The Emperor Jones (1933) Movie Script

When I get to heaven
gonna sit down
Walk right in and sit down
My Lord told me to sit down
Sit down and rest a little while
Sit down, sister, sit down
Walk right in and sit down
Oh, I want two wings
To veil my face
I want two wings to fly away
I want two wings
to veil my face
I want two wings to fly away
- Oh, meet me, Jesus, meet me.
- Yeah!
Meet me in the air
- Yeah!
If my two wings fail me
- Yeah!
I'll hitch on another pair
I want two wings
To veil my face
I want two wings to fly away
I want two wings
to veil my face
I want two wings
to fly away
Gentlemenl Gentlemenl
In your chairs, brothers and sisters.
- Amenl
- Amenl
I proposes that we devote the closing prayer
to a faithful member of our flock...
who is leavin' us tonight...
to fill a position of great importance
in foreign parts.
I refers to our brother,
Brutus Jones.
Will you bow y'all's heads
in prayer.
Almighty and everlasting God...
We, the people of Hezekiah Baptist Church...
is gathered together for the purpose
of givin' into your keepin'...
our brother, Brutus Jones.
Yes, Lord, our brother.
- Like the prodigal son in the story...
- Yes!
He's a-settin' out on a far journey!
But this boy ain't like
the prodigal son!
No, he's not!
He ain't like the prodigal!
He ain't shiftless,
and he ain't worthless!
O Lord, he ain't pumped up...
and he ain't vainglorious!
He ain't vainglorious, Lord.
Mm-mmm, honey,
you sure is wonderful in them clothes.
Yeah, I suppose these clothes
is somethin' to look at back here, honey.
Where I been while I been training for the job,
you wouldn't notice 'em.
You oughta see them New York gals
on Lenox Avenue.
Them gals is fast, I bet...
switchin' theirselves
to catch the mens.
But, honey, you wouldn't look
at none of them fast gals...
while you's away from home,
would you?
They ain't none of'em
as pretty in the face like my gal.
And that prodigal son...
he takes the 'heritance
what his pappy gives him...
and he spend it on the fast life.
But not this boy, Lord
No,Jesus, not this boy!
And the prodigal son,
he is a liar!
And the truth ain't in 'im!
But not this boy, Lord
- He got the truth, Lord!
You know, I looks up...
and there's the Capitol building
looking like a palace on the hill.
And the big front door opens...
and the president of the United States
marches down the avenue...
with a band before
and a band behind.
And he comes right up to my car,
and he says, just as natural...
Well, Brutus, you sure is much of a man...
And I, for one, wants to compliment you
on landin' the job."
Honey, they singin'
the closing song at the church.
We's got time. Jeff's train
is gonna pick me up at the water tank.
But you knows they's waitin'
to see you before you go.
I sure hates to leave my gal.
It's me, it's me, it's me, O Lord
Standin'in the need of prayer
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Let me fly unto Mount Zion
Lord, Lord
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
- Would you hold my hat, honey?
Let me fly unto Mount Zion, Lord, Lord.
Hello, Susanna!
- Hello, Brutus!
- Hello, brother.
- How you doin'?
- Fine, thank you.
Hello! How are you?
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Unto Mount Zion, Lord, Lord
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly unto Mount Zion
Lord, Lord
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly unto Mount Zion
Lord, Lord
Way down yonder
in the middle of the field
Angel workin'
at the chariot wheel
He's not so particular
'bout the workin' at the wheel
Just wanna see
how the chariot feel
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly unto Mount Zion
Lord, Lord
I met that hypocrite
in the street
First thing he do
was to show his teeth
Next thing he do
was to tell a lie
Best thing to do
is to pass him by
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly
Now let me fly unto Mount Zion
Lord, Lord
I got a mother
in the Promised Land
Never gon...
- There's your train, son.
- Good-bye, folks.
- Good-bye.
- Good-bye, brother. Take care of yourself.
Same train
Same train
- Good-bye, Mama.
Same train carried my mother
- Good-bye.
Same train
Same train
Same train carried my mother
Same train be back tomorrow
Same train
Same train
Here she is.
- Come on, Jones!
- Here's my buddy.
- Honey, this is Jeff.
- Hello, sister.
Make tracks, bo', 'cause we's ridin' right now.
Come on.
But this is too much.
- You is comin' back, ain't ya?
- Why, sure I's coming back.
Get yourself a new dress with this, honey.
You know, a red one. That's your style.
- And take care of yourself till I comes back, now.
- Jones, come on!
All right, old boy.
It's all right, honey. Take care of yourself.
Don't worry. I'll be back very soon.
Take care of yourself.
Bye-bye! Bye-bye!
Same train
carried my mother
Same train, same train
Same train carried my mother
- Shine 'em, boy.
Same train be back tomorrow
- You done told 'em good-bye now.
- You gonna stick to it?
- Sure I is.
'Cause you big time from this on.
Now, I suppose you think you know
all's there is about this job.
- Sure. Didn't you done instruct me?
- Oh, just the rudimentals.
Now we's gon' take up
the higher education - finances.
Yes, brother.
And right here is where I estimates
the profits for the run.
Now, if you brushes a dime out of this,
you is doin' well.
And number three here,
boy, that's good for a half.
What about this one?
Number five.
A whole section.
That's a honeymoon couple.
That's a natural.
If you plays your hand right,
it means the long green.
- Big money, huh?
- That's what I wanna tell you about.
There's two kind of womens
that ride in a Pullman.
There's the kind that says,
"Where you been, porter?"
That don't mean nothin' but a tip.
Then there's the kind that sings out,
"Hello there, JackJohnson!"
And, boy, that mean money.
The long green.
Yeah! And I'm gon' show you
where to spend it.
I hate to see
I hate to see
that evenin' sun go down
O Lord, O Lord
I hate to see
Everybody, meet my friend from South Carolina.
- Helen, meet Mr. Jones.
- Oh!
- Jones, meet Mr. Green.
- What do you say?
- Gee, that's very strong!
- Come here, Marcella. Meet Mr. Jones.
- This is Marcella, Jones.
- Hello, Marcella.
Hello, big boy!
I got your fish and rice all ready for ya.
- You know, I'm from South Carolina myself.
- You told me you was from Georgia.
- Told me Lynchburg.
- Marcella sure had a busy ma.
She done born her
in every state south of the line.
This is my New York home, bo'.
You'll always find me here.
Oh, Marcella, where's Undine?
I-I don't know.
She was around here somewhere.
Didn't know I was comin'in, eh?
Honeyin' up to my gal, eh?
- Wait a minute! Don't do that!
- Take it easy.
Don't do that, son. Not inside of my house.
You ain't gonna send me to jail! Uh-uh!
Y'all go ahead and dance!
There she is.
Undine, meet Mr. Jones.
Pleased to meet you, Mr. Jones.
Wanna dance?
Sure. Go ahead.
You're my buddy, ain't you?
How do you like the city, big boy?
I like it fine, now.
Comin' back soon?
Soon as the train'll bring me.
I'll be here.
Little gal.
And the mockingbird is singin'
In the locus' by the door
Oh, little gal
Little gal
There's a hummin'
and a strummin'
In the land from east to west
I's a-sighin'for you, honey
Honey, I's sure glad to see ya.
I get to missin' you more and more
on these long runs.
You know, you oughtn't to ask me
to come here to meet you.
- I been afraid.
- Fraid of what?
You know. OfJeff.
He's a bad actor over me.
You ain't got nothin'
to be afraid of.
I can handle
that little two-bits porter.
You oughta throw him over anyhow.
Then it'd be just you and me.
Sometimes I wonders.
Wonders what?
If we gonna last.
You ain't got nothin' to worry about, honey.
But you ain't heard
the good news yet.
I been transferred
to the president's private car.
Aw, that ain't nothin'.
Why, Jeff say you don't make no tips on that job.
That's why he didn't take it.
There you are. That's the difference
'tween me and Jeff.
He can't see no bigger than two bits.
Me? Why, I'd just be steppin'
to my own class on that private car.
Harrington, if there is no leak...
we stand to clean up millions.
- That's the idea. Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night, Jones.
- Good night, sir.
Anything on your mind, Jones?
I's awful worried about that merger.
Sure would be bad for us
if that news got out.
"Us"? Hmm.
- How long have you been with me, Jones?
- Six weeks, sir.
Learning fast, Jones.
Almost too fast.
Got any money, Jones?
I got about 300 in the bank.
All right, you're in the pool for $300.
Thank you, sir.
And, Jones, uh...
I would rather you didn't
leave the car until Sunday.
Two days solitary,
but it'll be worth it.
- Right?
- Yes, sir.
And, Jones,
when we get back to New York...
it might be a good idea
for you to go back on your old run.
There's more room for big men
in Georgia.
Yes, sir.
Boy, you sure was born
to wear that oyster front.
Where'd you get such a good fit?
Well, the boss and me talked it over,
and he sent me to his tailor.
He said, "Jones, you got a position
to live up to now...
and you can't afford
to be careless in your attire."
You and Mr. Harrington
must be gettin' mighty thick.
We just pulled off
a little deal together.
I give him some valuable advice, and he said,
"Jones, you're learnin' fast. You're gettin' big."
And then he takes me into partnership.
- Ain't you goin' back on the Pullman no more?
- Oh, I'll stick by the job for a few more runs.
But things don't seem to be goin' quite right
on that old run of mine...
and the boss asked me to drop down that way
and straighten 'em out.
When, since I guess you'll be
down that way...
you'll probably drop in
the White House.
Well, that's an idea.
Look here,
what you tryin' to do, kid me?
Me, kid you?
Boy, you're a scream.
"Jones, you're gettin' big.
You're learnin' fast.
Then he takes me into partnership."
Come clean, big boy.
Where'd you get that money, in a crap game?
Go ahead, laugh some more.
You done laughed yourself
right off of my payroll.
Oh, honey, sweetheart, I didn't mean it.
I was only kiddin'.
No, you's too funny to live with.
Any woman is baggage what gets
heavier and heavier, the longer you totes 'em.
You got to change 'em
to keep travelin' light.
Here's $40. And good-bye!
So you was all set to do this
before you come in, huh?
Through is through.
You heard me.
Then you can go back toJeff.
He still thinks there ain't nobody like his Undine.
Yeah? Well, you ain't the first man
that's gone down-and-out...
thinkin' everybody else was a fool.
I got eyes, even ifJeff ain't.
And you can tell that polecat
Belle La Due...
if she wants to keep on tryin' to look like Garbo,
she'd better stay out of my way.
Slim, sister!
Well, if it ain't the old big-timer
in from the west.
Hello, Jeff.
Hello, Undine.
Undine, meet Miss La Due.
I've known Belle
since before she straightened her hair...
and when she went with Johnson.
Where is he now, Belle?
Still in jail?
Undine! Where is your manners?
I'm just trying to talk
so that polecat can understand me.
Come on, baby, let's dance.
What's the matter with you tonight, Undine?
I don't like you acting so to my pal.
- Your pal?
- Yeah.
Don't make me laugh.
Why, he's been bitin' you in the back for a year.
What do you mean?
I mean, when I get finished with Belle,
he ain't gon' have much left to love.
Oh, you dirty little...
Hey, you! Stop that!
Get out! Go on!
Get out! Come on, ma'am!
I's travelin' light.
Number eight's his point!
Come on, you nits. Get back. Give me room.
- What's the matter,Jeff? I never saw you in such a mood.
- Never mind the lip.
- Get these nits back away from the table.
- Fellas, back upl Give him a chancel
Oh, we ain't in his way.
- On the line, you nits!
- Eighter from Decatur!
Beaver dice!
- Big Dick!
- Who is that singin'?
Is that you, Lily pie?
- Yes!
- Well, if you can't sing no better'n that, shut up!
Jeff's gal must have slowed him down!
Yes, what's eatin' you, Jeff?
You been tryin' to ride somebody
ever since you come in here.
Aw, woman, dry up!
- High rollers open!
- Let 'em roll.
Gentleman says you've faded.
Let 'em roll.
Push over, little tender.
Let a man have elbow room.
Twenty dollars they don't.
Twenty they do.
Shake, rub and roll 'em here,
- Hot dice!
- Ah! The man went away.
- I'll throw in.
- Yeah, Jones, give me a shooter there, somebody.
- Come on, give me a shooter.
- Fifteen cents I'll shoot.
Take that chicken feed off of here
and play it on the line. Give me a shooter.
Big money talk.
What you shootin', Mr. Jones?
- Put in a nickel.
- Put in a nickel, he goes!
- I got the nickel!
- Can't bet with it in your hand. Put it on the wood.
- Let 'em roll. He's faded.
- Hold my hat, nit.
Let me have 'em.
- Eight!
- Balls of fire. Big Dick.
Don't get nervous, boy.
You can back it. Let me have it.
- Six-four me, dice.
- Eleven!
Who wants any part of these four sawbucks?
I makes my point.
- Let the dice bring on misery.
- Let him hear 'em chatter.
- Six-four me, dice.
- Six-ace. The man went away.
Get up off the table.
Your coat sleeves stoppin' my dice.
- Can't I make a bet?
- Here, old boy. You win a dime.
Here you are, Jeff.
Mark mine.
- Who's the next shooter?
- Eighty-five cents I shoot.
- Eighty-five cents the lady shoots.
- Bring your bet here. Your cushions favor me.
- Let 'em roll. She's faded.
- Twenty the dice do.
Let the hussy sprain her wrist.
I'm gon' cut you a brand-new mouth
with these dice...
and give you somethin' to put in it,
you long, black snake, you.
- Eleven, dice!
- Snake eyes.
- The lady goes.
- Say, Stumpy, were you on me then?
- Yeah, I was.
- Didn't I tell you never to get on my back?
- Yeah, but, honey, this is a crap game.
- On the line, you nits.
- Catch 'em hoppin' and let 'em hear 'em chatter.
- Twenty and a nickel I shoot.
- Twenty and a nickel he shoots.
- Let 'em roll.
- On the line, you small fish. I'll take you too.
- Let 'em roll.
Eighty dollars the dice do.
One-sixty they don't.
They do.
I knowed I'd have a crap game today.
- The Yankee boys is in town.
- Let 'em roll. The man's faded.
Catch 'em hoppin'.
Eleven, natural.
- What's the matter?
- Put them dice down!
Crooked, huh?
Well, if they is crooked,
they stands just like him...
...and here's where I straighten 'em both...
You know
If some brown wolf
Came in rootin' round my back door
Lord, every time
I kiss my man
It seems to make me glow
One vice may not hurt you
But even two
He found a hammer
Killed John Henry dead
Killed John Henry
Can't kill me
There ain't no hammer
Left on this mountain
That a-rings a-like mine, boys
That a-rings a-like mine
Done bust this rock, boys
From here to Macon
All the way to the jail, boys
Yes, a-back to jail
Water boy
Where are you
If you don't a-come
I'm gwine a-tell your mammy
Water boy
Water me
from the lime rock branch
Water I cannot drink
You jack of diamonds
Yes, you jack of diamonds
Well, I know you of old, boy
Yes, I know you of old
Come here, Jones!
Open it up.
Open it up.
Asleep, eh?
Well, I'll learn him
how to run away.
Wake him up.
Why, if I lay my hands on that boy,
the Lord'll strike me dead.
Won't take orders, eh?
Dump it, old boy.
Let 'er go!
Go on!
Get outta here!
Dolly, let me in, quick.
Dolly, honey, you hear me?
Who that?
Brutus, honey.
Let me in, quick!
Oh, Lord, I's glad to see you!
Oh, but you's in trouble.
Listen, Dolly, you got to move fast.
Get me a file, a change of clothes. Especially shoes.
- But you's cut!
- Hurry, honey. I got to leave the country.
I hope this steamboat won't run aground.
Oh, I's travelin'
Get there by and by
Oh, I's travelin'
Get there by and by
Say, where is this tub stoppin' next?
We get there tomorrow.
Ain't we stoppin' on
none of these little islands on the way?
Boy, this no local.
This running express.
Quite a big city, eh?
Now you're shoutin'.
They got everything there.
Dance halls, gals.
- They got telegraph?
- Cable, you mean, big boy?
Sure, they got cable.
What's that little island with the white fort
we been comin' on this afternoon?
Just one of them there
little nigger islands.
- But nobody bother go that place.
- Ain't nothin' there but trouble.
Trouble is my buddy.
Say, bo', watch my door.
I ain't gonna be long.
Trouble, here I come.
Who there? Who that?
What do you want, buddy?
All right. All right, I'm comin'.
Your Highness, Mr. Smithers
is waiting to see you.
Show the gentleman in.
Send Mr. Smithers in.
Well, Your Excellency,
the goods has come...
and I brought you a few samples.
just like I said they'd be.
Now, here's the figures.
Four hundred, cash, for the lot.
Oh, no.
I got the contract this time.
The contract, he says 300.
Well, that's just the bloomin' point.
You see, uh, here it says...
"except for an act of God."
Now then, there ain't
the like of that consignment...
within 300 miles...
and the next boat
don't get here for two months.
Now, ain't that an act of God,
so help me?
- Come on.
- Get inside.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
They're gonna lock him up.
- Where you get that trash from?
- On the beach.
Where you come from?
Come to make trouble on my island.
Filthy swine. Lock him up
and throw him on the first boat out.
I'll take this bloomin' nigger
off your hands for you, Your Highness.
Here. Here. Five silver dollars for him.
Lock, stock and barrel.
What do you say, now?
Is it a trade?
Here, wait a minute.
Here. Bring him here.
I wanna have a talk with him.
Yeah, that's all right.
He belongs to me.
Heh. So that's what is,
me lad, eh?
What they calls in the States
a bad nigger, eh?
A killer, what?
With the law on your trail and the bloomin' gallows
waitin' for ya round the next corner, what?
Look a-here, white man, I comes and I goes,
and that's my business.
Oh! Oh, well, that's the kind
of a nigger you are, eh?
Not afraid to stand right up to your betters
and tell 'em what's what.
You wouldn't be afraid of
a bit of fight neither, would ya?
When I fights, there's somethin' in it,
and I don't never fights on no empty belly.
Well, supposin' your belly was full...
and you had a chance to get back
at the stinkin' heathen what threw you out?
- What would you say then?
- Now you's talkin', white man.
All right, now you get your rum and your eats,
but you don't get a stinkin' penny.
Because I'm a trader, see?
I ain't no bloomin' missionary.
And if anybody worries ya,
you just tell 'em you belong to Mr. Smithers.
I belongs to Mr. Smithers.
- What's that?
- Ginger.
- What's that?
- Pimiento.
- What's that?
- Coffee.
- What's that?
- Ginger.
- Ginger? What's that?
- Coffee.
Well, this ain't regular,
but maybe the dice'll do.
Now, they goes first to the gentleman
with the Rolls-Royce.
- All right, talk to 'em, bo'.
- What I say?
- Fever in the South.
- Fever South.
- Eighter from Decatur.
- Eighter from 'catur.
- Big Dick.
- Big Dick!
- Ha!
- Ha!
Well, shoot, man!
Don't you know " Ha!" means shoot?
The whole pile goes to
the gentleman with the Rolls-Royce.
Well, all right!
Gather it in.
All yours, buddy.
I'll be dressed up here in a minute.
I'm goin' after that hat.
Let 'em roll! Natural!
Let me have it, boy!
Now, Quaco, what do you say?
This whole pile against that Rolls-Royce.
- Ha!
- The house is rollin'.
Now, come on,
you gallopin' dominoes.
Come home to Papa.
Let 'er ride.
Nine is the gentleman's point.
Come on!
Eighter from Decatur!
Come on! Ha!
Fever in the South, baby!
The gentleman made his point!
Ah, the team is mine, Quaco.
That's tough luck.
Better luck next Saturday night.
Me play woman for oxen.
Oh, no. Women is women,
and Brutus Jones is through.
Well, I'll see you boys next week.
Look 'em over.
So long, Quaco. I'll see you later.
I wonder what the blazes
is keepin' that black ape.
Whoa, boy. Whoa.
Here, where do you think
you're going?
- Well, good morning, Mr. Smithers.
- You works in here.
to tell you the truth, Mr. Smithers...
the boys back in the bush
seems to like my methods.
I's figurin' to open up
a little tradin' business next door here.
Oh. Cut my bleedin' throat,
would ya?
After all I've done for you too.
Is that your idea of gratitude?
Well, I's always ready
to listen to reason.
And while I'm unloadin', if I was to hear anybody
say somethin' about a partnership -
Coconut! Pineapple!
Fine fat chicken all ready for the tooth!
Raisins and new corn!
Coconut! Pineapple!
Great big chicken all ready for the tooth!
Big fat chicken ready for the toothl
Good day, Mr. Smithers.
Maybe a coconut?
Yes, good day.
How do, Mr. Smithers?
How have you been?
- I'm sure glad to see ya.
- How do you do?
Why don't you come in
and pay your bill?
That's Mr. Smithers.
You know, every time
I rides up here through that jungle...
it gives me the creeps.
Say, you notice
they shut the gates after us?
Look a-here, white man,
is your nerves slippin'?
Well, I don't like it.
If you had to recruit an army for him,
why did you have to get such big blokes?
Yes, them is fine niggers.
I betcha they knows a man
when they sees one.
Well, if there's any trouble,
you've only got yourself to blame...
salutin' him and callin' him " General."
I tell you, Mr. Smithers. There's any trouble,
you just leave the general to me.
Us niggers understands each other.
Tell him Mr. Smithers.
- You know, you gotta be diplomatic.
- Take it easy.
- Mr. Smithers to see Your Excellency.
- Show the gentlemen in.
Well, good day to you,
Your Majesty.
Well, well. Top-hole, eh?
As fine a body of men as ever
I clapped me peepers on.
- Eh, what, Jones?
- Right.
Yeah. And well found...
if I says it meself
as fitted 'em out, eh?
Well, General, you got a swell army.
And I reckons, when you figure
how little it's costin' ya...
makes ya feel mighty proud.
Send in the treasurer.
This my treasurer.
Tell the general the truth now -
Does you know how to figure?
Yes, Your Highness.
Now, you see, I got a figurer.
Produce the contract.
Your bill, Mr. Smithers.
Well, here you are,
Your Excellency.
Now, then, there was a hundred uniforms
at five dollars. That's a thousand dollars.
There was a hundred rifles at five dollars.
A thousand dollars.
One cannon was five hundred,
and the ammuni -
Well, it adds up to $4,000,
Your Excellency.
What does the treasurer report?
It seems to me
that there might be a little error.
Ah, well, here,
let me have a look at it.
Yes, we all make mistakes
now and again.
Here, Smithers - the mistake.
I seen it all along.
It's... $5,000.
There you is, cap'n.
Check that off and tell it to the boss.
Fire again. Empty your gun.
Don't you all knows
I's got a charm?
Takes a silver bullet
to kill Brutus Jones!
My turn now, General.
Company! Attention!
Take this bush nigger
and throw him outta here.
I'm boss here now.
All of you, get outta here.
And wait.
Them what I wants to stay
will hear from me in an hour.
Smithers, you wait.
I wants to confer with you.
Well, blimey!
If you ain't pulled it off!
- You have got a nerve.
- Nerve... and brains.
I calls it stinkin' luck - havin' that nigger
miss you twice at 10 feet.
Pick up that gun.
Break it.
Blanks. Blimey. How...
You remember when Quaco
got drunk in town last night...
and I takes care of his gun
while he sleeps it off?
Well, that's what I call brains.
Phew! This place smells more like
a chain gang dump than a palace.
Say, Smithers, how ya likes the contract
for doin' this dump over?
Now you're talkin'.
And don't make the mistake of thinkin'
you's dealin' with any ignorant bush nigger.
I gives you an audience tomorrow.
And bring along them fashion sheets
that I gets last summer.
And then I wants mirrors -
plenty of'em.
And remember, Smithers,
red's my color.
I always had a special taste for red.
Mr. President.
King Brutus.
No. Somehow that don't
make enough noise.
Smithers, cigarette.
you has just had an audience
with the EmperorJones.
My sash.
Watch that foot.
Give me a drink.
My coat.
Brush it off.
Tell Smithers I'll sees him here.
Clear out, all of ya.
Your Majesty.
Well, Smithers,
what's on your mind this mornin'?
Remember what I told ya when you
slapped that last tax on coffee -
that you were cuttin'
your own bloomin' throat?
Sure. I remembers.
What of it?
There was a riot
down on the village last night...
and your tax collector got beaten up
so his own mother wouldn't know 'im.
Oh, that's old stuff.
My army's got them niggers already.
And I'm gonna dress 'em down
before the whole court this mornin'.
- They all needs a lesson.
- Too late to give 'em a lesson now, me lad.
You've got 'em squeezed dry.
Look a-here. When I takes this job,
what I tells ya?
I says three years for my cleanup,
don't I?
Well, we's got six months to go.
Them's my arrangements,
and I ain't gonna change.
I suppose you got your money
hid away safe, eh?
I sure has.
And it's banked in a foreign land where
they ain't no chain gangs and no jim crow...
and nobody can't get it except me.
In six months,
I walks out on this nigger circus.
And from then on,
I's top dog.
Top dog, eh?
Look a-here, white man.
There's little stealin',
like you does...
and there's big stealin',
like I does.
For little stealin',
they get you in jail sooner or later.
For the big stealin',
they makes you emperor...
and puts you in the hall of fame
when you croaks.
Well, all I know is that it's a wise gambler
that knows when to quit.
Look a-here, white man.
Do you think I ain't still got
these niggers like that?
You think when I cracks the whip,
they don't jump through?
All right, I shows ya.
I'll summon the court.
His Majesty is on the throne.
Summon the court.
"Archduke and Duchess of Manhattan."
"Marquis and Marchioness of Newark."
"Marquis and Marchioness
of Baton Rouge."
"Lord and Lady Baltimore."
"Lord and Lady Richmond."
And all points
in His Majesty's kingdom...
north, south, east and west.
And Mr. Smithers.
Bring in the prisoners.
So you's the niggers what takes it
upon yourself to start a roughhouse...
then beat up
an officer of the crown?
Well, I see I been too easy
on you niggers.
Now I'm gonna show ya
who's boss around here.
Take them niggers in the courtyard
and give 'em 50 lashes apiece.
And lock 'em up.
I said lock 'em up!
Forward march.
Take your company
to the five-mile village...
and burn it
off the face of the earth!
Right face!
Forward march!
Who dare whistle that way
in my palace?
Who dare wake up the emperor?
I'll get the hides
frayed off some of you niggers sure.
It was me whistled to ya.
I got news for ya.
Oh, it's you, Mr. Smithers.
What news you got to tell me?
Where's all your court -
the generals
and the cabinet ministers and all?
Oh, they mostly runs
the minute I closes my eyes.
Drinkin' rum,
talkin' big down in the town.
How come you don't know that?
Ain't you sousin' with them
most every day?
- I got to, in my business, ain't I?
- Your business.
Blimey. When you landed here,
you didn't have no high-and-mighty airs.
Talk polite, white man.
Talk polite. Do you hear me?
I'm boss here now.
Is you forgettin'?
It's all right.
No harm meant, old sop.
Well, I accept your apology.
Now, what I was then is one thing,
and what I is now is another.
I wasn't afraid to hire ya that time
after you broke jail in the States.
No, you didn't have no excuse
to look down on me for that.
- You been in jail yourself more than once.
- That's a lie!
That yarn.
Come on. Who told you
that fairy story?
There's some things
I ain't got to be told.
I can see 'em in folks's eyes.
From what I been told, it ain't safe
for a black to kill a white man in the States.
You mean lynchin's scare me?
Well, I tells you, Smithers...
maybe I does kill
one white man back there.
Maybe I does.
And maybe I kills another right here
'fore long if he don't look out!
You think I'd peach on ya?
Not me.
- I'm your friend, ain't I?
- Sure you is.
And you'd better be.
I'm gonna show ya
that I'm your friend.
I'll tell ya that bit of news
I was goin' to.
Go ahead. Shoot the piece.
Must be mighty bad news
from the happy way you look.
Ain't noticed any of the servants
or the guards...
around the place this mornin', I ain't.
Oh, they all out in the garden
sleepin' under the trees.
All I got to do is to ring that gong,
and they come flyin'.
All right. Ring it now,
and you'll see what I mean.
Sure, I'll ring.
The rotten ship is sinkin',
and the bloomin' rats have slung their hooks.
Low-flung woods niggers!
Well, I reckon I overplays my hand
this once.
Man can't take the pot
on a bobtail flush all the time.
Was I sayin' I'd sit in
six months more?
Well, I's changed my mind then.
I cashes in and resigns
the job of emperor right this minute.
Well, blimey. You're a cool bird,
and no mistake.
No use fussin'.
When I knows the game's up...
I kisses it good-bye
without no long wait.
They's all run off
to the hills, ain't they?
Yes. Lem was taken 'em -
every man jack of'em.
Then the revolution
is at the post...
and the emperor better get his feet
smokin' up that trail.
Goin' to look for your horse, ain't ya?
Well, you won't find it.
They steals the horses first thing.
Well, then I hoofs it.
Feet, do your duty.
3:30. Sundown's at 6:30
or thereabout.
Oh, I got plenty of time.
Make it easy.
Well, don't you be
so blasted sure.
You'll have to hustle
to get through that forest in 12 hours...
even if you knew the trails
like a bloomin' native.
Look a-here, white man,
do you think I's a natural-born fool?
Why, I's gone out in that forest
so many times pretendin' to hunt...
I knows it high and low
like a book.
I could find them trails
with my eyes shut.
And I got tinned grub hid there
under a big white stone where I can find it.
Oh, I'll be at the edge of the forest
by the time dark comes.
And once in them woods,
them niggers will never find me.
Dawn tomorrow, I reaches the coast
and boards that French gunboat.
I got to laugh
at these fool black trash around here.
They so easy.
Supposin' something happens
and they does nab ya?
I's got five lead bullets in this gun
good enough for common bush niggers.
And after that, I's got
this silver bullet left...
to cheat 'em outta gettin' me.
I tells 'em, when the time comes,
I kills myself with it.
That's 'cause I'm the only man
in the world big enough to get me.
And you had a silver bullet made?
I sure did. Here she be.
Five lead bullets
and this silver baby at last.
- Don't she shine pretty?
- Let me see.
- Keep your hands where they belong, white man.
- Blimey. You'd think I was a blasted thief.
No, it ain't that.
I know you scared to steal from me.
I ain't allowin' ne'er a body
to touch this baby.
She's my rabbit's foot.
A sort of charm, eh?
Blimey. You'll need all your bloomin'
charms before long, so help me.
What's that drum beatin' for?
For you!
The blacks is havin' a war dance in the hills,
workin' up their courage 'fore they start after ya.
Let 'em.
They'll sure need it.
They're makin' all sorts
of devil spells and charms...
against your silver bullet.
It takes more than that
to scare this chicken.
Tonight, when it's
pitch black in the forest...
They'll be sendin' their pet devils
and ghosts houndin' after you.
You'll find your bloomin' hair will be
standin' on end by tomorrow mornin'.
It's a mighty queer place
that forest is, even in daylight.
You don't know
what might happen there.
It's that rotten still.
Always sends the cold shivers
down me back the minute I gets in it.
Go along, white man.
You ain't talkin' to this baby.
And what's ghosts and hants
got to do with me?
Well, don't you know I's a member
in good standin' in the Baptist Church?
Let 'em try their heathen tricks.
The Baptist Church done protect me.
Land 'em all in hell.
You ain't paid much heed
to your Baptist Church down here -
takin' up with them
bloomin' witch doctors.
Oh, sure. I pretends.
It don't get me nothin' to do
missionary work for the Baptist Church.
I's after the coin...
and I lays my religion on the shelf
for the time being.
I ain't got the time to waste
on no more fool talk with you.
I'm goin' away from here this second.
So long, white man.
I'll see you in jail sometime maybe.
Not me you won't. Here.
You ain't goin' out this way, are you?
You think I'd sneak out the back door
like a common nigger?
I's emperor yet, ain't I?
And the EmperorJones leaves the way he come.
And that black trash don't dare stop him.
Not yet leastways.
Listen to that roll call, will you?
Must be a mighty big drum
to carry that far.
Well, if they ain't no whole brass band
to see me off...
I sure got the drum part of it.
So long, white man.
Give my regards
to any ghosts you meet.
Well, here I is.
In the nick of time too.
Sure. Give me air.
I's tuckered out sure enough.
That soft emperor job
sure ain't no trainin'...
for a long hike over that plain
in the broilin' sun.
Bush niggers.
A wonder they wouldn't get sick
of beatin' that drum.
Sound louder, seem like.
When did they start in after me?
Oh, sure.
They's miles and miles behind.
What you gettin' fidgety about?
You know what? Your belly's empty.
That's what's the matter with you.
Nothin' but wind on your stomach.
Of course you feels diggety.
Well, we eats right here and now.
White stone, white stone,
where is you?
Ah, here you is.
I knowed this was the right place.
Box of grub, come to me.
It ain't here.
Has I lost the place?
There's another stone.
Oh, yes, that's it.
It ain't here neither.
Oh, grub, where is you?
You ain't here.
Has I got to go hungry
in them woods all the night?
Huh. Can't tell nothin'
from them trees.
Nothin' around here
look like I ever seen it before.
I done lost the place sure enough.
It's mighty queer.
Mighty queer.
Woods, is you tryin'
to put somethin' over on me?
Who there? Who that?
What is ya?
Get away from me 'fore I...
They're gone.
Yeah, that shot fix 'em.
Oh, it was only a little animal.
Little wild pigs, I reckon.
They maybe rooted out your grub
and eat it.
Sure, you fool nigger.
What you think they is - hants?
They's here.
You give the game away
when you fired that shot.
Them niggers'll hear that for certain.
Get in, nigger.
What you scared at?
There ain't nothin' there
but the trees. Get in there.
So the moon's risin'.
Does you hear that, nigger?
Get more light from this out,
and you sees where you's gwine.
Cheer up. From now on,
you has a snap.
It's warm, and that's a fact.
How long I been makin' tracks
in these here woods?
Seem like forever.
This am a long night for you,
Your Majesty.
Ain't much majesty
about this baby now.
Never mind.
It's all a part of the game.
This night come to an end
like everything else.
When you gets there safe
and has that bankroll in your hands...
you'll laughs at all this.
Ain't no hammer
On this mountain, babe
Ring like mine, say
Ring like mine
This old hammer
Ring like silver, say
Ring like silver
Shine like gol...
What you singin' for,
you poor nigger?
Want all the world to hear you?
Hear that old drum?
Sure gets nearer from the sound.
They're packin' it
along with them.
Time for me to move.
What's that little
queer clickety sound I hear?
Sound like - Sound...
That sound like some nigger
was shootin' crap.
Time I beats it quick
when I get them notes -
Who there? Who that?
Is that you, Jeff?
I sure am mighty glad to see ya.
But they told me you done died
from that cut I gives ya.
How you come to be here, nigger?
Ain't you gwine look up?
Can't you speak to me?
Is you - Is you a hant?
Nigger, I kills you dead once.
Has I got to kill you again?
You take it then!
He's gone anyway.
Hant or no hant,
that shot fix him.
They's gettin' near.
They's comin' fast, and here I is shootin' shots,
let 'em know just where I is.
Glory. I's got to run.
I'm meltin' with heat...
from runnin'
and runnin' and runnin'.
Damn this here coat.
Like a straitjacket.
That's better.
And now I can breathe.
I gets rid of them
frippety emperor's trappin's...
and I travels lighter.
How'd this road ever get here?
I never remember
seein' it before.
These woods is sure full
of the queerest things at night.
Lord God, don't let me see
no more of them hants.
Oh, sure. That was all in your head.
Wasn't nothin' there.
Wasn't noJeff.
You know what? You just get seein'
them things 'cause your belly's empty...
and you sick with hunger inside.
Bless God I don't see no more of'em
whatever they is.
Mercy, Lord. Mercy.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. I's comin'.
You white devil.
I'll gets even with you yet sometime.
Oh, where's my hammer?
Give me my hammer,
and I splits his head.
Give me a hammer, one of you.
Give me a hammer!
I'll kills you, you white devil,
if it's the last thing I ever does.
Ghost or devil,
I'll kills you again!
Oh, Lord, what I gwine to do now?
Ain't got no bullets left.
Only the silver one.
What is this place?
Seem like...
Seem like I been here before.
What is I doin'?
Anyway, seems like I know that stone...
and them trees... and the river.
I remember. Seem like...
Seem like I been here before.
Oh! Oh, glory!
I's scared of this place!
Him dead. Lord, I done wrong.
I knows it.
O Lord. Lord.
Down here, where these fool bush niggers
raisin' me up to the seat of the mighty...
I steals all I could grab.
Lord, I done wrong.
I knows it. I's sorry.
Forgive me, Lord.
Forgive this poor sinner.
Didn't my Lord deliver
Daniel, Daniel, Daniel
Didn't my Lord deliver
Then why not every man
Didn't my Lord deliver
Daniel, deliver Daniel, Daniel
Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel
Why not every man
He delivered Daniel
from the lion's den
Jonah from the belly of the whale
The Hebrew children
from the fiery furnace
Why not every man
Didn't my Lord deliver
Daniel, Daniel, Daniel
Didn't my Lord deliver
Why not every man
O Lord! You done protect this sinner.
You done saved this sinner, Lord!
I done repent.
O Lord! I done repent!
And I's comin' through, Lord!
O Lord, Lord! Yes, I...
No. No.
Have mercy, Lord. Mercy!
Dear Lord! Hear my prayer.
Oh! The silver bullet!
You don't gets me yet!
I'll bet he's miles away by now
and safe at the coast.
I told you you'd lose him,
didn't I?
Beatin' your silly drum
and castin' your stinkin' spells.
- Blimey. What a pack.
- We catch him. You see.
Why don't you go in the woods
and hunt after him?
- What's the good in waitin'?
- We catch him.
Well, you ain't thinkin'
that's him, I hopes.
That's him. My men got silver bullet.
Kill him sure.
- They got a silver bullet?
- Lead bullet no kill him.
Him got strong charm.
I cook money, make silver bullet.
Make strong charm too.
Well, they did for you right enough,
Jonesy, me lad.
Dead as a herring.
Where's all your high-and-mighty airs now,
Your bloomin' Majesty?
Silver bullets. Blimey.
Anyhow, you died
in the 'eighth of style.