The Equalizer 3 (2023) Movie Script

Wait here.
He told me to wait outside.
Let's go.
Wouldn't let me in, so...
Yeah, they should've let me in.
Why are you two still breathing?
We arrived after...
So I make sure I understand.
You came here.
To this vineyard, in Sicily.
You know who I am, then?
I know what you are.
Yet you came anyway.
You took something that didn't
belong to you. I'm here to take it back.
How did you find me?
No one ever has.
Here you are.
Except you're a few meters short...
of what you came for.
We all end up where we're supposed to be.
Which means...
your man to my left, finger on the trigger
but he's a foot too close,
which renders your man
to my right dead already.
He just doesn't know it yet.
I feel sorry for his family.
Nine seconds.
That's what you have to decide your fate.
Nine seconds.
Stop, stop, stop.
It's only you?
Okay, good.
Stay in the truck, son.
The blood pressure is very low.
He wouldn't have made it to the hospital.
He's about to go into shock.
Take a blanket and put it on his legs.
Mind the light. Thank you.
Thank you. That's good.
- Gio.
- Yes.
This man fell down.
He didn't fall. They shot him.
You brought me a man that fell down. Okay?
- Clean his wound here.
- Yes.
Lucky it was only a .22 caliber.
Gio saved your life.
So I ask...
did he save a good man?
Or a bad man?
I don't know. Non lo so.
Where are you headed?
No, no.
No, no, no.
Not so fast now.
No. No, no.
Your wound...
it needs time to heal.
Will the bad men come looking for you?
- Did you sleep well?
- Yes.
I made you some soup.
- Thank you.
- Enzo.
- Thank you, Enzo.
- What's your name?
Where am I?
Where you're supposed to be.
Good thing I kept my father's cane.
- Do you mind?
- Yeah.
How long I...
Three days today.
Small, but simpatico.
Go slowly, okay?
Roberto, to the left,
the steps, the piazza.
Khalid, bring me the red snappers.
Good morning.
Tea, per favore.
A tea?
The tea bag.
Tea bag.
I'll bring it right away.
Yes. Thank you.
I'm sorry,
but tea is for old ladies and Englishmen.
Good morning.
I'm Giorgio Bonucci. I'm--
Gio. Gio. Gio.
This is my daughter Gabby.
Good morning, Aminah.
Gabby, I have
a small something for you. Come.
- You've had a very bad...
- Fall.
- Fall.
- Yes.
Dr. Enzo's a very good doctor.
He brought me to this world.
My parents too.
Almost everybody here.
These are good people.
I understand.
I parked your car behind the station.
For when you feel better.
I didn't look in your bags.
Thank you.
Vineyard in Sicily.
Six-point-two miles south of--
Who is this?
Concerned citizen.
Yeah, Cantina Arriana Vineyards,
just south of Palermo.
Who is this?
Crates imported from Middle East.
Syria, by the looks of it.
Yeah, what is it?
Fruits? Tree nuts? Spices?
I'm sorry,
but there's nothing unusual about that.
Wine, 55 crates of it.
Why is a Sicilian winery
importing wine from Syria?
- Guess I got the right number after all.
- Look, buddy, I--
Some kind of a repackaging operation,
by the looks of it.
You're gonna need
a physical access team.
You know all this how?
Just passing through. I thought
it might be of interest to you people.
"You people"?
You know who you're calling?
The CIA Financial Operations Group.
You track suspect money sources, right?
Yeah, that's right. Hold on.
Let me get something
to write this down with.
No need for that. Everything on this line
is recorded anyway, right?
Yeah, I have a potential op situation.
Go slowly.
One day someone does something
unspeakable to someone else,
and you do something about it
'cause you can.
Because it's who you are?
Who you've always been?
Dad, Mum is calling you from the kitchen.
Your salad.
Enjoy it.
My name is Aminah.
Nice to meet you.
Enjoy your tea.
Excuse me, sir.
This shirt would look good on you!
This shirt is perfect.
It's your color.
With these pants.
What do you think?
Perfect outfit.
Okay, only one shirt,
but with the right pants.
Only one for me.
And the hat,
because it matches the shirt.
They are the same color.
Marco, I needed to repair the freezer.
I have no business without it.
And what do I care about the freezer?
I'll pay you next week. Don't worry.
Come on, Angelo, give me the money.
How you doing, Khalid?
Angelo, everyone must pay.
We know each other
from a long time, right?
See you next week.
There is no problem, Angelo.
Really no problem.
Calm down. Good boy.
Pull yourself together.
Come on, let's go. Come on!
Khalid, let's get back to work.
Next week.
Don't piss me off.
Wait here.
Where's my brother?
Upstairs dealing with something.
These are the waivers. Sign them.
You cannot throw people
out of their homes. Do you understand?
These people don't know where to go.
Mr. Quaranta.
We cannot sign these papers.
A court will decide.
And maybe you'll have
to find another building for your hotel.
I really hope you understand.
Thank you for your time.
Got a new car?
How's the new kid doing?
Good. He listens to me.
He'll be a good one.
Get everyone out.
- I look out for you, don't I?
- Yes.
You're my brother and I love you,
but don't piss me off.
Make collections. Don't be loud about it.
I have more important issues.
Why don't you make me part
of these important things?
These are big ones.
Stay in your place.
You do what you do.
I have big plans for you.
Don't worry.
Leave him there,
for everyone to see.
Quick! Come on. Move it.
Quickly! Come on.
Big football match in two days.
When I was young man, I used to play.
Were you any good?
No. That's why I became a doctor.
So I'm going to the market tomorrow.
Do you need anything?
I go for you. What do you want?
- No. No, you should rest.
- No, no, no. I go.
No. You do a lot for me.
And I'm strong. Look.
- No, come on.
- I am strong.
What kind of fish you like?
Fish? I like triglie.
Okay. Okay.
- One. Two. Triglia.
- Okay. Okay. You do it.
Okay, I go. Grazie.
- Cheers.
- Salute.
For grilled or for roast.
- And this is...?
- Sempre orata.
- Dorade.
- Orata, yes.
Oh, this is the one.
- Spigola.
- That's the sea bass, right?
And this one?
- Spigola I know. Sea bass, right?
- Sea bass. Perfetto.
Due sea bass. Fresh?
You're not supposed to smell the fish.
Look at the eyes.
Eyes are bright. Not cloudy.
Gills red or pink.
She's right.
I see Stefano finally sold that hat.
What did she say?
I like the hat. I like it.
She said she liked it?
- Two?
- How much is it?
Today you don't have to pay.
You are a friend of Enzo. You don't pay.
That I understand. I'm paying.
No. You are a friend of Enzo.
- What's your name?
- Angelo.
Angelo, I'm paying.
- No.
- Please.
Enzo's friend, I can't let you pay.
Next time, I promise I'll let you pay.
Come on, Khalid, let's give him his fish.
Thank you.
Fenethylline hydrochloride.
Synthetic amphetamine.
ISIS fighters use it.
Amps them up for days.
- That door, was that...?
- We had to blow it open.
What else is in there?
I'll show you. Follow me.
How much in cash?
Approximately 11 million. U.S.
They all went down at the same time.
Precisely 18:16.
What about prints?
Only one set so far.
No match.
Multiple bodies, only one set of prints?
Terrorists out of Syria
smuggling their jihad drug here,
repackaged, shipped to the mainland?
And from here
it's no longer international cargo.
It's kind of genius.
- That money in there, is that connected?
- No, that's something else.
Money laundering, cybertheft.
That's not our problem. But this is.
Some terrorist faction
that's not on our radar,
bringing the contraband to this farm?
- How'd you hear about this?
- Call in. Anonymous.
We gotta find out,
is this the first shipment,
fifth, twentieth?
- It's the fourth.
- How?
Past 18 months, this vineyard shipped
200 cases of wine a month.
And three months ago,
they started shipping 500.
- Fuck me.
- Checked the financials on my flight over.
We're blind on this.
We get behind, people get hurt.
Keep me updated.
- Good?
- Yeah.
- Almost good to go.
- Okay.
What do you see when you look at me?
I mean, when I come here,
you take care of me.
You don't call an ambulance.
You don't call police.
You don't call carabinieri.
Remember what I asked you?
- When I first come.
- Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. Am I a good man
or a bad man, you asked me.
And you said you didn't know.
I don't know.
Only a good man would have said that.
Been praying?
I don't think God is listening.
What's up?
It's time, little brother,
to help me with bigger issues.
I need you to put more pressure
on this town, these people.
We have big plans for Altamonte,
resorts, hotels, casinos.
You know what's to be done.
Sure, Vincent.
This entire coast will be ours soon.
All of it.
No. Carmela! No!
Angelo, no, no, no, no!
Calm, calm.
Calm down, Angelo. We're here to help you.
They destroyed all we have.
Hello, good morning.
Marshal Bonucci, Altamonte Carabinieri.
I need information...
on the owner of a van...
blue or black.
Suspicion of arson.
Why do you do that?
- Scusi?
- Why do you do that?
I'm neat.
And tell me...
who cooks for you?
I'm sorry?
Who cooks for you?
Here? Now?
Home. In America.
Who prepares your meals?
I do.
And what is your favorite dish?
Chili con carne.
- No? Okay, spaghetti.
- No. No, no.
Ooh, okay. Buono.
Con carne.
Okay, okay.
I would love to show you
the real food of Altamonte.
Would you come with me?
- Yes.
- Okay.
- One condition.
- Yes.
You wear your new hat.
Don't go anywhere.
How long have you owned the cafe?
Twenty years.
It was my parents' first shop.
We got something. Okay.
What is it?
This is kebab. This is...
We'll have this next time.
Good for tea.
They see you as one of us now.
Thank you.
You know...
I could turn and face you straight on
if you want to get a better photograph.
Five, four, three...
two, one.
You don't look like you sound.
You do.
And you're welcome.
For what?
The tip. Guessing it led to something.
Who are you?
What were you doing
on that farm in Sicily?
Even better, a farm that bundles
methamphetamine-based narcotics.
- Told you on the phone, just a guy--
- Passing through.
That's right.
You don't wanna play games with me.
Just having my tea.
Who do you work for?
I'm retired.
I can just take you in,
and we can do this at our office.
You need jurisdictional approval for that.
Unless you...
wanna take me to a black site.
Torture me.
Says the man
who knew which agency line to call.
Where'd you get that number?
In the book.
- What book?
- Little black book.
How'd you know I was me?
You're reading a tour guide for Rome.
We're in Altamonte.
And your voice.
What about it?
The way you pronounce your M's,
it's a dry, sandpapery sound.
- I'll work on that.
- You should.
Police found multiple dead bodies
on that vineyard.
Yep. Yep, yep.
Drugs are a dangerous occupation.
You kill 'em?
Do I look like a guy who kills people?
I'm warming to the possibility.
Like it or not,
you're a person of interest.
I'm an interesting person.
What else can you tell me?
And believe me, I wish I could.
Not even a little curious?
- About?
- How I found you?
Oh, that's easy.
You took the same ferry crossing.
You noticed the security cameras
on the terminal building.
You rewound two weeks,
saw the license plates for the VW,
GPS gave you the location.
How am I doing so far?
Next, you'll do
a deep search on the name.
Already in the works.
Good, good.
That should raise your antenna.
Why is that?
I...don't... want...
to... spoil it...
for... you.
Stick around.
I'm just gettin' started.
Me too.
Very good. Two C's, two L's.
Your daughter left school early.
Who is this?
Miss Marta.
Have you seen Gabby?
One of your officers picked her up
a while ago.
Is everything all right?
- Gabby!
- Gio!
Daddy, Daddy.
He made a dumb mistake. Right?
He made a call he wasn't supposed to.
I beg you!
You don't think we have friends there?
Why do you need to be difficult,
You know you shouldn't make trouble.
- Viking! Grab the kid, quick.
- I'm eating.
Who gives a shit you're eating.
Sure, we should all wait
for the Viking to finish eating!
Move it!
This will teach you a lesson.
Come on, bring her here.
Look at me!
Next time we'll hurt the little girl.
Or we do something worse. Got it?
We do something worse!
- Let her go!
- You shut up!
Good Carabiniere.
What happened to Gio?
He fell.
What happens here...
happens in many towns.
It's the Camorra. The Ndrangheta.
What you call Mafia.
They're like cancer.
And like cancer...
no cure.
Should I call an ambulance?
Pretty amazing.
This church has been here
over a thousand years.
I got a new guidebook.
Says there's a fresco inside
depicting the Virgin performing a miracle.
Saving some guy
from being unjustly hanged.
You believe?
- In what?
- In miracles.
You mean a bunch of seemingly random acts
all falling into line
at the right time and place?
- So how'd the search go?
- Apparently, you're a ghost.
Not afraid of ghosts.
Or anything else I can see,
Mr. Two C's and Two L's.
Came here to tell you
you're not a person of interest.
Just an interesting person,
for the time being.
That Sicilian farmer is Lorenzo Vitale.
Spent a decade
on Interpol's most wanted list.
Ran a massive cyber empire.
Siphoning money from offshore accounts,
government agencies, pension funds.
Seems terrorists were using his farm
to smuggle drugs to the mainland.
- So I'm off the hook?
- For now.
I gotta ID a cell we didn't know existed.
Got a plan?
You think I'm new to this?
Desk job two years.
Probably your first field tour.
You'll be dealing with the locals now.
- Point is?
- They have their own agendas.
What they say is not always
what they mean.
Aren't you just full of tips.
Why me?
The question is:
Why Sicily?
Why not...
Elba or Sardinia?
Excuse me?
Why smuggle drugs into
the most secure port in the entire region?
- That is a good one.
- Yeah.
I'll circle back to you with the answer
when I'm done.
I know you will.
Then you can answer my question:
Why me?
Hi, Marshal.
How are you?
What a pretty girl you are.
Remember me?
How's your head, Marshal? Does it hurt?
Don't worry, okay?
Marshal, listen,
I need a favor from you.
I need you to go to the Somalis...
and ask them for their boats.
Can you do that?
Sure, you can do that.
You're my message boy now, Marshal.
Bravo, Marshal!
You like being in other people's business.
Trying very hard not to be,
but you make it very challenging for me.
You should stay out of things
that are not your concern.
It's bad for you.
Lord knows I'm allergic to bad things.
You know...
I believe that everything in life...
is about timing.
Now, unfortunately for you...
yours isn't very good.
Three weeks ago we wouldn't be having
this conversation, but I'm here now.
I'm really beginning to like this place...
and the people.
I'm starting to believe,
from the bottom of my heart,
that this is where I'm supposed to be.
So, whatever it is
that you and your friends do,
please do it somewhere else.
- You warning me?
- I'm preparing you.
Did you get what he said?
He's getting ready. He's fun!
Is that a Timex?
It's a Bulgar--
Right there. Right there.
Sit down.
That's the median nerve
that I'm compressing.
On a scale from one to ten,
that's a two.
That's a three.
You don't want me to go to four.
I go to four, you'll shit on yourself.
You don't want that.
I don't want that. They don't want that.
Tell your compadres that they can leave.
Tell them to beat it.
Go away! Go away, now!
It's called "pain compliance."
Your brain is telling you to do one thing,
but your body's telling you
something else.
Now, listen to me.
Take the gun out of your waist.
Put it on the table.
Get the van.
This fucking American.
He meddles.
Give me the cigarette.
What do you want to do, Marco?
I'm gonna execute that motherfucker.
And Vincent?
Fuck Vincent.
He doesn't tell me what to do.
Let's go. Give me your gun.
Give me the gun. Understand?
We found packages in the back of the van.
Some kind of drug.
Not the usual.
Gonna send some techs down here
to go through it.
- Hey.
- Turn on your TV.
...that the explosion at the train station
is the result
of an as-yet-unclaimed terrorist attack.
At the moment there are no suspects.
- Were you able to ID the--?
- Syrian nationals.
Found their bomb-making factory
in some sixth-floor apartment.
- Were there any other--?
- Plans for the train station, yeah.
Plus bomb parts, sophisticated pieces.
That's what their drug money
has been funding. Where are you?
- Naples.
- Get back now.
Why Sicily?
- Why?
- Why not Elba or Sardinia?
Makes no sense, Frank,
running drugs through
the most secure port in the region.
So you're thinking that
the mainland faction took possession in--
In Naples.
It's the easiest port
to slip things through.
- I think they're here.
- So?
We find the street dealers,
drill down hard on them.
- Get them to give up their suppliers.
- Who give up wholesalers.
Bottom up. That's good.
Okay, I'll work down from the dead guys.
- If you're right--
- See you at the finish line.
CIA appreciates
your willing cooperation, chief.
We are at your disposal.
And what are you doing right now?
Right now we're gathering information.
I'd like to question these men.
you can't interview.
You interrupted my breakfast.
what's the deal?
Oh, I'm sorry, did someone tell you
that there was a deal?
I'm not here to negotiate.
I'm here to give you an opportunity.
I need some information.
And you're going to give it to me.
I'm sorry about your brother.
Thank you.
Take a seat.
There is a matter
that I have to talk to you about.
Not today.
The CIA arrived.
They are looking for a terrorist cell
importing a jihad drug
and selling it across the EU.
Then take care of it.
You need to shut everything down.
There is a woman...
she's smart.
She'll figure out
that it wasn't the terrorists...
but it was you.
The Camorra...
buying drugs from the enemy...
and selling them on our own streets
to finance your enterprises.
You have to do your job.
Did you see what they did
with the money you paid them?
Did you see how many people died
in that train station attack?
Our people.
If I wasn't buying their drugs...
somebody else would have...
and the same people would be dead.
I'll take care of the woman.
You make sure nothing touches me.
So you understood nothing.
You're right.
I don't give a shit.
My brother is dead
and you're here talking about bullshit.
Without any information.
Are you stupid?
Or have you forgotten your place?
My place...
is head of the police.
Did you forget who you are?
You were a barbarian...
and a barbarian you'll always be.
I warned you.
- Where are you going?
- Stay here.
You must find who killed my brother.
Piece of shit! Understood?
Shut up!
Now my barbarians will bring you
to the hospital.
Hurry up and maybe one day
you'll wiggle a couple of fingers.
Did you get my message?
Next time I'll take your head
and mail it to your grandchildren.
Appreciate you giving us
a hand on this, Barella.
Let's go, Antonio.
These came from the back of the van.
Never seen something like that before.
- What's going on?
- Chief Barella's been attacked.
- By who?
- We don't know.
But he has information
regarding your investigation.
This officer will escort you
to the hospital. Now, excuse me.
You're looking in the wrong place.
It's not terrorists.
It's the Camorra.
- Be careful.
- Let me call you back in a minute.
- Collins.
- Frank!
Is she gonna be okay?
We're not looking for terrorists.
It's the Camorra.
Take care of her, okay?
I got this. I got this, Collins.
You're gonna be okay.
My brother was murdered on your streets!
Bring me who did it...
and I will reward you!
You know who did it.
Tell me who killed my brother!
Next time it'll be more than your ear.
How many will I kill today?
Say who killed my brother...
or I'll kill your family while you watch.
Show yourself!
It's me you want.
I killed your brother.
I asked him:
"Leave these people alone."
He wouldn't listen, so...
You're a long way from home...
I'm where I'm supposed to be.
Here I am.
Here I am.
You understand what happens now?
I understand weakness. I understand pain.
I understand death.
I understand suffering.
And because of these people,
I'm starting to understand peace.
You can't take that away from me.
God is my witness,
you're not gonna take it away from them.
So do you understand? That's the question.
- I understand I can take anything I want.
- Then take me.
Since you can take anything you want,
take me. Here I am.
Here I am. Take me.
Take me.
Just don't do it here.
But this is the best place, American.
On these cobblestones.
So these people can see
and tell others what they witnessed.
You don't have to do this, my son.
Your choice.
It's your choice.
It's always my choice.
- Really?
- Vincent.
Then shoot me too!
Then kill me!
We gotta go.
They're recording us, Vincent.
Let her go.
What a beautiful moment.
But it won't last long.
So enjoy it, American.
'Cause I'll be back.
I'll be here.
And I'll leave this place
like a war blew through it.
I'll be waiting for you. Hurry up.
I'll kill you all!
Boss, we've got to go.
The police are coming.
I'll see you soon. I'll see you very soon.
Let's go!
Hurry up. Sooner than you think.
What do we know about the American?
No one is talking.
We checked also with our contacts but...
No one is talking?
Could be FBI, the CIA...
We don't know, Vincent.
What if it's one of our enemies,
one of the other families?
We will kill the American.
We will kill the American,
we will burn that fucking place!
Tomorrow, Simone.
What the fuck?
Go check.
There's no one there.
Salvat! Salvat!
Gi! Gi.
Don't fuck with me!
My men...
are going to find you...
and kill you like a dog.
We all have to face...
Who the fuck are you?
It was the blood
Who are you?
You have less than six minutes
before the pills stop your heart.
Who are you?
So I know
It was the blood
For me
One day when I was lost
Who are you?
One day when I was lost
In a coordinated effort,
the CIA and Interpol have seized
enough synthetic amphetamine
to kill 2.1 million people,
more than the population of Naples, Italy.
Taking down
the local Camorra leadership,
the operation has disrupted
the drug trade,
cutting funding to a terrorist cell.
And in a just-breaking story:
Vincent Quaranta, alleged head
of the Camorra's five families,
was found dead
on a Naples street last night
from an apparent overdose
on the very drug he sold on those streets.
Missing all the fun.
Cracking it was the fun part.
Thank you.
- For what?
- That phone call.
It saved my life.
Is that your go bag?
No, it's $366,400.
Cash. U.S.
Got into that money room, didn't you?
So, what's it for?
It's Greg Dyer's pension.
Greg Dyer. He's a bricklayer.
Forty-three years.
His union's pension fund got hacked
nine months ago.
So he lost everything
he worked his entire life for
in one stroke of a key.
So you tracked down
some guy's life savings
to a cyber ghost that no one
has been able to find for years...
that happens to be
a drug-smuggling way station?
I didn't know that
till I got in there, but yeah.
Then you snipe your way
into a fortified room...
with millions of dollars,
bearer bonds, account codes...
All you take is 300 grand
of Dwyer's pension.
Cash. U.S. And it's "Dyer."
- Is this guy some friend of yours?
- No. No.
Gave him a Lyft once.
I don't understand.
You will.
- Greg Dyer?
- Yeah?
I'm Emma Collins.
We spoke on the phone.
Come on in.
What's this?
It's your pension.
Can I open it?
- How did you--?
- Wasn't me.
Who, then?
I couldn't tell you.
Why something like this for a stranger?
That's a good question.
You can unpack everything.
We're not going anywhere now.
Well, thank you.
Thank you.
Someone left this for you
at the front desk.
- How you feeling?
- Hundred percent.
Good. 'Cause we got a meeting
with the director in 30 minutes.
He wants to meet the person
who broke open the Italian situation.
Nicely done.
We won!
I see!
It's a big deal for Altamonte.
Roberto. You forgot this.