The Evil Inside Her (2019) Movie Script

Yes, papa?
I must say
it was a real surprise
when you pulled up this morning.
I know!
I just hadn't seen you in a while.
It was a pleasant surprise.
Don't misunderstand me.
I'm always glad to see you, hon.
Well I hope we get to go fishing.
Oh, yeah.
I was thinking about you
when I was at the cabin the other day.
You know, I, I was
walking out on the dock.
It needed a little repair.
But I was thinking about
that time that, uh,
you were out there with your
friends, your little band
and you were showing them about the boat,
and you didn't get it tied up good,
and you stepped up, it
started to get away.
You remember that?
And little Benny, he bent
over to grab the boat
and split his pants wide open.
Heck, you girls were
giggling and laughing...
He went running up to the cabin.
You remember that?
Sarah, honey?
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Can I help you?
No, another minute.
You know, I'm sorry you
and Beth are having that trouble but...
She's so stubborn.
That's the thing, you know.
There's good times and
there's bad times, you know.
Your mother and I had some rough times.
But think of all the good ones we had.
Yeah, mama.
I just, I mean, I never
wanted to have kids.
- I know.
- You know that.
I know, I know.
Oh good God, breakfast!
Oh, oh no.
Ah, oh goodness.
Oh, watch,
coming around, coming around.
I think I can save these eggs.
Okay, I got it.
Looks just about done too.
I think these eggs are
salvageable actually.
Pretty good, huh?
Well the bacon looks good.
Oh man, I'm gonna have to clean this up.
It's a mess.
Can I use this can?
Oh sure, honey.
All right.
Almost ready.
You wanna get the bacon
and put it on the...
Sweetie, what's wrong Sarah?
Oh god!
Oh god!
Oh god!
What's wrong with you?
Are you crazy?
Jesus, ow!
We gotta fix this.
I gotta fix it, fix it.
Gotta fix it.
Gotta fix it.
Gotta fix it.
I just gotta fix it, clean it up,
clean this up.
I'll clean it up.
I'll clean it up.
I have to fix it.
I have to fix the puzzle.
I'll fix the puzzle.
Got the edge, I got the
frame of the puzzle started.
So I'll just fix the puzzle.
I just killed my father.
I killed my father.
I killed him.
Why did I do that?
I fixed him.
He's always trying to fix everything.
I'll get him fixed.
I fixed him.
I fixed him myself.
The last fixer.
The last fix.
And you know what?
You know what else?
He tried to fix you too.
I don't need fixing.
You fixed him.
It smells really good in here.
Oh god, I love the
smell of fresh coffee.
This looks amazing.
It does.
Hey, can you order me a black coffee?
I gotta use the bathroom.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Oh no, that was my fault,
I didn't see you, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You don't look like
you're from around here.
I'm not.
We're not.
Just here for a weekend getaway.
That sounds like fun,
camping in the mountains kind of a thing.
How'd you know?
It's the only thing
really to do around here
this time of year.
Yeah, we're from the city
so this'll be a nice
change of pace for us.
You keep saying us.
Oh, uh, my friends and my boyfriend.
Next in line.
That would be you.
Can I get coffee and...
This one's on me, whatever she wants.
You really don't have to do that.
No really, I'd like
to, come on, no problem.
You really don't.
I have to get my boyfriend a coffee.
Come on, it's the least I can do
for knocking into you like that.
It's on me.
Can I get an iced green tea
and a black coffee for him, please?
All right.
One green tea and?
I'll have a double shot.
One Double shot.
That'll be $8.45.
10 and 11.
Thank you, baby.
Thank you.
Mm-hm, thank you.
Thanks again.
You really didn't have to do that.
No problem really.
So is this your first
time up to the mountains?
Yep, we rented this cute
little cabin up in the woods.
Nice peace and quiet for us.
You've certainly come to
the right place for that.
We've got a
green tea for the lady here
and a double shot.
Any sugar, honey?
Um, honey please.
Honey, huh.
Health nut.
- Hey babe.
- Hey.
All set?
So you must be this
attractive woman's other half.
I am.
And you are?
Name's Clayton.
Clayton, pleasure to meet you.
As well.
Your coffee.
Enjoy your evening.
What was that about?
I don't know.
Bumped into me in line and
bought our drinks as an apology.
He brought our drinks?
Why didn't you get a quiche or something?
Vikki, Vikki!
Come on, I wanna put this in my belly!
Come on!
What took you guys so long?
It's cold as shit outside.
We'll be drunk in no time.
Mikey, what'd you get me?
Get you, what, I'm suppose
to get you something?
Yeah 'cause he didn't
get me anything to drink.
Thank you.
Here we are!
- Yeah?
- Alright.
- It's awesome.
- It's really warm.
That'll work.
Is all the artwork crocheted?
Uh, yes.
Yes, it is.
There's something bad in this house.
What, that smell?
I'm sure this bag is full of some weird...
Oh let's not hate on this house.
That's pretty unfair, okay.
You all right, babe?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Uh, where's your ,
where's your bathroom?
It's to the right over there.
I hope she's okay.
Alright, what you got?
Well this has got to be TJ's bag,
it's just all booze.
Yeah, all I did was
bring the essentials, yes,
that's all I did.
- Okay.
- Okay, what is this?
- Broccoli.
- Raw broccoli?
2018, who eats that?
Thank, limes, tequila, right, thank you.
That means a lot to me.
It's not for tequila,
it's for the hummus.
Gotta mix in the hummus.
That's a waste of...
Vikki, you okay in there?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just need a minute.
TJ, can you help me?
With what?
Can you cut up this onion please?
Oh, no can do honey buns.
Excuse me.
I'm actually allergic to onions.
Every time I cut one, my eyes get watery
and the heat gets back.
You are such a dick you know that?
Well, this was suppose
to be a fun party weekend.
I don't want to start it off
by crying like a little
girl in summer camp.
No one every said this
was a fun party weekend TJ.
It's not one of your frat boy parties.
You graduated from
college eight years ago.
- Uh seven.
- Eight.
- Seven.
- Eight!
Here's your eight!
Oh, oh, that's gross, I'm so sorry.
You are such a dick.
- Feeling okay?
- Yeah.
I had to escape Em and TJ.
They out there arguing over hummus.
And I just can't.
TJ's not having it, is he?
He's not, he's all about beer and.
- And tequila.
- I'm sure, yeah.
- I love you.
- I love you more.
It's not a competition.
But if it was, I would win.
- Would you?
- Yeah.
Ah, I don't know about that.
Hmm hmm.
I'll give you a run for your money.
Thank you for coming up here this weekend.
Of course.
I know TJ's not your favorite.
He's fine.
In moderation.
Emma's really sweet though.
I like her.
- She's my favorite.
- Yeah.
I don't know, he's
really lucky to have her.
I don't know how he did that.
I have no idea.
I think if we wanted a moment alone,
I think we have it.
They're arguing.
- I don't know.
- No?
- Nmm mmm.
- Why not?
I don't know, they might hear us.
- I'm gonna magic mike you.
- No!
- Hmm yeah.
- Don't.
You're so stupid.
You're sure they won't hear us?
I'm telling you they won't.
Mmm, hmm.
- What's wrong?
- Dang it.
Nothing, I'll be right back.
Hey, so where are my cigarettes?
Uh, they're in my purse.
- Thanks.
- No problem, you're welcome.
That looks really tasteless.
It's onions.
They're healthy, you need to be healthy.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna go
outside and be super healthy.
Let me know if you need anything.
It's not like you'd be
of any help even if I did.
Love you too.
You all right Vikki?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Well, we're starting the movie soon.
All right, I'll be there in a minute.
You guys about to play?
Look at you, we're next.
All right, uh, how was it?
Do you uh, do some below the belt boxing?
Some mayo-mono-mattress?
Did you tickle her insides?
No, dude, we just made out, okay.
And she started bleeding so.
Oh, all right, well, you know.
Not every guy likes
ketchup on their hotdog.
I understand.
TJ that's disgusting.
You're gonna give him the wrong idea.
She had a nose bleed.
So you like it rough Mikey?
I didn't do that.
- She...
- It's all right.
At least you're not a
pussy like this bitch.
Whoa, you should put her
jacket away pussy bitch.
All right.
It's gonna get gross tonight honey.
Sounds good.
Oh that's way
too much information.
Let's see what you do, come on.
This movie blows.
- You picked it.
- I'm just saying.
I need more guts, I need more gore.
Boobs wouldn't hurt.
Can you just
please watch the movie?
Are you 12/
I'm just saying, it said
nudity on the box, so.
That's why you picked it?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, don't do that!
No, no, no, she's dead.
Hey, boobs.
Stupid boobs.
- Damn it TJ!
- Dude, chill out.
The movie's gonna get good now, I hope.
No, take that off your eyes.
She's not even
gonna see it coming.
- He's got her man.
- It's so stupid.
Oh man.
It's like uh, like you and.
I'm sorry.
It slipped.
Dude, really?
Is your douche-baggery
like a coping mechanism
for something or you just,
like did you have a traumatic childhood?
I did have kind of a dick older brother.
- I don't care.
- I'm gonna go cook dinner.
Wait, wait, it just
started getting good.
Really Mike?
What the fuck?
Enjoy your porn.
It's just porn, she's just dirty
so she's taking a bath, yeah, it's porn.
Hey Em.
Do you want
some help with dinner?
Will you help me chop some veggies?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Are you feeling better?
You know I am.
I think it was just a
stomach bug or something.
Maybe you just need to eat something.
You know we're here for you right?
- I know, thank you.
- You're welcome.
But, with how you've been feeling,
I don't think that's a good idea
for you to chop veggies
with a sharp knife.
You're gonna watch the
sauce and I'm gonna fix
the rest of the salad.
Ah, this salad's gonna be so, so good.
I should get some meat
for the salad though.
We've got some tomatoes.
We've got some onions and some carrots
and some cucumbers.
Oh it's gonna be good.
Are you excited Vikki?
I'm talking to you
but you're zoning out.
- Sorry.
- It's all right.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, I just.
I feel a little off
since we've been up here.
What are you talking about?
Like earlier, when Mike
and I were in the bedroom.
Ew, sexy time.
Almost sexy time.
Almost sexy time?
I don't know, it's really weird.
I got this bloody nose.
And I went to the bathroom,
I started getting all these,
sharp stomach pains?
Maybe you're pregnant.
No, I'm not pregnant, sorry.
- I was hoping to be an aunt.
- No!
Well, that's okay.
I mean, you'll feel better soon, right?
It's probably something you ate.
But Mike, speaking of pregnancy.
Y'all gotta get married
so when's that happening,
so you can have a little baby.
Well, I can just keep hoping and dreaming
that you're gonna have twins.
And you're gonna name one
Emma after me obviously.
And then you're gonna name one Mike
'cause you've gotta name
one after your baby daddy...
Vikki, Vikki!
Oh shit!
What the fuck?
I don't know.
Are you okay?
What happened, what?
It's just a little burn.
Wait Vic, let me see.
No, I'm fine,
I just need a minute.
What happened?
She burned her hand on the stove.
Like on it, on it.
Yes, on it, on it.
Hey babe, how's your hand?
It's better.
It doesn't hurt that much.
Can I see it?
I just wrapped it and I
don't want to unwrap it.
She was just covered in blood
and now she's like all calm?
No way, I'd be freaking out.
Yeah, I was about to say something.
- It's totally fake.
- Hmm hmm.
Yeah, it's a movie.
Yeah, could be worse though.
- Yeah.
- But still.
If it was me, totally different reaction.
You don't like blood?
No, do you like blood?
I mean, I don't
freak out around it.
If there's a whole
lot, like in front of me,
it's just too much.
You know like the person that like
throws up and adds to the mess.
You're okay, you're okay.
You were just sleeping.
- I was?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you were snoring and everything.
- I did?
- No you didn't.
Yep, a little bit.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
- Dinner's ready.
- Stop.
- Come up.
- You hungry?
Let's eat this now, slide over.
- Whoa, whoa honey.
- Let's go.
This is pretty insensitive.
Also, please don't sneak up
when I'm watching a horror film.
You are welcome.
Who would like my grass clippings?
- It's salad.
- It is salad.
Please eat your salad, babe.
You've eaten half of your food.
I've eaten the part that matters.
The carbs, the sauce, the chicken.
- I ate everything that...
- Just eat a little bit babe.
There's no chicken in that.
Did you say that there's
no chicken in that?
There's no
chicken, it's vegetarian.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
Is that how you get
him to eat the veggies?
- Yeah.
- You lie to him?
I isn't lying to you...
My whole world just got
kind of turned upside.
Well, we have to treat you like a child.
- Okay.
- Aww.
Okay, besides picking on TJ,
what else can we do?
Mike, let's talk about you.
- Did you really just...
- Anything, what do you do?
- Uh, I'm accountant.
- You're an accountant.
Hmm hmm.
Oh, so you're good with numbers.
Do you do taxes?
Hmm hmm.
Yes and guess what else
does he do as an accountant.
More than that, but I
will also help your taxes.
Yeah, he may do taxes.
I'm gonna need some help.
I have literally have like five jobs.
And they're taxes are horrible.
What do you do?
One of 'em's a stripper.
Well, without ever touching.
That's pretty
impressive actually.
Yeah, thank you.
And the one I'm most passionate about
is the hardest to do taxes for.
1099, so there's a DJ.
- TJ's The DJ.
- TJ's a DJ.
That's my name, TJ the DJ.
Is it like do you do like bar mitzvah?
- Oh yeah.
- Or do you do the club thing.
Oh yeah.
Like you know, let's
get the party started.
So do you do weddings?
Is it just like wedding DJ
or do you do like wedding singing also?
- Oh, no, no, no, I don't.
- No he does not sing.
- I don't sing.
- No?
I did it one time and I
won't ever do that again.
Oh really?
And we don't talk about that.
- You did it once.
- It was amazing.
- It was so good.
- What did you sing?
- We do not talk about it.
- What'd you sing?
- Emma, what did he sing?
- I talk about it.
- What he sing?
- Don't you do it.
- At last.
- No I did not, I did not.
Mrs. James would have cried.
- Like it was horrible.
- It was really funny.
No, what was crazy,
I met her at a wedding,
the one right before that.
And then I took her to
that wedding as a date
where I got drank and I sang, yeah.
- And she's still here, so.
- I am.
- So you met you at a wedding?
- Yeah.
And this wedding, tell me about it.
I'mma take this one,
I'mma take this one.
- Okay.
- I tell it right.
We'll see what story it is.
- So, this was the...
- Yeah, it changes.
This is the most gorgeous
wedding I've ever been to.
It was really pretty.
So everyone was gorgeous.
Everyone was gorgeous.
She could not stop staring at me.
- That didn't happen.
- The entire.
I mean just like ogling, googling, ogling.
I mean it was like borderline like creepy.
- Like inappropriate almost.
- I'm not creepy.
So, I, I, I...
- I'm not creepy.
- Yeah.
So I queued up just tons of like you know,
sappy 80 songs or whatever and then...
80's, well I don't listen
to 80's, that's awful.
I came up to ask her to dance
and she was talking to the
biggest creep I've ever seen.
- He was not creepy.
- Oh my goodness.
He had a toupee.
A toupee with a comb
over with the long hair...
- No, it wasn't a toupee.
- Aw!
That one strong gust of wind
and it's just all scalp.
Did he have one
of those really creepy like goatees?
That was below the belt.
So moving past that
I rescued her from this creep.
- And I wanted to...
- Rescued?
Yes, yes.
I do not need to be rescued.
Women don't need to be rescued.
No, women do not need to be rescued.
Me and the kid, don't
need to be rescued.
In that situation, you needed to be.
Earth to Vikki.
Baby, your arm is, what?
Oh fuck!
Oh my God.
What's wrong with me?
It's okay, come on.
I know she's your friend,
but what the hell was that?
I don't know what that was.
Vikki is uh...
Did you see her arm?
Is she okay?
Should I, I don't know.
I think she's.
I don't know, she's in the shower.
I need to talk to her.
Vikki can I come in?
Vikki, how are you feeling?
Hmm, I'm fine.
You wanna tell me what's going on?
I said I'm fine Emma.
You're not fine.
What happened at dinner was not fine.
That's more than just a stomach bug.
So how about you tell me
what's actually going on?
Can I please see your arm?
Vikki, just let me see your arm?
I said no.
Are you sure you don't want me to take you
to the hospital or something?
I don't need the hospital.
Vikki, please let me take you.
I said I don't need to
go to the hospital, Emma!
Just let me know if
you need anything okay?
Just leave.
How was she?
Not good.
She wouldn't talk to me.
She wouldn't let me see it.
I think there's something wrong with her.
I need to take her to the hospital.
Look it's been a long day.
And it's late.
These roads are dark.
We've got no cellphone reception
which means no GPS.
I don't even know how to
get to the nearest hospital.
Do you?
I mean,
Vikki's the strongest person I know.
If she's already wrapped up and bandaged,
I'm too scared to move her.
So let's just wait till morning.
Once it's light out, we can
find our way to a hospital.
I mean, it might not be as
bad as it looked, right?
No offense, it could be
a lot worse than it looks.
Okay fine.
But if she's not better in the morning,
we're taking her to the hospital.
This looks so fun, we should do that.
Today was so freaky.
It was like the red wedding but a dinner.
With the red dinner.
Okay, I don't wanna talk about it, okay.
But did you see her arm,
like how deep those were?
- And how bloody and...
- TJ, I saw it, I was there.
I'm just saying, there's
something wrong with,
there's something off with her.
She's fine, she just
needs to sleep, okay.
She'll be fine in the morning.
Are you serious?
I'm very serious.
Ah okay, so even if she falls asleep
and wakes up miraculously better mentally,
she still lost a ton of blood.
And she's gonna have to go to a hospital.
TJ, I don't wanna talk about it anymore.
Let's just go to bed.
You know, or, or, we
could have some sex.
- You serious?
- No.
That's fucked up Em.
You're gonna be okay.
Wake me up if you need anything.
I love you babe.
I love you too.
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
Em, hey, hey!
Go away.
Look honey, are you bleeding?
- What?
- Good.
Hey man, shut up.
Honey, you have blood on your face.
No, no I don't.
You have blood right there.
Look at your pillow.
How the fuck?
Well, where's it coming from?
I don't know.
Are you bleeding?
I don't think it's coming from me.
Well if you're not bleeding
and I'm not bleeding,
then where's it coming from?
- Has to be.
- Oh fuck that crazy bitch.
She's not a crazy bitch.
Is that the bandage from last night?
- Yeah.
- That's disgusting.
Go wash your hands.
Then we're gonna find your friend.
We'll find her.
But you've gotta wash your
hands and change your boxers.
- Mike, where's Vikki?
- What, what's wrong?
We woke up with blood all over us.
Yeah, we found that bandage
she was wearing last night
at the foot of our bed.
Fuck, um.
You didn't hear or feel anything
in the middle of the night, nothing?
I was out.
All right, well we have to find her.
TJ, will you please go
upstairs and look for her?
All right, let's go.
What the fuck?
I don't know.
Why would she take her bandage off?
I don't know.
She lost so much blood yesterday.
TJ, you found anything yet?
Found a large clump of
bloody hair in the toilet.
So apparently, she hurt herself again.
I knew we should have
called the hospital.
Yeah or a nuthouse, crazy bitch.
You don't consider how she's behaved
the last 12 hours crazy?
You're not wrong.
Look man, I don't know
what's happening with Vikki.
But I know you being an
asshole is not gonna help.
Guys, we just have to find her.
And neither does
leaving the door wide open
when it's this cold outside.
I didn't leave the door open.
Me either.
I'll give you three
guesses where Vikki is, guys.
- Vikki!
- Vikki!
Come babe, where are you?
Where you think she got off to?
She could be anywhere.
She couldn't have gone far.
I don't think she grabbed a jacket.
- Good way to be negative.
- Thanks for that.
I'm just saying, it's freezing out here
and I don't think she's
in the right state of mind
to bundle up and start a fire.
Look I hate to be the
one to say this but,
I think we got a better
chance of finding her
if we split up.
You guys head that way,
I'll look over here.
Come on Vik, where are you?
Vik, where are you?
Vikki, where are you?
What are we even doing out here?
What are you talking about TJ?
You saw the condition
she was in last night.
What do you expect?
She's just gonna stroll out the woods
and be like hey guys,
let's go get a drink.
TJ, this is no time for
you to be a dick, okay.
- I'm not being a dick.
- Yes, you are.
I'm being a realist.
More than likely, she has hyperthermia
or she's faced down somewhere dead.
What the fuck was that for?
She is my best friend
and that's why the fuck
we're out here you dick.
I understand.
I'm simply saying with the blood loss
and lack of jacket, the
odds that she's still alive
is very, very slim.
That does not mean that
I can't look for her.
What if the tables were turned?
And I was out here alone,
would you look for me?
That's what I thought.
- Really?
- Fucking asshole.
You're gonna go off in
the woods by yourself?
Yeah, 'cause that's smart.
Where are you babe?
Come on babe!
Where are you?
Where the fuck am I?
Of course, I have no fucking signal.
Anyone there?
Seriously, if she's
getting warm in the cabin,
I'm gonna be so pissed.
Vikki, what.
You okay?
We've looked everywhere.
Where you going?
Vikki, don't run away from me.
Mike, I found her.
It's TJ.
I know we aren't friends but
we're all kind of worried
about you especially Emma, so.
You don't look so good.
So let's go get you warmed up.
Let's go get you some help, okay?
Vikki, hey.
Vikki, come on.
Wait, what are you doing?
Stay the fuck there.
Seriously Vikki, Vikki.
God damn it, Vikki.
What the fuck, someone help.
- Hey.
- What the fuck Mike!
It's okay, it's me.
You all right?
Yeah, did you hear that?
Yeah, I did.
It's TJ, it was TJ screaming.
- I thought he was with you?
- No!
We got in a fight so he stormed off.
I don't know where he went.
Oh fuck.
Well let's try and find him
and get back to the cabin.
We'll regroup there.
That was his screaming though, Mike.
When are we getting there Mikey?
I don't know, I don't know these woods.
You're suppose to know these things.
You're a fucking Boy Scout.
- Is that a road?
- Yes!
Which way?
Let's say, that way.
- Is that a yes?
- Yes, let's go, come on.
This is your aunt's house.
How do you not know which way to go?
That doesn't mean
I know anything about these woods.
Emma wait.
What the fuck is that?
You see that?
No, no, no, no, no.
Emma, wait, Emma!
What the fuck?
There she is.
There she is.
We gotta go.
Fuck, we're getting out of here.
You get a signal yet?
Check it.
Ah, I got something.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, call.
what's your emergency.
Hi, yeah, we need help.
What's the address?
It's Hard To Find Drive.
Yeah, that's what it's called.
What happened, what the fuck?
I lost it.
- Did you hear someone?
- I did.
- Good.
- But I lost them.
Are they sending someone?
Yeah, I think, I don't know.
Call 'em back.
I'm trying.
Fuck, run Emma, run!
- Wait.
- What?
I thought I heard something.
Don't hear anything.
What the fuck is she doing?
Stalking what?
This cannot be fucking happening.
We're gonna make
it out of this alive, okay?
Not, if we
don't have cell service.
I get it, this whole thing is fucked up.
But we can't lose our shit.
I think we just gotta keep moving.
If we can make it to the car,
we can get the fuck out of here.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Ready?
- Let's go.
- Go
We're here.
Emma, do you have the car keys?
Emma, where are the keys?
He, he has the keys.
You mean TJ?
They're on him?
No, they're in the house.
They're in the house.
Are they in the house
or does TJ have them?
Emma, come on.
They're in the house.
- You're sure?
- Yeah, there is.
Great, good, come on.
Come on.
Mikey, the door.
The door's open.
We didn't leave it open did we?
I'm gonna throw up.
I need the keys.
Those keys are our only
chance of getting out of here.
We have to go in.
No, they keys are there.
Can you go?
I'll stay here.
I'm be right here.
Just stay here, I'll.
I'll go find the car key.
Okay, good luck.
- Don't move.
- I won't.
Mikey, where are you?
Mikey, hurry up!
Emma, I don't see these keys.
I'm sorry.
Vikki, don't do this.
I'm sorry.
Emma, I don't see the keys, Emma!
Get your hands up!
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I swear, this wasn't me.
Stand up and move
back against the table.
I swear, I didn't do this.
If you move.
I will pull this trigger.
You stay right there.
She's dead.
My girlfriend killed her.
She's gonna kill me, too, please.
You've gotta get me out of here.
You need to relax sir.
Oh boy.
I swear this wasn't me.
My girlfriend, she's been
fucked up this whole weekend.
She did this.
She gutted my friend TJ.
She, she killed her,
she's gonna kill me too.
- Please.
- Stand right there.
You gotta get me out of here, please.
She's in the house.
Is there anybody up there?
Anybody up there?
This the police, come on down.
Officer, I'm telling you,
she, she killed my friends.
She's around here somewhere, too.
She's trying to kill me.
Officer, what the fuck are we doing here?
We gotta get out of here!
Are you gonna call for
backup or something, you?
Where's your car?
Excuse me?
Your car, your cruiser.
How'd you get here?
Wait, I know you.
You, you were at the coffee shop.
You bought our fucking coffee.
Yeah, I did.
What the fuck is going on here?
Who are you, what?
What do you want?
Well, we found her.
Help me, get her off of me.
Nah, I think I'll see
how this one plays out.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Y'all put up quite a fight today.
I will give you that, wow.
Vikki, Vikki.
Vikki, Vikki.
Please don't.
Hey, hey.
I love you.
I love you too.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Why me?
Why you?
Oh baby, aw come on.
No matter how hard you try,
there's always these egomaniac monologues
seen in every horror movie,
you know what I mean?
But I guess it is what it is, I suppose.
Your generation of full
of lazy degenerates.
None of your are righteous.
All of you are immoral.
You don't wanna work for
anything, not a damn thing!
You're the murderer,
you're the immoral one.
I'm a murderer?
No, I am not a murderer!
I never touched any of your friends.
You turned all that
repressed anger and hatred
and you took it out on
the ones closest to you.
I just gave you the means, baby doll,
to do what was in your heart.
To destroy those closest to you.
Aw, let me show you something.
This little creation of mine.
It will mess you up.
I made this to bring all the
repressed rage inside of you
and you show yourself who you truly are
because you my dear, are the killer.
And I didn't create you, I
just removed your filter.
I wish you could understand
how truly pathetic
your generation is to society, Vikki.
You don't deserve this,
you don't deserve anything!
Love, compassion, friendship.
You never earned it!
Oh, stop, I ain't done.
I hate a crying woman.
Finish what you started.
Thank you baby.
You girls have your lunches?
All right, have a good day.
- You too.
- All right.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Good morning ladies.
- Do you have your homework?
- Yes.
- Do we have our lunches?
- Yes.
Are you ready for...
Good morning, thank you.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
Have a great day, little lady.
Thank you.