The Equalizer (2014) Movie Script

- Associate to builder services.
- Associate to builder services.
- Right?
- Yeah, and we'll cut it over here.
Thought you finished this job.
The owner wants
the driveway wider now.
Heh. When they pay...
They say. Thank you.
The newer guys take tests.
Like firemen.
Yo, Pops, bet you didn't have
to push dollies at your old job.
Guilty as charged.
How you doing, Jenny?
Mm-hm. Better now.
Hi, Mr. McCall.
What you got there?
Whole-grain, gluten-free.
Okay. Condiments?
Sprouts, avocado and Vegenaise mayo.
A bone in the tuna.
What? Potatoes are a vegetable.
I like crunchy things.
Carrots are crunchy.
Dried seaweed.
I'm a human, not a rabbit.
To make security guard,
you gotta lose weight.
Now, you asked me to help you,
but if you don't apply yourself...
Progress, not perfection.
No more chips.
No more chips.
Who needs flavor? Right?
- All right, see you later, J.
- Have a good one, Billy.
Fuck you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
He catch that fish yet?
Just hooked it.
It's about damn time.
Well, it's a big fish.
Don't know
if he can hang on, though.
Oh, no.
Tooth and nail right now.
Yeah, well,
maybe he's just too old.
Thought you were gonna give up
refined sugar.
I am.
Any day now.
Bad for your vocal cords.
Body, mind, spirit, remember?
I bought a little machine
for making demos.
Yeah? I bet you're good.
What makes you say that?
All right, well, I'll see you later, Jake.
Okay. See you later, honey.
You let me know what happens
with that, uh, fish.
All right, I'll see you.
You'll owe me $100. Watch.
Hey, yo, Pops. We betting
on what you did before you got here.
Like, for a living.
I'm saying insurance, claims.
He was a stock dude, man,
on Wall Street.
I was a Pip.
Yo, you were a pimp?
No, not a pimp. A Pip. P-I-P. Pip.
The fuck is a Pip?
Why you curse so much?
You know, like Gladys Knight
and the Pips. Like this:
Check this out!
- Oh, come on!
- Stop it.
Yeah. Break it.
Uh-uh. Don't do that right now.
- Oh, the spin?
- What?
Wait a minute.
You're gonna blow the whistle? Oh!
Come on. I'm gonna look it up right now.
Man, I'm looking this up.
Yo, so which one were you?
The one on the right.
Hey, do it again!
Yo, that's not him right there.
Man, that's him with an Afro.
He's bald.
So he had a wig on.
That's gone, yo.
That's him.
Get it
I am sharper than a razor
Damn, girl! Bring it over here now!
Hey, Jake. What a fucking night.
Yeah, it's tough out there, honey.
Too long I've been
Out here on my own
Now I'm about to bring it home
Like a rolling stone
Here you go, kid.
He ever catch it?
The fish.
Oh, yeah. Yes. Yeah, he did.
It's a happy ending-
Well, not exactly.
Old man tied the fish to the side
of the boat, had to row back to shore,
fish bled in the water,
sharks came
and ate the whole fish
till there was nothing left.
That's just kind of a waste, isn't it?
Depends upon how you look at it.
The old man met his adversary when
he thought that part of his life was over.
He saw himself in the fish.
Came to...
Came to respect it the more it fought.
Why didn't he just let the fish go?
The old man's gotta be the old man.
Fish gotta be the fish.
Gotta be who you are
in this world, right?
No matter what.
I gotta give you what you love
You've got a client.
I don't want to.
Can't you get someone else?
He wants you.
But this customer
is a pig.
He's waiting outside.
Take what you love
And when that baby cry
You better look at that baby
How much?
Don't worry about it.
Go make your living.
Thanks, Jake.
But never too much
Baby, take your time
Hey, honey! How you
doing? You ready to have a good time?
Come on. Pull, pull, pull.
Pull, pull, pull!
Come on, come on.
Eight, seven, six, five,
four, four, four.
Oh, come on, now. Come on.
I can't.
You can't?
What if that were me?
You gonna leave me to die
of smoke inhalation? I'm a buck-90.
How will you pull me out of a fire
if you can't pull a tire 20 yards?
I'm not strong enough.
Don't doubt yourself, son. Doubt kills.
Get up. Come on. Get up. Get up.
Giddyup, giddyup, giddyup!
On your mark, get set,
Come on. Who's gonna
make security guard?
I am!
Who's gonna make security guard?
I am!
Who's gonna make
security guard?
There you go.
I am!
I like it. Let's do it again.
All eyes on
me As I'm leaving the scene
Loaded with poison,
just like you like it.
Is it your birthday?
No, it was some guy at work.
I didn't want to waste it.
Happy birthday,
Some Guy at Work.
How old are you?
How old are you?
Doesn't really matter.
I'm sorry.
I'm breaking protocol, right?
No, no. Listen, hey,
come on, sit down.
Sit. Sit.
Come on, sit down.
All right.
Sure I'm not interrupting
I don't know.
You know, I just kind of felt
like a quiet voice.
Before it all goes crazy.
I'm Teri.
It's good.
You know, you don't look like a Bob.
Oh, yeah? Thank you.
You look like a Robert.
Robert reads books like this,
and Bob watches TV.
My real name's Alina.
What happened to your face?
Something stupid.
Look, it's not professional.
Just tell me what you think, okay?
Oh, wow. Alina the singer.
You and I know what I really am.
I think you can be anything
you wanna be.
Maybe in your world, Robert.
Doesn't happen that way in mine.
Change your world.
There's no ring.
On your wedding finger, there's no ring.
No Mrs. Robert at home?
Was there ever?
Did you break her heart?
She broke mine.
You know,
I see a lot of widowed guys.
Something in your eyes.
You know, it's not sad.
It's just kind of...
lost, you know?
You always read books?
My wife did. She, uh...
She was working through the
100 Books Everybody Should Read.
She made it to 97, so I figured...
I'd give it a shot.
And one day we'd have something
to talk about when we get together.
Wow, a hundred books.
Holy moly.
Heh, heh.
How many have you read, Robert?
Sorry, this damn thing.
Ninety-one books, though.
You're almost done.
What are you gonna do after that?
Singing lessons.
Then I'm gonna open
a donut factory.
I am. What? Why you laughing?
- I love being up at this hour.
- Yeah?
Yeah. You know,
everything's so dark.
It makes everything
seem possible again.
Yeah, me,
I can't sleep at night.
Yeah, well, I get
to hear your stories.
What's your new one about?
Oh, it's about a guy who thinks
he's a knight in shining armor.
The only thing is, he lives in a world
where knights don't exist anymore.
Kind of sounds like
my world. Heh.
I'm just up the block.
I'm gonna grab a cab or something.
Thank you for the quiet voice,
You are very welcome, Alina.
Catch you around, all right?
Good night.
See you.
What did you do, huh?
What did you do
to that customer?
Slavi, he hit me.
Who do you think you are? Hm?
It's all right.
It's all right, Robert.
Let's talk about you
not answering my calls.
we give him a card?
This girl, she's no good.
Call this number.
I send you another one. Better.
Don't be shy. Make the call.
We need more sugar out here.
I heard she's at the ICU at Shawmuts.
Someone beat her up real good.
- Dr. Paley to ICU.
- Dr. Paley to ICU, please.
Dr. Mark to the pharmacy.
Dr. Mark to the pharmacy, please.
You'll be okay, Alina. You'll be okay.
Oh. Watch it.
Don't you worry about it.
It's okay. It's okay.
Here you go.
I can... It's fine. Thank you.
Got it.
How's she doing?
Alina. How's she doing?
Who are you?
Just a friend.
A guy hit her.
And she hit him back.
A guy called Slavi.
So Slavi made example
of her.
They do that.
They burned one girl's face
with battery acid.
Keep her around as a reminder
for the rest of us.
They brought Teri over
very young.
Think she got to the point where
she thought her life
could be hers one day.
Slavi reminded her it never would be.
He said he'd cut her throat
next time.
He said a whore who fucks and can't
talk might be worth twice as much.
You and I know what I really am.
It's something in your eyes.
Change your world.
Anything you wanna be.
He said he'd cut her throat next time.
Why is that piece
of shit in my parking space?
Hi, Slavi.
Are they upstairs?
Tevi. You collect
from that fuck, Dmitri?
He asked for forgiveness.
I told him.
What am I, Jesus Christ?
You lost, dedushka?
- How did he get up here?
- I don't know.
Should I get rid of him?
I'm here for that girl.
You gave me that
a couple of nights ago.
We give out lots of cards.
You still can get it up, dedushka?
I'm here about a certain girl.
She got beat up pretty bad.
I'm thinking that maybe
you have wrong address, dedushka.
This girl, she have name?
Her name's Alina.
No, it doesn't ring a bell.
But whoever she is, I'm sure she
must know how to suck the cock.
Uh... Okay. Um...
Look, I understand.
These girls that you, uh...
That you represent.
I understand it's like
they're an investment, so, urn...
I can give you $9800.
It's cash.
You're wanting to give me $9000?
Ninety-eight hundred. Cash.
For what?
Her freedom.
Uh-huh. Heh, heh.
Can you believe this guy?
This guy gonna give me
$9000 for one single piece of pussy.
Ah, must be Ferrari pussy.
You fucking Americans think
you can come into my place
and buy whatever you want.
Beautiful Russian girls, no problem,
just throw down this bullshit money.
You fucking insult me.
I'm just fucking with you, man.
But you got very big balls
coming in here. I like that.
So, $9000
for the troublemaker.
One month.
That's it.
You think
this is one-time payment?
I make this off this girl
in two weeks.
That girl is still child.
I still can sell her as virgin, huh?
This makes prime earner
for good while.
Take your fucking money and go back to
your house and jerk off 9800 times.
Then come crawling back here
and talk to me, huh?
She'll be used up by then
for sure.
Maybe then I will let you have her
for nothing. Hm?
You're okay, dedushka?
You know amerikantsy.
You forget something?
Sixteen seconds.
One one-thousand,
two one-thousand,
three one-thousand.
Eight one-thousand.
Twenty-eight minus 9, 19.
Your heart's beating three times
the normal rate.
Because you're losing so much blood.
About 30 seconds,
your body's gonna shut down
and you're gonna suffocate.
Alina, the girl you beat half to death,
her life will go on.
Yours is gonna end right here,
on this funky floor
over $9800.
You should have taken the money.
Who are you?
Twenty-six one-thousand,
27 one-thousand,
28 one-thousand.
I'm sorry.
Mr. McCall, it's lunchtime.
Mr. McCall.
You test tomorrow
and you're eating that?
These are for you.
Open it.
I made the weight.
Tomorrow I'm gonna ace that test.
Thanks to you.
What happened?
Hit it on something stupid.
In what investigators are calling
a gangland-style execution,
five men were killed
at some point last night
in an office above this restaurant.
Police sources have said the killings
have all the earmarks of a turf war
between rival factions.
Names are not yet being released...
How's it going?
How you doing, sir?
Morgan Pederson.
I know who you are.
Get in the car.
Take me to the murder scene.
We figured two, maybe three,
guys killed them all that quickly.
If it was a power
play, no one saw it coming.
None of our informants heard
about this going down.
Security system's drive was taken
so we're blind in here.
At 11:17, a waiter goes up
with a tray of food, finds them dead.
I want images from every security
camera within a six-block radius.
If you have any trouble,
call that number...
and it will be taken care of.
Phones charged and on.
I tend to call at odd hours.
Now, if you could drive me
to my residence.
Hey, wait a second, Mr. Sunshine.
What do I look like to you?
A chauffeur?
This is our town.
You're a fucking guest.
Let me apologize for my conduct.
It was a long flight on short notice,
and I like to focus, to work quickly.
The deaths of Mr. Pushkin's men
have interrupted his operations here.
Imports, movements of goods,
have all ceased.
That's unacceptable.
I'm the one Mr. Pushkin calls in
when people like you fuck up.
Mm. I don't like your tone...
I'm accountable now.
You have taken
Mr. Pushkin's money for years.
Money that comes with conditions.
Non-negotiable conditions.
Problem you're having with me
is you think you matter. You don't.
I am all that matters.
And so we're clear:
I'm not here to say "please. "
I'm here to tell you what to do.
Be ready for business.
We open tomorrow.
Brian, you seen Ralphie? Supposed to
be taking that security guard test.
Called in and quit.
No notice either.
Kids, right?
We're closed.
Mr. McCall.
Heard you quit today.
I got worried.
Oh, uh, my mom had
a little accident here last night.
There was a fire.
I see.
So I'm gonna help out around here now.
We have a lot of work to do.
Yeah, so...
Need some help?
Yeah, if you're not busy,
that'd be awesome.
Helping you.
Teddy, the Irish are clean on this
one. They had nothing to do with it, huh?
You gonna sit down
with all these guys?
- I'm telling you.
- Yes, I understand. Duly noted.
Listen, huh? Do
me a favor, all right?
Whatever you do,
don't call him "Little John," okay?
Frank, why you working
for these fucking Russians?
My money not good enough?
I respect your business.
Mr. Looney.
You understand why I'm compelled
to make this visit.
I don't know shit about what went down
or who you should be out looking for.
If I wanna take over anything,
I'd fucking do it.
There'd be nothing left to you.
So maybe you just don't
understand who the fuck I am.
John. Easy, huh?
Don't "easy," Frank. Shut the fuck up!
Fucking flipperhead.
See, I hate you fucking Russians.
You're all crazy and you're arrogant.
Now, the Irish, we came here for
a piece of the American dream.
You people come over here to
steal it, so fuck all of you.
Well, Mr. Looney,
I appreciate your candor.
It's refreshing, and tells me that you're
not smart enough to have done this.
The fuck?
Which brings me to my next issue.
We pay you 15 percent
to do business here.
The additional 10 percent you steal,
we ignore.
We anticipated it,
as you people are such clichs.
The fact that you're a rat to the
Feds is also tolerable, Little John.
The fuck?
What we will not tolerate is
getting nothing for our money:
no information, no protection,
no assurances.
You understand, Little Johnny?
Who do you think you are?
Who I am, or what I am?
Who I am is complicated.
What I am is easier. I'm a threat.
I alter outcomes.
Throw this motherf... Unh!
Whoa, doctor!
Call a doctor. Unbelievable!
It's Napoli in the clutch!
Holy cow!
Oh, fuck!
A tie game. Unbelievable!
That ball was absolutely massacred
by Mike Napoli.
A home run by Napoli.
- Can things change in an instant.
- They certainly can.
This game was over
before this half-inning started.
It is certainly over now!
The final: six to five,
Boston over New York...
Hey! Hey-
This is my town. Do you understand me?
This is my home.
You cannot run around
like a wild animal.
What the fuck was that?
It's a message.
It says, "I'm here. "
What really
happened in there, Ralphie?
Faulty wire or something.
We both know that's not true.
I'm sorry I wasted your time.
Hey, you didn't waste my time.
My mom doesn't have much
except this place.
When stuff like this happens,
I just gotta put everything on hold
and help her out, you know?
I wasn't gonna pass
the security guard test anyway.
Was there anything unusually strange
about Slavi before he was murdered?
Did he mention a name perhaps?
Agitated about something?
Slavi never did his business
in front of the girls.
Tevi handled us.
We can't locate one of the other girls
from Slavi's stable. Teri.
You know her?
Where we might find her?
No. Sorry.
I didn't know her that well.
Was my message received, Teddy?
Yes, Mr. Pushkin.
All of our associates...
Irish, Italians, Armenians.
...Are all denying any knowledge
or involvement.
We cannot show weakness.
I need this wrapped up quickly.
It will be.
Of course, don't worry.
Now enough of what you don't know.
Tell me what you do know.
Well, I'm still sifting through
things, but the killings were spontaneous.
Whoever did this specialized in killing.
I've rarely seen skills like this.
I don't think it's someone
we've encountered before.
Whoever it is, just find him, Teddy.
I'm talking over a million barrels,
this delivery.
- Understand?
- It will all be well.
I'll take care of it.
When you do, be loud about it.
I don't want this happening again.
Of course.
Come on.
Stuff it in.
See that?
That son of a bitch.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- We're closed. Get out.
- Let's go.
Time to go.
Nice to see you.
See? You pay on time,
no more problems.
All right, let's go.
you need to clean the grease.
It'll cause a fire.
Good accent.
See you next week.
- Let's go get a blowie.
- Hey, officers.
Whoa, put the light down.
What's up?
I'd like to report a crime.
Really? Call 911.
Let's get out of here.
Fuck that guy.
Should shoot that motherfucker.
Take it easy.
How did you get this job?
I blew the commissioner.
Why waste city services
when I got two corrupt cops
right in front of me?
It's that guy.
This fucking guy?
Back up.
How'd you get
that fucking number?
- Wasn't hard.
- Yeah?
- Neither was this.
- Ask the lady down the street.
The one who had the fire.
Same thing could happen to you
with your whole family inside.
- Open it.
- You pay like everybody else.
How many copies?
You must have
a death wish, pal.
What the fuck
do you want, huh? Huh?
The people you took
the money from,
you should give it back.
Ha-ha-ha. Why would we do that?
That would be in the best interest
of everyone.
Maybe our best interest is to tie
a block around you
and throw you
in the Mystic, huh?
Let's do that.
It's a good idea.
You're supposed to stand
for something, punk.
Protect and serve. Uphold the law.
Who the fuck are you?
Tomorrow you'll have returned all
the money you extorted from those people.
Tell them it will never happen again.
Do that,
and this video will never be seen.
You don't, and a half an hour later
you'll watch the uncut version
on every news outlet in the area.
Now, I'm offering you a chance
to do the right thing. Take it.
That fucking hurt more
than the beating.
Mr. McCall. Are you
done standing around or what?
All the other girls have...
claimed that you were
very close to Teri. Huh?
You lied to me about that.
It's pretty.
When did you last talk to her?
Over a week ago.
I went to the hospital.
I saw her there.
Did anyone else visit her?
A man.
A man?
A nice man. A black man.
He wanted to know
what happened to her.
His name?
He didn't say.
And your friend, Teri?
No one saw her
after she left hospital.
After what they did to her.
And you contacted her?
No one saw her.
Look at me.
Are you telling me the truth?
You telling me the truth? The truth?
Yes. Yes.
You telling me the truth?
- Telling me the truth?
- Yes.
Would you like some water?
Moisten your throat.
Thank you.
My angel.
Hm? Yes.
Please. Please.
So beautiful. So beautiful.
Please, please, Teddy. Please, Teddy.
But so deceitful.
Please. Please don't.
So fucking deceitful.
Please don't.
You're... You're hurting me!
Please stop.
Let's go, Home Mart!
- Let's go!
- Keep it going, Home Mart!
Here we go. Oh, oh, oh!
I got it! I got it! I got it!
There you go! Way to go, Bobby!
There's no place like Home Mart.
- I see you!
- Ralphie, bravo!
You passed your test!
Looking good, man.
Hey, did they give you a gun?
What the hell he call us in here for?
Maybe he's finally
done chasing his own tail.
- He needs to go home.
- Waste of fucking time.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
I matched
the arrival and departure times
of everyone going in and out
of the restaurant.
This person walks in the front door
several minutes after Slavi arrived,
but never comes out.
All right. Later. All right.
Jenny, Jenny, Jenny.
Can you do
a quick card refund for me?
Gentleman's in a hurry.
Open that fucking register.
Move, move.
Empty the register. Now.
Go ahead,
open this thing up.
Tell this bitch to fucking move it.
Open the register up right now.
All of it. Give me all of it.
Come on.
Move, move, move.
- That ring too. Give me that ring.
- No.
- Give me that fucking ring, I said.
- Please.
It was my mother's.
Fuck your mother. Give me that ring.
- Take it off.
- It was my mother's.
I don't care.
Give me the fucking ring.
- Please.
- It's okay, Jenny.
You Okay?
Hey, listen. Police said
the guy's done four like this.
Shot a guy over in Somerville
a month ago, so...
It's only money.
You okay?
Hey, Ralphie. Still a little freaked out.
Well, if you need anything,
let me know.
Thanks, Ralphie.
Oh, my God.
My ring?
Mr. McCall. Sorry to bother you.
We're looking into a homicide
that occurred two weeks ago.
Five dead. Russian restaurant.
I heard about it on TV.
I happened to be there that night.
Oh, you were?
You wouldn't be here if I wasn't.
We're just checking to see if anyone
remembered anything suspicious.
Not that I recall.
May I ask why you dined
at that particular restaurant?
I like pirozhki.
There's five Russian restaurants
in walking distance of your apartment.
I assume they all serve pirozhki.
Wow. I was meeting a friend.
It was her idea.
Then I guess I should talk...
Sheila Saunders.
But she can't help. She wasn't there.
Her daughter had a fever.
Didn't stay long?
I didn't check my watch.
I see. Well, thanks
for your cooperation.
Very welcome.
Tell me, do you know this girl?
Yeah, I don't know...
I don't remember where from.
What happened?
She fell down and broke her neck.
Did she?
I'll be in touch.
Don't you wanna leave me
your card, officer?
In case I remember anything? That's
what policemen usually do, right?
Must have given them all out.
How'd you find me?
I paid cash. No reservation.
How'd you find me?
Well, that's what we do, Mr. McCall.
We who?
We find people we need to find.
We who?
Everything about him is wrong.
And his military history?
Keep digging-
This is what we have
on McCall so far:
Works a straight 40 at the Home Mart.
Bank statements, tax returns, all jive.
Looks pretty normal.
All lies. Fabricated.
We need to take him cleanly.
A place without cameras,
no witnesses.
A man with his skills,
I want to know who he really is.
I want to know who he's working for.
How you doing?
Give me a coffee, please.
An egg sandwich too. On a roll.
No cheese, please.
You got it.
I'll be back in a minute.
Is it just you, or are we waiting
for someone else?
I'm sorry. What?
Your hands.
If you work on power lines, your
hands wouldn't look like that.
We gotta be waiting
for somebody else.
Hands where I can see them.
We're gonna take a little walk
across the street. Black Denali.
Here we go.
What the fuck?
Vary from these instructions
and I'll kill you, understand?
All right.
Stand up.
What the fuck is this? Masters, let's go.
No witnesses.
What's going on out there?
What the fuck?
Let's go.
What the hell is this guy doing?
Remar, you got A side. Front, follow.
You got C. I got B.
Yeah, yeah, alive. I'm on it.
Motherfucker suckered me.
Goddamn it.
Pederson, check the closets,
the kitchen, the back porch.
Closet's empty.
- Nothing on the back porch.
- Fucking guy. Lives like a monk.
This guy's got a lot of books.
- Remar, stop fucking around.
- Check the computer.
- This place is way too clean, boss.
- Something doesn't feel right.
We've got an empty script. "Meclizine. "
It's used for airsickness.
Travel items purchased
three days ago.
Bought an open-ended plane ticket
to Mexico two days ago.
Leaves Logan 10 a. m. tomorrow.
Guy knew this was coming.
- He's running.
- Get someone at the airport.
- He is not going anywhere.
- What are you talking about?
He's watching us.
What do you wanna do?
Find him, or I will
bring people who can.
If you've come for help,
I can't give you any.
I understand.
Do you?
Just came for tea.
Just, uh...
Robert, I have very little influence
these days.
I'm not at the Agency anymore.
I consult on a few things. That's it.
Susan, I just need to know
who this man is.
Who is he to you?
That's why I'm here,
trying to find out.
Tell me what's going on. Please.
You had a nice funeral,
in case you were wondering.
You know, when they told Susan
you were dead,
she couldn't comprehend it.
She said, "Oh, no. Not Robert.
And not from something
as trivial as a car bomb. "
That you're alive
is a big relief.
But it didn't come
as a complete surprise to her.
We used to talk about you
over the years, and she said
if anyone could have figured
a way out,
a way to walk away from it all
for good, you know,
like a real fresh start...
it would have been...
You didn't take out five pimps, Robert.
You took out the East Coast hub
of Vladimir Pushkin.
An oligarch who jumped in bed
with the Russian mafia,
only he funds everything:
gasoline, weapons, girls, you name it.
He's built an intricate network
on both U.S. coasts
that are incredibly well-insulated.
His money and political ties
make him untouchable.
Your friend here is who Pushkin
sends when he's got a problem.
Teddy Rensen.
Real name, Nicolai Itchenko.
Skill set honed in Spetsnaz.
He's formidable and smart.
Ran a wing of the secret police
for years.
Went private when the Union fell.
Basically, he's a sociopath
with a business card.
Thank you, darling.
You know these two?
Boston P.D. Probably on
Pushkin's payroll, I assume.
Three years. Detective Remar
and Detective Pederson.
Only now they're dead.
They found them yesterday in the trunk of
their car in the precinct parking lot.
Suffocated. Testicles blown off
and shoved down their throats.
Classic Russian mob hit.
Teddy's work.
Third one, Detective Masters hasn't
shown up for work in several days.
Robert, I don't have to tell you
what happens next.
He won't stop until he kills you
and anyone you care about.
Didn't sleep a wink, did you?
Robert, that girl,
I couldn't tell you
why it mattered.
Why what they did to her,
that mattered to me so much.
One day somebody
does something unspeakable
to someone else to...
someone you hardly knew,
and you...
do something about it because you can.
Because it's who you are? Hm?
Who you've always been?
Sometimes we make the wrong choices
to get to the right place.
I know a part of you died
when Vivian did.
But not the part
she loved the most.
Go be him.
Don't forget to say goodbye.
Good bye.
Everything all right?
Were you able to help him?
He didn't come for help.
He came for permission.
What the fuck?
Testing one, two, three, four.
I need to know everything:
who, what, when, where, why.
Before you tell me
you're not gonna talk...
You can go fuck yourself,
you know that?
You're gonna give me what I need.
Or not.
You're such a fuck.
Why don't you get out of here and
go fuck yourself, you motherfucker?
You know
who you're dealing with, huh?
I am a cop, you moron!
I swear to God, I'll fuck...
Okay. Open it.
Open the fucking wind...
I'm Boston P.D.
I don't have a lot of time.
Which means you don't have any.
Look, you are in a lot of trouble.
Just let me go. Just let me go.
I'm gonna let you go.
I'm gonna let you go.
I'll be back.
Motherfucker! Wait.
We're here to see Andri.
Hey, Andri. Listen, this
location's been compromised.
Get all your shit out of here.
You gotta truck it all out.
The fuck I'm going to do that. And
who's this fucking piece of shit?
Pushkin made the call.
I'm just the new guy.
Pushkin. I...
Pushkin's money. What the fuck
you give a fuck, Andri, huh?
Is that a Heckler Koch?
- This?
- Yeah.
What is he saying?
I don't fucking...
Can I see it?
Oh, you want to see my gun?
Uh, yes and no.
- No.
- Oh, fuck!
All right, all right, all right!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
You're so fucking nuts!
All right.
Everybody settle down.
Frank tells me
you're the man, Andri. Yeah?
He says your guys
are incredibly loyal toward you.
If you tell them to put their
guns down, lay down on the floor,
they'll do that, won't they?
Indulge me, Andri.
Tell them to lay down.
There you go. Thank you very much.
There you go.
Mr. Pushkin thanks you very much.
We're going out of business.
Closing down shop.
Mr. Pushkin thanks you very much.
There you are.
Here you go. You're welcome.
Accept these parting gifts on behalf of Mr.
Pushkin. There you go.
Three, two...
Look at that, perfect... one.
Thank you. Thank you, sweetheart.
Right around to the right.
Call it in.
Boston P.D.
Detective Frank Masters.
I am 10-13 at 155 Warren Street,
rear entrance.
Repeat: Detective Frank Masters, 10-13,
155 Warren Street, rear entrance.
Anything else I can do for you?
You tell me, Frank.
I know you got an escape plan.
Where do you keep it?
Heh. Yeah? What's
your escape plan, huh?
Not about me. It's about you.
Where do you keep it?
Fuck you, you motherfucker.
You have fucked me
so fucking bad!
You did this!
Do you hear yourself?
You did it to this badge, Frank.
You disrespected this badge.
You understand me?
Fuck you, you motherfucker.
I got nothing, all right? You hear me?
I got nothing because of you!
You think they're not coming for you,
you're not fucking next?
I am a dead man!
Do something about it.
You don't know
who these people are!
I'm a fucking dead man.
I won't last a fucking week.
Then do the right thing.
Do the right thing, Frank.
Police officer for 22 years, I know you
didn't get this far and not have an out.
Where do you keep it?
I was a fucking good cop.
I was.
I understand.
Do the right thing.
Do it for the good cops, Frank.
Where do you keep it?
Just let me know when you're done,
This guy here.
He was cuffed to the pipes back here,
200,000 in the trunk of his car.
Recording of the whole deal
with these guys on the seat.
Crazy. And that was tacked
to his jacket.
That's not the best part.
We're on scene for the duration.
Get IDs on all those guys.
Check this out.
Holy shit!
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Who's gonna fucking count this?
We've searched the city.
No sign of him.
McCall has disappeared.
Mr. Pushkin has been notified.
My men will find him.
I got to piss.
He's not coming back.
Had enough?
You certainly have my attention.
Because I can keep going.
Brick by brick. Dollar by dollar.
Body by body.
Or you can call your boss and tell him
to shut down his operation.
That's not much of an offer.
Only one you're gonna get.
When you pray for rain,
you gotta deal with the mud too.
When you look at me...
what do you see?
The answer's nothing.
I have no feelings about you
one way or the other. You're like...
Like lint or a bottle cap.
You're just a thing to remove.
I knew a Russian police captain
back in the day.
He told me about a case he worked on.
Can't remember the guy's name.
He was a famous scholar,
lived in Moscow.
He was a humanitarian,
an author.
Anyway, he decided to share his
abundance with someone less fortunate.
And even though he had five children,
he opened his home to a sixth.
An orphan, 12-year-old boy.
Kid had been pounded
by the system from an early age.
Prone to violence.
A lost cause.
Stop me if you know this one.
Oh, no. Carry on.
Okay. So this good man
opened his home to this boy.
And when the boy stole from him,
this good man loved him anyway.
When the boy failed in school, this man
showed understanding and patience.
When the boy lied and cheated
and clawed and fought,
this good man showed compassion
and love
until the boy, who had never felt
anything like being wanted or loved,
he finally did.
The man had broken through.
It was a miracle.
One week later, intruders broke
into the man's house.
Killed the man and his wife in bed.
They said some small things
were stolen,
things a child might steal.
No one knows for sure.
The man's children
were sent off to relatives.
The boy, the orphan,
shipped back to hell.
Just when he finally had a chance at life,
it was snatched away by two bullets.
It's a well-known story.
Mm. They ever catch who did it?
Did they?
Maybe they didn't look
in the right place.
Sometimes the answer's
in front of you.
I think the boy killed them.
I think the boy did it.
The boy was scared his foster parents
would wake up one day
and realize he wasn't worth it,
like all the others had.
And he couldn't bear the thought
that this good man would do that to him.
Would throw him away...
like a piece of lint or a bottle cap.
he decided not to find out.
What do you think, Nicolai?
You think you know me?
You strike me as
a sentimental man, Mr. McCall.
That's surprising.
I don't possess that chip.
I never could understand what comes
from feeling that way
except weakness.
The men I killed, your men,
I gave them a chance.
They made their decision.
I'm giving you
the opportunity to make yours.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You let me know...
when you decide.
Of course.
I've done some bad things
in my life, Nicolai.
Things I'm not proud of.
I promised someone
that I love very much
that I would never go back
to being that person.
But for you...
I'm gonna make an exception.
You asked me what I saw
when I looked at you.
What do you see when you look at me?
FBI. How can I direct your call?
Agent Mosley, please.
Agent Mosley.
Heard you found some money today.
Who is this?
Concerned citizen.
Check your personal e-mail.
Make sure you're sitting down
when you do.
He hit my tankers.
And you tell me not to worry?
That you'll take care of things?
Only I've been further embarrassed.
I have a new team.
It's simply a matter of time.
You're out of time.
New York had to shut down.
Nothing is moving.
My calls aren't being answered.
I've lost tens of millions today alone.
It will all be Well.
Stop the bleeding, or don't come back.
Go fuck yourself.
- Yes?
- Mr. McCall.
Your life for theirs.
You'll want to answer that.
Mr. McCall?
They came into the store.
Who's with you?
Jenny, Brian, Jay and Marcus.
What's going on? Wait...
Oh, my God.
My men there will
kill them in 30 minutes.
Unless you're here in 29.
You know the place.
You can still smell
the burning gasoline.
He's close. Get ready.
Here comes the bus.
checking on you, sentimental man.
You willing to die for your friends?
Are you?
When you see him, shoot him.
The bus is empty.
Kill one.
Kill one of them.
You wanna be first?
Where is that coming from?
I don't know.
I don't know!
They're gonna kill Ralphie, yo.
They're gonna fucking kill him.
Too much for the man
He couldn't make it
Which way?
The song. Which way
is it coming from?
The P.A. system's
in the security office.
Stand! Now.
Ooh, what's left of his world
The world he left behind
Not so long...
Mr. McCall? What's going on?
Who are these people?
Come here quickly!
I need your help.
Report. Where are you?
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
I... I can't understand you.
- Okay, I'm going down.
- Get down!
Get everybody out of here.
Don't leave anybody behind.
You use the service doors
in the back. Okay? Go.
Very clever, Mr. McCall.
I've decided to come and see you.
I'll be waiting for you.
Find the hostages.
Before I die alone
Let me have vengeance
Before I die alone
I will have vengeance
Before I die alone
Let me have vengeance
Before I die alone
I will have vengeance
Before I die alone
Before my time has gone
There's just one thing I have to do
Before the fire and stone
Before your world has gone
Have you some patience
'Cause I will have my vengeance
Before I die alone
Let me have vengeance
Before my time has gone
I will have vengeance
Before I die alone
Let me have vengeance
Before my time has gone
I will have vengeance
Before I die alone
Before I die alone
Let me have vengeance
I Will, I will
I will have vengeance
I will have vengeance
It's me, Mr. McCall. It's Ralphie.
You said not to leave
anybody behind.
Buck-ninety, my ass.
Come on.
Aah! Oh, fuck! Unh.
You all right?
Aah. I've been shot.
Can you walk?
I'm gonna need you
to do something. Look at me.
Ralphie, focus. Focus.
Can you make it
to the breaker box?
Forty seconds, exactly.
Forty seconds exactly.
Who are you?!
Shit. Oh, shit.
I'd stay in there if I were you.
Who are you?
Everybody wants to know.
Gun's not there.
Just put the towel on.
What do you want?
I want the head of the snake.
So it's you.
And now you've come to kill me.
And tell me,
what do you gain from my death?
Peace is expensive to buy.
But I can purchase it
for you.
What is your price?
Are you there?
Guards, guards!
Hey! Hey, Robert.
I remembered you lived around here, so
I've been swinging by the last few days.
Pretty different, huh?
Night and day.
Yeah, well...
I get my stitches out
next week.
I'm reading now.
Oh, no.
Yeah. I know.
Very good.
I got it from a used book store. The guy
there recommended it to me. It's good.
I got a job too.
A real job with real hours and stuff.
When they gave me
my stuff back at the hospital,
there was this envelope
with my name on it.
Almost $10,000 inside
and a ticket out of town.
Probably hush money, right?
Who cares?
A new start.
Alina the singer.
Someone once told me
I could be whoever I wanted to be.
Body, mind...
I'm gonna miss your stories, Robert.
You got your own now.
Thank you.
For everything.
I'll catch you around.
Bye, Robert.
Goodbye, Alina.
A change of scenes
A change of style
A change of hopes
With no regrets
A chance to watch
Admire the distance
Still occupied
Though you forget
Different colors, different shades
Over each, mistakes were made
I took the blame
Directionless, so plain to see
A loaded gun won't set you free
So you say
Feels like a close
It's coming to a'
Fuck am I gonna do? r
It's too late to start over
This is the only thing I
Thing I know
Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is
Find different ways
To word the same old songs
Ever since I came along
From the day the song called
"Hi, My Name Is" dropped
Started thinking my name was "fault"
'Cause any time things went wrong
I was the one
Who they would blame it on
The media made me the equivalent
Of a modern-day Genghis Khan
Tried to argue
It was only entertainment, dog
Gangsta? No
Courageous balls
Had to change my style
They said I'm way too soft
And I sound like AZ and Nas
Out came the claws
And the fangs been out since then
But up until the instant
That I went against it
It was ingrained in me that I wouldn't
Amount to a shit-stain, I thought
No wonder I had to unlearn everything
My brain was taught
Do I really belong in this game?
I pondered
I just wanna play my part
Should I make waves or not?
So back and forth in my brain
The tug of war wages on
And I don't wanna seem ungrateful
Or disrespect the art form
I was raised upon
But sometimes you gotta take a loss
And have people rub it in your face
Before you get made pissed off
And keep plugging
It's your only outlet
And your only outfit
You know they're gonna talk about it
Better find a way to counter it quick
And make it, ah
Feel like I've already said this
A kabiilion-eighty times
How many times can I say the same
Thing different ways that rhyme?
What I really wanna say is if there's
Anyone else that can relate to my story
Bet you feel the same way I felt
When I was in the same place you are
When I was afraid to
I was afraid to make a single sound
Afraid I would never find a way out
Afraid I'd never be found
I don't wanna go another round
An angry man's power
Will shut you up
Trip wires fill this house
With tip-toed love
Run out of excuses for everyone
So here I am and I will not run
Guts over fear
The time is near
Guts over fear
I shed a tear
For all the times
I let you push me around
And let you keep me down
Now I got guts over fear
Guts over fear
Feels like a close
It's coming to
Fuck am I gonna do?
It's too late to start over
This is the only thing I
Thing I know
I know what it's like
I was there once, single parents
Hate your appearance
Did you struggle to find your place
In this world?
And the pain spawns
All the anger on
But it wasn't till I put the pain
in songs Learned who to aim it on
That I made a spark
Started to spit hard as shit
Learned how to harness it
While the reins were off
And there was a lot of bizarre shit
But the crazy part
Was soon as I stopped saying
I gave a fuck
Haters started to appreciate my art
And it just breaks my heart
To look at all the pain I caused
But what am I gonna do
When the rage is gone?
And the lights go out
In that trailer park?
And the window is closing and there's
Nowhere else that I can go with flows
And I'm frozen 'cause there's no more
Emotion for me to pull from
Just a bunch of playful songs
That I make for fun
So to the break of dawn
Here I go recycling the same old song
But I'd rather make "Not Afraid 2"
Than make another motherfucking
"We Made You," unh
Now, I don't wanna seem indulgent
When I discuss my lows and my highs
My demise and my uprise
Pray to God
I just opened enough eyes later on
Gave you the supplies and the tools
To hopefully use it to make you strong
Enough to lift yourself up
When you feel like I felt
'Cause I can't explain to y'all
How dang exhausted my legs felt
Just having to balance my dang self
When on eggshells I was made to walk
But thank you, Ma, 'cause that gave me
The strength to cause Shady-mania
So when they empty that stadium
At least I made it out of that house
And found a place in this world
When the day was done
So this is for every kid
Who all's they ever did was dreamt
Of one day just getting accepted
I represent him or her
Anyone similar
You are the reason
That I made this song
And everything you're scared to say
Don't be afraid to say no more
From this day forward
Just let them A-holes talk
Take it with a grain of salt
And eat their fucking faces off
The legend of the angry blond
Lives on through you when I'm gone
And to think I was gone
I was afraid to make a single sound
Afraid I would never find a way out
Afraid I'd never be found
I don't wanna go another round
An angry man's power
Will shut you up
Trip wires fill this house
With tip-toed love
Run out of excuses for everyone
So here I am and I will not run
Guts over fear
The time is near
Guts over fear
I shed a tear