The Evening Hour (2020) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
[gentle guitar music]
[Boy] But the day of the
Lord will come like a thief.
The heavens will
disappear with a roar.
The elements will be
destroyed by a fire.
And the earth and everything
done in it will be laid bare.
[gentle guitar music]
[insects chirping]
[explosion booms]
[man rustling]
[water burbling]
[birds chirping]
Oh Cole, your grandfather
had a real upset last night.
Here, sit down, sit down.
I got it, go sit down.
[Woman] This is just
getting to be too much.
He asleep?
Praise it be.
[Cole clattering]
I'll check in later today.
Thank you son.
Thank you.
[light ambient music]
All right, squeeze my
hand, squeeze my hand.
You sleep good?
Oh hey, Ellen.
Please see to Davis.
He won't listen to us anymore.
[Cole] Yes ma'am.
[Woman] Really, take it easy.
[Cole] How about we try this?
You like pudding, don't you?
[Davis] Yeah, but-
- Yeah, you see
this lid right here?
This means they
didn't contaminate it.
It's safe.
[Davis] That proves
it, the lid proves it?
It proves it.
One, two, three.
Anything happen?
No, not yet
[Cole] All right,
you want to try it?
[Davis] Just a little bit.
[Cole] Just a little bit.
You gotta trust me though,
look at me, you trust me?
You hungry?
[Davis] I ain't supposed
to eat dessert before dinner.
That's all right,
there's no rules here.
[Randy] Hey, Cole.
Hey, Randy.
[Randy] Ellen almost through?
Ah, yeah.
Hey, I hear congratulations
are in order.
Thank you.
Yeah, you gotta
lock down the goods.
[Cole] Yeah, you do.
You still seeing
the Carson girl?
- I am.
- Always liked that girl.
I mean, you got
yourself a good one too.
I hear what you're saying.
See you later.
[Cole] See you.
[both moaning]
Are you working tonight?
[Carson] Night shift.
[Cole] Night shift?
No night shift, no.
Don't look at me like
that, we don't have time.
That me making your
heart beat so fast?
It's nice.
I got a new manager.
Guess who.
You won't believe who it is.
You ain't curious?
[Cole chuckles]
Come on, baby,
don't you feel that?
I don't feel a thing, darling.
- Feel this?
- No, do you feel this?
[light ambient music]
[Reese] Should
have been here, man!
Was it a good time.
[Cole] Yeah, looks it.
Bless old Ruthie's heart
though, she don't hear a thing.
Hey, I'm good to her,
and I'm good to you.
I don't see why you don't
just take from that home though.
They got pills coming
out their eyeballs.
I'm not gonna take from
those people, you know that.
"I'm not gonna take from
those people, you know that."
You are such a choir boy.
Today's your lucky day though,
we're lousy with oxy this month.
You sure Ruthie
don't need these?
Yes I'm sure, Ruthie,
don't need those.
We got scripts from
four different docs.
We're good.
Thank you very much.
Well, looky, looky.
Come on, get you some.
[Cole] No, I'm good.
You're good?
I'm okay.
[Reese] When'd you quit?
I never started.
It was a good fucking party.
[Cole] I keep hearing that.
Yeah, I throw good fucking
parties, what can I say?
[Man] Hey buddy.
Good to see.
You too.
We're good?
Yeah, I'm good, you good?
Yeah, I am now.
All right, take care.
Evening, doc.
[rock music]
[engine rumbles]
Clyde always was a character.
You give him my best
and y'all just let me
know what you decide.
- We will.
- Evening, ladies.
[women chattering]
Did I miss something?
No, the girls just
came by for a visit.
Check on daddy.
Yeah, he's worse, you know.
What did he want?
Now Cole, don't get upset, but-
- We need to make sure
that mama and daddy
are provided for.
[Woman] These revelation movers
aren't gonna last forever.
And there ain't no retirement
plans for country preachers.
I take good care of them.
He does, he takes
very good care of us.
But it ain't his land, mama.
It's ours.
Ours and his mama.
Well, she ain't here, is she?
[Woman] Why couldn't you just
be a little more
gentle with him?
[Woman #2] Sorry, but
someones gotta say something.
Angels and vultures.
Can't rest.
Can't rest with them
birds squawking around.
Peck at you, peck, peck, peck.
Peck till there's nothing left.
[Clyde groans]
And I hear you thinking,
now that the kingdom of
heaven is so close[coughing].
Slow down.
[Clyde coughing]
Slow down, slow down, slow down.
Slow down.
That's right.
- Oh Lord.
- That's right.
[Clyde] Thessalonians 4:16.
For the Lord himself
will come down from heaven
with a loud command,
with the voice of the archangel
and with the
trumpet call of God,
and the dead in Christ
will rise first.
[Clyde] Hallelujah.
[dramatic guitar music]
I appreciate it, Kelly.
[dramatic guitar music]
[Man] Terry Rose,
as I live and breathe!
[Terry] Oh come here,
you skinny son of a bitch.
Last time I saw you I
get my hands on you.
What's good, man?
You good?
Yeah, I'm doing all
right man, I'm pretty good.
I'll talk to you
later, all right?
Yeah okay.
Good to see you.
Yeah, good to see you.
Cole Freeman, that you?
Almost didn't recognize
you in the getup.
It's a good disguise I guess.
You in need of hiding?
Hey, Kathy.
Hey Cole.
It's good to see you.
[Cole] You too.
You a doctor or something?
I'm just like an
aide over at Beverly.
No shit?
I always knew you were
destined for greatness.
Beats this getup, right?
[Kathy] It's a job.
Been back a couple weeks,
lost my job over there
in Campbell County.
Times are tough you know.
Excuse me, beauty, can
we have some menus?
[Waitress] Right
away, Mr. Rose.
[Terry] Mr. Rose,
it is nice being home.
We're living with my folks.
Nothing like sneaking
carnal relations
to bring you back to your
high school days, right?
Speaking of, I heard you're
seeing Charlotte Carson.
I am.
You know she works for me now.
She was a wild little thing
when we were together.
Yeah, well that
was a long time ago.
She's been with chicks, bro.
Good seeing you, man.
I gotta get back to work.
Hey, hold up, partner.
Might you be holding anything?
Charlotte said you
could maybe hook me-
- I gotta go.
Get the fuck outside.
Oh, little Jodie Hampton.
You got something on
the side with her?
Times have changed, brother.
He don't need to know
where we're staying.
[Kathy] You didn't
need to lose your job.
You can't follow the rules,
you find somebody else, okay?
I just need something small.
This isn't how it works.
Small's all I need.
Don't make me go to Everett.
[dramatic music]
Get the fuck outta here.
[dramatic music]
You good?
Here we go.
[dramatic music]
How's your day today?
Your day good?
[dramatic music]
There you go.
How you doing today?
I'm good.
[mumbling] the remote?
[Cole] You want the remote?
There you go.
Thank you.
[dramatic music]
[engine stalls]
Come on.
[engine stalls]
Shut up.
[both chuckling]
What a piece of shit.
You should buy the new Tahoe.
Oh yeah, you think I'm rich?
You could you
use that same money
and finally get
out of this place?
I got friends in New
York and Cleveland.
I could set us up.
Ah, you're high.
Nope, but on my way, baby.
Appreciate the pick me up.
I wish you'd stick to booze.
We all want something.
My new boss and I were talking.
Yeah, I know.
I told you not to talk about
my business with people.
Terry Rose ain't people.
Come on, Cole.
All girls pick the wrong
guys when they're young.
The smart ones right their ways.
I thought you'd be tickled
your old buddy's back.
Either way, Terry Rose
is the only person
thinking big around here.
You should hear him out.
Yeah, I got enough problems.
[engine rumbles]
[light rock music]
[people chattering]
[light rock music]
[people chattering]
[Cole] Hey.
[Cole] When did you
start working here?
Late last week.
[Cole] Is Danny comfortable
having you around these drunks?
Well, I kicked him out.
Oh shit, I'm sorry, I didn't-
- Oh it's all right... I think
Seeing as I ran out of his sock
drawer money, here I am.
Friend of a friend said
they saw him in St. Louis.
I hope he drowns
in the Mississippi.
Let me get you beer.
Hey, good to see
you here, Lacey.
You improve the place.
She was prettier in high school.
Give me a dance and I'll
forgive you for making eyes.
Hey, you know I don't dance.
Come on baby,
it's Saturday night.
You know I don't dance.
[slow country music]
You'll never hear
me talk about
One day getting out
Why put a new address
On the same old loneliness
Everybody knows
where that is
We built that house of his
And when he's not home
Someone else we
know always is
If heavens really
coming back
I hope it has a heart attack
When they see how dangerous
it is for guys like that
Hey, buddy.
It's great to
see nothing changes
but the seasons around here.
- Where's Kathy?
- Home.
Smart woman.
[Terry] You go to Reese
Campbell's party the other night.
Nah, I missed it.
[Terry] I heard
it was a good time.
He did some time, right?
Yeah, he's clean now.
[Terry chuckles]
That's not what I hear.
You two working together.
[Cole] What?
Whatever you're
into, I'm cool, man.
I think you got some
wrong information.
Maybe I did, maybe I did.
Got some stuff flies faster
than skeeters around here.
[Terry chuckles]
[slow music]
I got an early shift tomorrow.
One drink?
It's been a long time.
Yeah, it has.
I've missed you.
Let's maybe tie one
on later this week.
I'll try.
Make it happen, Kemosabe.
All it's been about
Trying, trying, trying
Trying, trying, try
to be simple again
- Hey, Cole!
- Hey.
Lord have mercy, what has
he brought us this time?
I got you a crossword.
Oh, thank you.
[Cole] All right,
I'll bring these inside.
- Go on inside, son.
- Okay.
[Man] Help yourself to coffee!
You make this
with the tap water?
You can't, you can't drink this.
How many times do
I gotta tell y'all.
Hey, why don't y'all
let me fix that floor?
House won't be
standing much longer.
Yeah, us neither.
By the way, I got
something for ya.
Yes, sir.
I don't know why they
still prescribe them,
back ain't bothered me for ages.
Thank you.
See y'all later.
[Automated Voice] You
have one unheard message.
[phone beeps]
[Mom] Cole, I need
you to call Rebecca's
cellphone when you get this.
[Automated Voice]
End of message.
[dramatic music]
[water splashing]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[all chattering]
He said this one a lot.
Proverbs 23:13.
Do not withhold
discipline from a child.
If you punish them with a rod-
- Or switch-
- Or a hand.
He was a good man.
He was a good man.
Take care of yourself, I'll
come back and check on you.
- All right, thank you.
- Hey.
You all right?
I just needed a
little moment of quiet.
[engine rumbles]
[upbeat music]
Oh my God.
I thought I would
make it in time.
- Hey there.
- Oh, Rebecca.
Come here, mama.
Oh Ruby, I can't
believe you're here.
Hey you.
[light violin music]
[Cole] Hey.
I'm so sorry. I couldn't
make the service.
Randy and I had-
- Oh no, hey, that's okay.
Let me know if you need
anything, all right?
All right, yeah, thanks.
Ellen, I appreciate that.
[light violin music]
I'm real sorry.
There it is.
Let me love on you a little.
Everything's gonna be all right.
You got a lot on
your mind, I know.
It true your mamas back?
Where's she been, what she want?
I don't know.
That's all you got to
say after all this time?
You ain't even the least bit-
- What's this got
to do with you?
Well, fuck it.
[engine rumbles]
- Jodie.
- Trying to get high.
Just something.
[car door bangs]
[Lacey] How you holding up?
[Cole] I'm all right.
You don't look it,
don't mind me saying.
I'm fine.
Y'all gonna settle
now he's gone?
No, we're not going anywhere.
Oh, I'm happy to hear that.
I mean, it's nice to see
somebody's not giving in.
Hey, buddy.
Oh, look who it is, our
most devoted new customer.
Returning customer, darling.
Three shots of the wildest
turkey you got back there,
third one's for you.
Real sorry to hear
about Clyde, man.
At least you know
what's happening,
finally up close
with the big guy.
You got a point.
Well, I can't do too much,
but I can get you
drunker than hell.
Here you go.
I might as well
drink the third one.
How was I supposed to know
you couldn't piss by
a playground, man?
[both chuckling]
- You haven't changed at all.
- Everybody doing all right?
[Cole] Yeah, we're
doing all right.
Oh, man.
Crazy, crazy is those fuckers
over there in Campbell, man.
They're fucking crazy,
I knew a guy who cooked
meth in his trailer,
damn near blew the
roof right off, man.
You ever try it?
It's pretty wild, man.
Wouldn't be your
kind of buzz though.
[Cole] Really?
Really, I'm pretty sure.
Your friend, your friend Reese,
I mean I hear that fairy
can't put it up his nose
fast enough, crystal, ox.
I guess some guys just
like to swing both ways.
[Cole] Why you keep
asking around then?
Well, I'm working with some
boys up the way, you know.
Gonna start our own operation.
And the way I see it a lot
of folks around are going
to be graduating from
the service you provide.
Well, my what?
[Terry] You wanna go in with me?
You already know all
the best customers.
You don't wanna
mess with junk, man.
There's a fella in town.
Everett, Everett
won't know about it.
[Cole] Oh yeah?
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm gonna diversify.
Chrissy hasn't gone
anywhere, it's just on cops,
the back burner so to speak.
That's funny.
Yeah, I need a place to cook,
I was thinking about
that old church of yours.
It's nothing but
crumbling walls now.
[Terry] I could
park something there.
Not on our land, Terry,
that's not gonna happen.
All right.
Sole proprietor on
this one, I got it.
I'd be careful about who
you're telling your ideas to.
This town is small, it
already has its ways.
Just in a pretty
deep hole is all.
It's time to start
digging out, you know?
You remember when
we cut our hands?
Like a couple buffalo
jockies, you remember that?
Yes, stupid kids.
[Terry] The blood
runs thick, don't it?
That it does.
[dramatic music]
How dear to my heart are
the scenes of my childhood,
when fond recollections
presents them to view.
The orchard, the meadow,
the deep tangled wildwood,
and ev'ry loved spot
which my infancy knew.
The wide spreading pond, and
the mill that stood by it.
The bridge and the rock
where the cataract fell.
It's real nice you read to her.
I am real nice.
Contrary to what
you may have heard.
Look, buddy, I got
nothing for you.
[Cole] You selling elsewhere?
Fuck you.
Who's been advising
you since day one
of this little venture yours?
What do I get?
Terry fucking Rose up
my ass day and night
saying you told him I can
help him cook up some crack.
I didn't.
[Reese] No, fuck you
for bringing that kind
shit back in my life.
I never said that, Reese.
This here's Ruthie's home.
I ain't gonna mess
with her estate.
That little prick's so hard up,
he can shake and bake
like everybody else,
don't need to fucking trailer.
I'm sorry he's hassling you.
Yeah, me too.
All this H talk, Cole, that
boy better shut his mouth.
Can you front me some pills?
Ruthie's Medicaid's all
fucked up right now.
[Cole] Yeah, yeah.
All right.
You know I'm good for it.
[Cole] Yeah, I do.
I'll see you.
[sirens blaring]
My timing's always been perfect.
Been happening all day.
No wonder daddy
thought the end was nigh.
Who can live like this?
You one to judge?
Is it so bad that
I'm still here?
Can I come in?
I'm not stopping you.
What you reading?
You're just like him.
Clean and sparse, holy.
I'll return to the house I left,
swept clean, and in right order.
Matthew 12:44
[Ruby] Keeps coming
back, like a rash.
[Cole] You're wearing my shirt.
You all done much traveling?
I've been all over.
I haven't been west of
the Mississippi though.
It's too far from home.
You wouldn't understand, baby.
[dramatic piano music]
No, I wouldn't.
[Ruby] You kept them.
That's real nice.
[dramatic piano music]
[engine rumbles]
[dramatic music]
Got a friend right
over there in Beverly
who can hook us up with cold
meds, and a place to cook.
This just to get some
cash flow coming in.
I got bigger buys on route.
This town ain't gonna be no
one horse operation for long.
[dramatic music]
[engine rumbles]
Hey, hey, all right
Davis, hey, Davis, Davis,
hey, hey, Davis, Davis.
Look at me, Ellen is
on your side, okay?
Like me, I'm on your
side okay, you trust me.
Calm down, calm down.
All right, let her
go, she's on your side,
you're fine, you're okay.
You're okay, all right?
You're okay.
You're okay, you're okay.
You're okay.
[objects clattering]
Are y'all okay?
Let me see it.
You all right?
I gotta get me some
younger friends.
Yeah, ya do.
- Yeah, you all right?
- Yeah.
Well that was a day.
Hey, you want to
go grab a cold one?
I can't.
Randy, he, he's finally
got a night off.
You know, so much
over time these days.
Hey, Randy.
[Ellen] Trying to crack
down on all this drug stuff.
You should keep ice on your eye.
[Ellen] Thank you, for earlier.
Yeah, don't, don't mention it.
[light country music]
What happened to you?
[Cole] Work.
What'd you do
change professions?
You go work in the mines?
- Over my dead body.
- Atta boy.
[Man] Hey Lacey,
get me another beer?
[people chattering]
[pool balls clattering]
- Hey.
- Hey yourself.
[Cole] Night shift?
I'm just taking
the day off, man.
Fixing to get fired
is what he's doing.
Y'all come here together?
Where else you go in this
town with time on your hands?
What happened to your eye?
[Lacey] Those two have
been back there all day.
You're up.
[Terry] Get that red one.
You were born to lose,
you were born to lose
[Mom] Thank you, son.
Don't run off.
- Hey, you hungry?
- Hey, Cole.
Hey there, Cole.
I'm all right, you all right?
Yeah I'm all right.
How are you doing?
I'm all right now.
[both chattering]
You were a racer
in a broke down van
[Officer] Get up.
I said get up.
You'll be all right,
I'll get ya out tomorrow.
You were a savior
in a shattered land
No, no, I wouldn't
do that to you, man.
Rumors Everett, rumors.
Small town lies
to pass the time.
You were awestruck
I wouldn't do that to you, man.
I wouldn't do that to you, man.
There's no way I'd
step on your toes.
No way.
Bye, Everett.
[Cole] You do know Christmas
ain't for a long time?
Cheers Ruthie up.
No harm in a little twinkle
twinkle every now and then.
[Reese chuckles]
Your friend Terry Rose is
going to be the end of me.
Old friend.
Yeah, well, wish
I had known that.
[Cole] What?
I gave him some of these
allergy scripts to cook up.
[Reese sniffs]
[Cole] Why'd you do that, Reese?
Charlotte said it was cool.
Whatever, man, I
don't fucking know.
Are they cooking in here?
Fuck no.
Anyway, I'm done with that boy.
Fini, caput.
[Cole] You better be careful.
Everett finds out that you're
involved even a little bit.
Oh please.
Fuck, man.
How much longer you
think we got this in us?
[Cole] I don't know.
Ruthie be gone by Christmas?
I gotta get the fuck outta here.
I get caught with
anything, and I'm done.
Brother, they're going to
send my ass right on back.
[Reese sighs]
I'm talking someplace warm.
Far away.
Water you can swim
outside in warm.
Swim in January
warm, you feel me?
[Cole] Yeah.
I'll see old Ruthie
through the gates of heaven,
pay off a little bit
of debt, and then warm.
Warm, warm, warm, SPF
warm, Florida style.
You watch me.
[Mom] You can't come in
quite yet, but I'm almost done.
I don't want you to
see this till tonight.
[Cole] All right.
[Mom] Okay, come on.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
I don't know why your
granddaddy made such fuss
about salad breaking
someones birthday.
Maybe he had his reasons.
[Mom] Mm-hmm.
He also didn't think I
should get my hair cut.
Hey, you gotta make Ruby
clean up after herself.
Well I get onto her about
it, but I really don't mind.
I'm glad she's here.
[Man] This is my son.
[man shouting]
You rehearsed his
sermons in here, Grandma.
Ruby thinks I should travel.
She says there's a
whole lot more to see
in this world than Dove Creek.
Oh yeah?
She'd know.
You know sometimes
you just have to make
the best out of a bad situation.
Go see her at work.
What, she got a job?
Well if you came
around here more often,
you'd know that, wouldn't you?
Go see her.
[Cole] Thanks.
What do you think of this getup?
Mine any better?
Yes, yes it is.
Mom ask you to come by?
Well, you came anyway.
You got plans for tonight,
big birthday bash at the bar?
No, not really.
I'm-I'm trying to
stay out of trouble.
Yeah, okay.
You busy tomorrow morning?
I need to pick up a
few things at the BNP
and it'd be nice to
have a companion.
I'll take you.
Thank you.
Found you some
more nursing books.
Got them at a store
in Charleston.
[Woman] Ruby, breaks over.
That's me.
Happy birthday.
[phone buzzing]
[engine rumbles]
Never thought I'd come up
here again without Danny.
It's been destroyed.
They're supposed to clean up
after their mess, rebuild.
That's the least of
their concerns right now.
Did you hear Caldwell
went under last week.
Well, can only chip away
at something for so long.
Going to be nothing
left for my girl.
I'm sorry.
No, that's all right.
Hey, here.
[Lacey] What?
Take this.
What's that?
It'll make you feel better.
[Cole yells]
You just do that.
[Lacey laughing]
[Lacey yells]
That was okay.
[both laughing]
Give me another one.
[Cole] Okay.
This is a good
one, I can feel it.
[Cole] You ready?
[Cole grunting]
That's pretty good,
wanna see what I got?
[Cole] Yeah.
[Lacey grunting]
That was good.
[both yelling]
[dramatic music]
[Lacy laughing]
[Cole] That was all right.
I'm keeping this one.
That's a nice one.
[dramatic music]
[people chattering]
Smoke break?
I can't just now.
I'm not asking.
This is hard.
I know what you do, Cole.
What I do?
Don't lie to me.
How do you think?
You got a good man.
You steal from here?
No, no, no.
I'm careful
You know an investigation
here would be a disaster.
Prescriptions held
up, insurance holds.
I mean, you got to think
about these folks in here.
Yeah, I do think about them.
Yeah, but you can't
keep working here.
You can't keep putting
these people at risk.
Is that so?
I'm trying to be your friend
here and I don't have to be.
Fuck this.
Who do you think you are?
We care for these people,
and then you go out
and you make folks more
sick than they already are?
Like, fuck this, fuck you.
Fuck you, Cole.
[dramatic music]
[engine rumbles]
[phone beeping]
[Charlotte] Cole, it's
Charlotte, I have some bad news.
Call me.
[phone beeping]
[Lacey] Oh hey, this is Lacey.
Looking forward to
seeing ya tonight.
Sitter'll be here by eight.
[phone beeping]
[Reese] Hey man, I got a
little situation over here.
Can you drop by?
[phone beeping]
[Charlotte] Cole I know
you're angry, you gotta call me.
[dramatic music]
[engine rumbles]
[dramatic music]
When we'd only walkin'
through so much lights
Oh he's cool, it's cool.
Good seeing you, buddy.
Hey, you all right?
Ruthie done passed on.
Oh yeah.
That old lady's gone, ain't she?
Should've known by the smell.
Mouth on you.
No sugar, no, no, no.
That's just your stank pussy.
[Reese snorts]
[light blues music]
How many times you
need to hear it, man?
I ain't seen Terry in weeks.
Back in Campbell far as I know.
Hey, Reese.
Nah, I got this.
This between me and him.
Now, might there be something
else you're interested in?
Right about here?
Come on, cowboy.
[glass shatters]
[gun fires]
Oh, my, my.
How quickly this is turning
into my kind of party.
Get him up.
So you want it on this, doc?
I'm just trying to
help out a friend.
Your friends, quite
the entrepreneurs.
How much is it gonna
take to fix this?
[chuckling] I like that.
How much you offering?
I got close to
1200 on me right now.
I'm you're fine sweet woman
Count it.
[Reese coughs]
Is this what you
want, you sexy beast?
Fuck you.
Is this what you want?
Do it.
[dramatic music]
[Reese crying out]
[man yelling]
Take it.
Yeah, yeah.
It's only about 1100 boss.
It'll do.
[Reese gasping]
Well, this has been
an absolutely delightful
evening, ladies.
Oh yeah, go on and get.
Unless of course you want
to stick something
else in my mouth.
[Reese cries out]
I hear Terry Rose has been
visiting a few of your patients.
Such decent folks.
Leave them out of it.
I'd like to, doc.
I've always appreciated
our little arrangement,
you teeing folks up and all.
We aren't the same.
Go find your pal.
Go find Terry Rose and
that little whore of his,
we need to have a little
conversation about geography.
They're in some
dangerous territory.
In the meantime,
[gun thudding]
[Reese grunting]
we're gonna have ourselves
a little lesson in manners.
[dramatic music]
[register beeping]
[engine rumbles]
Courtney, would you
get in the car please?
Can I just talk to you for-
- No, wait just a minute.
What do you think you're doing?
I just need to talk
to you for a minute.
No, I can't.
Look, I got no room for this.
[light guitar music]
Oh where is our dear father
Oh where is our dear father
He is praying in my soul
He has gone in the shanty
He has gone to repair
[incoherent hymn singing]
[dramatic guitar music]
Don't be afraid.
[dramatic music]
Praise the Lord.
[dramatic music]
Faith is springing
in my soul
Everybody has the time
here to die at home!
[congregation shouting]
But we know when the
devil is among us,
we know when the
devil is at hand.
But are we ready?
Tell him we're ready!
[All] We're ready!
Tell him we're ready.
[dramatic music]
[Clyde preaching indistinctly]
Nothing to be afraid
of, not today, no.
All gonna be saved by me.
[dramatic music]
Cast out, the devil
found him, cast out,
the devil found him,
cast out, the devil,
we won't let you make.
Name of the Lord, yes Lord.
Cast out whatever
devils is in him.
Don't be afraid.
Show him no mercy,
don't be afraid.
Praise be to Jesus.
We know him, we know when
the devil is at hand.
And when we do
We feel the holy
spirit even stronger.
We know it's coming for you,
we know that he's
a coming for us.
Give him a voice dear lord.
Lord give him a voice.
[dramatic music]
You trying to get saved?
Come on, backslider.
[light guitar music]
- What ya got?
- Possible overdose.
Ma'am, ma'am?
[Man] Is she breathing?
Well, she's breathing
but not real good.
[Man] You get a name?
ID says Jodie Hampton.
[Man] Think we're
going to get her over to-
No matter how dark the
storm gets overhead
They say someone's watching
from the calm, at the edge
What about us, when
we're down here
We gotta watch our own backs
[police radio chattering]
But if you do see
that golden light
That it shines
in it's fiery eye
[knocking on door]
[Man] Mr. Campbell
[knocking on door]
Reese Campbell.
[knocking on door]
Go on and catch
it if you can
[knocking on door]
This is police, open the door.
Let it course through
Come on, Cole.
Let it burn
Pick it up, pick it up buddy.
It's the law of truth
[car door bangs]
[all chattering]
- Hey baby.
- Hey Lottie.
Don't get up mamaw, I'll
grab those for you.
We keep missing
each other, friend.
How did we get
so luck to have two
fine young boys
taking care of us?
[Lottie] Your friend
wants to rent our old barn
and make a wood-working
project out of it.
Oh yeah?
Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy.
Get the fuck out of here.
I just want you to hear me out.
Just hear me out.
I'll go to the cops.
[Terry laughs]
I doubt that.
I'll go to Everett.
[Terry sighing]
You stay away from my people.
It's a little late
for that now, ain't it?
Meet me at the quarry
tomorrow night.
We'll sort this out
once and for all.
I mean I'd hate
to have to go see
your grandma and Ruby too.
I hope you're thirsty out there.
[engine rumbles]
[door clicking]
Is Ruby here?
I need you to talk to y'all.
Oh, son, you've got someone
waiting for you out back.
She's been out there for hours.
Don't you ever come by my
grandmother's house again.
You hear me?
You high right now?
Sit down.
What are you doing here?
He's gonna kill me, kill
you if he knows I'm here.
[Cole] I'm taking care of Terry.
[Charlotte] Everett.
What'd you do?
[dramatic music]
I've been working with Terry.
He used my trailer to cook.
[dramatic music]
It was supposed to
be a one time thing.
Then we'd be out of here.
You're all I got, Cole.
[Reese] God.
Man, fuck me.
You serious?
[Reese] You all right?
I think so.
[Reese laughs]
Home sweet home.
[Cole] Hey, I'm
sorry about Florida.
Oh, I'm gonna get there.
God willing.
[Cole laughing]
What are you snickering at?
You don't believe me?
I never heard you
reference him before.
Oh, the big guy?
Yeah well, we've been
recently reacquainted.
We got lots to be
grateful for, my friend.
Things could have
been a lot worse.
You gotta find
a way to end this.
I know.
Go on down and visit.
I'll keep it warm for ya.
[Cole] Florida.
[dramatic music]
Hey, bro.
[dramatic music]
Come on.
Come on.
I'll be over by the warmth.
[dramatic music]
[Cole] Why'd you
want to meet here?
[Terry] 'Cause
this was our place.
Can't stand to look at
it now, glad it's dark.
I'm running out of
lives here, man.
[Cole] I know.
I got a guy coming
to town tomorrow night
with a serious package at H.
It's way better than that
Mexican horse floating around.
I don't pay, I'm a dead man.
I need some money, now.
[Cole] How many times
I got to tell you no?
- [Terry] Well, I'll-
- No.
[Terry] I'll pay you back,
get ya a cut once I sell it.
Do you understand what
Everett is capable of?
He's got enough to worry about.
If little Jodie
Hampton ever wakes up,
she can tell the whole world
who sold her that dirty tar.
[Terry laughs]
Look at you.
[dramatic music]
Look at you.
Always the same furrowed brow,
and you're fit to be tied.
[dramatic music]
We might as well be 17 again.
Man, why should I trust you now?
We were brothers.
[Cole laughs]
[Terry laughs]
We ain't kin.
[dramatic music]
Don't seem like so
long ago, does it?
[dramatic music]
[Cole laughing]
It does to me.
I wish someone told me then,
given me some goddamn warning.
[Terry cries]
Watch out Terry, you
little piece of shit.
[dramatic music]
[Terry crying]
[Cole] Hey.
[Terry cries]
You're the only chance I got.
Do this for me man,
please, please.
[dramatic music]
[Terry crying]
Hey, hey.
[Terry crying]
I'm a fucking failure, man.
[Cole chuckles]
[Terry crying]
[dramatic music]
How much you talking?
Five, five grand.
- Where?
- Dago.
Nine o'clock, tomorrow night.
How's it supposed to go?
[dramatic music]
I met this, there's
this boy, Reggie.
[both chuckling]
[dramatic music]
You motherfucker.
[dramatic music]
[Cole] This'll get
you out of state.
It wasn't supposed
to be like this.
No, it wasn't.
You'll be okay.
[dramatic music]
Game's over.
[country music]
[people chattering]
Hey fuck, man.
All right, here's Reggie.
You got the money?
We're gonna straighten
out a few things.
Damn right.
Terry Rose.
I always forget
how small you are.
Well hey man, great
seeing you again.
- What brings-
- Shut your mouth.
I don't know what the
fuck's going on man.
Hey, just be cool.
We're gonna handle
this right now.
Who the fuck is this?
Language, son.
Let's sit down, boys.
[Terry] I don't wanna sit down.
I ain't asking.
[Cole] Sit down.
Tell Everett what
you've been doing.
I don't know what the
fuck you're talking about.
I'm not messing around with you.
[Terry sighs]
I cooked, I sold, a little.
Mostly I just scored
on my own stash.
[Everett] And here I thought
you were all cock and no balls.
I got your money.
And it's going to your boy
here on behalf of Everett.
He's gonna make the purchase.
And you're gonna
leave town tonight.
You understand me?
Finally, so which on of you
is stepping out to
the car with me?
[Everett] That'd be me.
[Everett] Well let's
go make a deal, kid.
Hold up a goddamn minute,
I can't just pick up
and fucking leave.
Terry, it's done.
Doc here just
purchased your freedom.
Can't promise what'll happen
is I leave here empty handed.
Well I think a
small finder's fee
should at least be applied.
Finder's fee?
You boys really know how to
complicate the simplest things.
Come on, kid.
Fucking Cole, I
ain't town two months,
I damn near put on
Everett here, I did.
Is that what you think.
It's what I fucking know.
You've just been a pest.
Like crabs on a
dick, nothing more.
Terry, sit the fuck down.
Listen ladies, y'all
can kiss and make up
after I'm gone, but let's
do this shit already.
Watch your mouth, stranger.
Get the fuck out of my face.
You just lost all
value to me, punk!
Everett, he's a kid,
he's a kid, Everett.
[Officer] Get your
hands up and turn around!
This is on you!
No, no, no!
[gun fires]
[Officer] Hands up, hands up!
Drop to your knees,
lay flat, lay flat.
[dramatic music]
[all shouting]
Shit, is that one dead?
[Officer] God knows, some
local, Gary, or Jerry something.
[Man] This ones down.
[dramatic music]
[people chattering]
We got him, boys.
[dramatic music]
[people chattering]
You all right?
Nobody was supposed to get hurt.
We did our best, Cole.
[dramatic music]
I didn't know what you liked
so I just made what I know how.
I'll get you a
little more bacon.
All right.
You curious about your daddy?
Mama ever tell you anything?
Did you know him?
Of course I knew him.
Last I heard he was in South
Carolina, John Milligan.
- All right.
- Okay.
I'm sorry, I'm just
not that hungry is all.
Nah, no, it tastes like shit.
[both chuckling]
[Cole] I gotta go talk
to grandma for a bit.
Oh, just a minute though.
For kindling, or
you know, whatever.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Yeah.
Please write.
- I will.
- More than I did, okay?
Where should I send them?
Right here.
Here's fine.
He asked for you, you know,
you were the one he wanted.
Maybe he was asking forgiveness.
[light banjo music]
[whispering indistinctly]
[car door bangs]
[engine rumbles]
[light guitar music]
A spring remembered,
taste of gin
Island light upon our skin
Your form, it lingers
Trace just where you've been
Songs we sang,
I'll sing again
When it breaks
down, babe let's try
To see the beauty
in all the fading
I saw the river
thick with mud
Break thorough
the banks and run
And I'll confess I liked it
I cheer the flood
When the water hit
the walls and won
When it breaks
down, babe let's try
To see the beauty
in all the fading
[woman vocalizing]
The roads are endless,
they seem to grow
Vines, they wind
around a world
And though I hate it
To leave my home
I love that car
when I need to go
When it breaks down
Today let's try to see the
beauty in all the fading
And old Kentucky
stays in my mind
It's sweet to be
five years behind
That's where I'll be,
when the seas rise
Holding my dear friends
and drinking wine
When it breaks
down, babe let's try
To see the beauty
in all the fading
When it breaks down,
and the stakes get high
To see the beauty
in all the fading
[light banjo music]
There's a kind of
man, says he knows
What he'll never understand
And his so called
love drinks too deeply
With no thought of the land
But you stand inside
a golden light
Cast by your own hand
Hope is a choice
Love has a voice, it's not
the leaves or the branches
But the whisper in between
I have traveled as far north
As I could care to go
And I've crawled the
tracks over rivers
Made of miles
of melting snow
And when we climb
below the span
I found your words below
Hope is a choice
Love has a voice
It's not the
ice or the water
But the whisper in between
In due time, you
will raise your roof
Your own hands, your
heart will mourn
And the last
lovers promised you
Are mere shadows of the
warm you're looking for
Da da da da da da
da da da da da da da
Hope is a choice
Love has a voice
It's not the leaves
or the branches
But the whisper in between