The Entitled (2022) Movie Script

[celestial music continues]
I'm gassy.
I feel like
I need to poop.
And I kind of
I feel like throwing up too.
Don't worry. They're really kind.
Do I look good, huh?
See my belt?
I'm just not wearing socks.
I wasn't able to wash them.
Why don't you look at me?
Why? Do I stink?
Did you think that I wasn't ready, huh?
[clears throat]
Are we there yet?
We're so far from the gate already.
I can't believe it.
Look at those horses.
Oh, chapel.
There's even a chapel in here.
Oi, dad's house has a chapel?
Whoa. I didn't know
my father is really rich.
I can't believe it.
I'm so--
-[Jacob] Hmm?
-[Belinda] The
The driver
spat outside.
[Belinda grunts]
-Let me get that for you, ma'am.
-No, I got it.
-No, ma'am. I insist.
-All right, thanks.
[girl] I can't help it.
-Hurry up. Your family is waiting for you.
-Oh, no.
They have a new one.
I just need, I just need a new one.
I can't use it anymore.
'Cause my storage is full.
Come on, Dad.
Go on. Talk to them.
It's okay.
All the things you've done for us,
I'll always be grateful for your service.
Come on, Dad.
I don't ask for a lot.
I just want a new phone.
I missed you so much, Daddy.
I really appreciate
that you looked for me.
I've waited so long for this moment.
Thank you, I'm so glad that you found me.
Belinda. Be--
Do you know what, Dad?
I never thought this day would ever come.
-I'm so happy.
I didn't expect that you look
just like my neighbors.
-I knew that I really feel the connection.
-Belinda, wait, wait. Just a second.
-Wait, wait, wait. Come here.
Come here.
That's not your father.
This guy's not my dad?
Then why were you crying too?
My kid just passed away, I just resigned.
Oh, condolences.
Welcome home.
Did you hear
what I said a while ago?
-Uh, yes.
-That was supposed to be for you.
-Finally. Belinda.
The family is complete now.
-Your dad has been looking for you.
I'm so glad that you're finally here.
I'm your Auntie Matilda.
Ah. Caitlyn.
Come here.
This is your sister, Caitlyn.
Hi. Ah.
-Where are your shoes?
-I left them over there because--
-Oh, my gosh. This is gold.
Oh, my god.
I left them outside because they were,
they were
-Caitlyn, stop it.
-kinda dirty.
Um, maybe Belinda is just used
to a different culture.
-Don't make fun of your sister.
See, they're dirty. You will have
a hard time cleaning the floor.
Yes, madam?
Why don't you show Belinda around?
Maybe she wants to see her room.
Yes, madam.
Come on. Let's go.
Hi, attorney.
Come on, silly.
You really look just like my neighbors.
I'll introduce you to the fishball vendor.
They are whoa.
You're the kind I wanna be with.
-You're just like us.
-Well, we'll see you later, Belinda.
This is your room.
Whoa. Are you sure?
I can't believe it. It's so big.
-This is my bed? This?
-Please be careful with the facilities.
-Hey. Hey.
Are we gonna share this room?
You can stay there and I could stay here.
With SiraXa.
SiraXa, lights on.
I do not understand your command.
This is the problem with SiraXa.
Lights on.
Turning the lights on.
Hmm. Hmm.
Psst. Who's that?
Please just call me
when you're done freshening up.
Hey, wait, who's that SiraXa? Hey!
Oh. Hello?
Hi. How may I help you?
I'm SiraXa. I respond
when you say my name.
Is that you, SiraXa?
There are lots of things
that we can do together.
We can play games. We can--
[Siraxa voice distorts]
You're dead.
Hah. Hah.
What's taking so long?
Can we start eating?
Sweetie, let's just wait for your sister,
Oh, my gosh.
Whoa. You waited for me?
-[Matilda] Take a seat.
-[Caitlyn sighs]
I didn't know that you waited for me.
Why didn't anybody call me? Oh, you.
Maybe she just enjoyed so much
because she and SiraXa are close now.
So how's SiraXa, ma'am?
-She's gone now.
What happened to your arm?
Ah, this one?
It was because of the
It's because of your shower.
It's so high-tech. It's looks
imported. It has a lot of buttons.
And when I pressed one of the buttons
It was so hot.
You can used it for coffee.
I got hit first.
Oh, you poor thing. Ah
Nanny, please give Belinda
some burn ointment for her arm, okay?
-Copy, ma'am.
-No need to call me ma'am.
Call me Mommy.
Okay, Mommy.
She's talking to me, not you.
I don't know what she's talking about.
But if you're not comfortable,
you can call me Auntie.
I'll just call you Auntie.
I'm still a little shy.
But you know what, I've never seen
a bathroom like yours.
I used that huge white basin,
the one for laundry.
I washed everything.
My panties, my bras, my dirty socks.
I washed everything.
You know, I'm thinking we could wash
our neighbors' laundry too.
We can make a lot of money.
Your laundry area is so big.
Laundry area?
The white one in the bathroom.
-You don't have to do that.
Just give your dirty clothes
to Nanny Monina.
And we will just buy new clothes for you.
Can we start eating already?
-Yeah, let's, let's eat. Please, come on.
This is all for us?
Is this the last supper?
Then we know who Judas is.
She's Judas.
You're so funny.
I like you.
I didn't know what you wanted to eat,
so I had the chef cook all of this.
Well, then
Since it's here already, I'll devour it.
All for you and all for me, okay?
Let's eat.
Looks like you're not choosy
when it comes to food.
You got it.
Hey, wait.
Don't eat it first.
I think the meat wasn't cooked properly.
It's still bloody.
Oh, my gosh. That's steak.
Ever heard of medium rare?
Hey, this is not a medium.
This is large already.
-It's actually XL.
Monina, just ask them to cook it
till it's well done. Okay?
Okay, sir.
Oh. No, no, it's fine.
I eat blood stew anyway.
-I will make it well done.
-No, don't worry about it.
-I will make it well done.
-It's really fine.
I'll just eat it as it is.
-I will make it well done.
-Well, do it.
-[Belinda] Uh
Excuse me, sir. I'm very sorry.
You look like a bulldog.
Don't worry. They're just gonna give you,
uh, another one.
-Oh, have some pasta first.
Whoa, this pasta looks good.
What's this green stuff on it?
Is this malunggay?
I've never seen anything like it.
Because from where I'm from,
it's just pancit canton,
bihon, malabon, or sometimes luglog.
But since malabon has thick noodles,
it's the best one.
This is also pretty thick.
Uh, uh
Mm! Oh, wow. This is so good.
I've never tried anything like this.
It's so good.
It doesn't taste like stale food.
This is better. It's so good.
You're crazy.
You want a kiss?
My father's right in front of us.
Come on now.
He wants a kiss. You want a French kiss?
-You have something on your teeth.
[Matilda] You're so funny.
Belinda, I was looking for you
all over your room.
What are you doing here?
Why? Am I not allowed to stay here?
Back in Nalapok,
we could stay outside to get some air.
Is that bad?
Not really.
-But then
I forgot to give you my welcome gift.
Welcome home.
Wow. Seriously?
This is really mine?
That's yours.
This is so nice. Thank you so much.
This is mine now, okay?
You won't take it back.
Oh, no, I won't, I won't.
-That's yours now.
-This is so nice..
I know that all of this is new to you, so
Not just new.
This is out of this world, Dad.
You know what, Belinda,
you have to get used to it.
Because this is your life now.
I think it's probably because I'm not yet
used to having a father.
Look, I'm sorry.
As much as I want to, I can't take back
all those years that we weren't together.
But then
I can still make it up to you, right?
I just wish that my Mother
was still alive.
I'm sure that she's happy
that we're finally together now.
I hope so.
If she's mad, maybe her ghost
would have visited me a long time ago.
I don't think so.
She's right there behind you, smiling.
I didn't know you were scared of ghost.
[upbeat music]
[grunts, snarls]
Ma'am Belinda, your breakfast is ready.
[door closes]
-Ma'am. [gasps]
-[Belinda snoring]
What's happening to this girl?
[Monina gasps]
[dramatic thuds]
Oh, my gosh!
You like me, don't you?
Yuck. Gross.
Why were you on the floor?
I can't sleep on the bed,
it's too uncomfortable.
I'm used to sleeping on the floor.
Your breakfast is ready.
Are we gonna have breakfast in bed?
Hey, this is not a hotel?
We eat in the kitchen.
Her breath stinks.
Good morning, Dad.
Hey, where's my dad?
He left early with Ma'am Matilda.
-And Caitlyn?
-She's still asleep.
So this is all for me?
No one's even gonna join me?
I won't be able to finish all of this.
Come on, join me.
I can't eat yet. I'm on IF.
Oh, my gosh,
you don't even know what IF is?
Intermittent fasting.
All right, fine, but sit beside me.
I still have a lot of questions
to ask you.
I want you to tell me
what my father's interests are.
What does he like?
Does he like Raffy Tulfo?
Is it YouTube CongTV or Jamill?
Or does he watch Zeinab?
Does he sing "Zebbianna"?
Just add him on Facebook.
Ah. Attorney.
Attorney, did you eat already?
Um, do you want me to join you?
Hey. You just told me
that you were on IF, right?
People change.
IF 2.0.
Intercourse Fasting.
What do you want, attorney?
Coffee, tea, or me?
No, um, thank you.
Milk tea?
Hey. Nanny, I want some milk tea.
That's my favorite.
With 100% sugar and Okinawa pearls.
We don't have milk tea!
Why aren't you prepared yet?
Anyway, this is yours.
What's this?
This is a cellphone.
What do you want in return?
My dignity?
I don't think it would cost that much.
Last night, you wanted to kiss me
now you want this?
That phone came from your dad.
Some contacts have been saved already.
Even your number?
Wow, this is really nice.
Attorney, help me out.
I don't know how to use it.
Where's the camera?
That's easy. I'll show you.
There. Come here.
Let's take a selfie. I'm photogenic.
-Look, you won't notice my blemishes now.
-Let's just take a selfie.
-This camera makes me look good.
My blemishes are unoticeable.
Come on.
-Why do we have to--
-It's a selfie. Come closer to me. There.
Sniff my head.
Come a little bit closer.
Another one.
Yeah. Okay. Get ready now.
We have to go somewhere.
Why are you so awkward?
Aww You like me, don't you?
Ooh, you're all giddy. You're probably
thinking about me earlier
while you were touching yourself.
What the hell? Please watch your words.
Okay. Get off?
Do you want me to say "jack off"?
You're so rude.
What do you want me to say?
"Whack off"? "Jack stone"?
Wait. Before this conversation
gets out of hand.
I'm here because I'm gonna bring you
to your dad's office.
You know your dad, right?
He's the president and owner
of Buenavista Hotels.
Duh, of course.
I was with him last night. I "know" that.
Everybody looks up to him,
so please,
don't talk and act like that
in front of people.
See you in a minute.
-I need to finish this.
-The game begins
-in three
-I've seen this with Luis Manzano.
-A Minute To Win It?
[stomach grumbles]
What's wrong?
Jacob, my tummy really hurts.
Because you ate too much.
I really didn't think
that it will be this big.
Hey, you're wearing the same color
as them. Is that your uniform?
Come on. Your dad's waiting for us.
Oh, it's so nice. It's really so classy.
I like it. I feel like I'm in the States.
This is just one of the hotels
that your father owns.
Sir Enrico is a good businessman,
that's why all of his businesses
But the problem is
he forgets to eat on time
or even have enough sleep
because of his loaded schedule.
He actually needs more people
to help him manage his hotels
and lessen his workload.
Really? Then why don't they get
Auntie Matilda?
There's a reason why
he was looking for you.
Maybe because he was thinking
that you can help him run
some of his businesses.
But that won't be easy.
You're talking to Belinda Nalapok.
I can do that.
Of course I'm gonna help him.
He's my father.
-There's nothing I can't do.
-Well, if that's the case,
from now on, you should be familiar
with everyone here in the hotel.
-They're gonna be under you.
-Here's my ID. Check it.
It's as if you don't know me.
I'm here almost every month.
Where's your manager?
-Can you handle it?
-I want to speak with your manager.
I swear to my Louis Vuitton collection
I threw up on your shoe.
I know.
Are you okay, dear?
How are you feeling?
Don't worry, I'm fine.
It's attorney's fault.
He said, "You have a minute to win it."
So I ate it all.
Oh, dear.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to have to apologize to you.
I know I promised
that I will make it up to you.
But I have to go to China.
I have a sudden trip.
You're leaving for China? That's okay.
I really know how busy you are,
and you have a lot of things to do
these days, so it's okay.
Actually, I have been telling Enrico
to take it easy when it comes to his work.
You know, he's not getting any younger.
Especially now, his VP for Operations
just resigned from his company.
No one's helping him run his companies.
Isn't there anybody from the office
that we can promote as VP?
Dear, the HR can't find
a qualified candidate.
[Enrico] Wait.
Why don't we train Belinda?
Your Belinda?
-Mm, me? Uh
No offense, dear, but she doesn't know
anything about running the company.
Oh. Don't worry. I got it under control.
And besides, everything can be learned,
And back in Nalapok,
I can do everything at the same time.
I do the laundry, I cook, I iron,
all at the same time.
Let's give her a chance.
She can apprentice in the company
while I'm away.
Jacob can personally train her.
Of course. I'll show her the ropes.
Attorney, can you please watch your mouth?
Can't you see that my father is here?
What do you want to show me this time?
Can I see it?
-[meowing echoes]
The silence is really deafening.
No one's even talking.
Because this is a spa.
I brought you here
because I want you to relax and de-stress
before you start your training
and before you work.
Hi, ma'am.
We already have an available room.
Oh, so I'll go first.
Caitlyn, Belinda, I'll see you later.
-See you.
-This way, ma'am.
It smells good.
Do you smell that?
Smells like doves or like
those really fragrant flowers.
What could that be?
Belinda, haven't you tried
having a massage?
I know a barber that gives his clients
a massage after the haircut. Why?
Anyway, it's really different here.
Everyone has their own rooms.
And that's why Mom went ahead.
So what do you mean?
And then, when the attendant comes,
you need to ask her
where the comfort room is.
And then when you get to the comfort room,
you have to take your clothes off.
Totally naked, okay? Naked.
[playful music]
[Caitlyn] Gotcha.
[staff screaming]
Caitlyn, what's happening?
What's going on?
-Oh, my god!
-[all screaming]
That is so mean, Caitlyn.
You know what,
I'll tell your dad about this.
You shouldn't have done such a thing.
Because of that, you're grounded.
-What? Mom, no.
That was just a prank. Don't be a killjoy.
A prank? That was not a good prank.
You better delete that now.
Done. Deleted.
Oh, my god.
Oh. Um, Belinda, I'm so sorry.
You know how Caitlyn is. She's just a kid.
-And kids cause trouble all the time.
-It's fine.
Don't be mad at her.
My privates weren't seen anyway.
Just the bush.
Hey, don't cry.
It's fine. Promise.
Uh, Belinda, are you familiar
with Brazilian wax?
Ma'am, are you ready?
Take a deep breath.
I'll be asking you some questions
so that you get distracted from the pain,
One, two, three.
Ma'am, what is your favorite
Another one, ma'am.
-Okay. One, two, three
-What's your favorite vegetable?
-Bok choy.
-One more time.
-Bok choy.
What is your favorite place?
It's the pub.
Ah. Huh?
That's a lot of hair. Will this ever end?
Another one, ma'am. Another one.
What is your favorite cartoon?
Ma'am. Last question.
Who is your most favorite
Boy Abunda!
We're back.
How's my new look? How's my bangs?
Aw, thank you.
But look who's more beautiful
the new Belinda.
-[Jacob inhales]
-It's really itchy. Don't mind me.
[footsteps approaching]
When we are all free,
I'll schedule another family portrait.
With you, of course.
Oh, by the way,
I might leave early tomorrow.
I might not see you for breakfast.
Don't worry about me.
It's fine. I totally understand.
Just remember
that you can call me if you need anything.
And you don't have to follow
everything that Jacob tells you.
If you don't want to,
you can actually say no.
Dad, I'll throw up,
but I won't give up, you know.
I'm a really fast learner.
You'll see it for yourself, Dad.
You'll be proud of me.
Hmm. That's great.
This is the most recent project
of Sir Enrico.
On the left wing, we have 100 rooms.
And on your right wing,
we have two ballrooms.
The first ballroom
-can accommodate 600 maximum capacity.
-Six hundred.
Yes, and the junior ballroom,
on the other hand,
can accommodate 250 to 300
maximum capacity.
-Good luck, guys.
-Okay? It was built two years ago,
-and it was designed
-Ew. Look at that.
by Architect Rudolfo Cruz.
-So, do you have any questions?
-Wait, wait. Wait, hold on. Wait
What did you say again? From there.
Are you telling me
that since we were there,
you didn't even understand
a single thing I said?
Hey. Of course I did.
My dad owns this. Am I right?
-What else?
-Uh, ma'am, good morning.
Uh, attorney, you have a phone call
in the office.
I'm sorry. I'll be right back.
So there was 600
Oh, and one more thing.
You focus more on your training.
-All right, I got it.
-This way, attorney.
"Focus on your training."
Finally, all by myself
Some TikTok trends are about
to go down here.
How are you guys doing?
Check this out.
You don't see this in Nalapok.
We do have these,
but with a lot of catfish.
And this part over there is the Oh.
What's this?
Let's see what's inside. Hey.
This will fit you, Uncle Boy.
Hey. Are you the new intern
for housekeeping?
Intern house? What's that?
Training. What else?
-Are you the trainee?
I was training there a while ago,
I was taking down notes.
-Yes, that's me.
-Why didn't you say so?
So why are you here?
-He just left me--
-No. No, you can't do that here.
Let's go now. We have to clean the CR now.
-I'm actually, I'm just waiting for--
-Come on. Let's go now. Push this thing.
Let's go.
-Push this thing?
-Just push it.
Make it fast. All the floors
have to be spotless.
All the way there.
They have to be squeaky clean.
Where did she go?
-You need to clean the whole area.
-Is this really necessary for my training?
Well, of course, you should.
Kids nowadays.
You never run out of complaints.
Hi, attorney.
What are you doing?
Well, this girl right here,
she said this is part of my training.
I have to make these spotless
because customers here are meticulous.
Training? What training?
Attorney, she's one of our interns here.
Marjorie, do you know who she is?
-Yes, sir.
-She is Belinda Buenavista.
Enrico Buenavista's daughter.
Belinda, get up. Let's go.
-Uh, uh I'm sorry, ma'am. Sorry.
-It's okay.
-I'm sorry I didn't know.
-I'm sorry I won't be able to finish.
-We should go clean this guy, right?
-No, I got it.
-This was really my job to begin with.
-All right.
I got confused.
Next time, don't just follow anyone
you encounter, who tells you what to do,
especially when you don't even know them.
Can you calm down? What's the problem?
I don't see what the big deal is.
We always do that back home.
-So that's really fine.
-Which one?
Cleaning restrooms?
You are the daughter
of Sir Enrico Buenavista,
and you are expected to do more
than cleaning the hotel rooms.
You are not here to do menial tasks
but to superintend the hotel conglomerate,
thus, it is a requisite for you
to focus on your training
because of the ginormous expectations.
Do you comprehend?
Please don't do that again. Please don't.
You can't do that.
-Okay. I'm sorry.
-Why did you bring me here anyway?
Do you wanna do something or what?
I brought you here
because I wanted to show you this to you.
This will be your office.
My office?
This is my office?
This is mine.
That means this is my table.
And this one is my chair.
Awesome chair.
It looks like Satan's.
Burn that thing.
Burn that one.
This one too. Burn him now.
By the way,
this laptop is from the company.
Do you know how to use it?
Back home, we have this thing
called Peso Internet.
It's like a box inside the computer
and you put a coin in
so you can access the Internet.
Okay, I'll just teach you.
It's really easy.
Just open it like this,
and it's gonna turn on.
That easy.
Wow, it's like magic.
You'll eventually have your own staff
once you've settled in.
But in the meantime, we're gonna be
the ones to guide you first.
So you and Auntie Matilda
would be my staff for now.
Then who else will be here?
Don't tell me there will be another
random voice that sounds like a ghost.
I don't really wanna be alone
in this room.
I fell asleep already.
What took you so long, ma'am?
Ah. Attorney
[Monina stammers]
I'm so sorry, Attorney Jacob.
She's here because your dad asked her
to be your personal assistant.
So now if you have any requests,
things to do or to buy something,
anything you'll need,
you can just tell her.
It's good to have her around
because she's my kind,
so I'll be comfortable.
You know, back in Nalapok,
you would see this type of face a lot.
Look at her face. She looks just like
the fishball vendor back home
and our laundry lady. Look at her.
A perfect example
of a generic face.
A lot of people look like her.
She looks like a squid.
Now, for our next lesson.
It is important to know
the proper way of shaking hands.
That means when someone
is being introduced to you,
be the first one to offer your hand.
-Your hand.
-Uh You mean I have to reach out?
To someone I don't know? What?
I might end up getting robbed.
Why don't you show me
how you would shake hands
with someone you just met?
This is mine.
-[gasps] Oh, my.
-[Missy] Um, attorney, please.
Okay, so for example,
this is the first time
that you are meeting Attorney Jacob,
and I introduced you to each other.
Hi, I'm Jacob.
Jacob, your hands are as soft
as a woman's.
I mean, just look at your nails.
No ingrowns.
Do you always get a manicure?
Can you take your training seriously,
Okay, wait.
The handshake
is the universal business greeting.
That's why it's important
that in the initial meeting,
you have a good first impression.
And while you shake hands,
maintain eye contact
with the person you're shaking hands with.
Eye contact?
Because if you're looking at the eyes
of the person being introduced,
it shows that you're confident
and sincere.
Mm. There you go.
While looking at the person's eyes,
you can also smile
while you're doing the handshake.
[Missy] Belinda?
You should smile
while you're doing the handshake.
Uh, too much teeth.
Uh, let's try no teeth.
Lift to the other side
-I look constipated.
And the most important,
the handshake should be firm.
Please demonstrate, attorney.
Hi, I'm Jacob.
Firm but gentle.
Just gently.
I said use your fingers,
not your arms and not your body.
Wha Wait a minute.
Oh! This is the part of training
I was looking forward to.
It will be my first time trying this.
-It tastes so good.
-Uh, excuse me,
but when it comes to eating,
please don't talk when your mouth is full.
That wouldn't be possible.
Is she crazy?
I've been training for days now
and you want me to starve?
What am I, a little bird?
That can't be. I'm gonna eat all of this.
You can't stop me.
Have you ever eaten
in a fine dining restaurant?
Eateries, street food, noodle stalls.
You know,
sometimes our neighbor treats us.
They buy burgers.
Buy one, take one.
First bite, it's all bread.
You have to go to a restaurant.
So you can practice
and hopefully soon enough,
you will get used to it.
I really like this!
You have to come, Ms. Missy.
I wouldn't know what to order there.
-Let's go.
-Ah, no, no, no. Not me.
But attorney.
Whoa. Wait. What?
Yeah. Oh.
Please, attorney,
you have to take her to a restaurant.
Uh, we're going on a date?
No. I meant Belinda.
I got it now.
That means someone ugly is coming.
The fork was facing that direction.
It should be like this.
Oh, no.
I should be there too.
I am her assistant.
Uh No, no.
It would be better
if it's only Belinda and attorney.
Wait. Ms. Missy, are you serious?
Attorney, please.
You made her cry.
She wasn't crying a while ago.
She started crying when you got here.
-What? Me?
[Belinda sniffs]
-Sniff it.
Belinda, can you stop holding your butt?
Mind your manners.
It's because this dress they gave me
is too tight, it's giving me a wedgie.
What's wrong with that?
Don't you have a butt?
-Ew. Gross.
Trying hard.
-Can I look at yours?
Belinda, you watch.
This one
goes on your lap.
-On your lap.
-On your lap.
When you don't know what to do
and you're unsure,
just look around and carefully observe
what other people are doing.
Look at them and imitate them.
It's good.
You want some pasta?
What's that?
He rolled his eyes.
Oh. That's what you told me.
-Oh, what should I
Don't be confused
with all the cutlery you see.
Always remember, we always start
from the outermost one.
-Which one do you use?
Oh. Soup.
Remember what she taught you.
You have to scoop outward.
You scoop it.
We're gonna pay for this, right?
This is not enough.
Hey, put some more.
We're gonna pay for this, right?
Scoop gently.
Mm. So good.
Do it slowly, please.
Hi, Jacob. Is that you?
-Hi. Trixie.
How are you?
Well, I'm good. How long has it been?
Two? Three years?
When did you arrive?
Um, I arrived a couple of weeks ago.
I was meaning to call you.
But I assumed you were gonna be busy.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
Um, Trixie, this is Belinda.
-Belinda, Trixie.
Firm but gentle.
Uh Hi, Belinda. I'm Trixie.
-Um, so, uh are you Jacob's new girl?
-[Belinda's stomach grumbles]
You are so gorgeous. Oh, my gosh.
Are you a lawyer, then?
How did you two meet?
Are you dating him?
Um, I'm sorry. I asked a lot of questions.
So, um, you can ask me anything.
Anything you wanna know,
I'll be happy to oblige.
Oh, finally, it's my turn.
You're so pretty.
-Oh, thank--
-Did you get your nose done?
You also have big boobs.
-Are these real?
Are those real?
I'm sorry.
Is she your girl?
'Cause she's very
-Trixie, no.
Yes, uh,
she's the daughter of my boss.
-Oh. Okay.
-So this is all for work.
Work. Work. That's good to know.
That's good to know.
So, um
-I'll keep in touch.
-Yeah. Okay.
She got a butt job, too.
There are certain things
that you shouldn't just say to people.
Especially when you're meeting them
for the first time.
What's wrong? What did I say?
I even complimented her butt.
You're not supposed to say that.
-Fire. Fire.
-Where are you Belinda.
Oh, my god.
What did you do? My designer jacket.
-This is Prada.
-So stupid.
-I'm sorry.
Jacob, are you mad?
I didn't mean it.
Psst. Jacob
Did you really not learn anything
from everything that Ms. Missy taught you?
You are really not taking
any of this seriously.
And I'm getting involved now.
Don't you know
how embarrassed I was in there?
I'm sorry, Jacob. Okay?
It's because I was born and raised
in Nalapok.
I don't see anything wrong
with what I'm doing right now
because we're all the same there.
I don't know anything about being classy.
I'm not intelligent either.
And we don't get to eat
in restaurants like these.
I can't do that with my mouth shut
and without making a sound.
But I know it's not an excuse.
It's not a good reason for you
to feel ashamed when you're with me.
But believe me,
I'm really willing to learn.
I promise.
If that's what it takes
to please my dad, I'll do it.
Just please give me another chance.
Especially you, Jacob.
I need a little more patience and
a little more time to learn all of this
if that's okay.
Uh, this is for a soup.
I know what is it.
-Ugh. What's this for?
-That's very easy.
Nanny Mo, can you help me out
with this please?
That's very easy. Figure it out yourself.
Come on. I just want Jacob
to be proud of me.
Ah. If you're gonna help me,
I'll let you watch your favorite video,
The whole thing.
Not just the free data version.
-Are you serious?
-Well, of course.
Wow, Belinda, you did a good job.
I'm so proud of you.
But you know what, you have to watch this.
This is my inspiration.
I love to watch my life story.
Just make sure it's not too complicated.
-Yes. You have to watch.
-Hi, guys. Welcome to my vlog.
Mommy Onin?
I didn't know
you watch Mommy Onin's squad too.
She's my favorite. Why didn't you tell me?
Really? I almost shaved my head too.
Oh, damn that Daddy Rob,
he got four BMs for himself.
You made me happy today, my darling.
-That's why I have a bonus lesson for you.
-Really? Thank you.
-What's that?
-In English, it's called etiquette.
Okay, follow my hand gesture.
I'm gonna teach you how to be classy.
Look at me.
Now, look at you.
How do you like that?
So I'm gonna say this word.
"You're nothing but a se--"
Ah. Just look at my hand.
Don't lose sight.
but a second rate.
Trying hard.
Copy cat."
Don't react. Just look at my hands.
And you're gonna show it.
Okay now, can you show me yours?
"You're nothing"
Look at the hand.
but a second rate.
-Trying hard. Copy cat."
Now look at my hand.
Look at my hand.
-No, no. No.
-No, no, no. Look at the hand.
Don't lose sight.
Now look at it.
Look at me.
How do you like that?
No, no!
How do you like that? How are you
How do you like that?
You're so fast.
Napkin on the lap.
No elbows on the table.
And remember not to talk
when your mouth is full.
Remember not to talk
when your mouth is filled with food.
With the cutlery,
start from the outside, going in.
For dessert.
I used the one for the soup already.
Main course.
Am I good enough?
Very good.
But more practice.
So we're gonna go on a date again?
Not today.
You know what, you're my first date ever.
I'll say it again, it's not a date.
I'm okay if you'll be my first time too.
Did I say something wrong again?
I just said I was willing to.
Now we're gonna see
if you really learned anything at all.
Excuse me, ma'am.
-You know, Jacob.
I'm just really not used
to eating at restaurants like this
and these unfamiliar dishes.
In Nalapok, we're lucky if we have
something else aside from rice.
So how am I supposed to know this?
Maybe for you,
you grew up with food like this.
You seem to be familiar with it.
I don't remember.
Before I remember what I used
to bring to school.
For us, I'm lucky if there's an egg.
And you know that egg
could either be fried or boiled.
And that's not the best part.
Then we'd pair it with eggplant, okra
or tomato.
It's really good.
So all this prawn herbivore
"Prawn thermidor".
Yeah, but when I eat all of this,
when it goes through my belly,
it'll all be the same.
Thermidor, terminator, thermometer,
[Belinda] Hey.
I made you laugh. That's the first time.
Hmm? I made you laugh.
I saw you.
This fork on the prawn thermidor.
[Belinda] I can't believe it.
This place looks really different
during the day.
It's really nice here at night.
There's no one else. Just us.
I go here when I want to de-stress,
or whenever I think about things
and to forget about my problems.
I get to recharge.
All my worries go away when I'm here.
Is it hard to be a lawyer?
Oh, yes.
But this has always been my dream
ever since I was a kid.
That's amazing.
You already knew
what you wanted to be ever since.
How about you?
What was your dream when you were a kid?
Is that possible?
It's because for people
who grew up in Nalapok,
it's like it's not realistic and practical
to think about what we want to be
when we grow up
because it won't happen anyway.
-We think about things like
what are we gonna eat later.
We don't think too much about the things
that would take time.
We want things right away.
But right now,
I only have one dream.
I hope that my father can truly accept me.
That's possible, you know.
You'll make your father proud.
He doesn't even have to tell everyone
about it.
I just need to know that he's not ashamed
to have me as a daughter.
What's the matter?
You're just better when you're happy.
Do you think I'm a clown?
Kind of.
I make you happy after all.
How about that girl?
Your friend that's addicted to surgery.
-Does she make you happy too?
-Who? Trixie?
-Mm-hmm. Is she your ex?
-Did you court her?
A one night stand.
One night stand?
It's when you hit it and you quit it.
Does laughter mean yes?
I think it's true, isn't it?
Tell me the truth.
-What? You can't even stop laughing. Oh
-No. I'm not like that.
But you're still laughing.
-Maybe it's true.
-I'm laughing
-because of the way you said it.
-Because you're a playboy after all.
-I'm not I'm not like that.
-I knew it.
-So you're into one night stands, huh?
-I'm not that kind of guy.
-I have another joke.
-Okay, let's hear it.
What did the booger say
to the other booger?
"Bro, I'll go ahead."
Because he got picked already.
-Okay, I also have a joke for you.
-You do?
-I do.
-Okay, go.
What did the eyebrow say
to the other eyebrow?
Okay. What?
"Hi, brow."
Oh. I'll say it again.
"Hi, brow."
That was so corny.
What was that?
That kind of humor isn't funny to us.
Anyway, I, I really had
a great time tonight.
-Thank you.
-Me too.
Thank you.
All right, I'll go now.
-Uh This is where you live.
-Uh, I meant
-You're the one leaving.
-I stay here. I almost forgot.
-I'm the one who's gonna be going ahead.
Uh This is our house. I'm not leaving.
Uh, I'll get going now. Good night.
Oh, Belinda, thank you very, very much.
I had fun tonight.
You really made me happy.
-Me too.
Thank you. You really made me happy.
I'll get going.
-See you soon.
-Yes, yes.
Bye. Good night.
See you.
[car engine starts]
[mellow music]
If you're really gonna be happy with her,
I will never hold you back.
All that I'm going to ask of her
is that she takes care of you
and loves you.
Oh, uh, a rat.
It's me.
I'm very happy for the two of you.
I wish you happiness and more blessings.
And a bright future.
Don't worry about me.
Just think of yourselves. I'll be fine.
Don't. Don't look at me like that.
I'm gonna be okay, I swear.
I promise.
[Belinda] So, yeah,
when I entered the house,
-guess what I saw.
Nanny Mo curled up by the door.
-I actually thought it was a rat.
-Yeah, like a farm rat.
-So what happened?
-Of course, she got hit.
-Okay. Anyway, back to your training.
What are we gonna do with Ms. Missy?
I think now it's better for you
to observe what happens in the board room.
Oh, no. I don't know
what I'm gonna say there.
No, you don't have to worry
because all you have to do
is sit down and you will just listen.
It's important for you,
so you'll be familiar
with what's happening in the company.
Okay. If you say so.
And reminder,
it's better for you to take down notes,
so just in case a board member
suddenly asks you something,
you'll be prepared.
-They're gonna ask me?
-Yes, um
I have another meeting
so I'll see you in there. Okay?
-See you.
No, no, no. I don't think so.
We need to uphold our core business
by offering something customized
for our clients.
What do you think?
Uh Eh
For me, we should focus
on providing experiences
to capture their loyalty.
No, no. We should continue to capitalize
-on our advantages
-Pay attention to what's happening.
-and unique selling points.
-I really have to go.
I really have to go!
Is there anything you want
to share with the group?
I have to take a dump.
Where's the restroom?
Oh, my goodness.
Take down the notes.
So I was saying
This should still be about business.
We should be smart about this.
[woman 1] Hey, girl, have you seen
Mr. Buenavista's daughter?
Yeah. Caitlyn?
No, not her. I mean Belinda.
She's Sir Enrico's child
from another woman.
-She's really different from Caitlyn.
She's so lucky
because she is rich now.
Good thing her dad's wealthy.
Oh. What's that?
-Gross. It stinks.
-Oh, no. Ew.
-Oh. Ew.
-It stinks!
It stinks.
It really stinks.
Ma'am, I'm so sorry.
We're really sorry.
Ma'm, I'm really sorry.
-Did you still smell it?
-Yes, ma'am. It really stinks.
I'm really sorry, ma'am.
-I'll see you soon.
Attorney Jacob, I don't know
why Ma'am Belinda hasn't returned yet.
What? She told us that
-I'll look for her.
-Okay. Okay.
"What business is this?
What is the core
of this kind of business?"
"I have to go."
Let's go, let's go.
Another one, guys.
Another one. Nobody's practice.
-Do we have to keep
-Come on, let's do it.
-You. Can you do it?
One, two, three. Go.
-[Belinda] Great. Let's do it again.
-[woman 3] That's so good.
Ma'am, the story is all true.
You're really different
from Ma'am Caitlyn.
Ma'am, we were talking about you
a while ago.
-Yes, ma'am. We're really sorry.
-Yes, that's fine. I get it all the time.
Just Next time, let me know if you guys
see anything wrong with what I'm doing,
so I can improve, okay?
-If you say so, ma'am.
-Come on. Come on, let's go.
-Another one, another one.
-One more time. Another one.
-Okay. Go, go.
You're so good at this, ma'am.
-Hey, what are you doing there, attorney?
-Oh, whoa, don't even think about it.
-Come on, join us.
-I'm not a dancer.
I saw you were dancing to it
while you were watching us.
I'm good. I don't belong here.
Attorney, this is easy. Do you know the
Come on now.
-Okay, fine.
-I know you know the steps.
Come on. Let's do it.
Other side.
Who knew attorney's body
would be this stiff?
Look. He needs to loosen up.
Move like a dancer.
-So stiff. You have to loosen up.
-One more time.
Okay. Play it now.
The hands. The hands.
[all laugh]
You'll be surprised
with Belinda's progress.
Oh, really?
-Let's do a duet TikTok video.
-Hi, honey.
-I didn't know you're here already.
Auntie Matilda.
I heard you're doing well
with your training.
You'll be proud of your daughter, dear.
Matilda just told me.
And even your trainer, Missy,
she says you don't need to train anymore.
-You've improved.
Ms. Missy said that?
Oh. Not yet. It's not true.
I still have a lot of things to learn.
You're so humble, Belinda.
I've personally seen your progress.
No one can doubt
that you're really Enrico's daughter.
You are such an intelligent
and hard-working person.
-I think you are ready.
You're gonna introduce her
-to the stockholders?
What? No. No, I don't think I could do it.
-I'm not ready yet.
-No, no, no. You are ready.
You can learn on the job.
That is the same thing
that happened to me too.
And besides, you have Jacob to guide you.
It's already late.
What are you doing here?
I can't sleep.
I can't sleep either.
I'm really nervous. Huh?
What are you nervous about? Huh?
Well, you heard
what my Dad said a while ago.
He's gonna introduce me to the
board members or stock members
or something.
But I'm thinking what if those people
won't like me as a person, right?
Or if I make some kind of mistake?
Uh, how about you?
What are you thinking about? Tell me.
I drank a lot of coffee.
But to be honest,
I'm also worried for you.
Why? Do you think something wrong
is gonna happen? Is that it?
That's not what I mean.
I feel nervous but it's different.
I'm excited.
-I'm excited for you.
I can't do it. I don't think I can.
Do you know what, ma'am?
I remember in our province,
our mayor, he ran for senator.
And then his son was the one
who run for mayor.
He knew nothing about politics but he won.
Do you know what quality he had
that the others didn't?
Just sheer confidence. Ooh.
Did you get it?
I know what to do now.
-I'll run for mayor.
That's not good.
I'm just kidding. What I mean is
I'll just do my best tomorrow.
-Let's see what happens.
I wanna thank you
because you help me with my training,
and I will really miss you.
What are you doing?
Come on, I was just gonna kiss your cheek.
I'm not your love team.
Wow, why so choosy? You're not even yummy.
Before we start the board meeting,
I would like to introduce to you
-our newest Vice President of Operations,
-You can do it. My eyes are on you.
Belinda Buenavista.
Oh, fuck.
-Be careful.
Oh, my goodness.
[woman 2] How embarrassing.
Is she okay?
Fuck. Focus. I'll focus
on my responsibility from now on.
[indistinct chatter]
[lively music]
That's one of our board members.
Nice to meet you, sir.
And of course,
his beautiful wife, Michelle.
Nice to meet you, ma'am.
This is Frank Smith.
Frank, it's great to see you. Belinda.
-This is my daughter.
-Pleased to meet you, sir.
Good job.
Now it's finally the time
to execute the plan.
Yes, ma'am.
Okay, okay.
-Great seeing you, Frank.
-Yeah. Thank you.
-Are you having fun?
Hey. Well, I introduced her
to every member of the board
and to the stockholders.
So she's doing very well.
Anyway, look, I have a meeting now,
with the office upstairs, huh.
Enjoy yourself.
-I will join you, dear.
-Of course, honey, come.
Congratulations, Belinda.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
Let's go. Enjoy yourself. Okay?
What? What can you say about that?
You know what,
that would've been so perfect
if only I didn't trip a while ago, right?
Your dad is really proud of you.
Just my dad? How about you?
Shouldn't you be proud too
'cause you're the reason
why I can do all of this right now?
Aren't you proud?
You're here.
I wanted to talk to you.
I've been looking for you.
Excuse me. I'll just go to the rest room.
Psst. Let's talk later.
Hey. What happened?
Why are you suddenly kind?
Sincerely, I want to congratulate you.
You were so good a while ago.
Really? Thanks, sis.
Let's cheers to that.
It's good, right?
It's okay. It's bitter but it's sweet.
You want more?
There's more there. Let's go.
Uh, uh
Hmm Oh. This one. This is so good.
-You have to try this.
-Caitlyn, I don't really drink.
-because I--
-It's okay. Go on.
There you go. That's imported.
-Come on.
-Uh, wait, wait.
Enough, Caitlyn. We might get in trouble.
-Dad might see us.
-It's fine. Let's take a shot.
-One more?
There you go.
-Belinda, don't piss me off.
-There. That's right. Here.
No need for a glass.
Time for some gin.
Chug it down. Chug it down.
That's it.
You're gonna be lucky now, Belinda.
-I swear.
-I know you were like this, kid.
Yo, yo, yo. Time for party.
Let's all dance. Come on.
Twerk it like this.
Enjoy the show!
[Belinda] Let's get it on.
What's up, kid?
Hey, Pop. Show me what you got.
-I can't believe this woman.
-Twerk it.
All right. Let's party.
Okay, it's time to drink.
Ah, mwah!
Dad, I was only livestreaming
a while ago.
Some people just screen-recorded it,
and then they're the ones who did it.
I don't understand a word you're saying,
but what I'm sure about is you are the one
who took a video of your sister.
Mm. Ha. Ha.
All right, let's get it on.
It's time to dance, you morons.
Ha. Ha.
It's time to dance
[playful music]
Who's there?
Oh, there's a guard.
Hey. Who are you?
Hey. Stop right there.
-Hey. You're a thief, aren't you?
-Get your hands off me.
Here. Give it to me.
You stole this watch, right?
Are you out of your mind?
I'm Enrico's daughter.
-I'm about to run away.
-Are you serious?
-Mr. Buenavista's daughter?
-Are you crazy?
-Keep it down or they might hear us.
Excuse me. She is the daughter
of Mr. Buenavista. Let's go.
Aha. I know what this is.
An inside job.
You're in it, too. The mastermind.
I know a suspicious face
when I see one. I know that look.
I wouldn't trust your kind. Look at that.
You. Would you trust that face?
-Well, of course not.
-You wouldn't, right?
-I'll hit this guy.
-Are you challenging me?
Oh. He's asking for it.
-You can do it.
-I'm gonna give you what you deserve.
You really want it.
You want some more, huh?
What's that?
What's happening there?
Don't try me, I don't mind hitting girls.
Especially hideous looks like you.
Come here. Come here, Nanny Mo.
-Listen here.
It was just a fist fight.
Why did you make it personal?
-She's ugly.
-Look at her. She looks like a bulldog.
If something
What's happening here?
Uh, they got into a fight.
This guy here
made Nanny Mo cry.
Yes, sir. Because he doesn't want
to believe
that Ma'am Belinda
is really your daughter.
Not just that, sir. He said something
that will really piss you off.
He just called me ugly.
Belinda's my daughter.
I'm very sorry, sir.
Turns out, she was telling the truth
that she was running away.
-She told me to keep quiet.
-Shh, shh, shh.
What? You're leaving?
How come you didn't know who Belinda is?
I'm very sorry, ma'am. I'm just new here.
Yes, ma'am.
Show's over. That's it.
Everybody, go back.
-Come on, let's go.
Can we please talk for a while?
Dad, I'm really sorry for
the way I've been acting
and the embarrassing things
I've been doing.
Maybe I'm not ready
to be a Buenavista yet.
Honey, you don't embarrass me.
What other people say
is not important to me.
What's important is what I think of you.
And what do you think of me now, Dad?
I don't expect you to be perfect, honey.
After all, you've only just started.
I understand if you have shortcomings,
some lapses.
It happens. It's part of the game.
All I know is you're my daughter.
And you will improve in no time.
I'm sure of it.
So? For now, honey,
it's okay to make mistakes,
sometimes it really happens.
-I'll take your word for it.
-It's okay. Yeah, it's part of the job.
Dad, since you said that, that means
I can mess up again, right?
I heard that.
You can't take back what you said.
But remember, don't ever make me
lose my trust in you.
Promise. I'll cross my heart
and hope to die. You can count on me.
Come. Let's go.
-I'm really sorry, Dad.
-It's okay.
What just happened tonight is exactly
the reason why I want you to rush things.
Ma'am, are we really gonna push through?
Don't we have other options?
What for? This was the plan all along.
On my end, I already did my part.
Now it's your turn.
Remember what we talked about.
If you can pull this off,
I'll make a recommendation to the board
to make you to COO.
What if I don't want the position anymore?
I dare you to bail out
if that's what you want,
but I'll tell Enrico
you're behind all of this, I assure you.
Uh, what's your best-seller here?
The best seller here is the rib-eye steak.
How much is that?
It's 1,200.
-Good for?
-That's good for one.
-Huh? 1,200 for just one serving?
-Yes, sir. I'll get to it.
-Thank you.
Hey, Mark,
how long have you been working here?
Three years, ma'am.
-And how much is your salary?
-Five hundred pesos a day.
Is that right?
Mm, that's all it is, ma'am.
Attorney. Come up here,
let's eat here first.
There's a 1,200 meal here.
Come on, let's try it.
Sorry, I have another meeting.
Huh? Hey.
Hey! Hey!
Thank you for the lunch, C.
Do you have a new chef?
I think your pasta dish
is a little bit bland.
-Go get and eat. Get some drinks too.
-Thank you, ma'am.
Get as much as you want.
This is my treat.
-Help yourself. You look so pale.
Isn't that your sister Caitlyn over there?
-Right. You like him, right?
-Hey, C.
-I knew it.
Is that your sister?
Caitlyn, want some fishballs?
Invite your friends here.
Let's eat. Come on.
Why is your sister mingling
with those low lives?
What do you mean?
You know, those poor people.
I think she's full.
She already ate earlier. Sure.
-You want more?
Oh, yeah, our car's already here.
-Come on, girls.
-Let's go, girls.
-My gosh, what took you so long?
-This is so delicious.
I haven't eaten like this
in a while.
-Until next time.
-Yeah, no problem.
And 66 percent.
Belinda, excuse me.
-So, venue--
-Um, let's just continue this later, okay?
Okay, ma'am. Thank you.
Kindly sign these documents now.
Attorney, what's the status of my request
to raise the salaries of the waiters?
Has that been approved?
The papers are with HR now.
It's up for evaluation.
[Belinda] Mm.
Uh Attorney.
Jacob, is there something wrong?
I don't know,
I just noticed for the past few days,
you've been ignoring me.
There's just a lot of work I have to
finish for Sir Enrico and Ma'am Matilda.
-All right. Let's just go out, then.
On a date. I wanted to treat you.
If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be able
to do all of this. Did you forget?
You were so patient with me
and you helped me,
-so, uh, let's go out on a date.
-Don't worry about it.
You did it on your own.
You don't have to thank me.
So are we going out?
Maybe some other time.
I'm sorry.
[indistinct chatter]
-Hey. What's up, Mavick?
-How are you?
-What's up?
-Bret's here.
-Yes, he is.
-Is my hair okay?
-You're looking good.
Yo, Enzo. I see you, bro.
Keep going. I'm proud of you, man.
-Thanks, man.
-I'll leave you two right here.
-Hi, Bret.
-Hey, what's up? How are you?
Ooh. You having fun?
Caitlyn, Caitlyn, Caitlyn.
I heard you like me?
Come on.
What are you doing?
Come on, let's go. Just me and you.
My gosh.
Oh, no.
-What was that?
-What's her problem?
I didn't even want you, anyway.
Ah, ah, ah. This will cheer you up.
What's been bothering you lately?
Here's your noodles.
-Thank you.
Nothing. I just miss attorney.
He seems to be avoiding me lately.
Maybe he's starting
to have feelings for me.
-Maybe I
should be the one to confess to him,
Oh, my goodness. I can't believe
that this is how women act today.
You should play hard to get
because easy to get is easy to forget.
Hmm. Then how do you explain
"Intercourse Fasting"?
Mm. Yeah. See what happened?
[Belinda and Monina chuckle]
That's how you eat your noodles?
-That's how we do it.
[Belinda] Caitlyn?
What happened?
[Belinda] Where is he, huh?
-Where is that pervert?
-Belinda, never mind.
-Let's just go home.
-There's the pig
-with his tongue all out.
-No, don't.
-Hey. You want some?
Why did you do that to my sister, huh?
Who gave you the right to harrass
my sister? You jerk.
You look like a freaking lizard.
You deserved to be spat, you jerk,
you're from the streets.
From where I'm from,
we won't let these things pass.
Take a look at yourself.
Stick your tonge out again.
That's not Bret.
You're not Bret?
My name is Maton.
Why aren't you wearing a name tag?
And you're eating French fries?
I'm sorry.
I'm Bret.
Who the hell are you?
What are you doing at my party?
What? You think it's cool
to just come here and shout?
Come on. What? You can't speak now?
Okay, let's go.
Don't you dare touch my sister.
Just because I like you
doesn't mean you can touch me.
What the hell did you
Come on, sis. Let's go. I'm done.
She even did that?
My gosh, Bret. Are you okay?
[Jacob] Belinda, what's the emergency?
I have so many things to do on a weekend.
Actually, attorney, there's no emergency.
This is the emergency.
No emergency? What, what's this?
Something happened to Caitlyn recently.
Then I realized that
if you don't stand up for what you want,
then people won't know
how you really feel about anything.
What do you mean?
can you please stop avoiding me?
Come on, just, just one more date.
Belinda, this is not the time
to talk about our
-Why did you do that?
Belinda, I'm not playing--
What's wrong?
Stop that. You're just playing around
like a kid.
-Come on, can you catch me?
-Oh, you really want some?
Oh, you really want some, huh?
-I'll get you.
-[Belinda screams, laughs]
I'll get you. Are you ready?
[Belinda laughs]
[both grunt]
I have the last left.
I still have another one.
Not inside my ears.
-Sorry. I'm sorry.
-It's inside my ears.
I cannot explain
what I'm feeling right now.
I've never felt this way before.
I love you.
Do you love me too?
[romantic music]
I'm so wet.
Me too.
Um, by the way, ma'am,
we've already reviewed your request
to increase the pay for our waiters.
It really looks feasible.
We just have to make a proposal.
Even me, I was shocked
to learn about the irregularities.
I want you all to leave now. Please.
Not you.
Is it okay? Can you just leave us, please?
[Enrico exhales]
Daddy, what's going on?
You're back earlier than expected.
I don't want to do this
because you are my daughter.
But I have to be fair. I run a company.
Uh, I don't understand.
Uh, what do you mean?
Please explain why my company
lost a a lot of money?
Oh, oh, I I don't know.
If this is about the increase
of the waiters' salaries--
Thirty million pesos, Belinda!
If you just needed money,
why don't you just ask me?
Why do you have to steal from my company?
Are you serious?
Salaries for ghost employees?
Consultation fees?
Purchases of laptop and equipment?
Seriously, Dad, I'm telling you,
that's fake news, I swear.
There aren't ghosts here,
so how could there be ghost employees?
This is no time to joke, Belinda!
I accepted you for whoever you are.
I trusted you.
I believed in you.
You broke my heart, Belinda.
I didn't do anything, Daddy.
I promise. I'm telling you the truth here.
You can search all you want.
I swear I can't do anything like that.
I didn't steal from you.
Please go.
Leave me alone. Go.
[Enrico sighs]
Jacob, how did Enrico find out
about our plan
for me to get 30 million pesos a month?
Good thing he didn't accuse me
because I pretended to be upset
and shocked right away.
-Belinda doesn't deserve this.
-I don't deserve this either.
This is the only way
I can get money from Enrico.
I did everything you asked me to do.
I trained Belinda so that
she would be blamed for what you did.
Come on. That's enough.
It's not. That's not enough.
Do everything you have to do
so no one would find out.
Belinda, how are you?
What did your dad say?
Are you going home?
Can I give you a ride?
[Belinda breathing shakily]
No, thank you.
[somber music]
I never wanted this to happen, Daddy,
that I ended up disappointing you.
I've waited so long just to be with you.
I wouldn't have a reason
to ever do that to you, Daddy.
Believe me, I'm not a thief.
I don't need any of this, Daddy.
I don't need any of these material things.
I just need you.
I need your love and your affection.
I need your acceptance.
I'm sorry.
Please believe me. I'm telling the truth.
[somber music continues]
Oh, sis.
I'm gonna I'm gonna miss you.
My sister
Belinda, don't leave. Belinda.
Belinda, my darling.
I will miss you.
-I will miss you.
-We can still contact each other.
You have my number.
Belinda, we're already getting close
then you suddenly leave me?
What is this?
I'll just text you. I have to go.
Belinda, please.
I want us to be together.
Just stay here. Please!
Okay, if you really want to,
you could come with me.
Come on, go and get your things.
Let's go to Nalapok together.
We can fish and sell whatever we catch
in the market.
The profit's small, but I know
we'll be happy there. Come on, let's go.
I just realize I still have a lot of debt.
So you go ahead. Do you have pocket money?
Just go straight.
The guard knows you, so you're all clear.
You know the way, right?
Go ahead. Just follow the road.
Just straight ahead, okay?
But I thought you said you wanted us
to be together
Come on, just go ahead.
Just follow the road over there, okay?
No need for Go ahead.
-You're good, right?
Go ahead. Let's text each other.
[rooster crows]
[man 1] Let's just drink, guys.
-Oh, my goodness.
-Belay, get a beer.
-Come on.
-Hey, you.
-Why the hell are you drinking so early?
Why don't you go
and find a job or something?
-You're always out here drinking
and playing cards with your friends.
You're just looking for guys.
But why not?
Hey, Belay.
You look like a celebrity now.
Hey, Chai, stop fantasizing about Belay.
I can't help it, I missed Belay so much.
Wait, are you serious?
Hell yeah.
Like this.
Look at that.
-Good luck with that.
[indistinct shouting in distance]
[Belinda] Uncle? Kim? Uncle. Kim.
-Belay. My favorite niece.
-Belay, oh, my gosh!
-When did you come back?
-I just got here.
-We could have picked you up.
-Uncle, hurry up. You're so slow.
-This is so annoying, just pull.
Belay! I really thought
you'd never come back for us.
What took you so long?
This is so annoying.
-I missed you guys. I missed Nalapok.
-We missed you too.
What a scene? What's with all this drama?
Is that how rich people act?
-Come on, Spongebob, I'm still the same.
Nothing changed except for my armpits.
They're flawless now.
That can't be for sure.
I bet you still stink.
Can I smell it?
See that, it still smells.
And you guys haven't showered
since I left.
Jeez, so it's a tie now.
You stink, we stink, we all stink.
[both laugh]
[crickets chirping]
Oh, what is it?
-There you go.
-Sir, excuse me.
I have something to tell you.
I know that I could lose my license
for what I'm about to say to you, sir.
I could lose everything
I've worked hard for.
But I have to do this.
I think you need to know the truth.
I know.
It wasn't Belinda
who stole my money from my company.
I did my own investigation.
What I want to know is,
the reason you decided
to agree to Matilda's plan.
How could you do that to my daughter?
[dramatic music]
It really hurts.
I thought I'd lost it already
when they plucked it out.
Oh. Gosh. But you've got to admit
-yours looked like this before.
Someone wants to talk to you.
[Kim] Oh, my gosh, sister.
Isn't that your stepmother?
What is she doing here?
Do you want me to beat her to a pulp?
What now, sis? Just tell me.
I'll rearrange her face. Just say when.
Please forgive me
if I misjudged you.
I didn't know that they used you
and abused you.
I wasn't aware.
That's all okay, Dad.
It's enough for me to
know that you believe that
I would never do that to you.
They're filing an arrest warrant
for Matilda now.
And, uh
we're also getting an annulment.
Why would Auntie Matilda
do something like that?
Before we got married,
we signed a prenuptial agreement.
I thought she was okay with it,
but she started stealing from the company.
When she found out I had a daughter
before we got married,
she started the search for you.
What will happen to Caitlyn?
Caitlyn's going to stay with me.
My dear, please come back to me.
If you don't wanna come back
to the company, it's okay.
But I want you with me.
I'm sorry I forgot to really ask you.
What do you really want to do?
Initially, all I really wanted was
for you to accept who I was.
That's why I changed my ways
so I can be the daughter
you wanted me to be.
But right now, Dad, I realized,
that I should work hard first,
because I felt like I didn't
really deserve to have everything
that others just dreamed about
all in an instant.
So if it's okay with you,
I'd like to stay here
while I finish my studies.
Then after I graduate, I promise
I'll apply for a job at your hotel.
I really want to go
through the usual process, Dad.
If that's what you want,
all right.
[Belinda snores]
[Monina] Belinda
[both scream]
I told you I'm the only one
who can help you with her.
[Belinda] Why are you here?
Did you take him here, huh?
You know what, it's all on you now.
She can get violent. I got to go.
What, huh? Why?
What are you doing here, huh?
-Wait a second--
-Why are you here, you jerk?
-Let me ex--
-Get out of here.
-Let me explain.
-I heard everything.
I heard everything
that you and Auntie Matilda said.
-Just hear me out.
-No, no! You don't need to explain.
Just go back to my dad's office.
I don't want to see you again.
-I'm here--
-You just used me. I know.
You and Auntie Matilda used me.
-I trusted--
-I resigned.
What? Why?
But wasn't, wasn't that your dream?
What will happen to your future now?
you are my future.
And all I want is you.
Oh, come on. You're using me.
You played with my feelings.
I heard it loud and clear. You tricked me.
Can you please
Just leave me alone.
I don't want to see you.
-Not even your shadow.
-Listen to me, please.
I just get hurt every time.
Don't touch me please. I'm begging you.
I was used.
Just get lost.
Uncle, I feel like someone's trying to.
Please. Just leave me alone.
Please, get out.
-Just leave me alone.
-Um Uh, Belay, Belay, Belay.
Jacob? Where's Jacob?
Hey, you, drama queen. Go, follow him.
Why didn't you even stop him?
Chase him now.
Damn, that guy's really hard to get.
I have no idea that you resigned already.
You know what you did to me
was really hurtful.
And besides, Nanny Mo knows this.
I just really get violent when I wake up.
Stop playing hard to get. Jacob.
Come on.
Jacob, if you don't turn around,
it means you're really a playboy.
[all murmuring]
What's wrong with you?
I already told you that I love you.
But you don't want to believe me.
And then you accuse me
of playing hard to get?
"And then you accuse me
of playing hard to get."
I love you.
And I accept you.
Oh, sweet. Did you hear that?
I love you too, Jacob.
[indistinct chatter]
Five-second kiss!
Five-second kiss! Five-second kiss!
Five-second kiss! Five-second kiss!
Come on, guys, just a smack for now.
Just take it easy, guys.
[all cheer]
Get it on!
Dry hump him! Dry hump him!
Dry hump him! Dry hump him!
Dry hump him! Dry hump him!
Dry hump him! Dry hump him!
Dry hump him! Dry hump him!
[chanting continues]
Dry hump him! Dry hump him!
He's gonna need a wheelchair.
Come on, Belay. Go for him.
[both laughing]