?
- [Victoria] I think I'm
gonna make some hot chocolate
but don't worry I
wouldn't even dream
of putting marshmallows in it.
(unnerving music)
- Honey.
- [Victoria] I'll be fine
just not right now okay?
(eerie music)
- Victoria.
- Oh my god.
Are you serious?
Is this a joke?
Nice try and all, but,
this is not what I meant
by Christmas spirit.
That thing is creepy
as shit by the way.
Okay, I get that it's weird
but it is not that
much of a big deal.
What's up with you?
- I didn't bring it.
- Yeah.
(suspenseful music)
Why does it have
that creepy blade?
So, I'm assuming you
found it like that?
- Yeah but,
it ran.
- It ran?
- Yeah and it marked
me with a seal.
- A seal?
- And it's right
here on my left arm.
- Yeah.
Damn, I hate it
when that happens.
When I was young my
Sally See and Say spoke
without me pulling her cord.
You know what I did?
I chucked it.
(suspenseful music)
Bye you creepy son of a bitch.
(eerie music)
- Oh.
No more trouble from
Santa's creepy little helper.
- What'd you do with him?
- It is in the trash.
- Okay.
I'm gonna take a
shower, and uh,
I might crash.
- Well we stayed at my house
and why is that even weird?
How man guys know
where you live?
- That's a fair point.
But wait so you're in
the middle of nowhere
with a guy who's having
killing your ass flashbacks.
- No no no they're
not flashbacks
they're night terrors.
- [Sky] Night terrors my ass,
have you seen Amityville Horror?
- No, what's that?
- [Sky] It's what you're
living right now.
Look girl there is so many
new dating apps right now.
I say you call it all off
and you come back home
before you get chopped up
into little baby
pieces in your sleep.
- Listen he's not crazy, I mean,
yeah okay, he's got issues.
- This is all my fault.
I should have let
you use my account
so you could stream
more movies--
- Okay listen there's
one more thing.
There was this really creepy elf
waiting on us when we got home.
- Like real elf?
- No it's dumb.
- Ah so he's into elves.
- Never mind, never mind.
Look it's Christmas Eve
and the 'rents
are gonna be here any second
so I love you.
- Alright alright
I love you too.
But as your friend I'm
obligated to say this- run.
- Bye.
(unnerving music)
(ambient pulsing noises)
(intense ambience)
(echoing groaning)
(unnerving ambient music)
(echoing groaning)
(echoing yelling)
(unnerving echoes)
(anxious ambient noise)
(distorted crying)
(muffled high-pitched tone)
(echoing screaming)
(muffled screaming)
Hey, hey,
Hey, you're ok.
Hey, hey it's okay,
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here,
I'm here, I'm here,
I'm here, I'm here.
It's okay, it's okay, come here.
(eerie hollow music)
- [Nick] That's it.
- [Victoria] Nick what
just happened in there?
- Just pack up whatever
you got and let's go.
Don't just stand there,
let's go, let's move.
- Nick it's Christmas Eve.
And there's a major
snow storm heading this way.
- [Nick] Okay,
there cannot be.
- Yeah all flights
are being canceled.
- Shit.
- Nick.
Wait, wait, Nick, Nick, wait.
- [Group] Surprise.
(eerie music)
- Well say something, son.
- John
- We spoke about this.
- Yes, yes we did.
- So, as a family we are so
excited to celebrate one of many
and just thrilled to be here.
- Well it's a party isn't it?
Special, all the
way from Greenland.
To the man of the house.
- Excuse me.
(suspenseful music)
- Here, it's okay Dad just...
- [John] Oh boy.
(eerie music)
(wind howling)
- Hey.
- I just wanna--
- Surprise?
- You just couldn't
resist could you?
- Oh come on that's not fair.
- You knew how much
this shit meant to me.
- Yeah but you know how
much family means to me.
(eerie music)
Look it's Christmas Eve
and my family
and my parents are
right out there
and I even invited some
people from the town.
- You did what?
- Yeah, from the place
that you grew up in.
- Born, I didn't grow up here.
- Okay, whatever.
- And I told you the only
thing that I want to do
is I want to appraise this place
and get the fuck out of here.
- You actually haven't
told me much of anything.
I don't know a thing about you.
(dramatic music)
- Well I for one
never cared much
about the buzz
during this time of year.
- Pops where you going?
- Going to get my
own special bottle
and it ain't from no
damn Greenland either.
Come on, Martha.
- Ma.
- I like his take on that.
- Ma.
Dad there's a storm coming.
- Screw it, god damn.
(wind blowing)
(eerie music)
- I guess maybe three
months is a little fast.
Even for us.
(eerie twinkling music)
- It's Christmas Eve.
My family and friends
are out there, so.
(wind swirling)
- [Martha] I don't think
it is safe to drive.
- Then why did you come?
- [Martha] Because you are
as blind as a bat, that's why.
- Which explains 50
plus years no doubt.
God it is freezing.
- [Martha] Well if you had
worn what I put out for you...
- Wait a second.
Do you hear that, hmm?
Silence. (laughing)
- This close,
you are this close.
(suspenseful music)
- What the hell is this?
- [Martha] What is this?
- I just said that.
- What is this doing in our car?
- Funny lookin' thing isn't it?
(suspenseful music)
(creepy snarling whisper)
(snarling growls)
(blender whirring)
- Can you believe him?
- You know how he is.
He hasn't been the
same ever since.
So... three months.
- Oh my god.
- Starting to understand
the idea of cold feet.
I don't know.
Do you think I'm
making a mistake?
- Oh hey,
it's not for me to say.
Only you know
what's good for you.
- Earlier, we were at the shop
which by the way is
this whole other story,
and I was looking out
the window and there was,
this old man shoveling snow.
- Okay and?
- And there was no snow.
Then we get home
and Nick has this...
little elf thing propped up,
waiting on us.
It's the creepiest thing that
I've ever seen in my life.
And if you know Nick,
you know that
that just makes no sense at all.
- Right, and what
does that mean?
- Nick...
he hates Christmas,
absolutely loathes it
because he had an incident
when he was younger where...
Let's just say the last
thing that Nick would ever do
is touch anything and I mean
anything Christmas related.
- Okay so why do you
think that he did it?
- I guess,
I guess he's having second
feelings about the wedding
and him acting out of character
is his way of showing me that.
- Okay, big sister card.
I think that you've
had way, way too much
of this Greenland eggnog.
- That stuff was gross.
- Yeah that's why nobody
goes to Greenland, honey.
(wind howling)
- Tiffany you seen Papa?
- I thought they came back?
- Well they should've
been back by now.
You know maybe I should
go and try to find them.
- No.
No you're gonna stay right here,
and you're gonna
make things right.
- [Nick] Yeah, uh,
I'll go find them.
- Yes.
- [Nick] Yeah with
the storm coming in
we're gonna need some
supplies anyways, right?
- [Stephanie] Yes,
that's a great idea.
- You know what
I'll go with him.
- Dad hates the cold.
He's probably out
playing hooky somewhere.
(wind whistling)
- Nana, Papa!
I don't know why they
would've traveled this far.
- [Jeremiah] So you
see things Nick?
- Nana!
- Hey man I get it.
We've all been
through some shit,
kind of changes your
perspective of things.
- Yeah well it's a good
thing there are people
I pay to talk
about those things.
- I'm sorry.
- Papa!
- I guess Victoria
didn't tell you
I'm an actual psychologist.
- [Nick] Nana!
- But in your case...
a god damn psychiatrist.
See, Mr. Conway wanted
me to give you a message.
It wasn't hard,
I've had you pegged
ever since the first
time I laid eyes on you.
I mean who knows?
You might've been bullied,
you might've been touched.
Could've been batshit crazy.
But either way,
you're gonna tell Victoria
that you can't do this.
"Hey it's too much,
I'm too coo-coo."
Believe me, she'll understand.
- Okay.
(wind blowing)
(eerie music)
Pretty long walk.
Someone could get lost.
(wind swirling)
(malevolent laughing)
(wind blowing)
(creepy snarling)
(faint malevolent talking)
(weird whispering)
(grunting whispers continue)
(weird foreign chanting)
(threatening whispers)
whispering continues)
(malevolent laughing)
(suspenseful music)
(wind blowing)
(unnerving music)
- I always knew you'd
settle down in a nice
quiet little town.
- Dad this was supposed
to be an introduction,
a chance for us to all meet
and spend Christmas together--
- What so we could meet the
guy you decided to marry
without consulting
us or telling anyone?
- [Victoria] Consulting?
- You're cooped up in this house
doing what you clearly
don't want to do.
Do you have any interest
in this family whatsoever?
- Family?
That is rich coming from you.
Tell me is this everyone or
are we waiting on someone?
- That's enough.
- Come on, Dad.
Let's all hear it,
how's our brother nowadays?
Have you heard from him lately?
- I said that's enough.
- [Victoria] Oh why don't
we go and ask his mom?
Remember the one you sent away?
- John.
- I know honey.
You're mad at me,
and that's okay,
I probably deserve it,
but that's no reason
to throw your life away.
- [Victoria] I am not.
- And what's sad is
you don't even see it.
Look around you,
there's no photos
of a life before this moment.
- John.
- No artwork, no paintings--
- John.
- No plans, no memories--
- John.
- Don't you find
that a little odd?
He told you that
he killed his father
when he was nine right?
Or that he stabbed his mother
in the face over and over again?
And now she's sitting in
a psych ward in Bristol.
You know it's amazing
what you can find out
if you do a little research.
Christmas Eve Massacre,
or that's what the
papers called it,
house of murdered guests
donned in their finest silks.
- Honey, we just didn't know
how to tell you all of this.
- If I'm guilty,
I'm guilty of trying
to protect my little girl.
- Oh.
- [Nick] Guys, everybody.
we are in danger.
- Calm down, it's okay.
- No wait, what, no listen.
There's a killer out there,
and we have to leave now.
- [John] Nick, where's Jeremiah?
- Oh yeah.
We were walking and
then he attacked me.
He was-- he was
attacked by this...
this little- this (stuttering)
this little thing!
[John] Okay.
- This elf thing!
- [John] Okay,
all right, calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down,
are you listening?
We have to go!
- Hey, I'm sorry
I didn't notice, I'm sorry.
- You remember, you remember
the imp, the little elf thing.
- [Tiffany] You mean this elf?
- Yeah, but he was...
- I know it's not easy, son.
- Hey, hey listen I'm gonna
support you through this, okay?
We're in this together,
but right now I just need to
make sure that you don't
hurt anybody else.
- You...
you told him to attack me.
- You told him to attack me.
Why would you do that?
- Let's go upstairs
and get ready
and as soon as the storm passes
we're gonna get you
the help that you need.
Nick, baby, upstairs.
- We're all here for you, son.
- [Victoria] Let's just go
upstairs and--
- We're all here for you.
- Baby let's just go
upstairs, come on.
- What about Jeremiah?
- I'll go look for Jeremiah.
He probably just got lost
following Nick back
to the house.
Hon, can you give
me my coat please?
(doorbell ringing)
That's probably Jeremiah now.
Hon, if Nana and Papa
get here before me
make sure they stay, okay?
Sayeth Christ and say his name
He's the light, the joy within
Be the light, the joy within
- What's going on?
- Hey, excuse me.
Let your--
Excuse me!
Well that's great and all,
but, I need to go
look for my son-in-law,
and I don't have time for this,
but thanks for the offer.
- No wait.
You see, we traveled a very
long distance to be here.
And it would really
warm my heart
if you let us sing
one more song.
We wish you peace and joy
- What?
We wish you peace
and joy within
(unnerving music)
We wish you peace
(string lights whipping)
Oh my god!
(strange roar, lights whipping)
(malevolent cackling)
(strange roar)
(unnerving music)
(lights whipping)
(electricity sizzling)
(voltage cranking)
(intense music)
(malevolent laughing)
(splicing sound)
(electricity buzzing)
- What's going on?
- Rolling blackout?
I guess caused by the storm.
(electricity buzzing)
That's weird.
- [Stephanie] John,
what happened?
- I don't know.
Everybody just calm down okay?
- We need to call somebody.
- There's nobody to call,
there's no service.
Just calm down okay.
(malevolent laughing)
(eerie music)
- [Tiffany] What was that?
(suspenseful music)
(eerie music)
- What the hell?
- What is it?
- It's- it's nothing,
it's nobody.
Tiffany let me see that light.
Tiffany give me the damn light.
- Dad.
- I'm gonna go check
on the breaker box.
Yell if the lights come on.
Check on your sister.
- Just be careful out there.
(eerie ambient music)
- What is that?
- It's what I've been
trying to show you.
- Is this from the...
that thing?
- When I was young,
they used to tell me about him.
My grandfather.
The keeper of children's souls.
The uh- townspeople they were...
so afraid of him that
they created a curfew,
and uh, anyone that was
caught after dawn was...
The story goes that...
a wild hunt was initiated
by supernatural creatures,
led by an evil demagogue.
And their main objective
is to take souls.
Our souls.
And bring them down into...
the underworld... for sport.
And if you...
if you saw them,
they- you're cursed.
Unless you bargained
to help them.
- Help- help them how?
What is that?
- I found this...
inside the box with the elf.
- I don't understand.
Why are-
why are some of the
names scratched out?
- I think my grandfather
decided to help them
by sealing the
souls of little kids
inside of a wooden box.
And they gifted
him with something
that would help him do it.
- Sweet Christmas.
(eerie music)
(door opening)
(heavy shivering)
- Gah!
elvish snarling)
(malevolent laughing)
- Who is there?
(elvish grunting speech)
(suspenseful music)
(switching breaker)
(metal clang)
(floor creaking)
(faint rustling echoes)
(rustling continues)
(malevolent elvish whispers)
(whispers intensify)
(blade piercing)
(evil chuckling)
(harsh whispering)
(whispering continues)
(devilish cackling)
(elvish whispers)
(threatening whispering)
(blade thwacking)
(wind blowing)
- What?
(unnerving music)
- Dad?
- [Stephanie] John,
what happened to you?
- Jeremiah...
he's- in the snow man.
- [Stephanie] Did you find him?
(unnerving music)
- [Stephanie] John,
what happened to you?
- [Stephanie] John,
what happened to you?
- Somebody...
He knows.
The thing, the elf, he...
- [Victoria] It's Mom.
- Get away from the door.
(violent gibberish talking)
- Tiffany!
- [Victoria] It won't lift.
- [Nick] It's stuck.
- How do we get rid of it?
Nick, what do we do?
- [Nick] I don't know, okay?
(doors thudding, floor creaking)
- Dad.
Stay with me, stay with me.
Don't speak, don't speak
just save your energy, ok?
- [Stephanie] We need
more bandages or--
- [Nick] Upstairs,
I'll go get 'em.
- No, don't you move.
You have already done enough.
- [Nick] Mrs. Conway.
- Don't, don't move.
(suspenseful music)
(blade slashing)
- Dad I just...
Dad, stay with me.
(dramatic ambient music)
(Violent elvish snarling)
(knife slashing)
(suspenseful music)
(phone vibrating)
- This bitch has not
answered any of my--
- [Drive-thru] Hi,
can I take your order?
- One second please.
Come on V.
- I'm waiting,
can I take your order?
- Bitch I said hold on, damn.
- Who is this?
- [Sky] Um, this is Sky
and who is this?
- Sky?
there's a fucking
killer on the loose
at the Brooks' residence.
- Wait, what?
Okay, um...
[Sky] ..what does he look like?
- One foot... about
one foot two inches.
Sky, listen, don't let the
son of a bitch leave this house.
- Did she just-- hello?
Killer on the loose?
Hello! Killer on the loose!
I knew that motherfucker...
Amityville Horror.
What did I say?
- Where'd you go?
(Stephanie screaming)
(malevolent laughing)
(Stephanie groaning)
- Another name
has been etched off.
- Let me see that.
Was there anything else,
something with it?
- I, no I don't think so.
- It's a yes or it's a no.
- I...
- It said something
about having the ability
to erase one of the names.
- What does that mean?
- I don't know... the...
the photo book,
the toy maker list, the--
- What about them?
- If this is a naughty list
and it is compiled for all
the names that were chosen
for a wild hunt, shit.
- What?
- The reason the, the reason
why the toy maker's ledger
is empty is because
he never finished.
All the people in Blakeley,
they're the children
of the town.
- Wait.
You think...
You think that this
wild hunt is here
to finish off the townspeople?
- No, their... descendants.
To finish the cycle.
Their minds got old...
No, their minds never changed,
but their bodies got old.
That is why the old man
in the car was acting so weird.
- Okay what,
if what you're saying
is true then...
your grandfather must not
have finished the list, which,
that means that--
you're next.
- And if we don't... finish,
- Then the hunt continues.
There's two names here.
Oh shit, Mom.
(creepy snarling)
(gibberish whispering)
(noisy rustling)
(muffled groaning)
What is that?
(snarl echoes)
(blade swipes)
(creepy chuckling)
(malevolent elvish talking)
(elvish whispers continue)
Are you seeing this, Nick?
- Hey, hey.
(elvish snarling)
(angry elvish talking)
(growl echoes)
(evil laughter)
(low growling)
(growling chants)
Let's get out of here.
(angry snarling speech)
We have to go.
(speech intensifies)
(strange roar)
(malevolent laughing)
(dramatic music)
(strange roar)
(creepy whispering)
(snarling, blade slashes)
(knife slashing)
Get away!
(intense music)
What do you want from me?
(eerie rattling)
(strange roar)
(blade slicing)
(evil growls and snarls)
(faint whispering)
(angry elvish whispers)
(door rattling violently)
Somebody help me!
(suspenseful music)
(loud roar)
(blade swipes, screaming)
(loud ambient noises)
- [Victoria] Kill it!
Kill that motherfucking
piece of shit, kill it!
(unnerving music)
It's dead.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
- Walk. Walk.
- Is it dead, is it dead?
(footsteps thudding)
Nick, what the fuck?
I can't open it,
I just need a bit more--
Nick help me.
(suspenseful music)
Just a little bit more,
I'm gonna...
- [Nick] What's that?
That emblem?
- What do you mean, honey?
- [Nick] How did your parents
know how to find this place?
- Because you aren't the only
one who survived this curse.
Nothing personal my love,
it's just only one
name can be erased.
Hey! Listen!
Where's the list?
Stay with me, where's the list?
Baby, baby.
(Nick laughing)
Do you think this is funny?
- Sort of.
(crazy snarling)
- No! No!
(violent snarling)
(angry snarls)
Don't, no.
Merry Christmas.
(angry gibberish snarls)
(dramatic music)
- These damn roads, they had
me circling round and round
for like hours and then out
of nowhere it just cleared up.
I got you something,
it's a little cheap,
but I knew it was
something you would like.
Kind of weird, huh?
It's a little creepy but...
Merry Christmas.
(unnerving music)
(strange roaring)
(dramatic music)
(eerie twinkling music)
(heavy electronic music)