The Enemies Within (2016) Movie Script

- My good
friend, Trevor Loudon.
The year was 1984.
Ronald Reagan had decided
to seek a second term.
Carl Lewis set a world record
for the indoor long jump.
And in my home country
of New Zealand,
our socialist labor government
had destroyed our military
alliance with the United States.
They decided to ban nuclear
warships from our harbors.
- Nuclear weapons are
morally indefensible
and I support that proposition.
- I began digging for answers.
I met and interviewed
security experts,
even former New Zealand
communist spies.
I discovered that my
country's national security
had been betrayed
by enemies within.
This sparked 20 years of
research into communism.
And drew me inevitably to the
movement's number one target,
United States of America.
The underside of American
politics became my new focus.
I began touring America,
scouring communist
archives in your libraries.
I started sharing
this vital information
with anyone who would listen.
As I continued my research,
I was shocked to find
that the same
underground culture
that had infiltrated
and reshaped New Zealand
was also infiltrating
every American institution.
What was once considered
the American Dream
is now considered xenophobic,
racist, and fascist.
What was once considered
Marxist and Leninist
is now considered
inclusive and progressive.
As an outsider, I could
see that the future of this
great country is now
hanging in the balance.
In my travels, I'm asked
one question repeatedly.
Why does a New Zealander
care about the United States?
I say there are
two basic reasons.
The first is gratitude.
My country was saved
from invasion by
the Imperial Japanese
Army in World War II
by the massive sacrifice
of your fathers
and uncles and grandfathers
at the battles of Guadalcanal,
the Coral Sea, and Midway.
That is a very strong memory
in my country today, folks.
The second reason is related,
a little more selfish.
If freedom should fall
in the United States,
if you lose your
Constitution, your liberty,
you economic dynamism, and
your military superiority,
all of which are
in grave danger,
the bad guys of this planet,
I'm talking Russia, China, Iran,
they will carve up this planet
amongst themselves, folks.
If nothing changes, the
world you and I grew up in
will soon be but a memory.
The world we leave to
our sons and daughters
will be but a shadow of what
God has intended for them.
Your constitution warns you
to guard against enemies
foreign and domestic.
These are the stories that
the enemies in your government
and in the mainstream media
do not want you to hear.
This is our last stand.
These are the Enemies Within.
- Are you
or have you ever been
a member of the Communist Party?
- Most communists don't
say they're communist.
They say they're socialist,
that sounds a little softer.
- Socialism has spread the
shadow of human regimentation
over most of the
nations of the Earth.
- This isn't back in the '50s.
This is going on
right now, folks.
- Their
strategy is to
undermine the
confidence of our people
and the American system,
and the principles
on which it stands.
- I don't think President
Obama cares about
our US Constitution or our
traditional American values.
- If a person
supports organizations
which reflect
communist teachings,
he may be a communist.
- He's been doing
everything in his power
to undermine the United States.
- If a person
defends the activities of
communist nations while
consistently attacking
the domestic and foreign
policy of the United States,
he may be a communist.
- If America is weakened,
our allies are weakened.
And then we talk about dominoes.
And cover
- If a person
does all these things
over a period of time,
he must be a communist.
- And they are working hard core
to transform this country.
- The
socialists, the communists,
and their followers
would like to see
the American spirit
We've got an infiltration
of our entire government.
- But there
are other communists
who don't show their real faces,
who work more silently.
- There are Congressmen who have
actively colluded
with the enemy.
- The enemy is within
because they are
in our government.
- The cleverest thing
the devil ever did
was to convince people
he doesn't exist.
You are working at the
Department of Homeland Security,
you are combining databases
of terror suspects.
Can you tell us what
you did after that?
- Well, I finished the case
up, I put it in the system.
There were 67 records
related to the case,
individuals and organizations.
But then about two weeks
after I put the case
into the system,
I went on vacation and I
was called from my colleague
and said that they had
removed the records
entirely from the system.
They didn't just modify them.
They completely obliterated
them, took 'em out.
Those are the records
related to the network
of mosques and
organizations operating in
the United States
that is linked to
the San Bernardino shooting
and to the Orlando shooting.
Not only did they
remove the records,
but they also investigated me.
- For what possible reason?
- They said essentially that
I did not have the authority
to put those records
into the system
even though I'd been
commended by the
National Targeting Center
for finding 300 terrorists.
So essentially the last
three years of my career,
I was under investigation by
three different government
agencies all at the same time.
They determined that I was
essentially more of a threat
than these terrorist groups.
- So did they ever claim
that any of the records
were inaccurate or untrue?
- No, they couldn't
because they were accurate.
- So you were trying
to do your job
and you were
basically persecuted
by your own government.
How does that make you feel as
a professional
intelligence officer?
- Infuriated and stripped naked.
It's a public humiliation.
To sequester me in a small room
for the last 11
months of my career
with no assigned duties?
And then have the
audacity to say that
those were not adverse actions,
we're just conducting
an investigation.
It's cruel to do
that to a person.
It wasn't a moral infraction,
it wasn't refusal
to obey an order,
it wasn't some crime
that I committed.
It was simply doin' the
job that I took a vow to do
and had been recognized
and awarded for.
- Are there enemies
in this country
working to destroy this country?
- I will say emphatically yes.
- Could Hillary Clinton
pass an FBI security check?
- No, because if you have overt
ties to organizations with
known associations
with terrorism,
you cannot pass a
background check.
- Two years ago, I've got
a friend who applied for
federal government
job two years ago.
The FBI drove to Canada to
interview his communist uncle.
On the strength
of that interview,
my friend was denied
that position.
Not because he was a communist,
because his uncle was.
So the point is this.
Your government has enemies
who will use your weak
and dishonest against you.
Therefore, employees of
the federal government
need to be vetted.
- When I applied for
a government job,
you fill out various forms.
The forms that I filled
out many years agoa
for government position
asked extensive questions
about your background and
your ideological affiliations.
It could be from far right
Nazi to far left communist
or anything in between,
the government wanted to know
whether you were gonna
be a loyal citizen
and uphold the Constitution.
Today, they hardly
ask you anything
so people basically can lie.
- Most people think
that the communists's
infiltration of your government
is a thing of the past.
- You're not allowed to
talk about communism,
and if you do, you're
called crazy and insane,
so that tends to quiet you.
I call that censorship
through ridicule.
- The Berlin wall fell down,
so why are you talking about
the communist
strategy in America,
and isn't that a bit far fetched
for most people to swallow?
- Unfortunately it is.
They've done a very, very
good job of deceiving
the American people.
- This couldn't have happened
without the Soviet
Union collapsing.
Took away the
image of the enemy,
said the Soviet Georgi Arbatov.
- The collapse of the Soviet
Union has actually advanced
the communist course
around the world.
- Collapse is part of
their attack, exactly.
- With a seeming disappearance
of the Soviet threat,
why would Americans care
about communism any longer.
What if those communists
have simply morphed into
progressives or
democratic socialists?
Here I am in Chicago to
mingle with 3,000 progressives
democratic socialists,
and old-style communists.
Can you tell the difference.
Welcome to the People's Summit.
- Are the 99%.
- When we talk about socialism,
it helps people
to understand that
some aspects of American
society are already socialized.
- I think our basic
definition of socialism is
the workers owning the
means of production,
democratic control.
- The true needs of the people.
- Finding creative ways
to restore fairness to
healthcare, to the
economy, to opportunities.
- There's never been a period
where people are so open
to discuss socialism.
- Our society so utterly
fails to provide people with
a decent standard of living,
to provide people with freedom.
- We're interested in working
with other parts of the left,
other parts of the
working class movement,
to fight for the most
ambitious demands
that it's possible
to win right now.
- We need to start with
more ambitious plans,
knowing that the reality
is that those plans
will always get squashed
down to half their size.
- We are revolutionaries
and we would like to
have some kind of a
mass revolutionary movement.
- When you say
socialism coming to America,
do you think it can
come peacefully,
or do you think there's
gonna half to be upheaval
or is there gonna
be a combination?
How do you see it coming?
- I don't think we're gonna
get socialism by an election.
- I accept the reality that
everything that's done
here in the United States
is not the best.
This notion of American
exceptionalism, I guess,
that if we do it, it must be
the best is just not true.
- I say communism for me is
it's never existed anywhere
but it's like the North Star.
It helps keep me on track.
- It's incredible.
Only one side is fighting.
And the side that's
getting beat up
doesn't even realize
they're in a fight.
- This movement will always be
here in one form or another.
- Democratic socialism
is like stage one cancer.
Even in Sweden,
France, or Germany,
it keeps slowly growing and
will always eventually morph
into terminal communism.
Joel Frewa knows Venezuelan
communism first hand.
- That old-school
communism that you saw with
the USSR, it's not dead,
it's alive and well
and it's not just in
North Korea or Cuba.
It's a three-hour
flight from Miami.
Let's talk basic items,
toilet paper, medicine,
chicken, milk, powdered
milk, you can't find them.
It almost seems
cartoonish or foreign,
but when people go
to the grocery store,
they go in hope that they
have the items that they need.
I recently saw a tweet
on Valentine's Day
where a husband tweeted
to his wife a photo
where his Valentine's Day
present was toilet paper.
He made a heart of it and
tweeted that to his wife
'cause that was the present
'cause it's so hard to come by.
People are dying waiting
for medicines to come in,
yet the Maduro government,
what they do is
they blame it on the
corporations were hoarding
these items in order
to create unrest,
which is completely false.
- What do you think of
American congressmen
like Jose Serrano from New York,
who praised Hugo Chavez
on a regular basis?
Greg Meeks attended his funeral.
Several American
Congressmen were
well-known supporters
of Hugo Chavez.
What do you think
of those people?
- To put it very lightly,
I think they're scum.
I think to support a regime
which is so overtly repressive
of its people, it's
quite frankly disgusting.
- So how do
good people get drawn in
to such a movement?
- If a person is
hostile to communism,
it's because of
capitalist propaganda.
So why would you
walk up to somebody
and tell them the whole truth?
It would just alienate them
and it would be
premature to do so.
Much better to find a
way to unite with them
and to hide your
long term intentions
until they were
ready to hear them.
That only makes
sense, doesn't it?
- Whatever problem you have,
they always somehow bring it
that the solution is socialism.
They take advantage of
people's vulnerabilities
and their needs,
they're experts at it.
- It doesn't matter if
you're talking about welfare,
it doesn't matter if you're
talking about cultural issues
like gay rights or
homosexual marriage,
it doesn't matter if you're
talking about economic issues,
military issues, no
matter what it is,
for the left the issue
is never the issue.
The issue is always
the revolution.
- In the 70 years
the Soviets were
leading the world
communist movement,
in that 70 years, the
number that my people say
is 150 million murdered.
That's the number of the
people communists killed.
That's the equivalent
of the Trade Center,
the two towers coming
down, two of them,
every day for 70 years.
- Pulling the trigger
on somebody else
was an act of love because
it meant that you were
protecting or saving or
dramatically improving the lives
of people for not just now,
but for millions of
years in the future.
I think of myself now
as one of the sweetest,
gentlest people on Earth.
I would rather catch a
fly in a Styrofoam cup
and take it out the
door than kill the fly.
But back when I was
a young communist,
I was potentially one of
the most dangerous people
on the planet.
Don't murder the kids because
the kids could probably
have some sort of reeducation,
but if somebody is preventing
the socialist utopia from
coming into being, they
are an enemy of humanity.
If you were on the
wrong side of history,
your life was worthless to me.
- So is it still a communist
movement in America?
How influential could
these people possibly be?
- What is the difference between
a democrat and a socialist?
I used to think there
was a big difference,
but what do you think it is?
What's the big
difference between
a democrat and a socialist?
You're the Chairman of
the Democratic Party.
Tell me the difference
between you and a socialist.
- America's largest
communist organization
is 7,000 strong, 60
chapters nationwide,
Democratic Socialists
of America.
Like all communists,
DSA wants to abolish all
private business and start
a workers revolution.
- I'm a democratic
socialist probably because
when I was 14 I read
the Communist Manifesto.
I believe that the
working class is
an agent of revolutionary change
and that our
society needs to see
a revolutionary transformation.
- Based on the
theories of Italian communist
Antonio Gramsci, DSA
seeks communist revolution
through infiltration of
America's leading institutions,
cultural, religious,
and political.
DSA has infiltrated
both houses of Congress.
In the House, they
have allies like
New York Congressman
Jerry Nadler,
Chicago reps Danny Davis
and Jan Schakowsky,
Californians Karen
Bass and Maxine Waters,
Iowan Dave Loebsack,
Eleanor Holmes Norton from
the District of Columbia,
Alan Grayson from Florida,
John Lewis from Georgia,
and Gwen Moore and Mark
Pocan from Wisconsin.
DSA's US Senate friends include
Barbara Mikulski from Maryland,
Debbie Stabenow from Michigan,
and Elizabeth Warren and Ed
Markey from Massachusetts.
DSA's greatest success
has undoubtedly been
presidential candidate
Bernie Sanders.
- We have 80 votes
in Congress now.
We have the Congressional
Progressive Caucus,
which Bernie founded.
- Bernie
Sanders claims to be
a Democratic Socialist
who wants America
to be more like Sweden,
Denmark, Norway.
- He wants America to look
more like Scandinavia.
- That's right, and
what's wrong with that?
- Like most
Democratic Socialists,
Bernie Sanders is a
liar and a communist.
- Sometimes American
journalists talk about
how bad a country is because
people are lining up for food.
That's a good thing.
In other countries, people
don't line up for food.
The rich get the food and
the poor starve to death.
- In 2014,
Sanders endorsed long time
Communist Party supporter
Chuy Garcia's bid
for the Chicago mayoralty.
Sanders spoke alongside
Scott Marshall,
a leader of the Chicago
Communist Party.
In the early 1960s, Bernie
Sanders studied in Chicago,
where he joined the Young
People's Socialist League
and worked for the
Communist Party-controlled
packinghouse workers union.
In 19363, Bernie Sanders
traveled to Israel
as a guest of the pro-Soviet
Hashomer Hatzair
Youth Organization.
Sanders worked on the
Sha'ar Ha'amakim Kibbutz,
whose co-founder, Aharon Cohen,
was in jail for
spying for Moscow.
Sanders was later kicked
out of the kibbutz
for being too lazy.
By 1972, Sanders was in Vermont
and active in the far
left Liberty Union Party.
In 1980, Sanders backed
the presidential campaign
of pro-Cuba Socialist
Worker's Party candidate,
Andrew Pulley.
In 1985, while serving as
mayor of Burlington, Vermont,
Bernie Sanders was in Nicaragua,
celebrating the sixth
anniversary of the brutal
communist Sandinista
- Bernie Sanders visited the
Soviet Union on his honeymoon.
- In 1988, Sanders and
his new bride honeymooned
in the then-Soviet
Union, which at the time
was still threatening
the United States
with nuclear annihilation.
Sanders negotiated with
communist authorities
to make Yaroslavl, near Moscow,
a sister city of
Burlington, Vermont.
- Could you imagine if
you visited Nazi Germany
before the war ended
and then you're gonna
run for president.
You don't think
there'd be questions?
- In 1989,
Sanders traveled to Cuba
where he attempted to
meet communist dictator,
Fidel Castro.
He later praised Castro
for his wonderful,
government-run healthcare.
- Just because Ronald
Reagan dislikes these people
does not mean to say the
people in their own nations
feel the same way.
- In his first
Congressional race,
Bernie Sanders was personally
endorsed by journalism icon
and Democratic Socialist
of America supporter,
I.F Stone.
Stone praised Bernie Sanders
for his pragmatic socialism.
Stone was later identified
as a paid Soviet spy.
Bernie Sanders has worked with
DSA for more than 30 years.
It was DSA money and volunteers
that put Bernie Sanders into
the Congress in the first place
and then into the US Senate.
The DSA was the backbone
of Bernie Sanders' 2016
presidential campaign.
Labor for Bernie was run
by DSA'er Rand Wilson,
and People for Bernie was
led by another DSA comrade,
Charles Lenchner.
- We feel that Bernie
Sanders' movement
was a very positive movement.
What it did in this country,
where the term
socialism was a term
that kinda had a
negative connotation,
suddenly that's
been transformed.
And we talk to young
people especially
and they're all interested
in socialism now.
- Do you think Bernie Sanders
could pass an FBI
background security check?
DSA's closest ally in the
takeover of the Democratic Party
is a smaller, but
highly influential,
Communist Party USA.
- I remember going
with another comrade
to meet with Howard Berman,
who was a Democratic
Party Congressman,
and giving him our
demands and asking for him
to include that in his program.
And that we, in exchange,
would provide campaign workers
who would go door to door
and help him get reelected.
- Did he realize you were
Communist Party then?
- Oh, yeah.
- So the Communist
Party would go to a
democratic congressman
and exchange for
him promoting certain policies,
you would help him get elected.
It was a deal made.
Was that a common thing
in the Communist Party?
Would they often cooperate with
Democrats where they could?
- Wherever they could,
and they particularly targeted
certain organizations,
the ADA, Americans
for Democratic Action,
was a large pressure
lobbying group within
the Democratic Party
in southern California.
The Communist Party
was very active in
the shaping, the policy
programs of that organization.
- Which would in turn
then shape the policies
of the Democratic Party.
- Right.
- Most congressmen on the left
could not pass a security
check whatsoever.
Senator Barack Obama
could not have passed
a security check whatsoever.
Lemme ask you sir,
just how serious a threat
to our national security
are these communist
subversive activities
in the United States today?
- Well, I think they're serious,
I think this is a matter
we should continue
to give great care
and attention to,
we should support the laws
which the United States has
passed in order to protect us
from those who would
destroy us from within.
- Once,
the Democratic Party
was strongly opposed to
communism and socialism.
Now, not so much.
- We're part of
what I kinda call the
progressive pro-labor wing
of the Democratic Party.
It's no secret.
- For some reason
back in the '30s,
the communists decided
that the Democratic Party
was the one to target,
and even that far back,
they began infiltrating
the Democratic Party
with communist, real
communist agents,
many of whom were
Soviet agents as well.
And that hasn't changed.
They targeted the
Democratic Party.
They saw the Democratic
Party as the best vehicle
to promote communism
by another name.
- The Communist
Party, USA has influence
and control over many
members of your Congress.
In Washington state, Communist
Party leader, Tim Wheeler,
worked hard to elect
Senator Patty Murray,
a longtime communist favorite.
In Ohio, communist boss Rick
Nagin has run several times
on the Democratic Party ticket
and works very closely with
former Congressman
Dennis Kucinich.
In Minnesota, top
communist Mark Froemke
has ties to Senators Amy
Klobuchar and Al Franken
and to Governor Mark Dayton.
In Arizona, Congress
members Raul Grijalva
and Kyrsten Sinema
both got their start
in Communist Party circles.
The communists are very close
to Californian, Barbara Lee.
- I've been to
Cuba over 20 times.
- Top ranking
Democrat on the
Homeland Security Committee,
Bennie Thompson of Mississippi,
has worked with several
Communist Party fronts.
In Texas, Armed Services
Committee member,
Marc Veasey works very
closely with leading
Dallas communist, Gene Lantz.
Connecticut Armed
Services Committee member,
Joe Courtney, also has
Communist Party connections.
Another senior Connecticut
Democrat, Rosa DeLauro,
is co-chair of the House
Democratic Steering
and Policy Committee,
where she appoints
fellow Congress members
to influential House committees.
In August 2010, Rose DeLauro
keynoted a conference
at the Connecticut
Communist Party headquarters
with her good friend,
Joelle Fishman.
- I chair the Political
Action Commission
of the party nationally,
and I also chair the
Communist Party in Connecticut,
which is my home base.
- Joelle Fishman's
Political Action Committee
is the Communist Party
body delegated to liaise
with the Democratic Party
and to help elect as many
far-left Democrats
to the Congress
and the Senate as possible,
like Chicago
representative, Bobby Rush.
- Murder, pigs murdered
Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton.
I'll prove it to the world
that Fred Hampton was murdered
by the pigs.
- The immediate, violent,
criminal reaction
of the occupants in shooting
at announced police officers
emphasizes the
extreme viciousness
of the Black Panther Party.
- Today, a day after
Chicago police shot it out
with a Black Panthers,
killing two of them,
they raided the apartment
of another Panther leader,
Bobby Rush.
- We found a small
quantity of shotgun, rifle,
and pistol ammunition, a
small foreign-make derringer,
a small quantity of marijuana.
- Just because someone
wears a hoodie.
- Training
manuals, Army training manuals
on booby traps, explosives
and demolitions and shotguns.
- Does not make them a hoodlum.
- And quite
a bit of written material
on revolutionary written
material such as Che Guevera,
Mao Tse Tung, and
that sort of thing.
- Take a look at
these Communist Party policies
that have wormed their
way into your Congress.
- My cousin, she
came from Venezuela,
seeking political asylum
about six months ago.
This is almost gonna sound
like a made up story.
I wish it was.
She called me one day, crying.
She asked me, "I just heard
a speech by Hillary Clinton.
"How is it possible
that I left Venezuela
"under so much oppression
and I'm coming here
"and I'm hearing the exact
same speech that Maduro gives?"
- So you would compare a
communist dictator in Venezuela,
basically espousing the same
ideas that a serious contender
for the US presidency
would espouse.
- Not just a serious
presidential contender.
I would compare most of
the Democrat Party to
Latin American-style
socialists, 100%.
- So how effective
has the Communist Party been
at influencing the
Democratic Party?
In March 2009, Vice
President Joe Biden
traveled to Chile to
meet with that country's
communist-backed president,
Michelle Bachelet,
and Brazil's pro-communist
president, Lula da Silva.
- We are moving as
rapidly as we can
to change the direction of
our country and our policies.
We're gonna have to ask, and
we don't expect to get it,
we have to ask for a
little bit of patience.
- The Democrats,
their party planks
are all the planks of
the Communist Party.
They just present it a
slightly different way.
They present it
as progressivism,
or they present
it as liberalism,
or they present it as
spreading the wealth
or giving the
little guy a chance.
- Democratic
leadership have also
partnered with the Party
of European Socialists,
an alliance of
democratic socialists
and former Stalinist
European communist parties.
- The cooperation
between our parties
has intensified significantly
in the past 2 1/2 years,
with regular contact
at Congress, Senate,
party and foundation levels.
The attendance of President
Clinton and myself at the
Global Progressive
Forum World Conference
in Brussels in 2009 proves
this point very well.
- You are here to grapple
with a problem that
progressives in every
country have been facing
really for 20 years at least,
since the fall of
the Berlin wall.
How do we support a
more integrated world,
where borders are coming down,
and still preserve a sense of
social justice and fairness.
- The PES has been a reliable
partner for a long time.
I'm glad you're having
this congress now,
and its outcome can only
be won a stronger party
of European socialists.
Because what we need
today is a strong PES
and a strong Democratic
Party working together,
progressives need it,
the planet needs it,
and our people need it.
- The change is happening in
the United States of America
and we want to have that
change also in Europe.
I believe in a European dream,
more social, more equal
and greener Europe.
Yes, we can.
- So what
is the main roadblock
to world socialism?
- They don't say we're trying
to weaken the military.
They're just saying if we
didn't have to spend all this
war money and all this
money for weapons,
we'd have the healthcare,
there'd be no crippled,
there'd be no hungry.
- Another huge source of
funds is the reordering of
government priorities away
from military spending.
- The key to the
policies we want
lies in shifting
some of the funding
from military to
domestic programs.
- The Council
for a Livable World
has done more damage
to the US military
than most armies
could ever dream of.
- Back when we were
battling the Soviets,
they were among the Soviet's
most reliable propaganda allies
here in the United States.
- Coincidentally,
Democratic Socialists of America
is also very strong inside the
Council for a Livable World.
Long time council
director, Jerome Grossman,
was close to Boston Democratic
Socialists for America
and was a brother-in-law
of New York DSA comrade,
Victor Siddell.
The Council's political
action committee,
PeacePAC, was run
by David Bonior,
once second ranked Democrat in
the house of representatives
and now a dues-paying
DSA member.
The Council's current
director is DSA-endorsed,
former Massachusetts
Congressman, John Tierney.
The Council for a Livable
World was founded in 1962
by Leo Szilard, a
supporter of the failed
Hungarian Communist
Revolution of 1919.
Leo Szilard fled to
the United States
where he became a
prominent nuclear physicist
and a leader of the
Manhattan Project,
which created the
first US atomic bomb.
The council began modestly.
It funded socialist-leaning
Senate candidates
and low budget elections
in small states.
These grateful new Senators
would then be lobbied
by the Council to vote to
reduce US military spending
and cut nuclear arms programs
at every possible opportunity.
- Council for a Liveable World
has been endorsing candidates
since 1962.
We endorse in races where
the person we endorse
has a strong chance of winning,
has a good positions
on our issues,
and is running against
someone whose positions
we don't agree with.
- So tell me how the
Council for a Livable World
aided the Soviet cause.
- Well first of all, they
had about a 100 degree
correlation between their
line and the Soviet line,
and always being a reliable
quote unquote neutral
peace activist voice out
there to blast any efforts
to improve American
defense and to
pretty much demand
everything that the Soviets
were demanding
without sounding like
they were Soviet agents.
- In 50 years,
the council has funded
over 200 Congress members.
- I do wanna thank the
Council for a Livable World.
- And 130 senators,
including over 40
of the current
Democratic delegation.
- And I wanna thank so
much the supporters of
Council for a Livable World.
- I'm very proud to
have the support of
the Council for a Livable World.
- Thank you to the
council for being such a
great friend to me from
the very beginning.
- Thank you for the
invaluable support you provide
to candidates like me.
- The Council for
a Livable World has funded
Senators Time Kaine, Hillary
Clinton, Barack Obama,
and Joe Biden.
- By ties to the council
run long and deep,
stretching way back
to my first campaign
for the United States Senate.
That help has continued
throughout my entire career,
especially when
I was chairman of
the United States Senate
Foreign Relations Committee.
And it continues
to this very day.
- Now it's much
more mainstream with
Obama, Clinton,
Biden, those policies
the Council for a Livable World,
you can't just dismiss it
as a radical group anymore
because it's now center
left whereas before
it had been far left,
even though is hasn't
changed its basic views.
- In 1994,
former Soviet KGB officer,
Pavel Sudoplatov,
spilled the beans
on Council for a Livable
World founder, Leo Szilard.
Sudoplatov revealed that
Leo Szilard had been
a fully recruited Soviet agent.
Stalin spy chief, Levrentiy
Beria had personally ordered
that Leo Szilard's political
influence was to be
exploited to
communist advantage.
Leo Szilard's mission
was to eliminate
America's nuclear superiority
over the Soviet Union.
- So for a group like the
Council for a Livable World
to exist for decades,
scrupulously following
the Soviet line, then to
have its founder unmasked
as a controlled Soviet agent
by one of the control officers,
that changes the
picture completely.
- The Council
for a Livable World
has been able to influence US
defense policies for decades.
The council also claims
to have influenced
several major arms
limitation treaties
signed with the Soviet
Union or Russia,
all of which benefited Moscow
and damaged the United States.
But is this is just boasting?
How successful has the
Council for a Livable World
actually been?
- From ratifying the
Intermediate Range
Nuclear Forces Treaty
and START to establishing
a nuclear testing
moratorium here at home,
to the chemical
weapons convention,
and to this very day,
your support and guidance
during our recent effort
to ratify New START.
- Never in my lifetime did
I believe I would witness
this great country of ours
being withdrawn from our
world leadership role
and taken down by our
own administration.
- The American military of today
is not the American military
of the first Persian Gulf War.
People remember how
we managed to move
vast numbers of troops
and material and supplies.
We were using the
Ronald Reagan legacy
of our preparedness to
prosecute a World War III
in NATO Europe and
we actually used it
during the first
Persian Gulf War.
It was so impressive,
these advanced technologies
were so impressive and
most Americans today
still think, I believe,
that we have those kinds
of capabilities, but we don't.
- They're decimating
our capability
so that today we're
winding up with
the smallest army
prior to World War II,
the smallest Navy
prior to World War I,
and just to give
you an example of
what we're competing against,
the Chinese are building
60 ships a year.
We're building 10, nine.
- Our Navy is smaller now
than any time since 1917.
Our Air Force is older
and smaller than any time
since it was founded in 1947.
- Well Governor, we also have
fewer horses and bayonets.
- We can let the Russians
build up their forces,
we can cut ours back in Europe
because America has such
overwhelming nuclear superiority
that the conventional
forces are really secondary.
- That used to be the argument,
and there was time in the Cold
War, early in the Cold War,
before we had the
nuclear arms race
and they caught up to us,
you know, where that was true.
If you count the
nuclear warheads
the way the Obama
administration does,
they try to make it
sound like parity,
but they're leaving
out a whole category
of Russian nuclear weapons
in order it do that.
Mostly what people read
about in the newspapers
these days is the
strategic nuclear balance,
the number of weapons we have
on our long range nuclear
missiles and bombers.
There's a treaty,
the STAR Treaty,
Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty,
and under the terms
of that treaty,
we do still have parity in
terms of the strategic weapons.
We've got 1500,
they've got 1500.
However, they never talk about
the tactical nuclear balance,
and if you take
the lowest numbers
for their tactical
nuclear arsenal
it's 3,000 weapons today.
It could be as high as 20,000,
but if you take the lowest
number, 3,000, all right,
3,000 tactical nuclear weapons
plus the 1500 long range
strategic nuclear weapons
is 4500 nuclear weapons.
We've got 1500 long
range strategic weapons
and 200 obsolete
tactical nuclear,
I hope we still have them.
- Just 200?
- Two hundred are left.
They are just old gravity bombs
that are bunkered
in West Germany.
The Russians even know
exa&ctly where they are.
So that's 1700 nuclear weapons
in the overall nuclear
balance versus 4500.
They have an
overwhelming advantage
in the overall nuclear
balance numerically
and catalogically,
because their
strategic weapons, too,
are brand new, their
advanced strategic weapons
whereas our strategic weapons,
those long range weapons,
there are many
experts who wonder
if we actually have a
nuclear deterrent anymore.
You know, the missiles
and the weapons themselves
are much older than
the flight crews
that have to maintain
these weapons
- Republican candidates
who keep saying
the incompetency of
the Obama administration
is unbelievable.
Well let me tell you, they're
not incompetent at all.
They have a strategy.
They have executed
it brilliantly.
- The most significant
thing your president said
in his entire first
term of office
when he was caught
off-mic in South Korea,
off-mic so he thought,
with then Russian
president Dmitry Medvedev,
thought no one was listening.
- Yes said Medvedev,
I understand.
I will pass your
message on to Vladimir.
We are with you.
- What sitting president
of the United States
would make excuses to
his Russian counterpart
and promise he'll be more
flexible after his reelection.
- They think like Obama just
parachuted in the White House.
Obama is like the surfer
riding the perfect wave.
Ninety years, a hundred
years of communist education,
agitation, and propaganda.
Obama just harvested that.
- President Obama's deep
ties to radicals like
Hawaiian communist
Frank Marshall Davis,
the pro-Soviet Chicago
politician Alice Palmer,
former Weather Underground
terrorist leaders,
Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn,
and the Marxist pastor
Reverend Jeremiah Wright.
- Not God bless America,
God damn America.
- Are well documented.
But is there any proof that
Barack Obama was not merely
some form of anti-colonialist,
but an actual communist.
John Drew knew the young
Obama at Occidental College.
- I met Barack Obama
though Caroline bBss,
my long term girlfriend
for about two years.
She was definitely a hardcore
Marxist revolutionary.
Barack Obama drove up
to the Boss's house
with his friend Hasan Chandoo.
And I knew her son Chandoo from
the earlier
anti-apartheid movement
but Barack Obama was a
complete stranger to me
was very tall, very dignified,
he was dressed really well,
like a GQ model.
Caroline, while we
were standing outside
waiting for Chandoo and
Obama to come into the house,
had told me that Obama
and Chandoo were with us,
meaning that they were
part of our radical,
revolutionary, Marxist,
Leninist cohort.
So they were in our
secret club basically.
And we were smoking
cigarettes, having a good time.
They were talking about
how there was going
to be a revolution,
and how the revolution
was inevitable,
so I thought well
this is my opportunity
to enlighten these
three young people
that they were wrong to
anticipate a violent revolution
and that there were better ways
now to bring about socialism
that were more practical.
And Barack Obama was furious.
He looked at Caroline Boss,
and I still remember these
words all these years later,
he said, "That is crazy."
He was almost demeaning me
and demeaning my
intellectual contribution
by saying that everything
that he had read
from Frantz Fanon,
who was a third
world revolutionary,
was completely against
what I was saying.
So that's where I started
making the case empirically,
you know, look at what
happened in France,
look what happened
to in Germany,
look at what
happened in England.
None of these places
have had revolutions but
I could see with Barack
Obama that he was listening
and that he was
absorbing my arguments.
- You were debating with Obama,
not to tell him that
socialism was not the goal
or communism was
not the goal but
a violent revolution wasn't
the way to achieve it.
What do you think Obama
got out of that debate?
- The way to achieve
socialism was through
working within the
Democratic Party
and pulling it further and
further towards the left.
- There is another enemy working
hand in hand with the communists
to destroy your
country from within.
We call it the red green axis,
an alliance of neo-communists
and Islamic militants
united by their hatred
of Israel and America.
- It was the communists
who created radical Islam.
- The Muslim Brotherhood
learned at the feet of the KGB.
- Most of the muslim terrorists
think they're
fighting for Allah.
But the ones who tried
them know better.
- Back in the time
of the Soviet Union,
there were concerted efforts
on the part of the Kremlin
and the KGB to reach
out across the world
to recruits
and they attended Patrice
Lumumba University in Moscow.
We used to call it KGB Tech.
The supreme leader Ali Khamenei
did attend and graduate
from Patrice Lumumba
University in Moscow.
The relationship with the
KGB formed at that time
when he was a student there
continues to this day.
And if anybody wonders
why the Iranian regime
is so cushy with Putin
and why Putin backs
them so strongly,
it's because this
relationship is a close
and a continuing one that
goes back all those years.
- Muslims condemn terrorism.
Muslims condemn ISIS.
What they are doing
in my name is wrong.
- There are significant
numbers of American Muslims
and European Muslims
who actually do
support the terrorists.
Even if it's a small
proportion, 10-15%,
that's still hundreds
of thousands of people
living in Europe,
living in America.
How is America supposed
to guard against
this terrorist element?
- All of us need to sit
down at a table and talk
and find out the solutions.
If you push somebody,
it's not the solution.
We need to sit down
and have a dialogue.
There are Muslims,
there are Christians,
there are Jews who
are intolerant.
We need to work with them.
- But there are no
Jewish suicide bombers.
There are no Buddhist
suicide bombers.
There are no Christian --
- Not in America,
not in America.
- Nowhere in the world are they.
The leading Islamic
threat to America
comes through the
Muslim Brotherhood.
- Under various crackdowns
from the Egyptian government,
the Muslim brothers fled
Egypt and went elsewhere.
And it is when
they went elsewhere
that they got this
training, this connection
with the Soviets, in
particular in training camps.
Terror training camps
in places like Lebanon.
And virtually every single
Sunni Islamic terror group
in the world today you can
trace their origins back
to the granddaddy of them all,
and that is the
Muslim Brotherhood.
Hamas is the Palestinian branch
of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Al Qaeda was formed
from groups that
originally were part of
the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Islamic State is an
outgrowth of Al Qaeda in Iraq.
- Not long after 9/11,
the FBI raided a house
in Annandale, Virginia
that had a subbasement
in which federal
agents discovered the
archives of the North
American Muslim Brotherhood.
- One of those documents
was what we call now
the Explanatory Memorandum.
It's very useful because it
lays out in quite clear terms
exactly what the Brotherhood
wants to do to America
and it says, "The
Ikhwan must understand
"that their work in America
is a kind a grand jihad
"to destroy and eliminate
the western civilization
"from within and sabotage
its miserable house
"by their hands and the
hands of the believers
"so that god's religion
is made victorious
"over all other religions."
But then the bonus is the
final page of the document.
- One of them included
a list of some of the
Muslim Brotherhood's most
prominent front organizations
and controlled organizations
in the US and Canada
written by the
Brotherhood itself,
so it wasn't an outside
critic writing about this.
- And it says at the
top, our organizations
and the organizations
of our friends.
How helpful was that?
- This was sort of
the Rosetta Stone
that allowed us to decode
who was under the control
of the Muslim Brotherhood
versus who was simply
someone whose views
might coincide out of
religious freedom or Muslim
rights or something like that.
- And on that list are
many of these major
Muslim organizations
in America today,
mainstream Muslim organizations,
and we know, as evidenced in
the Holy Land Foundation trial,
that these are Muslim
Brotherhood front groups.
- That five individuals
affiliated with
this organization
called the Holy Land Foundation
were convicted on 105 counts
of direct support to Hamas,
somewhere between 12 and $60
million worth of support.
There were other
organizations affiliated
across the country known as
unindicted co-conspirators
at the time who are
still in operation today.
- Today's most openly
political Muslim Brotherhood
front group is the Council on
American-Islamic Relations.
CAIRS long time executive
director is Nihad Awad.
Once a supporter of
the pro-communist
Palestine Liberation
Nihad Awad now supports
the officially designated
terrorist group Hamas.
- President George W.
Bush, after the attacks,
up in the great
big Islamic center
of northwest Washington, DC
and Massachusetts Avenue,
and he is in this
big, beautiful mosque
talking about how Islam
is a religion of peace.
- Islam is peace.
- Right over his left shoulder,
within inches of the
president's left shoulder,
is Nihad Awad.
So from that moment, when
the president was advised,
told to speak these words,
"Islam is a religion of peace,"
our response to
the attacks of 9/11
was off on the wrong track.
- The government has
brought individuals with
well-known ties to Muslim
Brotherhood front organizations
like Council on
American-Islamic Relations,
ISNA, and other ones
into the administration
to help formulate policy.
- Have you seen any
evidence of deep penetration
by the Muslim Brotherhood
into the security apparatus
of the United States.
- No, it's not true.
It doesn't exist,
it's a phantom.
- Minnesota
congressman Keith Ellison
is the perfect example of
the Muslim Marxist alliance.
In his student radical days,
Keith Ellison worked with
both pro-Chinese communists
and the Nation of Islam.
Congressman Ellison has
held several fundraisers
in the home of Minnesota
Communist Party leader,
Erwin Marquit.
He was elected with the
help of Communist Party
phone bankers, he
has also written for
the Communist Party website.
- Representative Keith Ellison,
representative from Minnesota,
has very close ties to
various known organizations
within the Muslim Brotherhood
in the United States.
For instance, CAIR,
for instance, the Muslim
America Society, or MAS
which a few years ago,
paid for his Hajj trip,
his pilgrimage trip to Mecca.
- He is absolutely protecting
these organizations.
You see him working with ISNA,
you see him working with
Muslim Public Affairs Council,
Muslim-American Society,
Muslim Student Associations,
all Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas
fronts in the United States
and many others.
And you see him not
only protecting them,
advocating for them through both
use of his seat in Congress
as well as pushing for
agendas and legislation
that would allow for
what these terrorist
jihadi organizations want.
- Representative
Ami Bera of California
serves on the influential House
Foreign Affairs Committee.
He works closely with CAIR
and was elected with
the help of a team
from the Northern
California Communist Party.
Orange County California
Representative Loretta Sanchez
serves on the Homeland
Security Committee
and is also the
second-ranking Democrat
on the powerful Armed
Services Committee.
In 1996, Loretta
Sanchez entered Congress
in a razor thin upset victory
over conservative Republican
Bob Dornan.
Communist activist Paul Krehbiel
explains how the comrades
worked to elect Loretta Sanchez.
- The 1990 census changed
the district somewhat.
It brought more Latinos into it,
but most of 'em were
not registered to vote
and so people thought
it was gonna be
a cakewalk for Dornan.
Behind the scenes,
there were voter
registration organizations.
They sent out teams of
one to two dozen workers
every day beginning at noon
and knocking on doors to find
new Latinos to register to vote.
- Since her
election, Loretta Sanchez
has visited Cuba at least twice
and has become
very close to CAIR.
- Loretta Sanchez,
who has been a good
friend of CAIR's.
- When Homeland Security
Committee Chairman,
New York Republican Peter King,
held hearings on Muslim
extremism in America,
Loretta Sanchez leapt
to CAIR's defense.
- So we have been
pushing back on him
at every point where
he turns to try to say
that Muslims here are
purposely making terrorists
and, you know,
birthing them here.
- Chicago
congressman Louis Gutierrez
once led the pro-Cuba Puerto
Rican Socialist Party.
Now he's all in for CAIR.
This communist also served
on the House
Intelligence Committee.
- And the job of the House
Intelligence Committee,
of course, is to oversee
America's most sensitive
intelligence programs.
How we collect intelligence,
how we assess that intelligence,
the kinds of operations
that we engage in
to counter enemies
of this country,
foreign, and by the
way, domestic as well.
- Do any of the
panelists today feel that
our intelligence
services, any one of them,
has been somehow hoodwinked
or fooled or duped by
the groups in either
Egypt or here?
And specifically the
Muslim Brotherhood?
I'm Congressman Andre Carson.
- Representative Nancy Pelosi,
as the senior minority
democratic member
of the House of
Representatives now,
appointed Representative Andre
Carson to, of all things,
the Intelligence Committee.
- Indiana's 7th
District Representative,
Andre Carson, has extensive ties
to Muslim Brotherhood
fronts and operatives.
- The Intelligence
Committee in the House
oversees the FBI's
and counter-intelligence
operations in this country.
These are critical capabilities,
and a man who has access
to such information
and has such ties to the
very people, in some cases,
that should be the object
of that kind of surveillance
and counter-activity, it
makes for, at a minimum,
a security problem.
- Representative Carson
appears on a frequent basis
at conferences sponsored by,
held by CAIR, ISNA, ICNA.
- Andre Carson has
had long-standing ties
to organizations
and operatives sworn
to the destruction
of our country.
- There are those
who are thinking that
at this convention right now,
we're having secret meetings,
that we're plotting to
destroy this country.
But I say to those who
are here undercover,
Allah will not allow
you to stop us.
- One of the things
that we have learned
is that the Muslim
Brotherhood is
intent on destroying western
civilization from within.
- We have to groom the
next city councilor,
the next governor,
the future president,
the first Muslim president.
- With his known
self-identified background
in association with Marxists
and with jihadist
Muslim Brotherhood
groups and individuals,
one cannot imagine how
such a person would have
a clearance of any level,
much less a clearance to serve
on the Intelligence Committee
of the US House of
- Perhaps an
even more important target
to America's enemies is the
House Judiciary Committee.
This is the body that oversees
the Federal Bureau
of Investigation
and sets its budget
and priorities.
Luis Gutierrez serves
on this committee.
So does long-time Democratic
Socialists of America ally
Jerry Nadler of New York.
Then there's Judy
Chu from California,
a friend of CAIR, a
long-time affiliate
of the Maoist
Communist Workers Party
and communist China's
best friend in Congress.
But the most
concerning of all is
senior Judiciary
Committee Democrat
John Conyers of Michigan.
- Back to his early
days in Congress,
he was complete supporter
of the Communist Party.
- In 1975, John
Conyers participated,
along with a number
of other congressmen,
Don Edwards and Charlie Rangel,
at a World Peace Conference
meeting here in Washington,
including on the hill, and
the World Peace Council
was a Soviet front
operated by the KGB
and the International
Affairs Department
of the Communist Party
of the Soviet Union.
The Communist Party
as we knew it,
the old one, began to
disintegrate because of
gentrification and a challenge
by the democratic socialists
in the early 1980s.
A lotta people who had
been hard core party
front supports
migrated to the DSA,
which is more of a mass
political organization
as opposed to a hard
core Stalinist party.
- A few years later, he's one
of the number one defenders
in Congress of all
these different
Muslim Brotherhood
front organizations.
- Which kind of Muslim
Brotherhood fronts
has he been involved with?
- Council on
American-Islamic Relations
would be the first and foremost.
- So you would call John Conyers
one of the biggest
apologists for
the Muslim Brotherhood
in Congress.
- At minimum, yes.
- Several
Republican congressmen
are working to officially
designate the Muslim Brotherhood
as a terrorist organization.
- H.R. 3892 simply asks
the State Department
to do what it should
have done long ago,
recognize the Muslim
Brotherhood as a
foreign terrorist organization
that threatens
the United States.
- Since we already know
that the Muslim Brotherhood
is the parent of Hamas,
and that these organizations
are openly supporting Hamas
and other like-minded
organizations around the world,
then we should shut
those organizations down.
And that would send a shock wave
throughout the pro-sharia,
pro-jihad Islamic world
without firing a single shot
or dropping a bomb
anywhere in the world.
- I want to urge all of you
on both sides of the aisle
to join me in
opposing H.R. 3892.
Since swearing off
violence in the 1950s,
the Brotherhood has
become a predominantly
non-religious, or a
non-violent religious
political and social
service organization.
- There's really no
difference in what he's doing
on the Muslim
Brotherhood's behalf
that he didn't do with
the communists before.
- Once Congress had a powerful
internal security committee
to guard against
domestic enemies.
- The Democratic Caucus,
in a secret meeting
abolished the House
Internal Security Committee.
They cut their funding
out of the budget.
A deal was made between
the Chairman of the
House Judiciary
Committee, Rodino,
Democrat outta New
Jersey, and John Conyers
as one of the senior members
with the Republican minority
that they would
take the function
of the House Internal
Security Committee
and move them into the
House Judiciary Committee
as a subcommittee.
Unfortunately for everyone,
Rodino lied, Conyers lied,
and they totally destroyed the
internal security functions
of the House and never
reconstituted any kind of
internal security committee.
As Conyers grew in
seniority on the
House Judiciary Committee,
he gained oversight on FBI
operations and funding,
which is very crucial.
- What would
happen to the FBI's budget
if they ever came
after John Conyers
or his many pro-communist
colleagues in Congress?
- There would be lot of
pressure not to do it.
- Even Hillary
Clinton's 2016 running mate,
Tim Kaine, has Muslim
Brotherhood connections.
In May 2012, Democrat
leaders Nancy Pelosi,
Andre Carson, and Keith
Ellison joined CAIR leader
Nihad Awad and other Muslim
Brotherhood operatives
at the founding of the National
Muslim Democratic Council.
According to a
confidential memo,
the group had three main goals:
Reelect President Obama,
defeat anti-Muslim Brotherhood
Florida Congressman Allen West,
elect Virginia
Governor Tim Kaine
to the US Senate.
Tim Kaine has long been close to
the Muslim Brotherhood
front, MAS,
or Muslim American Society.
A MAS leader, Mahdi Bray,
boasted his organization
had helped first
elect Kaine in 2005
by signing up 65,000
new Muslim voters.
In May 2007, Governor Kaine
keynoted one of Mahdi Bray's
MAS fundraising events.
Mahdi Bray had self-identified
as a Hamas supporter
at a 2000 rally
in Washington DC,
addressed by the infamous
Abdul Rahman Al-Amoudi.
- Anybody support
this Hamas here?
- When Clinton
was the president,
his key Muslim advisor,
who had carte blanche entre
into the White House, was a
guy by the name of Al-Amoudi.
Al-Amoudi is currently serving a
23-year federal prison sentence
for terrorist financing.
- Also in 2007,
Governor Kaine appointed
another MAS leader,
Doctor Esam Omesh,
to the Virginia
Commission on Immigration,
but had to fire him when
this speech came to light.
- And the deliberate
targeting of civilians
through the barbaric,
indiscriminate, disproportionate
Israeli war machine
is indeed criminal
and must end now.
I, while clearly
disappointed and dismayed,
along with the Muslim
community of Virginia,
wish to continue to
work with the governor.
- The Muslim Brotherhood
and Senator Tim Kaine
both want increased Muslim
settlement in America.
- It will only happens
if we all work together
to make sure America is
still open and welcoming
to the refugees.
- And they wanna bar
Muslims from entering
the United States of America.
And to make matters worse,
they've tried to stop
immigrants, refugees,
and international
travelers from traveling
into this great country.
- And the House passed
a bill in November
to try to keep out refugees
from Syria and Iraq
and they called the bill
Securing America Against
Foreign Enemies Act.
Enemies, refugees are enemies,
and thank goodness,
Senator Shaheen and others,
we've been able to
block that bill so far.
- We don't actually
know who they are.
We don't know what
the standards are used
by the UN to vet them,
we don't really know
their true names,
where they were really born.
Their entire identities
are being created
and then they present
themselves to us
at the border of America
and we're supposed
to just let them in,
no questions asked.
- Anybody who calls for
comprehensive immigration reform
in my judgement, is trying
to get the MVP award
from ISIS and Al Qaeda.
- Welcoming others is
part of what it means
to be an American.
- Barack Obama is fulfilling
what he can of his promise
to fundamentally
transform America.
That means changing
the demographics of
the United States.
You have the President
of the United States
going out of his way to invite
avowed enemies of
the United States to
migrate to this country and
live here in large numbers,
and you don't have
anyone in Congress
raising the
Constitutional question,
wait a minute, these
people are advocating
sharia law in this country?
That's advocating the
overthrow of our Constitution.
They should not be allowed in.
- So, we put some terrorists
and the government becomes
angry with terrorists,
- They don't see
it as an invasion.
They see it as coming
in and taking possession
of lands and countries that
are already rightfully theirs.
They just happen to
be currently occupied
by people who are not Muslim.
- So how does this tie in
to illegal immigration?
Which organization in
America 25 years ago
was leading the charge
against illegal immigrants?
The AFL-CIO, the unions.
So in 2015, which organization
is leading the charge
to legalize the illegals?
The unions.
And I'll tell you why,
folks, why the change.
Once, American unions were
led by anti-communists
who were willing
to work with both
Republicans and Democrats.
- And under no
circumstances should the
American Federation
of Labor tie itself
to a political party.
- But in 1994,
everything changed.
- There are changes in the
attitudes of organized labor
in this country, starting with
new leadership in the AFL-CIO
that was elected in 1994.
The prohibition on
communists holding office
in US labor unions was dropped.
- The labor union was
an essential cornerstone
of transformative politics.
- Now every
major labor union
is controlled by
communists and leftists
and are completely in the tank
for the DSA-controlled
- Hello, SEIU, I am so proud
to earned the endorsement
of the Service Employees
International Union
and your two million members.
Your fights are my fights.
- They are now
effectively dictating
all of the Democratic
Party policy.
You know 25 years ago,
it was the AFL-CIO,
the unions, who were
the hardest core
for immigration enforcement.
But now, they are
leading the charge.
What's in it for them?
- Are you kidding?
The two elixirs,
power and money.
The unions want more members,
and they want more dues.
The more members they have,
the more leverage they have.
The more dues they have,
the more money they have
and the more leverage they have.
- We have a union movement
that is not interested in
the welfare of the workers.
We have a union movement
that is interested in
promoting communism.
- One of the
communist-controlled unions
greatest successes has
been changing official
Democratic Party policy
from strong opposition
to illegal immigration,
- And the illegal alien
population is growing by
more than a quarter of
a million people a year,
we think.
Yet we're doing almost nothing
to encourage these people
to go home or even
to deter them from
coming here in the first place.
- "To militantly
supporting amnesty for illegals.
- We have to have a
pathway to legalization.
It has to get done, we have
to work hard to get it done.
- Isn't it about time
we had a president
who understands that
12 million workers
in the shadows is not
acceptable in this country.
- If we cannot get
comprehensive immigration reform
as we need and as we should,
then I will go as far as I can,
even beyond President Obama.
- Before immigration debates
took place in Washington,
I talked with Eliseo Medina.
- Eliseo Medina
is one of this country's
most influential communists.
A member of Democratic
Socialists of America
and a leader of the 1.8
million-strong SEIU,
Medina has crisscrossed
America promoting amnesty
for more than 20 years.
The big question is why.
- The Democrats know
that in order to gain
permanent, progressive
majority, they need more voters.
And those voters
are not gonna come
from the United States.
- We reform the
immigration laws,
it puts 12 million people
on the path to citizenship
and eventually voters.
- And there's not
11 million of them,
there's between
20 and 50 million.
- And we add to that the
million Latino citizens,
who this year will turn 18,
plus all our allies in the
African-American community,
the LGBT voters,
and younger voters.
- We have to register every
single Muslim to vote in 2016.
- Environmental voters,
women voters, Asian voters,
union voters.
- The Muslim vote can be the
swing vote in major states.
- Together we are the
new American coalition
that will dominate politics
for decades to come.
- The last
presidential election,
Mitt Romney, the
Republican candidate,
lost that election by
2 1/2 million votes.
So if you can legalize 10,
20, maybe 30 million illegals
in this country and
give them voting rights,
the majority of whom--
- 75%.
- 75% will vote
democrat, they know that.
So that will give the Democrats
10, 20, 30 million more votes.
So how can the Republicans ever
expect to compete with that?
- They can't.
They just simply can't.
It's fait accompli,
it's game over.
They can't.
- So from that point effectively
you have a one party state
in America which will
be controlled by the
Democratic Party,
which is controlled
by the unions
and the unions are
controlled by the Marxists.
So these people that
come to this country
for better wages, for better
futures for their families,
for the liberties they don't
have in their own country,
are being used by the
communist-controlled unions
to turn this country
into a communist state
- That's exactly right.
That's exactly right.
They're enjoyment of the
freedoms and the benefits
of American society will
be very short lived.
- So why aren't your
intelligence services
protecting America from
these internal threats?
- The FBI is not allowed to be
concerned about
these issues anymore.
It has literally become
a career-ending offense
for an FBI agent or official to
reflect any level of concern
about the extent to which
there is Muslim Brotherhood
influence taking place here.
- The most obvious
indicator of their access
is what we call the great
purge of 2011 and 12
when all the training
material that was deemed by
yet-unnamed specialists
within the Muslim community
designated certain portions
of training courses
as being inflammatory,
inaccurate, stigmatizing,
or racist or bigoted.
- You were training people
on the Muslim
Brotherhood network,
what happened to you?
What kind of push
back did you get?
- When I set up the training,
I did it because
of my frustration
and I did go through the
proper channels in the FBI.
Laid out the training
program and said,
this is the problem.
We have a massive network here,
we have agents and analysts
and leadership, quite frankly,
that's unaware of this,
will you support this?
And initially, the
response was, "Absolutely."
I come from a background.
I'm a Naval Academy graduate,
I'm a combat veteran
in the Marine Corps,
I believe in this
country and I believe in
doing what needs to be done,
mission accomplishment.
Here was a huge gap in
what the FBI wasn't doing.
When you have a gap, you
train people on that.
And so I did it.
Now, I had poured months and
months of my time into this.
Afterwards what happened?
I went back to the office,
got a pat on the back,
my supervisor said good job,
don't ever do that again,
and oh, by the way,
because you've been pouring
all your time into training,
here are the things that
you're delinquent on,
your paperwork, your monthly
paperwork for sources,
for investigative reports
that are supposed to be done
every 30-60 days, every 90
day reports that weren't done
because of this, and
so my next evaluation
I was hammered and
it was clear to me
that both headquarters and
the office were not happy
that I had done this because
what I had done was expose
the organizations
that FBI headquarters
and the Washington field office
were actually working with
were jihadis, were terrorists,
are terrorists.
- 2009, right after
the Fort Hood shooting,
during this time I
was an instructor with
the Naval Post Graduate School
based in Monterey, California,
and they had a project
for the Army to train
field grade officers and senior
non-commissioned officers
prior to their deployments
to Iraq and Afghanistan.
I was one of the
trainers and my area was
psychological operations
and information operations.
But then the module on
how American soldiers
should perceive Islam
was run by a Muslim
Brotherhood operative.
Very pleasant fellow,
very nice guy to talk to,
but didn't really
socialize with us,
didn't socialize with
our Afghan colleagues.
During one of the
lunches one day,
one of my Afghan colleagues,
who's a devout Muslim,
said, "Stay away from that guy.
"He's with the
Muslim Brotherhood."
His name is Louay Safi.
I had entered testimony
into a Senate hearing
naming Louay Safi as one of
the Muslim Brotherhood agents
in the United States,
not realizing I was
sitting right next to him
and the same guy in
this training program.
This was three weeks after
the shooting at Fort Hood
and we were at Fort Hood.
I raised this as
a security problem
and the Army said no, we
don't investigate civilians.
So they let the guy off.
I was then removed from
the training program
because I blew the whistle
and I didn't even make a
public issue of it at the time.
- So we have been
completely blindfolded
and handcuffed.
We can't use the most
basic, fundamental language
that they themselves use,
to help us understand
what Islam believes
and what its intentions are.
- We could've prosecuted
mosques and Islamic societies
tied to this networks.
The Council on
American-Islamic Relations
was the next target,
but that was shut down by
Attorney General Eric Holder.
- So these people
who were working with
hostile foreign
intelligence services
and communist movements are
then using their influence
on Capital Hill to shut
down FBI investigations.
- Those of us who took our
oath are being betrayed.
Things like what happened to me
will happen more and more often
because people will be forced
to stand up for the law
at the risk of their career
and maybe even their life.
- The Democratic
Party leadership is riddled
with security risks
and domestic enemies.
And the very worst
of all may well be
Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Like many young Americans,
Hillary Rodham entered college
as a staunch conservative.
She left a raving socialist.
Part of this transformation
can be blamed squarely on
her political mentor,
Chicago Marxist radical,
Saul Alinsky.
- People do not get power
except when they take it.
- Hillary Clinton did her
thesis on Saul Alisnky.
- While
still in college,
Hillary Rodham also interned
in the San Francisco
law firm of Robert Treuhaft
and Doris Brin Walker.
Both were long-time
Communist Party members
and senior officials in
the Soviet-controlled
International Association
of Democratic Lawyers.
While serving as US
Secretary of State,
Hillary Clinton's
Clinton Foundation
entered into a very
profitable partnership
with the Russian
Skolkolvo Foundation.
In 2014, the FBI warned the
Skolkolvo was being used by
Russian intelligence to
funnel US high technology
into Vladimir Putin's rapidly
expanding war machine.
Could Hillary Clinton pass
an FBI security check?
- No, because if you have overt
ties to organizations with
known associations
with terrorism,
you cannot pass a
background check.
- And you hear a lot
about who Huma Abedin,
Secretary Clinton's
long time confidant,
but do you really
know who she is?
- Huma Abdedin has been a
long time close assistant
for Hillary Clinton.
So Huma Abedin comes from a
family that is long time since
been closely associated
with the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Saudi government established
the Institute for
Muslim Minority Affairs
and put in charge of this
group, Huma Abedin's father.
Then was established a
journal for the IMMA.
Huma Abedin's father
was made editor
and eventually her
mother was a co-editor
and Huma Abedin herself
served on the editorial board
of this journal for
quite a number of years.
Also serving on that
editorial board of the journal
was a Saudi, a
very senior Saudi,
by the name of
Abdullah Omar Naseef,
the founder of something
called the Rabita Trust.
This is a financial
institution that was founded
prior to 9/11 for the
explicit purpose of funding
Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.
While Huma Abedin, not only
working with him side-by-side,
she was in the White
House as an intern
with Hillary Clinton,
then she went on to serve
with Hillary
Clinton as her aide,
as a senior advisor during
her Senate campaigns
and her service as a US
Senator from New York.
And eventually, when
Hillary Clinton became
Secretary of State
from 2009 until 2013,
Huma Abedin was her
deputy chief of staff.
Now this is a period of
time when we might recall
that US foreign policy
flipped on its head
from going after jihad and
jihadists like Al Qaeda
to, in Libya for example,
aiding and abetting known
Al Qaeda jihadist militias
to overthrow a sitting
sovereign government
led by Muammar Gaddafi,
no choir boy to be sure,
but our ally at the time.
All of this happened
during the period of time
when Clinton was
Secretary of State
and Huma Abedin was at her
side whispering in her ear.
- No one with Huma
Abedin's baggage
of ties with groups
that seek the overthrow
of the Constitution
of the United States,
should ever have any government
post in the United States.
- Hillary Clinton's
ties are a lot deeper,
broader and wider
than Huma Abedin.
The best example
of her Islamic ties
is her affiliation with
the Istanbul process
and in particular with
UN resolution 16/18.
- This resolution marks a
step forward in creating
a safe global environment
for practicing
and expressing one's beliefs.
- That resolution, it
essentially criminalizes
defamation of Islam, has
been backed for 10 years
by the Organization
of Islamic Conference,
57 nation organization,
it is essentially run
in its leadership positions
by members of the
Muslim Brotherhood.
- And I want to applaud
the Organization of
the Islamic Conference
for its leadership in
securing the recent resolution
by the United Nations
Human Rights Council.
- By endorsing UN
Resolution 16/18,
by default Hillary Clinton
is aiding and abetting
the Muslim Brotherhood
on a macro, global level.
- When you have a politician
who seeks higher office
and you know that there is
nothing that politician won't do
in order to get there,
then that's an
opportunity for you
as an intelligence officer.
And Hillary's a double.
She's in a position where
she can be blackmailed
for her behavior, and
then there's nothing
that she won't do
to get what she wants,
so she would be
a prime candidate
for any foreign
intelligence service
to at least surround
her with it's own people
so that they can
influence her as a Senator
or a Secretary of State
or even as President.
- That is a sworn law
enforcement officer
who took a vow to protect
our country from threat
both foreign and domestic.
Hillary Clinton is
a domestic threat.
- But I don't wanna depress
you people with any of that
or bring you down in any way.
And I a little bit late?
Sorry about that.
Look, this is how
I see it, folks.
You can do three simple things
to help save this country.
- If the conservatives
keep quiet,
the communists win.
- Demand
that your Congressmen
support House Resolution 3892,
the Muslim Brotherhood
Terrorist Designation Act.
Passing this bill
will destroy 60 years
of Muslim Brotherhood
infiltration overnight.
- The United States really is
the last best hope of mankind
for freedom.
- We're talking about the
future of this country.
- Demand that all
Congressmen and Senators
must undergo security
background checks
before serving on any committee.
At least a hundred
anti-American Congress members
and 20 Senators would
likely fail such a test.
This would have a huge cleansing
effect your government.
- I'm like a lot of those
American who feel like
giving up hope, that we are
going to hell in a hand basket
and there's nothing we can do.
And it's very tempting to just
throw up your hands and quit.
But we can't.
- Vote.
Get out and vote for
pro-Constitution candidates
at every level of
your government.
Your enemies are relying
on one simple fact.
Nearly half of
America never votes.
And shockingly, the group
that has the most to lose,
more than 30 million
evangelical Christians,
don't vote.
But when they do, they
vote overwhelmingly
for Constitutional candidates.
- We're at a turning
point in our country.
- Here I am, a
democrat from Brooklyn.
I don't give a crap about party.
I don't care if they're with
the hopping kangaroo party.
Stand with Americans,
you're my hero.
- This country is now
in the most danger
it has ever been
since the revolution.
- The game plan has been
made plain to all of us
and we ignore it at our peril.
- Are you willing to
stand up and fight?
- If each of us will
rise to the occasion.
- Are you willing
to take your country back?
- If every citizen,
young and old, will accept the
challenge of his citizenship.
- Are you willing to take
your place in history?
- Then the socialists and
communists and their followers
will not prevail.
- The American people
are extraordinary.
- Then America will go on
toward the fulfillment of
her great world destiny.
- The choice is yours folks.
God bless America.
Thank you.