The End of April (2017) Movie Script

Hi, I called yesterday
to inquire about a room.
Yes, the tenth floor of the apartment.
I'm in the area. Where are you?
When will you be back?
I see. Bye.
Follow me.
Is it going to be just you?
Are you a student?
I work. I'm also studying for
the civil services exam.
Is that right?
Government jobs are the best.
They complain that it doesn't
pay much, but that's not true.
It's stable and comes with great benefits.
Better than any other jobs, no?
The problem is that it's so hard to be one.
My son also studied for the exam.
He wasted three years
and a lot of money, but
ended up becoming an aerobics teacher.
What is it?
Why are you insisting on
that apartment though?
Just pay 50 bucks more a month, then you
can get a much better room.
I can't afford it.
I just need a place to sleep and study.
Alright then.
Most of the units are empty, so
it's going to be pretty quiet.
Is that right?
Yeah, the whole building
is practically empty.
The owners decided not to rent their
units until the re-development begins.
With all the bizarre things happening, you
can't blame them for acting that way.
You'll find out soon enough.
People here are not so... how do I say?
Not sophisticated.
Here's the stamp.
Hey guys. Do you live here?
See you later.
You got a minute?
Gosh, it's a girl again.
I told them so many times
not to rent it to a girl.
Keep it quiet, okay?
I can't stand noise.
I'm telling you this in advance.
Leave us alone, will you?
I hate mingling with neighbors.
Do you know what I'm saying?
We just met.
Why are you being so rude?
Are you offended?
We're moving to Seoul soon.
Keep it quiet until then.
My husband works for this big company.
He's going to get a promotion soon
and transfer to Seoul branch.
Oh yeah, I was on my way to a dentist.
I spoil her too much.
Munching those sweets all
day rotted her teeth.
We'll pull out those disgusting
rotten teeth today.
Good morning.
Oh, are you from the district office?
Yes, I'm Park Hyun-Jin.
Good to meet you. Welcome.
Excuse me, everyone.
We have a new member joining you today.
She got promoted to the grade 7
from a district office.
What was your name again?
It's Park Hyun-Jin.
Please welcome Ms. Park Hyun-Jin.
We used to have three social
service employees, but
one of them is on maternity leave.
She had to leave when we're the busiest.
Happy to have you, Ms. Park.
Let me see. Ms. Ahn?
Could you go over the
responsibilities with her real quick?
Living wage, neighbor assistance,
disability, housing, and finally
women and child welfare.
Everything's organized here.
Thank you. I'll go over it.
You have to visit the
household twice a week.
I'm sorry it's a lot of work.
I bet you'll have to do lots of overtime.
Oh my.
He's back.
He's a disabled person who runs a
little shop in the neighborhood.
He's known to bother
any women on sight.
You'd better be careful
when you visit him.
I think I'm good now.
Let me know if you need any help.
Thank you so much.
Focus, control.
Focus, control.
Focus, control.
Focus, control.
Focus, control.
Focus, control.
Thank you.
You won't regret.
Clean this table, yeah?
Your pantyhose is rolled up.
Can't even remember whether you're
wearing a skirt or pants, huh?
Always spacing out.
What do you do after work?
You want to go get some chicken
soup out in the outer city?
No thanks. I have a plan.
With who?
No need to lie if you
don't want to go.
It's fine. I guess I'll
have to take my wife.
Oh yeah.
Don't pay the alarm company
unless I tell you to, got it?
Why are you still here?
What do you want?
My neighbor is a bit weird.
What do you mean?
I don't know what kind of animal they have
at home, but it's making too much noise.
I don't think they are the kind
of people you can reason with.
I was wondering...
if you could talk to them for me.
They don't have any pets.
I think you're the one causing trouble.
Your neighbor lady came by earlier.
She said you're being way too loud.
Why would you bang on their
wall in the middle of night?
Also, don't leave your garbage in
front of someone else's door.
I didn't take you to be such
an irresponsible person.
For Pete's sake!
My, it looks pretty bad.
I told you that you should get
it treated sooner than later.
Let's start. Open your mouth wide.
Hang in there.
When I went to high school,
every girl was chubby.
But nowadays, high school girls are
so tall and thin.
Their bodies mature more quickly, I guess.
- Isn't that right?
- Right.
Almost done.
Just a little longer.
You're doing super.
Did you process the order from Dongwon?
Why on earth didn't you tell me?
You completely screwed me.
Answer me.
What's the excuse this time?
There's something wrong with you.
Normal people don't make
mistakes like this one.
Did you get a boyfriend?
Is he fucking you so much
that you lost your head?
Do you fuck good?
Yeah, I bet you do.
Get the hell out of here.
Don't come back.
(Speaking foreign language)
Excuse me.
I think you dropped this.
Why would you take a pipe wrench with you?
It was a gift.
Who would give a gift like this to a girl?
Sorry, but can I go?
Did you see a piglet that went this way?
Do you not know how to speak?
Did you see it or not? Answer me!
Can I sleep over at your place tonight?
Sorry, but I have things to do.
Can I pay for this?
You little thief!
Where did you learn to do that?
Do you go to school to learn how to steal?
Let me see your face.
I'm taking you to the cops.
Call the cops! See if I care!
Oh my back.
Listen, everyone.
Everyone sliced their bread in half, right?
Before we add the ingredients, we're
going to put the sauce on the bread.
Mix mayonnaise and mustard in 7:3.
Kang Joo-hee.
Didn't you bring the ingredients?
Wait, did you get into a fight?
Let me see.
It's nothing. It's from popping zit.
Do as I say.
If not,
my mom's going to...
take you to the cops.
You'll go to prison.
Are you trying to negotiate with me?
Do as I say,
then I will give you all the snacks.
I'll give you cigarettes too.
You must be out of your damn mind.
My mom...
she's super mad.
When she's angry,
she's real scary.
Don't stare at me.
I get what you're saying,
so you enjoy all the snacks and cigarettes.
Swear again.
That you won't tell anyone.
By the way...
did you put on lipstick?
I did.
- Do you like that?
- I love it.
Lie down.
Hm? Okay.
Take off your pants. I'm busy.
Close your eyes.
Don't you look at me.
Come, already.
What the...
The deal was a hand job only.
Did you lock the door?
Hey, open this door right now!
Stop it!
Stop it!
What are you looking at?
I'm from the social service.
Came to check on a few things.
You're making a round, huh?
It used to be someone else.
Yeah, she's on a leave.
I see.
I used to live here.
Not much has changed.
You lived here?
In 2005.
Just for a while.
Let me see.
Weren't you studying for
the civil services exam?
You lived on the 10th floor, didn't you?
That's correct.
Don't you remember me?
I rented you the apartment.
Oh I remember.
It's good to see you again.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
Hello? Anybody home?
Hey, I want to talk to you.
Who are you?
I'm from the social service.
Sir, what were you doing over there?
What were you doing in front
of someone else's place?
Look at him sweating.
As you can see, he's not well.
He couldn't harm anyone.
Say it, if you saw him doing anything bad.
Cat got your tongue?
Why are you harassing good people?
Get out.
Get the hell out of here.
Are you studying for the
civil services exam?
You're applying for the grade 9.
Which department?
Social services.
I'm applying for the grade 7.
Grade 7 in Legal services.
Do you have any study group?
It's hard to pass the exam
when you study by yourself.
It's more efficient to study together.
We can share information.
Mind your own business, mister.
I'm not that old.
We're about the same age.
How old are you?
Shouldn't you be studying
instead of hitting on girls?
I already passed.
I went to do physical
after passing the exam.
Guess what? I have tuberculosis.
I was deferred for a year. They told
me to get the thing fixed first.
Isn't that funny? Who gets
tuberculosis these days?
Basically, I have nothing to do until
I go to the sanitarium this Fall.
I'm just trying to kill time, taking
English classes and et cetera.
For Korean History,
get this one.
It's written by a famous lecturer.
It's very well organized.
It's better to go over the basic
textbook and get to the workbook later.
But you have to spend more
time on workbooks though.
It's pretty obvious what kind of
questions will be on the exam.
What else?
Why do you always hang out here?
Your parents are not home?
Excuse me.
You just moved here, no?
That's right.
It's good to finally meet you.
I'm swamped with work.
My name is Kang In-cheol.
I'm your neighbor.
By the way...
have you seen it?
I guess you didn't know.
When I was promoted to an executive,
I decided I should contribute to society.
So I started to raise pigs at home.
I know it's a bit peculiar.
But these pigs...
they are no ordinary pigs.
They are very intelligent.
They don't obey human.
Fucking pigs.
So I stopped feeding them for a while.
Then these pigs ran away.
You really haven't seen them?
How long do you think you can keep lying?
Don't justify yourself.
Life goes on with or without you.
My, oh my.
I hope I didn't offend you.
If you'd like,
come over to our place for dinner.
My wife is a great cook.
It's me, honey.
What are you doing?
You shouldn't be out here
by yourself at this hour.
What did my mom say?
Don't be nosy.
You fought with your mom, didn't you?
Mind your own business.
Why are you being so rude?
I'm not being nosy.
It's just that you guys are really loud.
I can't study because of the noise.
What do you want me to do?
Why don't you move out then?
What did you say?
Wouldn't it be nice if things
worked out the way you wanted them?
I wouldn't have born in that family.
Did you know that
a whole family died in our apartment?
I guess you didn't.
You wouldn't have moved if you knew.
Are you serious?
It was on the news.
Do you know who did it?
The father.
He poisoned them all.
The funny thing is...
I'd have understood if my dad did that.
What would I become?
Don't say that.
Every morning when I open my eyes,
I pray that the whole apartment is gone.
It'd be nice if they tore the
building down with a bulldozer.
They say the re-development is on the way.
As if.
Then what? Is that going
to change the world?
The people living in are losers.
You can't do anything about that.
People don't change.
You want to hear a funny story?
There are some people I want to see dead.
Last night in my dream, they all died.
Their skulls crushed, spouting
blood from everywhere.
The dream was so vivid.
It felt so real.
Who died in your dream?
You know the grocery store down there?
Ouch, wait.
I need to poop.
I'll tell you later.
Get inside. You said it's
dangerous to be here alone.
Can I sit here?
Sorry, I'm waiting for someone.
You scared me.
Do you need a place to sit?
I saved the seat for you.
Come on.
Mister, are you stalking me?
Stalking you?
No way.
Since I saved your seat, how about
you buy me a cup of coffee?
You're not getting one?
I don't like instant coffee.
It has high calories.
Oh, I guess it's not up to your standard.
You only drink espresso at cafes?
Stop teasing me.
I'm not.
I wish I knew how to enjoy those,
but my taste is pretty cheap.
It's good.
You should get black coffee next time.
I will.
Too much calories.
How did you know my name anyways?
Oh that?
It's written on your forehead.
The strange thing about names is...
your life resembles your name.
When I first saw you,
I could tell you were honest and sincere.
Thus, Hyun-Jin. (Chinese characters
mean honest and sincere)
Are you being serious?
Is that how you find out my name?
Actually, it was written
on your textbook cover.
You almost fool me there.
Hi there.
What do you want?
I wanted to talk to you.
Can we come inside for a sec?
What did you want to talk about?
I wanted to ask you a favor.
Joo-hee's a high school senior.
She's a very smart girl, but
she doesn't put any effort.
I saw that you stay up late all the time.
What do you do at night?
I'm studying for the civil services exam.
I knew it.
You're always quiet like a cat.
I knew you were a smart girl.
Is there any way...
you can tutor Joo-hee?
I'll pay you 500 bucks a month.
500 dollars?
How's that? It's pretty good, no?
Phew, that's a load off my chest.
My only daughter, she can
be a handful sometimes.
Your dad said he'd support your study
abroad if you get into college.
Give your best.
Where are you going?
To get some air.
Did you go to the dentist today?
You don't want to study with me?
Hey, don't you really know?
Know what?
My mom's insane.
She always says I'm crazy.
But she's the crazy one.
What do you mean?
I'm not joking.
Maybe this apartment is hunted.
She's lost her mind since we moved here.
Do you really believe she'll pay you?
We don't even have money to pay the bills.
Your father has a job.
Says who?
He quit when I was still
in elementary school.
He said he was going to try something else.
But the fact of the matter
is that he got laid off.
They lied that they'd give him
a call once things get better.
A bunch of people quit,
believing that bull shit.
Some of them committed suicide.
Your mom said you guys are moving to Seoul
soon because of your dad's promotion.
Another bull crap.
He hasn't worked a day since then.
But the strangest thing is...
he gets up early in the
morning, puts on his suit,
and comes back late at night.
He's like a ghost.
Do you get it now?
We left Seoul to run away from creditors.
My mom started seeing things.
She keeps telling people she'd pay.
As if she were sitting on a heap of money.
Tell her you changed your mind.
Don't blame me later.
It's fine with me as long
as you're okay with it.
Come over anytime you want to study.
Don't go back on your words later.
I won't.
I'm so sorry.
It's all right. Don't sweat it.
I have no napkins.
What's this?
There's milk in coffee.
I thought you were worried about calories.
It's your own fault for stalking me.
Hyun-Jin, wait up.
You should go home and wash it.
Otherwise, it'll leave stain.
Isn't it tiring to handwash?
I got used to it.
I am going to...
buy you a washer one day.
Why would you?
Because I want to.
You were shocked when you first
came in here, weren't you?
What do you mean?
Because it's so dirty and seedy.
What do you take me for?
Nobody's first apartment is nice.
Still, I like this place.
I always wanted to live on my own.
How come?
Because of that woman.
My mom.
I hated her.
Do you know what I hated her?
She's too nice.
She was too nice that she was dumb.
You don't get it, do you?
What's wrong with being nice?
When I was a little girl,
I went to a fortunetellers
shop with mom.
The fortuneteller was startled.
She said my mom and I have
exactly the same fate.
She said we'd destroy each
other if we stayed together.
Daughters are supposed to
take after their moms.
I shudder at that thought.
I made trouble on purpose
to break off from her.
I'm so sorry.
- I guess I'm drunk.
- Don't worry about it.
Come here.
Why are you shaking so much?
I'm sorry.
No, not there.
A little below.
Do you like me?
I like you.
You have to treat me well.
You must love and adore me only.
Can you do that?
I will do that.
That's why I'm with you right now.
If you do that, I'll be really good to you.
I'll do whatever you ask me to.
Wait, Kyung-soo.
Get the fuck off, asshole!
Why are you butting in?
Cut it out.
Fuck you.
Fucking bitch.
Build a castle with steel everyday,
build a wall inside the castle,
build a house inside the wall,
put a rice bin inside the house,
put a chest inside the rice bin,
hide me inside the chest,
and lock it securely with gold turtle lock.
What kind of poem is this?
I mean, if he misses his ex,
why doesn't he go find her? Loser.
What's that?
You want to try?
Say 'ah.'
It's just sugar cube.
It works great when you feel sluggish.
How's it? Do you feel it?
Yeah, it goes straight to my brain.
Told you so.
is it easy to pass the civil services exam?
Nothing's easy in this world.
What's great about being a civil servant?
Do they pay you a lot?
No, not really.
It's stable and gives you a good pension.
Then, at least you won't
end up like my dad.
Should I go for civil services too?
You can think about it
after you go to college.
Go study now.
Hi, Hyun-Jin. It's me.
Is everything okay?
You don't sound so good.
Yes, I was dozing off.
Hyun-Jin, can you come
downstairs for a sec?
What's going on?
You'll see.
How are you?
What is this?
I thought we could go for a drive.
It's such a nice weather.
Let's go.
I have something to tell you.
It was my first time.
What is?
You know... sex.
Are you serious?
How is that possible?
You've never slept with your girlfriends?
I've never dated anyone.
Oh my.
But I thought guys go to red district
before enlisting in the army.
You've never been to places like that?
You're embarrassing me.
You might not know,
but some guys don't get a chance
to do it until they are over 30.
My friend said...
You're my savior.
That's why I took you out today.
To thank you.
- Kyung-soo.
- Yeah?
What's your dream?
I can't think of one. It's too sudden.
You don't have any?
If you can't answer it right away,
it means you don't have one.
What kind of a guy doesn't have a dream?
do you know what my dream is?
I had no dream, nothing
to look for, all my life.
But since I met you,
I started to want something.
What's that?
you know.
I'm not telling you.
Come back here.
It's all right.
I want to do it for you.
The house under your name is
valued above the threshold.
You're not qualified to be
a basic income recipient.
Excuse me?
Please don't get upset, sir.
Sir. Hello?
Ms. Park. Come here for a sec.
What's going on?
We got a call from the
city services auditor.
Does a name Kang Hyung-goo ring a bell?
His mother is calling everywhere,
complaining about you.
She said you threatened him.
That's not true.
He was acting suspicious in
front of someone's apartment.
I gave him a little warning, that's it.
Maybe you didn't know about it.
He does that all the time.
He has a disability.
He doesn't know what's right and wrong.
Just go apologize.
The lady's intense.
I don't think I can do that.
Where do you think you're going?
Piss off.
You need to pay back my cigarette.
Get your hands off of me.
It's not my fault that you got caught.
I got caught because YOU
were smoking my cigarette.
Go home and jerk yourself, douchebag
That mouth of hers.
That was too much.
Just payback my cigarette.
The fuck you're looking at?
Get me my cigarette now.
I'll give to you tomorrow.
It takes a beating, doesn't it?
Is it true that your nickname is THIS PLUS?
(Korean cigarette brand)
- What's that?
You know the retard at the grocery store,
that's her boyfriend.
No way.
She fucks for the cigarette.
Come on. I don't believe that.
- It's not even Marlboro?
- Go ask him.
Marlboro? That was funny.
I'll take sex instead of
cigarette, if you'd like.
Come on, man.
Fuck off!
Fucking slut.
I wouldn't fuck you even if you offered.
Let's go.
Garbage bags, please.
Take your change.
I was wondering
where do you get the money
for cigs and makeups?
You want to know?
I have a part time job.
Where do you work?
You don't need to know.
I realized that a slight shift in
perspective makes life much easier.
What kind of talk is that?
You should aspire for bigger things.
You're in your prime.
Right. Everyone says that.
That I'm in my prime to fuck.
What did you just say?
Here they go again.
- Who's that?
- My mom.
She does that when she's drunk.
- What are you doing here?
- Come here.
The folks at the grocery store died.
You came all the way here to tell me that?
Don't you remember?
- The dream you had.
- Oh that.
What about it?
Maybe dreams come true after all.
Stop fooling around. Where
did you go last night?
I was at your place, remember?
After that!
My mom texted me. I went home.
Don't lie to me!
I saw you going into the store.
Fine. I'll tell you the truth.
I did go there.
What's so weird about me
going to the grocery store?
Why did you go there?
To buy cigarette.
Why did you go there of all places?
Answer me.
What's the matter with you?
They don't check my id like
other stores do, that's why.
Where do you get the money for it?
For cigarettes.
Did you pay?
Tell me.
Do you pay for your cigarette or not?
I don't know what rumors you heard, but...
You are just like them.
I'm so sick of it.
How are you?
It's awful.
What happened?
Didn't you see the news?
There was a murder.
The lady and her son both died.
The neighborhood's been quiet
for a while, but now this?
Who did that?
Nobody knows.
I'm sure they'll caught the guy soon.
Whoever it is, we've got
a real sick psycho.
He smashed their skulls
with something really hard
and put the plastic bag over
their heads to suffocate them.
The thing is...
I saw something odd that night.
I was taking a walk on this
street after midnight,
and saw someone coming out of the store.
You know the girl who
lives on the 10th floor?
I always thought she was a little weird.
Did you talk to the police?
I don't want to get involved
in a thing like this.
Are you coming in now?
How did you get in here?
The door was open.
You're forgetful, aren't you?
I was wondering...
have you seen Joo-hee?
She didn't come home last night.
I haven't seen her.
That's strange.
Where did she go?
I thought she was with you.
Did Joo-hee say anything to you?
About what?
She has a screw loose.
Don't believe whatever she tells you.
She's already got an appetite for men.
I wonder what she'll become.
That bitch. After all I've done for her.
She's flirting with men her father's age.
What are you talking about?
Guess what she did.
We need to talk.
No we don't.
I'm sorry about what I said yesterday.
I was wrong.
But tell me.
What kind of relationship do
you have with your dentist?
I don't believe this shit.
Are you spying on me?
Why would you do such thing?
Don't you know it's wrong?
Who do you think you are?
You're not my mother. Why
do you keep bugging me?
I guess you really are like that.
That's right.
I'm like this.
And you're a piece of shit.
Is that really the only way?
What else can I do?
Should I quit school and work part
time job that pays $4 an hour?
Then what?
How am I going to live with my
deranged parents with that money?
Since we started running
away from creditors,
I've never received any
allowance whatsoever.
I have to pay for school.
I have to pay for textbooks, gym uniforms,
school trip, everything on my own.
Your mom's worried sick.
Do you...
really think my mom sends me to the
dentist to get my teeth treated?
I am so sorry.
Was I too loud?
it's bad manners.
I hear some people even commit
a murder because of the noise.
Are you looking at this?
This is all I have.
What are you doing?
I have to go to work in the morning.
That's why I'm doing this now.
I should have asked you first.
The truth is...
I killed the pigs.
The damn pigs won't get fat no
matter how much I feed them.
I like them fat.
That's why...
I killed them.
Hyun-Jin, what are you doing?
Did I wake you?
Where are you Joo-hee? Are you all right?
Are you there?
Do you hear this?
I hear you.
Try knocking on the wall.
It's so clear.
Are you all right?
can I come over?
I'll be right here.
Today's my birthday.
you were the only person I could think of.
Aren't you going to say happy birthday?
I need at least one person
to be happy that I was born.
Look! I brought beer.
Let's do cake later.
You sure you're all right?
If you want to talk...
It's enough that you're here.
I mean it.
Hi, guys.
Do you guys live here?
Take a seat.
Look how much you grew up.
When did you get back?
What are you doing here?
I was just passing by.
what you've been up to?
I work at the community service center.
You're a civil servant?
Are you married?
- Yes.
- That's good.
I knew you'd make it.
I came by today because I
was worried about you.
Why would you?
Why would you worry about me?
Are you my mom?
Are you my sister?
What do you want from me?
If you care about me so much, then
where have you been all these years?
Where were you?
- Joo-hee!
- Stop talking about Joo-hee!
Calm down and let's talk.
Tell me...
what happened?
Stop it, please.
Why do you keep calling Joo-hee?
She's dead!
You know Joo-hee.
The girl next door.
She's dead.
You're not dead.
You're right here, talking to me.
Stop lying.
I saw it.
I saw her jumping off the roof.
That's not true.
Listen to me.
She's not dead?
That doesn't make any sense.
Fucking bitch.
Hyun-Jin, the washer is here.
Hyun... Jin...