The Engineer (2023) Movie Script

[suspenseful music playing]
[distorted Arabic vocal]
[telex machine clicking]
[speaking Arabic]
["Let Me Go"
by Honey Riot playing]
[speaking Arabic]
[mournful Middle Eastern music
[car hood creaks]
[speaking Arabic]
[engine idles]
[speaking Hebrew]
[radio chatter indistinct]
[speaking Hebrew]
[engine revs]
[suspenseful music playing]
[bus rumbles]
[speaking Hebrew]
[brakes hiss]
[baby fussing]
[speaking Hebrew]
[speaking Hebrew]
[dramatic music
with Arabic vocals playing]
[screaming in Arabic]
[car alarm wails]
[electronic pop music playing]
[door creaks]
[deep sigh]
You know,
they're all here for you.
I don't care.
- You don't?
- [mumbles]
What about presents?
Do you care about presents?
A little.
What about... cake?
There's a cake?
Yeah. Of course
there's a cake.
Mm... I don't know.
- Then I don't care.
- I mean,
it could be chocolate.
Your mother knows
how much you love chocolate.
She also knows
how much I hate parties.
Look where we are.
Why don't you
just come with me?
We'll go, we'll see
what the cake situation is.
No. Everyone always
messes up my hair,
they pinch my cheeks.
It's annoying.
Well, I-I promise
to protect you.
No one will even get
close enough
for a handshake.
They'll come close, I'll--
take out the gun on 'em
right there.
[mock shouting]
Get out! Get!
How many presents
did you see?
Enough that I can
call it a pile.
- It's that big?
- Yeah!
- Really?
- You ready?
- Yeah.
- All right. Come on.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, Adam!
Happy birthday.
Thanks, man.
- Hey--!
- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!
- What?
- You don't have
any authorization.
Oh, and how do I get
- Cake.
- Cake?
Huh. What flavor?
Huh. I'll see
what I can do.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
to you
- [pager beeping]
- Happy birthday, dear Adam
Happy birthday to you.
[news broadcast theme]
[female TV anchor
speaking Hebrew]
[sirens wail]
[Hebrew spoken on TV]
[female anchor in Hebrew]
[doorbell dings]
[man speaking Hebrew on TV]
It was him.
Norit, I'm sorry
for interrupting
your party like this.
It was already interrupted.
Are you here
to take Etan back?
You suspended him
for doing his job,
- but now look what happened.
- Norit, please.
Go inside.
Can we talk in private,
Yeah. Come on in.
She's right, you know.
The streets are
getting covered
in body parts,
and we're sitting
on our hands.
Well, that's why I'm here.
Prime Minister called.
He asked me to put
all hands on deck,
especially yours.
So, you need me now.
I need you
to follow orders.
I don't follow orders?
You beat a man
within an inch
of his life, Etan.
He was gonna talk.
He was gonna die.
Look. There were
Americans on the bus.
We really
don't want them involved.
After what happened,
you really think the guys
are gonna want the American
back on the team?
American? You moved here
when you were 16,
you served
in the Israeli Army.
You're Israeli.
Believe it or not,
that's not how they see it.
Well, that's the way
we see it.
How many dead?
A lot more hurt.
Where are the guys?
Waiting for orders.
All right. I'm gonna go
back inside.
Hey, Etan...
I need you.
Israel needs you.
Well, right now,
my son needs me.
[playful yelling]
- What happened?
- Pack your bags.
You're goin' to Marseille
to stay with your sister.
[scoffs] I'm not going
No, it-it isn't safe
for you here, Norit.
It's not safe.
This is my home, Etan!
This is our home.
Listen, the bombings
are getting closer.
The next one could be
right outside our door,
or worse.
I'm not running.
Are you?
They're taking me back.
- Listen...
- Good. No, good.
They were stupid to let you
go in the first place.
If anything were to happen
to you or Adam...
No... listen to me.
- Remember
who you married. Hmm?
- I know.
So, if we want our proposal
to make any kind of impact,
it's gonna need money
and elbow grease.
And luckily, I'm prepared
to give a lot of both.
- [indistinct whispers]
- What is it?
[whispering continues]
[man] Are you all right,
Excuse me. Excuse me.
You better give me
more than that, please.
but how do you know?
Can-can you just bear with me
for a second, okay?
Um, are you sure
that she was on the--
on the bus?
She's been identified?
No, I'm gonna
get involved in this.
No, don't tell me I can't!
Don't tell me.
[phone beeps]
What'd they say, sir?
Are they bringing her home?
I need you to call someone.
Anyone. Who?
Call Avi. Call him.
Call Avi.
We can't come back
from this.
[phone beeps]
I'm very sorry
for your loss, David.
I'm sorry for your loss.
- Really.
- [sobbing] Thank you.
[telex machine clicking]
How are you liking
your new job, Avi?
Keepin' you outta trouble?
"Like" may be
a little bit of a stretch,
but it's, uh, it's work.
Avi... I need a favor.
I strongly suggest
you take a moment
and choose your next words
very carefully, David.
I want you to find out
who did this to my daughter.
That's all? Information?
And I want them dead.
There it is.
No, no, no, no.
the minute you stepped
on American soil,
you were
on the government's
Old friends
became new problems.
And when you got mixed up
with all that bullshit,
there was no one to help you
get out. No one.
Okay? You'd be rotting
in some prison
or a shallow grave,
- if it wasn't for what I did.
- I know...
what I owe you.
Made some bad choices, David.
We all have.
And those choices
left a lot of dead bodies.
Like I said...
we all have.
You remember her,
don't you?
I do, I do.
What do you need?
I gotta go get
a team together,
and the guys I have in mind,
they don't come cheap.
I hate having to ask you this.
Please believe that.
We'll find him, David.
I promise.
[small sob]
["Walking In My Sleep"
by Lionel Cohen
and Stefani Valencia playing]
[mock rage] Give me
all your money and your watch!
- [yells]
- [laughing] Avi!
[telex machine clicking]
[Levi speaks Hebrew]
- It's really you?
- It's really me.
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
I just came to visit you!
What am I doing here?
Good to see you.
Good to see you!
Good to see you.
Love the... scruffy look.
It's crazy to see
the streets of Tel Aviv
like this, huh?
The work,
it sucks right now.
There was another bombing
eight days ago.
People are afraid
to leave their homes.
And that's why you're here.
[speaking Hebrew]
You're interested?
I thought driving a cab
would be a nice change,
you know?
I don't get into any gunfights
driving people to their homes.
Now... there's
no real difference
between walking through
a war zone and driving
into one.
Is that a yes?
What do you need?
Not much.
Is he here?
No... no.
All right. Let's go.
[Middle Eastern music playing]
[Muslim prayers on loudspeaker]
[boy shouting]
All right...
you ready for this?
[humming "Smoke on the Water"]
- What?! Uh--
- [laughing]
[telex machine clicking]
[Tamas groans]
Okay, let's go again.
Come on.
[telex machine clicking]
[sighs, laughs] Nah.
Last one!
[sighs] Nah, had enough.
- Anything?
- Nothing.
Yakov said to sit tight.
Yeah, Yakov said
a lot of things.
[suspenseful music playing]
[knocking on door]
Who is it?!
[Etan] Pizza!
We nearly killed you.
What are you doin' here?
Getting back to work.
Yakov authorized it?
Yakov ordered it.
Then why didn't he tell us
you were coming?
[sighs] I think he just wanted
to savor that sweet surprise.
It's not the best time
for surprises, Etan.
Hey. I know.
I know, okay?
What do we have?
His wife's house,
just like you suggested
well, before you left.
[telex machine clicking]
- The wife's house, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, he still
hasn't showed, though.
Oh, he'll show.
So, what do we do,
just sit?
- Yeah, for now. Just...
- [lighter clicks]
- get a little time to think.
- Yeah, take your time.
It's not like there's
a, uh, lunatic out there
blowing up Israelis.
Do you have
a problem, Tamas?
Well, as a matter of fact,
I do have a big problem.
But he's standing
right in front of me!
Eli, make some coffee.
Let's bring Etan
back to speed,
and then we can talk
about plans.
But for now,
put your dicks away
and let's get to work!
[exhales sharply]
["In The Sea"
by The Walkmans playing]
The sun will kill you.
[telex machine clicking]
I should be so lucky.
Can we go somewhere to talk?
Somewhere with shade?
I'm listening.
The Engineer.
[speaking Hebrew]
Who else is coming?
Hi, Gili.
[speaking Hebrew]
[in English] Let me think
about it over lunch.
You're buying.
[speaking Hebrew]
[speaking Hebrew]
[Avi in English]
You've grown, huh?
Do you remember me?
Does-does he
speak English?
- [speaking Hebrew]
- What?
Yeah, I speak English.
[in English]
The other question.
Can I take this to go?
No. Go order some food.
Avi's paying.
Of course.
- Well, good to see you, Avi.
Thanks for lunch.
- Good to see you.
Okay. Bye, Abba.
Bye, Noah. Bye.
Bye, Noah.
Looks like his mother,
- Looks like your neighbor.
- [laughs]
We need equipment.
Of course, weapons.
And clothes too.
And we need a new ride.
We're crossing the border.
It's good to see you, Avi.
It really is.
But I have
to ask you... why?
Not going to find him
in Tel Aviv.
I mean, why you?
Why us?
Getting paid.
What do you care?
It's the money
that's concerning me.
It's not enough?
it might be too much.
That's what's bothering me.
The old man has a point.
Someone I know...
with money and influence...
his daughter was on the bus
in Dizengoff.
Wait, so he's using his money
and influence to get revenge?
That someone... American?
Senator Adler.
So, why isn't America
sending someone?
- They sent me.
- Off the books.
Are you guys
having second thoughts?
Second, third...
Okay, in or out.
I'll find him myself
if I have to.
[speaking Hebrew]
I can get us a car,
and we can be over the border
by tonight.
I have a contact
in the Mista'arvim.
If anyone knows
what's going on in Gaza,
it's them.
Okay, we can't be noisy.
No one has to know
we're there.
Like ghosts.
That's comforting.
Gotta do one more thing.
What? To pray?
- I'll be back.
- [chuckles]
[door rattling]
Wait a second. Stay here.
[door rattling]
[doorknob rattles]
Is this how you say hello
to all your guests?
- What do you want?
- You look great.
What do you want?
I didn't come here
for trouble, so, uh--
You shouldn't
have come here at all.
Is she home from school?
- No.
- She-- hey...
- Dad?
- Hey, Suka.
What are you doing here?
He was just leaving.
- Can you stay?
- No.
You need to do
your homework.
Can you come back
I'll come back tomorrow.
Go to your room.
Hey... can I get a kiss?
I missed you.
See you later, beautiful.
She's gotten so big.
You're lucky
she even remembers you.
Don't make any more promises
you can't keep, Avi.
You're gonna
break her heart again.
And if by some miracle
you do come back tomorrow...
don't sneak up on us.
I'm sorry.
I don't care.
[distant siren wailing]
[dramatic music playing]
Tel Aviv yesterday.
After the bomb went off,
people ran to the scene
to try to help.
- Next slide, please.
- [projector clicks]
Among them
was a second bomber,
who set off a bomb
while the rescue efforts
were going on.
- Next slide.
- [projector clicks]
Twenty dead.
A third bomb was found
a couple blocks away,
- probably for a third bomber.
- [phone rings]
Okay. Shut it off.
[man over speaker] Yakov,
I have the Prime Minister
on the phone.
Put him on the phone.
I understand.
I'll have some answers for you
at the end of the week, sir.
Thank you.
Guys... all hands on deck.
I need you guys
to go to work.
- [slaps desk]
- Get this fucker, let's go!
- [birds chirping]
- [Middle Eastern music playing]
[Fanni] Abdel Nasser Issa.
One of our informants
has confirmed
that he's not only fabricating
bombs in an apartment
in Nablus,
but he's also running
an entire cell from there.
His building is here.
But our intel
is showing a half dozen
surrounding structures,
containing cell members
or some type of sympathizers.
Okay, so you're saying,
if we get spotted,
we're gonna have
the entire neighborhood
on our balls.
Well, our balls.
There's only one way
out of there,
and that's down this street.
And how do we get him?
He's gotta come to us.
Huh, why would he do that?
I intercepted a call.
He's meeting with one
of his men tomorrow night.
Zero exposure.
We wait for him to show.
And we take him.
Why are they meeting?
I didn't pick up any details.
Hmm... then there's only
one way to find out.
Good luck.
[Muslim prayer broadcast]
- Salam alaikum, Gadi.
- Ah!
- 'Ahlan, habibi, keefak.
- [speaking Arabic]
[both speaking Arabic]
[greeting one another
in Arabic]
[in English] What's the intel
you gotta tell me?
[in accented English]
Engineer is fucking hero
in these street.
Any mention of him
followed by nothing
but praise.
The Shabak
is leading the hunt.
Shabak are chasing
their tails.
Hey-hey, we're all
on the same team!
Okay, so yallah, Gadi.
Give us a name.
Let us help.
[speaking Hebrew]
Shouldn't cross path
with any Shabak
interference there.
Gadi, we can't send them there.
[speaks Arabic]
You have guns?
[Avi] Yeah. We have.
- Good. You'll need them.
- Thanks.
- [in Arabic] Yislamo,
habibi. Shukran.
- Ah.
[dramatic Middle Eastern
music playing]
[Levi] I didn't realize
how bad an idea this was
until right now.
Smugglers make
my balls itch.
How's your Arabic?
[speaking Arabic]
[both responding in Arabic]
[speaking Arabic]
[speaking Arabic]
[indistinct conversation
in Arabic]
[Avi clearing throat]
[Avi sighs]
[in English] Who are you?
[in English]
We are here to see Khader.
I know the why, but I still
don't know the who.
[lighter clicks]
What kind of business?
Our business.
Not yours.
Want to hear a joke?
We, uh, rather just wait.
Yeah, shukran.
You don't like jokes, huh?
[tense music playing]
Khader isn't coming,
is he?
- No.
- [lighter clicks]
You like jokes?
I love jokes.
My friend here has
a really good one.
Let's hear it.
[chuckling] Oh.
Yeah, that one.
[Avi] Mm. [chuckles]
It's a very good one.
- Yallah.
- It's to die for.
[suspenseful music playing]
- [engine hums]
- [crickets chirping]
- [radio crackles]
- Where are they, Fanni?
They left a while ago.
You should have visual soon.
[radio beeps]
- I got nothing. You?
- Negative.
I think I see something.
Okay, here we go.
We have a vehicle.
[Fanni] Is it him?
Okay, you guys, listen.
We have to take them now.
We've got a vehicle, but I've--
we've got no confirmation.
We need confirmation,
- [speaking Arabic]
- [beep]
Okay, target confirmed.
Target confirmed.
[dramatic music playing]
[Etan] Get your hands
on the fucking ground!
- Hands on the fucking ground!
- [Tamas speaking Arabic]
[Etan] Fanni?
Get the room ready.
[Tamas] Secured. Yallah.
[phone rings]
Peace be upon you,
my son.
[sighs] Peace be
upon you, Father.
How are you, Ayyash?
Allah's work
is not easy, my son.
How is your family doing?
I do Allah's work for them.
So they will be strong too.
You must be strong
as well.
I will.
I am only
a phone call away.
Thank you, Father.
And Allah
is with you always.
I love you.
- I know.
- Salam alaikum, my son.
Just got off the phone
with the Prime Minister.
We are not to use any force
in this interrogation.
- What?!
- My hands are tied
on this one.
There's no time, sir!
There's nothing I can do.
He's setting up
for a peace rally.
The last thing he needs
is the word to get out
that they're torturing
This guy is not
gonna crack with words.
Figure it out, Etan.
There's nothing I can do.
My hands are tied,
Do not,
and I mean do not...
use any force on this.
Call me
when you're done.
[sighs] You know what?
Take his, uh,
take his hood off.
Take his cuffs off too.
[handcuffs clicking]
You, uh,
you want a cigarette?
Tamas, give him a cigarette.
He could probably use one.
[lighter clicks]
I am not telling you
Whoa... did I ask you
to tell me anything?
That's why we're here.
You want information.
That's the only reason
I am alive.
The only reason you're alive
is that man standing
right there,
Mr. Tamas.
We know who you are,
we know what you've done,
and we know what you've been
doing in that apartment.
The question we need you
to answer now is...
"Who are you doin' it for?"
[derisive laugh]
For Allah.
Hmm. Of course.
Allah rejoices in the killing
of innocent people.
There's no such thing
as an innocent Jew.
As for Allah,
he demands justice.
And so do his people.
Where is Yehiya Ayyash?
I'm sorry, who's that?
The Engineer.
Where is he?
You tell us where he is,
and we will--
You'll what? Let me go?
We will take your testimony
into careful consideration
when deciding your sentence.
Only Allah can judge me.
[softly] We need
to push harder.
[softly] Then push.
Well, my hands are tied.
You heard what Yakov said.
I don't mean
with your fists.
[whispers] I don't know
if I can do that,
just 'cause I don't think
he's gonna crack.
[softly] We have
no choice, remember?
You know...
you're the first person
I've interrogated
for almost three months.
- I'm honored.
- [deep sigh]
Y'know, the last man
I interrogated,
I almost killed.
He was there.
I just-I let my emotions
get the better of me.
And when I realized
that he was not only
not gonna to tell me
what I wanted to know,
but that he wasn't gonna
tell me anything...
I hit him.
And then I hit him again,
and I hit him again.
And then I figured,
I'd already fucking hit him,
so I might as well
just keep hitting him.
Until he was...
barely recognizable
as a man.
I mean, the guy
looked like a Frankenstein.
It was really horrific.
He never talked.
I've replayed that day
for three months since then
on constant loop,
you know?
different questions,
different answers,
different outcomes.
And the only thing that really
keeps me up at night?
I should've killed
that fuckin' guy.
I won't make
the same mistake twice.
You don't scare me.
I'm not tryin' to scare you.
Honestly, I'm just...
tryin' to prepare you.
I am already prepared to die.
We'll see about that.
[speaking Hebrew]
- What did he say?
- Nothing yet, sir.
- So, what do we do now?
- Now, we wait.
- Leave him with his thoughts
for a while, then--
- We don't have time to wait.
I'm telling you, sir,
this guy knows
what we need to know.
And unfortunately,
there's only one way
of getting it out of him.
Etan... you know
it's not up to me,
it's up to the Prime Minister.
If it was up to me,
I'd let you off your leash.
You know that!
My hands are tied.
Are we clear?
Go back inside,
figure out what you can get!
Do you think
it's hopeless?
No. I think
there's still some hope.
I spoke to some
of our neighbors today.
They won't even step foot
in the city anymore.
Everyone's just waiting
for the next explosions.
It's scary.
The only break I get
from the news
is when Adam watches
his cartoons.
We're gonna catch him.
What, you don't believe me?
- Hmm?
- [Norit chuckles]
I hope
you catch this guy...
and get back to us, okay?
[knocking resumes]
[knocking resumes]
What the fuck?
What the fuck
you doin' here? What--?
- [Sen. Adler] Huh?
- Get in.
- What are you doin' here?!
- Inside, inside.
Are you out
of your fucking mind? Huh?
What are you doin' here?
Came to check
on your progress.
You could've called.
Well, I want to be here
when you find him.
You understand?
Any luck?
- Not yet.
- [Adler coughs]
I don't know
how you two got here,
but, uh,
I suggest you use
the same means to go
to Tel Aviv...
where the sight
of two Americans
won't be as, uh,
if you get caught.
I understand what you're saying
and appreciate it,
but we're not in Gaza,
are we?
- Oh, in Gaza.
- I've made my decision.
I want you to bring
the man responsible to me.
I want to look him in the eyes,
and I want to shoot him myself.
[Avi] And I promise you,
we will find him.
- Right?
- Mm-hmm.
He's gonna pay
for whatever he's done.
For what he did.
[speaking Hebrew]
[loudly] What don't you
Get your asses out of here.
- Gili...
- The old man is right.
They're gonna get killed
out here, or worse,
get us killed.
Look. They want to stay,
they're gonna stay.
If you don't care
about your life, fine.
But coming here right now,
this is insane.
But you bringing him?
You're not only
endangering his life,
but you're risking my life
and theirs.
You are not only
in a different country,
you're in a completely
fucking different world,
filled with people
that have lost
a lot more than--
With all due respect,
I was in Vietnam
when your asses were still
getting wiped by your parents.
All right? I'm well aware
of the dangers.
Do you have a little orange
juice or something?
- Yeah, we have water
in the fridge.
- Water in the fridge.
- Henry, please...
- If someone--
listen, listen.
If the phone rings,
don't answer.
If there's a knock
on the door, don't--
just don't fuckin' breathe.
[male anchor] News in Jerusalem.
We were told that a-a bomb
exploded on board a bus.
Uh, seems to be a bit
of conflicting information
as to whether or not
there was a bomb on board a bus
or nearby a telephone pole.
Uh, but bear this in mind:
- when all the news of Libya...
- [phone rings]
...was crossing
about five days ago,
- Hamas fired several rockets
into southern Israel.
- Hello?
- Yes, sir.
- The Israelis,
in turn, responded.
- Perhaps this is
retaliation for that.
- Thank you, sir.
- Uh, as we sort through all
the information...
- Okay.
...we're getting right now,
Reena Ninan's by telephone.
You're in Jerusalem, Reena.
What have you found out
about this?
- What's goin' on?
- Bill, this explosion...
Another bombing
in Jerusalem,
five minutes ago.
[Reena] That's the main bus hub,
right at the entrance
of Jerusalem...
Good news is, you've got
the green light.
[broadcast continues]
You can push harder now.
[speaking Hebrew]
[Reena] They don't believe
it was a suicide bomber--
- [children playing]
- [animal snorting]
[ratcheting noises]
How did Alina look?
She looked beautiful.
[gun clicks]
If you want it,
it will happen.
Oh, yeah.
That's our target.
- Khader Tarik Kassim.
- [phone rings]
That's good.
- [beeps]
- Hey...
- Is he there?
- [informant] Khader's address
is 2563 Kadesh Road.
- [gun cocks]
- [Gili] Bye.
Let's go.
Take the key.
[Muslim prayers over PA]
[bike bell ringing]
[suspenseful music playing]
Don't fucking move.
Khader Tarik Kassim?
[speaking Arabic]
bring me a chair.
[speaking Arabic]
[speaking Arabic]
[speaking Arabic]
[gun cocks]
[cries out]
[both speaking Arabic]
[in English] He went
to your children's room. Hm?
[Gili translating]
When I ring this bell...
[Gili translating]
...he will slit
their throats.
One ring, one child.
[Gili translating]
- After two rings...
- [Gili translating]
...he's gonna go to your room.
[Gili translating]
[speaking Arabic]
[Gili speaking Arabic]
[in English]
Where's the Engineer?
[speaking Arabic]
[bell rings]
[continues speaking Arabic]
[in English] Hey...
You smuggle for him. Yes?
[Gili in English]
He doesn't know.
[speaking Arabic]
- [in English]
Changes places every time.
- [continues in Arabic]
[in English] But there's
someone who doesn't change
his place.
[Gili speaking Arabic]
[replying in Arabic]
[Gili in English]
Love makes us make
stupid things,
- but there's a rumor.
- What rumor?
[speaking Arabic]
[Gili in English] Hey! Hey!
[speaking Arabic]
[Gili speaking Arabic]
[in English] What rumor?
[speaking Arabic]
[Gili speaking Arabic]
[continues in Arabic]
[Gili in English] His wife,
she's pregnant.
Is he really that stupid?
- [bell rings]
- [yells]
[Gili speaking Arabic]
[breathing heavily]
[crying out in Arabic]
[Avi] Yallah...
Let's go.
- [tense music playing]
- [receding footsteps]
[in English]
You wanna talk?
Why don't you
just talk, hm?
- [grunts, pants]
- [blood splatters]
- Talk!
- [panting continues]
[with difficulty]
School friend...
a child is coming...
the martyrs, they don't...
the martyrs, they...
they don't...
You gotta start making sense
or I'm gonna start
breaking bones.
- [breathing heavily]
- Okay?
Do you want
to fucking die?! Huh?
You don't think
I'll fucking do it?!
Where is Ayyash?!
Where is Ayyash?!
Where is Ayyash?!
- Right now, tell us!
Tell us what we wanna know!
- [coughing]
[frantic gasping]
I delivered a device
to my operative.
A vest.
- A bomb.
- Yes...
with instructions
to choose a bus at random.
[calmly] Okay. Who gave you
the instructions?
The Engineer?
He teaches others
how to do it,
how to make bombs.
Teaching where?
Where is he?
[speaking Arabic]
[speaking Arabic]
[in English]
He doesn't know.
[Tamas] What do you mean,
"He doesn't know?"
Of course he knows.
Keep goin'.
[low voice] If I keep going,
he's gonna end up telling us
that he is Ayyash.
[heavy breathing]
He doesn't know.
And? Did he crack?
- [Etan sighs]
- Crack?
Looks like
he fucking exploded.
We're back
to square nothing.
He's teaching them
how to make bombs.
Well, that's
something. Right?
No, without a "where,"
it's nothing.
He said
someone's pregnant.
You mean,
when he was half-conscious?
Do we still have eyes
on the wife's house?
The wife's house
has been really quiet.
No way he's going
back there.
The only thing
he cares about is there.
- Hello?
- [birds chirping]
How are you doing,
my jewel?
[Umm] I'm feeling pregnant.
And alone.
Look out your window.
Do you see the moon?
Yes, I see the moon.
Looking right now
at the same moon.
I'm close,
and we will be
together soon.
We will always be with you.
You know that.
I love you.
I love you.
[Avi chuckles]
You came back.
And I told you I would.
Mom said
you're not staying long.
There's, um...
I have to do
this... thing.
Is this "thing"
related to the attacks?
You shouldn't be worried
about any of that stuff.
You're a kid.
I'm 13.
And the most beautiful
13-year-old girl
in the whole wide world.
You've been gone
a long time.
Did your mom tell you?
Mom doesn't lie to me.
What did she tell you?
That you got
into trouble at work,
that you pissed off
the wrong people,
and that a US Senator
had to step in
to clean up your mess.
I guess that we were
part of that mess, too.
No, no, no.
You were never
part of any mess.
I needed you to be safe.
I needed you to be here.
I know. [gasp]
You know
that I love you.
I know...
[breathes deeply]
I know.
[deep sigh]
His heart is
in the right place.
His heart's
gonna get him killed.
Just shake the hands,
you have peace.
If only it were that easy, huh?
[distant sirens wailing]
I don't trust this guy.
We have to.
- [door creaks]
- Hey.
Where'd you go?
I went to see them.
I told you they're safe.
By doing what you did,
you're-you're ensuring
the opposite.
David, please...
I wanted to say goodbye.
If you don't get him alive...
I want proof.
- You want proof of what?
- Proof that you got him.
Look around you.
This is a regular Tuesday
for us. Look.
...recited by Jews daily...
This country's ready
to blow up on its own.
I have to know, Avi.
Keep watching the news.
You'll know.
[speaking Hebrew]
[distant sirens wailing]
Well... the problem is
we're playing cards
when we should be
playing chess.
There's no strategy involved
in these attacks.
The targets are random.
The bombs may be
but we're dealing
with a madman.
So, how do we stop him?
We need to think
like madmen.
No, we must become madmen.
- C'mon. Fuck!
- [Tamas] Please.
- We got a visitor!
- What?
Is it him? Who is it?
I couldn't tell.
- Do you get eyes
on the back door?
- No.
We gotta get out there.
We gotta get eyes on him.
Come on, guys!
[suspenseful music playing]
[speaking Arabic]
[relieved sigh]
[dramatic music playing]
- [softly] I've missed you.
- Oh!
[suspenseful music playing]
[speaking Arabic]
[whispers in Arabic]
[percussive Middle Eastern
music playing]
- [Umm yelps]
- Get down! Down, down, down!
Where is he?!
Where's Ayyash?
I'm gonna check
in the back!
- Eli, what do you got? You got
anything back there?
- Nothing.
All right.
Let's go to the back.
[speaking Hebrew]
[percussive Middle Eastern
music playing]
[whispering] Tamas...
you go that way.
Eli, you go that way.
Okay. Get back
to the safehouse.
He knows
we're tracking him.
He's gonna go straight
into the shadows now.
Fuck! Fucking rat.
[ominous music playing]
Guys, something's happening.
What is it, Fanni?
She's got visitors.
Maybe they're moving her.
We were just there.
All right. We're gonna
head back there right now.
- [Levi] What happened?
- [Gili] Surveillance cameras
all around.
- [Avi] Shabak.
- [Levi] Fuck.
[speaking Hebrew]
- [Gili] Probably.
- [Avi] Yeah.
- [Avi] Where have you been?
- [Levi] Yeah? Right here.
[Avi] You went
to the redhead again?
[dramatic music playing]
[Etan, crackling] Fanni,
we're on their tail.
We're following them.
[door slams]
What happened?
[speaks Hebrew]
- What's goin' on?
- I need a moment to think.
If they're watching the wife,
she's a dead end.
How do you know?
'Cause they would've
had him already.
Ugh, if she's pregnant,
he'd at least
be calling there,
The kid's right.
She has to know something.
[ominous music playing]
Okay, we can do
a sweep in the morning,
see if they have
any blind spots.
We gotta find a way
into the house.
- Down, down, down, down!
- [guns cocking]
Everybody get
the fuck down!
- [speaking Hebrew]
- Okay, okay, okay!
Gili... they're with us.
[speaking Hebrew]
How are you, Etan?
It's fucking Avi?
[handcuffs rattle]
Is this
fucking necessary? Huh?
You tell me.
We're on the same side.
Are we?
We're losing time.
What do you think
I'm doing here?
Again, you tell me.
Tell me
what you're doin' here, Avi.
Right outside Gaza
with a US Senator?
Are you out
of your fucking mind?
His daughter
was on the bus in Dizengoff.
If-if I could...
Permit me for a second now...
My name is
Senator David Adler.
And, uh...
as he said, my daughter
was on the bus
when this...
uh, gentleman...
I engaged Avi...
to, uh, to get
that son of a bitch.
He asked me
if I could do something.
Asked you?
Now, what did you think
you could do?
Ayyash's wife.
She's pregnant again.
You're tellin' me Yehia Ayyash--
the Engineer's wife,
is pregnant?
If we have to explain to you
how babies are made,
then we'll have
to spend here all day.
We have the house
under constant surveillance.
Well, maybe he found a way
to get into his house
and into his wife
without you knowing.
Maybe they're meeting
somewhere else.
She knows where he is.
Maybe, but she won't talk,
and there are some lines
even I won't cross.
Eli, take the senator
and his man
back to headquarters with Fanni.
I would appreciate
if you did not, uh,
involve any other authority.
I'm here
under my own jurisdiction,
no government instruction.
Right now, I'd appreciate it
if you stopped talking.
We're gonna take you back
to Tel Aviv
where we are gonna decide
what to do with you.
- Do you understand?
- Yeah.
Okay. So, let's take him
to the airport.
As far as I'm concerned,
you both owe me.
He's right, David.
Go home.
It's safer there.
Well, now we're gonna get
out of this room
and onto the street,
find any informants we can,
shake 'em down,
see what falls out.
What about them?
[deep sigh]
Well, they're gonna
help us now.
Right, Avi?
Etan... we're real close.
Good. I hope you're right.
Tamas, uncuff 'em.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
[handcuffs rattle]
[crowd clamoring]
[news anchor]
Truly shocking news
from the Middle East tonight.
Israel's prime minister,
Yitzhak Rabin,
- has been assassinated.
- [whistles blowing]
An evening spent
dreaming of peace turns into
a national nightmare.
[man speaking Hebrew on TV]
The assassin has taken
yet another world leader
away from us.
It was just after the biggest
peace rally in Tel Aviv...
Prime Minister Rabin
wanted peace most of all.
As do I, as do all of you.
But the change
that needs to be made
is not an easy one.
There will be more blood.
There will be more war.
But we will bring about change.
And we'll attain it.
I truly believe this.
This "engineer..."
I don't want you to capture him.
This man is a symbol.
With every bomb goes off,
a message is sent to our people
that their safety
cannot be guaranteed,
their lives cannot be protected.
Well, it's time to send
a message of our own.
Yes, sir.
Hamas is a snake
with many heads.
We cut off these heads,
and the beast will fall!
[tense music playing]
[speaking Arabic]
[in English]
I hope it's in your liking.
You will have
complete privacy here.
And if you need anything,
anything, just ask me
and I will bring for you.
I like it.
what I need
is your discretion.
Of course.
And a phone.
I will bring for you.
Your phone.
[keys jingle]
You need anything?
- Thank you.
- It's pleasure.
Yallah. Salam alaikum.
Wa alaikum assalam.
This tenant was so crazy,
asking all of this weird stuff.
[laughing] Wow,
what a stressy week.
Nephew, what is it?
What are you
so stressed about?
A tenant, he is
requesting a phone.
What tenant?
I can't say.
Okay, okay, I will say.
But I need
your discretion, Uncle.
is it a girl again?
No, no.
It's an old classmate.
- And he pays?
- Yes.
Tayyib, it doesn't matter.
A classmate, not classmate,
a boy, a girl. But why
are you so stressed?
It's him.
Who's him? What him?
The Engineer.
It's him.
I told you.
We were in the same class.
You're certain it's him?
It has to be here somewhere.
You're turning the place
upside down for a hunch?
It's all
we have left, okay?
Look, we need
to rethink this.
Issa wasn't lying
about Ayyash's wife
being pregnant.
- So?
- So, he mentioned
a school friend, okay?
There has
to be a connection.
You gave him
fucking brain damage.
All right?
We've been over everything.
His schoolmates either seem
to be dead or better off dead.
What about this guy, Osama?
He was at least
in the same class as Ayyash.
Look who his uncle is.
[speaking Hebrew]
Okay. It was a good hunch.
[speaking Hebrew]
Taking our keffiyahs,
armed to the teeth.
It's just
like old times, huh?
Yeah. You know,
no bullshit?
Our years in the Mossad were
some of the best of my life.
Maybe when we get home,
when we're done,
- get a few beers,
grab the mangala.
- Oh, maybe.
It depends if your grilling
has improved or not, though.
Appreciate you...
letting us join the fight.
This is
all our fight, brother.
[dramatic music playing]
[door creaks]
[whispering prayers]
Hello, Kamal.
Don't fucking move.
What do you want?
I don't have any!
I have rooms, if you want.
I have five available.
You're very popular, Kamal.
I have my reputation.
How many wives
do you got, Kamal?
Please... I know nothing.
But perhaps if you
can give me something...
I can give you something.
What do you want?
Israeli papers,
for me and my wives?
Why don't you start
with telling us
this "something"
that you think you know,
and we'll make sure
that nobody knows
that you're friends
with the Shin Bet?
W-we're not friends!
Well, I mean,
we can let your people
decide what we are.
And just think of what that
will do to your reputation.
Please. Y-you will have
to promise me
that nothing will happen
for-for me or to my family!
You'll be safe.
[Avi] Mm-hmm.
You and your wives.
He's here.
[speaking Hebrew]
[back pats]
[Etan] You have to get us
his phone.
- What for?
- Surveillance.
[Kamal] Please, I don't want
to cause him any harm.
Not to him, not to my nephew,
and not to myself.
[Etan] No, no.
Okay, I will do this.
But only this.
Okay. Okay,
great. Great.
Avi! Tamas!
Come on in here.
Keep an eye on him.
[Etan] We plant a bomb
in the phone.
The next time he gets a call
from his father, we detonate.
We gotta confirm
that it's him first.
We'll get a sample
of his voice beforehand.
[speaking Hebrew]
Etan, Fanni's on it.
We'll get a confirmation
of his voice,
and I'll get back to you.
- [static]
- [Yakov] Eli, Etan's
bringing you a phone.
You have about 45 minutes
to put a bomb in it.
[speaking Hebrew]
[dramatic music playing]
[muttering in Arabic]
in order for us
to make sure
that we record him,
you gotta make sure
that he answers this phone
and this phone only.
Do you want me to cut the line
of the phone in his apartment?
Yeah, that's perfect.
[suspenseful music playing]
What happened to your room?
I have lost it.
What, your mind?
My phone.
It must be here
I have looked everywhere.
It's hopeless.
Look for it over there,
maybe you will find it.
It's hopeless.
I have failed him.
Ah! There it is.
It was here on the floor.
[relieved sigh]
- You saved me, Uncle.
- [chuckles]
I'm forever in your debt.
[Kamal] You're always
in my debt.
[Kamal speaking Arabic]
[knocking resumes]
Who is it?
- Salam alaikum.
- Come in.
I bring you your phone.
- [shoulder slap]
- Thank you, Osama.
You okay?
Yes. Alhamdullilah.
Yallah. Salam alaikum.
[door opens]
[door closes]
It would've been great to have
some eyes inside the building,
but we'll make do.
So now, we wait.
[door opens]
[coin clinks]
Fanni, we're here.
Are you ready?
[suspenseful music playing]
[phone rings]
It's him.
[Ayyash] Hello?
How are you, my son?
I apologize
for calling you so early.
- [Ayyash] Is everything okay?
- [beeping]
- It's him.
- Everything is fine.
Aiwa. I miss you, my son.
[Fanni] It's him.
Must've been very scary.
Do it.
Do you want to tell me about it?
[tense music playing]
Didn't work.
[speaking Arabic]
It didn't work.
What do you mean,
"didn't work"?
I-I-I don't understand.
Let's just go in
and take him out, Avi.
We need to get
that phone back.
What happened, Eli?
I'm not sure.
It could have been anything.
Um, I-I can tell you
once we get our hands on it.
- [radio beeps]
- Do it.
[speaking Hebrew]
How do we get it back?
We can't risk
the uncle getting caught.
[Yakov] I have an idea.
So let's see if Kamal
can take Osama
on a helicopter ride.
Cell phones are not allowed
on helicopters.
We do not want to go
into his location.
Eli's right.
We need to bring it back.
Okay, so we get it back.
- We better get it back.
- We get it back!
Let's do it.
Let's do it!
Yallah, Gili.
I'm sorry, guys.
- Salam alaikum.
- Wa alaikum as-salam.
- Mr. Hamad?
- Aiwa. Please, come in.
[Kamal in English] Welcome.
How are you?
[in English] I'm good.
How are you?
Wonderful. Um, please,
grab something to eat.
Perhaps when we return?
Because, uh, helicopters
and full stomachs
don't go
really well together.
Oh, yes, yes.
And, uh, your nephew?
Is he still coming?
Eh, yes. Just a second.
[telex machine clicking]
[Yakov] Etan, here's the plan.
They're on the way
to the heliport.
You stay close.
Eli, you go to the airport,
grab the phone.
You're gonna have
about a half an hour.
[suspenseful music playing]
Um, I'm sorry,
but no electronics
allowed in a helicopter.
I need your phones.
You'll get it back
when we return.
Don't worry.
And your phone.
Yes, Fanni?
We have someone
leaving the house.
I cannot get an ID.
This could be anyone.
All right,
let's get a closer look.
- Finally.
- C'mon, let's go.
Step on it.
Yallah, yallah!
Is it him?
It's not him...
It's not him.
Hey, let's get outta here.
C'mon, c'mon.
[suspenseful music playing]
[birds chirping]
- [speaking Hebrew]
- Thanks.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Eli] Right.
[groans] There it is.
Be very careful with it,
though, okay?
Easy. Slowly.
Slowly, yeah.
[guard] Hello.
Fanni, what's going on?
Where is everyone?
We thought we saw Ayyash.
Etan and the others
went after him.
- Was it him?
- No, sir.
- Wasn't him, wasn't him.
- I know, I know, I know!
Okay, where is everyone?
They're heading back
to the apartment building.
[sighs, groans]
[Osama] Wow, wow, wow...
[speaks Arabic]
Yes! You enjoyed it,
- This was amazing. Yes!
- Yes?
[coin clinks]
- It's ringing.
- Okay.
It's ringing.
- One day, if you work
hard as me--
- [phone rings]
One moment. Hello?
[Ayyash's father] Ayyash?
Okay, okay.
I must go.
Fanni, get the Senator
on the phone.
- [phone ringing]
- [beep]
- Hello?
- [Yakov] Listen, Senator.
Hold on.
Stay with us.
[knocking on door]
Who is it?
[speaking Arabic]
- Hello?
- Yes, father.
I hope inshallah
to see you soon, my son.
[Ayyash] I know, father.
- More nightmares?
- [beeping]
We lost him.
I don't have confirmation.
Do you have eyes on him?
[Etan] We don't.
I don't know
if he's still on the phone.
Etan, I need a visual
before he disappears on us.
This'd be the last time
we get him.
All right, we should be able
to get a clear view of that room
from the roof over there.
And keep
the engine running.
Just like old times.
All right, go, go, go, go!
[dramatic music playing]
[tires squealing]
Okay. I'm goin' up.
I'll stay here.
All right.
How is the kids?
Yes, father.
[boy speaking Arabic]
[dog barking]
No sign of him yet.
I don't think he's moving.
I know, father. I know.
[urgently] It's him.
It's him, it's the Engineer!
Do it.
Hello? Hello?
- [car alarm wails]
- [honking]
[shouting] Hello!
Hello, ya Ayyash!
[dramatic music playing]
[receiver clatters]
[speaking Arabic]
Let's get the fuck out of here.
[speaking Arabic]
[shouting in Arabic]
[tires screech]
[engine roars]
[Avi] Gili...
- Etan, what's the status?
- [beep]
We lost Gili.
- [grunting]
- [Etan] Oh, fuck.
Sara... [groans]
- [tense music playing]
- [distant sirens wailing]
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck, oh, fuck.
Fuck! Oh, fuck.
We lost Avi as well.
Oh, fuck...
oh, fuck... oh, fuck!
[weeping] Oh, fuck...
oh, fuck!
[sobs] Oh, fuck,
oh, fuck, oh, fuck.
[mournful music playing]
That's it.
It's done. It's over.
- Hmm.
- [Yakov] We lost
two good men.
- Was one of them Avi?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
[engine hums]
[speaking Arabic]
- [explosion]
- [glass shattering]
[haunting pop music playing]