The Evening Star (1996) Movie Script

Start the car and put
the air conditioning
up to high, please,
I don't want to wilt,
All right, Aurora,
I kinda feel sorry
for Arthur's grass,
It never gets
a chance to grow,
Good morning, James,
Mrs, Greenway, you're looking
mighty pretty today,
Thank you, Billy,
hand this to the warden,
You know how he loves
your letters,
Don't be making
those prisoners write,
Teddy is almost finished
with the new porch,
I know it's extravagant,
but it's a way
to give your brother money
without it seeming like a handout,
You know how Jane is,
You have any message
for him?
What do you think?
I'll give your love
to Melanie,
She is head over heels
with this Bruce creature,
I'm hoping it's just
a teenage thing,
Rosie sends her love,
She's just found your old
G, I, Joe watch in the attic,
She's having it
So you let
that be a surprise,
The sign said
don't mess with Texas!
Texas certainly has
messed with me,
Oh! What is it?
Why do you do this
to yourself, Granny?
Give up, huh?
Tommy's never
gonna change,
Teddy, you're never
gonna change,
Tommy has to change,
No human being can
carry that much hostility
his entire life,
Granny, it's his third
possessions charge,
Face it, Tommy's
a screw-up.
You're never gonna be
a screw-up, are you, Bump?
Shut up, butthole!
That's his new thing,
calling people butthole,
For she's a jolly
good butthole
For she's a jolly
good butthole
For she's a jolly
good butthole
'Cause nobody can deny
I sense Jane's child-rearing
philosophy here,
We've got
some good news,
What is it, another
illegitimate child?
Jane's found a job,
At the Stop 'n Go,
Now that she's finally
embarked on a career,
perhaps the 2 of you
would consider marriage,
Of course not,
[Military Music Plays]
Oh, God!
Bruce alert!
Oh, God!
Shouldn't you be in
20th century literature?
Virginia Woolf
makes my skin crawl,
and Bruce wanted to go
for a ride,
so, you know,
I can see that,
That's not
really my car,
My friend Tony
just lets me drive it,
I don't care who owns
the pimp mobile,
I did not raise
my granddaughter
to have sex with
the likes of you,
Granny, get out
of my room!
Oh, God!
Bruce: Ha ha ha!
Afternoon, General,
What's going on?
Life as we know it,
[Classical Music
I love Bruce,
I hate you!
Why? Because I care
what happens to you?
No, It's because
you're suffocating me!
[Car Radio
Well,,, ha,
Your, uh...
Your buddy Tony
has great taste
in cars,
start the car!
Hey, Mel,
you didn't tell me
you were riding around
in Ferraris,
Aah! Drive!
See you, Mel!
[Honks Horn]
Look, Granny,
I'll get you more,
The troops need
a morale boost,
You can love 'em,
but you can't
live their lives,
Neither can they,
Not properly,
The pain the children
claim to be in,,,
it's exhausting,
I can't do it,
I've had it, I can't go on,
Of course you can,
Life is just
an uphill battle,
You gotta keep on
You must figure out why
you lose the battles you lose
and pray like hell
you win the war,
what time is it?
I'm going to bed,
This day is over,
This is not good,
This is not good,
Jimmie Lee,
Hey, girl,
She here?
Yes, she's cleaning
out that closet,
Just come on in,
I'm worried
about her, Patsy,
She went to bed
yesterday at 3:30,
She hasn't
gotten up yet,
She's probably headed
for the big snap,
Long overdue,
Give these to Mel,
would you?
She's been crying
a lot,
It's her guilt,
Manifesting itself
You know she's gotta
be feeling responsibility
for all the problems
those kids are having...
problems they never
woulda had
if I'da raised 'em,,,
like Emma wanted,
you didn't,
Aurora did,
Now we're stuck with
the consequences,
Not like you did such
a great job with your own kids,
You don't even know
where they are
half the time,
I get the credit card
I can track 'em down
if I have to,
Oh, I just wanna
do something
about Aurora's moods,
When she's pissed off,
we all drown,
- Cheers,
- Cheers,
She needs
professional help,
Always has,
Well, why not?
12 years of therapy
made me the woman
I am today,
[Clicks Tongue]
O, K,
How are we gonna get Aurora
Greenway to see a shrink?
Eew, you got me,
I don't know,
I feel
so depressed,,,
I know I'm surrounded
by people who love me,
but I just can't
seem to snap out of it,
Even here
at the beach?
You love it here,
I know, I know,
Well, what can I do
to help?
I think I need to
see a therapist,
Good! Good for you,
I think that's good,
You,,, confront
your demons,
wrestle with 'em,
I'm gonna make
an appointment,
Would you go
with me?
Sure, Of course,
Rosie, this can't be it,
This house?
Well, there's his sign, too,
That's it,
Rosie, this does not
feel professional,
Where did you
find this man?
He came highly
I wish you would
come in with me,
I think I'd better,
Oh, dear,
Man singing:
There beyond the sea
Somewhere waiting
for me
I'll be waiting for you
in the car, Rosie,
You have to stay!
I don't have
to stay,
You don't need me
to spew out the grim little
details of your childhood,
The appointment's not for me,
It's for you,
I lied,
EXcuse me?
You're the one who's been
so depressed lately,
Rosie, I don't need
Why, the very idea!
Now I suggest that
you go back in there
and you keep
your appointment,
[Ding Dong]
Be right there!
Mrs, Greenway?
Jerry Bruckner,
God, I am running
so late today,
I'm sorry,
Please come on in,
- Oh, sorry,
- No, I apologize,
Forgive me,
We have been
the victims of, uh,,,
a very elaborate
Yes, my maid tricked me
into coming here,
I,,, Dr, Bruckner,
I wasn't seeking analysis,
and I'm not now,
I'm not a doctor,
I'm a licensed counselor,
What does that mean,
Mr, Bruckner?
I listen, I try
to make people feel better,
sorry for
the misunderstanding,
Obviously my maid
is the one who is disturbed,
I'm surrounded by the most
taxing array of lunatics,
Me, too,
It's the job,
Well, good-bye,
And I'm clearly not
the sort of woman
who would,,,
be free in sharing
and revealing her secrets,
You understand?
Well, many people
feel that way,
It was a pleasure
meeting you,
Do you have a card?
Thank you,
Mrs, Greenway,
And I'm awfully
Forget it,
We'll meet, we'll meet,
we'll meet
Beyond the shore
We'll kiss,,,
You are
so fucking fired,
Yeah,,, right,
Class, the quality
of your exams
surprised even me,
Some of you are even
beginning to grasp
early 20th
century literature,
[Bell Rings]
That's it,
Class dismissed,
A D-plus?
That sucks!
Ms, Horton, your defense
of Rupert Brooke's Georgianism
is flawed,
What is the matter with bucking
conventional criticism?
Brooke protested against
Victorianism and he kicked ass,
and I deserve an "A,"
No, Ms, Horton,
You don't,
Yes, I do,
You are on the thinnest
of ice, Rosie,
Perfect timing,
Duck Madagascar,
Mmm, I've eaten,
[Running Garbage
I got hungry,
and so I ate,
Did I say anything?
Oh, no,
Of course not,
I should just be grateful
you went to class for a change,
I'm gonna quit,
Do you know how much Rice University
costs, Melanie?
I had to sell
my Renoir
so you could have
an education,
Oh, I thought you sold the Renoir
for Teddy's braces,
Or then again,
didn't you sell the Renoir
for Tommy's legal
The money from
that Renoir's
like splinters from the true cross,
Everybody's got a piece!
You are so ungrateful,
You are the only one
of your mother's children
that has a real chance
at a life,
Why do you insist on being
so self-destructive?
I'm not being
I'm just...
Get off my back!
Boy, if your mother
had lived,
she would be so horrified
at the way you turned out,
If my mother had lived,
I wouldn't have
turned out this way,
so horrible and such
a disappointment to you!
[Classical Music Plays]
Tony, I'm telling you,
Stallone only eats egg whites,
It's pure protein,
[Knock On Door]
Hang on a second,
Melanie, what's up?
I did it,
I moved out,
I'm free,
Lemme call you
Help me with my stuff!
I feel like celebrating
and hitting the town!
Where's that Ferrari?
Uh, Tony needed it,
This is so perfect!
I shoulda done this
a long time ago,
You and me,
starting our lives together,
Doesn't it just
feel right?
Uh, yeah,
So how long
are you gonna stay?
Oh, God,
Mel is my hope,
She is the smartest
and the cleverest
of all my grandchildren,
Ever since
their mother died,
I have done nothing
but be there to help them
and to love them
and to try to instill values
that I thought were important, and...
Don't you have
a real cup?
I'm sorry, I don't,
And now I'm
losing her,
I see,
What about
the children's father?
Oh, Flap, no,
My goodness, no,
Flap is not
father material,
He wasn't husband
material, either,
Flap is not
human material,
He didn't
abandon them, really,
Flap is just
very weak,
He lives
in Santa Fe,
So there's been no,,,
father figure at all?
Well, actually,
there have been a few,
I was involved several years ago
with a former general,
His name is
Hector Scott,
He was a father figure
to Melanie,
And... And we broke up,
Years ago,
But he still continues
to terrorize me on a daily basis,
And then many, many,,,
many years ago,
I, um...
My next door neighbor
was Garrett Breedlove,
The astronaut,
The astronaut,
Oh, God,
Well,,, Garrett Breedlove
possessed every single quality
that I find repellent
in men,
But it worked,
For a while, it worked,
Oh, the boys adored him,
Melanie, well,,,
she was too young,
And then he moved away
to, uh, Minneapolis,
Milwaukee, or,,,
This was a man
who orbited the Earth,
And now he's married
with a family,
Well, I just can't
picture that,
Garrett was never very comfortable
around children,
He only liked
dating them,
Who was the great
love of your life?
I haven't met him yet,
Well, Mrs, Greenway,
your situation
is hardly unique,
You've obviously
spent your whole life
only of others,
It's so true,
You've neglected
I know,
You are so bright,
Just call 'em
like I see 'em,
Well, I have
neglected my life,
That's obvious,
Well,,, it's been
so fast,
It's all so fast,
and it's so blurred,
What is my life?
What have I done?
And what's it
all about?
I think it's time
that I get strong,
And that I ask myself
the really hard questions,
It's time for you
to start taking care of you,
Yes, I need to be,,,
Selfish in the good sense,
I see,
Thank you,
You've been
such a help,
Oh, you don't
have to pay me now,
It's easier
for patients to pay
at the end of
each month by check,
Well, I think you misunderstand
the... the visit,
I only wanted
a period of quiet time
so that I could
organize my thoughts,
I can't imagine my requiring
your services on a regular basis,
I won't be returning,
Whatever you say,
Mrs, Greenway,
Ah,,, hi!
A wave
and a smile,
She must be
in a better mood,
Lemme get out
the hats and horns,
Rosie, I am starving!
Hi, Aurora,
You got a call
from someone named,
uh,,, Pasqual
[French Accent]
Who wants you for dessert,
And he wants to have me over
for dessert,
His English is less
than perfect, Hector,
Are you having
an affair?
Why, Hector,
you're in no position
to be inquisitive
or jealous,
Now you go home
and you rethink
your clothing,
God, she's so full
of herself,
At least it's
her old self,
thank God,
Oh, dear!
Ha ha ha!
What's all this?
Every clipping,
every diary, every letter,
every photograph,
every theater program,
this represents
everything that's ever
happened to me,
so I am going to
organize it
and make sense
out of it all,
Rosie, I'm gonna chronicle
every day of my life,
What a mess,
Oh,,, my,,,
These,,, people
are all dead,
[Music Plays]
Man: Cut it out,
Woman: I know,
Wait, Ow, ow, ow,
You're on my head,
Woman: Oh!
Oh, God,
Mel,,, this is not
what it seems,
Get your clothes on,
Toni? That's Toni?
Mel, we gotta talk,
That's Mel?
I got a better idea,
Don't overreact,
[Grinding Gears]
Nice car, Toni,
[Ding Dong
Ding Ding]
[Ding Ding Ding
Dong Dong]
[Ding Ding Ding]
[Alarm Sounds]
I can't believe you,
[Telephone Rings]
Hello. Please leave
a message
when you hear
the D-sharp.
Woman: Aurora,
pick up the phone,
Something's happened
to Melly,
Where is she?
Poor girl!
We've pumped
her stomach,
It's almost impossible
to take a lethal overdose
in this family of drug,
It's a muscle relaxant,
so she's just,,,
very relaxed,
[Beep Beep Beep Beep]
EXcuse me!
Oh, Melly!
EXcuse me,
Oh, Melanie!
Poor Melly,
Oh, my darling,
What do they say?
This is such
a cry for help,
I'm here to answer it,
Patsy, we don't need you anymore,
You can go,
Thank you for your help,
Mel, wake up, honey,
Well, honey,
it was my house she came to,
Well, she probably
that with your 40th
birthday coming up,
there'd be plenty
of pills on hand,
Good one, Granny,
Oh, God, Mel,
I am so sorry,
Where's Toni?
It's all my fault,
There are too many people in here,
and we have rules,
Wait, Why
are you sorry?
Come on, Sis,
Oh, God, Oh, Mel,
please forgive me,
You didn't try
to kill yourself over Bruce?
One! Just one!
Everybody else out!
All right,
We'll go quietly,
You... You get out,
Hi, Rosie,
You get out... now!
I'll be back,
You take good care
of my baby,
Bye, Rosie,
[Rosie Sobs]
That will be all,
thank you,
Yeah, If you don't
let them both stay,
you're gonna have some
more patients on your hands,
Please just let me
help you,
Mel, I want you
to come home,
and I'm gonna
cook you dinner,
Why does Patsy's
friendship with Melanie
bother you so much?
Melly was 3 when
my daughter Emma died,
Patsy was Emma's
best friend
and worst influence,
After Emma was gone, Patsy felt
that she should raise Melly,
and I would not
have it,
She thinks that she
could have done a better job
than I did,
But I did the best
that I could,
I wanted her
to appreciate life,
I wanted her to be
I wanted her to understand
the essential things,
You want a lot,
Is that so bad?
Say, how's your chronicle
coming along?
My chronicle,
Ha ha ha,
You know,
it's like, um,,,
it's like composing
a symphony,
I tried to write a symphony
when I was about 18,
I love music,
But I... I... I, um,
I never finished it,
Well, you should,
It's important to leave
something behind, isn't it?
I think it is,
Who is this?
Her name's Lola,
She's a showgirl?
She's my mother!
She is!
She's got the best legs
on the line,
Oh, she's awesome,
This... This is,,,
certainly interesting,
you have no idea,
Lola's had
a really rough life,
but she... Boy,
She always comes up
She's the reason
I became a therapist,
I saw how much good
it did her,
Oh, God,
She's the best mom
in the whole world,
Now you make sure
that you tell her that,
I guarantee you
she needs to hear that
on occasion,
Well,,, see you
next week,
O, K,
You've been
fighting again,
Is it broken?
Is it?
All you've done
all your life is fight,
Like you haven't?
Warden Littlefield
tells me
you're doing very well
with your computer training,
What, are you
driving him crazy, too?
Would you like it for me
just not to come here anymore?
Teddy and Melanie
have given up on you,
I don't care,
Then why do you come here
and speak to me?
Why do you
show up at all?
'Cause if I don't,
it makes me seem uncooperative,
Bad for my parole,
[Radio Plays]
Take your time,
Go away,
I, uh,,,
I wanted to...
to think about us
starting over again,
you know?
I'm supposed to
take you back now
because you got
your hair cut, Bruce?
I've got an idea
about you and me,
Can... Can we talk?
No, I don't
think so,
Come on, Mel,
Let's take a drive,
I'm in a pinto,
It's the real me,
Don't touch me!
You wanna hear
my plan?
Show me, show me,
show me
How you do that trick
The one that
makes me scream
One of those is...
What are you doing?
What do those guys
have that I don't?
Absolutely nothing,
That's right,
I'm gonna be a model,
I'm serious,
And then,
after I've made
enough money modeling,
I'll start acting,
That's how it's done,
I thought I was the one
that took the drugs,
I almost blew it
with us,
I don't want that
to happen again,
I wanna take you
where I can make
a life for us,
There's too much
in the way here,
I wanna go where
there'll be no distractions,
Los Angeles?
Bruce really loves me,
And he wants to go somewhere
and start over fresh
in a place where
we can be happy,
There are 6 million
happy people here in Houston,
I have no possibility
of being happy here,
You spray this house
with happiness repellent!
Thank you,
I will be happy
with Bruce,
and Bruce is gonna
be happy in L, A,
I was stationed in L, A,
after the war,
I never had so much sex
in my life,
This is for Tommy,
This is for Teddy,
This is for the loathsome Jane...
Granny, will you
listen to me?!
You keep telling me
you want me to have a future,
Well, I can't have
a future here,
What are you gonna
do for money?
Bruce has a plan,
And what is that?
It's a good plan,
and, um,,,
if that doesn't
work out,
I always have things
I can sell,
Your mother's jewelry,
At last,
I have been so anxious
to get rid of it,
there's always Patsy,
Yeah, she can help me,
Oh, another extremely
good idea,
Call Patsy, Absolutely,
Darling, sweet, kind,
generous, happy Patsy,
Perfect Patsy
from whom
all blessings flow,
Let up on Patsy!
She doesn't hate you,
I don't know why
you hate her so much,
I don't hate Patsy, No, not at all,
Patsy is family,
I love Patsy!
This is for Patsy,
What are you doing?
[French Accent]
And I'll never forget,
He said, "I am not
an animal,
I am a human being,"
Oh, darling, please
try one of my oysters,
Mmm,,, mmm!
Oh, Pascal,
for the gods,
For the gods!
You should try it,
Not on
your life,
EXcuse me,
Patsy! Well, Jimmie Lee
told me you were in Mexico
and couldn't make it!
I was just sick
about that!
Well, I was!
I cut my trip short,
Do you think I'd miss
Melly's going-away party?
Can I help?
We'll just have to
squeeze in another plate somehow,
I hate it here!
I told you this was
a formal dinner party,
I want it to be
perfect for Melanie,
I would have paid
for a baby-sitter,
I know, But Jane says
we shouldn't exclude Bump,
or he might be, um,,,
by the separation,
Don't worry, Mrs, Greenway,
Bump should be here,
He's your
Besides, he's perfectly
behaved, I promise,
I wanna go home!
So you never
Attention, please,
[Bump Laughing]
Bump: When are
we gonna be through?
I require silence,
Just a few words,
First of all,,,
[Bump Laughing]
Thank you all for coming,
thank you for
the absolutely gorgeous roses
that you have
provided for our table,
Pascal, the oysters
were delicious,
Hector, your knowledge
of fine wines is unparalleled,
Hector, your knowledge
of fine wines is unparalleled,
[Bump Laughs]
[Clears Throat]
You have become my bridge
over shark infested waters,
Teddy, my darling
sweet Teddy,
and your,,,
To my Rosie,
my right hand,
my right arm,
my Rosie,
And Patsy,
who is always there
no matter what,
[Bump Laughs]
You are taking
our Melanie away,
Words fail me,
And to my darling
sweet precious Melanie,
May your journey
be joyous,
May your every
dream come true,
And may you hurry back
to those who really love you,
Dessert is served
in the living room,
She's playing
the piano, Pats,
I can't remember
the last time she played,
is going on,
Well, that Jerry
could make me play the piano,
and I have never
even touched one,
Know what I'm saying?
Oh, here,
Oh, Patsy,
This is for you,
With my love,
Thank you,
Oh, that's sweet,
Oh, my,,,
This is too much,
Just in case,
How much is here?
I can't believe,,,
Just put it
away now.
And don't tell Aurora,
or she'd freak,
You know?
I don't want to
ruin her evening,
just her life,
I'm kidding,
I can never hate anyone
who loves you kids
as much as I do,
Even if hers is
the kamikaze kind,
thank you
for everything,
You're welcome,
Did you see
what she gave me
as a going
away present?
A return ticket,
That's too much,
I know,
Look at all this stuff,
I feel like
I'm inside Aurora's head,
She's such
a pack rat,
It's cleaner than
your room ever was.
Oh no, it isn't,
Look at this,
Did you or Tommy
make this?
I think that was me,
Oh, look at Tommy,
Oh, yeah,
I was so blond,
Once upon a time,
we were a family,
Can you believe it?
What was it like?
Was it great?
It had its moments,
I um,,,
I remember laughs,
And uh... and hugs,
Lots of hugs,
Mom was big on hugs,
I guess she wanted
to hold onto us
as long as she could,
I wish I could
remember, Teddy,
You're lucky,
Stand up for a second,
- On your feet,
- Why should I?
Stand up,
For what?
I'm not asking again,
On your feet,
Now laugh,
There you go,
Just like old times,
Hey, be careful, O, K,?
I will!
You better,
Pascal, it was
so delightful
to have you, really,
Aurora, darling, thank you
for a wonderful evening,
Pascal, it's been great,
Good night, Hector,
Yeah? Why is that?
Well, there's a lot
of beefy people,,,
So nice
to have met you,
Yeah, Maybe
I'll see you again,
See you again,
I don't like
the looks of this,
You sure that's gonna
pass muster?
Yeah, I've done it
a million times,
You take care
of my baby,
She's my baby now,
Aw, honey,
Come on, Hector,
I'm not leaving
until you say something,
Good morning!
Be nice,
I just had
to say good-bye!
Come on,
give me a hug!
Bye, Patsy,
All right, Here now,
this is for you, handsome,
Thank you,
All right, Patsy,
enough, There's traffic,
and they're
going to be late,
Give me a kiss,
Now, you be a good girl,
You have a wonderful trip
and call constantly,
I will!
Call as soon
as you can.
Melanie: Bye,
[Car Clanking]
You know, you've been good
about this, Aurora,
Everyone needs to
experience happiness,
even if
it doesn't last,
[Cars Bump Loudly]
Oh, she reminds me
so much of Emma it hurts,
[Doorbell Rings]
Come in,
It's open,
Hello, Jerry,
Can I help you?
Well, I couldn't help
but be a little bit curious
as to why you didn't
come in today,
I... I guess
it slipped my mind,
Well, now that I've let Melanie
live her own life
and she's out of
mine for good,
I presume
that I am cured,
Oh, boy,
What happened?
The party
was a triumph,
You know it was like
a successful lab experiment,
I put all the rats
together in one room
to see if they'd
eat each other,
O, K,, Aurora,
you're talking this out,
I'm taking you to dinner,
You name it,
Money's no object,
Hi, trudy,
Hi, Aurora,
She's the best
cook here,
Hi, boys,
Hey, Miss G,
Here we are,
Hello, darling,
Hi, honey,
Thank you,
You come here?
Yes, I eat here
every Sunday
on my way
to visit Tommy,
I get great strength
from their pecan pie,
You find this
No, it's just,,,
I just wouldn't expect you
to come to a place like this,
I'm very liberal,
and I embrace
all kinds of humanity,
just like you do,
Besides, I thought
this was the safest place
to bring you
on a date,
This is a date?
I'm going to
take you to dinner,
here in America,
we call that
a date,
Maybe it's not
a date in the sense
that we're on our way
to sleeping together,
Which would really be
a preposterous idea,
Dolly, could I have, please,
the pig platter
with french fries, cole slaw,
a double order
of beans,
uh... iced tea
and some
sweet n' low?
And for you,
young man?
The same,
Why is that such
a preposterous idea?
Let's discuss that,
Discuss what?
Do you want
to sleep with me?
Would that be so bad?
Oh, Jerry,
You know,
if I slept with you,
I would be lost,
I'd be lost on so many,
many levels,
Really, it would just be
another empty conquest,
Then I would be like all
those other predatory females
prowling the streets
of Houston,
This is about Patsy,
isn't it?
Tell me,
Patsy is not my type,
Thanks, doll,
What is your type?
Same as
every other guy,
Really big tits,
Dumb as a post,
Oh, the younger
the better,
Ha ha,
[Television On]
Is there something wrong
with your television?
My cable's out,
our favorite movie,
Sit down,
[Men Whistling]
Close your eyes,
Just close them,
I want you to think
about the moment
you first laid
eyes on me.
At the river oaks
country club,
In my dress blues,
No one could fill out a uniform
the way you could,
You were so strong,
And I needed
your strength so much,
So did the children,
You were so wonderful,
I'm still wonderful,
Oh, yes,
you are still wonderful,
I got cold,
How rude!
Christ, Aurora!
What the hell are you doing?
It's 2:00
in the morning,
Well, I am upset
and I want
to feel better,
And it's your business,
You did say anytime
of the day or night,
I want to talk,
You didn't come here
just to talk,
Yes, I did,
Well, no, I didn't,
Is it safe to leave
my car on the street?
[Radio Goes On]
Morning, Houston.
Time to rise and shine!
I didn't know
what time it was
Then I met you
Oh, what a lovely
time it was
How sublime it was, too
I didn't know
what day it was
You helped...
Oh, good morning,
Good morning,
Aurora, look, I'm sorry
about last night,
I don't know
what came over me
or what
possessed me,
I'm really,
I'm going
to leave now
or I'll be embarrassed
by your flattery,
No, wait!
No! No,
no wait, wait!
Well, I'm not hungry,
I'm not surprised,
Hi, baby,
I found some
barbecue today
and it's almost
as good as Good Company,
Are you hungry?
Oh, you got your pictures,
Let me see 'em,
Let me see 'em,
They suck,
No, they're
gonna be great,
I'm telling you
they suck bad!
Bruce, I want
to see them,
How could any picture
of yours ever be bad?
It's not bad,
It's... It's,,,
Melanie: Good,
all you have to do
is just get better
pictures made,
That's all,
With what?
Our disposable income
has been disposed of,
You can't call Aurora,
I'm getting a little
perturbed with Melly, actually,
You think she would
have picked up a phone
and said I'm in L, A,
I've arrived,
I'm alive,
It's been
much too long,
Yeah well, you know,
things have been
kind of crazy for her,
Have you talked to her?
She had some kind of
unexpected expense,
so I made her
a little loan,
Boy, that kid's
got spunk,
I cannot find
a thing, anymore,
Shopping is just
so frustrating these days,
Oh, Patsy, you always find
such wonderful things,
I mean, look at you,
So perfectly
put together,
I love that belt,
It is hard to find
the right yellow,
You know, I bet that Melly's
tried to reach you,
But Rosie says you're
never home anymore,
She says you're
always in therapy,
You must be about
the most well-adjusted
woman in Houston by now,
Well, it's doing
wonders for me,
Tell me about Jerry,
He's very
Mm-hmm, I like him,
Is that line between
doctor and patient
a little blurred?
What do you think?
Be honest,
Doesn't the fact that
I'm older disgust you?
You don't
seem older,
But I am older,
And I have all the insecurities
that go along with it,
So if you're not
gonna help me with them,
don't lie,
You are too much,
I have always felt that
I'd better just keep trying,
Especially when the world around me
seems to have stopped,
When you stop trying,
you fade away,
And I am not
going to fade away
until I absolutely
have to,
Something somewhere,,,
is going to say
Aurora was here,
Well, what do you know?
Herself has
come home for a change,
Don't be too hard on her,
She's just
enjoying her life,
It wouldn't hurt you
to kick up your heels
like that
every now and then,
Oh, hello, Hector,
We care about you,
We feel you're making
a big mistake,
Oh, Hector, I have come
to the conclusion
there's no such thing
as a mistake,
I think we all
create what we need,
[Piano Music On]
[Music Stops]
what in the world?
I'm sick of this,
Sick of what?
You and Hector
are so cranky,
You never spend
time with us anymore,
I live here,
You're always off
with that damn Jerry
or holed up in here,
Instead of spending
so much time
on those stupid
scrap books,
you should spend time
on the people in 'em,
What do you say
we have some fun?
Get dressed,
I'm taking us to dinner,
Hector, move in
just a speck,
Rosie, take your hand down
from your face, please,
You're so silly,
Dolly, we're ready for
the big finish now,
O, K,, honey,
what'll it be?
This is the General's
big night out,
He'll go first,
I'll have
the pecan pie,
Dolly: Mm-hmm,
Rosie, what will
you have?
banana split,
Oh, that's it, Rosie,
live a little,
How about you,
Dr, Cotton?
I'll have
the super sundae,
[Dolly And Rosie]
And Hector I'm sure
will have the mince pie,
Dolly: You want that
a la mode, darling?
Hector, do you want
it a la mode?
[Bagpipes Playing]
There is something
very wrong with you,
Going back
to old Jerry?
I'm surprised
you've waited this long,
The General's been in the ground
almost 5 hours,
I'm looking for
the love of my life, Rosie,
And it's important that I
investigate every possibility,
Is everything
all right, Rosie?
Come on, talk to me,
Come on,
gonna be all right,
Everything's all right,
Oh, that chapter
on Hector Scott is closed,
It's a very
important chapter, too,
You know keeping
this grown-up
was the best thing
I've ever done?
What do you think?
Will I rate
a whole page?
We'll see,
I love you,
I have to
think about that,
All is said
was I love you,
Yes, and it's
very flattering,
Don't you believe
that I love you?
Oh yes, I can see
where you would,
I just did not
receive the information
the way I thought
I would,
This is my problem,
You don't have to go back
to Los Angeles, Stay,
I've been here
a week as it is,
Rosie: Well, just
through the weekend,
I can't, I have
a boyfriend and a job,
As a waitress,
Things are really
starting to click for Bruce,
And I knew they would,
His acting teacher says
he's like an open wound,
He's up for
a beer commercial,
I'm really happy,
I hate this,
I hate that you're
going away again,
I never know
where you are,
I worry
all the time,
I have to go through Patsy
to get to you,
I really hate that,
O, K,
I'll give you
my phone number,
If you'll promise me
you'll never ever use it,
I promise,
You're so late!
I know,
Is everything O, K,?
There's something
I gotta tell you,
I got the commercial,
You did?!
That is so good,
So are you the beer drinker
in the ski parka
or the one
in the Speedo?
They're no fools,
Oh, it's so good
to be home,
The whole point
of us coming to L, A,
was to make a new start,
I've been meaning
to talk to you
about this for
a few weeks now,
But... But then,
Hector died
and you were
so bummed out, so,,,
Does it have a name?
She um,,,
She's helped me
a lot with my career,
do you have any idea
what this
does to me?
Yeah, I think I do,
I think I do, but,,,
it's not aimed
at you, Mel,
It may not be
aimed at me,
but it hits me,
and it hurts,
This means Granny
was right,
I could just
kill you!
Just get out!
O, K,
Can I ask you
I didn't get a chance
to forward my Varieties,
and I need them for audition
notices, Can you hold onto them?
Remember me?
I'm Patsy,
I don't think I've met
anybody quite like you,
Patsy Carpenter,
A bored, rich
Houston divorcee?
Oh, well, Ha ha,
We're not exactly
a rare breed,
I tend to stay away
from upper class women,
They scare me,
Make me feel
I'm hardly upper class,
You know, I'm just
a poor little old Texas gal,
Struck oil
at the altar,
Now,,, Aurora,,,
she's upper class,
Yeah, she is,
Do you feel
uncomfortable with her?
Well, I,,,
I don't know what's going on
with Aurora right now,
Well, let's just say
it's complicated,
I'll bet,
Well, I'm not really
at liberty to discuss her,
She is a patient,
The old
doctor/ patient thing,
But you're not really
a doctor, are you?
That's right,
I'm not,
But I do try to
follow the rules,
Hear no evil,
Speak no evil,
Do no evil?
You're fascinating,
You're fascinating,
It's fascinating,,,
that a man like you should be
sleeping with a woman
who's old enough
to be,,,
your mother,
Bottoms up,
So what does the rest
of the house look like?
Why don't you
follow me?
I haven't heard
from Melanie,
and nothing compels me
to return to my therapist,
I haven't seen much of Patsy,
either, thank God,
Rosie is becoming
extremely difficult,
I think it might be
because Hector's gone,
That's no great loss,
How can you say that?
Hector loved you
and you loved him,
If I heard "The military'd
straighten Tommy out" one more time,
I'd have killed him
Tell me how it works,
When someone that you hate dies,
like the General,
does the hatred that you feel
for that person dissipate,
or do you transfer it
to someone else,,,
like me?
Would you explain this
to me, please?
Because I do not understand
hatred as a sport,
How does one win?
Hey, eXcuse me,
Sit down,
Now do me a favor,
I enjoy cooking
those brownies,
That is my recipe,
I have spent many years
perfecting it to get it right,
I consider these brownies
to be the finest
in the whole world,
Please do not throw these brownies
away in front of me,
You can take them and throw them
away after I'm gone
if you want to,
Just so you know,
I've put a file inside,
Whatcha got?
Merry Christmas,
If I could fly
like birds on high
Then straight to
her arms
I'd go sailing
Tommy took the brownies,
Ha ha,
Tommy did what?
He took the brownies,
Ha ha!
That's great,
Hey, I'll be right out,
O, K,
Where are you?
I'm so glad you came...
Oh, Patsy!
I'm so sorry
I'm a little late,
Oh, no! Listen,
I was just so glad you called,
Oh, thank you,
I decided it had just been
too long, you know?
It's so hot in here,
Aren't you warm? Whoo!
It's very warm in here,
Could I have some iced-tea,
please? Thank you,
Would you like
Bloody Mary,
Lotsa Mary,
So now tell me everything
that you've been up to,
and don't leave out a thing,
I wanna catch up,
Have you heard
from Melly?
No, Oh... Melly?
Oh, it's Jerry!
Ooh, I see Jerry, One second,
I will get him
and bring him in,
My mother'll ask
for Bruckner, Thank you,
I'm so glad
you called,
'cause I have
a big surprise for you,
Oh, really?
Oh, I revel in surprises,
You remember
my very good friend Patsy?
Of course,
We met at Melanie's,,,
going-away party,
Hi, Patsy,
How you been?
Hi, Jerry,
Sit down, Jerry,
You'll be
needing this,
I think you should order
the pasta primavera here,
It is to die for,
Sounds good!
how long have you two
been fucking?
Aurora, let's get
a couple of things straight,
You walked out on me,
Talk to me,
Patsy I have to
talk to again,
because that is the wretched hand
that life has dealt me,
You are not
in the cards,
Hi, honey!
You must be Aurora,
This is Lola,
My mother!
Oh, my God,
My, my, my!
Oh, how extraordinary
to meet you!
Thank you,
it's obvious to me now
why Jerry has said
the things
that he has said,
heal thyself,
Let's eat, Come on,
She's very pretty,
Ah, my life, my life,
Dear, sweet, Rosie,
You old dear,
What did I ever do
to deserve you?
I been askin' myself
the same thing,
let's take a trip,
I need a change
of scenery,
Nothing extravagant,
but wouldn't you...
wouldn't you like
to see some great art?
Oh, a symphony, perhaps,
We must think
about this, Rosie,
I'm quitting, Aurora,
EXcuse me?
I have to,
Arthur's asked me
to marry him,
If I do,
he won't let me work,
Marry Arthur,,,
for what purpose?
Well, things haven't been
so good around here, lately,
I felt like
you might want me to go,
So you're giving me
your notice?
I've never considered
you my boss,
I've considered you
my friend,
I'm lucky,
I've never had
kids of my own,
but I feel like
I've raised some,
Your life,,,
has been my life,
Arthur says
he loves me,
You've heard that
a lot,
I never have,
Do you know what it's like
to be my age
and never have had
someone turn to you
and say,,,
"I love you"?
Arthur said that to me,
I'm old,
I'm tired,
But he wants me
as I am,
I can't walk away
from that,
I'll be next door,
Oh, Melly!
Oh, Mel!
Well, darling,
the bad experiences
are as important
as the good ones,
I mean,
I was in Jerry's life
because, apparently,
he needed to work through
some dreary episode
with his mother,
And I haven't yet
figured out
why we're all blessed
with Patsy,
I'm just so disappointed
in myself,
Never allow
disappointment, Mel,
ruins more lives
than all the diseases
known to man,
Get back in the saddle
again, honey,
No way, I can't
let this happen again,
I seem to have this pattern
going on here,
Well, I'm finding
that the only way
to break bad behavior patterns
is to break them,
Anyway, Mel,
men come and go,
And if you're lucky, the good ones
come and go several times,
Come home, Mel,
Are you kidding?
I can't do that,
Well, could we
do something?
Could we go somewhere?
I've always dreamed of
taking you kids to New York,
New York is such
a wonderful place
with the theater and the ballet
and the museums,
no Bruce,
Someday, O, K,?
But not now,
I'm so glad
you called, Mel,
I've never needed
anything more, honey,
Maybe I'll do it
again sometime,
Bye, hon,
Bye, Granny,
Did he dump you?
Melanie Horton?
Yeah, That's me, Hi,
I guess we have
to take them back,
No! I want,
I want to keep them,
I've already named them,
and if I take them back,
somebody'll change their names
and confuse them,
Miss Horton?
We'd like you
to try it again,
Why? I was terrible,
Don't worry,
This is television,
They love your look,
You got to do something
with the character,
She has to be outrageous,
Faith is a person you want
to love sometimes,
and the next time
you want
to strangle her,
So, take a minute
and think about it...
I got it, I know,
I got, I got it,
O, K, All right,
let's do it,
[Telephone Rings]
Oh, Melanie,
Oh, hi,
Congratulations, honey!
This is fantastic,
Oh, I'm so happy
for you, honey,
It is a big part,
isn't it?
Thank you,
You know,
it's hard to believe
you're Melanie's
When did you
get married, 12?
I love L, A,
Yeah, but what time
will you be home?
Hell if I know,
We're out,
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Come on,
That was great,
So here it is,
my dressing room,
[Whispering] Melanie,
Oh, my God,
Oh, honey, Oh, Mel,
Granny, what is the matter?
Oh, God,
Oh, my goodness,
Do you know how rare
it is to share
pure moments
of triumph
and of joy
in this family?
Oh, Mel,
How far you've come,
How much
you've accomplished,
Just think,
less than a year ago,
you were lying in a hospital
near death,
And now you're
on television,
I just want to hang on
to this precious moment
as long
as I possibly can,
Man: Hey,
Woman: EXcuse me,
We were waiting here,
How are you today?
I hate my life,
Oh, Patsy,
Oh, I didn't know you were
on the plane,
I got to get back
'cause the opera
benefit's in 2 weeks,
Oh, God, I should never
have said I'd be chairman,
'cause it seems
they can't even breathe
without my say-so,
They even want me to tell 'em
how to fold the napkins,
[Chuckles] No,
Who gives a shit?
Are you mad at me,
I'm,,, tired of you, Patsy,
I'm just so tired of you
meddling in my life,
I would just love it if I could
do something... one thing, anything,
I don't care what it is...
where you are not there
either stealing it
or spoiling it,
Well, you know?
I don't think my generosity
and support
bother you so much
if you weren't such
a miserable, unhappy
bag of bile,
Generosity? I am so sick
of your talking
about your generosity,
There is not a generous
tuck in your entire body,
I'm sorry you see
it as meddling,
It's healthier than
your emotional terrorism,
Emotional terrorism?
Where did you pick that up?
Are you sleeping
with some CNN reporter now?
Oh, get off your moral
high horse,
You run around
like a piece
of activated sewage,
and you have the nerve
to criticize what I do?
I'm honest
in my relationships,
At least I don't lie,
and I don't back-stab,
This is about Jerry,
isn't it?
This is about
Oh, please, Aurora,
That again?
You did not
get to raise her,
You have spent
your life, therefore,
trying to snatch her
away from me,
Emma wanted me
to raise her,
Oh, yes, so that
she would turn out
exactly like
your children...
absentee white
slabs of flesh,
Well, at least my kids
didn't go to prison to escape me,
Well, Melanie
and Tommy and Teddy
might not
be perfect,
but they are alive,
and they feel,
and I love them,
and I'm going to love them
until I die,
That is all that I want,
I don't know why
you regard me as the enemy,
Man: I'm in here,
It's important
to have enemies,
They keep
you strong,
Maybe that's why Tommy
hates you so much,
[Banging And Screaming]
Man: Just a minute,
Sir, I am so terribly sorry,
I am sorry,
I'm so sorry,
Sorry, Sorry,
Hello, Arthur,
How are you?
Uh-huh, Well, we have had
the most wonderful news over here,
Tommy has a new job,
He's in computers,
Yes, Well, anyway,
we're very, very, very excited,
and I am making
the most fabulous gumbo,
And there'll just be
a few of us, you know,
Just us... Jane and Tommy
and Teddy
and some dreary friend
that Jane is insisting on bringing,
Get your jacket,
It's not cold out,
So, I was wondering
if you and Rosie
would like to come over
and celebrate with us,
Arthur, you 2
have had other plans,
other house guests,
been under the weather,
ever since
you got back from France,
What's going on over there?
Would you put Rosie
on the phone, please?
She'll have
to call you back,
[People Laughing]
Hey, Granny? We're all
going to ice skate,
You want to come?
No, Ellen,
Leave that, honey,
Oh, no, no, no, You made
such a beautiful meal,
This should be our job,
No, it's going to rain
cats and dogs,
I'll just leave the dishes out
and let God do them,
Great, Let's go,
Put them down, dear,
Now you 2 run off and have
a good time together.
Jane, that Ellen's
a very nice girl,
Yeah, And she's
a friend of yours,
Great gumbo,
Great gumbo,
[Door Closes]
[Man Coughs]
Arthur? I've run out
of patience with you 2,
What is this all about?
Shh, She's asleep,
or she's trying to, Aurora?
I am going to wake her,
I refuse to be treated
this way,
Be quiet, Aurora,
She's sick,
She told me when I
asked her to marry me
that the doctors had given her
from 3 to 5 years,
Looks more like 6 months,
I know, I know,
I wanted her to tell you,
but she wouldn't,
She felt you'd already
been through too much,
and she felt that since
things were starting to go well
with Melanie and Tommy,,,
she didn't want you to have
to go through that,
No, no,
Oh, Rosie, Oh, Rosie,
I am so angry with you,
Arthur, I could shoot you,
what are you doing?
I am taking Rosie home,
Sit up, dear,
No, you're not,
Oh, yes, I am,
You can't do that,
Stop it,
You want to go home,
don't you?
O, K,
Right now,
You have no business
doing this,
Stop it, Aurora, There's some things
you can't control,
She's my wife, goddamn it,
You may visit her
whenever you wish,
The rain feels nice,
Yeah, I thought
you'd like it,
Damn her,
How is she?
Good enough
to be glad to see you,
Want me to put those
in water for you?
Thank you,
How would
you like this?
O, K,, Granny,
All right, All right,
O, K, Come over here
and sit down,
Oh, no,
[Clears Throat]
Rosie, what's up?
I just,,,
I just wish I could
have my old job back,
It's kind of scary,
you doin' everything,
Rosie, you did all the work
for 40 years,
What's wrong with
your taking a little rest?
I'm dyin',
and it's pissing me off,
Well, they've had it,
I guess I'm falling
down on the job, huh?
You gonna be
all right?
Thank you, Aurora,
Come in, Arthur,
You hungry?
Everybody gone?
Don't you just
hate that?
Oh, yes,
what have you
brought me?
I, uh...
Damn, I wanted to do
something special with Rosie,
But I've already got
my first wife's on my mantel,
It just doesn't
seem right,
Well, what do you
I agree,
Bookends would be
I thought maybe we could
sprinkle 'em in your backyard,
Arthur,,, we eat
out there,
Aw, yeah,
Well, then, can you
please help me?
Of course I will,
- Thank you,
- Arthur,
Thank you so much,
You're such a good man,
And you care,
Thank you,
Oh, no!
Oh, Garrett!
I can't believe it!
Oh, it is so great
to see you!
I can't believe this,
What are you doing in Houston?
Apollo reunion,
Buncha old astronauts
trying to squeeze into
old space capsules,
Not a pretty sight,
Oh, my God,
What's this?
it's Rosie,
Oh,,, it's Rosie,
She was a,,,
great gal,
Yeah, she was,
She, uh,,, stay out here?
Ha ha,
Uh,,, I'm not sure,
It's,,, like when
she was alive,
I,,, I don't know
what to do with her,
Light of my life,
she's so gorgeous!
She's gonna be
in the fourth grade,
She must've been
a beautiful bride,
Still a bitch,
I have to send a beautiful young
daughter out into the world,
If that ain't God gettin' even
with me, I don't know what is,
What did you say
your wife's name was?
She's pretty swell,
You'd hate her guts,
How much younger
is she than you?
At least you found
the great love of your life,
Come on,
Don't give me that,
You've had great loves,
Or love great,
Well, the love
that I felt
and the love that they felt
somehow didn't coincide,
But I'm still looking,
Well, where are
you finding 'em?
Not that many more shopping days
till Christmas,
Do you mind
Because I've done it
so well,
Nope, I don't mind
gettin' old,
I think it's our
greatest accomplishment,
The simple feat
of getting through
everything that happens to us
is awesome,
It,,, has a kind of,,,
perverse majesty,
Careful, Garrett,
Your soul is showing,
I only want to feel
that I have done something,
You have,
Trust me,
That's so easy
for you to say,
You've done so many wonderful,
monumental things,
You've walked on
the moon,
And you've walked on
the Earth,
It's a nicer place,
There she is,,,
the evening star,
She shines first,
she shines brightest,
and she shines
Make a wish,
Astronauts are trained
to not wish on stars,
They'd never get
anything done,
Mmm, Do it,
O, K,,,
O, K,
I hope you're wishing that I
get to my flight on time,
Aurora, you couldn't
possibly live long enough
for that wish
to come true,
That doesn't matter,
Let's do it!
O, K,
Ah, yes,
Good-bye, Rosie!
I love you, Rosie!
Well, I'd invite
you in, but,,,
my parents
aren't home,
I love you,
That would be
just like you, Garrett,
That's some good
art, Bump,
That's nice,
We got a boy,
All right!
Henry, 10 pounds,
2 ounces,
Oh, my!
Oh! A man,
Another man,
A big man,
No, no, You stay
away from him, Patsy,
[Baby Cries]
Come on, That's right,
What is it,
my Henry?
He's screaming,
Yes, Come, come, come,
He's not happy,
Yes, my Henry,
My prince Henry,
[Crying Stops]
Henry loves you,
I know,
I can see it
in his eyes,
Ellen, get my camera
out of my bag,
would you, please?
We're gonna take
our picture now,
Ooh, look!
[Tommy] Let's get a smile,
Let's get a smile,
That's the cover,
That's the cover
of my chronicle,
You're my cover man,
You're my cover man,
God gave us marriage
for the wellbeing
of human society,
for the ordering
of family life,,,
Henry, be quiet,
Your parents are getting married,
[Henry Crying]
Open up, open up,
How's it taste?
I got it,
[Piano Plays]
I think it's time that
I taught Henry music,
- All right,
- Sure,
Now, you must
bring him by every day,
[Music Plays]
Bom bom bom bom
bom bom bom bom,
Now you play
your own version,
That's it,
That's it,
That's it,
play it again,
Good boy,
[Telephone Rings]
[Whispering] Patsy,
Aurora Greenway?
There's Patsy,
Come on,
EXcuse me,
what do you think... Sir?
I'll take
the first shift,
Go on, Go,
Oh, my God,
This isn't home,
Want some tea or something,
like water here?
Get you hot water
and lemon?
Patsy,,, always here,
Don't you have someone
you should be sleeping with?
I want to stay,
I love seeing you
like this,
Besides, you're
so much nicer to me,
now we're
no longer enemies,
Do you remember
I told you some time ago
there are rewards
to having an enemy?
They can save your life,
that may be true,
But I did something
that I never should have done,
I made an enemy
of someone I love,
I was prettier,
and richer,
But you had everything
I ever wanted,
and I hated that,
That was wrong
of me,
I'm sorry,
Baby doll,
want one of these? Eggnog?
Yeah, How big?
That one right there
is yours,
Thank you very much,
pretty lady,
Nutmeg? Um,
or cinnamon?
Nutmeg or cinnamon,
or one without... whatever you...
That's nutmeg,
,,, for the rest
of my life,
[Indistinct Conversation]
Was she the same way
with you?
You, you don't
know the intensity
that I had to deal
with this woman,
"Melanie, listen to me,"
Honey, bring them to me,
No, not just the pink ones,
Bring me all the flowers,
Oh, God,
Well, where were you, honey?
I was in a place,
I had a daughter,
Oh, and I was loved,
Look, Daddy,
it's Aurora,
Henry, you're getting
pretty good at this,
You know, your granny
would be very proud of you,
I like music,
It's my favorite thing,
All right, buddy,
Here we go,