The Evil Fairy Queen (2024) Movie Script

Fairies, Elemental
Spirits, Personifications
of the Forces of Nature,
commonly depicted
as miniature winged humans.
In children's fairy tales,
they are usually
friendly and benign
but European folklore
often records them
as, at best, mischievous,
and, at worst...
It's time.
Devious and malignant.
This is my fourth.
Hi, it's Lee. Uh...
Leave a message after the beep.
Hi, Lee, I'm guessing
you're still at work
seeing as you're supposed
to be picking me up
and you're
not actually here.
I'll make my own way.
Um, I think I'm gonna walk
through the woods
but just still ring me
if you get this though.
I'll see you soon.
One Mississippi...
two Mississippi...
I swear, Lee, if I get wet...
Oh, no.
Which way now?
Oh, thank god.
- Who's that?
What do you want?
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
I can't believe you made us get
up on the first proper day
of the summer holidays.
Addy, it's important
you don't just sleep
the holidays away.
We have the weekend to lie in.
What are you up to today anyway?
Well, since I was woken up
at the crack of dawn,
I'm going shopping
with Amy and Sarah.
Half-eight is hardly
the crack of dawn.
Teenagers have
a different sleep pattern.
How about you?
Same as last week.
Working from home
on the new house design
for those new clients,
the Inskips.
Being an architect
must be such fun.
I'm a cool architect.
I'll make a YouTube channel.
I'll go, yo, peeps!
Come see this sick design,
it's mega dope.
You a YouTuber?
Good one, Dad.
Yeah, you'll see.
I'll get it.
What about you, Kate?
I've got to do a food shop
and then coffee
with Lucy and Claudia.
It's for you, Mama.
For me?
- Yeah.
Thank you, Violet.
It's from
my great-aunt Elspeth.
Who's she?
She is my mum's aunt,
my grandma's sister.
We all used to live together
on a farm when I was little.
My god, Elspeth is still there.
I don't remember
you ever mentioning her.
My mum and grandparents
had a huge fight with her
about the time we left the farm
when I was about Violet's age.
What does the letter say?
She wants us to visit
as soon as possible
and she's left her phone number.
Give her a ring then, Mum.
Oh, it's a bit early, Addy.
I'll give her a ring
once we finish breakfast.
I've got my trusty wand!
Bippity bippity boo!
-You can't beat me.
-You're a frog.
-You're a frog.
-You can't take my wand!
-I've broken your spell.
When you two have finished,
we can ring Elspeth.
Sorry. Sorry.
I'll put it on speaker.
Good morning, Elspeth Moore.
Hello, great-aunt.
It's Kate.
I got your letter.
Kate, I'm so glad you rang.
I've wanted to talk
to you for so long.
My solicitor found you.
I hope you don't mind.
No, not at all.
He also said that your
house is up for sale.
Yes, we, um...
We needed a fresh start.
I would like you to come
and visit me.
It has been too long.
Yes, it has.
Now, when can you come?
I think we can come any time
as long as we
can bring the children.
Of course.
This farmhouse needs
the chatter of young voices.
Well, how about tomorrow?
If that's not too soon?
Um, I guess we
could make that work.
We can talk more then.
Come for lunch.
Goodbye for now.
It is done.
She's coming.
Well, I don't know
what to make of that.
Do you have any idea
what caused the falling out?
No idea.
No one would ever
talk about it.
Kate... Kate.
Come to me, Kate.
Coming, Melisandria.
You belong to us, Kate.
You have always been ours.
You belong to us, Kate.
You have always been ours.
You belong to us, Kate.
You have always been ours.
You belong to us, Kate!
You have always been ours.
You okay, Kate?
Sorry, it's just a...
Just a bad dream.
What about?
I don't know.
I don't know, it's gone now.
You're probably just
nervous about tomorrow.
Try and get back to sleep.
Sometimes it feels
like I died in that crash.
Just living my life
as if I don't exist.
How much longer?
Not far now.
We can pull off the motorway
in a few minutes.
That was "No Regrets" by...
Are you looking forward to
seeing the farm, Violet?
Yes. Is it big?
Yes, it is.
It's called Wood Blewit farm.
Wood Blewits
are a type of mushroom.
They also grow in rings just
like the fairy rings
in your book.
Are there fairies there?
I guess
you'll have to look.
Fairies aren't real.
They are so.
You're such a child.
Alright, that's enough, you two.
We've got a big day
ahead of us.
Oh, my god.
Tom, how old are you?
You're so 90s, Dad.
Aw...I want to be Gen Zed.
It's Gen Z.
Well, we're nearly there, girls.
Can I go in the woods?
Maybe, once we've seen
my great-aunt.
Okay. Has she seen
any fairies?
I don't know, honey.
Why don't you ask her?
I will.
I bet she has.
Are you okay, Kate?
Yeah.It's just odd
being back here.
After so many years.
Aren't we going in?
Does it even
have electricity?
Yes, we are, and yes it does.
Come on, then.
Let's go.
Hello, great-aunt.
Hello, Kate.
I'm so glad you're here.
It has
been too long, my dear.
Yes, it has.
Now, introduce
me to your family.
This is my husband Tom.
It's a pleasure
to meet you, Ms. Moore.
Call me Elspeth.
Oh, of course.
Thank you, Elspeth.
Um, and these
are Adelaide and Violet.
- Hi.
- Hello.
My, my.
What a couple of pretties.
Goodness, Kate.
She's the spitting image
of you at that age.
Is she?
We don't have many photos
of me from back then.
Oh, yes. Just like you.
Are there any fairies
in the woods?
Well, all I will say is this...
that if you wanted
to see fairies,
this is the place to be.
Now, where are my manners
keeping you all standing here?
Come in, come in.
It all looks just the same.
Not much changes here, Kate.
-Anyway, lunch is nearly ready.
-Thank you, great aunt.
Ah, the garden is exactly
how I remember.
All of you,
sit down to lunch.
Tom, you sit at the far end
as the man of the family.
Kate, you're next to me.
Help yourselves.
No ceremony here.
Thank you, Elspeth.
Now, tell me what you've been up
to since we last saw each other.
Um, well, let me think.
When we first left here, we went
to stay with Dad's parents.
They lived in Bedfordshire where
they ran a market garden...
They're here... they're here.
They're really here.
At last...
Now it begins.
Now the oath shall be fulfilled.
All our long years
of waiting are over.
Elspeth, that was delicious.
Thank you.
Yes, thank you, Elspeth.
What do you say, girls?
Thank you.
You are all most welcome.
Can I go in the garden now?
Is that alright, Elspeth?
Of course it is.
That's what gardens are for.
You go and enjoy
yourself, my dear.
Thank you so much.
Just don't go too far.
Stay in sight.
Addy, could you go with her and
just keep an eye on her, please?
Wow, can I?
Addy, please?
Yes, Mother.
That's what he said,
but he's so full of crap.
Hang on a sec, Amy.
Violet, slow down.
Don't run off.
Oh, she's such a brat.
She'll be fine.
Anyways, what did Kelly
say about it?
I'm glad that we're alone
for a little while.
I don't know what you were told
about the old family argument,
but that's all in the past.
You're my only relatives,
and I want the farm
to stay in the family
when I'm gone.
I know you were wanting
to move anyway,
so I thought you might
like to move in here.
Soon, this summer.
Well, you don't need
to decide now, of course.
I don't know what to say.
Did you hear my singing?
Did you like it?
My name is Melisandria,
and you must be Violet.
How did you know my name?
I know everything
that goes on in this wood.
Your great-great Aunt Elspeth
told me all about you.
I've known her
for a long, long time.
I even knew your mummy
when she was your age.
When you were a little girl?
When I was younger, yes.
Do you know what
I'm sitting inside?
A fairy ring.
That's right.
Clever girl.
Do you believe in fairies?
Yes, but my sister
says they're not real.
Oh, what does Adelaide know?
Fairies are as real as I am.
Would you like to see one?
Then you must
do two things...
First, step into the fairy
ring so the fairies know
that you want to be with them.
Good girl.
Now, you must keep a secret.
Can you keep a secret?
The secret you must
keep is this...
Do not tell anyone, your mummy
and daddy or Adelaide,
about me and the fairies.
Because they don't
believe in fairies.
They would come here
to look for me
and frighten the fairies
away forever.
I promise.
There is a fairy nearby.
Her name is Radella.
She's been looking forward
to seeing you.
Come, take my hand.
Now, close your eyes
and say three times after me:
Radella, please
come and visit me.
Radella, please
come and visit me.
Radella, please come
and visit me.
Radella, please
come and visit me.
Now, open your eyes and wait.
Say hello to her, Violet.
Hello, Radella.
Can she speak?
Yes, but she is shy.
Perhaps next time.
You must go now, Violet.
Adelaide is coming.
There you are.
I told you not to run off.
What have you been doing?
Nothing, just walking
in the woods.
Well, thank you again
for a lovely day.
You have a delightful family.
Now, you two have a good talk
about my proposal.
We will.
Bye-bye for now.
My part is done.
When they are here, Elspeth.
Not before.
Long day.
It's a great place, though.
And the machinery
in that shed was amazing.
There was even a lathe.
You'd have your
very own little man cave.
Mm. Yeah.
Did you know that Elspeth has
got a pump-action shotgun?
Oh, yeah.
So what are you thinking?
I mean, we were wanting
to move anyway?
You're wanting to move.
That's not fair.
We talked about this.
I can't be here anymore.
Not without Paige.
Right. We all
struggled after Paige.
We just have different
ways of dealing with it.
I think Adelaide resents me
for not being there.
She doesn't.
She understands.
She's a teenager.
She's supposed to be difficult.
She was always closer to you.
She's just a daddy's girl.
That's all.
I'm sorry, Kate.
You're right.
We do need a fresh start.
And I can work from there
just as well as anywhere else.
Besides, there'll be no fannying
about looking at houses
and we won't even have to sell
this place before moving.
Why don't we mull things
over for a few days
and then make a decision?
Good morning, Elspeth Moore.
Hello, great aunt.
It's Kate.
Hello, Kate.
Are you ringing
to give me your answer?
Yes, we would love
to accept your offer.
Thank you.
I am so glad to hear that.
I'm sure you
will not regret it.
It will take us a little while
to get things sorted.
Of course.
But you can
get here this summer.
their new school term.
I will get things ready here.
We'll talk again soon.
Goodbye for now.
Hello, Kate.
It's Elspeth.
I'm ringing to tell you
that I have moved
into Ravenby Care Home.
But I... I thought you
were going to stay with us.
I know.
But I want you to have
the place for yourself.
Um, but, great aunt--
Now don't go arguing with me.
It's done.
Get settled in for a week
or so and then come
and tell me all about it.
We'll talk again soon.
Goodbye for now.
Uh, goodbye.
Great aunt Elspeth has moved
into an old people's home.
She won't be living
with us anymore.
It would just be the four of us.
And the fairies.
Yes. Just us and the fairies.
Nearly there, girls.
"There" as in
the middle of nowhere.
Come on, Addy.
There's a village not far away
and Ravenby's only a few miles.
That's where your schools are.
Bet they still use
blackboards and chalk.
Schools are the same
everywhere, Addy.
They'll have interactive
whiteboards even here.
We're nearly here.
We're nearly there.
This all
still feels unreal.
Well, after
we've unpacked everything
I'm sure it will
feel real enough.
Here we go.
Can I go outside now,
it's Sunny?
Yes. Just don't wander off.
Hello, Violet.
Have you come
to see Radella again?
Yes, please.
Come. Enter the ring
and take my hand.
Now. Like before, close your
eyes and say three times:
Radella please
come and visit me.
Radella please come
and visit me.
Radella please
come and visit me.
Radella please come
and visit me.
Here she comes.
Say hello to her, Violet.
Hello, Radella.
Hello, Violet.
I'm so happy to see you again...
shall we be friends?
Oh, yes, please.
Then I shall visit you.
If you hear me at your window,
let me in won't you?
Of course.
We're going to have
so much fun together.
Shall I dance for you?
You must go now, Violet.
Your mummy is about
to come looking for you.
Oh, silly mummy.
I know, but you will
see Radella again.
Say goodbye to her now.
Bye, Radella.
Bye-bye, Violet.
Don't be too sad.
You'll see me again soon.
Now off you go back to mommy,
and if you see me in the village
pretend you don't know me.
I promise.
Goodbye, my sweet child.
Nicely done, Radella.
Hm. Thank you, my queen.
I do hate prancing
about like an idiot though.
It is necessary for now.
When all's done you can eat
what's left of her
for all I care.
Thank you, my queen.
How I long for
the taste of her flesh.
It shall be your reward.
She comes to us
so willingly that one.
She still has a child's
sense of wonder.
The other one, however,
is another matter entirely.
She will take
a bit more effort.
You will do it, my queen.
She will come to your kingdom
of her own free will.
Yes, she will.
And when the sacrifices are done
and the order restored
I shall dance before our
fires, wearing her skin.
There you are.
I told you not to wander off.
I was just among the trees.
Alright then, but come on, we've
got your room to sort out.
Oh, thank you.
Gosh, what a day.
Tell me about it.
I'm worn out.
Yeah, Violet and Addy too.
Both asleep.
Violet is so excited
at the moment.
Yeah, I even got a smile
out of Addy earlier.
-That is good going.
-I know.
I was thinking... why don't
we have a break tomorrow?
We can walk into Little Ravenby.
If we cut through the field
it's no distance at all.
They've got a little shop.
We do need a few
bits like milk.
Okay, yeah, sounds good.
It's gonna be fun.
Enjoy it.
Can I go on the playground?
Oh, another time.
Why don't you take her
for a few minutes.
It'll be good for you.
I know what we need.
You can just catch us up, okay.
-Yes! Come on.
Come on, Addy.
Unless you want
to stay with them.
Yes, because I love playing on
the swings with my mummy.
Come on.
Will Mum be okay now?
Now that we've moved.
I think so.
She took losing
your sister so hard.
It wasn't her fault.
It was that drunken idiot.
Yeah. She still blames herself.
We both struggled.
Did and said things we regret.
Look, this is a new beginning.
Things will be fine.
I miss her.
So does Violet.
She's been so distant lately.
I think that's her way
of coping.
I think she's afraid
to be too close.
I'm sorry we took you away
from your friends.
It's okay.
I didn't want to move but I
guess the important thing
is for your mum to be okay.
Sometimes I forget
how mature you can be.
Someone in this
family has to be.
I see you haven't
left your cheek behind.
You wouldn't want me
any other way.
No. Come on, we better
get the shopping.
Oh, can I have a bubble gum?
I thought you said bubble
gum was "so 90s."
Nah, you made it cool again.
Okay let's go.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
You're the folks that just moved
into Wood Blewit Farm right?
Yeah, I'm Tom.
This is Adelaide.
You need to leave, okay.
Just go, today, okay?
We just got here, mate.
Well you can't stay.
It's dangerous.
Please just leave.
It's just a farm.
No, no, no, it's, it's
so much more than a farm, it's--
-Mother... okay.
I-I have to go
but you can't stay here.
You need to leave.
-Your family...
-Okay. in great danger okay.
Just, just, just,
tell your wife, okay.
Coming, mother.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine
but that's a great start.
Dad, the first person
we meet is the village idiot.
No, he's just a bit
troubled, Addy.
Come on, let's get
the shopping done.
Did you enjoy that?
- Hi.
Just moved in?
Yes, to Wood Blewit Farm.
It's my great aunt's place.
I'm Kate by the way.
I'm Mel.
This is Violet.
Hello, Violet.
I'm sorry.
There's something so
familiar about you.
I was wondering
if you'd remember me.
It was a long time ago.
We were friends
but we were only just
starting to get
to know each other
when your mother
took you away.
Oh, god. I'm sorry, my memory
from back then is so vague.
Oh, it's fine of course.
Maybe we could pick up
where we left off.
We should swap numbers.
My phone's in for repair.
Silly me. I dropped it but I'll
pop over sometime soon.
Please do.
You can meet my husband Tom
and my other daughter Adelaide.
Anyway better get on.
-Bye for now.
Nice to meet you, Violet.
Nice to meet you too.
Dad made a friend.
Oh, really?
The village idiot.
- What?
- Shh. Addy.
Some young bloke.
Dillon? Dillon.
Started telling me
to, to leave the farm.
Telling us to leave the farm.
Said it was dangerous
and then his mother came
and dragged him off.
-That's weird.
That's because he's a weirdo.
Addy, is that a nice way
to talk about someone?
-Well, we met someone too.
An old friend apparently.
Mel, she introduced herself.
I do vaguely remember her.
Oh, that's great.
You've got a friend already.
Guess it looks that way.
Got talking to some of the
parents at the park today
and apparently the barmaid
went missing
from outside the pub
a few weeks ago.
Doesn't that sort of thing
end up on the news?
Well, yes, usually,
but this doesn't seem
to have made much of a ripple.
Maybe she just ran off with some
bloke from the internet.
Yeah, maybe, but they seem to
think there was more to it
than her just running
off with someone.
This girl Mandy.
Apparently she wasn't
that sort of person.
It's all just playground gossip.
Yeah, maybe.
Oh, wow.
It's getting late.
Yeah, we should probably
go to bed soon.
Violet will have us
up at the crack of dawn.
She keeps going on about
how much she loves
the garden and the woods.
Well it's paradise
for a young child.
Did you play there with Mel?
I don't know.
I guess so.
It's funny though.
What is?
In my memory she looks the same
now as she did back then.
You know, an adult.
But if anything
she looks younger than me.
Well, memory can
be a funny thing.
Perhaps you're
remembering her mother.
Oh, it's just odd.
Arion, don't you know
any other tunes?
I do indeed, Radella, but
at the moment I happen
to be particularly fond
of this one.
You're such an idiot.
Honestly, the things
I have to put up with.
Totes unfair.
My queen.
Radella says the bewitching
progresses well.
It does, Belucine.
Everything is going
according to plan.
The child is ours.
I shall deal with the husband.
All that remains is for Kate
to come to us willingly.
She'll do it.
To save little one.
And then the old oath
shall be fulfilled
and the balance restored.
Ugh, that's gross.
My queen, the rot gathers pace.
Do not worry, Regin.
It is not long now.
We've waited many years
but the time is at hand.
Soon the rot will be undone.
Of course, my queen.
How I long for
the old days to return.
Indeed, Elusalia.
When they both
knew us and feared us.
But the queen has prevailed.
That time is at hand once more.
She's left this
too long, Achilleon.
Indeed, my darling Titania.
Indeed she has.
Girls are just coming.
Great, thank you.
You girls looking
forward to shopping?
Yes, school uniform
shopping is such jolly fun.
I'm looking forward to it.
Yeah, you would.
It will be good, Addy.
I suppose I better do some work.
That new Inskips
design is a nightmare.
Oh, and I've got to visit
the site again in a few days.
Okay, well at least
you'll have some peace and quiet
to get some work done.
Yeah, no interruptions.
Can we start yet?
See you later.
Have a good day.
Yeah, and you.
Come on.
Hi, I'm Mel.
Kate's friend?
You must be Tom.
Yeah, yeah, hi.
Yeah, she said she'd seen you.
Yeah, it was so nice to see her
again after all this time.
Is she in?
Uh, no, no, she's actually out,
um, uniform shopping
with the girls.
-Yeah. Yeah.
They start school
next week, so...
Oh, that's a shame.
That... that she's out, I mean.
I brought housewarming presents.
I think she will love them.
Thank you.
Have you got a vase?
I picked these flowers
from my garden myself.
The sooner they're
in water, the better.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
-Of course, come in.
So, the kitchen
is through there.
Um, but I guess
you already know that.
Thanks, I've been
here loads of times.
I'll, uh, get you a vase.
Thanks. I'll pop
the wine in the fridge.
There you go.
One vase.
Thank you.
You're quite good at that.
I love flowers.
So beautiful.
We should always
make time for nature.
There. All done.
Where do you want it?
Uh, where do you think
it would look good?
Well, they'll want light, so...
How about here on the table?
Yeah, very nice.
The flowers gave up their lives
for our pleasure.
We should honor that and make
them look their best.
I bet your garden's lovely.
It is.
Would you like
to see my garden
and taste all
its hidden delights?
I would, yes.
Then come to me.
Oh. Hi.
How'd you all get on?
Hectic, but we've
got everything.
-We had Maccie-Ds.
Shall we put the stuff away?
Oh, thank you, Addy.
That'd be lovely.
Come on, Violet,
let's sort it out.
She's in a good mood.
She was actually really helpful.
Did you get much work done?
Though, your friend
Mel popped round.
She brought flowers and wine.
Did she say much?
No. Um...
Other than she's sorry
to have missed you
and she'll get you soon.
You seem bothered?
I don't know.
I've just got a funny
feeling about her.
Well, don't let that get
in the way of a friendship. Hm?
You're right, of course.
Kate... Kate.
Come to me, Kate.
Kate. Kate.
Come to me, Kate.
Coming, Melisandria.
Oh, Radella, I love our little
play dates together.
To Elfame!
To Elfame.
-Hand it over.
-The jug. Yes...
To Elfame.
You belong to us, Kate.
Oh, oh, Jesus, Kate.
Kate, you okay?
A dream.
Nightmare. Melisandria.
-Who's Melisandria?
Mel is Melisandria!
So, why the nightmare?
She hasn't changed, Tom.
Thirty-two years have passed.
She's exactly the same.
She can't be.
She is, Tom.
Alright, love.
There must be some explanation.
Something is wrong, Tom.
We shouldn't have come.
You're just upset because
of your nightmare.
There's too much going over
and over in your head.
I mean, meeting Melisandria...
I mean, meeting Mel
after all these years.
Me telling you about Dillon.
Dillon, he was right.
Dillon was right.
Okay, look.
Think logically for a minute.
Your parents left here when you
were little, right?
If there'd been any danger
don't you think
they'd have told you?
I suppose.
I suppose you're right.
I've just been daft.
There's just a lot
going on in my head.
Come on.
Do you want
to go back to sleep?
Oh, Violet.
Wherefore art thou?
I have. When I was
a little girl...
I knew a fairy named
Flor...Flori ... Floriana.
She lived in the woods
near my home.
Hello, Violet.
Have you missed me?
Yes, lots.
Me too.
Now, I want us to play
a special game today.
Would you like to?
Hi, honey.
Something funny?
No, I was just playing.
Do you want to play with me?
No, I can't.
I've got to finish putting up
Addy's shelves.
Sounds like you were
having fun, though.
I was.
Oh, have I spoiled it?
Were you pretending
someone was here?
I wasn't pretending.
So, someone was here.
What's your friend called?
I'm not supposed to say.
Honey, it's alright.
Do you know I used to have
a friend like yours
when I was little?
Maybe it's the same one.
What's her name?
Her name is Radella.
This is important, honey.
Is Radella a fairy?
How did you know?
Was she your friend, too?
Yes. Yes, she was.
And I would love
to see her again.
Does she often come here?
No, this was the first time.
But I used to go
see her in the woods.
Okay, honey, listen.
The next time you go
and see her, I want you
to take me with you.
We can go tomorrow.
I've just got to sort
a few things first.
But no wandering off without me.
Did I do it right, Radella?
I want to talk
to you about how
to protect yourself
from fairies.
Fairies may look sweet
and innocent, but believe me,
sometimes they do
only look that way.
You can protect yourself by
means of charms or amulets
made from iron or rowan trees.
That's iron or rowan wood.
Now, I've-- an example
of an amulet here.
You see?
It doesn't need to be anything
fancy or ornate.
And this...
Addy, would you mind watching
Violet for a few minutes?
I've just got to nip
to the village.
Uh, okay.
Um, don't let her out
of the house though.
I don't want her
wandering off.
Just with your dad away with
work I don't want her left
to her own devices.
Um, if you're going
to the shop can I have
an energy drink for later?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you, I won't be long.
-Just that please.
That's 1.50 please.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
Um, I was just looking for that
young lad, Dillon.
Oh, Dillon, um, he's just
round the corner I think,
number three.
Number three, okay thank you.
Is it Dillon?
You're Mrs. Richards
aren't you?
Yeah, Dillon, I need
to talk to you.
Not here.
My mother might hear.
Meet me at the bench by
the river in a few minutes.
-Alright, I'll see you there.
You told my family
we were in danger.
You are.
I know it has something to do
with the fairies.
The fairies took me once.
I went for a walk in the woods
and this beautiful girl
came up to me.
She took you to their...
-Elfame, yes.
I think after a few weeks
they just...
got bored of me and let me go.
Melisandria rules this
particular fairy kingdom
but there are many others.
But, Dillon, why
is my family in danger?
I think they need willing
sacrifices to renew the energy.
Your family...
They have some sort
of link to the fairies.
They've been sacrificing a child
every generation for centuries.
Elspeth was allowed
to live a long time
but only on the condition that
she got you back here.
They want to sacrifice me?
More than that.
The next sacrifice is due too.
They want to sacrifice you
and your youngest daughter.
Tom, call me as soon
as you get this, it's urgent.
Get home quickly.
-Addy! Violet!
-What, Mum?
Pack a bag, Violet too, I'll be
up in a minute to help you.
Pack? Why?
We've got to go, just do it.
-Don't argue, just pack a bag!
Oh, Tom, thank god,
where are you?
I'm nearly home.
What's the emergency?
Listen, we're in danger.
I can't explain now but
Elspeth has tricked us,
you've just got to get home.
Honey, is that dream still
bothering you?
I said your parents would've
warned you if there was--
Listen, it's not just about
the dream, I don't know why
my mum and dad
didn't tell me but...
I don't know maybe they
thought the problem
was over by moving away.
It doesn't matter.
I've spoken to Dillon.
-Argh, Dillon, he's a half-wit.
-Just get home.
Mum, Violet's gone.
What do you mean?
She's not here.
She was here a few minutes ago
before you came back in.
She's not here, Mum,
I've checked everywhere.
-I told you to watch her, Addy.
-I was!
I was in my room
and she was in hers.
-I'm sure.
We'll go and check the woods,
I'm going to grab my keys
and I'll catch you up.
Hello, Kate.
Where's Violet?
In the garden,
perfectly happy and safe.
Look for yourself.
I didn't say you
could enter my house.
I'm not a vampire, Kate.
I don't need your permission
to cross the threshold.
Besides, your husband let
me in just the other day.
What do you want?
Did he tell you what
happened right here
up against the kitchen sink?
He's not very faithful is he?
He didn't last
very long of course.
But then they never do.
Behind you!
There, that's better.
What do you want?
Been speaking to Dillon I hear?
Strange young man.
Anything strange about Dillon
is your doing.
I suppose you're right.
But then you asked what I want.
He told you, of course.
You're not getting Violet.
Fascinated by fairies isn't she?
But then it's not just a normal
childhood interest.
Your family has been tied to us
for generations.
-Dillon told me.
-Then you know what we want.
Violet already comes
to us willingly.
We want you of your own
free will to come to us.
Then my kingdom will be renewed
with your life-forces.
The rot will be undone
and the harmony restored.
Not if I can help it.
We'll see.
Bye bye.
-She's gone.
-They've taken her.
-Who have?
-The fairies.
What are you on about, Mum?
-Look honey
I don't have time to explain.
There's a group in the woods,
they have taken Violet,
I've got to get her back.
You just have to trust me, okay?
What do you want me to do?
Okay, go back to the house,
your father will be home soon.
Tell him that Violet's been
taken and I've gone
into the woods to get her back.
-Be careful
I will.
Steel shot.
Iron, that'll do the job.
See how you like this.
They have my daughter.
They have Violet.
You mustn't go there.
Not you of all people.
I had a feeling you would come,
I came to stop you.
I have to go.
That's exactly what they want.
The sacrifices won't work
unless they are in order.
They won't harm Violet
until they have you.
It doesn't make any difference.
You can't stop me, Dillon.
I have to go.
I won't lose her.
Okay, then let me come too.
I have a rowan-wood stake.
Dillon, if you want to help,
go back to the farm.
Tell my husband what you
told me, convince him.
I don't know...
I should come. I should come.
Dillon, please go.
Kill Melisandria.
The other 12 will
be lost without her.
-Okay, there are 13 of them?
Kill Melisandria.
Don't worry.
Whatever happens,
I will get her.
Now go, Dillon, please go.
Catch me if you can.
Where's Mum, what's going on?
Um, in the woods she said some
people have taken Violet
and she needs to get her back.
Who... what, what people?
She said something
about fairies.
Oh, for Christ's sake.
I'm worried.
No it's nothing to worry about.
Mum's just had a bit
of a relapse.
Okay, that's all.
It'll be okay.
I'll go and get them.
Come on, let's get
you in the house.
My god, no wonder they need me.
We should call the police.
There's no need for that, Addy,
Mum's just a bit stressed.
But Violet's gone.
She's not gone,
she's playing in the woods.
I'm calling the police.
Dad, what are you doing?
We need to call the police.
No one's calling the police.
Dad, give me my phone.
-You don't need your phone.
-Dad, let me have it.
Dillon, help.
Little idiot.
It's rowan wood,
don't like it do you.
It's okay now, he was bewitched.
But I've broken the spell,
he will be okay now.
What's going on? Mum said
something about fairies.
I'm sorry, I don't
have time to explain.
Fairies aren't like in kid's
stories, Adelaide.
But things are worse
than I thought.
I must help your mother.
See to your father,
he's not badly hurt.
He'll be himself
again now, okay?
Mandy, my name's Kate.
I'm going to help you.
But the fairies
have my daughter.
Do you know where she is?
She's with Melisandria.
Can you take me to her?
Yeah, it's not far.
Okay, thank you.
Then we'll all get out of here.
This is iron, it will destroy
them, you take it.
Thank you.
It's been a nightmare.
I heard the tales
of the woods but--
Listen, it'll be over soon.
Can you lead the way?
Are you sure you're okay, Addy?
I don't know what happened.
I went mad.
I don't know what
happened either.
It's this place.
Mum knows what's happening.
-We need to find her and Violet.
Welcome, Kate.
Welcome to my kingdom.
Let her go, Melisandria.
I'm not holding her.
She sits here
of her own free will.
Violet, come.
I don't want to, Mummy.
Please come.
Violet, they want to hurt you.
Kate, you have come to my
kingdom, like Violet,
of your own free will.
I'm not sacrificing myself
willingly, Melisandria.
I've come for my daughter
and that is all.
You came.
That is all that matters.
Take her.
A bit of lead shot
won't hurt us, Kate.
No-one mentioned lead shot.
You've done some homework I see.
But it will do you no good.
She can be regenerated when
Elfame is renewed.
It won't be renewed.
Not now, not ever.
Now give me my daughter.
Act now, Titania. Sacrifice her.
The kingdom will be yours.
It should be yours.
At last.
The time has finally come.
I shall be Queen.
I knew I sensed
treachery amongst us.
Do you dare to cross me?
Your inaction
has cost us much power.
You took too long.
Look at this once
glorious woodland.
You fools.
The sacrificial bloodline
must continue.
We had to wait until
the last child came of age.
Had they not
lost the second child--
I challenge you.
Challenge me?
It is my right.
By ancient law.
Challenge me?
Not now.
Not now the oath
fulfillment is at hand.
On your knees before your Queen!
Your old toy Dillon
has decided to return.
Go and deal with him.
Yes, my queen.
Enough delay.
We begin.
Do you like the taste
of gnome pee?
I've so enjoyed spending
time with Violet.
When it's all over,
I'm going to eat her.
Sweetheart, run!
She will not listen to you.
She's mine.
I knew you would return,
of course.
After all...
You wouldn't want to lose
another one of your daughters.
Poor Paige.
How careless of you.
It wasn't my fault.
But you were driving.
And you without even a scratch.
You must feel so guilty.
You are not having Violet.
But enough of this playing.
The time is at hand.
The time of
the oath fulfillment.
The time of renewal.
By your sacrifice
and that of your daughter
you shall restore my kingdom.
Think on that a moment.
Dillon, my darling, how I've
longed for your return.
Oh, get away, Aelfina,
your magic cannot touch me.
See, rowan wood.
Dillon, my darling,
there is no need for that.
I have yearned
for you for so long.
Did you not desire me the moment
you saw me in the woods.
Get away from me.
Do you not desire me?
Iron filings, nice one, Kate.
Now, finally,
the sacred time has come.
The time of renewal.
It won't last, Melisandria.
Look around, it's a wasteland.
Whatever you do, your kingdom
will perish in the end.
Never! What do you, a mere
mortal, know of such things?
Now, prepare to die
in the knowledge
that your pathetic efforts
have come to nothing.
Violet, please run!
O, guardians of Elfame.
Guardians of the four
watchtowers of the North,
East, South and West.
Of earth, air, fire and water,
witness this, our sacrifice.
Come gnome, sylph,
salamander and undine.
Celebrate the rebirth.
O, guardians of Elfame,
witness this sacrifice.
Elfame be renewed...
Elfame be renewed...
Elfame be renewed.
Oh, my god.
Thank you, Dillon.
There will be a sacrifice!
Not while I'm still breathing!
Where's Violet?
Where's Violet?
Just stab her.
It'll break the spell.
Where's Violet?
Melisandria took her.
Thank you.
You saved me.
The collapse is slowing, she
must be regaining her power.
I have to go find Violet.
Take Mandy and get out of here.
-No, no, we should go with you.
-No, no, no.
Listen, you both need to get out
of here before this place
is completely destroyed.
Okay, well, use the stake,
it's already wounded her.
Okay, I will.
Now go, listen
you've done your part.
The rest is mine.
-Good luck
How could you be so selfish?
Two lives to save
an entire kingdom.
Why won't you just die?
It's over.
-Give me Violet!
-Is that what you think?
That you have won.
Go ahead, shoot me.
Kill another of your daughters.
She can rot in
the ground alongside
poor little Paigy waigy.
Last chance, Melisandria.
Your magic won't work on me.
A bag full of iron filings
is very useful.
One sacrifice shall do for now.
I shall renew my kingdom yet.
It's alright, it's over.
It's over now.
Come on, we've got
to get out of here.
Keep going, we've
got to push through.
I'm trying.
Oh. We're far enough now.
That should be the last of them.
Oh, Dillon,
thank god you made it.
There's something
you should know.
Your husband was bewitched,
he attacked Adelaide.
But don't worry, I stopped him.
Is Adelaide alright?
Yeah, yeah, she's fine.
But you should move
out of this place.
Don't worry, we are out of here.
Good, good.
I suppose I should
get Mandy home.
It's not every day you meet
a fearless fairy killer.
Goodbye, Kate.
And thanks, again.
Dillon, take care.
And you.
-Right, come on, you.
Let's go.
It's okay,
she's no danger now.
I fancy a barbecue anyway.
Must be that way.
Can we go home and play now?
Yes, we can, just...
Not with the fairies, okay?
Oh, Addy.
Oh, Addy
-Are you alright?
-Oh my gosh, what happened--
Dillon told
me what happened.
Yeah, I'm okay, Mum.
What was all that smoke about?
The end of the problem.
It's all over now.
I'll explain everything later.
Violet, I'm so sorry.
I guess fairies really do exist.
It's okay.
But they are hor-rid!
I'm not sure
I like them anymore.
Miss you, it's a miracle.
I went mad.
I don't understand.
Listen, you were bewitched.
It was Melisandria.
I should never
have bought us here.
This is my doing but...
Listen, it's over now.
Dad, maybe you can
be a YouTuber after all.
Someone needs to tell
the world about these fairies.
Maybe we will.
Whether anyone will believe
us is another matter.
We can try though.
Can we go back
to Oaklington now?
It's getting a bit boring here.
Come on.
Let's go.
I missed
your sassiness.
It's a lovely
day out today.
Come in.
Here we are, Elspeth,
your pot of tea.
Lovely, thank you.
No tablets today?
Like you need any tablets.
You're the healthiest person
here, staff included.
Doctor Taylor says he's never
met anyone anywhere
near your age so fit and well.
I don't even know
why you're here.
Well, I like to check.
What's your secret, Elspeth?
-Would you like to know?
-Yes, please.
Well, it's this...
I've always been helpful
to the fairies.
The fairies, eh?
I'll bear that in mind.
Can I get you anything else?
Some biscuits please.
Of course, I'll bring you some
in a couple of minutes.
Thank you.
Here we are, Elspeth.
Oh, there you are, Radella.
Where have you been?
Do you want to play a game?
Cut there.