The End We Start From (2023) Movie Script

What are you eating?
I am eating some "toona".
"Toona"? You mean "tuna".
You're gonna turn into a tuna.
It's weird.
She said she's got no mayo.
- She said she'd run out, but...
- No mayo?
I just...
I refuse to believe that.
I think she's holding out on me.
That's disgusting.
Look, when are you home?
Yeah, er, later.
What would you like for dinner?
- What can I bring you back?
- Oh, anything.
I mean, not "toona", please.
Not "toona".
- Tuna.
- Tuna. Love you.
He's wriggling.
Getting that head all the way
down there ready to...
Oh, God,
not yet, I hope.
Are you talking to me
whilst having a wee?
A strong-sounding wee?
It's the bath.
Yeah, that's a poor...
Oh, the people
at Number 32 have left.
- Oh, good, good.
- I know. They got...
They got in this camper van
with all their stuff.
The kids and that dog.
I love the dog.
It was hanging out the window.
That dog is a nightmare.
I love the dog.
- Can we do that?
- No.
Can we do that?
No. Wait, do what?
Definitely get a camper van.
No, thank you.
Like a really nice camper van.
Hello, you.
of somebody who looked like
I like peeling potatoes.
I don't know. I mean,
do I look like
I've got a potato for a face?
What's going on?
I'm not here. Leave a message.
I'm sorry, the ambulance service
is currently in heavy demand.
We will respond as soon
as a call handler
becomes available.
You're currently in the queue.
It's too soon. It's too soon.
It's not supposed to be...
One more time.
Who are you?
Mm. What is it?
There. Hey, hey.
We're on backup
generators, er, everyone,
so please refrain from charging
any mobile phones or devices.
Can you check on it?
It doesn't feel real, does it?
Please refrain from charging
any mobile phones or devices.
- Did it hurt?
- No.
We've got to get
everybody off this floor now.
Why are you looking at me
like that?
'Cause you're amazing.
You need to squeeze
the breast into a sort
of burger shape.
- Right.
- You haven't peed yet?
- Not yet.
- Aim for the baby's nose...
Okay, yeah, got it. need
to bring baby to you,
otherwise you'll end up stuck
in an uncomfortable position.
Do you have
somewhere to go?
Out the city?
Space for baby?
What, we can't go home? No?
And then
you push him on,
nose to mouth, okay?
Thank you.
Do try and pee.
Yeah, sure, I'll try my best.
And, er, baby'll need
a name before you go.
We're registering
all births and deaths for now.
This department will be closing
in 24 hours.
We can't go home.
No. You used to be funny.
I'm hilarious.
You're still high.
I wish. Fuck. Oh, fuck.
You okay?
Fuck. I'm pulp.
Oh, my love.
I'm mush and fucking pulp.
We love you.
Can you turn
the tap on, please?
We love you.
She did it. She did it!
I did it.
- Percy.
- What, like the...
No, not Percy.
Woody. Mm-mm. No.
- Zeb.
- Zeb?
Zeb, Zeb, Zeb, Zeb,
Zeb, Zeb, Zeb.
Make sure
he doesn't get wet.
- Right, yeah.
- Have you got him?
- Yeah, I've got him.
- Okay.
- Look, he's getting wet.
- Oh, shit.
Careful with this bit.
- Oh!
- You okay?
- I've got you. You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Extreme storms
which are battering the UK
have left many parts
of the country submerged,
and with reports...
Hi. Please
leave a message after the tone.
I can't get through.
My phone's just not...
Jesus Christ.
...the true scale
of the disaster unfolds...
Come on!
Does it hurt?
It feels like someone's, like,
staple-gunning my nipples.
Mm, mm, mm.
He looks fatter.
That's not possible.
Well, he does.
Overwhelmed by the influx
of people affected
by the flooding,
many towns and villages
on higher ground
are blocking entry
and have made the decision
to only allow current residents
with valid ID to re-enter.
This has caused
a great deal of controversy.
In a statement,
Buxton Council said
that they had made
the very difficult decision
because schools and gyms
are full...
Get back in your vehicle,
please, sir.
Come on. Bloody hell.
Thank you.
- What's going on?
- Sorry, sir. Calm down.
We have somewhere to go,
I told you that.
Somewhere specific?
Yes, somewhere specific.
My parents have lived here
for 35 years.
You can see there's a lot
of demand.
This is unprecedented.
My boy's two days old.
I went to school round here.
I grew up round here.
You don't currently live
round here.
- Fucking hell.
- Sir...
Just go!
What are you doing, woman?
Been sitting here for ages.
Why are we still sitting here?
They're here. They're here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Oh, God. Goodness.
- Hey, Dad.
Hello, lad.
How are you?
You managed to get past
the roadblock, then, hey?
- Yeah.
- Oh, God.
We've been trying to call.
Well, the networks
are down, Mum.
I know. I know.
- Hey.
- Right.
We've got someone
for you to meet.
- Oh, hello.
- Oh!
- Zeb.
- Look.
Left it a bit bloody late.
Yeah, everyone did, Dad.
Three months of drought
and then this. I mean...
You were lucky
to get out at all.
Stop that.
Well, the whole city's
They know that.
You must have had an awful time.
We've been ever so worried.
Sweetheart, sit down.
Have something to eat.
Oh, thank you.
- He's beautiful.
- I think so.
Go and help your son
unpack the car.
No, it's fine, Mum. All done.
Should have got out ages ago.
Yeah, but we didn't know
this was gonna happen, did we?
I did warn you.
We were a bit
preoccupied, Dad.
Too preoccupied
for the birth of your own son?
Oh, right, 'cause you were
there as the bloody midwife
while I was having that one,
were you?
I was involved.
Oh, sorry.
he was very involved, yeah.
- Oh, this looks delicious.
- Well, you must be starving.
Eating for two.
I used to be famished.
And meat. I used to just
want to eat entire cows.
- Do you remember?
- I do.
We've been keeping supplies
for years now.
You lot kept calling me
a hoarder.
Who's laughing now, eh?
Don't know how you townies
managed to cope.
Can you give us a hand?
What did you just call us?
Well, stuck that long in London,
what do you expect?
We can't do our jobs
out of London, Dad.
What, engineer? Cutting hair?
Your mum's feeding the village,
Well, everyone's doing
their bit. She doesn't cut hair.
Come in!
Well, I mean, I do.
Yeah, to the bloody stars.
- Breakfast TV.
- Yeah, to the bloody stars.
Erm, we just prep the boxes,
and then this one delivers
them all.
Oh, no. No, thanks.
Severe flooding is expected
to cause loss of life.
They just got here.
I... I'll go and start this.
It's her son.
He's not back yet.
- How's the ark?
- Er, pretty mouldy.
But Dad says
it has good bones, so...
What happened
to our home?
The street was gone.
But, but... we build a new home.
Here we go.
What do you think?
What do you think?
Okay, okay, okay.
I know, I know, I know.
Ow, Zeb, ow.
Baby. Baby. Mum.
Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum.
I'm sorry yours isn't here.
Has the cork always been here?
Where are your posters?
Didn't have any posters.
Of course you didn't.
What, not even of maps?
Or fish? The periodic table?
You're making me sound so sexy.
I don't remember it
being like this last time.
We just fucked last time.
With our hands
over each other's mouths.
Three months on since
the last great flood,
the public is advised to take
refuge at their local shelter,
but aid workers
say vital supplies
are not reaching
those most in need.
Is it hurting?
Go on.
No, not at all. No, no.
In an urgent appeal,
they have warned people
not to attempt
to return to their homes
and have pleaded for restraint
following outbreaks
of violence and looting.
Leading aid agencies say they
are already chronically short
of basic food and medicine,
so in a bid to protect supplies,
armed police and military
are now guarding food banks
as well
as emergency accommodation.
A ration system will be
established to buy more time
to find a solution
to the deepening food crisis.
I don't understand
why you all have to go.
- It's just safer that way.
- Easier. He means easier.
No, I mean safer.
She's not a child.
- Yes, all right.
- It'll be fine.
I'll stay put in the car.
Supplies are low.
Roads are blocked.
Ports are flooded.
Runways are flooded.
We live on an island.
On an island.
Yeah, I know, but...
So, people get panicky.
I'm sorry. This...
I know this is awful for you.
But I am so happy you're here.
I know.
Won't be long, okay?
Anyone seen the shopping bag?
No, wait, It's all right.
Found it.
We should head up
the high street.
No, no, no.
Love you!
...Ninja Filipina
sister up there.
You're meant to be up there,
like Lou-Lou said.
This is your now,
because that's your stage
and you just took it...
And they had
this summer romance
and they, er,
really like each other, and...
But she's supposed
to go back to Australia,
but she ends up staying and...
And he's got this, like,
this gang, the T-Birds.
And he needs to look, I guess,
like, er, I don't know,
like really cool
in front of them.
I mean, he's basically...
he's just being
a dick at this point.
Kick, kick, kick, kick.
Where are you running to? Hmm?
Yeah, they will be back soon.
I just... I...
I wasn't expecting anyone.
Is your house...
Er, where will you...
Er, er, baby. I'm sorry.
I just, erm...
We don't have any food.
Thank you.
I know, I know, I know.
I know, I know.
It's fucking awful. I know.
I know, I know. Where are they?
I'm sorry.
We'll fix this.
We'll go home and you'll
grow tall and strong and kind,
and you won't remember
any of this.
This isn't how
it's supposed to be.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I will look after you
like you looked after me.
I love you.
Do you wanna talk about it?
I can't.
It wasn't quick.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You're up. Are you...
Sorry. I was just...
Why don't you come in,
let me make you a cup of tea?
- And you must be hungry.
- I'm going for a walk.
Well, I don't think
that's a good idea.
I'm going for a walk.
Grandad's going for a walk.
Your dad, he's, er, he's...
Look, something's not right.
I don't know where he's going.
Look, can you take the baby?
We can't stay here.
There's no food anyway.
We need to leave.
They want people
to join shelters.
No, I'm not joining a shelter.
I'm sorry.
I just... I...
I... I just can't.
Too many people.
I just...
I just can't do it.
I don't know
what else there is.
I love you.
I love you.
Stop pushing!
Get back!
People will be, er...
I don't know, calmer around us
with having a baby.
They trampled on my mum's neck.
People are starving to death.
They don't give a fuck.
People give a fuck.
No, no, they don't.
I don't believe that.
Look, I'm not having
an existential argument with you
about the inherent
shittiness of people.
I'm telling you,
they trampled on my mum's neck.
That's why I'm saying I'll go.
You stay in the car. I'll go.
No. You're his food.
You're his whole ecosystem.
Just wait. I can do it.
Just give me a minute.
- This is your last load!
Stop pushing!
Everyone just stay
where you are.
- Move back. Move back.
- Stay where you are.
Don't make me pull it. I will.
It's a final warning.
We can't raise him
in a fucking car.
We're not raising him in a car.
We're trying to get through.
We're not in a shelter
because of me,
and we need to do what's right
for him and for you.
We have to do what is right
for all of us.
We need to go to a shelter.
Ladies and gents,
I can understand...'ve been waiting
many hours outside,
but unfortunately, there are
no more places at this time.
We can only accept children
and one primary carer.
We're taking children
and one parent only.
Look, it's okay.
I'll come back for you,
er, when things are calmer.
There'll be food here.
It'll be good
for you both, okay?
Okay, well, no, no, no,
none of us'll go.
No, you have to.
No, we'll just...
we'll just keep driving.
If you're here, you're safe.
...I can't protect you.
I can't protect you or Zeb,
and... and it will feel good
to just know that you're safe.
I don't give a fuck
what will feel good.
We have a baby.
I know.
No, you have a baby.
We're a family.
I feel like I'm dying.
I will let you down.
We stay together.
We stay together.
Unknown vehicle
arriving at the gate. Over.
So, it's shelter 26.
It's breakfast at 7:00.
Er, we have a strict
lights-out policy at 9:00.
Now, you need to check the rota
for any laundry.
And at the moment
we don't have any hot water,
so it's cold showers only,
I'm afraid.
And this is your bed. Okay?
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
There we go.
- Come on. There we go.
- Please.
- Baby, baby.
- Just do it.
I can't put...
I can't...
Come on, baby boy.
We would remind you,
that there is no smoking
inside the building.
You taking it all in? Hmm?
What you looking at?
Shelter 27,
lunch is now postponed.
Hey. Ooh!
You think you're clever?
Have you taken my pillow?
Who the fuck do you think
you are? Have you taken
my pillow?
Have you taken my pillow?
Will you pack it in?
Sit down.
It's all good.
I can see
that's my fucking pillow!
- Pack it in.
- Behave yourselves.
I'm telling you,
you've got the wrong guy.
Move your hands off.
That's my fucking pillow!
- And you know full well.
- Lads!
- Enough!
- It's my pillow!
Get the fuck off me.
It's just a pillow.
Move back!
You two,
behave yourselves.
The whole city's gone under.
It's just sewage
and dead animals.
And we almost left it too late.
I don't know why.
I just thought we could...
I just thought we could sit it
out or something, you know?
Everybody did.
How old?
Er, he's three months.
She's five.
- She's sweet.
- She's all right.
I'm not gonna throw her
out of a window,
but she's gotta stay cute.
We've been here a month.
There are worse places.
Like, actually.
I've been in them.
We were in one before here
and a refuge before that.
That's a lot to cram
in five months.
Oh, yeah. She's busy. Got plans.
That woman, the woman
in the bed next to me,
she had to leave.
Raiders stole all her food.
Too slow. Oh!
As soon
as she was born, he bailed.
Took one look at the pair of us
and said, "No, not having that".
I guess I should be
in shock still.
But then all of this happened
and I genuinely
couldn't give a shit.
He's probably dead.
Yeah, he would have panicked.
He can't swim.
He would have been terrified.
Absolutely shitting himself.
I hope it was quick.
Where's your, er...
Dead, probably.
I mean, maybe. I don't know.
I mean, I don't know.
He isn't here.
You know what? You go.
I'll hold him
and then we can switch.
Are you sure?
Lights out at 9:00 p.m.
Thank you.
Where is he?
Fuck's sake.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
For God's sake.
Come on. Come on.
Are you okay? He needs milk.
- Shut the fuck up.
- No, you shut up, dude.
Come here.
A little sheep sound.
The trees!
What's that?
It's so perfect.
She's coming to get you, Zeb.
Here she comes.
There's this commune
on an island.
- Right, course.
- I know.
Of course there's
a fucking commune on an island
that's full of rich people
making sourdough.
And my friend is there.
She's one
of the founding members.
That's a thing.
That's how she talks.
She used to be
in stocks and shares and...
I don't know
what I'm talking about.
Can you tell?
I mean, I used to blow-dry
politicians' hair
before they spoke
about the economy
on breakfast television.
We're doomed.
She had some sort
of epiphany one day.
Not like...
like a religious thing.
More like, "Oh, fuck.
What am I doing with my life?"
"Like, does this actually have
meaning or..."
Mm. And so she just decides
she's not fucking doing that
any more,
and she has all this money,
so, well, she goes
and she sets up this commune...
Just have to figure out
how to get there.
You should come.
Can we go to sleep now, please?
Keep moving!
Just keep moving!
Move! Move! Move!
Come on.
Where are you going?
- Oi, oi, look at this.
- A few more over here.
- Bring that bag.
- I've got this one.
Check in there, man.
Check in there.
Where are you going?
Hey! What are they doing?
Please, please!
- Get out!
- They've got babies.
- Just drive.
- Come on.
- Fuck.
- Go, go, go!
Can you slow down? Please?
we can get out here.
Stop the fucking car.
I'm here. I'm here.
He's gonna go back
to the shelter
- and we won't be there.
- Try not to think about it.
I feel sick.
that's because you're starving.
Have we eaten
We have
these delicious babies.
They are delicious.
We'll find something.
There's no food.
It's all right. Come on.
I have food.
Thank you.
I'll just...
Mm. Thank you.
Where... where are you going?
Not sure.
- And you're travelling alone?
- I am.
We're heading
to my friend's commune.
Do you know if we're
near the coast?
Well, there are communes
on all the islands,
so, you want to head
to the northern pier.
That's where I got
the boat from, at least.
...she might have stopped.
I... I don't know.
- You've been to one?
- Yeah.
No, it's... They're perfect.
It's exactly where you wanna be
with your child.
Why did you leave, then?
Because they wanted to forget.
I don't want
to forget before, so...
It was my fault.
I thought we'd be safer
near a city,
but then we just
didn't get out in time.
It was a bridge. Er...
It was strange. It was so...
simple, straightforward. Um...
I was...
at the end.
They were in the middle,
all three of them.
She had both of them...
in her arms,
and then they weren't there.
It was just... just dust.
- Underneath them there was water.
- Water. Rubble.
And then there were people
running and screaming.
I'm, erm... I'm gonna go back.
I'm going to go back to the city
to where they were.
I think it'll be sharper there.
It's fine. I don't speak
to people for days on end.
And then...
when you were dancing
just then...
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good morning.
Why are you so awake?
Again? No?
What's the part where
they say "The passion"?
Oh, no, we did that?
This is it.
The northern pier.
What's up here?
Hmm? What's up this way?
He said
wait here until she comes.
And if she doesn't?
She will.
She will. Yeah, she will.
She will come.
She will come.
She will come.
Hello! We're here!
Something's coming!
Something's coming.
Something's coming!
Something's coming!
you made it.
Hello. Oh, my God,
you're here.
- My girls.
- How's your baby?
She's so cute.
How was your journey?
Do you want to go
and have some dinner?
Do you want to go
and have some dinner?
Oh, yeah. Yeah,
I think so. Don't you?
Well, I don't know you.
I don't know you either.
It could be a disaster.
Are you hungry? We've got food.
You can eat
some of my birthday cake.
And this is my friend.
Is she coming?
Mine looks better
than yours.
make yourselves useful.
have today announced
the worst of the extreme storms
have finally passed.
This long-awaited news
has paved the way
for the launch
of the official operation
to begin rebuilding our nation.
Bath and other low-lying cities
least affected
are already allowing residents
to return home.
The mayor of London has praised
those who are working tirelessly
to make London safe enough
for civilians
to join the big clean-up
of our capital,
which he believes will be
achievable in the coming weeks.
And, finally,
in a bid to reunite families,
a missing network has been
set up at every super shelter.
The hope is by creating
a centralised list,
families will finally
be reunited...
Can you turn that off, please?
...may also aid
the identification of the...
Can you hand me your bowl,
Thank you. Sorry.
- This is nice.
- Thank you.
I put leeks in
to give it a wee bit...
When we first
got together,
I had this breakdown, I guess.
Yeah, my parents had just died,
both very suddenly,
like, very close together,
and I became terrified of death.
I mean, irrationally,
by the fear of dying.
Doesn't sound irrational.
No, and emotionally,
I mean, of course, emotionally,
it made complete sense.
But logically...
I mean, at that time,
logically, the world,
it offered no real threat and...
God, I couldn't get out of bed.
He was so kind.
I mean, he looked after me
so brilliantly.
We didn't even know each other
that well.
We hadn't known each other
long enough to. Just...
I get it.
I went on this mad
"I want a baby" quest.
No, I didn't stop.
I mean,
I didn't grieve properly.
Just head down, get pregnant.
Get through it.
Get through it and...
But I think I only wanted one
so I could stop being so afraid
of dying.
You know, so I could have
something of my own
that I would die for
in a heartbeat, in a second.
Sounds okay.
I don't think anyone has a baby
for altruistic reasons.
He was wanted.
A version of him was wanted.
But the fear of death
doesn't go away.
It spreads.
Pulls the baby in.
And now look.
What a world.
Here, you have
an eyelash on your face.
Make a wish.
You do.
Yeah, so,
work sort of sent me here.
I'm more of a, kind of,
"Build your own hut,
eat and kill some roadkill".
Thank you.
What, eat and then kill?
Yeah, that doesn't...
Yeah. Yeah, eat it to death.
- Normal. The normal way.
- Yeah.
Uh, I...
I think that's impressed you.
- You've totally won me over. Hmm.
- Yeah.
What about you?
Do you like living here?
Uh, yeah, I love it.
Mm. I, uh...
I really like being indoors.
Mm. Like going into shops,
and ordering food from menus
that someone else has cooked...
Okay. a cooker.
Or even a microwave. I'm not...
...I'm not fussy.
Well, we're doomed,
then, really, aren't we?
Yeah. Yeah,
there's... there's no hope.
It's a shame.
You're not here.
Some people find it harder.
They have more to give up.
It is difficult,
but this doesn't work.
It stops working for everybody
if one person isn't present.
It isn't real any more.
What you miss doesn't exist.
I'm just... just, like,
having a moment, you know?
We're lucky.
come and eat your soup.
It's delicious.
Thank you.
No. Of course I'm not
gonna leave the baby here.
What, are you fucking insane?
You can't take him with you.
You don't know
what you're going back to.
What if there's no food?
I'm his food.
Not if you fucking starve.
No, no, this is not my place.
This isn't me.
I don't understand
what this means.
This collective
fucking rejection
of the world and everyone in it.
That is not what we're doing.
No, I have to tell
my son I tried.
That I didn't just hide from it
or pretend nothing happened.
Where are you going to go?
Home. I'm going home.
Please don't go.
Don't go.
You can't go alone.
I'll be fine.
It's not about you.
This is a commune.
We exist for our community,
for those who opt in,
who choose to be
in our community
and not the individual,
and we need the boat.
I'll take you first thing.
I don't like goodbyes.
You might die.
So might you.
What a fucking horrible thing
to say.
You're a terrible person,
like, maybe the worst.
It just doesn't feel right
being here.
I mean, look at it. It...
it should.
Right, um...
...can you go back inside now?
Well, just say goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Sleep well.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Hey, hey, hey.
I know, I know. Time out, right?
Oh, Zeb, you stink. You stink!
Will you carry me now, please?
Hey, hello.
It's just... it's just me.
I mean, I'm... I'm on my own.
It's just us.
Can we...
Can we come with you?
- Er, please.
- No.
Well, I don't... I...
I don't want anything.
- I just...
- No.
I... I have a baby.
I'm... I'm actually trying
to... to...
No. No! get back to the city.
My son, his name is Zeb.
What's your name?
- No, no, no, no.
- Shut up.
- No. No.
- I'll sort it. It's okay.
What you gonna do?
I get it.
- Right. Let me go.
- No.
- I can walk.
- Let go of me.
No. What you gonna do?
I can, er, walk. We're walking.
It's fine. It's okay.
We can walk.
Just let go.
Just let go.
She's getting
in the fucking car!
Get out! Get out!
- Get out!
- Get her out the fucking...
You fucking idiot!
You can't tell anyone
I did that.
You look very unimpressed.
You look
very unimpressed.
Coaches are
for clean-up volunteers only.
I repeat, volunteers only.
We can only accept
healthy individuals
willing to work in exchange
for food and shelter.
You need to have identification.
Please have it ready.
Nearly there.
Line up in single file
along the barriers.
Here we go.
- Baby.
- You're all set.
- Ready for departure.
- Baby.
If you have identification,
please have it ready.
as you can, please.
Thank you.
This way,
please. Come along now.
ladies and gents,
I want you to move forward,
as you can. Thank you, sir.
No smoking
inside the building.
What do you see?
Where am I?
There I am. Again?
Where am I?
Where am I?
There I am. There I am.
Where am I?
Where am I, Zeb?
There I am.
Where am I?
Where am I?
There I am.
There I am.
Where am I?
There I am, yes.
I don't know where I am.
Where am I, Zeb?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Mummy doesn't know.
This is gonna be
a big clean-up, Zeb.
I might need a hand with this.
This was yours.
You're too big for that now.
It's still beautiful.
Would you like
to see the kitchen?
Oh, thank you.
That's okay. You have it.
Are you just gonna
watch me work?
I like your style.
I like your style.
Oh, my...