The Endless (2017) Movie Script

Um, whoever's watching,
I just wanted to say,
if you are at the camp
and we're not back yet,
that I just wanted to say
don't worry.
Uh, the ascension is something
we've all been looking forward to
and we couldn't be happier,
so our round-trip from this
place and back
is really something
to celebrate.
So, um...
eat and drink and make yourself
and we look forward to seeing
you when we return.
Okay. Bye.
You seriously spent
$20 on that
and didn't get
the car battery?
You said they did it
- Nope. No.
- Yeah. Yeah.
No. I said that
right before we left,
I was told that they were all
were gonna kill themselves.
And that's why we left
the cult.
She didn't say anything about
killing themselves.
She didn't.
It's a UFO death cult.
It's what they do.
They just call it
something different.
I rescued us from a cult.
I saved you from mass suicide.
You're welcome.
The, uh, owner still gone?
Yep. But be fast.
You want, um, pork or shrimp?
Uh, neither. I'm good.
- You're not eating lunch?
- Nope.
Gotta save the money you spent
on antique video equipment
and not the car battery.
Oh, tattoos, those were
an investment.
You know they used to feed us
real food.
You know, vegetables and fish
that's not powder.
I'd rather be alive and eat
than be dead and eat...
I know they were going to do
it, now they clearly are,
so I was, like,
ten years off.
They didn't say anything about
killing themselves.
They said...
Move your head.
They said they were going
and we don't know how long or
where they were going...
- Good.
- How's that good?
If we were back at the camp,
we'd have, like,
good food and support,
and we wouldn't be
one dirty house away
from being homeless.
I need the car.
I've got deprogramming in, like,
half an hour. Ow.
I don't want to go to
deprogramming anymore.
Are you gonna be the one to
get another job
if we don't qualify for aid?
And stop leaving the dome light
on in the car.
You're making the car battery
even worse if that's possible.
It was mostly a joke.
But, um...
he's not happy.
I heard him crying
the other night, again.
And, um...
the cult sent us
a good-bye video.
Whoa. What was that like?
I mean, I was relieved,
at first,
because... they're not dead.
And then I felt bad.
Because now Aaron thinks
I pulled him out
all those years ago
for no reason.
All of his memories
of the cult
are as a kid or a teenager
or whatever.
So all those memories
are good,
and he sees our lives here
as horrible.
But, to me,
the thing that makes our lives
here better
is thinking for ourselves.
And I don't know why we haven't
been able
to make a living
or make friends...
meet girls.
WOMAN: Recovery from cult mind
control is a lifelong process,
and if he resents you for
pulling him out,
that's common.
Whether he resents me
or he doesn't,
feeling responsible for
his well-being 24/7
is exhausting.
They're gonna take the car.
The credit card was
a bad idea.
I'll figure it out.
Yeah, okay.
I wanna go back.
Have fun with that.
No, I'm serious.
I'm going,
just... for a visit.
You have a horrible memory.
That place is not
what you think it is.
- I know.
- Great. Let's not go.
Why do you wanna go back?
We can say good-bye.
Get some closure.
They were our family.
One day.
One night.
We come straight back.
Will that make you
feel better?
Because if that'll get you
out of this slump,
we can go back.
I mean, he's trying.
He's trying lots of things,
this one time,
by some miracle,
we met these girls
at the park,
and he takes 'em to this
cheap Mexican food place,
down by the apartment.
And, out of, like...
out of, like,
nervousness or something,
he's like, "I'm an ex-UFO
death cult member."
And she's like, "Okay, I have
to go to the bathroom."
And she obviously never
comes back.
And her friend never
returned my calls.
But that's him, though,
you know?
He's trying to do
the right thing.
He really is.
But it has to be his way...
which never works.
And so the only thing that's
worse than this shitty life
he's built for us is having
no fucking control over it.
I'm sorry.
WOMAN: Have you talked
to him about this?
No, no, he's my brother.
WOMAN: And you're
sure it's a good idea
to go back to the cult?
It's not a cult.
It's a commune.
Uniforms. Redefining words.
Calling death "ascension."
Worshipping a deity
in the forest
that no one else knows about.
Okay, yeah, that's a cult.
But I actually don't remember
any of those things.
I just remember, like, bonfires,
family time, and good food.
It's wasn't like they were
keeping us prisoner or anything.
Actually, hang on a second.
If they were gonna be, like,
pointing machine guns at our
and make us drink cyanide
why would you be driving us
there right now?
All right, I never saw
anything specifically like that.
But in your distorted memory,
we were, like...
petting deer and dancing with
We were, I remember that.
Ah, the boobs.
There is a house
in New Orleans
You broke the goddamn antenna.
Do not put me through this.
They call
the Rising Sun
You sound like a raccoon
with strep throat.
It's been the ruin
of many a poor boy
And Lord I know I'm one
You sound exactly like the mating
possums outside our window.
My mother was a tailor
Hey, Mom. I know we don't
visit much, but...
I just wanted to say I'm doing
my best to take care of him.
- Nothing.
- I heard you.
No, you didn't.
- You becoming religious?
- No.
You're praying to her grave.
It's not a grave,
it's a memoriam.
Ah, talking to a memoriam.
That's totally not praying
to a grave.
That's sweet. I think someone's
been by or something.
Look. It's brand-new.
No, we actually made that from
when we were little
because she liked to paint.
Wow, that really held up.
What the heck are those?
It's like a volcanic
hundreds of thousands
of years ago.
And then erosion or...
Hey, mind of I drive
for a bit?
Nah, I'll just go
the rest of the way.
You drove the whole way.
I wanna drive.
I'm driving.
Get in.
Not a cult at all.
Smells good.
Smells like the barley.
Good to see you two.
What the dickens bring you
all the way out here?
Just thought we'd visit while
you're, uh... here.
We're always here.
You hungry?
I'm always hungry.
Let's get you fed.
You boys remember Tim,
- How's it going, Tim?
- Hey.
You gotta try Tim's
new Hefeweizen.
It is delicious.
Whoa! I didn't know you guys
were gonna be here.
It's good to see you guys!
- Shane, Anna.
- Hi!
This is weird. Aaron is, like,
all grown up.
Do you remember me?
Yeah, a little.
So, you all look, uh...
Fresh food, air, and ale.
That'll do it.
I was gonna say
exactly the same.
- This is amazing.
- Thank you.
Shane and Anna, they grew
the barley for that batch,
so they deserve credit.
- Tim, his beer, is our most profitable export.
- Yeah.
Oh! You boys haven't met Lizzy.
It's nice to finally
meet you two.
Everyone says all kinds
of stuff about you.
Thanks. Uh, how'd you
end up here?
I was at a mental health
facility up the road,
and I use to wander out
quite a bit.
And on one of my wanderings,
I met Tim
and just realized
I'm better here.
You boys remember Dave,
You know, Lizzy,
she's a great artist.
Actually, her sketches,
they kind of remind me
of your photography,
Oh, yeah.
You were a photographer?
Um, not really.
It's when you were really
He was really good.
Well, could have been,
given time.
It's like Shane's
magic tricks.
I'm all right.
It's a million hours, right?
- (LAUGHS) Man, I hope so.
- A million hours?
Yeah, a million hours is the
amount of time
it takes to actually master
So, if you live to be
115 years old
and you spend your waking,
sleeping moments
just dedicated to one thing,
yeah, mastery is
a possibility.
That's mine.
You think Anna and Shane
are together?
Well, they're all castrated.
So do you mean, like,
They don't seem castrated.
You don't know how castrated
people act.
And you realize she's, like,
20 years older than you.
- No, she's not.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yeah.
They're all in, like, their 40s.
They just look young.
It's weird.
They just look like they take
care of themselves
and don't eat dirty garbage
Taking a nap?
I... am gonna go for a run.
Uh, okay, actually, I've been
working on this one.
Pick a card, any card.
No, no, no, no.
He's just gonna keep picking
the same one.
I don't wanna touch the card.
Okay, just put it on top.
Can I show you something
back in my cabin?
Um... right now?
Unless you know
a better time.
Try this one.
It's interesting.
Did a small batch.
Thinking about doing a big run.
That Tim, he is good.
You, uh...
you figure it out yet?
Not yet.
Eventually, though.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't so
damned left-brained.
It either is or it
isn't and...
this equation isn't...
All right.
I gotta ask.
What's it solve?
Wouldn't believe me
if I told you.
I like that everyone here kind of
has a little thing that they do.
Yeah. I mean, some people have
two or three,
but, yeah, everybody has
at least one. Yeah.
So, you're like
the clothing designer?
You do the camp's clothes?
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, I make a lot of
stuff from scratch, but I...
you know, whatever I can find
at thrift stores and...
That's where I got this.
I used to make a lot of your
clothes. Do you remember that?
No. I mean...
I'm sorry. It's just been
a long time. Sorry.
Do you wanna see some
of my new designs?
Listen, uh, I just wanted
to tell you again
that everything you did,
it ranges from "I don't care"
to "All is forgiven."
Now, that being said,
why come back now?
The video you sent.
What video?
The video.
With Anna talking about...
the end.
Never been a suicide on this
property that I'm aware of.
In fact, I can assure you that
nothing here ends.
All that happens here is that
people live long and healthy lives.
Because of that,
they grow to be
the people they want to be.
Pretty simple.
There is something bigger
than us out here.
And now that you're both at an
age where you can understand it,
it'll become...
All right. Uh...
All right.
I'll get you another beer.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
- Ta-da.
- Oh, whoa.
These are good.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Wait. What do you
and Justin do?
Um... we clean.
Didn't you used to like
to fish?
Yeah, you know,
when I was a kid, but...
I don't think I even remember
how to tie a fishing knot.
You know?
Uh, do you get paid for this?
What, for being
alone with you?
Come on!
Yes, of course!
I mean, the money comes
from the beer, but...
yeah, we all get paid for
everything we do.
So you never have to leave?
All right.
Black ace.
Just focus on these angels here
for a second.
One, two...
So we got your red from
earlier, right?
And with this little...
black, yeah.
I think I see
what you're doing.
Come here.
You're gonna pick a card.
Come on.
Take a look at it.
Put it back in
wherever you want.
Very good.
Is that your card?
Have you seen Aaron?
Yeah, he's in Anna's cabin
with her.
You all right with that?
Why wouldn't I be
all right with that?
You wanna see another trick?
Come on, just humor me.
It's a new one I'm working on.
Come on.
Relax. Relax.
HAL: All right! Who's
ready for The Struggle?
Hey, why doesn't Dave talk?
Brain injury.
Hal says he fell off a building
while working construction,
and Tim told me it was
You drill a hole in your skull
so you stay permanently high.
He drilled too far.
Ladies and gentlemen,
for most of you,
this requires no explanation.
But we have many
traditions here at Camp Arcadia,
none more prominent than
The Struggle.
We have the struggle
with passion!
The struggle for growth!
The struggle with
a higher power!
Smiling Dave on a ladder.
- And...
What, Anna?
That would be all of which
we overcome with perseverance.
You're the one
who invented this,
so why am I always the one
looking ridiculous emceeing it?
Because I'm reigning champion,
that's why.
That you are.
I need a breather.
Who's next?
Come on, who's next?
Nah. I'm good.
Next time. Thank you.
Come on.
What do you say, guys,
can we get him up here?
- Come on, man!
- Come on!
Let's go!
There you go.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Can I go again?
We never give up.
(LAUGHS) All right!
First man to use
a fishing knot
in The Struggle is victorious!
Who's next?
I'm sorry. I really don't
want to right now.
You sure?
All right.
Thank you, Lizzy, but I could
really just do this myself.
No, it's fine.
I used to clean up sores for
this gun-nut tweaker guy
out in the woods,
so this is nothing.
Sounds like it's a good thing
you're not seeing him anymore.
Oh, we weren't dating.
He was just this guy I was sort
of obsessed with
when I was on lithium,
thorazine, and PCP.
Thanks for being
such a good sport.
I did not mean at all
for that to happen.
I just never understood
the point of that.
Just silly little metaphors,
you know.
Brings the party together.
Frankly, it's a little
All better.
You two have some fun.
All right. I'm actually
pretty tired.
So I'll see you two
in the morning.
Hey, seriously.
Thanks for doing this.
I'm just happy you get to see
how insane it all is.
Yeah, it's pretty weird.
But, uh, I was thinking.
Could we stay for one more day?
- You're drunk.
- No.
You are drunk. You smell like
a Long Island Iced Tea.
You're drunk.
Can we just stay through
tomorrow night?
You know, I was talking to Anna.
She said that Hal lets people
take his guns out.
We could just kinda...
hang out in the wilderness.
Shoot guns, just you and me,
you know?
Despite all this weirdness, just
kind of enjoy something for once.
I really don't wanna do that.
It doesn't cost anything.
All right. I'll let you
stay one more day.
Hey, Tim.
What's in there?
Brewing equipment.
Until the FBI shows up.
Hey, you asleep?
I was.
And now all I wanna do
is talk to you.
Seriously. Did anything
happen with Anna?
Honestly, no.
Well, she gave me this look
that made me think,
you know, maybe she wanted to
hold hands or something.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
Hey, I really think that
you should have this.
I really think
it's good for you.
But I also think that
you should know
that when you were little,
Anna used to, like,
make eyes at you.
Yeah, it's probably because
she's always been
in love with me.
And we were meant to
be together.
Or maybe she's a pedophile.
Women can't be
a pedophiles.
- Yes, they can.
- No, they can't.
- Yes, they can.
- No, they can't.
Are you, like, redefining
the word pedophile?
- In order for a man to have intercourse...
- Go to sleep.
- In order...
- Go to sleep.
- Women can't...
- Go to sleep!
There is
A house
In New Orleans
They call
The rising
Make sure you clean that
before you give it back to Hal.
He gets pretty mad if you give
it back dirty.
I can't really imagine
him angry.
I can.
So your thing was photography?
Nah. I don't really have
a thing yet.
I guess hunting wasn't
your thing either.
I'm just kidding.
Seriously, what do you
think it hit?
I don't know. You're just
bad at shooting.
Do you remember me?
There is
A house
In New Orleans
They call
The rising sun
- (WOMAN SINGING ON PHONOGRAPH) They call the ri...
They call the ri...
- They call the ri...
- MAN: Aah!
- They call the ri...
- MAN: Aah!
- They call the ri...
I'm gonna lay down my sword
and shield
Down by the riverside
Down by the riverside
Down by the riverside
Gonna lay down my sword
and shield
- Down by the riverside
- No, I can't follow this up.
Oh, sure you can.
It'll just sound bad.
Hey, uh, do you have
a minute?
And it was like...
something was there.
But-but that I couldn't see.
And it left me this...
I think.
It's like I said.
You're at an age now where you
can become a part of it.
So it's gonna be
more apparent.
Yeah, but you always
speak in metaphors.
So you don't trust me?
And you're gonna stand there,
you're gonna tell me
that you have never experienced
anything before?
I mean, I remember some things
from when I was a kid,
but kids have imaginations,
and as a grown man now, I guess
the reason why
I sort of dramatically asked you
to come out here
is for you to just tell me,
in your own words,
what is it?
Who's the leader here, Justin?
Uh, you?
There's never been one.
I just talk more.
It's not a very flattering
quality, if you ask me,
but one of the things that
I talk a lot about
is that I don't have answers.
None of us do.
You wanna know what it is that
runs all this?
You go find it.
How is that possible?
It's crazy, right?
Some kind of atmospheric
mirroring effect.
It's like the Northern Lights.
Anyway, two moons brings
a truth.
Three signifies the ascension.
All right, that just all
sounds like metaphor again.
I know, I know.
You know that physics equation
in my room?
- Yeah.
- That's what it is to me.
And I still haven't
finished that.
But what I can tell you,
is if you and Aaron,
you stay one more day,
you go fishing in the lake,
and you go out
to this buoy,
you dive straight down and you
grab what you find there.
You're gonna have
your answer.
You know how culty
that sounds, right?
Confirm this thing
for yourself...
and you've gotta admit it.
There it is.
A higher power?
A governing force?
Infinity solved.
Now, wouldn't that be
a weight off your shoulders?
And if you like having that
weight gone,
you and Aaron have
a home here.
Even after the third moon.
Aaron, get on up here.
Get on up there!
Get on!
Whoo, whoo, whoo!
Here we go.
There is a house
in Camp Arcadia
They call
the Rising Sun
My brother was
a photographer
You call that red stuff
"the flower," right?
This has been
really good for me.
Well, it's not over yet.
So I happen to have
this other talent
that's not making clothes
where I can measure
the exact amount of drugs in my
lungs at any given time.
If I were to measure out an
exact amount for you
that won't make you feel
weird or sick
or paranoid or anything
like that,
would that be something that
you're interested in?
And there's no pressure
at all. I'm not...
No. No, let's do it.
- Really?
- Let's do it. Come on.
Come on, before I...
Just follow my lead.
Okay, hold on.
Come here.
How do I know
when I'm high?
Come here. Come walk with me.
I'll show you.
You know, Tolkien said it,
Lewis said it,
Lovecraft perverted it,
and we just take the definite
face off of it
and we just say, "Hey, here are
the tools,
but you make it what you want."
Totally. And the interesting
thing about that is
when you look at things like the Hopi...
It's the gun-nut
tweaker guy.
Yeah, that looks like
a gun-nut tweaker.
How is that possible?
It's like a...
like a heat blur.
You know, it's a natural
It has to do with solar winds
and magnetic poles and...
No. I have no idea.
Nobody in the camp does,
but they're all around the camp
in a perfect circle.
It's why we use a circle emblem.
You usually need the flower to
see it this clearly.
Is the reflection solid?
Can you go through it?
This is why you sent me
that video.
The video you sent us talking
about the ascension.
No, I didn't.
I mean, yes, I made videos in
case you or my sister
or someone came back to the
camp and we weren't here,
but, no, I didn't.
I didn't send that.
That's really strange because we
all kind of agreed
that we wouldn't share things
like that,
especially after your brother,
you know?
My brother what?
I'm having such a nice time
with you.
I'm so glad you're back.
It's just we don't need
to talk about it.
Do you hear music?
- Hey. Hi.
- Hi.
Are you all right?
I'm fine. I just can't sleep
with everybody up like this.
And I leave these notes
fucking everywhere
saying, please, please, please
shut the hell up!
You, uh...
you don't like the parties?
I did for a few nights,
but after a while...
fuck, man!
What's your name?
I'm Jennifer.
Hey, Jennifer.
So if you don't like it here,
why don't you just leave?
It's a really weird story.
You sure you wanna hear it?
It's possible you're the only
woman here
not taken by several men,
so you'd have to convince
me otherwise.
I'm not hitting on you. That was
mostly me making a joke.
I'm 100 percent married, so...
Very nice to meet you.
No, it's fine.
You're all harmless.
A little brainwashed
but mostly harmless.
So you're not part
of the camp?
My husband Mike
disappeared near here.
So I came out
looking for him.
He just sort of lost it.
And I wandered until I almost
passed out.
Must have been dehydration
or something.
Hal found me.
He said we'd find him.
It'd take some time...
but we'd find him.
So how's the search going?
it's been a few, um...
it's been a few...
Our son is with
my parents.
I'm gonna go lay back down.
Nice meeting you.
There's something out here,
isn't there?
Yeah, there is.
I saw some things last night
I... I can't...
Hey, you're gonna hate this.
But what if we stayed?
- Like permanently?
- Yeah.
You know, we'd be
taken care of.
Nothing to worry about except
for doing our own thing.
There's kind of an order
to things here, you know?
It's fair.
Like something really is
watching out for us.
I don't know.
I always thought that if I did
that there was something more
to all of this,
that I'd like start going to
church or something.
Everybody thinks that.
But last night I was walking
back to the cabin...
and there was this girl at one
of the cabins, and she was...
She wasn't all "Kumbaya" like
the rest of the camp.
She was really scared and sad
about something.
I don't know, I just...
I don't think comfort
is worth dying for.
Look, man, there is no
mass suicide here.
You're, like, leaping to
We can't go back to our,
like, regular shitty lives
knowing that there's actually
something out here.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Hal said the answer is at
the bottom of this lake.
So I am going to bottom
of this lake.
Answer to what?
Exactly what "it" is.
Well, that's way culty.
- Not a god, it's a monster!
- What?
There's something down there!
I saw it! It held me down!
- What?
- I don't know!
We're leaving.
- It's a tape.
- I don't care, we're leaving.
Look, man, I know
you've been just...
dying to make something up
and get me out of here.
But I didn't see a monster
or anything.
And actually, everything's
fine here.
Fine, you can stay.
I'm leaving.
Look, we both know that's just
not happening, all right?
Look, we'll go back
to the camp.
We'll say our good-byes like
we're normal people,
and then we'll go,
all right?
- All right.
- All right. Good.
- Great.
- Good!
I wish you guys
could stay longer.
Yeah, me, too.
Yeah, really hard to leave,
but we gotta get back to work.
Hey, I drew you
a going-away gift.
Oh. Wow.
Thank you.
That's, uh...
that's honest.
Do you mind if we get
a little...
culty in here?
One last time?
Um... no.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Justin and Aaron found a message
in the lake today.
That's awesome. We haven't had
one of those in a while.
Thought we'd have
a viewing ceremony.
- To send 'em off.
- What is it?
It's how to communicate
with us.
With images.
I'm, uh... I'm Michael.
So you guys are, like,
in a church group?
Uh, nice to meet you, Mike.
We're prophets of
the Camp Arcadia faith.
Our whole thing is just making
sure that people know
that self-sacrifice for
the one true god
is the only way to begin the
journey into the cosmos.
AARON: Yeah, Justin's
taught me a whole lot
about our coming apocalypse,
so, you know,
if you ever wanna come worship
with us at the camp,
we'd love to have you.
JUSTIN: And we also
take small donations.
We're just devoted to...
to... to... to... to...
it appears that the message
is forgiveness.
Forgiveness for those lies.
That was embarrassing.
Guys, guys, guys.
Guys, wait up.
I didn't know that's what it
would be.
It's not supposed to be
It's a lesson.
What does that mean?
We forgive you for going out
and evangelizing us
as a UFO death cult
or whatever.
Then telling the press,
among other things, that all of
us are castrated.
You are castrated.
As far as I know,
everybody here has
their sex organs.
You told me the camp...
they had to do that.
That they sanctioned
all of that.
- I never said that.
- Yes, you did! Why...
Why did we tell that story?
Why did we go and tell
that story?
I knew there was
something wrong here.
And there is something
very wrong here.
And I did what I had to do
to keep to safe.
- And I'm sorry you're finding out this way...
- You made that all up?
Without trying to throw fuel
on the fire here,
would you say maybe it has something
to do with you wanting to lead?
I'm trying to lead?
Even as a little boy, you were
never comfortable
with there being no leader here
giving definite answers.
Maybe you take crappy pictures
because "it" takes pictures.
Maybe you wanna be "it."
You wanna control, you wanna
be the alpha.
You've led to me
so fucking much.
He lied to you.
Fuck him!
I pulled the both of you...
out of your mother's
burning car.
I gave you food,
I gave you shelter,
I gave you every opportunity
to grow.
And what you did
to undermine us...
Let's just forget the fact
that we are never
gonna get Dave
to take that damned white
button-up shirt off...
Can you imagine trying to sell
your beer
when someone can find a news
article that makes you look like
a dickless, poison Kool-Aid
Heaven's Gate offshoot?
That is our livelihood.
So, no!
Fuck you!
She's up there, terrified,
with some story about
how you're going
to help her find her missing
What are you doing here, Hal?
Walk away, man.
- Come on.
- No.
- Let's go.
- No.
- Now!
- No!
You are a fucking
cult leader!
I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave.
Or we can go inside and we can
put that to a vote.
But why don't you just make it
easy on everybody.
God damn it, Aaron.
- Hey, I'm sorry to come by so late.
I'm, uh, lost and, uh...
Hey, I can hear you
in there.
It's Justin from
ten years ago.
Can you just help me out?
Why are you in my house?!
Why the fuck are you
in my house?!
God damn it!
Fuck me all to hell!
Just-just sit down
or whatever, all right?
Careful around my bike!
Don't you fucking touch my bike!
So, a decade ago,
I tell you that you're livin'
in some sort of death cult,
and not only were you not bright
enough then to figure it out,
you actually came back.
You are not smart.
You never have been, no.
I mean, all kids are dumb,
but you're like some sort of
retarded hobbit or something.
I'm sorry.
I, uh...
I don't know how
I got lost.
I don't know how you're hanging
in there
and standing in front of me.
I don't understand what's going
on at that camp.
Bunch of loopin' prisons, man.
Like shitty pods of time.
Repeatin' over and over
and over again
like rats tellin' stories
for that thing's amusement!
My loop's short as hell, bro.
Hell, some are even shorter.
Hell, you fools, you fools up at
that hippy-dippy camp bullshit,
you're something like, what,
ten years now? (CHUCKLES)
You gotta kill yourself
before the restart
or that thing,
that thing'll do it for ya.
And it's much worse than
anything you can do to yourself.
But the camp prefers that thing
doin' it for 'em, doesn't it?
Yeah, considers it
sacred even.
It'll snatch you
right out of your shoes.
I feel terrible.
I know better than that.
Well, it just sounds like you
lost your temper, that's all.
It happens.
Anyone want a beer?
Yeah, thanks.
Hey, we all know that
your brother's a good guy.
We all knew about
the cult thing, but...
It's in the past.
You don't think most of us
have something we wish we could
just leave behind?
The rest of it, though,
it just...
You know, this place protects us
from some of it.
But history repeats itself,
The old skipping record plays
on, doesn't it?
I'm just grateful I get
to live at all.
Don't do it
if you don't want to.
Everything all right?
You might not be able to tell
because of that big ol' beard,
but Tim, he just
worries a lot.
Anything I need
to worry about?
Yeah, you get used to it.
Suicide option. Mm.
I ain't no mathematician,
but every few hours since '09...
now what is that? Hmm?
Well, it's a fucking lot!
But what you wanna do is,
you wanna get...
you wanna get unlost...
and then leave again,
like you're not some Mongoloid
motherfucker, am I right?
'Cause if you let it
have you,
and you're still in the borders
when the loop resets,
you'll be stuck as shit
Now, you should be able to follow
that trail there, shouldn't you?
Everything looked different
all of a sudden, and I...
Yeah, I remember that.
Oh, yeah.
Thing is, you're old
as fuck now.
And more likely just to...
just to toe the line.
You know,
so shit shifts around a bit,
put some confusion in that
little IQ of yours to get ya.
I just really got to get back to Camp
Arcadia and get back to my brother.
I can do that for you.
Great. How do I get back?
Oh, not for free.
Big 'ol fuck no.
No, you gotta
suck my dick first.
You have to suck
my dick first.
I'm just fuckin' with ya!
Your fuckin' face!
No, but seriously,
not for free, no.
All right, look, I don't know
what I can give you,
but I really just gotta get back
and get back to my brother
and drive us outta here
before whatever's about...
We're all stuck in these
fuckin' things, man!
But you're free,
you're free for now.
It'll get you lost, but you
can walk right through 'em
like some brainless dickhole.
And since you wouldn't know a
carburetor from your cock...
I want you to get me a gun.
We have those back at camp.
I could just...
I ain't falling for that, no.
Sit down.
All right, now this is our
circle, right here, okay?
And there is this bitch-ass
tweaker, with a grip of guns,
who sold me a broken computer
before I was stuck up in this
fuckin' bitch,
and he swore to God he'd make it
up to me.
This is his filthy
fuckin' loop,
and this is his shitty fuckin'
cabin right here, all right?
The gun-nut tweaker?
Yeah, the gun-nut tweaker.
You just follow this map
and these loop marker hoodoo
All right, and you'll find this
smelly junkie named Chris
who's got a gun collection that'd
give Yosemite Sam a boner.
Now, you bring me back a real
nice one. Okay?
And I'll draw you one of these
fancy maps,
get you back to your brother.
Oh, and, uh...
use this compass.
And trust only this compass,
not what you see.
All right.
It doesn't let me sleep.
Funny thing is,
I don't get tired.
I just...
It doesn't let me dream.
It does that so my mind
never leaves this place.
These three hours...
Using space and time
as its horsewhip.
I'm, uh...
I'm really sorry
to hear that.
And I'll, uh...
I'll see you soon.
There is
A house
In New Orleans
They call
The rising sun...
I have this theory that it's
made up of impossible colors.
See, retinas only have three
types of cone cells,
so maybe none has
the signal strength
to see it in our normal state.
Just a theory, though.
What we do know is that...
it shows us what it sees.
It has a powerful
elegance to it.
So, it was looking at me.
Why did it send me
a picture of a trailer?
Probably where to go.
I was actually gonna go
find Justin.
Well, there you go.
I know that fight was really
hard for all of us last night,
but can you help?
I don't know anything anybody
else doesn't know about life.
But last night's got me
Can you have power over
if you give up any amount of
authority to something else?
I mean...
I really do have to find
I mean, it's a good question.
Always has been,
always will be.
Go out to the route,
past Cabin Two.
When you go past it,
you'll see a small trail.
Just follow it for
a really long time.
There's no way I'm not gonna
get lost if I do that.
Can you please just
come with me?
I literally can't go with you
to help you find your brother.
But you should.
And I sincerely hope
he's okay.
I really hope you make
your own choice.
Before the third moon is full.
Tell me what that means.
Saying more would be like
trying to explain
an impossible color.
In the house
Of the rising sun
MAN: Yeah?
Uh, hi.
Carl sent me.
Carl. He, uh...
Can you just open
the fucking door?!
Uh, Carl sent me
and, uh...
- What?
- Are you all right?
Oh, this?
Yeah, no, I'm fine.
It's not what it looks like.
Mike's trying to help me out.
He's my buddy.
Trying to, uh, you know,
get me clean and sober!
Um... so...
Don't be weird, dude.
Come on in.
- What's your name?
- Justin.
Let me stop you
right there, okay?
Can I ask you a question?
Do you have any drugs or crack
at all on you?
- What?
- Like drugs, in your pocket, right now, on you.
Do you wanna share them with me?
I'd love to share them with you.
But we have to do it fast, because
Mike's... Aah, there he is.
Mike, right?
Do you remember me from...
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, no, we're not interested
in your religion.
And just so you know,
Chris is my best friend,
he's a drug addict, I'm just
trying to get him clean.
There's nothing weird
going on.
Hey, I found this
hard drive.
I think it might have
the answer.
You hear that?
Mike found another message
on a shitty hard drive.
And it's great
to have company.
Hey, Mike, why don't you get
our guest a chair?
Okay, so what can we do
for you, sir?
Basically, Carl said that you
could give him a gun.
You told Shitty Carl you'd
give him a gun?
Yeah. I told you about that
a year ago.
- No, you didn't.
- Yes, I did.
Me and Shitty Carl
are shooting buddies.
The two of you smoked crack
and then would steal
the red buckets
- from the Salvation Army guys outside of grocery stores.
- Why is that even relevant?
You have horrible judgment
in other people.
Shh. Shh, shh.
Can we try it another way?
Please! Please!
I guess that didn't work.
What was that?
It was either our past
or our future.
Doesn't really make
any difference.
Practically the same thing.
See, we've been stuck in this
infinite loop,
and we've been trying to do
different things to get out of it,
and I guess that didn't
Oh, my God, if I have
to listen to you say
one more time at the beginning,
"Holy shit, man! Fucking Mike!
How the fuck are you, man?"
I think I might blow
my brains out.
What? What is that?
What accent is that?
Is that Irish?
That's how you sound.
It's what you sound like.
What about you?
At the beginning of the thing?
You come to the woods with your
hair combed full of gel,
all hunched over like some kind
of James Bond with scoliosis
trying to hide a boner.
Hey, can I impart some wisdom
upon you?
Don't ever give in.
Not once.
The trick to this whole thing
is to not be afraid of
something that's...
that's horrifying.
And everyone's afraid of it.
But if you let it control you
one time,
it's gonna fucking control you
over and over again.
I mean, look at me and Mike.
We're just a couple of assholes
taking someone else's shit.
You gotta floor it
the fuck out of here.
And if you see that thing,
you don't apologize to it,
you don't bow down to it,
you don't conform,
you just fucking run.
Like your life fucking depends
on it, man,
because your fucking life
depends on it.
All right? That's my advice
to you.
I wish you safe passage.
You ready?
You wanna try it?
Yeah. Let's do it.
Follow me.
I'll show you the guns.
They call the...
They call the...
They call the...
- They call the...
- They call the...
- They call the...
- They call the...
- They call the...
- They call the...
- They call the...
- They call the...
Don't stay here!
- They call the...
You can't help.
Just leave before it...
Oh! Aah!
You know, it is so strange
seeing how close
another loop is to this one,
closed, shitty little area.
How long have you been
stuck in this loop?
Well, that's hard to tell.
I mean, when we first got here,
I said if I got Chris clean
in a week, we'd leave,
and that was, um...
that was a lot of weeks ago.
Yeah, I keep thinking there's
like this configuration
that's gonna break us out
of the story, you know,
like a "Life Rubik's Cube."
The one thing I do know for
is I would rather
reset things on my terms
than allow that fucker
to do it for me.
Well, what's the first thing you're
gonna do when you get out of here?
See my wife Jenn
and our baby.
You know, it's funny,
she used to leave these
annoying little notes around
the house.
You know, used to really get
under my skin.
Man, what I wouldn't give to
wake up to one of those notes.
I just hope she's happy
and moved on.
You know, it's funny,
we never, uh...
we never anticipate the ways
we're gonna isolate ourselves
from the ones we care about.
Anyway, I hope you find your
brother, you know.
Good luck, and don't get stuck.
Hey, Mike?
I really hope
you get out here.
Because fuck you.
Chris, it's Mike!
Your best friend!
Don't shoot!
Holy shit, man!
Fucking Mike!
How the fuck are you, man?!
Uh, I'm good, man,
I'm good. How are you?
Fucking fantastic, man!
I'm livin' the dream!
Isn't this place the tits?
It's something else.
I've been looking for you
all day.
Jesus. You scared the shit
out of me.
Why'd you do that?
Why did you just
take off like that?
I didn't just take off,
I was asked to leave.
I thought you'd got
eaten by a bear.
Now I'm lost.
Are you lost?
Yeah, I'm lost. Because you
left the dome light on again
and didn't get a new car
- Doesn't make any sense.
- You don't make any sense.
- Are you gonna apologize?
- Hurry up.
We're gonna have to push start
the car to get out in time
and you're not very strong.
We're, uh...
Ah, the flower.
It's actually a flower.
That's unexpected, right?
No. Can we go?
Yeah, there's no one here.
I think I can figure it out
with a compass.
It'll just take forever.
It'll just take forever.
It'll just take forever.
So, Anna...
Yeah, we slept together.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
I've never done that.
Yeah, we went to bed around
and had a really good night's
and then when I woke up, I saw
you were still gone
so I came to rescue you.
You're welcome.
You mean you literally just
slept together?
- Yeah, that's what I said.
- I know that's what you said,
but usually when people say they
slept together,
it means that they had sex.
Pretty sure the word "sleep"
means when you close your eyes,
get comfortable, become
Never mind. Never mind.
God, I feel like I'm gonna die
of thirst.
You all right?
Not much left.
You don't need it?
No, Aaron,
I don't need water.
All right.
Now, if we hurry,
we might make it back to camp
before the third moon.
Come on, let's go.
I gotta talk to you
about something.
Great. Tell me on the way
back to the car.
No, man.
Can you just have a seat
for a second?
I'm staying.
You can stay, too.
I know you're not going to,
but, you know...
you can.
You wanna die over
and over and over
and live your life on repeat
from here to eternity?
You act like it's crazy,
like I'm the first person
in history
that actually wants to
live forever.
With people that like him.
You know, there's not much
difference between
being stuck in a loop and being
stuck repeating
the same shitty day over and
over like back home until I die.
But back home,
anything could happen.
It could be so much better
than the camp.
We tried that, man.
For almost a decade.
And I'm ready to go back to not
hating my life.
Dying just takes a second.
And a shitty life is long.
Aaron, I think you are making
a very, very big decision
with very little thought.
And you realize that you do this
once and you can never leave?
Anything is better than
the life you make me live.
All right.
Let's, uh...
let's get you back.
God damn it!
Seriously, what do you
think it hit?
No. Wait! Wait!
They're coming back.
I'll feel guilty the rest of my
life if I leave you here,
so I guess I'm staying, too.
You're respecting my decision
to stay?
Uh, I guess.
If that's the way you wanna
think about it, yeah, sure,
I'm doing that.
All right. Let's go.
All I ever wanted was...
Let's go!
- Please start! Please start!
- Let's go!
All right, when you get
enough speed,
I'm gonna jump in.
Then you jump in.
And then I'm gonna throw it in
first and let the clutch go.
I know how to
push-start a car!
I'm just saying
what we're doing!
- Let me drive.
- What?
Let me drive the car!
Just let me get it started
Uhh! Fuck!
Okay, you drive the fucking car!
Yeah, I'm gonna drive
the fucking car!
Hey, listen, man...
'Cause we're about to die, I
really think you should know...
you mess up everything.
You really do.
I never say it,
but you have just completely
messed up our lives.
But you're family.
That's what family does.
All I've ever wanted is just to
be able to mess up with you.
To be able to mess up our
lives just as much as you do.
All right, listen, on
tombstones it says like
"Beloved Mother"
or "Beloved Brother",
not "Beloved Camp Member".
And there's a reason for that,
all right?
From here on out,
we're equals.
I hear you.
You're my brother.
And I love you.
- I love you, too.
- And I need you to start this car
because I don't want you to die
or me to die, okay?
- Get in!
- All right!
- We made it!
- We made it!
- We did it!
- Yes!
We need gas.
No, we're good.
No, it's on empty.
- It's always like that.
- Always on empty?
Empty means there's no fuel
in the tank.
We couldn't even...
You figure it out.
There is a house
In New Orleans
They call
The Rising Sun
And it's been
The ruin
Of many a poor boy
And God
I know
I'm one
My mother
Was a tailor
She sewed
My new blue jeans
My father
Was a gambling man
Down in New Orleans
Oh, Mother
Tell your children
Not to do
What I have done
Spend your life
In misery
In the house
Of the Rising Sun