The Engagement Back-Up (2022) Movie Script

What will you see?
Lighthouses, shipwrecks,
whaling boats.
Gold coast millionaires
commuting on high-speed yachts.
Our waterways have shaped
our history
for over 500 years
and it's all here.
Sometimes people turn up late
for the tour.
So, I just thought
I'd get it started.
Fake it till you make it, right?
That woman from the Discovery
Council is here for you.
Would you mind telling her
I'm busy with the tour?
Any bill you send us is
just an estimate entitling us,
therefore, to estimate what
we would like to pay you.
Come and fit the new meter
whenever you'd like.
Fake it till you make it.
That rep, he left this for you.
This was my father's dream.
I would never turn a private
museum over
to some educational
But really, what am I gonna do?
I'm doing one of the exercises
in my Live Your Dream Life book
and I suddenly see it
so clearly.
What if we opened this place
up to events?
Well, that's why I've spent
the last two years
courting Imogene Heron.
I really think if she gave
a history talk here
it would draw a crowd.
That's not that kind of event.
I took the liberty of writing up
a blurb.
"With nautical treasures
transporting your guests"
"through local coastal history, this magical
wedding destination is a hidden gem."
With the rental fee
from weddings alone,
in just six months,
we'll be in the black.
What would I know
about weddings?
My father ran a history museum,
not a wedding factory.
What if people spill champagne
on the books
or walk past the exhibits
without even reading them?
Just weekends, and spring
and summer.
If I were getting married,
maybe I'd think about
doing it here.
But what's the appeal if
you're not a history buff?
So, you do think about
getting married?
Like, in the distant,
distant future.
But you've thought about it?
I don't have time to think
about love
when I have grant
applications to write.
A business to maintain.
Love just isn't important
right now.
But what if love could
save your business?
My dad trusted me
with this place.
It was his baby.
You knew my dad.
What do you think he would
think about all the hoopla?
I think he would have wanted you
to be able to pay the museum's
water bill.
I know. I know.
You know what?
Let's do it.
Let's make this place
some money.
We'll just have really strict
rules about what people
can and cannot touch.
This is awesome!
We're manifesting.
But I'm not giving up
on Imogene Heron.
Of course not.
Jackson Valentine,
you don't need to creep around
like a ninja.
I told you he's in meetings
till 4:00PM.
I don't see the point in
avoiding Dad, by the way.
I just don't want to upset him.
I think it's better
if he doesn't see me
until this all blows over.
You left to set up
a rival company.
That's not exactly the kind of
thing that vanishes on the wind.
It's not a rival company.
I told you this.
It's just a side thing where I
can take on some of the projects
that I'm more passionate about.
I need to get out into the world
and make a difference.
And yet, here you are.
Yeah, right, ok.
Well, maybe, you know, being
in the investment world
has taught me that if you want
to make a difference,
you need relationships.
You want the upcoming
board seat?
Why? Why is because there are
hundreds of nonprofits
that could do so much more if
they had a bit more funding.
I mean, this one, for example.
Ocean Can, they use technology
to help clean the oceans.
It's brilliant.
So you'd use your status to vote
to fund projects like that one?
All the power of being on staff
here at Valentine Holdings
without having to be on staff
here at Valentine Holdings.
Or, you could just have
an actual conversation
with our father and influence
the direction of the company
the old-fashioned way.
Come on. Breakfast with Dad
is not gonna get him to listen.
He risks becoming obsolete.
So, what do you say?
Do you want to influence the
future of Valentine Holdings?
One down, four to go.
Ok, I gotta get moving 'cause
I only have 10 days until vote.
I'll see ya.
Posts that include images
produce 650 percent
higher engagement
than text alone.
Put it on.
I'm not wearing that thing.
Where did you even get that?
It's my cousin's.
I picked it up from the bridal
store for her this weekend
and it's been in my trunk.
She won't mind.
- Good.
- I feel so awkward.
Does it look weird?
Ok, look out to sea
like you're contemplating
your new life together.
This is for the museum.
Over the shoulder.
Hey, hey, hey, come on.
Look, not today, I'm over here,
I'm working.
What paper are you from?
You know what, actually,
can we just,
let's just delete
these because there's-
Oh, no, sorry.
Uh, you think...
It's not what you think.
Please don't!
Hey, what's going on?
Oh, my gosh!
I just deleted your
wedding photographs.
You deleted them?
I have to take all
those pictures again?
I am so sorry.
I, I thought you were,
well I mean, I thought
that she was
and then I, I didn't realize.
Do those, um, automatically
back up,
like to the cloud or anything
you take them?
Uh, wow. I feel terrible.
You know what? Why don't I
pay for it.
Or, better yet, I can get
another photographer out here
and we can have
two going at once,
that way you can get back
to your, your guests sooner.
Thank you, no. I'll continue
using this one.
It's Jackson Valentine.
Look, I, I, I really don't want
a press leak.
I mean, if people get their
hands on this
before I get my presentation,
we could lose momentum,
the whole thing
could fall through.
It's, it's for the Ocean Can.
Did you know that we are dumping
the equivalent of
a garbage truck
full of plastic into the ocean
every single minute?
You don't have to tell me
about the ocean.
I love the ocean.
I'm the ocean's best friend.
I run that maritime museum,
over there.
Then I guess you know
that only nine percent of
plastic gets recycled?
That's actually not, well,
it's mine, but...
It wasn't personal.
A lot of folks are misinformed.
Oh, I am the Queen
of information.
So, thank you for your concern,
but I've got this, all of this.
Good luck with your
garbage cans.
Congratulations and please give
my regard
to the very lucky
Mr. Maritime Museum.
Thank you.
What? That was
Jackson Valentine!
Let's go.
I can't believe you don't
recognize him.
He's from one of
the richest families,
not just on the bay,
but in the world.
He's always in the papers
and on social media.
It's actually the opposite
of famous.
No one really knows you,
but they think they do.
Well, it seems like he does
a lot of good.
Digging house foundations
in Sri Lanka,
rescuing sloths in Costa Rica.
And his passion project,
cleaning up the oceans.
Apparently, just one
of those cans
removes half a ton of ocean
debris a year.
It all comes down to doing
the simple things.
Just a little bit differently.
And, he's a bachelor.
Surprise, surprise.
Not the playboy kind.
A total class act.
Into women for their minds.
No plans to marry.
No, we just, we enjoy
each other's company.
And who wouldn't love listening
to her and Julie's ideas.
Ok, enough with the celebrity
Where's the press release?
Are you crazy?
When did you take that?
Why did you take that?
He was in that nice suit
and you were in the dress
and you looked like a couple.
It's for our vision board.
What vision board?
It's how you manifest.
It says so in the book.
"The secret to getting
your dream life is
"to live like you already
have it.
"What does success
look like to you?"
"Be specific."
Who is this Erica
Rosario anyway?
Come on. Let's get that
press release out.
But we're still manifesting.
I may have accidentally sent out
the save the date
I made for our vision board.
You mean your vision board?
I'm so sorry.
Erica Rosario said to save it
in a place you always see it.
Every day.
So, it was on my desktop.
Who did we send this to?
Just our publicity list.
So, journals, bloggers,
media types.
Not Nolan Elias.
Please tell me not Nolan Elias?
Nolan Elias.
He's the best journalist
in the country.
Now he'll never
take me seriously.
How do we retract it?
I can recall the email
if they haven't opened it.
Except, a lot of people
just opened it.
Angelina: Is Jackson
Valentine in?
Yes, it's urgent.
Angelina Robinson.
What's it about?
His engagement.
Another delivery.
Hello? Hello!
Here you go.
I correct it, but it just keeps
coming back like a mosquito.
And every time I try
to reach his assistant,
his people think I'm some
gossip columnist
trying to get an interview.
I swear, the paparazzi
followed me here.
We need him to make a statement
before this place turns into
a garden centre.
You know how my Uncle Lou
is a livery driver
out of Hayworth Airport?
Well, one of the guys he works
with told my cousin Joey
that he once picked up the
sister from this private jet
that landed out there.
And drove her back to this
mansion in Edgeport.
You sure you don't want
to just see
if he'd be up for marrying you?
Staff member: May I help?
Yes, hi.
We have a meeting to discuss
your publicity needs.
Fake it till you make it.
Staff member: I'm sorry, but
we're not expecting anyone.
I'm not dealing
with these people.
Are you sure?
Because the person I arranged it
with was very interested
in the little publicity problem
you're having
concerning a certain black sheep
with the supposed
sheep's fiance.
Thank you.
I am so glad you're here.
You are?
Oh yeah, our communications
platforms are great
but nothing beats
the real thing.
Give me a handwritten letter
any day.
You're much more positive
about this than I expected.
Well, unlike my father
I am very positive
about the direction
we're moving.
So, we just need you to make
an official statement
of retraction.
Of retraction?
No, no, no, no.
We don't retract now.
We don't?
Think of this as
a slow roll out.
You know, we let the story
build momentum
because, at the end of the day,
we want people to know
who you are,
because what you do,
it's amazing.
It is a very special business.
But shouldn't we do something
about the engagement?
Is that a sort of new trendy
term for funding a start-up?
Yeah, I guess theoretically
we are,
yeah, sure, we're engaging
in your, in your bus...
What a minute, are you
Miss Maritime?
I mean, no.
But, yes.
I thought you looked familiar,
I just couldn't place
you from where.
You're missing the gown
and where's Mr. Maritime?
There is no Mr. Maritime.
Well, I mean, you're
Mr. Maritime.
We were manifesting
with a photoshoot.
We want to start
hosting weddings.
Live your dream life.
It really works.
She attached the wrong file.
So we were hoping
you'd write a statement.
Just to clear the air.
I was wondering why
you were plastering
this picture of us everywhere.
Oh, it wasn't me.
That's why we wanted you
to step in.
You have a lot of followers.
And we wanted publicity but not
this kind of publicity.
No, you're right.
You're right.
I mean, I mean with my current
business affairs,
it's best just to kill a
frivolous story like this
before it gets out of hand,
so I will let my publicist know
and it will be gone.
I mean, I wouldn't call
it completely frivolous.
Ok, sorry, not,
not frivolous, just,
it's a little out there.
Oh, yes. It's out there.
For someone as special
and revered as you to be
paired up with someone like me.
I'll let you issue
the statement.
I have to go help our lowly team
of commoners
sweep the floor of
our shabby museum.
I'd say more quaint than shabby,
but I love this.
- Thank you.
- It's just...
Voicemail: You have one new
voice message.
Hi, I'm looking for Luna.
It's Nolan Elias from
the Island Post Magazine.
I can't believe you're getting
married to Jackson Valentine.
Anyway, I thought there
might be a story there
with you doing it at the museum.
Call me, or shoot me an email
Take care!
Such a shame.
Too bad for the best journalist,
my imaginary wedding
isn't actually happening.
Or, imagine the real publicity.
Our own father is refusing
to endorse me.
You had to know that?
Of course I knew that,
but I didn't know that you were
counting on Dad's vote.
Why would our father vote
for you when you've shown
absolutely no interest in
the future of this company?
The ideas I'm proposing would
bring us into the future.
Doesn't come across that way.
Because I'm not in some
perfect relationship
or I don't have a little
electric toothbrush
thinga-ma-bobs dangling
out of my ears?
You know what?
I have to admit,
I agree with Dad.
But the only person who seems
to matter to you is you.
You have no interest in
inheriting this company
and passing it on
to your children.
You're this rogue bachelor
with rogue ideas
and it would take a PR miracle
for you to change your image
and sway Dad's or anyone
else's vote.
Wow. Ok, thank you, sis.
No, no, no.
Actually, thank you.
Yeah. Thank you, thank you!
Nice to see you again, Nolan.
You too, Luna. So this
is the museum.
So, what do you think?
You could focus on how
the old boathouse
was gonna be demolished
and my dad and his friends
formed the Preservation Society.
Which later became this museum.
Or the pirate exhibition
is always a crowd pleaser.
And the wedding?
Oh. Like I said over the phone,
there is no engagement.
But the museum, you said
you'd love to check it out.
I thought you could still
run a piece on it.
Yeah, sorry, Luna.
I wish I could but it's just
not the kind of thing
my editor would go for.
I know you said you're
retracting your press release,
but I see that all the time
with society pages.
Secret weddings,
someone leaks an invitation,
or the bride is marrying into
that world
and has no idea about keeping on
the down low so she retracts.
Just me.
And these old boats.
Luna, I just got a call from...
Oh, he's here.
Hey, honey.
How are you?
- Hey!
- Hey.
Nolan Elias. Been a minute.
Good to see you, bud.
It has.
Wow, well, I trust you heard
the news.
She's a keeper, this one.
I was just saying to Nolan
there is no wedding.
- Is that what she told you?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- I did wonder.
It would make a great story.
Jackson Valentine.
The world has been
waiting for him,
for you, to settle down.
Well, isn't it about time they
knew that I was capable of it.
Would you excuse us a minute?
Just a second.
What are you doing?
Ok, hear me out.
You said that you could use
the publicity, right?
And I could use a bit of
a public image overhaul.
We can't just pretend
we're engaged.
Why not?
Let this guy write his story,
it gets published,
we both get what we want
and then we have a very
public break up.
Boom. Even more publicity,
This is completely unethical.
I know this reporter.
He's an old friend of mine.
Then you can tell your
old friend afterward.
Luna, this is the way
of the world.
Not my world.
As far as I can see,
your world might not exist
in a couple weeks without
a mega publicity push.
There are other ways.
Well, I think that a million
Jackson Valentine followers
say this is a pretty good one.
What do you say?
Will you marry me?
Get up! Get up!
But just until the article
comes out.
And until then we don't tell
a soul.
Oh, so sorry about that.
My fiance needed
some convincing.
She's not used to the limelight.
- Mom.
- Fiance? You're engaged?
It's, uh, ok, Mom.
You don't have to keep it
secret anymore.
She's so loyal.
Fiercely loyal.
Right. What a relief
to say it out loud.
My future son-in-law
is Jackson Valentine.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
How are you?
So, you'll do the article?
Better. We'll do
an exclusive.
Why don't we sit down
sometime next week?
Sounds great.
A weekend feature on us.
- Wow.
- Wow.
I bet everyone's dying
for the inside scoop.
Maybe you can fill me in
over lunch?
Garlic knots from Sunflower,
Chicken Francese, arancini...
Mom. Stop.
Stop what? I'm putting out
the food.
Jackson, you have to try some.
It's the best.
We go there once a week.
I know you're mad.
You're doing the food thing.
When she talks about food
and won't look you in the eye.
I'm not mad.
I guess, when you're dating
a celebrity
you have to have your secrets.
Blood is thicker than water.
I would have thought you could
at least tell me.
I'm good at keeping secrets.
Look how good I played along
with that reporter.
Mom, it's not like that.
I don't see what else
it could be.
When your own daughter
doesn't say a word
about her secret life.
Granted, I was out of town
with Dominic.
Out of sight out of mind,
I guess.
Oh, you know, uh, it's,
it's all my fault.
Actually, you know,
she, she wanted to tell you.
In fact, she begged me
to let her tell you
but we wanted to wait
until lobster night.
Yeah, when we would just tell
everyone as one big family.
Lobster night?
You know how much
I love lobster.
This is wonderful.
My baby's getting married!
Oh, I'm so happy.
I'm so happy.
Let's eat, let's eat, let's eat!
Thank you, again, for all
the food, Mrs. Morelli.
Oh, please.
Call me mom.
I'll see you both
at lobster night! Woo!
Lobster night?
Yeah, what?
Isn't that what you nautical
types do?
We agreed this was going
no further
than you, me and Nolan Elias.
Wait, then why did you encourage
me to bring my parents into it?
When did I do that?
When you were doing the whole
like, mm...
If you got off your phone
and spent more time interacting
with actual humans, you might be
better at reading eyebrows.
Look, could you not see that
her heart was shattering
into a million pieces
on the museum floor?
'Cause her only daughter
got engaged
without sharing it with her.
Ok, but I think I came up
with the perfect excuse.
Plus, wouldn't it look
a little suspicious
if my own parents didn't know
about our engagement?
Your parents and then
no one else.
And your job is...?
CEO I guess?
You taking notes?
Just being prepared.
How long would you say
we've been together?
Four months.
You think you'd know me
well enough to marry me
after just four months?
I think I would know
after four minutes,
if I had a future with someone.
After four minutes, yeah.
Are you sure this isn't going
a little far?
Can you even return
an engagement ring?
They're expensive.
I know, but what's the first
thing that someone does
when a woman says she's engaged.
They look at her hand.
Don't you think a real ring
takes it to another level?
I hear you.
I do, but would not
having a ring
bring up even more questions?
Which would lead
to even more lies.
We, we want to be convincing,
I guess a ring keeps it simple.
Well, if it isn't the most
beautiful young lady
on the island and her fianc.
You know how it works is you buy
the ring before you propose?
Oh, well look, sometimes
the spirit moves you
and you don't have all
your ducks in a row.
Hi Dominic. How are you?
Jackson, this is Dominic,
my mom's...
I'm the famous boyfriend.
You know, she doesn't want
to meddle,
but before you splash out here,
I know your mother has an idea.
Mom, I can't.
You must.
No, Mom. It's yours.
I want you to have it.
I've had a few years to think
about this and I told myself,
if she ever gets married,
I want her to wear this.
What good is it doing me?
Dad gave it to you, Mom.
Sweetie, I haven't worn it
in years.
You should have it.
And come on, you love
old things.
I said no.
This is about Dominic, isn't it?
You've never warmed to him.
You know, he's been
very good to me.
It's not about him.
Why do you always bring Dominic
into things
that are between you and me?
You just don't get it.
This is important.
This is serious.
Look, Mom, it's not real.
Of course it's real,
it's platinum.
No, I mean our love.
Jackson and me.
Look, I know you like your
privacy and I've been trying
to respect that and give you
your space,
but you can't dismiss
what you're feeling
just because other people
want to share in your joy.
This is a time for family
and we are all we have.
It's beautiful.
They demolished
the old lighthouse
and the boat yard was next.
But, my dad organized
local residents.
They fought and won.
Good for them.
They set up a preservation
which later became the museum.
Do you want a pen?
What for?
To write this down.
No, it's all up here.
So, if Nolan asks you anything
about where I'd rather be,
this is it.
We have some original newspapers
dating back to 1851.
Did you ever think of updating?
I mean, you can get this whole
collection put on a server, and...
And whatever we couldn't source,
we managed to get on microfiche.
Yeah, it's like a scanned image
of a newspaper
or a picture of
the original document.
I know what it is.
Wait, they still do that?
In the 21st century?
Not every archive
has had the ability
to convert their film
to digital images.
All I can say is thank goodness.
Can you believe someone wanted
to throw these away?
Yeah. I rescued them
from a local library.
Wow. You really do
love microfiche.
I could do this all day.
But we won't, right? We'll just
kind of... I'm joking.
You know what?
I've got a museum to run.
Well you, you want me
to read all this?
This is my passion.
You can't be my fianc
without knowing my passion.
Well then it's only fair
that you know mine.
Come on. Dig in.
You're scared to get
your hands dirty?
What do we have here?
So, how did you become
an ocean crusader?
Same as a lot of things
I support.
It all started by watching
a couple really powerful
It went from there.
I've never really liked
the attention that I got
from being a Valentine.
Then I realized that you can
use it as a commodity.
You can use it to do things.
Ideally, meaningful things.
Must be pretty tough for you
to live a normal life.
People seem to be more intrigued
whenever there is a pretty
woman around.
Are there a lot of pretty women?
No, there are not.
Too busy to settle down?
No, just haven't found the right
woman to settle down with.
I never really felt like anyone
was gonna make
a better man out of me.
What about you?
You ever have time
to tear yourself away
from the paper mites?
Running the museum takes up
most of my time.
I mean, I dated on and off.
The truth is, I haven't really
wanted anything to come of it.
Ever since my dad died
three years ago,
I don't think my heart could
handle it
if something didn't work out.
The necklace.
He has the other one.
Two ships, he used to say.
We just didn't have long enough.
I'm really sorry about your dad.
Hey, question for you
as president
of the so important that you
need ear thingies society.
I'm listening, on
my ear thingies, in fact.
Of course.
Do you think that the end
always justifies the means?
Like in business, I mean.
Well, that depends on the means.
If the deal looks good
and it's for a good cause,
yeah, I'm open to shades
of grey.
Why? What's happening
with your Ocean Can,
is it drifting out to sea?
Uh, yeah, I mean, you know
how these things can go.
So listen, can you pick up some
lobsters for tomorrow night?
Jackson Valentine,
what are you up to?
I just want to have
a nice dinner.
Ok, you haven't had dinner with
Mom and Dad in three months
and now suddenly you want
to join us for lobster night?
Is this part of your get Dad
to vote for me plan?
No, of course not.
I just... I've got something
on my mind.
I'm intrigued and excited
to see you.
Dad'll be over the moon.
No, no, no. Don't tell anyone.
Just keep it a secret.
So, lobsters?
Maybe some corn.
Get your own corn.
That is some house.
Don't fawn over them.
And don't get too chatty.
We're staying for an hour, max.
Who's fawning?
He's just making an observation.
And remember to act surprised.
You know, all you need
is one of those
big yellow rubber raincoats like
the guy on the fish stick box
and you'd be ready
for the rough seas.
You said lobster night.
This is what you wear
to lobster night.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Look at this place.
No wonder your sister
requested lobster.
- What a lovely surprise.
- Hi Mom.
Did somebody say surprise?
You know, yes.
I actually have an announcement
to make.
This is Luna, my fiance.
What a surprise!
Uh, well, congratulations.
Thanks, Mom.
You look so familiar.
Does she?
I get that a lot.
How did you two meet?
- On the docks.
- Outside my museum.
By the docks right outside
my museum.
Luna runs a Maritime museum.
She's actually written a book
about our local history.
Oh, I'd love to read it.
I head up our
publishing division.
We started with e-books
but these days three-quarters
of our titles go to print.
Sure, maybe.
When it's finished.
Well, I think a toast
is in order.
Yes, a toast to the surprising
turn of events.
Yes, to the first step on
the road to being a family man.
I bet you never thought
you'd see the day.
Well, frankly, I...
To Luna and Jackson.
You can almost see the old
lookout from here.
My dad was heartbroken when they
demolished the old lighthouse.
So, he petitioned the town to
mark the spot where it stood.
Part of the deal was once
a month they'd cast a light
in the old lookout to honor
the way the lighthouse
used to help guide ships home.
Of course ships couldn't always
trust them.
Yes. There were folks known
as the "wreckers".
The most famous one being?
Jeremiah Smith.
Legend has it, he'd build these
huge fires on the beach
that ships would mistake
for a lighthouse.
Luring them ashore, so when
they get stuck on the sandbar,
he'd run out to help them.
Or so they thought.
And steal their goods?
The cheek!
He might be an urban
myth though.
I like the theory that he was
real but not the worst of them.
Just got the most publicity.
Sounds familiar.
Whatever the truth is,
I still believe
you can trust a lighthouse
to help guide you home.
How do you know so much
about the wreckers?
Oh, that lighthouse was part of
our view here for years
and when they wanted to
shut down the old boathouse,
we did some work with
the preservation society.
So did my dad.
Gus wouldn't back down
to those developers.
I have some vintage postcards
that I can part with
for your museum.
They're very rare.
I... I couldn't possibly.
Of course you can.
Consider them an
engagement gift.
Um, I should go.
But we're all having such
a nice time.
I just remembered
that I have to paint
one of the exhibition spaces.
We didn't even get to hear
how Jackson proposed.
It's really not that exciting
of a story.
Totally, ho-hum.
I didn't even have a ring.
- This one's my mom's.
- Yeah.
Doesn't it look great on her?
Come on, tell us.
We'd love to know.
Uh, ok. Well, I proposed
using a clam shell.
You know how I like
my nautical stuff.
You know what, Posey,
Luna and I have been talking.
We, we have.
We have.
And, and we both think that you
should be Luna's maid of honor.
And, and then you can get
the whole story
of our whirlwind romance when
you're planning the wedding.
Wow. We'll be sisters.
How could he not tell me
his sister was coming?
And what does he have
against his parents anyway?
I knew he was spoilt.
She's rich and important, so of
course the job would go to her.
Ang, are you seriously upset
you're not my maid of honor
for my fake wedding?
When I get married for real
you will be my first
and only choice.
She's actually outside.
Don't let her run away
with the planning.
I know you, you're a people
pleaser and next thing you know
you'll be walking down the aisle
in his mother's dress.
But, also, be convincing.
Like it's legit.
We need that publicity
or it's really gonna be
lights out here, Lu.
- Here.
- Ok.
Thanks for making me
the real maid of honor.
It's cute, this place.
Thank you.
You must be really special for
him to consider dropping anchor.
No matter how big
the sea may be,
sometimes two ships meet.
Chinese proverb.
Jackson and I have a lot
in common.
Oh, like what?
The ocean.
And we both like helping people.
Everybody likes helping people.
It's human nature.
And family matters
to both of us.
He said that?
Yes, he did.
He, he said that.
If you don't start taking
this act seriously
we're gonna tank the interview.
I am taking this seriously.
Come on, a clam shell?
And you might have wanted
to mention
your sister is joining us
or that you don't actually
get along that well
with your parents.
I need you to hold this stuff.
And, how did you know
about my book?
You didn't want me to know
about your book?
I thought you wanted me
to read it.
It was in one of the folders.
No, I definitely did not
want you to read it.
I don't know how that got
in there.
It's not finished.
Well I think it's important
that I know the facts, right?
Well, not those kinds of facts.
Oh, ok.
What are we doing here?
Time to work.
Work? Um...
Where oh where is the fish
stick guy's wardrobe
when you need it?
Don't worry,
it's not that messy.
Ok, just gonna spritz?
Spritz away.
Spritz and swish.
All right.
This was my dad's.
He restored it.
Everyone else saw a piece
of scrap.
He saw a project.
Wow. He really was great.
He spent 30 years
teaching history.
The museum and this boat
were his hobby on the weekend.
Or whenever he got time off.
He never got a chance
to finish it.
So, I dusted off his plans
and I've been working on it
little by little.
He loved old things.
Is that why you're so interested
in history?
If people could see how much
of what we love now
comes from the past,
maybe they'd work
a little harder
to make sure it doesn't
get lost.
Anyway, it's just
a few more repairs
and she'll be ready
for a test run.
What are we waiting on?
Let's get to work.
The reason we wanted you to come
is Dominic and I
have been talking
and we want to throw you an
engagement party this weekend.
Doesn't have to be anything big,
it's just a little something
to celebrate the two of you.
No, no, no, that's not
at all necessary.
And, you know, for Jackson
and his family,
kind of have to keep it
on the down low.
Yes, that is a very sweet
offer though.
We want to do this for you.
It would mean a lot.
And your mother only has you.
You can't expect her
to pass up an opportunity
to celebrate her daughter.
Give a little thought, huh?
An engagement party.
An actual, real event.
Well, on the bright side,
I guess it means we make
a pretty convincing couple.
Look, it's just playing a part.
I do this all the time.
These are real people.
Not chit-chat followers, ok?
I understand where
you're coming from,
but we've made it this far
and the interview is only
a couple days away.
Deceiving a handful of people,
which is still definitely
not ok, is different
than hosting an entire
celebration of that deception.
People will bring us gifts.
Which only helps us
pass the test. Right?
Imagine all the good this
article will do the museum
once it comes out.
I have to tell her.
Then I'm gonna tell
my family too.
You can't tell them.
Cracks will appear.
Yeah, but it would be off
if your mom and Dominic
knew everything
and my family knew nothing.
The more people
we bring in on it
the more lies we're asking
people to tell.
All right.
We have to keep
this thing small.
Then it's only fair to everyone
that we don't tell anyone
until it's all over.
Mm. They just keep coming.
How will we choose
when they're all so good?
Oh, I'm so happy that
they're going to cater.
It's like old times.
About the party.
I came here because I thought it
would be better...
You just can't choose
from an emailed menu, right?
And isn't this so lovely?
It's just...
It's just that...
You're not allowed to tell me
that you don't want a party.
I don't want a party.
We don't want a party.
We're not what you think.
You overthink things, chickadee.
You always have.
It's good to be smart but not
so smart that you talk yourself
out of the good things in life.
It spoils the moment.
Don't let it spoil this.
Let yourself feel it.
Don't question it.
Carrot cake.
I save all the ones by
Nolan Elias.
Even though they're
the society pages,
he's really good.
This'll give us a good idea
of the kinds of questions
he'll ask.
Hey, look.
I, I know the engagement
party's kind of awkward,
but I do think it'll give him
the last bit of evidence
he needs.
No going back now.
- Wait a minute.
- What?
- Isn't that your dad?
- Yeah, it is.
He didn't just work for
the preservation society,
he largely funded it.
I bet we'll find loads more
about this in the Island Post.
You have a letter.
That's from my dad.
This place is full of them,
it's like a scavenger hunt.
The first one was
a complete surprise.
I found it about three weeks
after his funeral.
Fell out of one of
my favorite books.
Then a few weeks later,
I was rearranging some artifacts
in a display
and found another one.
That's such a nice thing to do.
After a few months I stopped
finding them.
That was it.
So, I keep them exactly
where I found them.
Just, so it's never over.
What do you say about going
on a scavenger hunt?
Yeah, I mean, don't you think
I should know your dad?
That's the last one.
I know it's greedy, but I can't
help but secretly hope
that one day I'll be going
about my business,
not expecting anything at all,
and I'll find just one more.
Anyway, let's see what
we can find on your dad.
So, it looks like
you are sometimes
willing to abandon
profit margins.
What is it, Dad,
you don't trust me?
You don't think I'm capable?
These were different times,
You can't run a business
from your heart anymore.
You know, I remember
that lighthouse.
I must have been five or six
and you, and Mom, and Posey,
you wanted to climb to the top.
It looked like the stairs
went on forever.
Sure enough, about 50 steps up,
my legs turned to Jell-O.
Couldn't make it any further.
I started to cry.
Eventually you all realized
that I was no longer behind you
and Mom started yelling
and Posey started telling me
to muster.
And I froze and then
I heard steps
coming down those metal stairs.
I pulled my head out of my hands
and I realized that
they were yours.
You went up and down
those stairs twice that day.
You even carried me
when I didn't think
that I could make it
any further.
I guess I hoped that even if
they tore that lighthouse down,
you still would be the father
that would look after me.
I have to admit,
at first I didn't believe
that Jackson was engaged.
Now, not that
you're not fabulous,
don't get me wrong.
But, I was worried that he was
messing with you,
but I can tell he really
likes you,
and I can tell you like him,
and more importantly,
I like you.
We're gonna be sisters,
so I thought you should meet
some of my friends.
Imogene Heron!
And hello to you too.
I have been a fan of yours
since college.
Oh, come now.
Have I been around that long?
Sorry it's just, you are
my absolute heroine.
Dog eared doesn't begin
to describe
the state of your books
on my shelf.
Very well-loved.
We've acquired Imogene's books
for our e-library.
Jack said you were a fan
and I thought,
wait a minute,
Luna's a writer too.
She's written an amazing book.
You've read my book?
Well yeah, Jack gave it to me.
Not only have I read it,
but I'm adding it to
our publishing slate.
If you're willing.
Welcome to the family.
Well, maybe after the article
comes out
and things settle down
around here,
you'll get some free time
to write or date, go out.
Have some hobbies.
Anyways, I already turned
it down.
Well, it's still pretty neat
that someone wanted
to publish it.
Maybe you're manifesting.
Oh, who's manifesting?
Oh, it's nothing.
Posey introduced me
to Imogene Heron today.
That's nice.
Yeah. She's an excellent writer
of local history.
She's my favorite.
April 29th, 1989. Taurus.
Grew up here in Edson,
only child.
Went to public school,
honor roll, real smarty pants.
You were captain of
the field hockey team,
also all conference.
Uh, you went to college upstate
where you traded hockey
for history.
Your ideal night out
is actually a night in
playing backgammon and palace,
like your dad and his buddies
used to play.
Your fantasy dinner guests would
include Elizabeth 1,
- Maya Angelou...
- Yeah.
Charles Dickens,
Jacques Cousteau,
Eleanor Roosevelt.
- Huh?
- Gold star.
Would have been
a double gold star
except you're missing
Imogene Heron.
Ah! Of course.
Your favorite historian.
Actually, make that a silver.
For meddling.
Ok, come on, your book
is reaching no one
if it's just sitting there
in a pile.
Like I told Posey,
I don't have time.
Your writing is so engaging
though, Luna.
It's so... You're as great
as Imogene Heron.
Maybe even better.
I haven't even written
the last chapter.
You know, I have some ideas
about that.
What if you used it
as an opportunity
to talk about the present.
About preserving history
for future generations,
starting with ocean cleanup.
I mean, I could introduce you
to the gang at Ocean Can.
Like I said, stop meddling.
Ok. I just...
The book can wait.
The museum is more important.
But she's offering you
a publishing deal, Luna.
What if the book could help save
the museum.
What if people came
to visit a museum
that was curated by the
best-selling author, Luna Morelli?
Are you pushing for bronze?
Come on!
Let's just go check out
this lookout point
that our fathers created.
Wow. It's beautiful.
I haven't been out here
for years.
Over there, see where
the water looks brown?
That's the sand bar where
Jeremiah Smith would wait.
All those ships thinking that
a land pirate was a lighthouse.
Well, hundreds were saved by
the lighthouse
that stood right there.
How do they find their way now?
I don't know. Technology?
Hope you're pleased
with yourself.
You know, I was thinking that
you wouldn't have to take
so many notes
if you were retelling something
that actually happened.
There's not a lot that we can do
about the parts that we've
already made up, but...
Luna Morelli, will you marry me?
You did not?
I did, and look.
You don't really have an option
now, you have to say yes.
Ok, then, yes.
I'm not. I'm not.
I don't know why she won't try
on the wedding dress.
I mean, you went to all that
trouble, Angelina.
And really, her maid of honor
should be here too.
Because it's an engagement
party not my wedding.
And no, my maid of honor
doesn't need to be here.
Especially not when
I have Angelina.
But what's the harm in trying on
the dress that Angelina brought?
I mean, you're gonna have
to start thinking about that
at some point soon.
My cousin's did take 12 weeks,
better to be prepared.
Well maybe I could just borrow
your cousin's again then.
Not on my watch.
My beautiful daughter is wearing
her very own bridal gown.
And if it's that beautiful one
that Angelina found even better.
You're getting ahead
of yourself.
We're just trying to get through
an engagement party.
The first event at the museum!
I think we picked good ones.
The marinated skewers,
the little fish and chips
in the newspaper.
Do you think we need more
vegetarian options?
People are so health conscious
these days.
I can't wait to try
the grilled pineapple.
Come on, Lulu.
Just try the dress while
we're all here together.
Just for two seconds,
then I'll shut up.
Ok, look at the silhouette.
It looks like I'm closer in landing
the support of another board member.
Imagine if I can pull this off
without Dad's vote.
I mean, he just wants to keep
doing things the exact same way.
He thinks that money is the sole
reason for the family business,
not what we as a family
have done
to make the world
a better place.
Ok, hold on.
Is this about the future
of our company
or is this about you and Dad?
Of course it's about the future
of the company.
- Ok.
- It is.
All right.
If your father could
see you now.
What did I say?
I owe you an apology.
I thought you were taking
advantage of a situation
but I can see that it's real.
Thanks, Dad, that...
that means a lot.
She's very special.
I may even reconsider my vote.
That's great Dad, thank you.
Yeah, that's...
So, tomorrow...
What, you don't feel ready?
No, no, no. I think
we're great.
I think we've done really well
in less than a week.
Have you ever considered a
career as an FBI profiler?
I think you'd be really good
at that.
If he were to ask,
what would you say was
the moment when you knew?
That I couldn't stop at
just dating you?
Um, let me think about that one.
We eliminate the worst choices,
Like... ok, ok.
It wasn't the time he lectured
me on recycling.
And it wasn't the time
he organized lobster night.
Might have been a series
of moments
when I realized the kind
of person he was
and the lengths he'd go to do
the right thing.
Your turn.
I'll get back to you
on this one.
Say anything.
What matters is we're on
the same page, right?
Yeah. Totally.
I will nail it tomorrow.
I promise.
November 7, 1987.
Met through paparazzi.
Relax. We got this.
Hey, Luna and Jackson.
Come on down.
What do we have here?
This is Sunflowers.
It's her favorite spot.
You ever been there?
Oh, man. I'm talking
the best pizza.
I mean, Nolan, I got to tell you
there was a lot of spritzing
and swishing.
Isn't that right?
You are officially becoming
his other half.
People have the wrong idea
about him.
Yes, he's a fighter.
He's one of the good guys.
I don't think of him as famous.
I think of him as
my best friend.
So, that's everything?
And then some.
I'm very really happy
for you guys.
Thank you.
And this will come out
this weekend?
All being well.
My editor has the final say,
of course.
Of course.
Well, feel free to pop by
the engagement party.
Sure. If I'm in the area.
Hey, whatever happened
with your writing?
I remember the first chapter
of a book or something.
Non-fiction but felt
a lot like fiction.
You were really good.
The best in our class.
I never finished it.
You really had something.
I told you so.
Nailed it!
- We got this.
- Did it.
You look great.
Oh. Thanks.
You went all out.
Yeah well, you know,
special occasion.
Let's see.
I called your mom for some tips.
We have arancini, chicken parm.
You called my mom?
Yeah, I think she has the entire
menu memorized by heart.
I bet she does.
That was nice, earlier.
Yeah, it was.
You know, that was the only interview
with the press I've ever enjoyed.
You were pretty convincing.
See? Studying pays off.
Yeah, but did we really need
all those notes?
Well, they got us started.
Of course, it was all acting,
like you said. Right?
Yeah, right.
Um... How should we do this?
Maybe we shouldn't put too much
thought into it.
Let's keep it simple.
Simple's good.
It's easier to remember.
Not that we could forget, right?
So, who should initiate?
Gosh, I've never put so much
thought in this.
You know what?
I think it should probably
be you.
Only because if I do
the breaking up,
everyone's gonna think
that I'm a jerk.
Yeah. The break up, yeah.
It should be all me because the
things that are important to me
just don't seem important
to you.
So clever.
That's why I love you.
So, maybe we do it a week
after the article comes out?
You know, you can say
something like
seeing it in print was a big
reality check, or...
Luna: I can't do this,
Come on, we are so close.
So close to what?
To convincing all the people
I care about
that I'm in love with someone
I barely know?
You convinced Nolan Elias.
He just called.
His editor loves the story
so much,
he wants to print it
this Saturday.
And then what?
You don't want it to end.
You love him.
I thought there was something,
maybe... I was wrong.
Fake it, but be warned,
you'll never quite make it.
Luna, no, I'm sorry.
This was all my idea.
I was trying to imagine
a better way to-
No. I went with it because
I care about this place.
And I still do.
Jack, what are you doing
out here?
You're gonna be late
for your own party.
Have you ever been on the verge
of closing a deal
that you've been working
really hard on
and then all of a sudden
it just doesn't feel right?
Yeah, and you want to pull out
but you feel like
it's gotten personal?
It isn't... personal.
It's still business Jack,
it's always business.
I don't know, Posey.
I mean, this one feels like
it cut straight to my core.
Ok, wait, are we, um,
are we still talking
about those Ocean Can guys?
I can't lie to you anymore.
Luna and I aren't engaged.
I just met her down on the docks
and she accidentally put me
in her newsletter
and then when Dad said that
he wasn't gonna vote for me
I grabbed at the opportunity
to prove him wrong,
except now he thinks
that we're an actual couple.
Jackson Valentine, you didn't.
Toying with our hearts so
you'd look like some family man?
So we'd vote you onto the board?
The vote you should have been
worrying about was mine.
I'm glad I decided
not to back you.
I need to think about
the future, Jack.
I need the company to be stable.
I need to think about what's
best for my family and for me.
The family that I haven't really
been a part of for a long time.
I'm really sorry, Posey.
I think you're right about me.
I usually am.
I'm more interested in being
right than doing right.
I just know you and Dad,
and if you both wanted to,
you... you know.
Yeah, I do know, but
it's complicated and...
There's more to life than
being on the board, right?
And if I want to pursue
the board seat
then I can find an honest way.
Hey, for what it's worth?
You may have just swayed
my vote.
Life begins, right?
Sounds great.
Except there's only one problem.
You're in love with her.
No, thank you.
Have you tried the rollatini?
It is to die for!
I love it when they take
the skin off the eggplant.
Oh, don't you?
Honey, you're not gonna eat?
This is your big night,
you need your energy.
I'll eat later. Mom,
I need your help.
Help with what?
You look perfect.
I told you, this was the dress.
You and I both know I'm not
supposed to be here.
Honey, you deserve to be here
as much as anyone.
Oh, hi! Hi. Hi.
I actually can't talk to you.
Luna, please. I just wanted
to say I...
Hey, can I talk to you
about something?
I... I need to tell
you something.
So do I. I can't do this.
They believe us.
Not only do they believe us
but they believe in us.
They all want very, very badly
for us to be happy.
They're going to be
so disappointed.
What if it's true, like real.
What are you talking about?
That's crazy.
Is it, though? Is it really
that crazy?
I mean, we, we have been
spending all this time together
and you're a very special person
to me.
You can't start a relationship
based on a lie.
That's wrong, that's not real.
It feels pretty real to me.
It does.
And, and we can go back in there
and we can have them
celebrate us
and all that we are and
they would be none the wiser.
Isn't that convenient.
Celebrate this supposed us,
rather than waste
this great party, huh?
Luna, I think you're
As your mother would say,
takes one to know one, right?
Someone in love.
The two of you and
me and your mother.
You know, Dominic, I think
she's just speechless
because it's all so special.
No. I'm sorry.
It's not what you think.
Really. It's not what you think.
We're not engaged.
We never were.
I've wanted to tell you.
My dad trusted me
with this place.
I just wanted to make him proud.
I don't think he'd be proud
of me right now.
This is not how you save
a sinking ship.
Jackson. Come on!
You didn't tell her
how you feel?
Of course I told her.
She didn't' want to hear it,
Well, it is pretty unforgivable,
you know.
Faking a relationship
with someone
just so they'll vote you
onto the board.
Maybe she just needs some time.
So, it was a business deal?
No, what I told you back there
was true.
I mean, yes, it started off as
a way to get me on the board
but then I got to know you
And no matter how you felt,
you still didn't bother
to tell me the whole truth.
It was more convenient to
formalize our engagement tonight
just in time for the board
to vote,
instead of having a real party
when the time was right.
You wanted to keep up
the charade.
I wasn't the only one faking it
for my own personal gain.
I wasn't doing it for myself,
I was doing it for my father.
For your father?
That's pretty convenient.
You say that you want to be
loyal to history,
but the truth is
you're stuck in the past.
You've been acting like
you support me,
like you care about this place.
This whole time you've just been
luring me into your selfish plan
to ensure your own prosperity.
You know who you are?
Jeremiah Smith.
Jeremiah, Jeremiah Smith?
Come on.
I... It was never, ever
my intention to hurt you
or your business, I promise.
No, that's right.
Because without seeing how
lucky you are to have one,
you save all the hurtful stuff
for your father.
Voicemail: You have one
voice message.
Luna Morelli, this is
your final notice
before we take court action
against you.
Hi. There's someone here
to see you.
I don't think my heart
could take...
Not him.
Come here. It's ok.
You know, one of these days
I'd love it if you told me
more about him.
I'm not trying to replace him,
but knowing who he was
will help me know who you are.
History, right?
Now, you know your mother.
She's expecting me.
So, of course she's gonna be a
little upset for about a minute.
Don't take no for an answer.
I don't know whether to get
the minestrone
or the Italian wedding soup.
I don't want to be too full
because I'm going to get
the gyro...
Mom, stop talking about food.
I can't stop.
That's what we talk about.
Why can't we just be a regular
mother and daughter
and talk about normal things?
Why is it always food,
food, food?
Because that's all that's left
to talk about.
Everything else
is a no fly zone.
You don't want to talk about
your father,
you don't want to talk
about me and Dom,
you don't want to talk.
But you have to eat, right?
Oh, my goodness.
I never thought of it like that.
When there's nothing left,
there's food.
I'm not forgetting him,
but I had to move on.
And I froze you out for it.
And maybe I thought with you
getting married,
we could end the deep freeze.
Mom, it was just supposed
to be for one week.
You weren't even supposed
to know about it
until after when...
I could explain it all to you.
You tried to explain it, but
I didn't want to believe you.
I pushed you because I wanted us
to be like we used to be.
So, I could finally say yes.
He's been asking me for a year.
He thought the jig was up
when he ran into you
outside the jewelry store.
But I can't accept
if you're not on board.
Oh, Mom.
Of course I'm on board.
That's wonderful.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
I'm sorry for making it so hard
for you to move on.
I'm sorry for pretending
the museum was fine.
For pretending to be engaged.
I'm so sorry for pretending
to be in love.
I'll accept your apology,
for all but one.
I know you, and I know
you weren't pretending.
He's all wrong.
He's privileged, he's selfish.
Never in a million years
would I bring Jackson Valentine
home to meet Dad.
Are you sure about that?
I want to show you something.
But there weren't any more.
How did you know that was there?
I told you, I'm good at
keeping secrets.
I was supposed to save it for
when you walked down the aisle.
"So this is it.
Your big day.
"If you're reading this,
"it means I'm not there to
personally walk you down the aisle
"I would give anything
to see you right now.
"You look beautiful.
"Now, I love your necklace,"
"but I hope you swapped your
ship pendant just for today."
"I hope that when you get
to the end of that aisle,
"you're looking at someone
who brings out the best in you.
"Someone who makes you laugh,
"who helps you carry in all
those rusty old artifacts.
"Like father, like daughter,
"Someone who knows what a wonder
you are and supports your dream,
"because the only thing I ask,
"is that today, and every day,
"you are happy.
"Follow your heart.
"Do the things that make you
feel excited about being here
"on this incredible planet.
"And I promise you, it'll always
lead you to treasure."
"With love, Dad."
Come here.
I love you. I love you.
This just arrived for you.
All my dad wanted was for me
to be happy.
I feel awful because
I haven't been.
Not for a long time.
Ever since I stopped writing,
when the museum started taking
up more and more of my time.
There's something else
I haven't been seeing.
You've always been
the real maid of honor.
Not just for me.
But for the Maritime Museum.
You have never once faked
anything about your passion
for my father's museum.
For your museum.
If I'm gonna finish
that last chapter
and get it back to my publisher,
I'm going to need a lot
more time to write.
I hope you'll come
to my book event.
Well, actually you're kind
of running it.
If you're up to it.
Yes! Yes!
We're manifesting.
I don't think I've ever
seen you like this.
Why don't you just call her?
I can't. It's totally backfired.
Everyone hates me.
That... that journalist won't
even write about me anymore.
I thought you said you wanted
to do right, not be right.
Hey, Dad.
So look, um, until I met Luna
I never understood
the importance of legacy.
Like our family business.
I've decided to give up
on the board seat.
Yeah, I have some other ideas
that I want to pursue
and I might make
the side company
more of a front and center
kind of thing.
I appreciate that.
The thing is, I might have
backed you in the end.
I've been watching you,
and I realized if I could feel
even half as passionately
as you do
about the things you believe in
then well, maybe the bottom line
isn't so important.
Things are going well enough
that maybe it's time to think
like the old days.
Like with the lighthouse.
Here's the thing, though.
You've always put your ideas
above all else,
and at times it has cost you.
I know.
The question is, can you let
those go a little?
Start thinking like
a businessman?
You're finally willing to give
the start-ups a chance?
Dad, with our technology,
they will succeed.
I'm talking the Ocean Can,
and Sea Legacy, Coral Caring.
The research and projections
that I have are amazing.
They really are.
I was talking about the girl.
You know, I was only pushing
you because I believe in you.
But I'm also sort of known
for my pushiness.
Even with a push, I guess
I wasn't ready to hear it.
Well, lucky for me, now you are.
I'm sorry about you and Jack,
but if it's all right by you,
I was wondering if you'd
still like to be sisters.
Welcome, everyone.
Before we begin our reading
of "Through the Water",
we have an introduction
from the author writing
the book's forward,
Ms. Imogene Heron.
It's no mean feat that a work
of non-fiction
has taken me through
the gamut of emotions.
All while informing me of
our precious local history.
I sincerely congratulate Luna
on this special book
and I look forward to seeing it
in print soon.
Now, without further ado,
I give you author and historian,
Luna Morelli.
I've always said history
is important
because it makes you aware of
all the precious things
you need to hold onto.
But now I know, if you cling
too tightly to the past,
you risk missing what's
right in front of you,
in the here and now.
I've kept this book buried
in a drawer for years
because I was afraid, taking
time away from this museum.
And I didn't know how
it would end.
A really good friend
tried to tell me this
and I wouldn't listen.
History isn't just in my hands,
it's in all our hands.
I know it now.
Change will come.
And our treasures won't be lost.
Here, here.
From now on, these treasures
will be in the hands of
Ms. Angelina Robinson.
Angelina has been...
Is that a light?
Angelina has been
the backbone...
Excuse me.
Time and tide wait for no man.
So, when did you know?
It was when you cried over
the microfiche.
It was when you asked me to
marry you, holding a clam shell.
It's when you wrote
the best history book
that I've ever read.
It was when you asked
to get to know my dad.