The Eligible Bachelor (1993) Movie Script

Yelling No.
It's as if the
asylum had vanished.
The misery that must
behind those walls.
There's no escape from
the terrors of the mind.
Well another
case concluded.
An observant child
could have solved it.
Good Luck with the
seminar and thank you.
It's a privilege
my dear fellow
if it's a successful
case after all.
And Holmes,
don't be bored.
Glovin castle.
It's so beautiful Robert.
I never expected it
to be so beautiful
and it's really always
belonged to your family?
For about 4 or 5
hundred years or so.
I want to see it.
No Hettie.
Why can't I see it?
My darling girl you
don't understand,
I can't just drop
in at Glovin.
Neither can you.
You maybe utterly divine
and impossibly rich
but you can't.
But why can't I?
You own it,
you're Lord St. Simon,
it's your house.
It's an ancestral
home, which is mine.
You see it's the servants
who really live there.
Actually every one
of them has spent
more of their life in
Glovin than I have.
And I won't have
them put out.
I see,
so even when
we're married
if I want to visit
I have to send on ahead?
Yes, preferably a
day or two ahead.
Oh, I didn't realize,
like royalty.
Will it be all
right Robert?
What my darling?
That I mind about
me at what I am
and where I come from,
the servants I mean
and your family?
They already
think of you as
being one of the exotic.
But I'm a miner's daughter
from a mining camp.
Pa might have been
digging gold out there
but it still makes me
a miner's daughter.
Doesn't matter.
Perfect education
for the country life,
you'll have the whole
county at your feet,
as you have me.
Oh my, will you
look at that.
What's it doing here?
There's always been some
sort of zoo at Glovin.
My latter fellow's
interest to keep it going.
You know I have a fancy
that cat's from the
Americas like you.
Actually he's come
to welcome here.
You wild and
beautiful thing.
Not half as wild and
beautiful as you.
Water into dust.
Come on.
Amelia why don't you let
her give the dog to me?
No, no, she stays with me.
She might get
under the horses.
It's a wonder we
got here at all.
Its arrived and
so have they.
How much did you say?
What did you say?
They sent the
child to Paris.
What for?
To school.
Yes Americans do send
their daughters to Paris,
that's what I was
given to understand.
You know in my experience
Paris breaths either
triviality or philosophy.
Neither helpful
companion in life.
No I suppose not.
Well at least the child
is not an actress.
Oh Florence
Ours, ours, ours.
Now, now Hettie, they're
your future family.
They want to like you.
They want to like Lord
Robert's future bride.
Stop being so
silly Hettie.
Oh Alice, but Alice have
you seen those women?
Now Hettie Doran
I'd like to remind you
of a certain incident
which occurred in
Tompkins Gulch
not 2 years ago.
The bear.
Alice I was
scared to death.
Awe, you faced that
bear down you did.
I couldn't move
I tell you.
You faced him down.
You believed in
yourself and you did it.
Now you get down
those stairs.
My dear Henrietta
you cannot
live at Glovin.
Why not?
Because Glovin isn't
fit for habitation.
But it's just perfect.
We'll soon get it round.
I say it's the most
beautiful place
I've ever seen.
Don't you remember
how lovely it was
when all the men came
with their scythes
to mow the hay in the park
and the summer parties?
Every lamp in
the house was lit
and outside
the smell of the hay
in the moonlight,
you remember?
Yes, yes.
I remember.
Dear Mr. Sherlock Holmes,
my father has run away.
Please will you
help me find him?
My cat Boswald
is missing.
Money no object.
Well I'll tell you
what I actually think.
I think she's
extraordinarily pretty
that's what I think.
And I think Robert is
head over heels in love.
I agree.
That's what I think.
And Bella thinks so
too don't you my angel?
Bella says Miss.Doran
is very [unintelligible].
Very [unintelligible].
Dear Henrietta
you mustn't take
what Amelia says
too seriously.
I didn't hear a
word of all that.
Robert so deserves
you my dear.
He's been unlucky in love
and he's business... Hush,
Mary, remember?
Why can't I finish what
I was going to say?
When do we dine?
Get off me.
Come here you.
Get off me.
Get off me.
You've merely imagined
all these dreadful
things Oswald.
It was your imagination.
This agony's been
too much for you.
Hello Mr. Holmes.
May I?
Yes but there rehearsing...
At home with your own
mother. My blessed boy.
Everything is yours
for the asking
just like when you
were a little child.
The fit is over now.
Mother, give me the suns.
Oswald what is the matter?
Look at me.
Do you not know me?
The sun.
The sun.
We are being watched?
I will not rehearse
in front of strangers.
Get over there.
Go on your way.
Come on.
What are you
looking for then?
Mind your own business.
It's not Lord Robert's.
It's our 7th
anniversary isn't it?
7 years.
Your damned
anniversary not his.
You know it, he knows
it and the cat knows it.
What's the
matter with you?
Get out.
Go and get me
another bottle go on.
I'm not his whore
to be paid off.
He trusted me.
I'm not your
whore my Lord.
Come and use your
whore my Lord.
You'll never have anyone
who'll do what
you want like me.
Thank you.
You'll pardon me mam
if I don't join
you in drinking
that French chateau wine.
I guess it's too
refined for my taste.
Some would say
too civilized.
I'll drink you're health
but it'll be in Samuel
Markoolin's rye.
Smoky kind of whiskey.
I travel it with
me all over.
How very wise Mr. Doran.
Very wise.
If one has an established
taste why then...
just say...just say.
The wine sir
is magnificent.
Bless you.
You know don't you
I've settled
a considerable
amount on Hettie
for when she's married?
She's very conscious
of your generosity sir.
She's mentioned
it more than once.
Now tell me about
this house of yours.
Great house, sad
looking they tell me.
I'll accept that
but I'm not prepared
to lay out more
for the time
I spend there.
Hettie has told me
how beautiful it is.
I think she'd like it
to be one of her homes.
I would want to please
Hettie in any way I can
but I'm not
sure that living in
Glovin is possible.
Why not?
You've always been
very frank with me
so I'll admit
something to you.
When I was much younger
and barely had a
grasp of affairs
I was very
badly advised,
financially I mean.
In what way?
I was persuaded
to sell off
outlying parts of Glovin
until there wasn't enough
income from the estate
to sustain the house.
Then mortgages were taken
out to repair things
which left even
less income.
And nobody warned you
of the consequences?
I trusted my advisors.
They were my
father's advisors.
When you grow up
in a place a Glovin
it seems eternal.
Sure I see that?
I'll be off then
Miss Miller
and I hope you'll
do the same.
Cause there's no point
in you doing otherwise.
Well rid me of this
troublesome woman.
Are you my savior?
I do say get out.
Here this should
kick things off
for you to make a
start at Glovin.
How very generous sir.
You look after my girl.
I'll look after
your house.
The Park Club.
The Park Club.
Thank you.
Remember our
agreement my Lord.
This quarter's payment
or I will foreclose
the mortgages.
I have to be
married later this
morning Callahan.
The bride's father
is the richest man on
the Pacific slope.
Anything she wants
he'll give her
as long as I
keep her happy.
Oh yes keep her
very happy man.
My partner and I have
no wish to own Glovin.
Please don't force
us to take it.
Rest assured that you
will never come to that.
You'll excuse
me gentlemen.
Thank you Mrs. Hudson.
Is that look of reproach?
No I'm often up
at this hour.
I don't really
sleep these days.
The scale of the chair
and the sense of the
stain of the chair.
Thank you.
May all the best to you.
Good luck.
Awe, leave the
goddamn thing alone.
Thank you for
coming Doctor.
Why didn't you
call me earlier?
Well I didn't what to...
oh dear, oh dear.
He won't admit
it of course,
but he's not well.
I'm very worried
about him.
You should have
called me earlier.
But he wouldn't have it.
Do you know how
masterful he is?
I didn't dare disobey him.
Oh dear.
What do you know
about dreams?
Why do you ask?
I'm walking through
infernal territory
and you ask why?
I only meant.
I don't know
what I meant.
Well there's a
group in Vienna
Iead by a young
doctor called Freud,
a psychologist,
[speaking German].
Please don't look at them.
They are
merely scribbles
for reference.
Does he seek to
explain dreams?
To interpret them
I believe so.
There relationship to
the life a dreamer.
They aim to be
scientific I gather.
The science of dreams,
well, well, well.
My dream is horrible.
I'm fighting with
Moriarty at the Falls
and suddenly
I'm overwhelmed
with a sense of loss,
Yes fear.
Empty rooms, I've
no sense of scale.
A huge chair,
which diminishes.
It's upholstery
torn to shreds.
I'm starting to escape
from a marsh, a mire,
a quagmire.
The Grimpen Mire
and it appears
than an androgynous
witch like, hag like,
with claws, talons,
which reach out to me,
through me
and I'm trapped
in a mesh of cobwebs.
And I awake.
Hum, are you eating?
You sleep badly,
you have bad dreams,
you sleep even worse.
I don't have bad dreams;
I have one dream
more than once.
Well let's see how
you really are.
Please don't start that.
And I'll tell you
something else
I regret Moriarty's death.
Tell me how would you
describe Moriarty?
A giant of evil.
Giant, yes quite so.
Without him I
have to deal with
distressed children,
cat owners, pygmies,
pygmies of triviality.
You see,
Moriarty combined
science with evil.
with precision.
Vision with perception.
I know of only one
person that he misjudged.
Put away your medicines.
How was your seminar?
There's something
wrong with the child.
She is as
nervous as a cat.
Oh yes.
Amelia does look
curious in a hat.
I never thought
of it before.
Even you were
nervous as a bride.
Oh it's not that,
there's something wrong.
I was about to
announce my lady.
Oh give me 2 or 3
minutes would you?
Very well my lady.
Get that girl for me.
Get her.
Get her!
Where is your
timidity Miss Miller?
In the cold gutter of
your heart Lord Robert.
Trampled in the gutter.
But why?
I wish the child
joy of you.
Look Bella there's the
famous Flora Miller,
she used to be a
friend of Robert's
but I don't think she
likes him anymore.
I can explain everything.
It was a
it was a long time ago.
Who are you?
She's not upstairs.
Go away.
The house has
been searched now
top to bottom.
Not a sign of
Hettie anywhere.
One of Mrs. Doran's
cloaks is missing sir.
Nothing else.
No sir not even a purse.
Thank you Alice.
We must call the police.
What about this woman
of yours, this actress,
could she have
anything to do with it?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I'll get the police.
Do you have
any objection?
Where are you?
Oh my darling.
Well, well, well.
I've told you what
you should be doing
is eating properly.
Come in.
This has come.
It is marked
'Most Urgent.'
Mrs. Hudson
I can still see.
Are you all
right Mr. Holmes.
You know I wish I'd
never unlocked the door.
Well it's got a
personal autograph.
That's an improvement.
This morning's mail
was from a fishmonger
and a tidewaiter.
Well that's a fashionable
epistle indeed.
My dear Sherlock Holmes,
Lord Blackwater tells me
that I may place
implicit reliance
upon your judgment
and discretion.
Scotland Yard
is already acting
in this matter
and there is no
objection to you
It's about that Lord
St. Simon wedding.
Yes dull, dull, dull.
Azure, 3 caltrops in
chief over a fess sable.
That's him alright.
It's Lord St. Simon,
he's early.
Watson I'm
trying to sleep.
You know my methods.
Leave the door open.
Where is Holmes huh?
Mr. Holmes is
indisposed my Lord.
He has entrusted the
preliminaries to me.
I know his methods.
Very well.
Very well.
Apart from the distress
this has caused me
you understand
the delicacy?
Lord Blackwater said that
Mr. Holmes has handled
cases of this sort before
though hardly I imagine
from the same
class of society.
He would in fact
be descending.
On Mr. Holmes' last client
to the sort was a King.
Very well Watson.
Huh, I had no idea.
Which King?
Well you can
understand my Lord
that he extends to the
affairs of other clients
the same secrecy,
which he's promised
you in yours.
Of course.
How are we to
find her sir?
How can she of
Where is she?
I must have her back.
A woman obscured.
It was after the ceremony
outside the church
that first noticed that
something was wrong.
As you came out
and not before?
And as she came in?
She appeared a
little apprehensive
but she looked
quite lovely
and very happy.
If I remember rightly
the newspapers implied
that Miss Miller
was drunk
when she made the scene
at your front door.
As far as I could judge
yes it was likely.
My Lord would it
be in order to ask
the nature of
your relationship
with Miss Miller?
If somewhat naive
she was my mistress.
We parted some months ago.
I was I believe generous.
And that is when
you met Miss Doran?
Before in fact.
Miss Miller's drinking
had already led
to some scenes.
She was becoming
very unreliable.
Do you think...
Do you think
Miss Miller's
the sort of person
to seek revenge on you
beyond embarrassing
you a bit?
Drink affects people
But the chap at Scotland
Yard also believes
Miss Miller to
be implicated
in Hettie's
Hadn't you better
answer the door sir?
I know I know Mr. Holmes,
the circumstances
are odd though.
I felt you
should see this.
The woman was lady
no doubt about it.
There was something
about her,
compelling I call it,
most compelling.
Thank you Mrs. Hudson?
Never mind her
clothes and her veil
it was her voice.
She was a lady.
Did you say she
wore a veil?
Yes sir.
Mrs. Hudson I have a
faint, cold fear runs
through my veins.
Oh sir.
Would you put a
match to the fire?
Of course.
Thank you Mrs. Hudson.
Now Lord Robert.
If I were to mention
the names Maud
and Helena to you
would they mean anything?
Certainly they would.
They are names
of the 2 women
to whom Lord Robert was
previously married.
You were married?
Forgive my friend's
surprise my Lord.
Why didn't you tell me?
You said you
wanted to sleep.
Well I'm wide-awake now.
But your known.
Even celebrated
as one of
the most eligible
bachelors in the country.
I never chose to be
celebrated Mr. Holmes.
I have always been
very contented
that my marriages be kept
from the public gaze
Mr. Holmes.
They were not
comfortable experiences.
Hum, comfortable?
Painful indeed.
That is what I
said Mr. Holmes.
They have no bearing
on the matter in hand.
Would you oblige me then
by telling me how
your marriages ended?
The first, ended
in my wife's death.
The second by annulment.
I see.
And the grounds
of the annulment.
It was annulled
Mr. Holmes.
Watson will you
fetch Mrs. Hudson?
Mrs. Hudson?
I want you to
describe to me
the lady who
delivered the note.
Thank you.
But I'll try sir.
No you must do more
than try Mrs. Hudson.
You must succeed.
Well...she...Iook...Iook sir,
on the other side of
the street that's her.
Come Watson.
Drive on.
I despair.
What is it?
A tram tickets
and an accounts book.
Its just figures.
No address.
Lady Hettie gone what
of Maude and Helena.
Out of the way
Mrs. Hudson.
Oh Doctor.
something about
losing a relative.
To lose one's parents
maybe considered
That's it.
that's what the veiled
lady was trying to advise.
To lose one wife
maybe considered
but to lose 3?
Begins to look
like carelessness.
Rank carelessness Watson.
Who is this woman?
I must read your
notes on Lord Robert.
Oh be reasonable
Watson I will eat.
You're not Leaving this
room you need rest.
Well then
you'll have to
interview Doran
tomorrow morning.
All right.
The science of dreams.
What an undiscovered
Like our ancestors
thought of them.
Yes you may look.
This little book,
we must wait
until it dries.
The woman with the veil
she must be found.
I'm sorry to
disturb you sir.
Inspector Montgomery,
I wonder if you
could identify this.
I understand
the young lady
was wearing her
wedding dress
when she left the house.
Yes that's Hettie's
wedding dress.
I'm grateful to
you for your time.
Not at all.
I've been told a
visit to Mr. Holmes
is always entertaining
if nothing else.
Levington Spa?
What's Lastrad doing
at Levington Spa?
Taking the waters.
Oh sorry to see you
laid up Mr. Holmes.
Must cramp your
style no end.
Never mind.
We've not been idle.
I've arrested Miss Flora
Miller for questioning.
But Miss Miller is
playing a leading role
in the West End.
Flora Miller was
seen at the wedding.
Then she came looking
for the victim.
She attacked Lord Robert
and then she was seen
with Miss Doran shortly
after she left her house
but she'll tell us
nothing about it,
And there's
this Mr. Holmes,
You know where to come
as soon as you can.
I will wait all day.
And its signed 'F.M.'
Fairly conclusive
wouldn't you say?
Where'd you find this?
In the pocket of
the wedding dress.
You're looking at
the wrong side.
I know what's on
the other side.
Excuse me what
is your name?
Oh an inspector.
This is torn from
a hotel bill.
Rooms 8 shillings
breakfast 2 and 6.
Cocktails a shilling
luncheon 2 and 6
a glass of
sherry, 8 pence.
I have looked at that,
there's nothing in it.
I know very few hotels
that would dare to charge
8 pence for a
glass of sherry,
however inspector
I would like to
interview please,
Miss Miller.
You're welcome to her.
Good day Mr. Holmes,
Doctor Watson,
Oh and good luck.
Good luck to you.
The thought of a Lastrad,
Ioose at Levington Spa
I do hope his wife
went with him.
I need your hip flask
and a small
bottle of gin.
That hotel bill,
the message,
it must have been
passed some how
to Miss Doran
in the church.
Question one, how?
Question two, by who?
Clearly by the person
she went to meet.
With the initials 'F.M.'
Flora Miller.
I wonder.
Mr. Holmes,
the evidence is looking
increasingly good
against Miss Miller.
I now have this
gentlemen's evidence.
May I introduce
Mr. George Tidy?
How do you do sir?
He's the senior porter
at the Park Club.
He's prepared to testify
that Miss Miller
took a shot with a pistol
at Lord St. Simon on the
night before his wedding.
If true, its
most intriguing.
Oh it's true all right.
Oh it's true all right.
Mr. Tidy has the proof.
The bullet.
A pocket gun
wouldn't you say
but not Miss Miller's.
Not Miss Miller's?
No it's certainly not.
The gun is yet
to be invented
that can shoot around
corners Inspector.
Well someone
took a shot here.
Of course they
did now Mr. Tidy
who do you think
attempted this murder.
I've no idea sir.
But there were several
other people about.
But I noticed
that the door
of his Lordship's carriage
banged at the same time
as the gun went off.
But what really
alerted me
was the chips coming
out of the stone.
Well naturally after
that I had to turn
and there she was,
Miss Miller I mean,
staring at me furious.
As though you
thought it was she
who had fired the shot?
Very natural,
however it was not.
Person or
persons unknown.
And who the
devil are you?
Miss Miller?
I am acutely aware
that you should
not be here.
I'm glad to hear it.
I'm Sherlock Holmes
at your service.
Only service
you could do me
is to be
carrying a bottle.
Well, well what
an extraordinary
civilized citizen you
turn out to be then.
I am here to investigate
the disappearance
of Lady St. Simon.
The child simply
had the common sense
to see what she was
letting herself in for.
And what was she
letting herself in for?
A life with Lord
Robert St. Simon.
Can you describe what
that might entail?
I told the child
all about it.
I can't quite remember.
It's been a long day.
I was very tired.
God knows what
I said to her.
I don't remember.
Dear Mr. Holmes,
I Agnes Northcote,
being of sound
mind and body...
You observed Miss Hettie
Doran leave the house,
you introduced
yourself to her.
You walked together
in the park.
You warned her against
Lord St. Simon.
Did she try to defend
Sir Simon to you?
Not at all?
All she said
was thank you
that has decided me.
Oh, go on.
You took her back
to the theatre
and sent out for
some clothes?
Had she money with her?
No, I bought the clothes
and I gave her a
couple of sovereign.
That was very good of you.
Not at all.
She told me her father
would reimburse it all.
She wrote a note
to him for me.
Ah a note.
Now can you tell
me anything about
Lord St. Simon's
previous marriages?
I live for the present
and nothing else
is a waste of time.
You know nothing about
his first wife's death?
The second marriage
was annulled,
do you know why?
Well an annulment
usually takes place
when there's unfitness
in one of the partners.
Do you know what
that might be?
You're not permitted
to discuss anything?
May I ask why?
Not any a man
should be worthy
of such love.
Is it passion?
Oh I see Miss Miller
it's both.
I apprise you I
shall do my best
to see that
you are released
from this nonsensible
Miss Miller?
I'll do it.
It is nearly ready
You know the
disappearance of
Doran's daughter
ought to be a
simple matter.
It should solve itself
without further
But what about
Lord Robert?
What has he done to
warrant 3 avenging angels,
Well a woman obscured.
Perhaps time is shaped.
We cannot dream
the future.
Oh maybe the future is
all around us, I'm ready.
It's a pity there's
so little in this.
Just a few figures
and initials.
No doubt you'll find more.
Oh look.
It's like a delicate
membranes of a butterfly.
Oh the poor woman
is destitute.
Ah their's rage
on this page.
Look how she's
torn the paper.
Oh what have we here?
A thread.
A seamstress?
Lace maker?
Web maker?
Ah she reads.
Bronte, Jane Austen
and Sophocles.
The woman with the
veil, she's back.
Mr. Sherlock Holmes?
Yes I am he.
We've met before.
I am Agnes Northcote.
Miss Northcote.
What have you
to say to me?
Before I can
tell you that
I must know
your connection
with Lord St. Simon.
We are investigating his
wife's disappearance.
Oh you must not find her.
Such an edict requires
No woman with a fortune
is safe from
him believe me.
Believe me.
Well I'm afraid
I am burdened
with a rational
turn of mind,
I need proofs.
Miss Northcote
I need proofs.
I have no proof
only my conviction
and experiences
not just my own.
Conviction well
that's a luxury
that I have
almost forgotten.
You clearly have much to
tell us Miss Northcote
please, please sit down.
I have about my sister.
Shall I tell you
what happened to her?
That is why I came.
Helena was more alive
than anyone I've ever met.
She had her fortune
she was in charge of her
fate, as few women are,
until she met Lord
Robert St. Simon.
He destroyed her.
He took her fortune,
he married her
and he destroyed her.
He had her committed
to a mad house.
It required only the
signature of 2 doctors
and the deed was done.
When was this?
It could not
happen today,
we have the Lunacy Act.
Oh could it not?
Well that's as maybe
but the act came too
late for my sister
and when the Lunacy
Act became enforced
he still had
her put away.
People can't
just be put away.
They can if you're
uncle is a Duke.
If you're handsome
and plausible
under the terms of
your precious act
I demanded that conditions
of her confinement
were inspected
and so they were.
A small but learned
committee went to
Glovin eventually.
Knowing what they
wanted to find
and of course
they found it.
Charmed by the
compassionate Lord Robert
who had kept his wife
a profoundly
depressed person.
Once beautiful now
sadly destructed
in conditions
that can only be
wondered at for
their cleanliness,
they're orderliness,
their quality of
nursing and so on.
Only one thing was amiss,
it was not my sister.
Helena was not mad.
It was not her.
He'd hired someone.
Flora Miller.
It was not my sister.
It was not her.
And where is she now?
I went to Glovin myself.
I had to find the truth.
My reward was this.
Miss Northcote?
Did you discover
the truth?
I did not know how to.
I was blind with
anger and grief.
I have no recollection
of even how I got there.
I only know that I
found myself one day
walking through the gates
of that accursed place.
I was left in
part of the wood
where the
animals are kept
so it might
look as though
I had been attacked
by one of them
after ignoring
notices not to.
I was found by
some cottagers.
And kept alive.
I would thank
you to find out
whether my sister
was alive or not.
I only live a half-life
for not knowing.
Nothing seems to break
the gray cycle I live in.
Nothing I do.
I walk the
streets at night,
Iooking for danger.
Sometimes I think
I'm asking the world
to hurt me so
I can feel alive.
Good God what else
may I've dreamt?
The laundry?
Miss Northcote will you
satisfy me upon one point?
If I can.
You're meanderings,
nocturnal meanderings,
do they ever take you
past the Park Club?
Lord St. Simon
was shot at
on the night
before his wedding
that was you?
Couldn't bear to see
another life destroyed.
Lord Robert's wife,
first wife, was murdered.
She also had a fortune.
She was robbed and killed
shortly after their
honeymoon in France.
By who?
A man called
Thomas Floutier.
Was he convicted?
Yes but he escaped
and where is he now?
Where do you think he is?
Any idea?
No I don't know...
I don't know.
I have no proof.
Just the strength
of your convictions.
Miss Northcote
I'm afraid the
sound of your shot
never reached the ears
of our noble bachelor.
The thrice married
Lord St. Simon.
I cannot expect
you to understand
how much I envy you.
A delight it must be
to face an opponent
of some worth.
Excuse me.
Mrs. Hudson?
Is he really
going to help?
Oh yes.
He already is.
Bella was in the church.
Weren't we my sweetness,
I smuggled Bella in.
She was as good as gold.
Did anything occur?
Oh nothing occurred
out of the ordinary.
I'll assure you.
Please try to remember.
Oh yes, sweet
little Hettie
dropped her
bouquet you know.
And had it picked
up for her.
Dropped her bouquet.
He was quite
an attractive,
the one who picked
it up I mean.
One of the
Doran's I suppose.
He looked American
at any rate.
Thank you.
You don't I suppose
have another heiress
up your sleeve?
Damn you Callahan.
The newspapers you see
reported a scene of
disgusting vulgarity
on your father
in-law's doorstep.
I wonder how you'll
explain that to him?
Doran doesn't think
me uninnocent.
He accepted my story.
It was clear to everyone
that Miss Miller
was drunk.
And managed to obtain
from my partners
a temporary stay
of execution.
That's all
a day or two?
You must have proof.
Proof of what
for God's sake?
Proof that the
Californian goose
remains willing to
lay its golden eggs
at Glovin that's all.
Nothing was
jeopardized that?
No of course not.
What about Miss Miller?
If she's capable of
a scene like that.
What else is
she capable of?
I hope she has nothing
else to reveal.
Trust me.
Not an inch my Lord.
I just discovered a
Mr. Francis Hay Moulton
is in room 26.
An American gentleman
whose wife only
joined him yesterday.
His initials are F.H.M.,
Ah excuse me, One
moment please sir.
And how can I
assist you sir?
How much is a
glass of sherry?
That would be 8.
Thank you.
I personally
promise Mr. Moulton
that you will both be free
to return to California.
It will be as
if you're wife
had never entered
that church.
How did you find us?
That is unimportant.
If I may give
you my opinion
I think there's been
a little too much
secrecy already.
May I speak to
Mrs. Moulton?
Not before you tell
who the devil you are.
We're been engaged
by Lord St. Simon
to find his wife.
Mr. Moulton, her father
will take it very hard
I think that she did not
communicate with him.
But she did damn
it, she did.
And yes the note
from Flora Miller
he would have
received it by now.
Her father never
approved of me.
Oh really.
You see up in
the Gulf Shores...
Surely these
are explanations
for her father.
You made criticism
of Henrietta's duties
towards her father if
you'll hear me out.
I promised old man Doran
I'd go away and not
trouble Henrietta
until I'd made my way
but we got married in
secret before I went.
Then I was reported dead
up in the high northwest
so Henrietta
told him then
about our secret marriage.
He sent someone
out to check
I was dead like they said.
That man never found me
so Henrietta gave
me up for dead.
And so Mr. Francis
Harry Moulton
presumably you
have made your way.
I'm in hotels sir.
How much do you charge
for a glass of sherry?
The same as this
hotel, 8 pence.
My darling.
It's too late Robert.
I told the child
Anyway Lord St.
Simon may as well
of saved his money
from employing you.
Why do you say that?
Because Henrietta
has gone to see him.
I wish she had
not done that.
Hello Hettie my darling.
Where have you been?
Where you'd disappear to?
Where is she?
Where is your wife?
You're my wife.
I don't know what
I am anymore.
What are you saying?
Robert why didn't
you tell me?
Tell you what?
Everything about
your wives.
It's the past.
I don't want to
relive the past.
the past is dead.
You, you are the future.
Where is she?
Your wife.
I have only you.
My darling the
marriage was annulled.
Have you been talking
to Flora Miller?
I know you have.
Oh my darling
I beg you not to
listen to that woman.
She is a drunk
she has no sense of
decency or truth left.
Where is Lady Helena now?
How should I know?
Being cared for.
Do you care
for her Robert?
I pay for her care.
Seeing her is to painful.
The poor creature
is afflicted
with self-persecution and
instilled with delusions
every time I have been...
the authorities have asked
me not to go anymore.
The authorities?
Is she alive Robert?
What are you saying?
I don't believe you.
I believe Flora Miller.
I believe what
she told me
and it makes me
ill to think it.
And I thought
she was a drunk
just another drunk but
it didn't mean anything.
You took Lady Helena away
from a private hospital,
you took her away,
where is she Robert?
This is no good.
And brought her here.
Where is she?
It's no good damn it!
Oh God, what
does it matter?
Why did the murderer
of your first wife
escape Robert?
Why did the murderer of
your first wife escape?
Where to?
Do you have a
servant here Robert?
Is his name
Thomas Floutier?
What do you think
you could do?
For God's sake.
When...when I let you go.
Hettie, Hettie what
I did I did for you.
With you the
world changed.
Hettie, Hettie you
must believe me,
say you believe me.
Not this side of hell.
Very well.
That's it.
It's over.
It's Floutier the man
who works for me here.
Amongst other things
he looks after the
needs of Lady Helena.
It may give you some
satisfaction to know
that your
stubbornness will be
the inevitable cause
of her death now.
Yours too of course.
Floutier will arrange
an accident for you.
Money will revert to me.
And after a suitable
period of morning
I'll leave.
And you think Pa would
Iet you just walk
off with my money?
You can't argue
with the law.
You're my wife.
I'm not.
What do you
think happened
to me in the
church Robert?
When I dropped
my bouquet.
I saw the man I married.
A ghost.
I thought he was dead.
But that's
where I've been.
With my husband.
Empty rooms.
The scent.
Thomas Floutier.
Watson take care of her.
How I've waited.
How I've cried
again and again
in the darkness
for this moment.
I know.
I know.
Who are you?
Emissaries of
your sister Agnes.
Tell me
how did you do it?
I spent 7 long years
insuring the chapel's
utter instability.
Any attempt I made to
escape was thwarted
so I recreated
the entrance
brick by brick,
timber by timber.
I made a science
of instability
and I succeeded.
7 years.
It was unique
in my experience
to serve a sentence
before committing
the crime.
And so it was that we
discovered the true
Mistress of Glovin.
A woman so far
from madness
who had survived
who had so
triumphantly survived
7 years of captivity
that Holmes was
pleased to call her
one of the finest minds
he had ever
In meeting her I believe
Holmes solved the
riddle of his dreams.
It only troubles
him now
in so far as he cannot
deny the possibility
that it was prophetic.
The new owner of Glovin
was none other than
Lady Helena St. Simon.
Lady Helena wisely
decided to sell it
and redeem the
mortgages upon it.
I cannot conceive of
a happier prospect
than to imagine
Glovin restored
for the enjoyment
of the Moulton's
and their
future family.
How dare you.
How dare you make a
record of this case., no, no, no.
I'm merely answering
an invitation
to another seminar.
Well be quick, we
leave in an hour.
What for?
For heavens sake what's
in the performance?