The Evil That Men Do (1984) Movie Script

Gentlemen, torture as a political
instrument is no longer the crude...
...and brutal extraction of information
from one's enemies.
It has become a subtle
and sophisticated specialty... be carried out
with medical and scientific precision.
Physical and psychological pain
is applied in unbearable...
...yet controlled doses,
to destroy the subject's will and spirit... the body clings to life.
Now, the process can take weeks,
even months...
...during which the subject
is kept trapped... a delicate, shall we say,
nightmare existence of terror.
Now, the hood, which serves
to separate the interrogator...
...and subject psychologically,
is not always necessary.
There are times when one does without it.
Hidalgo. George Hidalgo!
You've seen how a woman must be made
to remove her own clothing...
...depriving her of her dignity.
With a man, it is the opposite.
Strip him!
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Doctor, there's some kind of trouble
outside of the city.
I must get you to the hotel.
This won't take long.
Mr. Hidalgo, or I should say George,
since I feel we almost know each other...
...l've had an opportunity
to read some of your articles about me.
Astute for the most part,
though you do have certain facts wrong.
You credit me with instructing the leaders
of over 35 countries.
Flattering, I must say,
but the actual number is 20.
Notice, gentlemen, how the subject
clings to compensatory morale...
...and habitual defences.
He was a nuisance and I'm glad he's dead.
I only wish he'd suffered a little longer.
Good morning, Quasimodo.
- You will wait here, please.
- Thank you.
- Good day to you, man.
- Good morning, Santiago.
I brings you a visitor.
Gentleman's coming from Mexico City
on the airplane.
I bring him up here?
I'll go down there.
- Holland?
- Yes.
The name's Hector Lomelin.
George Hidalgo may have mentioned me.
Yes. How are you? How's George?
He's dead.
- How are George's daughter and widow?
- You knew them?
No, but he talked
about them a lot.
They are doing as well
as can be expected.
I just don't understand.
George was a journalist.
He had no business getting mixed up
with someone like the Doctor.
He always counted on you
on getting the job done.
He felt he had no other choice.
Now I am here for myself and for others...
...hoping to convince you to do it.
Hector, you don't seem
like the kind of man...
...that would commission
somebody's death.
I'm not...
...but the Doctor stands outside
the moral laws of civilized people.
George died trying to stop that man.
How much would it cost?
Hector, like I told George,
I'm retired. Look.
You can't withdraw
from the world, Holland.
You know, in my clinic,
I have patients from all over the world.
They have recorded their experiences
with the Doctor on tapes.
I brought some with me.
Will you look at them at least?
I was arrested with my sister
and her husband.
They said we had been giving guns
to the rebels, but it was a lie.
We had done nothing.
My sister was pregnant.
They beat her many times on the belly.
One day, they took her away.
I never saw her again. But I was told
her body was found in the street.
When she was cut open,
her husband's head was found inside her.
My wife and children were taken from me.
The Doctor forced my wife
to eat her own excrement.
My children's bones were broken.
They said it would continue until
I confessed crimes against the government.
But I invented things to save my family,
and they said I was lying.
They made me watch
while my friend was stripped naked...
... and made to stand
against a wooden table.
Two men held him while the Doctor
drove nails through his testicles.
He fainted many times from the pain.
And each time,
they threw water on him to revive him.
My husband was made to watch
while I was raped with a bottle.
And then the Doctor killed him
in front of me...
... very slowly by cutting him open
and pulling out his intestines.
The Doctor forced me to eat ground glass.
It hurt my insides so bad
that I cannot have solid food even now.
My skin was burned with acid and needles
were pushed under my fingernails.
The Doctor forced me to drink
my own urine.
All my hair was shaved off, then the Doctor
burned my scalp with cigarettes.
At the time of the coup, I was arrested
and taken to the national stadium.
I can never forget the man in the hood.
The man they called the Doctor.
It was he who selected
those to be tortured, those to be shot.
All day and all night, you could hear
the gunfire and the screams.
They injected me with a drug every day.
It gave me headaches so bad,
I felt my skull was being split open...
... and I had terrible cramps
all over my body.
The Doctor.
The Doctor. The Doctor.
Everyone of them.
Clement Molloch, the man they call
the Doctor. Will you do it?
... until I passed out from the pain.
And then they broke...
Like I said, I'm retired.
Clement, a pleasure.
And my dear seora Molloch.
- Please, be seated.
- Why are we here, Aristos?
Relax, Clement. May I offer you a drink?
- Just mineral water.
- There is a problem, Clement.
The Council for Central American States...
...has just concluded its meetings
in Costa Rica.
Every government represented
condemns my brother publicly...
...and then welcomes him privately.
They have called for another meeting
and study of human rights violations.
Human rights violations.
There is no such thing.
There is only the security of the state
and those who'd undermine that security.
We must play the game.
What are you suggesting?
A move.
My brother had a great deal to do
with making this country secure, Victor.
If his work should have earned us
a welcome anywhere, it's here.
I only reflect my president, seora.
How long are you giving us?
As quickly as possible.
We'll see.
- Changed your mind?
- Yeah, let's do it.
We haven't discussed your fee.
Don't worry about it.
I don't want the money.
I'm grateful.
There's a complication, however.
The Doctor is leaving Guatemala
in a couple of weeks.
Nobody knows where he is going.
If we let him slip through our hands
this time...
...we may never have
another chance at him.
- Where do you get your information?
- A man named Max Ortiz.
Very well placed with the highest echelons,
and fiercely opposed to the current regime.
- Sounds like someone I could trust.
- He's a lifelong friend.
- Maybe you can put me in touch with him?
- Of course.
And one more thing, a
little more difficult.
I'd like to get down
appearing as a family man.
I want to take a woman
and a child with me.
- That could be dangerous, no?
- Yeah, but it's only for a few days.
Most of the people in this ward
have one thing in common.
- The Doctor.
- That's it.
These are only a small portion.
They managed to escape.
- Holland, this is my wife, Isabel.
- How do you do?
Seora Rhiana Hidalgo.
My wife is a surgical nurse.
She is training Rhiana.
- I'm sorry about George.
- I'm sure you are.
Why don't we all get together
for coffee later on?
Fortune smiles in a strange way.
- I don't think so.
- Why not?
- Because she is George's widow?
- Because she's too emotionally involved.
It seems to me Rhiana is right.
And she has a daughter.
She is exactly what you are looking for.
But she's very careless.
In the scrub room,
she told your wife I looked like a killer.
She could've been overheard.
- You read lips?
- Yes.
I'm sorry. I now realize I was mistaken.
Decided I don't look like a killer?
I've decided I should keep
my opinions to myself.
- When can you be ready to leave?
- I can leave whenever you say.
- Which bedroom do you want?
- Neither, I'll sleep out here.
- But there's no bed.
- I'll sleep on the floor.
I like it here, Mummy.
Max Ortiz?
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
- The pleasure's all mine.
The Doctor has three men in particular
who never leave his side.
Every one a totally trained assassin.
Randolph Wheatley,
a former intelligence officer.
He's the Doctor's communications expert.
He likes to spend his off-hours
in the filthiest dives in the barrio.
Karl Hausmann. Green Beret, originally.
Then he was with the CIA...
...before the Doctor hired him away.
This one is a mystery. He's called Cillero.
He's probably Basque.
He's Molloch's chauffeur.
And then, there's Molloch himself.
The Doctor.
I don't suppose he needs any introduction.
It's a cosy little family.
Most of my collection
is at my place in the country.
What I need is a shotgun with a sawed-off
barrel and the shells to go with it.
And a large calibre handgun.
Tell me more about Molloch.
Does he follow any kind of routine?
He's rarely seen in public.
The closest thing to a routine
would be going to the cockfights.
That box is his.
Tell me something about the sister.
Does she have any routines or habits
that are different from her brother?
She visits town to shop.
She keeps a small apartment
in one of the new high-rises.
Her name is Claire.
She and Molloch are inseparable.
I think I'm going to be sick.
I didn't mean for that to happen.
I'm sorry.
Hey, mister, do you want some dope?
I said, dope. Do you want any?
Do you have elephant?
Do you have Mingtoydop?
I guess you don't.
It's extraordinary how easily
he's gotten little Sarah to like him.
- The innocence of children is blessed.
- You don't like him?
Before coming here today,
we spent hours going from shop to shop...
...looking for cassettes
of Latin American favourites.
That's what tourists do.
Don't let him fool you, Max.
He's cold, bloodless.
He doesn't react to anyone or anything.
I forgot. He reads lips.
Is that what you wanted?
- It'll do fine.
- There it is. Up ahead, on the right.
I don't dare to go much closer.
The place is completely covered.
Closed-circuit television,
motion detectors, alarms...
...even got some kind of infrared beam.
- See that man over there, by that tree?
- Yes.
He's just inside the range of the cameras
where he is now.
- How will you get in there?
- I don't intend to go in.
Then how will you do it?
A high-powered rifle, perhaps?
- Or is the obvious considered pass?
- Rhiana, please.
I honestly think I have the right to know.
I'm involved in this, too.
I'm just gonna have a look around.
I am sorry about Rhiana. She's afraid
he'll get away, or something will go wrong.
It's all right. She's just afraid.
Take them both back to the hotel.
I think you ought to consider
going home today.
Remember that cripple at the cockfight?
The one with the crutch?
He turned up at the Doctor's... crutch, and he walked like a champ.
There hasn't been anything
to make them suspect, has there?
From what I picked up,
observing the conversation...
...I think they're
satisfied we're tourists.
Then why do you want us to leave?
- I don't need you anymore.
- Mummy?
Holland, if we stay, is
Sarah in any danger?
Not yet. But you both could be.
Where's Randolph?
He's been working on
a computer programme all morning.
- Damn these people.
- Randolph?
No, the embassy.
My reward in heaven will be getting
my hands on generations of diplomats...
...and petty bureaucrats.
- Cillero.
- Is Randolph there?
- Yes, sir.
- There is a problem with Briggs.
He's not keeping his end of the bargain.
I guess I'll have to
speak to him in person.
- Holland, am I going to see you again?
- Yep, you'll see me again.
Remember, I want to see your fish.
- What's his name?
- Quasimodo.
- Be a good girl.
- Yes, I will.
- 'Bye, Holland. 'Bye, Mummy.
- 'Bye, Sarah.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
The embassy.
What would he be doing there?
Jesus Christ,
you scared the shit out of me.
Protector of the free world hard at work?
- Give me a break.
- You give us a break.
What's this crap
you've been handing the Doctor?
Washington's putting on pressure.
I can't tell the locals to let him stay
without sticking my neck way out.
- Then you stick your neck out.
- I suggest you don't rock the boat.
There are plenty of countries
that would be happy to have him back.
You suggest.
The Doctor loves it here.
The air agrees with him.
Damn it, Randolph, if I used any
influence with these people...
...Washington would know in five minutes.
My ass would be posted to Afghanistan.
You want to play hardball, Briggs,
we can play hardball, too.
The Doctor has done all the dirty work
you've needed.
It's time to call in the markers.
Remember, all those congressional
committees would be very interested... how you've used
the Doctor's services.
Besides, a few well-placed leaks...
Nothing to it.
I'll see what I can do.
That's exactly what you're going to do.
And see to it that it's done.
- Sarah has taken quite a liking to you.
- I think she misses her father.
It's more than that.
She actually worries about you.
Take the car and go back to the hotel.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going inside.
Holland, wait.
I'm coming with you.
Okay, it's your decision.
Don't you do anything to screw up.
My father warned me
about places like this.
It does have a certain intimate charm.
I'll get a couple of beers.
Couple of bottles of beer.
- You American?
- You bet.
- You crazy coming in here?
- Just thirsty.
Jeez, no sooner do I turn my back,
and you pick somebody up.
Who is this American shit?
- My husband.
- Only whores marry Americans.
Buddy, we didn't come in here
looking for trouble.
Who are you looking for? Your mother?
You are beautiful.
I'll take you into the kitchen
and show you how hot a real man is.
When I finish, I'll give her to my friend.
I don't think you're gonna want to do that.
What you're feeling now
is your own mortality...
...and this bastard knows about it.
He knows all about it.
You all right?
You got strong hands, sport.
I just had glass chandeliers.
I didn't know what the hell I was to do.
Boy, real big, scary guy, he is.
- You're an American.
- That's right.
It's nice to hear somebody else
speak English now and then, isn't it?
- Would you like to join us?
- Don't mind if I do.
There's a table right over there.
My name's Bart Smith. My wife, Nancy.
Hello, Nancy. I'm Randolph.
What are you all doing in here anyway?
What are you, tourists?
Sort of.
This is not your usual tourist attraction.
We're not your usual tourists.
You know what I mean?
Life just gets dull...
...and nothing like a little variety
to spice things up.
That's right.
Nancy and me, we come from
a small town up in Nebraska.
We always have to go someplace else
for excitement and variety, you know?
Bart, just what kind of excitement
are you looking for?
You know, me and Nancy,
we've been into a lot of things.
We've learned tricks you wouldn't believe.
We've been into things
like wife-swapping... You married?
No, I'm divorced.
But remember, three's company
and four is definitely a crowd.
I am down for anything or anybody.
- Three is all right with me.
- It's definitely all right with me.
- You got a place?
- You bet.
Well, here we are.
Dear, why don't you go in and get
something more comfortable on?
Let's you and me make ourselves at home.
Sounds like a great idea.
Not bad.
First-class pad.
How about a drink
to get this party started?
It's okay, just don't come in here.
Oh, my God!
Keep yourself together.
You didn't say you were
going to kill him.
And if I had?
You're depraved.
You've no principles whatsoever.
I didn't know our main concern here
was principles.
- You're a vicious...
- All right, now enough. Stop it!
I think it's time for you
to get Sarah and go home.
Tell Max to get you on the earliest plane.
When you call me at the hotel,
tell me the flight number and the time.
Nothing else.
Jesus Christ.
Randolph's all over the road out there.
Did somebody declare war or what?
I'm at Max's. I'm not leaving.
That wasn't our understanding.
Please, don't be angry, Holland.
I can explain.
I'm sorry.
We got as far as the boarding gate,
but I just couldn't go any further.
I need to know he's finished.
Emotional vendettas
are just another form of suicide.
Did Hector ever tell you about George?
What happened to him?
His body was returned three months ago.
His kidneys and spleen were crushed.
His teeth were completely broken.
That's what electric shock does to you.
George never gave up hope
that the Doctor would be stopped.
Not even after he came to you for help.
- You turned him down.
- Well, it's finally out.
If you're blaming me, you're wrong.
...I'd like to have the shotgun
and shells sometime today.
- It's done.
- And his sister's address in town.
- What are you going to do?
- I'm going to rattle his cage.
And when he sticks his neck out,
I'll nail him.
Yeah, he was here.
He left with a couple of tourists.
- Any idea where they were going?
- No. None.
Tell him, if he keeps doing what he was
doing, someday he'll get into trouble.
He already did.
- Will you be long?
- I hope not.
As soon as I'm dropped
at the apartment,
I'll have the car come
straight back for you.
I don't know who killed Randolph and Karl.
Neither does Colonel Aristos.
They want me out of the country,
Briggs, and so do you.
Don't deny it.
They think that by killing my people
they can scare me away.
I don't know a goddamn thing about this.
Do your duty as one of America's
snarling watchdogs and find out.
- But the local police...
- I don't trust them.
Nor do I trust Colonel Aristos,
and I only just barely trust you.
I have no one else to turn to.
- I'll get on it.
- Yes, you do that.
- Do you want to shower first?
- No, thank you.
- Cillero?
- Get dressed.
Max, didn't you say
you had a country place?
Yes, at Lake Amatitln. South of the city.
- Do you have a map?
- Sure, come with me.
Here, that's the village of Magdalena.
Right here is my place.
What's this over here?
That's an abandoned mine.
That's perfect.
There's no way that Sarah can stay here.
Send her home as soon as possible.
You ought to go into hiding. By now,
they'll have connected you with me.
All right.
Max Ortiz.
He's a local.
- It's your department, Victor.
- I'll have him picked up.
Someone comes out of nowhere,
turns Randolph into a meat pie...
...then does Cillero.
Your sister vanishes without a trace.
Jesus, what the hell does it mean?
Damn it, Briggs!
Stop playing guessing games.
Karl, Cillero and Randolph deserved
what they got for being so stupid.
All I care about is my sister.
- Now get outside help.
- My people can handle it.
Get outside help, Briggs!
I've been wondering about something.
How does someone like my husband
come to know someone like you?
In your profession?
Your husband had a big curiosity.
We knew each other for years.
There you go again,
not telling me anything.
I'd like to know.
So would the Doctor,
if he got his hands on you.
How much are you being paid for this?
I'm not getting paid anything.
I used to chase money,
but where I live now I have no use for it.
Where do you live?
I live in a very peaceful place.
I can watch a sunset every evening.
Read by natural light until 10:00.
In the morning,
I can shower with rainwater.
It's magic.
Seems so strange to me.
What does?
Someone like you, who kills people,
talking about peace and magic.
I guess they're away safely.
He has a summer place
out at Lake Amatitln.
They've got my sister there.
- Get word to Paul Briggs, right away.
- Yes, sir.
I have somebody here
that belongs to you, Molloch.
How is she?
- Have you hurt her?
- Ask her.
Hello? Hello?
Clement, it's me.
- Are you all right, Claire?
- Clement, I'm sorry. It was my fault.
I'm so sorry.
What do they want?
That will be enough.
After all, I'm paying for this call.
If it's me you're after, you should have
the courage to come and get me.
Don't flatter yourself, Molloch.
I'm after money. Cold, hard cash.
How much?
Let's say about half a million dollars.
Large and small bills.
What makes you think
I have that kind of money?
If you don't have it,
you better find a way of getting it...
...or you won't see your
sister alive again.
Say goodbye to your brother.
Please, help me.
Help me, please. Please, help me.
What do you say, Molloch?
I'll need time. A few more hours.
He knows we're here.
How could you tell?
He didn't ask.
We've got visitors.
You drive. I'll need my hands free.
Go towards them. Towards them.
Phone Briggs!
Oh, Jesus.
Tell that guy we don't mean any trouble,
and we'll pay for the damages.
Tell him, we'd like to buy his truck.
How much?
Tell him that if anyone comes around
asking questions...
...he doesn't know anything.
Let's find a place to bury the woman.
Where are we going?
Right here. It's a village called
Magdalena, if this thing will make it.
It was the Doctor
who wanted you called in on this.
- What have you done?
- I sent men to the place by the lake.
Last I heard, they were chasing
the suspects to Hell.
- How's the Doctor?
- Rattled. He's taking it hard.
We're up against a pretty tough cookie.
I figure there's some terrorist outfit
using the kidnapping to raise cash.
Either that or some turkey with more balls
than brains is trying to get at the Doctor.
Shit. I better get to a phone.
All right. Just keep the Indian
from wandering away.
Blow his feet off if you have to.
We're on our way.
Turkeys, my ass!
My man that just called in, found
his partners burnt to a crisp in a field.
- Where?
- Five hours down the road.
I don't think this damn thing
is gonna make it.
Nothing in there but pigs.
Big goddamn suckers that bite.
I told you to keep that farmer here.
What could I do?
Shot his feet off like I told you. Asshole.
This guy's a pro.
What? Pro? He's turned this
place into a wrecking yard.
- And he still got away with the sister.
- Oh, Jesus.
- How far is the next village?
- That's Magdalena.
One of those sleepy little maana places,
about 100 kilometres.
Let's go.
Come on. We're leaving.
Here's something to eat.
One of these could heat Cincinnati
for a month.
Doesn't it ever get to you, Holland?
Even a little?
Don't you sometimes want
to just scrub your hands raw?
Just to wash the death off them.
I don't think about it
the way you think about it.
I don't know if I can go on much longer.
You said you wanted to see for yourself.
You wanted to be there
when he was finished.
I think maybe I've had enough.
All this killing. The blood.
Rhiana, you had a choice before.
You don't have a choice now.
Eat some of this.
Did anyone ever tell you,
you talk in your sleep?
What did I say?
Ask him what happened.
He said they were very young.
Soldiers took them away.
He says the bodies were badly mutilated.
It happens often.
Tell him we're on his side.
Ask him if there's a telephone in town
we can use.
He says he has a caf.
We can use his telephone.
Come on.
- Want a beer?
- Beer would be nice.
Well, it doesn't look closed to me.
Bring us a couple of beers.
It's hot!
What do you do,
recycle the stuff from the john?
You're in my friend's house,
show some respect, or get the hell out!
Let's stop blowing the smoke.
You've got what we want.
We'll pay.
I only deal with Molloch. Where is he?
Fuck him. What do you care?
Just so long as you get the money, right?
That's being smart.
Now let's talk about
a more reasonable price.
You know, I was thinking,
I'd like to have a Mercedes...
...and a little ranch in Malibu.
And maybe a hairdresser place
up there in Aspen, you know what I mean?
My client's willing to go $200,000, tops.
What? You expect me to rent?
Look, we're talking serious business.
Shut up, asshole!
It's not money you want, is it, Holland?
You're too smart for the job, Cannell.
He was wearing a bullet-proof vest.
Do you know a couple of slugs
named Briggs and Cannell?
- You've killed them.
- It was stupid of you. Don't do it again.
Where's my sister?
She's not suffering.
Now, let's get on with the transaction
and stop all this screwing around.
I'm ready.
First, I going to warn you.
This time you come on your own.
Southwest of you
is a village called Magdalena.
Before the village, there's a mining road
off to the right. Take it.
It'll bring you up in front of an
opal mine. I'll meet you there.
Max told me that these mines
were abandoned.
They have permission to look for opals.
Sometimes, they get lucky.
Maybe they could come back. Ask them
to leave and come back tomorrow.
They won't. This is the only way
they make money to feed their families.
There's a car coming.
There's a very dangerous man
coming in that car.
There might be gunfire.
Are you really going to shoot him?
That's why we're here, isn't it?
Over here, Molloch.
Oh, Mummy.
He's got Sarah.
It's gonna be all right.
As long as he believes we have his sister,
she'll be all right.
I can't see you, but I
trust you can see me.
You now know I have the child.
I regret what may seem excessively cruel.
Please understand, you forced me to do it.
I will do anything necessary
to get my sister back.
Do you hear me?
It's me you want, isn't it?
Not the money.
Is my life worth the child's life?
A fair exchange.
The child for my sister.
What are you going to do?
Well? Where is she?
Where is she?
She's safe.
She isn't here, is she?
Is she?
She's here!
Claire! Where are you?
Where have they got you?
Help me, please. Please.
Close the window.
Bring me my sister, or I'll kill the child!
Paco! Paco, help me!
You bring my sister this instant
or he'll shoot her.
Bring me my sister this instant.