The Equalizer 2 (2018) Movie Script

Hot water, please.
Excuse me?
He said car is closed.
He'll get for you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- First time to Turkey?
- No, no, no.
Been here...
long time ago.
- Different life.
- Mmm.
- Now you come back.
- Yes.
Looking for something.
My brother say,
you can find whatever
you wish in Turkey.
- Yeah?
- Uh-huh.
How 'bout a man who
kidnapped his own daughter
and took her away
from her American mother?
An abusive man,
so not a real man.
No love for the child,
just a...
need to punish his ex-wife.
To take the one
thing away from her
that meant everything to her
with no intention of
returning the child.
Do you think that...
Excuse me.
Do you think I could find that
man in Turkey? Or maybe...
on his way to Turkey?
I uh...
would not be looking
for such a man.
It will be...
For you.
Men like him would think that.
And God as my witness,
I would give him a chance.
To stop.
To reconsider.
To think about the worst thing
that could ever happen to him.
To imagine that.
There are two kinds
of pain in this world.
Pain that hurts.
Pain that alters.
Oh, baby!
Oh, my baby!
Are you okay?
My baby!
The State Department doesn't
know a thing about it, Grace.
No one does.
Just that 45 minutes ago,
someone delivered your daughter
to the desk downstairs.
Oh, I love you so much!
I love you, I love you!
My favorite driver,
always on time like a trucker!
Ah, Roberto, it's not easy
gettin' in and out here.
- Copy Center?
- Eh?
- Copy Center?
- Yes!
Lift off!
How am I today?
The same, only worse.
Every day, I know less.
Welcome to the club.
Thanks for the lift.
I have a piece of advice:
Always be nice to anybody who
has access to your toothbrush.
Thank you for this
interview and opportunity.
Now, as you can see
from my resume...
No, no, no.
Thank you for this opportunity.
I've admired your company's
position towards the environment
for quite some time, and
to be a part of that...
Ma! Ma, I got accepted!
Yeah, I got accepted by...
I got...
"It is of great pleasure
that we write to offer you
"admission to the
College of Engineering
"Class of 2019." Ma!
I don't get to choose
when I go, Tommy.
The Army does that.
I'll text you when I'm at the gate.
I love you both.
- Where you headed?
- Iraq.
- First tour?
- Yes, sir.
I'll be there to pick you up
when you get back.
Thank you.
- As-Salaam-Alaikum.
- Wa-Alaikum-Salaam.
How they comin'?
Left you something upstairs.
- Did you?
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you, Fatima.
- You coming to the potluck?
- Yes, I'm coming.
Plates and napkins,
napkins and plates.
And forks!
I got your name on a piece
of paper in my pocket.
That's all that matters.
Hey, hey, hey!
Look at me.
No, no, no, stop talking.
- This is happening.
- Please don't.
Your son's gonna be
home any second.
- Open your mouth.
- No.
Open your mouth.
And you don't have
to know anything.
They are the best.
Mr. McCall.
Ordered a book last week.
Oh, uh, yeah.
I... I don't see it, um...
I'll be right back.
The man with the list. 100
books everyone should read.
- Guilty as charged.
- In Search of Lost Time.
Came in yesterday.
Thank you.
What number?
Last one.
Well, I hope you
start another list.
Me too. How much?
Uh, 40, please.
Thank you.
Sign is down?
"For sale" sign?
Oh, a change of circumstances.
Not going anywhere now.
I don't want a drink.
I don't want a drink.
Grant me the serenity to accept
the things I cannot change...
The courage to change
the things I can...
And the wisdom
to know the difference.
Would you um...
Would you mind taking me
back where you picked me up?
Easy... easy.
One step, keep going.
Could you just...
help her get in her apartment?
Stop cheatin', bro.
How you doin'? I'm the uh,
Lyft driver that you called
to take home your girlfriend.
Not a girlfriend, man.
Just an intern.
Oh, I'm sorry, the uh,
credit card was invalid.
Let you hang with us 'cause
your daddy's a client
and you fuck up the first thing.
Come in.
- There you go.
- Wow.
I heard about these.
I've never seen one before.
Yeah, well, now you have.
Look, pay yourself
whatever and uh,
give yourself a nice tip, huh?
Thank you. Thank you.
You're not gonna ask me
if she got home okay?
- She get home okay?
- No.
Took her Mass General, they're
pumping her stomach as we speak.
What's her name?
You don't know, do you?
This is the point where
usually I'd uh...
give you a chance to do the
right thing, but not tonight.
Tonight, I'm gonna need
your cameras, cellphones,
anything you might've used to
record what you did to her.
You knocked on the wrong
door tonight, pops.
Get up.
Get up!
Don't start crying now.
Give me your phone.
Right or left?
I don't know what you mean.
Are you right or left-handed?
- Right.
- Call 911.
And tell them the truth about
what happened in here tonight.
Your daddy's money's not gonna save
you this time, you understand?
- Yes, sir.
- You know her name?
Her name is Amy,
give me your left hand.
Give me your left hand.
I expect a five-star rating,
you understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Not for me, though. For who?
- For Amy.
- That's right. For who?
- For Amy.
- For who?
Make sure I get a
five-star rating, junior.
Hello, Susan.
How in God's name do
you know it was me?
I can smell you.
For God's sake, I just peed.
Yeah, but you ate
asparagus vinaigrette.
- With soy sauce.
- Oh, you!
Oh, I smelled your perfume.
How are ya?
- You good?
- Better now.
Ah, very good.
- Got you some.
- Ah, soup!
How'd that thing in
Turkey turn out?
Ah, happy ending.
- Mmm!
- No pun intended.
Well, I guess that means
you owe me dinner.
I didn't agree to pay
for dinner, I...
What, you gonna try
and weasel out?
I'm not weaseling, I just...
Oh, no, no, no, my friend.
I don't work for free.
How's Brian?
He's good. Oh, he's
got a new book out.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- Maybe I should read it, huh?
- Oh, yeah.
You know, if geopolitics
of Nepal prior to the
1816 Sugauli Treaty is
your bag, definitely.
- Friendship has its limits.
- So does matrimony.
I haven't read it yet.
Doubt I ever will.
You here on business?
Meetings, huh?
Birthdays are the hardest.
I know, I always think
of my brother on his.
I was uh, folding laundry
the other day, and...
I realized that I didn't have
any clothes left that
Vivian had ever seen.
I can't say that's a bad thing.
Well, she didn't appreciate my
taste in clothing either.
I'd buy something,
the next day it was missing.
I'd ask her about it.
And she... say she didn't know
what I was talking about.
Or she'd act like she didn't
know what I was talking about.
I could tell. And she's,
"I don't know what
happened to those
"purple shirts that
you used to buy."
Then I'd...
put one on that she liked.
I didn't say anything.
I'm sorry if I made a mistake
coming to you on Vivian's birthday.
It's just...
Robert, I've been thinkin'...
Maybe you should
go back, huh?
It's great you helping all these
random people and
everything, but...
It's not gonna fill
that hole in your heart.
Go home, huh?
Make peace with it.
That's what
Vivian would've wanted.
Oh, hey!
- Always a gentleman.
- That's right.
Hey, I'm obligated
to tell you these things.
Man, I'm the only
friend you've got.
Airport, please.
Hey, Mr. McCall, maybe
you could find out
who did this
to Fatima's garden.
- What up, man?
- How you doing?
Hey, you should make
the building do that.
It's what they're
supposed to do.
'Supposed to do' and 'will do'
are two different things, Miles.
- Yeah, but you live here, right?
- That's right.
Pay the rent, too.
You should let somebody
else do this, then.
Like who?
Shit, I don't know.
- Anybody.
- Huh?
Not a tenant.
You're right. I guess
anybody could do it,
but nobody does, Miles.
It ends up everybody
complaining because
nobody did what
anybody coulda done.
Or shoulda done
to begin with.
You know they got uh,
they got painting
companies around here.
I know they charge $6-700
to do the job. I know that.
Ssh... Oh, yeah?
Shit, I'll do this for $350.
Ssh, yeah!
- What?
- Nothin'.
What, I look handicapped
or somethin'?
Yo, it's a quick dip and roll,
it ain't rocket science.
No, you're right.
I'm an artist, man.
I go to Bridgeview Arts.
Why aren't you in school?
I don't be doin' all them
everyday classes.
You know I got a
- a special talent.
- Yes, you do.
And it takes talent
to make money.
But it takes brains
to keep it, Miles.
Yeah, well, I'm out here
makin' my money, man.
Short money, Miles.
That's short money.
I tell you what...
$350's a little high.
But I appreciate the offer.
- All right?
- Aight.
This gonna be
a lotta work, man.
- Aight, Mr. McCall.
- All right.
So, you still
out here doin' this?
Yes, I am.
You ain't coverin' nothin'.
Not yet.
What is this,
Wal-Mart paint?
Primer. You gotta
prime it before you paint it.
They don't teach you
that in art school?
Yeah, I knew that.
I've been thinkin'
'bout your offer.
I've been uh, calibratin' uh...
- 250?
- Yeah.
250, I take care
all o' this for you.
- For 250?
- Yeah.
All right but,
you can only work on it
after school.
- Ssh...
- Don't curse.
What time you get out?
- 3:15.
- Okay. After school, 3:15, deal?
- Cash, aight?
- Okay, cash.
- Don't checkin' me, aight?
- I'll be checkin' for you.
Tss... aight.
Stay off them corners, son.
Oil on his lips.
Nine millimeter at his feet
was registered to the victim.
No other prints in the house.
You have questions?
Oh, Mr. Calbert did work for us.
And when something
occurs to one of ours,
the agency's obligated
to look into it,
So, yes, you will be hearing
from us, thank you.
Susan, Susan...
Keep it locked down
until we get there, please.
I can't find
a file on this guy.
When did he become
one of ours?
I don't know.
Upstairs kept him off the
radar for some reason.
- Car's here. Car's here.
- Oh, okay.
- Oh, you look great.
- It's okay?
- What about a tie?
- Um...
- You need a tie, darlin'.
- I...
- Do what she says, Brian.
- Have one?
- Got it.
- Great, that's perfect!
I'll see you, dear.
- Have fun, sweetheart.
- Bye.
Yeah, I'm gonna have to go
over there and cross the t's.
Wanna come?
Oh, damn, and leave
this shitty office?
You know Brussels
has the best chocolates.
Hmm, well, we'll go
and find out.
Today, I broke a personal best:
Successive days alive.
All right. Here,
I got photographic evidence.
That's the portrait
of my sister, Magda.
I was nine.
The war came.
Like most families,
we were separated.
My sister Magda and I
were sent to different camps.
I never saw her again.
60 years later, I'm in Paris.
And I see somebody
auctioning my painting.
12 million, can you imagine?
"You've got to have proof,"
they say, to get it back.
Now, I got here
the proof.
Wait till the judge sees this.
Looks like there's
coming a storm.
- It's time for your check-up, Sam.
- Oh.
Hello, sweetheart.
He's still obsessed
with the painting.
Tried to help him years ago.
He said he uh, had proof it
was his even way back then.
He didn't.
No record, no bill of sales.
He just keeps going back to
court to hear the same thing.
Guess it gives him something
to focus on, I suppose.
It helps when
you have nobody left.
I thought the reading
went great.
- Embarrassing!
- No.
I signed two books,
that's all.
Thank you!
You sure we can't
drop you off at the airport?
No, I'm fine, Brian.
Thank you.
- Thanks so much for coming.
- All right.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Listen, do me a favor.
- Yeah?
See what you can
find out. Yeah?
Oh, another dinner, then.
I'll see what I can do.
I do fly off
to Brussels tomorrow.
- Thought you were retired?
- Oh, I am.
Just like you're dead.
- Good night.
- Good, good night.
What are you painting?
It's primer.
And then paint it.
So all this bullshit under there,
don't show through.
My brother painted that.
It's the place we grew up.
And you live here now.
Powder of some sort.
Hard drive contents
and cell records?
You'll have them later today.
Okay. Thank you.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Right behind you.
I don't know. It seems
to me, the judge...
He doesn't even
pay any attention to me.
I mean, he hardly looked
at all the evidence I had.
Well, that's it.
It was a very
rare painting, Sam.
Maybe... maybe that's the reason
why it looked so familiar to you.
This is my sister, Magda.
I was younger, but that's
the only picture survived.
My uncle
commissioned the portrait
as a gift for her 12th birthday.
It was a young artist,
just beginning.
But oh, you should've seen it.
Not just the resemblance
but a spirit that shone through.
It glowed, you know,
like a beacon.
"My little brother," she'd say.
"My Sammy."
I could never protect her.
To lose her twice...
I can't imagine it.
Hello, Susan.
Hey, I had no idea you
were such an art lover.
That information you wanted,
just came in.
- Kinda surprising.
- Okay.
- I'm sending it to you right now.
- Good.
Calbert's bank records are fine.
Texts, emails.
No marital discord.
No girlfriends, no boyfriends,
no lovers.
Not even an inappropriate
message to a co-worker.
And what about the wife?
Oh, come on, Dave,
women fuck around too.
I mean, think about it.
When's the last time you
sent your wife flowers, hmm?
Noted. Noted.
Data on Calbert's
hard drive just came in.
No, we'll talk about it
on the plane.
I wanna get outta here
as soon as we can,
run something through
his best hand.
All right, watch it.
Excusez-moi, monsieur.
- I'll see you downstairs at 6:00?
- You got it.
Oh, and hey, how
'bout some of that
delicious Belgian chocolate
you're always talkin' about?
Or you'll not gettin' on
the plane.
Guess I'm goin' back out.
Oh, crap.
Oh, good.
W-What do you want?!
Let me go!
What do you fucking want?
Who the fuck are you?
Come on!
We could make this pop out.
Picasso this entire buildin'.
Picasso it?
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Okay. How much?
It's on the house.
I like that.
Been drawin' a long time?
Since uh, about third grade.
What is this?
That's how I sign my work.
My brother, he was a boxer.
It's the right hand o' God.
He catch you with it,
you know...
You go to heaven, or uh...
- He still fightin'?
- Ah...
Somebody shot him
comin' back from the gym.
Not even ganged up on
or nothin'.
Just wanted his gym bag.
I didn't say anything.
My grandmother says
if you don't
remember somebody out loud,
they die twice.
Your grandmother was wise.
Hey, Brian.
Yeah, listen, I'm-I'm reading
your book right now.
I can't believe you...
Got it.
Yo, Mr. McCall, you good?
Hey, yo, Mr. McCall!
Thanks, Dave.
The police from Brussels said
it happens in these hotels,
these robberies.
But she never wore any jewelry.
Not even a watch.
Except for this.
What'd the agency say?
They said...
They'd do everything
in their power.
They're working with Interpol.
Promised to find
whoever it was.
I don't know what to do now.
Things to remember as the storm
continues its march north...
as we saw what Frances did to the
southeast part of the country.
It appears to be
moving here as slowly
as it left the Gulf Coast.
That is what worries
meteorologists now.
Even as the storm is moving
up the Eastern Seaboard,
every city and town
that has been hit
has experienced storm surge...
Dangerous flood levels.
Excusez-moi monsieur.
Excusez-moi monsieur.
- I'll see you downstairs at 6:00?
- You got it.
- I'll see you downstairs at 6:00?
- You got it.
You got fat, Dave.
I was in the same lobby
when that bomb went off.
Looking right at you.
When that hotel
came down on us.
You were there
and then you weren't.
Wasn't my day.
I went to your funeral.
A long time over you.
Susan, she knew?
I was your partner for
seven years, Mac.
I never kept anything from you.
I'm sorry, Dave.
I am.
I never had a chance
to say how sorry I was.
About Vivian.
You still at the beach?
Not in a long time.
Well, I got me that cabin.
Take the wife and kids up
couple times a year.
Wouldn't have any of it...
If it weren't for Susan.
Life got...
She talked me off that ledge
I was heading over.
Probably over a bowl of soup.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
I owe her my life.
Ever talk to the boys?
No, not for years.
Hell of a team we were, right?
She never pushed
the button, Dave.
- Who?
- Susan.
On the elevator.
She never pushed
her floor number.
I checked all the video.
Backpackers got on the first.
They pushed number 16,
she didn't have to.
They knew what floor
she was on.
You find them?
Pieces of them.
Couple of tweakers
with sheets as long as my arm.
My good arm, anyway.
Gas explosion.
At least that's what
they're calling it.
What do you call it?
Tying up loose ends.
Autopsy report:
Stab wound...
Two millimeters
below her third rib.
- Close quarter technique...
- Exactly.
That was taught.
This was no robbery.
Something else went on
in the room.
What's the word, bro?
Listen, the gun...
next to Calbert
was on his right side.
He was right-handed.
His wife was shot by
somebody left-handed.
Somebody else
was in that room.
Powder residue came
from the latex glove.
20,000 euros were found
in the backpackers' flat.
- Hey, Bob.
- Hey.
Those guys were set up.
Right. Agency assets
are taken out all the time.
Opposite side loves...
sending a message.
Why stage it?
They didn't know
he was one of ours.
Susan was about to figure out
who was in that room.
That's why she was killed, Dave.
The two are connected.
I'll call get back to you
when I know more.
Keep me posted.
Yo, man, elevator's closed.
Listen up, little nigga,
you ready to put in work?
'Cause everybody in
my camp put his work.
Ain't no bullshit.
Pass that blunt.
You sure?
Listen, man.
You know you gotta
spin the bin tonight, right?
You know you gotta
spin the bin.
Didn't them niggas
kill your brother?
Right. Gotta go take
care of that tonight.
Run down on them niggas.
Make sure you kill one
them L niggas tonight.
Make sure you empty
that whole thing.
Yo, listen, your mother
already buried your brother.
Do have her bury two sons.
- You hear me?
- Yeah.
Don't come back
without it empty.
That's a fact, B.
- Let's go, Miles.
- Oh, shit!
Sit down. Sit down.
Sit down.
Who the fuck is this nigga?
I'm your father, your momma
just didn't tell you.
Let's go, Miles.
Let's go, Miles.
Let's go, Miles!
Where you goin'?
Yo, who the fuck was that, yo?
Look at this shit here!
Yo, what the fuck happened, yo?
What the fuck is goin' on, yo?
- Come on!
- Get the fuck off of me, man!
- You know where the fuck we at?
- I know. Do you?
I know where we are.
This what you want?
Is it what you want?
I thought you want to draw.
Isn't that what you said?
- Draw?
- Yeah.
- Paint?
- Yeah!
What the fuck is that
gonna get me?
That shit 'bout to
put food in my fuckin' Ma's table?
That shit gon' pay
the fuckin' bills?
You need to be a gangsta.
You need to be a killer.
A little yummy, huh?
You need them.
Okay, if that's what you want.
If that's what makes you feel
like a man, then be a real man.
Let's get jumped in
right now, here.
- Start with me.
- No.
No, start with me.
Here, start with me.
- No, take it.
- No.
Come on, killer.
Come on, killer.
Come on, killer.
Do it right there.
You know how to hold it?
You know what you doin'?
Come on, killer.
There you go.
There you go.
There you go.
Five pounds of pressure,
that's all it takes.
Come on, gangsta.
Five pounds of pressure,
that's all it takes.
Five pounds of pressure,
that's all it takes.
Alright, c'mon, give it to me.
You don't want, give it to me.
C'mon, give it to me.
I ain't gonna do nothin' to you.
See, you know what they are
up there? They're liars.
And so am I.
Hey, yo, yo, yo!
See what happens when
you deal with a liar?
- Hey, hey, hey...
- Huh?
You see what happens
when you deal with a liar?
I lied to your little punk ass.
- Aight!
- Now, I'ma kill you.
What do you see when
you look at me? Tell me.
You better give me a right
answer. What do you see
- when you look at me?
- I do not know!
- Killer! What you see, yummy?
- I do not know, I don't know.
- You don't know?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
Man ain't spelled g-u-n, son.
You got a choice.
You got talent.
You got a chance.
And I don't wanna hear
about your environment.
And what your momma
didn't give you.
And the white man won't
give you no shot.
You got a chance.
Use it while you're still alive!
You don't know what death is!
You have no idea
what death is!
Make a decision.
Hey, yo, Mr. McCall!
- Why me?
- Why not you?
But... But why me?
Let's find out together.
And with a storm this size, that
surge could be as much as six feet.
It's the speed of the hurricane
and that giant eye that could
absolutely deluge the coast.
Mr. McCall?
Who is it?
It's me, Miles.
- I finished the bricks outside.
- Yeah, I saw it.
Oh, uh...
Here's your change
for the extra paint.
- That's all of it?
- Yeah.
So, anyway, uh...
You have somethin' to drink?
Yes, I do.
Would you like
somethin' to drink?
Come on in.
Iced tea or water?
Tss, what do I look like,
Jackie Chan?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You know they
sell these in sets.
What you makin'?
Arroz con pollo.
- Yo, Moms makes the same thing.
- Does she?
Yeah, she puts some...
I'm not your moms.
And that's not your pot.
And this is not your house.
- You understand? Okay.
- Yeah.
Yo, this wall need a paint job.
Yeah, it does.
- I could do it for you.
- Could you?
How much?
If I could get
a plate of that food.
Tss, yeah, man.
No, seriously, uh...
That cool?
All right, I'll make
a deal with you.
115, huh?
Here you go. Free.
Read that.
Can you read?
- Yeah.
- What's it say?
Ta-Nehisi Coates,
Between the World and Me.
All right. You read that,
we got a deal.
- Airport?
- Yeah.
Is it somebody's birthday?
- My daughter.
- Nice.
How old is she?
She's five.
Guess you don't fly
that often, huh?
Been drivin' in the
opposite direction of Logan
for the last three minutes.
No crust, please, Mom.
- Mom?
- Eat up, sweetie.
Why do I have to go
to the dentist
I never had to go
to the dentist.
Gotta be the gardener.
- Grapes.
- You know where the grapes are?
Oh, my God.
My life is so hard.
Here's your grapes.
Come on, show me
what you can do.
But... seriously?
Hi, baby.
Mommy made a nice map.
A: Miane, very good.
B: New hams...
New Hamster.
Carol, who is it?
It's New Hampshire,
not New hamster.
But I like it as New hamster.
Okay, we'll leave it...
Honey, the front
doorbell's broken.
Your old Army buddy
was at the back door
for almost five minutes.
Actually, I was his team leader.
Seven years.
Oh, my... Baby, I'm so sorry
I must've forgot. This is...
I got the days mixed up.
This is Robert McCall,
this is my wife, Carol.
- Hi.
- Hi, pleasure to meet you, Robert.
These are our daughters,
Molly, Alice.
- Come here baby, come here.
- How are you?
- Say hi to...
- Please make yourself at home.
- Oh, thank you.
- Call him Mac.
- Do you want some coffee?
- Uh, no, I'm fine, thank you.
Sorry about the mess,
we were just...
- No problem, no problem.
- I gotta get...
- these two off to school.
- Okay.
Girls, let's go.
Out of these pajamas.
- Robert, nice to meet you.
- Oh, my pleasure.
- Sit down, come here.
- Yeah.
- You all right?
- Yeah!
You've got a beautiful family.
Thanks. What's going on?
I took this off the guy
who tried to kill me yesterday.
Just like you said,
they're cleaning up.
Everybody's looking
to the Brussels hit.
Nobody's safe.
You, your family.
Nobody. That's
military-grade encryption.
You should take it to the office,
run the numbers and uh...
Check the names against the
passenger manifest
in and out of Brussels in the
days surrounding the flight.
Whoever we're looking for
may call through that phone.
I'm on it. I'm on it.
Tell me I'm wrong, Dave.
You gonna answer it?
What happened, Dave?
You died.
That's what happened.
Three months after you
the government shut us down.
I went private right after.
Doing the same things you and
I did for God and country.
Killing names on a piece
of paper. Only now...
Now there's
a price next to them.
- We killed the enemy.
- Who said they were the enemy?
Not us, not me.
We just followed orders.
Mac, there are no good
and bad people.
Any more, no.
No enemies, just...
And Susan?
No one knew the Brussels contract
was a deep agency asset.
Susan was gonna figure out
who was in that dining room.
She was the only one
who could have, right?
Until you crawled
out of your grave.
Did you get the chocolate?
Susan worked in a
dangerous world, Mac.
Coulda happened anytime
by anybody.
It wasn't anybody, it was you.
You spare me the righteous
bullshit, all right?
You do what you have to do
and you move on.
There's no movin' on
from this, Dave.
- We all gotta pay for our sins.
- Oh, yeah?
What about you? Do you
deserve to die for yours?
A hundred times over.
Oh, all right.
Well, guess what?
There is no sin.
No virtue.
There's just shit people do.
They trained us to kill people.
And risk our lives doing it.
And then one day,
you get a call saying,
They're done with you.
Thank you for your service.
Here's a plaque.
You need a job?
Good luck.
Need medical insurance?
See the V.A.
One day, you're an asset.
The next, you're a
fucking afterthought.
It was a natural evolution.
It's who we were.
It's what we did.
It's what you did.
Now it's what we do.
It's not just me, Mac.
It's all of us.
Ari, Resnik, Kovac.
All of us.
Looks pretty good
for a dead guy.
We all want you to know,
none of this is uh...
What you do, what you
become is not my concern.
The world is full of
so-called men like you.
And in a perfect world,
everything we do
comes with a price, but...
This ain't a perfect world.
People do bad things.
If you're lucky,
you get a chance to...
set it right. But...
Most of the time,
it goes unpunished.
This ain't one of them times.
The mistake you made
was you killed my friend.
So, I'm gonna kill
each and every one of you.
And the only disappointment
in it for me is that
I only get to do it once.
- Hey, Ari, fellas!
- Hey, Carol.
Robert, hope to see you again!
Nice to meet you, too!
Dave said you could give me
a lift to the uh, station?
- Bye, Daddy!
- Bye, Dad!
Help and company?
Let's go!
See? Help and company.
You take the little ones.
Come on.
See you at work.
Look, I don't think
my wife had a favorite.
She never gave
who I thought to close.
I'm fine.
I'll bring something over
in the morning.
Who's comin' after me?
The man who killed Susan.
Because you're a loose end.
What's up, Miles?
Hey, yo, what up, man?
Where are you?
Yeah, I'm at your crib, actually.
All right, listen, son.
I don't have time right...
Finishing up these walls.
Going with the spearmint green.
Yo, you got any food
around here? I'm starving.
What's all that barking?
Go to the window,
tell me what you see.
Yeah, these dogs outside
goin' crazy.
Listen, hey, out toward the street,
tell me what you see.
Oh, it's just some dude
out here delivering pizza.
Hang on.
Hey, yo...
Yo, Mr. McCall?
Oh, shit.
Hey, Mr. McCall, I think
somebody's tryin' to get in...
Miles, listen to me real carefully.
Go to the bedroom.
Go to my bedroom,
you'll see a bookshelf.
- Go.
- What?
Just go.
- Hey, yo, what?
- Miles...
- Aight.
- Miles...
See it?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Middle shelf, there's a book
by Richard Wright,
- Native Son.
- What?
Listen, just do
what I tell you.
- Native Son, Native Son...
- Just pull it out.
- What, you want me to read it?
- Pull the book out.
You'll see a button behind it.
I want you to push the button.
You're gonna push the button,
it'll open up.
You go inside, you close
the door behind you.
I'm in, I'm in.
Yo, what is this place?
All right, calm down,
calm down.
Just sit down, be quiet.
Be very quiet, don't move.
Hey, Mr. McCall...
Yo, who are these people?
Let me worry about that.
Calm down. Get in the hole.
Go inside.
Yo, man, I don't do well
in small spaces, man.
- Yo, I can't even breathe.
- Son, son, slow down.
My fuckin' lungs is...
closin' up and shit.
He's lookin' right at me.
Don't worry about it.
It's a two-way mirror.
You can see them,
they can't see you.
It's too dark in here.
Yo, I can't even feel my legs,
I can't see my feet.
Relax, just breathe.
Don't talk too loud.
Turn your phone off, they'll
see the light. Turn it off.
How you doing, Dave?
You know who it is.
Listen, since
you're in my house,
water my plants
for me, will you?
'Cause I'm not gonna be
back for a while.
It's a mistake to go to war
with us, McCall.
You got it backwards, Dave.
You're going to war with me.
You know where I'll be.
I know where he's headed.
He's goin' home.
Hey, kid.
Back up.
The town's evacuated!
How you doin', officer?
Just got off a double shift.
Just gonna check and
see if I left my gas on.
All right, make it quick.
Let the gray BMW through.
Copy that.
What do we have here?
I need you to turn around.
Town's been evacuated.
Where are you?
Slow down.
That was his wife's bakery.
Pull over here.
Clear the alley.
Mac's house is back there.
Makin' entry. Yellow house.
All clear. Comin' out.
Taking high ground.
I got movement, 12:00.
Kovac, move in.
Ari, what's your sitrep?
Locking down south side.
Makin' entry, north side.
Kovac! Kovac!
Kovac! Come back.
Shots fired, shots fired.
I'm goin' in.
Goin' in!
York, you got eyes on him?
I see him.
Making entry, north side.
Ah, fuck!
- Kovac's down. He's gone.
- Say again.
Kovac! He's down!
He's fucked!
Push towards the ocean.
Repeat. Push towards
the ocean.
What the fuck?
Ari? Resnik?
Somebody talk to me.
Son of a bitch!
Ari is down!
Ari is down!
Just like the fucking
rest of them!
There're pictures of
Susan everywhere!
Picking us apart, man!
I need fuckin' eyes!
I'm in the southwest corner
of the yellow building.
I got a blood trail.
Looks like he's headed
across the main drag.
Rear of the bakery.
Copy that.
Move inside, Resnik.
Move inside.
Resnik, do you copy?
Come back!
Just me and you, Dave.
Nobody's left.
Not exactly.
Remember what you taught me.
Always have
a contingency plan.
Come on, Mac!
Show yourself.
I don't know
who the kid is, Mac.
Or if he means anything to you.
I took the chance
that he matters.
I'll make it simple.
Step out.
Show yourself
and I won't kill the kid.
The wind makes it interesting.
Side mirror.
Two more. Third one goes
to the middle of the trunk.
Tail light.
I was a hair off on that one.
I might've hit the kid.
All right! Time's up, Mac!
Nice move, Mac.
But it's not gonna
make any difference.
Where are you?
You son of a bitch!
Fuck you, Mac!
Fuck you!
You couldn't save your wife!
You couldn't save Susan!
And you're not gonna save
this fuckin' kid!
Is that in your playbook?
Is that in your
fucking playbook?
Show yourself!
All right.
Right here.
Sit down right here.
Here you go.
Let's see.
Yeah, it went in and out.
It's not bad.
- Hey, yo...
- Yeah?
My moms is gonna be pissed.
Yeah, I'll talk to her.
Yo, not a me, man.
- At you.
- You talk to her, then.
All right.
Count to three.
One, two,
- three.
- Three.
- It's all good.
- Yep.
I got your back.
Appreciate it.
- Hey, Mr. McCall.
- Yeah.
Who are you, man?
- Hey, Mr. McCall.
- Yeah.
I think the bleedin' stopped.
Well, good, good.
Sit down.
This your place?
Yes, it is.
Come on, sit down.
What are you drawing?
I'm uh...
Workin' on a
superhero character.
- What's his power?
- What's his power?
He knows things
before you do.
He has uh...
secret rooms, magic locks.
You know, shit like that.
St-Stuff like that.
He fly?
He actu-actually drives a Malibu.
That's funny?
That's cool.
I love it.
Respect. I appreciate that.
So, so, you can understand
that when a resident uh, says
things that are um,
grandiose by nature,
we tend to dismiss it.
So, you can imagine how um...
surprised we were today when
uh, when um...
If you could just give
me a moment, okay?
Hi, Sammy?