The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936) Movie Script

Extra! All about the
favourite's jockey's death.
Jockey Eddie Sands
dies of heart attack!
'Luxury' jockey falls dead on track!
'Warcloud' wins in big upset!
Favourtite jockey
falls dead from horse!
Extra! 'Luxury' disqualified!
Are you in, Sir?
Hello, Stokes.
- Dr Bradford is not in.
So I see.
Hello, Brad.
No need to ask how you are.
I'm fine anyway. How are you?
I was alright. I thought
you were in China... I hoped.
Brad, I want you
to know Mr Frankenstein.
How do you do?
You're Dr Lawrence Bradford?
You're sure you're Dr Bradford?
I think so.
I am Dr Bradford, aren't I?
- Oh yes, you're Dr Bradford.
Then, Dr Bradford...
I hereby serve you
with a subpoena in a suit
for the non-payment of
alimony, brought by Paula Bradford.
And for a minute
I was glad to see you.
As for you...
I suppose I'll be thrown out again.
Yes Sir, quite so, Sir.
Are you going
to pay me my alimony?
Oh, yes you are,
the judge said so.
Paula, I hate to introduce mundane
matters into our idyllic relationship...
But after all, you already have about
two thirds of the money in California.
That has nothing to do with it.
It's a matter of principle.
You agreed to pay it,
and I'm going to make you...
even if I have to spend
all my own money to do it.
Seems a shame to have you
supporting all those lawyers.
Now that's just what I think!
Why can't we talk it over.
We just did.
Pardon me, Sir, but
our dinner is getting cold.
Oh, good... dinner!
This is hardly the occasion
for a banquet, but...
Stokes, lock up the silver.
Very good, Sir.
I've come to a terrific decision.
I'm going to marry you again.
That's the thing I like
about you... you're so subtle.
I was only doing it for your sake, so
you wouldn't have to pay me the alimony.
Trying to bribe me, eh?
- Please.
Let's see, 4 lumps wasn't it?
- Yes, that's me.
You know, Paula, I think
you're the swellest girl in the world
If you and I could've made a go
of it, I wouldn't let you divorce me.
As it was, our life together
was simply intolerable.
I thought it was fun.
I wonder if you realise
that you and your mysteries were
practically making a wreck out of me.
Darling, are you going
to bring that up again?
I certainly am...
right now!
I don't want to be involved any more
in your cockeyed murder mysteries.
I like things the way
they are now...
I can pick up my
paper in the morning...
read about a murder,
and enjoy it.
You know, for an intelligent man,
you have a very narrow mind.
I never tried to interfere
with your career as a surgeon.
You shouldn't have interfered
with my writing mystery stories.
It wasn't your writing mystery
stories that got me down,
it was your insisting
upon living them
And what was worse,
insisting upon MY living them.
Did you realise that the last
3 months we were married...
you kept me so busy
running down clues...
that I spent more time at
the morgue than I did at my office.
And they weren't my patients, either.
Beat you to that one, didn't I?
Brad, don't move.
I'm not moving.
You got a gun?
Ready, Sir?
It's alright, Stokes,
there'll be no pictures tonight.
Very good, Sir.
What are you trying to do...
turn this into a neighbourhood movie?
Stokes and I don't like to
stand in line. This is simpler.
That's our projection booth.
- Very nifty!
Brad... look!
Come in Miss Prentiss.
- I was just leaving, doctor...
How nice to see
you back, Mrs Bradford.
How nice to see
you two together again!
Thank you.
Is this a frame-up?
Well, you know,
"great minds... "
No, I don't know
any great minds.
Goodnight, Miss Prentiss.
Goodnight dr Bradford.
Goodnight Mrs. Bradford.
Say, Brad...
Speaking of murders...
- Which we won't..
That was a marvelous melodramatic
setup at the racetrack this afternoon!
What do you mean,
the jockey? - Yes.
Eddie Sands' death was
a very unfortunate accident.
But it was not a melodrama.
Not a melodrama?
You're crazy! Think of it...
Those horses thundering
down the stretch.
'Luxury', the favourite,
12 lengths in the lead...
Millions of dollars
riding on his nose.
Hidden behind the
three-quarter-pole is a villain...
with a rifle with a maximum silencer...
He shoots... the jockey falls...
- My dear ex...
'Luxury' was not
12 lengths in the lead...
There is no place for anyone
to hide at the three-quarter-pole...
There was no rifle fired,
the jockey was not shot...
He fell from his horse on a corner.
It's said it was heart failure.
I don't quite see how...
At all events, there's
no melodrama involved.
And you've got your
thumb in a nutcracker.
Hiya, Mike.
Say, terribly sorry
about this afternoon.
This is Mrs Bradford, Mr North.
- Glad to know you.
I didn't know you were married, doc.
I'm not.
- We're going to be.
No, we're not.
Sit down, Mike.
Mr North is the trainer of 'Luxury'.
He's the man who taught
Eddie Sands everything he knew.
Oh, really?
We were just talking about the murder
of that poor Jockey this afternoon.
What do you know about it?
- He was murdered wasn't he?
Yes, but I didn't think anybody
knew about it, except me.
See, I told you!
I thought the report
was heart failure.
You examined Eddie, doc...
not two weeks ago.
Did you ever see a finer boy?
Was there anything
the matter with his heart?
That's why I couldn't understand why...
Have you been to the police
with this? - This is my job.
Did Eddie have any
enemies, Mr. North?
An organisation of spies perhaps?
What makes you so sure of this?
Look at this, doc...
'Luxury' is an odds-on favourite...
'Warcloud' is 4 to 1.
There are 8 horses running,
but it's only a 2-horse race.
The only chance 'Warcloud' has
to win, is for 'Luxury' to break a leg.
'Warcloud' is setting the pace, but
Eddie is giving Luxury a beautiful ride.
He's ridden him just off the pace...
At the head of the stretch,
he makes his move
'Luxury' passes the field, and
on the stretch is 3 lengths in the lead.
A cinch winner,
when... Eddie falls.
When I got to him...
he's dead.
Jockeys have fallen
from horses before.
Eddie was dead before he fell.
How do you know that?
He didn't have a broken bone, doc.
You don't fall limp and relaxed
like that, if you're conscious.
I found this in his locker,
right after the race.
"You'll do as I've told you.
Keep your mouth shut."
No one will take
your word against mine.
Who wrote this?
- I don't know.
But I'm going to find out,
and you're going to help me.
I want you to
examine Eddie's body.
That won't be necessary, Mike, because
the coroner will perform the autopsy...
But I want you to do it, doc.
Of course he'll do it, Mr North.
I'd be mighty grateful, doc.
Here we go again!
Alright, Mike, I'll examine him.
- That's swell.
Thanks, doc.
I'm going to do a little
scoutin' around on my own.
Do me a favour, will you...
Take care of this note for me.
Of course we will. - Thanks.
I'll see you back here, later.
Isn't this exciting?!
I'll get my wrap.
Where are you going?
- I'm going with you.
You can't go with me...
I'm going to the morgue.
What a coincidence...!
That's just where I'm going.
Oh, Stokes...
Yes, Sir?
Your hat and coat.
MY hat and coat?
But they wouldn't fit you sir!
I'm not going to
wear them... you are.
But I'm not going out, Sir.
Yes, you are...
You're going with us.
That's very kind of you, Sir...
Might one ask where we're going?
To the morgue.
To the morgue, Sir?!
Yes, very good, Sir.
Paula, I wish you'd go home.
- Nothing doing.
My goodness, that looks
just like a refrigerator.
What is it?
- A refrigerator.
Paula, this is definitely
no place for a woman.
Alright, I'll make
you a proposition...
If I don't go in, will
you marry me again?
Alright then, in I go.
"No place for a woman!"
Stokes, this is what
I brought you for.
Take Mrs Bradford...
My assistants have resigned...
Do you mind getting them out in the air?
Ok, doc,
my wife's the same way...
Gets frightened
at the least little thing.
Just put them in the car...
Tell my chauffeur to drop
Mrs Bradford at her hotel...
and take Stokes home
and put him to bed.
I'll come home in a taxi.
There's nothing out of line here...
there's not a mark on the boy.
Give me a hand, Dan.
You've got hold of one.
Very funny.
What do you make of that?
Could it be chewing-gum?
It could be.
Though I'd be
very much surprised.
What is it?
- Package for Mr North, Sir.
Mr North?
Why should it be sent here?
- I don't know, Sir.
Well, we'll take it.
Feeling better, Stokes?
To be candid...
a trifle humiliated, Sir.
It's a sad disappointment
for me to have failed you Sir...
in your hour of need, Sir.
Your sentiments
do you credit, Stokes.
It's my stomach that's weak, Sir.
I'll take it.
This is Mike... Mike North.
I sent a package over to
your place. Did it arrive?
Okay. Keep it for me, will you?
I'll be over there in about
five minutes. I've got something hot.
Yes, I'll be here.
Did you get Mrs Bradford
back to her hotel?
Finally, Sir, yes.
Did you have to use force?
- Only in a mild way, Sir.
Always with tact.
Perhaps you'd better phone her.
We've all treated
her rather roughly.
I'd be glad to apologise, Sir.
Mrs Bradford's room, please.
Very sorry, Sir, Mrs Bradford's
gone... she's checked out.
Where has she gone?
I haven't the
faintest idea, Sir.
Well, go find her.
So, what did you say to her?
Well, don't stand there,
Stokes, go and find her.
Yes Sir!
Oh very good, Sir!
Just send them all
right in here, boys.
Hello, Brad!
Stokes... feeling better?
Just what is the idea?
Which is your room, darling?
That one.
I guess it wouldn't be fair
to move you out of your own room.
Put the things right in there please.
- Now, wait a minute!
Just what are you dong?
- Moving in. Aren't you glad?
This is ridiculous!
All this means is
that I'll have to move out.
You'll do nothing of the sort.
You'll stay right here.
You're my bread and butter, Brad...
either by marriage or alimony...
The only way you're
any good to me, is alive.
Now you've got yourself
all mixed up in a murder case.
Against my advice, mind you.
I wouldn't be surprised
if you got bumped off...
unless I look after you.
Now look, this is serious...
You've got to take every precaution.
Don't eat anything,
unless it's been tested.
Don't open a door!
And above all,
never go anywhere alone.
Not that you have
much chance to!
Hello, Nick... nice evening.
Hello doc, if you want to make
a bet, you'll have to call my office.
I quit work at 5.30.
That's one advantage of being
a bookmaker, rather than a doctor.
I don't want to make a bet...
I just wanted to
ask you something.
There have been a lot of opinions
about that 6th race this afternoon.
What's yours?
My opinion is that 'Warcloud'
won, and I paid off at 4 to 1.
Anything else I can tell you?
Yes, but I don't imagine you would.
Goodnight, doc.
Goodnight, Nick.
- Halo, doc?
This is Mike North.
Say doc, did a
package arrive for me?
Oh yes...
- Ok... look...
I'm in a spot and I need help...
Will you come over to the cigar
store at Wilshire and Western.
I'll wait for you here.
- Why, sure... Mike.
Shall I bring the package with me?
No, leave that there.
Put it away in your desk.
- Alright.
Wilshire and Western.
- Alright, alright, I ain't deaf!
Drive on, and
don't spare the horses.
What's the idea?
You can't hire a hack
to go half a block!
My man, you are
mistaken. I've done it.
Forget the change.
Stick 'em up!
Hold him Brad...
I'll clobber him!
Brad, you don't
know the worst of it.
I broke your favourite
skull all to pieces.
I just arrived at
the same conclusion.
Look, I've got to talk to you...
Now the very first thing in the morning...
I'm a badly-injured man.
Would you mind going away
and letting me suffer in peace
Oh, darling! Just a
little bump on the head!
That might happen to anybody.
That's not a bad idea.
Never mind...
I can take a hint.
Don't come any further.
Feeling better today, doctor?
Oh, it's alright, Sir...
Mrs Bradford is up.
That's why I'm tiptoeing.
She's gone, Sir.
Moved out?
- No, Sir, just gone out.
...that you'd come with me,
but you'd get out of it.
Good morning, doctor.
Good morning.
Has Mr North called?
- No, Sir.
Do you know his number?
- Yes.
Hello... Mike?
Mike North?
- Yes, this is Mike North.
Oh, Paula!
What are you doing there?
Where is Mike?
- Oh, Brad!
I don't know, but don't worry,
I've got clues.
It might take me all day,
but I'll find him.
When I see him, I'll tell him
that you're looking for him.
What time is my first appointment?
An appendectomy at the Samaritan
at 11.30.
It'll just give me time to run out
to the track to see Mike.
Hello Nick.
- Hello doc.
Haven't seen Mike North
around this morning, have you?
That's funny, he ought to be
around here
Not today, he won't.
- Why not?
I've got a hunch Mike won't
be around for a long while.
Sort of strange you saying that, Nick,
after what happened last night.
What happened last night?
Don't worry, Nick..
I'm not going to ask you what you were
doing outside my apartment last night.
Or who your little friend was
that tried to burglarise my place...
and incidentally,
took a shot at me.
Or what you had to do
with my scalpel being missing...
I'm going to leave all
of that up to the police.
My only interest
is in finding Mike North.
Now how about it, are you going
to give this little boy a hand?
Listen doc, you seem like a nice fella,
and I'm gonna give you a little tip.
Let the police do their own running.
Mike North is a double-crossing rat.
You'd better forget about him
and me and the whole business.
Stick to your doctoring...
it'll be a lot healthier.
It's getting to look that I
have no other alternative.
Because in exactly 28 minutes, I have
to start opening a gentleman's stomach.
Maybe I can do as
much for you some day!
There was nothing mysterious
on this scalpel, Mrs Bradford.
Don't tell me that...!
It's got to be mysterious, its a clue!
Our analysis shows
the gummy substance to be gelatin.
Gelatin? - Plain gelatin...
perfectly harmless.
You're just being silly.
Here you've got the makings
of a crime wave right in your hands...
and you call it harmless.
Hallo. - Good evening.
The doctor isn't in.
I beg your pardon?
- I said the doctor isn't in.
You're wrong...
I'm the doctor.
Oh, I beg your pardon, Dr Bradford.
Miss Prentiss fell ill this morning...
She asked me to fill in for her.
Well, you seem
to be doing very nicely.
Thank you, doctor.
Did Miss Prentiss want me
to come to see her?
Oh no, she has her own doctor.
Yes, my head is bloody, but unbowed.
I'd better send her some flowers.
Did a Mr North call?
Yes, he called this morning
to say he was going west.
What else did he say?
Where's the memo?
Here it is.
Oh no, it was a Mr West,
to say he was going north.
Ah... young, sexy, handsome wench!
Back from the wars!
Buss me, Loch old boy!
Consider yourself... bussed.
You look tired.
- I am... 6 operations today
Here... put this on.
Where did that come from?
I've looked everywhere for that.
Well, if you must fly
into my girl's heart...
This has been in Bali, Honolulu...
China, and Points west...
this went with me.
I've missed you both.
And we're on the verge
of getting sentimental.
Yes we are, aren't we?
It's Stokes's day off.
Now, if you were
the right sort of an ex-wife...'d have a nice dinner
ready at home. But as it is...
As it is, I AM the right sort of ex-wife...
and I have a nice dinner ready at home.
Are you serious? - Whenever
I fix dinner, its serious.
Well, Paula, that's swell!
You know, it's little touches like that
that make a man appreciate
a woman about the house.
Coming home tired...
having a nice dinner...
Pretty, isn't it?
When you go in for gelatin,
you go in for gelatin.
Where did you get it...
in a delicatessen store?
That's grounds for divorce...
I'm glad I've got one.
I've heard of a hay diet,
but this gelatin business...
Stop complaining and try
some of that jelly consomme.
Well, did you find Mike?
- Neither did I.
Let's not talk about detecting.
Let's just have
a quiet evening.
"The ex-Bradfords at Home", eh?
Paula, this is the millennium.
How do you feel?
- I feel fine.
So am I...?
Oh, say...
Why did you fire Prentiss?
I didn't. She's ill.
Ill my eye! I saw her a couple
of hours ago and she looked swell.
Where did you see her?
- At the Apollo, having cocktails.
Martinis... she had three.
And an order of green olives...
and she wore a blue cocktail dress...
What is a cocktail dress?
Something to spill cocktails on.
Well that is very...
Whom was she with?
- Nick Martel.
Prentiss and Martel?!
That's obvious.
Now, if I were a detective...
- Which you aren't.
You still feel alright?
- Not particularly.
I'm not either.
Not even dizzy.
Well, that's something!
What are you doing?
- I always do this with jelly.
Put some on your
face, it feels good.
No thanks. It's bad
enough to have to eat it.
I don't care to wear it.
- Sissy!
Well, eat some more then!
Do I look alright?
You look pretty silly to me.
Let me see your palm.
Hold on to it.
How do you feel now?
- I still feel alright.
Well, that's very funny!
We ought to be dead.
What's on that?
It's just gelatin,
but it should have killed us.
That's what was on the scalpel.
What do you know
about the scalpel?
Why, I took it...
Didn't you know?
Heaven give me strength!
I took it off to the laboratory
last night and had it analysed,
It's just gelatin, that's all.
Paula, you're sensational!
You took the scalpel and then you
prove that poison was not poison.
Which effectively ruins
any hope I had of helping Mike.
Except finding him.
We are now going to let
the police worry about that...
while you and I step out
and on each other's feet.
Say, I think you're a
sissy, calling the cops.
There's something very
strange about Mike North.
I want to find out
what's become of him...
where that money came from...
who the bird was that tried
to steal it and why Nick Martel...
Inspector Corrigan, please.
I'm going to get him... a man
who knows how to find the answers.
Who's calling inspector Corrigan?
Dr Lawrence Bradford?
He's on his way to your
place, doctor. - Thank you.
What do you know
about that! - What?
Inspector Corrigan
is on his way here.
It's probably about my alimony.
I've been expecting
the police to take a hand in it.
Inspector Corrigan is
head of the homicide squad.
That's probably him now.
- Who was it?
A patient.
Suppose you go in and get dressed.
It'll take me just a few minutes.
You're the doctor.
Hello, doc.
Ok, Jack...
Send for the coroner.
Alright, inspector.
Why did you kill him, doc?
Why did...?
What would I kill him for?
- Now you've got me.
But if you didn't,
how did his body get here?
I don't know.
The doorbell rang,
and I came in here
and saw someone
leaning against the door.
I opened it, and this
body fell into the room.
That toothpick was
stuck in the doorbell.
Pretty good man to walk
up to a door and ring the bell
after he was dead.
Hello, what's this?
Oh, that's a bullet hole.
Yeah, I didn't think
it was a birthmark.
There was a fellow came in here...
- Don't let 'em worry you yet, doc.
The coroner may find out that Mike
was killed with some other calibre.
That note was written for me...
That proves that I...
- Nice pencil you got there, doc.
Not bad!
I may as well tell you, doc...
You've been a mighty suspicious
character to us, the last 24 hours.
Mighty suspicious.
First of all we got a report
that you visited the morgue last night...
found something on Eddie Sands'
body, and took it away with you.
That makes as much
sense as the coroner's report.
He performed an
autopsy on the boy.
Says the left ventricle
is completely collapsed.
Ventricle collapsed?
That's funny.
That's symptomatic
of drowning, or...
asphyxiation, or strangulation.
Yeah, that's what
the coroner said.
Sounds pretty cockeyed, don't it?
Drowning? Asphyxiation?
Strangulation... or gelatin.
What are you
doing this for, doc?
That's because of Mike.
Yes, that brings up
another interesting point...
This afternoon the people that
have the hotel where Mike lived...
They were worried he didn't
come back. They called me.
I went down there.
I found this in Mike's room.
Recognise it?
That's strange...
It's Mrs Bradford's.
There's no sense in kidding you, doc...
You're in a tough spot.
We'd have no trouble in
getting an indictment against you
for Mike's murder.
I'm beginning to think
you're right. - I'm right, alright.
I may be giving you a better
break than you deserve, doc...
I'm gonna keep your name
out of the papers for the present.
Just between you and me,
I'm gonna keep this whole thing
out of the papers for the present.
None of it makes sense.
- Brad!
Sure... go ahead.
But, stick around...
Won't you, doc?
I want to ask you some
more questions in the morning.
I'll be on your doorstep.
Or I'll be on yours.
You got off easy.
If I'd been Corrigan, I'd have
asked you a lot more questions.
That's probably why he's on
the police-force, and you're not.
But how did you know...?
- I was listening at the keyhole.
Oh, Brad, I feel so sorry
about poor Mike North...
He seemed such a swell guy.
I think it's terrible...
- Yes, and I'm partly to blame.
If I'd called the police last night,
it probably could have been prevented.
Poor chap!
Of course, you're not
in such a healthy spot.
Do you realise this makes you
public suspect number one?!
And I warned you, remember!
Oh, no, you wouldn't listen.
You wanted to be
the boy detective.
Well, now you've got to be!
You've got to find the
murderer, to clear yourself.
Exactly what I'm going to do.
Well, you won't find
him on the sports page.
Paula, I don't want
to tell you your business...
But in most murders,
what's the motive... money.
Now who stood to make
the most out of yesterday's race.
The owner of the
winning horse. - Exactly.
Here... 6th race...
owner Warcloud...
Leroy Hutchins.
Hutchins... that's the name of
the man who called Mike last night
Yes, I found the slips there
this morning... He had 4 calls.
Hutchins... Henry Strand...
John Summers... Nick Martel.
Where are you going?
To find out who killed Eddie Sands.
What's the idea? - Brad, you're
working on the wrong murder.
It's Mike North they think you killed.
It's HIS murderer you'll have to find.
That's what I said.
It must be perfectly
obvious, even to you.
Mike was killed, because he'd confirmed
his suspicions about yesterday's race...
and was coming
close to the murderer.
Now, if I can follow
Mike's trail, last night...
Wait a minute!
If you find out what he did,
maybe they'll kill you too.
Just tell Corrigan
that I'll be back soon.
Hey... wait a minute!
What's going on here?
I'm fixing my blind.
Well, pardon me.
Oh, don't be
frightened, I'm here.
Now, Mr Hutchins, I'm going
to be very frank with you
I'm investigating
yesterdays race.
Investigating for the track officials?
I'm sorry, but I
can't tell you that.
What sort of trainer is Mike North?
One of the main reasons I
wanted to buy the Summer stables
was that Mike would go with it.
Then the deal didn't go through?
I withdrew the offer.
He doesn't do business my way.
That's very interesting.
I'd always heard that Summers
was a very honorable man.
I'm not saying anything
against Summers...
It was his lawyer, Henry
Strand that froze me out.
The final straw was when he tried
to get me to pay him 10 percent
to get the deal through.
Then you didn't discuss it
with Mike North last night?
I haven't seen Mike
for a couple of days.
Will you have one of these,
doctor? They're very good.
Yes... thank you.
But you did call him last night.
No... you're mistaken, doctor.
Yes, very good...
What are they?
Something my husband thought out.
Gelatin filling.
Why did you try and collect
a commission from Hutchins,
on a deal to buy
the Summer stables
10 % of 200,000 $
is quite a lot of money,
I happened to know that
Summers needed money badly...
and I would have been very glad
to get that much extra for him.
Well, I beg your
pardon, Mr Strand.
Don't you want to go
in the house, doctor?
Thanks Mrs Summers...
I feel quite at home here.
You see, I'm investigating
yesterday's race.
You mean Eddie's death?
I'm sorry... John...
You explain.
We were very fond of
Eddie, doctor, both of us.
His death was a
terrible shock to us.
But to her, particularly.
Would you mind... ?
I think this little
fellow has a fever.
Would you take his
temperature, doctor?
Yes... surely.
I guess we'll have to
wait until he has lunch!
Don't anybody move...
I'll kill the first one to make a break!
I'll blow her brains out...
About time you got back.
Fine thing to go out
and leave me alone.
You never did that
when we were married.
Tell me...
What did you find out?
I found out that
I'm not a detective.
I dug up a lot of
very promising suspects...
From whom I gathered
a very interesting array...
of complete mis-information.
Which are lies and
which are not, I don't know.
Well, stop worrying, Brad.
I've got an idea.
Which probably means
I'll be socked on the head again.
Now, don't be petty!
We have overlooked
our most important clue.
That note.
- What note?
The threatening note
that was sent to Eddie Sands.
Holy-suffering-cats, Paula,
you're right.
All we have to find out is which
one of those men wrote the note...
and there's the murderer
Say, Brad...!
Who do you suppose it is?
There's only one
way to find out.
I'll open the door.
Dr Bradford, I'm sorry...
- Hello... again.
Won't you come in...
This is Mrs Summers, Mrs Bradford.
How do you do, Mrs Summers.
- How do you do.
Could I see you alone?
Yes... of course...
Don't bother, Brad...
I'll go.
Thanks, Paula!
Won't you sit down?
doctor... where is Mike North?
I'm afraid I don't know.
But I've got to find him.
Mrs Summers, you
evidently want me to help you.
How about your
helping me? - How?
Did you talk with Mike North
last night? - Yes, at my house.
What about?
About a threatening
note that he'd received.
Mike said he'd given it to you.
And if you think
Eddie was killed,
then you must think the
person that wrote that note...
is the murderer.
- Exactly!
You see, I wrote it.
Is this a confession?
- Oh, no!
If Eddie was killed, I promise you
that note had nothing to do with it.
Please believe me.
What did it mean?
This isn't very
easy to say, doctor...
I've been a very stupid woman.
Eddie knew about this.
My husband was suspicious.
Eddie loved my husband
as you would a father, and...
out of loyalty to him,
he threatened to tell him about me.
I wrote Eddie that note.
And he died.
So you see...
the note must be destroyed.
Please give it to me.
Don't be a sap!
Give me that note!
Don't argue... give it to me.
Now, Mrs Summers...
You write.
"You do as I've told you,
and keep your mouth shut."
I'll take that, please.
They're the same, alright.
I just had to make sure that
you weren't protecting someone.
Of course, Dr Bradford thought
you were telling the truth...
an I did too, but...
We just couldn't afford
to take any chances, that's all.
Bless you both.
I'm so grateful.
Don't mention it.
I'm sure Dr Bradford
will be glad to help you.
- Goodnight.
Well, that got us a long way
Yes, I can feel the noose
about my neck now.
Well, hello, Bert.
- Hello, doc. Are you not aut?
Well, what are you
doing here? - Business.
Who's the dame?
Paula, this is an old
patient of mine... Mr Murphy.
Mrs Bradford.
- It's a pleasure... I hope.
Well... the ball and chain.
Well, doc...
Get a load of this...!
I am now a private detective.
Lost it, eh?
You're kidding!
This will kill you...
Have I got a racket!
I'm following Mrs Summers.
Summers is suspicious
of her. Ok?
So he hires me
to trail her. Ok?
But he gets wise
that I'm trailing her.
- Ok.
Now here comes the pay-off...
She pays me not to
tip her husband off.
So you're collecting both
ways for doing nothing?
Anyway, doc,
isn't it a scream?!
I'm in hysterics.
Wait... you ain't heard
who the other man is.
I got troubles of
my own. - Nick Martel.
you're manna from heaven!
You mean that manna's here again?
Murphy... could you drop your
detecting job for about an hour?
Sure, doc. I don't turn in
anything but lies, anyhow.
Swell, I've got a job for you.
No, no...
- Well what then?
Just a minute.
Excuse me will you?
Well, I don't know.
I want you to
open a safe for me.
Sure... any time...
Nick Martel's.
Sorry, I got a date that...
I'm afraid I can't, doc.
- Why not?
Too tough, doc...
Too tough!
Anybody else... Ok.
I lose.
- Oh thanks!
She bet me you wouldn't
have the nerve to do it.
I guess she thinks you're yellow.
No lady ain't gonna make
no crack like that about me.
Let's go, doc.
- That's more like it.
Come, Paula.
Paula, you know what
you're expected to do?
- Don't fail me.
Aren't you going to kiss
me goodnight, darling
Now we're even.
Goodnight, darling.
Alright, driver!
Got it?
That's it, doc...
I gotta beat it.
Come along in the morning
and I'll pay you off.
If it's all the same with you, doc,
these deals are strictly cash.
You know what I mean.
You no longer
consider me a good risk?
Yeah... that's it.
Well... goodnight, doc.
You can tell that dame
I came through alright.
It certainly burned me up,
having her say I was yellow.
Reach, fella... for the ceiling!
Hello, Nick.
I didn't expect you.
Feel him, Slim.
I didn't know you went
in for opening safes, doc.
Oh, surgeons open anything.
Very funny.
- No heater, Nick.
Okay, Slim.
I'm sorry you did this, doc.
I don't like people nosing
around in my business.
Didn't think you'd find
North in there, did you?
I found him, Nick,
but not here.
He's dead... murdered.
Well, that figures.
You start double-crossing, and...
They know who did it?
- The police think I did.
No kiddin'?!
Well you're certainly
behind the 8-ball.
On the spot with me,
and with the cops.
You know, Nick...
they hang people in
this state for murder.
I've no intention of being
hanged, if I can possibly avoid it.
I have an appointment
with Corrigan in the morning.
I could tell him a
lot of interesting things.
You kill me, doc!
You seem so smart,
and then you act so dumb.
What makes you think you're
gonna see Corrigan tomorrow?
Or anybody else.
Of course, there is that to consider.
You remember, doc,
I warned you out at the track...
not to stick your nose into
things that don't concern you.
But you wouldn't
listen. You had to...
Will I answer it?
- Yeah.
Yeah... wait a minute.
It's Corrigan, Nick,
and he wants Bradford.
Wait a minute.
Tell him everything's
alright, Bradford. - Is it?
Yes, inspector?
I've got everything
under control, here.
How are you doing?
Thanks, inspector.
Yes, that's fine.
I'll be there.
Alright, boys.
Well, doc, you win...
for the time being.
Don't thank me,
thank your friend Corrigan.
Now that you've seen my books...
you must understand how
I felt about North, the heel.
Rest his soul in peace.
Oh, yes, sure.
still a little puzzled,
though. - Why?
Can't you read?
Mike North... 25 grand on
'Warcloud' to win, paid off at 4 to 1.
And I'm stuck for 100 grand.
That's what I can't understand.
If you knew that Mike bet on 'Warcloud',
you must have known 'Luxury' couldn't win.
Mike didn't make the bet
himself. He's too smart for that.
The little guy you saw me talking
to last night, gave me the bet.
Who is he?
- Search me.
He was to phone me after the race
and tell me where to send the winnings.
Kidy? - Sure. Said to
send them to Mike North.
Apartment 2, 717 Casiosco Street.
But Mike lived
at the hotel Merton.
I know that, the other
address was just a blind.
I wanted to tell Mike myself
what I thought of him.
So I phoned him at his hotel,
and he came over here.
What did he say?
What do you suppose?
Tried to run a bluff,
said he never made the bet.
Why would he do that?
Search me, but when I told him
of the little fellow with the scar...
he came through quick enough.
Grabbed the dough and beat it.
May I use one of
your phones? - Sure.
I want to send a telegram.
Where was the place where you
were supposed to send the money?
Apartment 2, 717 Casiosco Street.
Hello... straight wire, please.
This is Deakin-7942...
The message is to dr
Lawrence Bradford 614 Harland Drive...
"Meet me my apartment..."
"717 Casiosco Street...."
"signed Mike North"
Come on in, Brad,
what kept you?
What are you doing here?
Oh, I read that
phoney telegram you sent.
I knew you wouldn't
let me come down here,
so I sealed it up
again and came anyway.
How'd you get in?
If you're going to keep on
house-breaking, you'd better wear hairpins.
Say, what did we
come here for, anyway?
We'll take a quick look around,
and you're going to get out.
I don't like the looks of
this place. - "Cozy" I call it.
This is all I've been able to find.
They're so big, I don't see how
anyone could swallow one of those.
Paula, mike didn't
give medicine to people...
and horses have very big throats.
Say, hat do you
suppose Mike was doing
with these clippings from
The American Medical Journal?
I don't know.
Paula... daylight
is beginning to break.
These are the papers
that I put into that envelope
that was stolen by
that little guy with the scar.
That means that he...
Who are you?
Who are you?
- I'm the landlord.
Oh, I'm dr Bradford.
I got this wire from Mike North
asking me to meet him here.
I suppose he sent you
a key to the joint, too.
I rapped on the door and no
one answered, so I just opened it.
It was unlocked.
- Oh it was, was it?
Well, if you're in, you're in.
Mind... you tell North I had
nothing to do with you getting in here.
I got bawled out
by that guy once.
He probably...
He may be a friend of yours...
but I ain't got any use for
a guy with a temper like that.
It ain't healthy.
He got so mad
at me last night...
that that scar on his
face stood out all white.
The scar on his face?
Maybe that's what
he wants you to fix.
Yes... probably is.
You say that he...
got mad at you because you
let someone come in here? - Yeah.
A guy came around and said
he was a friend of North's.
Was he a... tall fellow
with a bald head?
Black moustache,
with a husky voice?
Yep. That's the guy.
Now, remember, fella...
If North gets sore, I had nothing
to do with your getting in here.
You're strictly on your own.
I've got an uneasy
feeling that you're right.
- Sh, sh.
I think you're both crazy.
You're getting Mike
and the little guy mixed up.
No, my sweet,
I had them mixed up...
But I've got them straight
now, and it all fits perfectly.
Martel claims that Mike
North bet on 'Warcloud'.
Well, he didn't, and he didn't
rent this apartment, either.
It was the little guy with
the scar, impersonating Mike.
He had the whole
thing worked out.
Martel was supposed to
send the winnings to this address.
And the little guy
could've gotten them.
But Martel gummed things up...
by sending for Mike, the real
Mike, and giving the money to him.
That's how that Mike...
Then it was the little guy
pretending to be Mike, that killed him.
Paula, if you've got it,
it must be obvious.
All we've got to do is find him,
and we've got the murderer.
There's our murderer.
- Is he dead?
There's not a mark on
him, as far as I can see.
Paula, run up to the corner
and phone Corrigan.
Ask him to get here
just as fast as he can.
Don't tell him what happened.
I don't know what
happened. - I don't either.
If I can find a
gummy substance on him...
Goodbye, Brad.
What's the matter?
What's going on?
I just came in to say goodbye.
Where are you going?
I don't know,
away some place.
Brad, I'm so sorry.
Oh, that's fine... fine.
Sorry for what?
Oh, this is all my fault...
I got you into it.
I thought it was going to
be fun, but when you get hurt, I...
I was wrong, that's all.
You can have a nice
peaceful life now...
You won't be bothered
with me any more.
Not even the alimony?
That was just a gag
to get near you again.
Well... it worked.
Will you marry me again.
Oh, darling, be quiet,
you're delirious.
Everybody gets a fever
when they're shot,
even if they're only grazed,
like you. - No... I mean it.
I've been a chump.
I knew it as soon
as I let you go.
I want you back,
and I want you to stay.
There it is, sweet,
what do you say?
Will you marry me again?
- Oh, dr Bradford!
In a word, yes.
You will?
It's a deal!
Now, will you get out of here,
so that I can get dressed?!
I'm starved!
That's right, you can't get
married on an empty stomach.
I thought I heard Dr Bradford.
You did.
Oh, I beg your pardon, Sir..
I was under the impression...
I mean, I saw in
the paper that you...
I beg your pardon, ma'am.
What's the idea?
Don't pay any attention to
him, Brad, he's just being silly.
What's this about the paper?
- Now, don't get excited!
Let me see it, will you...
- No.
No, Brad, no!
Let me see the paper!
"...meets death at hands of assassin!"
What does this mean?
- Don't get exided, Bred.
Alright, Stokes, breakfast!
I'm sorry, Sir.
Alright, my darling,
what does it mean?
Well, I had to protect you!
Go on...
Make it good!
Well, somebody shot
you last night. Didn't they?
So far you make sense.
Well, it's very obvious that
that somebody wanted you dead.
Now, if they didn't think they'd
succeeded in killing you last night...
they might have come around
here this morning to finish the job.
What's that got to do with
the "goodbye" business over there?
I was afraid you'd bring that up.
Well, I had to do something to...
Alright darling...
I'll let you in on a little secret...
I would've proposed, anyway.
Well... my obituaries are terrific.
You're a very important guy.
The Daily has rather
a nice picture, Sir.
Oh yes, thanks, folks!
Not bad, is it?!
Hey... what are you doing now?
Reforming... We're both retiring
from the detective business.
I appreciate the sentiment,
but what... what are those?
These are some ideas I
had for murder mysteries.
This was the crowbar mystery.
Yes, there's nothing more
mysterious than a crowbar.
This was the life-preserver mystery.
That ought to drown
a man, very nicely.
What are these?
This is the cutest idea
I ever had...
Mystery for children.
Murder with toys.
This one's the mystery
of the poison pump.
Spider... Oh, that was a story.
We seem to be surrounded
by spiders lately.
That one's bigger than the one I
killed last night down on Casiosco Street.
Paula, I think I've got it!
It's been under my nose
all the time, and I never saw it.
Those capsules we found down there.
Capsules are made of gelatin.
Where are those capsules?
Stokes... where is that
"McDermot's Toxicology"?
It's the third book on the
second shelf on the right hand side.
You're wrong Stokes,
it's the seventh book.
Good morning, ser.
- Good morning...
Good morning, doc.
- Good morning, inspector!
You're looking pretty
healthy for a corpse.
So you're in on it, too?
Smart woman, Mrs Bradford.
Very good idea of hers.
Well, you've got
to score some time.
This is Mr Curtis,
president of the Jockey Club.
How do you do, Mr Curtis?
- How do you do?
Sit down, won't you?
- Thank you. - Inspector?
We've done an autopsy
on Lou Pender, doc.
That's the little
fella with the scar.
Found exactly the same
symptoms as Eddie Sands.
Left ventricle collapsed.
As soon as I discovered there was
some connection between his death and Eddie's...
I notified Mr Curtis here.
Here you are, Brad...
Oh, good morning, Inspector.
Good morning, Mrs Bradford...
Mr Curtis.
Sit down, won't you.
This has been a terrific
shock to me, doctor.
As an official of this club,
I'm much more concerned
in solving this thing...
and apprehending the culprit,
than you can possibly be.
Yes, I'm sure that
you are, Mr. Curtis.
As a matter of fact, my
interest is purely academic.
And that, only through marriage.
I have something here, that I think
will interest both of you gentlemen.
Do you know what that is?
- A spider in a capsule.
It's more than that.
Now what do you see?
The spider out of the capsule.
No you don't...
That is a gun.
A knife, a murderous weapon.
That's the weapon that killed
both Eddie Sands and Lou Pender.
A Black widow spider, inspector.
If my theory is right...
the murderer put that
spider into a capsule
which was then placed on
the body of the victim.
I used a match to
save time, but body heat...
especially at a time of
exercise or excitement...
would melt the capsule,
leaving the spider free to bite.
It explains everything...
Collapse of the left ventricle...
the symptoms of asphyxiation,
strangulation, drawning...
symptoms which no
physician in the world...
would be able to trace
to the bite of a Black widow...
unless he knew that
the victim had been bitten.
A new one on me.
Now all you have to do
is find the spider-breeder...
the next time he goes to work.
- Next time? Wait a minute!
What's this gonna
be, an epidemic?
Sure. He's got to commit
at least one more murder.
I'm sorry, doctor,
but I don't understand.
I beg your pardon, Mr Curtis...
I thought the inspector
had explained everything to you.
You see, the murderer
was working to get money.
That's why he bet on
Warcloud... an outside chance.
So he killed the favourite's
jockey, Eddie Sands.
That's right.
Mike North was suspicious
of the whole affair.
So he began investigating
Evidently got a little too close...
and the murderer killed him.
Yes, that's right.
Thanks, inspector.
And Lou Pender, who was
in cahoots with the murderer...
knew too much...
So he polished him off,
like he did Eddie Sands.
Then I stuck my nose in...
- And he took a shot at you.
Thanks, inspector.
Go on.
Well, that's as
far as I can go.
Well, anyway...
Thanks to my little helpmate here...
the murderer will now
believe that I am dead...
So he's in the clear.
Everybody who knew anything
about the case is dead.
The only fly in his ointment
is, that he still needs money.
He not only did
not collect his bet...
But he lost the 25,000
he bet the day before yesterday.
So the murderer
must strike again.
Inspector... a case in a capsule.
That means the same thing is likely
to happen at the track at any time.
Well, that's what
we just told you.
Inspector, you've got to stop this
thing. It might happen again today.
The Barton Handicap...
'Luxury' and 'Warcloud' are entered.
They're running
again today? - Yes.
Who's the favourite?
- 'Luxury'
Odds of 1 to 2.
- Who's the second choice?
Warcloud. Odds of 4 to 1.
Paula, let me be the first
to congratulate you.
You didn't know
you were doing it...
but you've made it possible
to catch the murderer.
By announcing my death...
- I knew it was a good idea.
Inspector, you must do something.
The boy that rides
'Luxury' today, may be killed!
Alright, Inspector, get going.
What do you suggest?
You've got to catch the murderer.
I've got other work to do.
That's right, we're
going to be married.
Oh, Paula...
I'm afraid that'll have to wait.
I've got to save a jockey's life.
Believe me, doctor, you can
rely on my full cooperation.
Thank you Mr Curtis...
I'll need it.
Now we're getting somewhere.
- Yes, aren't we?
This is going to make
a very interesting lawsuit.
"Non-payment of Alimony"
and "Breach of Promise"
All the jockeys
come in here, please.
Come on, all of you.
You all know what
happened here last wednesday.
Eddie Sands died of heart-failure.
The track officials will not
allow such a thing to occur again.
We've secured Dr Bradford here
to come out and look you all over.
To see that your hearts
are in good shape.
Hi boys, just
unbutton your blouses.
Step up, give me your name.
Ray Torro, Sir.
Al Torro.
- No, he's my old man.
Where's your grandfather
riding? - Havana.
You're alright, anyway.
Joe Jerrino.
I thought I recognised you,
you're riding 'Warcloud', aren't you?
Ok... good luck... next...
Spike Salsburg.
You're on 'Luxury', eh?
Yeah, to win.
Son, your heart's a little fast.
I'm gonna slow that
down a little for you.
Nothin' doin'!
My ticker's Ok.
Of course it's Ok...
Just a little fast.
You're tootin' it won't!
You ain't gonna stick that thing in me.
I've had wiseguys
try to dope me before.
It's alright, Salsburg.
Do as the doctor tells you.
But if I lose this race,
somebody's gonna get a poke in the nose.
Did you inoculate him?
- With a little difficulty.
I thought you used the hypodermic.
What do we do now?
I've done everything I can.
The boy won't be killed.
Do you think Corrigan
will catch the murderer?
I'm darn sure he won't.
Say, wait a minute...!
It may work, and if
it does, we've got him.
Got whom?
- The murderer.
Maureen, I've got to
have them, right away.
8 moving-picture cameras
at the south entrance.
You'll have to
keep absolutely quiet...
so the jockeys don't have any
suspicion that you're photographing them.
What happens up to the
fifth race is unimportant.
The minute it's over,
I want you to start cranking...
and don't stop
until the 6th race has started.
I want you to photograph the jockeys
and everyone who comes near them.
Owners, racetrack officials,
everybody, understand?
Look... isn't that dr Bradford?
Didn't we read in the
paper that he was dead?
Horses are entering
the starting gates.
Everything alright, eh?
- They're at the barrier.
Go on, Salisbury...
get him back in there!
Doc, the cops ain't so bad, eh?
There's your race,
and nothing happened.
A moral victory, inspector.
And to the victor
belongs the... Hey! Look!
Holy smoke! It's 'Luxury'....
He's running away!
Quick, officer...
chase him!
There's your murderer, inspector.
A Black Widow spider.
I've given him an antitoxin.
This is the antidote.
Here you are.
He'll be alright tomorrow,
as if it never happened.
Well, I apologise, doc.
I'd give a month's pay
to know who put that on him.
That should be easy to find out.
Got any ideas?
- Sure we have.
here's a list of the suspects.
Put a man on each of
them and invite them
to come to my house
tonight at 10 o'clock
The one who doesn't show up,
or who tries to get out
of town, is the murderer.
Brad, you're sure cute!
Of course I am.
Hey, this isn't bad.
Henry Strand...
John Summers...
- Here.
Mrs Summers...
- Here.
Leroy Hutchins.
- Present.
Mrs Hutchins.
- Here.
Nick Martel...
- I'm here.
Miss Prentiss.
- Yes.
Well, they're all here.
I was afraid you'd mention that.
Oh, Brad's very quick...
Nothing escapes him!
Except the murderer
And now Inspector,
if you don't mind...
I'd very much like to know
why we were brought here.
It was the doc's idea.
Eddie Sands, Mike North and
Lou Pender, were all murdered
We figured out that
you were all suspects.
So we invited you all here.
It was a cinch the guilty man
wouldn't come, just to be arrested.
So the one that didn't
come was our man.
Or woman.
But unfortunately
you all showed up.
Well, that lets the police
out of the party.
Sorry to have troubled you folks.
- Goodnight, Inspector.
I'd stick around.
- Goodnight, folks!
Goodnight, doc.
- Goodnight, Inspector.
I suppose we can all go now.
Well yes, if you wish.
Please don't go...
we're such a nice little group.
I tell you what... I've got
something that will interest you.
How'd you like to see
some pictures... movies.
Right here in the house?
Darling, why do you bother them?
Well, I think they'd be interested.
They're all racing people, and
I've got some elegant race scenes.
He drives everybody
crazy with his movies.
Sit down, won't you.
I think you'll enjoy this.
Alright, Stokes,
turn on the machine.
Why, that's today's race...
there's 'Luxury'.
And there's 'Warcloud'.
Which is what you're
really here to see
There's no longer any
need to conceal anything.
I still believe one
of you to be guilty.
Today, one of you
planned another coup.
Again, one of you tried
to murder 'Luxury's jockey.
As I told you, we've proven
that Eddie Sands was murdered.
The same method was tried
on Spike Salisbury, this afternoon.
Fortunately, I was able
to prevent its success.
The murder was committed by
placing a capsule on the jockey's body...
containing a Black widow spider
The heat of the body
melted the capsule...
The spider was released
to bite the jockey.
And the murder was completed.
And in just a moment,
you'll see the murderer himself...
put the capsule
on the Jockey's body.
That's you, Hutchins.
- Yes, I went in for a minute.
That's Salisbury he's talking to.
Say, don't try
to pin this on me!
I didn't put anything
on him. You can see!
Yes, we saw, Mrs Summer.
It's alright.
It's Summers!
- Lights!
Well, Mr Summers...?
I'm over here, doctor.
I was leaving, but I
noticed your friends outside.
You'll excuse me
if I lock the door.
Now, if you'll all just move down
that end of the room please.
Yes, you too, butler.
And my congratulations, doctor.
This was very clever of you.
You go too, my dear.
You only slipped up
on one point. The motive.
I wanted to ruin you, Martel,
because I knew what you'd done to me.
You took away from me
the only thing in the world I cared for.
But that's all over now,
Mr Summers, I promise you.
Nick and I were married
yesterday, there won't be any more...
Step aside, Babe, I
don't want you to get hurt.
Young woman,
I am going to kill him...
You too, my dear.
I don't think you're going
to kill anybody with that gun.
It's loaded with blanks.
I hope that ornament
isn't valuable.
Get the gun back.
Hold him Brad,
I'll clunk him!
Darling, you look ravishing!
Hey, doc, what do you figure
we ought to do with this money?
125 grand is a lot of dough.
Mike North won it, didn't he?
Theoretically, yes.
Oh, I get it...
His kids.
An excellent suggestion.
You've done a great
deal for clean sport, doctor.
And I want to thank
you folks for your help.
Don't mention it, inspector.
Any time you get
stuck, come around.
Corrigan, I want you
to keep away from here.
And I'm done with detecting.
It takes too much head-work.
Well, anyway, goodnight,
and thanks again.
- Goodnight, doctor.
Goodnight, Mrs Bradford.
- Goodnight.
How about us getting married?
Any other time, Darling...
But tonight I wouldn't walk
across this room to marry you.
Well, would you stand up?
Now you're quibbling.
Yes or no... would you?
Well, just to prove to you that
the age of chivalry is not completely dead...
- Good!
Right... come on...
Well, I did it.
Oh, no, not yet...
I thought of this one,
all by myself.
My friends, we are gathered here to join
this man and woman in sacred matrimony.
Do you, Paula Bradford, take this man
to be your lawful wedded husband?
I do.
Do you, Lawrence Bradford, take this
woman to be your lawful wedded wife?
I do.
And may Heaven
have mercy on my soul!